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Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...It had been on the schedule all year at Kings Speedway - October 30 would be the first annual $21,000 to win Tom Tarlton classic for the 410 winged sprint cars. It was going to be a huge addition to 410 racing in California and with NARC primed for a huge 2020 it looked like 410 racing was coming back to life in California. Then COVID hit and while tracks ran 360s few were willing to run 410s without fans because of the cost of the purse. Enter Kings Speedway. Four of the five 410 races this year in California have been held there and this Friday will be number five and it is a headliner.


            In a normal year a $21,000 to win a 410 race in California would be huge but in 2020 when NARC essentially cancelled their season, we had no Murphy Classic, no NARC Speed Week and the Outlaws were unable to come west this event has become even bigger. The event is helped by the fact the Outlaws are off this week. With that amount of money to win on the line it has already been announced that Kyle Larson, Carson Macedo (Tarlton car), Aaron Reutzel (Roth car) and Daryn Pittmam will be in the field. Also the last time the 410s raced at Kings Shane Golobic, Justin Sanders and Colby Copeland were not in the field - they will be this time.


            Maybe not car count wise but field quality wise this will be the toughest field of the year in California all year with possible exception of the ASCS National races back in early March. 410 racing struggles get the number of cars a big 360 race would get but often the competition is better. Given the names that we will be on hand that weren’t earlier in the month I would expect a field of 30-35 sprints with the number of potential winners between 15 and 20 (maybe closer to 22-23 depending on who all shows). Ever since Dirt Cup became a 360 show and Gold Cup became a normal Outlaw show the west coast has been in need of a special 410 show that could be considered a major. The Tarlton Classic is looking like it just might be that.


Also if the Tarlton Classic becomes a yearly event it sets the stage for what could become a huge month of racing for California teams and fans in the future. Just like Pennsylvania has their month of money (September), October could become California’s month of money. It could start at Chico for the Fall Nationals and then move to Kings for Morrie Williams Classic and Cotton Classic. Then onto Tulare for the Trophy Cup. Then it’s back to Kings for the Tarlton Classic. Sprinkle a few more shows and October has the potential to help attract drivers and fans to California as other areas of the country slow down due to weather. This would make California the center of sprint car racing for a month and bring national exposure to the tough west coast sprint car scene.


WEST COAST NEWS AND NOTES: No sprint car racing in California last weekend...In addition to the sprints the Tarlton Classic will feature USAC Western State Midgets. Amongst drivers already entered for the $2100 to win event are Ryan Bernal (in a Matt Wood midget) and Carson Macedo...Justin Sanders and the Antaya Motorsports team return to the west coast after a trip to midwest to run mostly with the ASCS tour. Sanders had a handful of top five finishes with his best being a second on the Friday night of the Hockett Memorial. He had one World of Outlaw start missing the main at Plymouth...One thing I missed last week was the new team formed in Ohio that will employ two Californians. Ray Brooks racing will feature Cole Macedo on a full time basis and Buddy Koifoid on a part time basis. The teams will be maintained by the Linder family. Macedo and Koifoid have both spent time living at the Linder house so no surprise to see this group remain together...Reached out to World of Outlaws PR and asked about the traditional west coast spring swing. At this point they are working on the schedule with the intention of coming west in the spring. Time will tell.


            In addition to Tarlton Classic Friday night, Marysville will run their final race of 2020 on Saturday featuring 360 sprints. Outlaws are off this week as the end of the season is upon us.


            Email at or follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim where I tweet about west coast and national sprint car racing and occasionally go to the darkside of dirt model racing and pavement racing.









Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...Sure has been an exciting last week plus on the national sprint car scene. Silly season started in a big way and it seems there will be a lot more changes before the beginning of the 2021 sprint car season. Before getting into that let’s look at what has not changed and that is the World of Outlaws point championship. Brad Sweet just keeps doing Brad Sweet things.


            Sweet is closing on his second straight championship after a dominating points weekend through the plains. Even though he didn't win he was second both nights and was able to extend his point lead to 62 points ahead of Logan Schuchart and 82 points ahead of Donny Schatz. With only three races remaining  the gap is pretty healthy and barring disaster it would seem Sweet second championship is becoming a formality and it really shouldn’t be surprising as he has been the best full time Outlaw all year.


            Schuchart showed strength during the summer and had the point lead in August but has not been able to close down the stretch. Sweet hasn’t finished worse than 11th since August 14. Even though he has only won once in that span (he has eight Outlaw wins overall) his consistency is striking compared to Schuchart who has finished 12th or worse in four of the last eight events. That has been the difference as Sweet has been able to salvage even bad nights to get decent points. Schuchart has struggled the last month to not have bad nights and is now in a position where it is more about holding off Schatz for second than catching Sweet for the championship.


            As the Outlaw championship winds down though silly season winds up and that has been very evident the last few weeks. It started at the All Star series when Paul McMahon announced he would not be returning to the Tom Buch team and Zeb Wise announced he would not return to the Sam McGhee team. McGhee quickly nabbed Ian Madsen, who had been running the second Baughman-Ruetzel car since Knoxville, to finish out the season.


Then the Outlaws got in the mix. Spencer Bayston who had been steering the Roth Motorsports in what was seen as a tryout since late September was let go and replaced by Dominic Scelzi. Surprising since Dom is not looking for an Outlaw ride as he concentrates on the west coast next year. It was assumed that Roth would look at another driver with Outlaw aspirations but I have also heard that Roth isn’t returning to the Outlaws next year and is just riding out the season. Either way I was surprised that Bayston did not make it through the end of the season.  But then it is Roth so no driver is ever secure.


Then it got weird in my opinion.


            First it was announced that David Gravel was not going to be able to compete in either outlaw show last weekend due to NASCAR Truck commitments and Shane Stewart would be driving the 41 and Parker-Price Miller a second JJR 141. Miller had been the sub in the previous races Gravel had missed but with a team championship in mind JJR thought it might best to have Stewart in the car it would seem. Yes JJR has a long relationship with Stewart but they could have as easily put him in the second car. Miller obviously was not a fan and quickly announced that he would not be driving the second JJR car and was essentially leaving the organization. In addition he announced he would be in the Indy Race Parts car the rest of the year - including being teammates to Stewart at the remaining Outlaw races in Kokomo and Charlotte.


            It didn’t stop there. All of sudden Gravel was available on Friday at Lakeside but he wouldn't be driving the familiar JJR 41 - instead he would be in the Dietz 14 that Miller had driven all year. Then to top it off Stewart won the Friday night main event. Publicly it was relayed as no big deal that Stewart was driving the 41 but I just couldn’t help wonder why a team that has one of three or four best sprint car drivers alive would choose someone else - even if for only one night. Gravel will be back in 41 for the rest of the season and Stewart will partner back up with Indy Race Parts.


            That is where we are at for now but it just seems a lot is going to happen.


KLR is closing - according to everyone. Where does this leave Carson Macedo. Macedo has Tarlton backing him and rumors are already circulating he will be with JJR next year with Tarlton as the main sponsor. Again how do you replace Gravel?


            So where does Gravel go? His NASCAR aspirations are on life support but he doesn’t seem ready to give up yet. His big problem in both NASCAR and Outlaws is he doesn’t bring huge backing. I am confident he will be in a top flight ride next year it just is not clear where.


            Then there is Gio Scelzi. It has been pretty obvious he enjoys running  a sprint car compared to a stock car and rumor has him thinking about going full time Outlaws with KCP Racing in 2021. That is a big decision though to step away from a stock car back to full time sprint car racing. Gio may never get another chance at stock cars.


            And then there Price-Miller. He seemed like he was going to be a longtime member of the JJR and Phillip Dietz team. What had started as a part time endeavor with Dietz had become basically a full time Outlaw ride for Miller but that relationship unraveled quicker than a cheap sweater. Miller does have backing and in interviews seems confident he will land somewhere. Miller has fallen back on Bernie’s Indy Race Parts team before so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start 2021 in this seat.


With all that said I can confidently say that Sweet, Schuchart, Schatz, Sheldon Haudenschild and Jacob Allen will return to the outlaws next year but a lot is in limbo about who will be the rest of regulars.


WEST COAST NEWS AND NOTES: Only one sprint car race on the west coast last week and it was the Johnny Key Classic at Ocean Speedway. Race was delayed from August and paid $3000...With no (or very limited) fans allowed at tracks on the west coast all high paying races have been cancelled so $3000 to win (usually $5000) was pretty nice….Mitchell Faccinto was the best amongst the 48 car field as he drove to his third win of 2020 in the Stan Greenberg KPC...Faccinto was followed by two of the best in California. Shane Golobic was second in the Matt Wood sprinter and Bud Kaeding was third in his father's Maxim...Ryan Bernal was fourth in Keith Day KPC in only his 11th start in California in 2020. His best finish to date has been a second at Kings in late June….Tanner Carrick rounded out the top five. With Tanner out of midget scene as of now it will be interesting to see what 2021 holds for him and his younger brother Blake. They both showed speed all year along they are contenders whenever they show up...Willie Croft was fast time for the event in the Mike Phulps sprinter. Croft has run a very limited 2020 schedule and struggled to post good finishes. His best finish of 2020 has been fourth in late July at Chico which came aboard his own sprinter


            Sprint car season is winding down as we are down to probably less than 10 410 races left in the country. If weather allows I'll be watching DirtVision Saturday night at Kokomo with both the World of Outlaws and non winged sprints on the card. I will also be checking at late model action on floracing - specifically the Fall Nationals and the big race at Bedford, Pennsylvania. No sprint car racing on the west coast this weekend.


Email at or follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim where I tweet about west coast and national sprint car racing and occasionally go to the darkside of dirt model racing and pavement racing.






Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa…Last weekend at Port Royal two things happened that have occurred all year - Kyle Larson wins and Brad Sweet is consistent. While Larson had his hands full Saturday Night with Brent Marks he eventually swept the weekend, at the same time Sweet was quietly doing what he had to if he was going to win the 2020 World of Outlaw Championship.

Most people knew that if Sweet was going to win the Outlaw championship he had to get through Pennsylvania without shedding too much ground to Logan Schuchart and Donny Schatz. Though he was far from spectacular in the four race run through Posse country he was consistent and avoided any of those terrible finishes that could have opened up the door and he leaves with a 32 point lead over Schuchart and 68 point lead over Schatz.

At first glance Sweets results of the four races are not mind boggling. He was 11th and 10th at the Grove and then 11th and 8th at Port Royal which gave him an average finish of 10th. Schuchart had a 17th and 3rd at the Grove while at Port Royal he had a 12th and 4th which gave him an average finish of 9th. Schatz was the best of the three as he scored the only win amongst the group. His finishes were 7th and 1st at the Grove and 7th and 11th at the Port which gave him an average finish right between 6th and 7th (6.5 to be exact) every night. So while Sweet had the worst of average finish he did not give much up and even though he lost a few points he still came out in a solid position with only five point races remaining. Running in the top 10 or 11 every night in Pennsylvania is difficult which I will discuss in a second.

First, how important was it for Sweet to be consistent over the two weekends? It was that much more important because of the lack of a West Coast swing. Traditionally the west coast has been a spot for Sweet to do work in comparison to Schatz who has at times has struggled on the west coast especially during the fall stops at Skagit and Chico. The advantage over Schuchart isnt as big for Sweet, especially after last year when Schuchart showed a lot of speed especially during the fall last year. Still though Sweet has made a living feasting on the west coast and the lack of those 15-20 races this year cut his margin of error when on the east coast but Sweet has shown the last 3-4 years that he is very consistent and has proven that again this year. This is why he is on his way to a second straight championship.

This is not to say the championship is locked up by any means as one finish of 20th or worst could cause trouble for Sweet but I don’t expect the competition to be as tough the next few weekends. Even though much was made about the struggles of Posse versus the Outlaws in 2020 don’t underestimate the competition the last few weeks. Anthony Macri had three top 10s, Freddie Rahmer was third first night at the Grove, Danny Dietrich was second opening night at the Port (overall Posse had four of the top 10 positions) and then the second night Marks was second and Lance DeWease was third as again the Posse had four drivers in top 10. In addition the fall swing to Pennsylvania brings a lot of “travellers” so just getting a top 10 can be very difficult. Most of the regions the Outlaws go to they are much more dominant and the top teams do not struggle to crack the top 10. Plus Larson will not be in the field the next few weeks so that opens up a top 10 position. This should all play to Sweet’s advantage.

WEST COAST NEWS: Kings Speedway had a huge doubleheader last weekend which featured a total of four main events in two days...Friday night was the debut of the Kings Speedway 410 division and it was Kyle Hirst outlasting the 24 car field in the Williams Motorsports Maxim. He was followed by Tim Kaeding in the Bates-Hamilton sprinter and Bud Kaeding making his debut in the Tarlton KPC...Saturday night the Kings Speedway 360 division joined the NARC series which was a running twin 20s paying $2800 to each winner in a race dedicated to late car owner Morrie Williams...In the first NARC 20 lapper Hirst repeated his previous night win. Hirst made a dramatic last lap pass that saw him hop over Mitchell Faccinto as he was taking the checkered. Faccinto finished second in the Stan Greenberg KPC and Sean Becker broke his streak of bad finishes as he finished third in Dan Monhoff sprinter...The second feature saw Dominic Scelzi win in the second Williams Motorsports sprinter making it a clean sweep for the team founded by Morrie Williams...Following Scelzi to the line was Tim Kaeding and Ryan Robinson who spent the weekend driving the Mike Phulps sprinter...Austin McCarl set fast time over the 23 car NARC field as he was driving the Roth Motorsports KPC all weekend. He finished in the top 10 in each main with his best run being fifth in the second A Saturday...Tim Kaeding was the overall point champion from the twin 20s. Kyle Hirst now has three wins in the five 410 races held in California this year...The 360 main was won by Bud Kaeding as he was driving his father’s Maxim. Dominic Scelzi was in his traditional Scelzi Enterprises KPC and DJ Netto in the Netto Ag KPC...Interestingly Bud, Scelzi and Netto were the only drivers who finished in the top 10 in all four main events held at Kings. Andy Forsberg and Mitchell Faccinto were the other drivers to compete in all four main events...A couple drivers that were not in attendance were Shane Golobic and Willie Croft. Colby Copeland only competed in Friday’s show...Look for two California drivers to finish the season on the Outlaw tour. Scelzi will replace Spencer Bayston in the Roth Motorsports KPC and Tim Kaeding will finish the season in Tony Stewart's Ford powered sprinter...Schedules are starting to get released and it will be interesting to see if the Outlaws schedule the traditional spring swing through California. My guess would say no and that they will come west just once next year which would be in the fall.

As has been the norm recently I will be watching the Outlaws via DirtVision this weekend as I follow the greatest show on dirt as we near the end of the weird 2020 season. Also California has another big race this Saturday as Ocean Speedway will host the Johnny Key Classic for 360 sprints $5000 to win.

Email at or follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim where I tweet about west coast and national sprint car racing and occasionally go to the darkside of dirt model racing and pavement racing.





By Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa… Taking advantage of the weird times I was able to tune into Dirtvision all weekend and take in all the action from Williams Grove. For west coast fans this has been the norm all year and I have tried to make the best of it watching as many races as I can since I am not chasing races in person.  And while live action cannot be matched watching the complete National Open for the first time was pretty cool even it was from my man cave (garage).


The World of Outlaws are the premier sprint car series and their shows are far superior in quality to any other sprint car racing. And when they go to Pennsylvania for the National Open the quality goes off the chart. All the Outlaw regulars, plus the best of the All Stars, the Posse, the true Outlaws and the best of Australia usually descend on the National Open every year making it one of the most difficult races to win all of short track racing.


            This was the stage for the National Open this year. And hanging over all of this was Kyle Larson. After leaving a path of destruction for most of the year Larsonn headed to the National Open to try to score his first win in the race and he arrived as the favorite according to many. But these big races are different and Donny Schatz was not to be denied and when the dust settled Saturday night it was Schatz standing in victory lane claiming the $75,000 prize and recording an a record sixth National Open title.


            In a season that has been dominated by Larson it was still Schatz who was winning the biggest race of 2020 and showing he was not done. Schatz has been open about the struggles this year but he and his TSR team have kept digging and now have five wins and since Knoxville has scored 15 straight top 10s to continue to linger in the points race only 70 points behind Brad Sweet with seven races remaining. Can he close the gap in seven races - I am not convinced but I do believe Shactz will win a couple more races this year and possibly make it interesting in the waning weeks.


The National Open was the final major of the year - Capitani and Governor’s Reign being the others (sorry Tuscarora 50 and Jackson Nationals) - and  one thing has become clear is that a certain group of six sprint car drivers has risen above the competition. Looking at the podiums on the final nights of each of these shows features a combo of names that include Larson, Schuchart, Gravel, Haudenschild and Schatz. Throw in Outlaw point leader Sweet and this group has become the cream of the crop in sprint car racing right now. Sweet has kind of struggled at the majors but when you're the Outlaw point leader that speaks for itself.


            Five of the drivers are ones that have been there all year but Haudenschild is the one that has really elevated his game the last month plus and has become a potential winner every night and therefore an elite driver . Haudenschild was third at Eldora and backed up with fifth place finish at the National Open. He has won four times since August 29 and on at least three instances was in position to win. Haudenschild still needs a little more consistency but is showing championship speed and could be a contender in 2021.


            Speaking of 2021 it could be an interesting championship battle for the Outlaws as there will be a legit five contenders for the championship (assuming Gravel runs the full season and Larson does not). It has been a while since the Outlaws have had five title contenders in one season. The last 10 years most years have had at most maybe three legit contenders so to have five would be amazing. Also each of this group of six drivers has won at least five Outlaw races this year which just shows how competitive and equal this group is.


            But before we get to 2021 the 2020 point race still has some life in it. After running only 11th and 10th at Williams Grove, Sweet leads Schuchart by 38 points and Schatz by 70 going into next weekend. If Sweet runs consistently in the top five he should maintain his lead but one average weekend and a great weekend for one his pursuers and Sweet could get nervous. Schatz was able to gain 28 this weekend. Sweet did not have a DNF but winning is key and Schatz did just that. The Outlaw point structures gives 150 for the win and 130 for 10th so that big point lead dissipates quickly if one is not careful and with another weekend in Pennsylvania where Sweet has struggled, opportunity exists for Schuchart and Schatz.


            One driver not in position to take advantage is David Gravel. As a result of missing two races this season Gravel has no shot at the point lead (his JJR team on other hand continues to lead owner points) but he has made plenty of noise. And given Gravel’s average points per race had he made the two nights he missed Gravel would probably have a 15-20 point lead over Sweet right now. But he doesn’t and will surely be left to wonder what could have been in 2020 had he not flirted with stock cars. He has been especially stout in the major as he finished first at the Governor’s Reign, second at the Capitani Classic and fourth at the National Open which just shows how much speed his team has.

MORE STUFF: West Coast racing only had one sprint car race last weekend and it was a big one...Fifty-eight sprint cars descended upon Placerville Speedway (Ca.) Saturday night for $5,094 to win Mac Tiner Memorial and no surprise it was Shane Golobic driving the Matt Wood sprinter victory. The premier sprint car driver in California in 2020 Golobic is always tough when the money is bigger and Saturday night was no different...It was Golobic’s state leading sixth sprint car win. This does not include his win at Huset’s a few weeks ago...Following Golobic to the line were Colby Copeland in the Canales family sprinter and teenager Blake Carrick in his family's car...It was Copeland’s fifth top two in six starts at Placerville and for Carrick it was his 10th podium overall in 2020...Carrick has made huge strides in 2020 and I wouldn't be surprised if in 2021 his name gets more well known nationally...Tanner Thorson was in Dan Menne KPC Saturday night at Placerville and put it in the A against the deep field. Thorson hasn’t raced in California much since he split with Clyde Lamar in early 2019 and is searching for a ride as he recently left his midget team. It is no secret he wants to get back to winged sprint racing so it will be interesting to see what he does in 2021...Sean Becker finished 12th at Placerville. Why do I mention it because it was his eighth straight finish outside top 10 since August 8. Before then he only had three…One of the nation's biggest 360 races took place over the weekend as the Short Track Nationals were at I-30 speedway. Amongst the west coast drivers competing in Arkansas were Washington's Devon Borden and Colby Thornill and California’s Justin Sanders and Kyle Offill. Borden had the best weekend as he scored an 11th Friday and 7th on Saturday. The Washington teenager is going to be one to watch in 2021...Saturday’s $10,041 Short Track Nationals paycheck went to Sam Hafertepe, Jr. Hafertepe struggled early in the season as he competed in 410 action but since primarily returning to 360 action he has reclaimed his title as best 360 sprint driver in the country...Kings Speedway (Ca.) will hold a double header this weekend featuring 360s Friday and NARC 410 sprints on Saturday..It will be only the third NARC race of 2020 and it will have a special format featuring two 20 lap main events each paying $2800. Drivers with overall best results will receive an extra $1000. One twist is at the end of the first 20 all cars on the lead lap will be inverted. If a team chooses to change a tire they will start 24th in the second A main...It has already been announced that Austin McCarl will be the driver of the California based Dennis Roth sprinter both nights at Kings. Could this be a tryout of some sort? Spencer Bayston has left something to be desired in the Dennis Roth Outlaw car since he took over for Daryn Pittman.


            That is all for now. I will be turning into DirtVision this weekend as the Outlaws battle the Posse for a second straight week. My next column will look at Outlaw points race after Port Royal, what truly makes a big race in 410 sprint car racing, the weekend at Kings Speedway and any other west coast sprint car news.


            Email at or follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim where I tweet about west coast and national sprint car racing and occasionally go to the darkside of dirt model racing and pavement racing.








Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...Woke up this morning and it really hit me that sprint car season is over in the northwest. The northwest sprint car season in 2020 was like none other as tracks operated under a no fan mandate and only one track ran 360 sprints. And a season that looked like it might never start gave northwest fans one of the most interesting seasons of sprint car racing in the northwest in a long time. How did this happen?


            In April and most of May racing in the northwest looked questionable at best as Washington and Oregon were under heavy no gathering mandates which had no signs of ending and still exist in many ways today. With no fans a reality that promoter’s in the northwest were going to have to face how tracks could pay the purses for 360 sprints. Grays Harbor and Cottage Grove decided against that and proceeded with shows that featured limited sprints, modifieds and stock cars. Skagit decided to give it a try and  pay a full purse. To make this work the track moved its show from Saturday to Thursday, provided a reasonable PPV option and had the support of many different sponsors. What was an idea provided one of the most competitive seasons in Skagit Speedway as each night seemingly had 10-12 potential winners in the field. Here is how it played out.


On June 4 Skagit kicked off the season featuring 360 sprints in epic fashion as Eric Fisher raced past Colton Heath at the checkered in one of the closest finishes in the history of the track. The next week produced another scintillating finish as this time it was Brock Lemely getting by Heath at the line in another photo finish. Week three would finally see Heath get the win as he outlasted Trey Starks. Racing 360s for a fourth straight week, teenager Devon Borden closed out the month of June by picking up his first win of the year. The teenage theme would be one that persisted throughout the season.


July 2 was supposed to be point race five but mother nature had other ideas and the sprints would have three weeks off before getting back at it on July 23. This night was all Starks as he blasted by Jason Solwold on the start and dominated the race for the win. Tanner Holmes showed strength as he passed Solwold and started to chase down Starks but lady luck had other ideas and his efforts finished in a DNF. Holmes would get redemption. After the July 23 race the points battle had become a six driver battle between Heath, Lemley, Borden, Fisher, Solwold and Cam Smith. These six drivers had established themselves as the class of the field and then  week six happened.


Just as the season was coming into view it was all shaken up on July 30. Four of the championship contenders were not in attendance as Heath had headed to Konxville, Lemley decided to put Chance Crum in his car for the rest of the year, Fisher was unable to attend for personal reasons and Solwold was cross country chasing Pennsylvania Posse glory. Borden took advantage as he drove to his second win of the season at Skagit over Robbie Price who had returned to home from the ASCS National Tour.  Smith would run fourth and the championship race had become a two person race.


Week seven saw Travis Jacobson score his first win at Skagit in more than seven years ahead of Oregon driver Tyler Thompson who was looking for his first career win at Skagit. Fisher returned to finish third but the missed race was fatal to his championship pursuit as Borden and Smith each collected top 10 finishes to solidify their status as the contenders. But the point shake up was not done as week eight had another surprise as Smith was unable to race and instead had to call on JJ Hickle to fill the seat for the night. The former northwest regular found out how tough the competition was and failed to qualify for the main. Borden finished third and the championship looked like his. While this was playing out during week eight 14 year old Colby Thornhill was becoming the youngest sprint car winner in Skagit history as he beat Reece Goetz to the checkered.


Week nine would see another teenager crack victory lane as the aforementioned Tanner Holmes got the monkey off his back and finally scored his first Skagit win. He did it in epic fashion as he also set fast time earlier in the night. Holmes would beat fellow Oregon driver Garen Linder who finally had a good night at Skagit after what seemed like two years of bad luck.  Although Borden had an off night finishing 19th he was virtually guaranteed the championship as long he fired on championship night as he enjoyed a 60 plus point lead over Chase Goetz and Thornill. But before championship night could come the points were thrown for another loop as Borden and Thornhill announced they would be skipping championship night to head to Missouri and the Jesse Hockett Memorial. Tanner Holmes also made the trip.


This put Chase Goetz in prime position and he entered the championship night  more than 40 points ahead of Smith who had clawed his way back into contention after missing week eight. Chase did what he did all year on championship - qualified average, okay in his heat and passed cars in the main to salvage top ten. Smith outperformed Chase all night but it was not enough to make up for the lost night and ultimately fell 20 points short. Instead Chase Goetz had quietly been consistent (never finished better than fifth and never worse than 11th) and was rewarded with his first 360 championship. But just like the rest of his season Chase was getting outshined.


The reason was teenager Bailey Jean Sucich shocking the field as she inherited the lead from Corbyn Fauver (another young driver that is getting close to victory lane) and then held off Solwold late to win. Sucich became the fourth and most unlikely teenager to win at Skagit in 2020. Solwold actually got by on lap 22 but Sucich regained the position immediately and was not going to be denied. Before her win Sucich best finish of the season in eight starts at Skagit was sixth and she was not on the list of potential winners. Now she is.


And that is the northwest sprint car season in 2020. It started with a thrilling finish and ended with a shocking upset and in between produced nine different winners in ten races and saw the point lead change hands four times.


MORE STUFF: As mentioned Borden, Thornhill and Holmes all made the trip to Missouri. Borden came away the best weekend as he finished 11th on the final night against a stacked field. Expect all three drivers to spend a lot of time on the road in 2020...California star Justin Sanders came home fifth at the Hockett. He and his Antaya Motorsports team are making their second excursion to the midwest in 2020. Sounds like they will be gone for about six weeks..Last Saturday at Placerville saw the three of the most improved drivers in 2020 on the podium. The Carrick brothers were one-two and Hickle was third. All three of these drivers have made huge improvements in 2020 and are now in the upper echelon of the California 360 scene...If schedules hold together racing in California should go into mid November. But that is a big if...Ocean Speedway has cancelled their October 9 date. No reason given.


            On tap this week on the west coast is two 360 races Saturday in  California. Drivers will have the option to race at Petaluma or Kings. I will be tuning into World of Outlaw action for the rest of the year with Skagit’s season complete and most of my upcoming columns will have a more national feel as I follow the outlaws virtually to end the season.


            Email at or follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim where I tweet about west coast and national sprint car racing and occasionally go to the darkside of dirt model racing and pavement racing.






Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...The 2020 season is winding down on the west coast or is it? In the northwest it is for sure as next Thursday will be the final 360 sprint race in Washington but California got a shot in the arm this week when Ocean Speedway added four races to their schedule with one in September, two in October and a season championship in November.


Before these added races there were only about four or five 360 races left with exception of Kings Speedway which still has three 360 races and three 410 races scheduled in the fall months. Nobody truly knows how many of these races Kings will run, especially the 410 shows as purse demands for these events make it difficult in a fanless environment but now California teams at least some more races on the schedule before 2020 closes. And this brings me to the topic of this column: can we expect tracks to survive another year without fans.


            While much of the country has had fans return in some fashion the west coast has remained steadfast in its COVID policies. This has and will have a huge impact on racing going forward on the west coast because many tracks have had to sit silent while in many instances owners/promoters have still had bills to pay. The reality is that this can’t continue without a potential of seeing race tracks close in an area of the country that already doesn't have enough race tracks. And this has left me wondering what will 2021 look like and what could be done to help these tracks survive even if the pandemic is still raging.


            First I am not advocating a political position but just kind of spitballing ideas on ways to get fans at the track if the 2021 season starts without a vaccine which it more than likely will. Considering California usually starts late January/early February it seems hard to imagine a vaccine will be approved and can be mass produced by then. Even the northwest season which starts in April seems really soon when you think about it. So what can be done? While some tracks like Skagit, Marysville and Ocean have managed to have a successful slate of sprint cars tracks other places like Chico, Cottage Grove and Stockton have been either shutdown or in the case of Cottage Grove only able to essentially run limited sprints, mods and stock cars because without fans they cannot afford a 360 sprint purse. Even tracks that have found a niche cannot survive like this forever.


            When it comes to ideas I am not reinventing the wheel here just really talking about reality. As the pandemic goes on without a vaccine the ball will continue to be pushed on getting back to close as normal as we can. For promoters this is getting fans back to the track (they are the lifeblood of racing) while at the same time being conscious of the world we live in. Without a vaccine tracks will need to operate with a reduced capacity (35-50%), ensure face masks and social distancing is strictly enforced, sell no concessions, all admission (stands and pits) is prepaid, no fans in pits after races, teams leave as soon their race is over and one night shows only with no camping. A proposal along these lines is very reasonable and would ensure an environment that would be safe to everybody while allowing tracks to get some revenue back.


            Along these lines is probably the reality of what will be mandated if fans are allowed back in the stands. Sure it is not perfect for promoters but it would be a step in the right direction. Take a track like Skagit as an example. Yes their fan capacity would be reduced and therefore revenue but they also created a nice PPV option that fans can watch if they can’t make it out. One thing about COVID is how much it upped the PPV game and promoters need to realize this will continue to be a revenue stream even after the pandemic ends. I am sure promoters want (and I want also) to have big shows again like the Outlaws, Trophy Cup and Dirt Cup to name a few but after what happened in Knoxville I would caution against these gatherings that could easily spread the virus. And if an outbreak is linked to a track it will be devastating for racing on the west coast.The governments of California, Oregon and Washington have worked closely on their COVID response so one bad seed could ruin it for all. The best way to avoid this is for tracks to make proposals that are done with public safety in the forefront which is what  my ideas earlier do.


            The bigger fear is that no vaccine exists in the spring and no fans allowed at the tracks and tracks just cannot open up after being silent for a year. I think of places like Chico, Perris, Santa Maria, Tulare, Stockton, Willamette (Or.), Yakima (dirt and paved) to name a few that have been silent for all or most of 2020. Can they do it again and even think of surviving. I hope we don’t have to find out because it could be bad. Even for the tracks that have raced in 2020 many have done so on bare bones and reduced purses and I am not sure there will be more fat to trim in 2021. Again could have a devastating effect. Once promoters have trimmed as much as they can the next option is usually shutting down or in the case of private owned tracks selling to a developer that has been in his ear for years.  The first thing a developer does is knock down the track (Mansfield, Ohio great example).And we all know that for the most part once a track closes it will not re-open.


            Now hopefully a miracle happens and a vaccine is widely available and by spring next year we all back at the track but this pandemic has been devastating and I feel it is only prudent to consider the long term effect this pandemic will have on the future west coast racing and how it could not be good.


MORE STUFF: Last night Marysville ran a tribute to the cancelled Gold Cup. Ryan Robinson continued his standout 2020 picking his fifth win of the year in Todd Weiher sprinter. Regular season champion Andy Forsberg drove the family car home second and Tanner Carrick rounded out the podium...Last week I had declared Bud Kaeding the Ocean Speedway champion. But with the season being extended that declaration was premature….One of the October dates at Ocean will be a makeup for the Johnny Key classic...Justin Sanders, Justyn Cox and Oregon’s Brian Boswell are amongst early entries for next week's ASCS National Tour sanctioned Hockett Classic in Missouri. I would expect to see a few more west coast names to appear next weekend...Just in the last few hours Daryn PIttman has announced a sort of retirement from racing. He said he wants to move into non driving part of racing but did not totally squash the idea he would drive again just it wouldn't be full time. It would seem his career as an Outlaw will end in  2020...Who knows what will happen with the Roth ride next year. Will they scale back or fill the seat? Roth has made a habit of going back and forth to the Outlaws so it just may be time for him to pull back for a year…One name that would be a good fit if Roth continues Outlaw racing would be Shane Stewart.  Stewart was going to race for Roth in the early part of the season before COVID wiped that out. Stewart is eager to get back on the tour and has quietly had a really good year consistently being a front runner and with the Outlaws has had one win and 14 top 10s in 25 starts...Lastly speaking of the Outlaws it will be interesting if they schedule the spring west coast swing in 2021. I highly doubt they will.  With the lack of fans and no vaccine I could see Outlaws not scheduling the early west coast trip in 2021 so they don’t have to later change it.



            That is all for now. I will be tuning into Skagit Speedway Thursday Night Thunder for the sportsmen sprint season championship later tonight. Next Thursday Skagit will have championship night for 360 sprints. Ocean and Placerville return to action next weekend. This weekend looks quiet for sprint racing on the west coast but around the country plenty of great racing rages on including the Outlaws in Kansas and the big $53,000 to win All Star race at Port Royal.


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Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Washington...Another night and another different winner at Skagit Speedway as Thursday Night Thunder continues to deliver week and week out. Last night it was Oregon teenager Tanner Holmes scoring not only his first 360 sprint win at Skagit but his first 360 sprint of his career. Holmes qualified fast time, was second in his heat and led all 25 laps aboard his family owned KPC. Holmes has been fast at Skagit before and has had a couple chances for victory but last night he was not to be denied. In addition to Tanner Holmes plenty of story lines presented themselves through the night so lets take a look:

● With the win Holmes became the fourth winner out of the nine races who are 18 or younger. Devon Borden has two wins and Colby Thornhill one. While many of the stars we know in the northwest are still going strong the changing of the guard is more evident each week.
● The only challenge Holmes faced was from Trey Starks. Making his fourth Skagit Speedway start of 2020 Starks chased Holmes for the first nine laps before trying a massive slide job in turn two. Starks was able to get underneath Holmes for a second but Holmes drove back by as Starks got into the wall and ultimately upside down.
● Holmes was headed quickly out of Skagit and pointed towards Montana for their three day stampede at Electric City Speedway. Holmes was followed by as many 10 other drivers as they try to sneak in some late season races
● The Lemley team, Colton Heath and Jason Solwold all elected to skip Thursday night at Skagit and head straight to Montana. Also expect to see California based teams of Joel Myers, Jr. and JJ Hickle to be in attendance.
● Following Holmes to the line was fellow southern Oregon driver Garen Linder. It was the best finish of the season for Linder at Skagit in three starts. He does have an ASCS Frontier region win in 2020.
● Eric Fisher was third which gives him four podiums in 2020 at Skagit which leads all competitors. Fisher sits sixth in points as he has missed one race.
● Point leader Devon Borden and second in points Travis Jacobson both had nights to forget. Borden qualified 12th, blew an engine in his heat and then rolled over early in the main and was scored 19th. Jacobson night was even worse as he eventually scratched after his car wouldn't fire during hot laps of qualifying. Borden still enjoys a 59 point lead but Jacobson has now dropped to fifth in points.
● Sitting second in points is Chase Goetz as he finished fifth in the main in the Roger Oudman sprinter. Goetz has struggled to qualify but has been fast as soon as the races start and has scored seven straight top 10s to get into second place in points. Goetz has had a really good season as he also won two Sportsmen sprint wins at Skagit and a pavement sprint win at Evergreen.
● 14 year old Colby Thornhill had an up and down night but rallied for an eighth place finish and sits only three points behind Goetz in the points. Thornhill is one of the drivers headed to Montana and will be making his first 360 sprint starts at a track besides Skagit.
● After missing one week Cam Smith was back in action in the Dave Smith SHARK powered XXX and he drove to a fifth place finish and gained a spot in points to move up to fifth. Smith has earned more points per week than Borden but the missed race a few weeks ago has derailed any chance to repeat as track champion.
● Bailey Jean Sucich scored her best finish of 2020. She finished sixth after starting the night by qualifying seventh quick. It was Bailey Jean’s fourth top 10 in eight starts at Skagit.
● Jeff Dunlap rebounded from his heartbreak two weeks ago to run 10th which is his best finish of 2020
● Only five drivers have made all nine 360 races at Skagit in 2020: Borden, Chase Goetz, Thornhill, Jacobson and Ashleigh Johnson. Johnson also has perfect attendance in the Sportsmen division
● The next two weeks will be season championships at Skagit Speedway. Next Thursday will feature Sportsmen sprints and the following Thursday will feature 360 sprints. In a break from years past, a full program will be run each week featuring qualifying and heat races.

Getting for the weekend and will definitely be keeping an eye on the World of Outlaw event at Huset’s. This has traditionally been Outlaw weekend at Skagit and many fans in the northwest are definitely alert to the fact that a big time track with big time backers are hosting the Outlaws. Not saying the Outlaws are not coming back to the northwest just saying I have a lot of interest how the Huset’s race unfolds and what it could mean for 2021.

Next column will look forward to 2021 and what I see realistically happening given the current situation on the west coast.

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Joseph Terrell

Cannon Beach, Oregon...For five months I have more or less stayed home besides work and essential things. It has been long and at times I have felt like I was never going to leave home but that has changed as I listen to the ocean on the beautiful Oregon coast. Cannon Beach is a family tradition for my family but it usually involves races at Cottage Grove or Banks before heading to the coast during the week and then probably catching more races. But this year races were omitted but in a weird 2020 just getting somewhere different seems pretty awesome.

As the ocean blows and the waves crash, the sprint car season on the west coast limps along as it begins to get close to fall. Last weekend featured only two 360 sprint races on the west coast - Wednesday at Marysville and Sunday night at Petaluma. What was supposed to be a four race weekend was reduced to two as raging fires forced Ocean and Placerville to cancel their scheduled events. For Ocean it marked the end of their sprint season as the last two events were cancelled due to fires and Placerville sits idle until September 19. The next two weekends have no 360 sprint car races on the schedule. More on that later.

The two races that were run last weekend produced two drivers used to victory lane. At Marysville Ryan Robinson steered the Weiher Motorsports sprinter to his third win of the year at the track and fourth overall. Robinson has shown a lot of speed this year as he has been behind the wheel of the Weiher sprinter all year unlike last year where he bounced around a little bit. Most impressive is Robinson has picked his four wins in less than 15 2020 starts. Two of the best in California followed Robinson as Shane Golobic brought the Matt Wood sprinter home second and Tanner Carrick continued his hot streak bringing his families sprinter home third. For Carrick it was his eighth podium in last 10 starts which includes two wins.

Sunday night at Petaluma it was a familiar face in victory lane just at an unfamiliar track. Driving the Larry Antaya sprinter for the first time since June Justin Sanders picked up his first career victory at Petaluma and his third of the year in California. Sanders spent the early summer in the Plains chasing ASCS and All Star glory returned to California for Kaeding Classic and since then has settled in as best driver in the start winning three times and finished second twice in his last 10 starts. Andy Forsberg drove his own sprinter to a second place finish, while Kaleb Montgomery scored his second overall podium of 2020 finishing third.

The next few weeks are dormant for California racing so it will be interesting to see what teams do. Some teams will just wait for the next race (September 19 at Placerville) but with a big race weekend Montana coming up Labor Day some drivers might head that way. As of press time JJ Hickle was committed, while Sanders and Joel Meyers have indicated interest. Several top northwest teams have also indicated they will go after racing Skagit this Thursday. Only in 2020 would Montana be the place to be on Labor Day for racing but given the current environment it looks it just might be that way.

MORE STUFF: Forsberg won the Marysville sprint car championship which added to his lengthy totals of championships that is now well into the 20s. In 12 starts at Marysville Forsberg scored a win, five podiums and five fast times to secure the championship over defending champion Michael Ing...The 12 races saw eight different winners as Robinson (3), Tanner Carrick (2) and DJ Netto (2) all had multiple victories...The raging fires forced a premature end to the Ocean speedway sprint season. They were still able to get seven races with six different winners and Bud Kaeding was champion on the back of consistency as he had no wins. Overall the track produced six different winners in the seven races with only Sanders winning two...Sean Becker was one of the best drivers most of the year in California but has hit a cold spell and his best finish in his last five starts is 10th...One driver who was supposed to be a NARC regular Spencer Bayston is having a great season in a few starts. In less than 10 410 sprint starts Baytson has scored a win in California and Pennsylvania and easily qualified for the Capitiani Classic. Full time ride anybody?...In northwest sprint news Jason Solwold has left the John Trone Motorsports team and returned home. Work commitments for Solwold forced him to come back home. Also the team has struggled outside of Williams Grove and Trone is looking for a commitment which Solwold isn't the guy. He has always maintained the Shaylen-Raye Motorsports team is his priority. I would expect this team to be at Skagit for the last two point races.....Expect a handful of northwest teams to race Skagit Thursday before heading to Montana for the weekend. Amongst those committed are Skagit point leader Devon Borden and young star Tanner Holmes. This will be a long tow but I expect Skagit Speedway promoter Steve Beitler to get the races over early Thursday so the teams can head out...With drivers missing races and Borden’s overall consistency Borden has pretty much solidified the 360 point battle at Skagit with two races remaining...As mentioned the season on the west coast is winding down quickly. Skagit has two 360 races left and depending what happens California probably has 8-10 races left at the most. This depends if Kings Speedway runs their full fall schedule.

That is all for this week. I will be covering Skagit Speedway 360 point race number nine this Thursday like I have all year - remotely. The first eight races have produced seven different winners and heavy hitters such as defending track champion Cam Smith and Solwold are still seeking their first win.

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Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...Last week was an example of how thin of a string racing is on around most of the country and especially in the northwest. Beginning of last week Skagit Speedway was announcing their season would go through September 17 and then last Thursday night (as the races were going) rumours began to fly that the season in the northwest would be ended Monday August 24 by a new Governor’s order. By Friday morning those were just rumours and Skagit Speedway along with other tracks in Washington were back in business. The events showed quickly things can change and how easily racing can be cancelled.


            With that in mind I decided to have this column be a power ranking of the best 10 410 sprint car drivers in 2020 if the year ended today. Obviously number one will be a no brainer but a lot of other drivers besides Kyle Larson are having great years and I wanted to rank them, not necessarily on total wins but overall success in 2020.



1)Kyle Larson - You know all the stats. Nothing new to say.


2)Logan Schuchart - Schuchart has had an under the radar great season. Early it was Brad Sweet and lately Kyle Larson but from Florida to now Schuchart has been the most consistent driver in 410 racing. He has racked five wins including the Jackson Nationals and led the Outlaw point standings twice. He is the current leader by 8 points ahead of Sweet. His Outlaw stats besides the five wins include 23 top fives and 30 top 10s in 34 starts. His average finish is 5.84. Throw in a handful podiums in local Posse action and that is good enough to be ranked second.


3)Brad Sweet - The difference between Sweet and Schuchart is small. I gave the advantage to Schuchart because he is the Outlaw point leader and has a better average finish in Outlaw races than Sweet whose average finish is 6.77. Sweet does seven have Outlaws wins (nine total) and for through June was probably number one on the  list. Sweet’s oOutlaw stats are similar to Schuchart as he also has 23 top fives but has one less top ten.


4)David Gravel - Gravel has been stout all year and if not for missing two Outlaw point races he would be right in the championship battle. Gravel has four Outlaw wins (five total) including the Summer National at the Grove. He has an average finish of 6.16 in Outlaw competition and has reeled off 18 top fives and 28 top 10s in 32 outlaw starts. Gravel was the only driver at Knoxville who was even close to Larson’s league. Ever since his 18 win season in 2017 Gravel has fallen off the radar a touch but make no mistake he remains in the discussion for best sprint car driver in the world.


5)Donny Schatz - It was difficult to slot Schatz because of the expectations and the realities. The expectations are that he wins 20 plus outlaw races every year and simply suffocates the competition. 2020 has been nothing like that but that doesn’t mean Schatz is a bum. He is third in Outlaw points with three wins. He won the Silver Cup at Lernerville which allowed him to take the Outlaw point lead. His average finish with the series is a respectable 7.27 and despite struggling he is still only 58 points behind Schuchart. Donny is still lethal and capable of being number one again.


            The top five to me are very cream of the crop. Number six is kind of by himself in a class where he isn't top five but he is clearly a step above everybody else.


6)Aaron Reutzel - He has 10 (eight with All Stars) overall wins and has led the All Star point chase since the start. He is clearly the best driver not on the Outlaw tour. He has proven to be too much for the Posse and this year won Ohio speed week showing he had begun to master a region he had struggled in. Reutzel has two wins at Knoxville also to show how tough he can be. Reutzel is inconsistent but is too dominant when he is on to list any lower.


7)Cap Henry- Henry has been the best regional driver in the country in one of the toughest regions (Ohio), Henry has won 10 times joining Larson and Reutzel as only drivers with 10 or more 410 wins. He has won four straight at Attica and seven overall there including one during Ohio speed week. He picked off another Ohio speed week win at Wayne County. He also won a regular point race at Wayne County and Fremont. All the drivers above Henry are professionals but Henry is a weekend warrior who accomplished all this in roughly 20 starts. Yes he deserves to be this high.


8)Danny Dietrich- Consistently the best regional driver in the country Dietrich started off slow but has won seven times (eight overall) in posse land since June 27. He just got off a stretch of winning five out six in Pennsylvania. Dietrich competed with All Stars early in the year and showed off his versatility winning on a new track in Texas. Dietrich is the best driver in Posse land night and night out and 2020 is no different. For that reason I am going to slot him at number eight.


9)Carson Macedo - Macedo has really started to flex his muscles in 2020. He has one Outlaw win and two in Pennsylvania but it is not the win total that is impressive, it is the fact he has become a consistent front runner with the Outlaws. He has 16 top 10 finishes in his last 18 starts and started to pressure Schatz for third in points. Overall in Outlaw races Macedo has 11 top fives and 29 top 10s. He has an average finish of 7.81. The guys two thru five in my ranking make the Outlaw points tough but Macedo is closing the gap rapidly.


10)Bill Balog - This last slot was tough and I thought about going a couple of different directions but settled on Balog. What Balog does every year in the upper midwest is unbelievable. He just continues to dominate the competitive IRA series and this year has been no different as he has won eight straight stand alone IRA races. Some might say he is cherry picking but he is a regional driver that dominates his region much like the other two regional drivers on the list. That is all he can do is beat the drivers he competes against and Balog does it better than most. Balog has struggled against the Outlaws and All Stars but nonetheless I gave him the nod for the final spot.


Just Missed: Sheldon Haudenschild and Cory Eliason. Both of these drivers are very capable and are national stars on the rise but there are only 10 spots and not everybody could make it. Other drivers I considered were Lance DeWease, Austin McCarl, Brian Brown, Rico Abreu, Cole Duncan, Brent Marks, Freddie Rahmer and Anthony Macri.


MORE STUFF: Some quick notes from last week as only one 360 race was contested. That was Thursday night at Skagit Speedway. Saturday was supposed to be the Johnny Key Classic at Ocean but fires forced its cancellation...At Skagit Thursday night a crazy round of qualifying saw most of the front running drivers qualify in the bottom half of the 26 car field...Lance Sargent in his second night out was fast time aboard his families Fauver powered sprinter. He would finish sixth in the A…The A was won by 14 year old sensation Colby Thornill started fourth and took the lead on lap 21 when race long leader Jeff Dunlap broke. Thornhill now sits third in track points...Dunlap was chasing his first career 360 sprint victory until his fate was determined as he slowed on lap 21. Dunlap seems to have one night a year he just runs up front out of nowhere...Chasing Thornhill to the finish line was Reece Goetz and 16th starting Devon Borden. Borden was victimized by a bad qualifying run and was on the move in the A as he solidified his point lead...Borden’s point lead got a big boost when second place in points Cam Smith was unable to participate. Smith did put rising star and recent ASCS speed week champion JJ Hickle in the car for the night but the Washington native struggled and missed the A by one spot.


That is all for now. California tentatively has three 360 sprint races scheduled this week (Wednesday at Marysville, Saturday at Placerville and Sunday at Petaluma) but with fires raging I am not sure how many races will actually get in. Skagit will be featuring the Sportsmen sprints this week. 360 sprints return on 9/3 at Skagit Speedway.


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Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...LIke a band of gypsies drivers from up and down the west coast took to the road and headed to the Great Plains to chase their sprint car dreams. From superstars to those just wanting to experience life on the road, west coast drivers have been scattered across the plains and have flexed their muscles wherever they showed up.


            Just like every other year the first half of August is all about Knoxville. That didn’t change in 2020 even with postponement of the Nationals to 2021. The Knoxville 360 Nationals and Capitani Classic provided a lot of money to be won and again made Iowa the center of the sprint car world in August. But this year is different and as 410 drivers were chasing  the gold at Knoxville the ASCS sprints were experimenting with a new format during their six race speedweek that started last Monday in Kansas and ends tonight in Arkansas. Don't forget the two nights at Oskaloosa that happened on Sunday and Monday (unfortunately rained out) after 360 Nationals and there was racing everywhere. West coast teams took advantage so let's see how they did.


            Californians Shane Golobic, Colby Copeland, Dominic Scelzi,  Tim Kaeding and Kyle Offill focused their attention in Iowa while many of the other west coast teams headed to ASCS speed week following Oskaloosa. Before going forward I'll just say I don't consider Rico Abreu, Cory Eliason, Trey Starks,  Gio Scelzi, Seth Bergman, Roger Crockett or Robbie Price west coast  drivers - they are national drivers.


            In Iowa Shane Golobic flexed the most muscle and in a big way. Golobic finished an impressive second during the 360 nationals. He then ran fourth at Oskaloosa before having a lot of speed during the Capitani Classic just not the results, He qualified 16th Thursday before heat race miscue ruined his night and ultimately he missed the show. Rebounding Friday Golobic qualified top 10 before finishing fifth in the A.  On Saturday Golobic was impressive in his qualifier as he took advantage of some breaks to get the fourth position and transfer to the A. Golobic was a DNF in the A but has now shown that he is a contender at Knoxville. He has made somewhere around 10 starts there in 2020 the experience showed for sure.


Scelzi had a solid 360 nationals that included a third place preliminary run and ninth place on the final night. He was then second the next night in Oskaloosa but the 410 was not so kind. Unable to ever have consistent speed Scelzi spent the whole weekend buried and called it weekend after qualifiers on Saturday. Copeland was never a factor at the 360 nationals and had his best run of the weekend when he finished fifth at Oskaloosa. He did make the A Friday during the Capitani but broke on Saturday fighting for a transfer spot in the C. Kaeding had top 10s both nights at the 360 nationals and on Sunday. During the Capitani Kaeding couldn’t get over the hump as he failed to qualify for the A all three nights. Each night he was in top 10 in the B but couldn’t get higher than seventh. Offill was unable to make an A against the stout competition over the two weekends as the young driver continues to challenge himself against the best in hopes of improving as a driver which he has immensely in 2020.


            A lot of drivers went back to focus on 360 racing and they included Californians Michael Faccinto (travelling since July), Shane Hopkins, Chelsea Blevins Washington’s Colton Heath, Bailey Sucich, JJ Hickle (in California based car) and Oregon's Tanner Holmes who competed just in ASCS speed week. These drivers experienced different levels of success but the star to date has been JJ Hickle amongst this group. Hickle was the only one of these drivers to put it in the 360 nationals A and finished a modest 15th at Oskaloosa before going on tear with one win, four podiums and five top fives in the first races of ASCS speed week and having a controlling point lead going into tonight's finale. The speed week fields have been stacked each night ranging from a low of 37 to high of 54.


            Heath and Faccinto have had some nice runs as well. Heath making his first laps east of the Rockies made the A in his preliminary night at Knoxville before missing the A on Saturday night. He finished 16th at Oskaloosa but has been strong during speed week with four top 10s highlighted by a third place finish run Thursday night and sits fourth in speed week points. Faccinto sits behind Heath in speed week points after a rough stretch in Iowa where he missed the A all three nights. He has since reeled off five straight top fives in speed week competition. Hopkins best runs were a podium finish at Oskaloosa in non winged competition and a third Friday night at Creek County before heading home. Holmes started speed week strong with two top 10s in the first three races but has missed the A the last two nights.


            Blevins and Sucich competed in 360 Nationals, Oskaloosa and the first night of speed week before heading home. Blevins made the dash during the first night of speed week before finishing 19th. It was her only A appearance of the weekend. Sucich in her first voyage east missed the main in all four races she competed in but gained that all valuable experience.


            Tonight the speed week finale will happen and these drivers will head back west but not after they made their presence known up and down the plains over the last week and a half. Many drivers were not discussed that have also had great weeks because they have since moved from the west coast or race nationally (includes Larson, Sweet, Macedo, Eliason, Abreu, G. Scelzi, Trey Starks, Seth Bergman, Roger Crockett - i think you get the point). The overall talent produced by the west coast is never ending.



MORE STUFF: Their were a few sprint car races on the west coast this week as Marysville was in action on Wednesday and Ocean on Friday...Blake Carrick continued his breakout 2020 season as he got his third win of the year when he outlasted veteran Colby Wiesz and his older brother Tanner Carrick. The Carrick brothers have gone from intriguing and fast to contenders every night in 2020...On Friday at Ocean things were normal as Justin Sanders steered his familiar family owned XXX to his second straight victory. After a weird 2020 that saw Sanders really not get his west coast season started until July he has come on and looks to be back in top form...Chasing Sanders to the line were Tanner Carrick and Mitchell Faccinto…Sean Becker had a rare off week as he finished 19th in Marysville and missed the show in Ocean...California based Main racing has made few starts in 2020 but they have been effective. Sweet drove the car to victory in March and then Ian Madsen was second the first night of ASCS speedweek. Tim Kaeding and Madsen piloted Main sprinters during the 360 nationals...Knoxville was big for Tarlton Racing. Tarlton sponsored cars and drivers finished first (Larson), fourth (Macedo) and fifth (Bayston)...Speaking of Bayston he has been a rocket when he gets a chance in 2020. He has two podiums in the two 410 races in California and then went to Knoxville raced up front all weekend.


            That is all for now. This next week I will be again covering Skagit Speedway’s 360 sprint race Thursday night remotely as usual. Grays Harbor Raceway is having a LImited Sprint shootout Saturday night that I might check out as to date I have not viewed any races from GHR in 2020. Down in California the only race on the schedule for 360s is Saturday’s Johnny Key Classic at Ocean Speedway.


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 Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...Skagit Speedway has now held seven 360 races in 2020 and has produced six different winners after Travis Jacobson drove to victory in the Cook Family sprinter. Here are some quick takeaways from point race number seven:


     As mentioned Jacobson was winner number six in seven races. That speaks to the quality of competition that has been competing weekly. 40 different drivers have now competed in at least one point race with six drivers making all seven. This has meant the fields have not always been the same mix of driver but every week it seems like at least half or more of the field is a contender. Hasn’t always been that way at Skagit.

     Coming into last night Jacobson had one podium in six starts at Skagit. Jaocbson has had more than a little success in the past as he has won three Summer Nationals and a World of Outlaw event at Skagit. On Thursday Jacobson was in old form as he was fourth quick before stalking Tyler Thompson in the closing laps of the 25 lap sprint car event. Jacobson made the winning move on lap 22 and pulled away as he won for the first time since 2013.

     Thompson looked like he might just get that first career win at Skagit as he dominated early and led the first 21 laps from the pole but struggled with lapped traffic at the end which ultimately allowed Jacobson to make his move. Although surely disappointed with not closing the deal the young Oregon driver has made vast improvements at Skagit in 2020 he has competed in the last five races with two straight podiums.

     Eric Fisher has been hit and miss at Skagit and last night was a hit. Fisher was fast all night and finished on the podium for the third time in six outings. Fisher has been plagued by inconsistency as his other outings have resulted in a ninth, 12th and 13th.

     Cam Smith has been consistent lately in weird ways. He continues to struggle in qualifying before rallying in the heats and main to salvage the point night. Last night was no different qualifying 12th out of 17 cars. No worries for Smith as he proceeded to win his heat and charge from 12th to fifth in the A on a very fast track. In the process he picked up two points on point leader Devon Borden.

     It looked like Borden was set for a big night after setting fast time and adding 10 points to his point lead in the process. But things slowed from there as Borden was third in his heat and dropped from sixth to 10th in A.

     Lance Sargent made his debut a good one. Sporting a new Fauver Racing Engine under the hood Sargent qualified fifth quick and ran fifth in the main.

     Another driver making his season debut was multi time track champion Barry Martinez as he was steering the Matt Jensen owned sprinter. Martinez has not been in the seat much in recent years but got faster as the night went on and finished ninth.

     The 17 cars Thursday was the second lowest car count of 2020 but it wasn't without its benefit. Two drivers (Eric Rockl and Cory Swatzina) were able to get much needed seat time as they adjust to 360 sprints. Rockl is a rookie and was struggling to make the main but the last two weeks has been able run the main event and get that all important seat time. Swatzina has many laps around Skagit but was making his debut with a 360 powerplant. Not having to fight to just make the main Swatzina was able to get a lot of laps and work on getting comfortable. Bigger car counts are nice for sure but sometimes for development of new drivers a little smaller field is beneficial.

     A lot of drivers who competed at Skagit early in the year are chasing races across the land. Colton Heath and Bailey Jean Sucich are in Knoxville. Tanner Holmes is racing with ASCS Frontier this weekend before tacking the ASCS speed week. Jason Solwold continues to race in Pennsylvania for John  Trone.


            That is all for now. Meant to write this right after the races last night but watched the Knoxville 360 nationals replay and had to push back to Friday morning.


            Email at or follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim where I tweet about west coast and national sprint car racing and occasionally go to the darkside of dirt model racing and pavement racing.






Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Washington...Well I just couldn’t resist getting involved into the debate. What debate am I referencing you may ask? It is the debate that has become the talk of the 2020 sprint car season nationwide - is Kyle Larson having the greatest season ever by a sprint car driver. Even though we are in a shortened season and are at the beginning of August Larson has put such an assault on the competition that it is impossible to not to compare this season to greats of the past.


            To say Larson has been anything less otherworldly would be an understatement. He has dominated All Star competition with 13 wins (including a record seven in a row before a flip at Huset’s Sunday night), he has four wins against the Outlaws and dominated Pennsylvania Speedweek picking up another four wins in those nine days. That is 21 wins total. It has not mattered if it is short tracks or big tracks. Tacky or dry. Smooth or bumpy. Larson has had all the answers. Driving a car that Paul SIlva has on point at all times Larson has raised the bar for sure. But is this the greatest season ever?


            Time will tell. We still have a lot of racing to go (hopefully) and many headline events remaining including Capitani Classic, Tuscarora 50 and the National Open. To even start the conversation in my opinion Larson needs to win at least one if not two of these major races. So far the major Outlaw races that pay more than $20,000 to win have seen Larson only participate in one and that was at Lernerville where he finished second to Donny Schatz. I know Larson has some impressive wins including sweeping the Knoxville Outlaw event in June, winning $26,000 at Plymouth, Wisconsin, and more than $15,000 at Portsmouth in Ohio and Williams Grove. But I need a major Outlaw victory or the Tuscarora 50 victory to be to the level of the greatest season ever. Why?


            One of the arguments for Kyle Larson is that he is doing in an era in which the competition is much closer and the equipment is equal and so to dominate like this is more than impressive than Wolfgane in 1985 (55 wins) and 1989 (44 wins) and Steve Kinser in 1987 (more than 50 overall wins). It is always hard to compare eras  but In the three seasons mentioned above Wolfgang and Kinser won  the Knoxville Nationals. In 1985 Wolfgang won the Kings Royal and the National Open. In 1987 Kinser also won the Gold Cup and in 1989 Wolfgang added a $50,000 to win Selinsgrove Open. The point is Wolfgang and Kinser  won a lot and won when the money was on the line. Larson needs one of these mega wins in my book to be compared to these three seasons. Were these the greatest seasons ever though?


            Maybe we don't have to compare different eras. What if the greatest season was only five years ago in 2015. In this season Donny Schatz  had a season that was amazing by his hall of fame standards. After 2006 it was evident parity had become the new reality in sprint car racing. Since then only two drivers have won 20 or more races in an Outlaw season. The first was Joey Saldana in 2009 when he won exactly 20. It seemed like an anomaly until Donny won 23 in 2013 and 26 in 2014. But in 2015 Donny went to a new level when he reeled off 31 wins against the best sprint car competition there is. Schatz won the Knoxville Nationals and Gold Cup. He was second at the National Open. In an era dominated by parity Schatz made a mockery of it. He won the Outlaw championship by 544 points which given the Outlaw point system is ridiculous. For good measure Donny had three more seasons of 20 or wins to make it six in a row but 2015 was special as he won 40 percent of the World of Outlaw races that year.


            What separates Schatz 2015 season from Larson’s 2020 in my mind is he was dominating the Outlaws. Not picking and choosing races. Schatz was winning 31 races, falling a grueling tour that features the best drivers who go and take on each region's best. Nothing on the Outlaw tour is easy. And surely 31 wins is not. This not diminishing the competition of the All Stars or the Posse - winning against these drivers is no easy task and Larson deserves all the attention he is getting - but the Outlaws are another level especially in today’s era where everybody has “good” stuff. This is why in my opinion Schatz 2015 season is the gold standard for sprint car racing in the 21st century and maybe for the 20th century.


MORE STUFF: The epic point battle at Skagit Speedway dissipated last Thursday as four of the top six in points did not race for a variety of reasons. Devon Borden used that to his advantage and dominated the evening setting fast time and winning his second race of the year at Skagit. In the process Borden gained the point  lead...Borden was followed by former ASCS National tour regular Robbie Price and rising Oregon star Tyler Thompson. It was Thompson’s best finish ever at Skagit. Cam Smith finished fourth and as of now is Borden’s only competitor in the points chase…Price has had a rough 2020 and recently pulled off the ASCS national tour. After qualifying a disappointing seventh Price rebounded to drive from seventh to second in the main event...For the fifth time in six races Skagit had 20 or more 360 sprint cars check in...California had a quite week with only two races on tap; Wednesday at Marysville and Saturday at Antioch...Sean Becker drove the Don Monhoff sprinter to victory Wednesday as he scored his fourth win of 2020...Becker was followed to then line by the Carrick brothers Blake and Tanner...In Antioch Colby Johnson scored the win in his families Pit Stop USA sprinter. He was chased to the line by Justin Sanders and Billy Aton...Johnson became the 16th different winner in California amongst the 360 ranks. Throw in the two winners in 410 races and you have 18 different winners in California across the 360/410 classes in 2020.


            Again I will be covering Skagit Speedway this Thursday from my porch (2020 normal) and tweeting updates all night as the 360 sprints have point race number seven. California action has Ocean and Silver Dollar on Friday and Kings returns to action Saturday night. Placerville was scheduled to run Saturday but has cancelled.


            Email at or follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim where I tweet about west coast and national sprint car racing and occasionally go to the darkside of dirt model racing and pavement racing.








 Joseph Terrell

 Olympia, Wa...Making the best of the 2020 season Skagit Speedway has delivered five entertaining 360 sprint car shows and it has produced a very exciting point race. Unlike many years when only few drivers actually run all point races, 2020 has seen 13 drivers compete in the first five shows including Tanner Holmes who has driven from Southern Oregon to attend all five races. The increased amount of regulars and increased amount of competition has created a fun 2020 season which has an exciting point battle that might only get more interesting as the schedule winds down.


            Quickly looking back at last week's action it looked Colton Heath was going to extend his point lead as he started fourth after being the fast qualifier and winning his heat race. But Heath spun on lap two and although he did rebound for sixth it did allow for the points to stay close. While Heath was rebounding from his spin Trey Starks was checking as he drove his family's sprinter from third to first by turn two of lap one and never looked back scoring the $2100 win. Holmes was having a career run from fifth to second and was catching Starks but was victim of flat tire late in the race. Jason Solwold and Greg Hamilton rounded out the podium. So how about that point race.


            First of all the schedule. To date Skagit has run five 360 races and has them on the card the next two Thursdays. After that Skagit has three more Thursday’s on the schedule with classes not announced. My guess is that the 360 sprint class will run eight or nine races meaning that leaves of three or four races to gain points. Right now the battle is probably six drivers deep but the upcoming events could be a determining factor in how the battle turns out. Also another key point is Skagit awards points for qualifying, heat races and the main event making every time a car is on the track important.


            As of right Colton Heath is in the driver's seat it would seem. He has a 26 point lead, has finished in the top two three times (one win) and has been the fast qualifier twice. If not for some tough breaks in the last two main events Heath lead would be even bigger. But Heath is registered for the Knoxville 360 Nationals and rumor has him leaving this week for Knoxville which will cause him to miss two point races and end any championship hopes.


            Second through six are only separated by 24 points which is where things get interesting. Brock Lemley sits second in points and has been the most consistent driver with five top 10 finishes and one win. Nine point behind Lemley sits Devon Borden who has been inconsistent at times but like Lemley has managed to finish in the top 10 all five races. Borden also has one win. Just six points back of Borden is defending champion Cam Smith. Smith has not been as good as he was last year but has managed to be in the top 10 four times and his only finish outside top 10 was 11th last week. Eight points behind Smith is opening night winner Eric Fisher. Fisher has relied on his win and a second on June 25 to stay in the top five one point ahead of Solwold. Fisher has struggled in the three other shows with only one top 10. Solwold started slow but has reeled off four straight top 10s to get into championship contention. LIke Heath it is still to be seen if Solwold will make all the shows as his ride in Pennsylvania may cause him to miss some shows.


            Even if Heath and Solwold miss some shows there will still be a great four way battle for the championship. Also this year each week has featured fields that have been 10-12 deep with potential winners making even top fives difficult. This will keep the race interesting as the point leaders are often spread out through the field creating a chance to make up a lot of points in one night. After lamenting the last few weeks about all that has been cancelled on the west coast I am going  to celebrate the exciting season at Skagit and enjoy the next four-five weeks. Something tells me the championship will be decided on the final week.


MORE STUFF: As mentioned Trey Starks won Thursday night at Skagit Speedway. The $2100 to win show drew 26 sprints the most this season at Skagit. Through five shows Skagit has averaged 22.6 cars...Starks finished eighth Saturday at Knoxville as he looks to gain speed in the Gobrecht Motorsports sprinter at the Iowa speed plant before the big August races...Corbyn Fauver finished fourth Thursday which was his second straight top five at Skagit. In the first three races he had no top 10s...California had another mini speedweek last week as drivers had an opportunity to race four times in five nights. Four drivers raced all fours (Shane Golobic, Blake and Tanner Carrick and Jesse Love) and three of them won (Golobic, Blake and Tanner Carrrick)...The racing started Wednesday at Marysville where Tanner Carrick drove to victory ahead Golobic and Blake Carrick to defeat the 20 car field...Friday the action moved to Ocean and it was Micthell Faccinto driving the Stan Greenberg KPC to victory over the 30 car field. Faccinto capitalized on a late race mishap by Goloboc to win ahead of Bud Kaeding in the Kaeding Performance Center Maxim and DJ Netto who was steering the Netto Ag KPC...Saturday it was up to the hill for $2500 and Blake Carrick was the man as he bested the huge 45 car field at Placerville. Blake's victory came ahead of Andy Gregg in the GUTS sprinter and Andy Forsberg who was driving the F&F Racing sprinter...The weekend concluded at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico as they held their first since March 13. The track was greeted with 39 cars and in the end it was Golobic getting the win in the Matt Wood sprinter. Golobic was followed to the line by JJ Hickle in the Worden Family sprinter and Tanner Carrick...The Carrick brothers have joined that upper group in California sprint car racing with their performances the last two month. Both drivers are contenders nightly and each have two wins in 2020...Ryan Bernal who has been hopping rides a little in 2020 was in the Bill Spencer sprinter Saturday night at Placerville that Jodie Robinson usually drives. Bernal was 10th. He has also driven for Keith Day and Dennis Roth in 2020 on the west coast...Jodie Robison was in the Dave Vertullo ride that she pilots in 410 action over the weekend at Placerville and Chico...Willie Croft has struggled in 2020 as he has spent most of the year driving for Mike Phulps but hopped back into his own ride Sunday and scored a season best fourth...Justin Sanders made his debut in the Menne Motorsports sprinter Sunday night at Chico. The team fought gremlins all night and ultimately did not qualify for the A main event. Sanders drove his own sprinter Friday and Saturday...Mini sprint star Mitchel Moles competed in the last three nights of racing in California last week and while he did not have great results (p12, p22, p15) it was good to see Moles in a sprint all weekend. It seems he is at that point in his career where he needs to commit to sprints and see what he can do.


            That is all for this week. I will be covering Skagit Speedway from my porch Thursday night ( as I do every Thursday) while Friday and Saturday you will find me glued to dirt vision doing the late model thing. California has a slow week with only two shows: Wednesday at Marysville and Saturday at Antioch.



Email at or follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim where I tweet about west coast and national sprint car racing and occasionally go to the darkside of dirt model racing and pavement racing.









Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...As my last column lamented just about every big sprint car race on the west coast has been cancelled but this last weekend was a small reprieve as two big shows on the west coast were ran - of course with no fans in the stands but just getting a big race in these times is a miracle in itself. Up in Washington, Deming Speedway held its annual  three day Clay Cup Nationals for mini sprints headlined by the open 600 main event Saturday that paid $10,000 to win. Down in California the two day Howard Kaeding Classic was taking place headlined by the $5,000 to win NARC 410 main event Saturday night.


            I am not a mini sprint expert by any means but with $10,000 on the line I spent last weekend watching all three nights of Clay Cup (from my porch of course on PPV) and providing updates on twitter. With it being the biggest dirt race of the year on the west coast in 2020 unless something drastically changes I did not want to miss the show. The format at Clay Cup features two preliminary nights where drivers accrue points through the night as they qualify, run heats and main events. In addition to the 600s Clay Cup features 1200s, restricted 600s and junior sprints. Drivers get to pick their best night come Saturday so one bad night does not bury your weekend. Classic example of this would be the driver who ultimately won the $10,000 600 feature and for good measure won another $3,000 on the same night when he won the 1200 main event. That would be Chance Crum.


            Crum won the Thursday night 600 main and combined with his heat and qualifying efforts was in great shape after night one sitting second in points to Jared Peterson. Things unraveled quickly on Friday as Crum was struck by motor issues and was unable to get a qualifying lap in. He rebounded and finished fourth in his heat race and won the C before calling it a night. If it had been combined points the lack of a qualifying lap and therefore no points gained would have buried Crum. Instead Crum started outside the front row Saturday by virtue of his Thursday night performance and drove away from the field to score the biggest win of his career. Crum was chased by some of the best in the business but nobody challenged Crum after the first few laps as he navigated traffic efficiently and never made the mistake his pursuers needed. A few minutes before putting on his dominating performance in the 600 main Crum did the exact same thing in the 1200 class as he started on the pole, took the lead and set sail for the $3,000 payday. All in all he led 79 of the 80 main event laps he raced Saturday night and scored a cool $13,000 for his efforts. Not bad a payday for dirt track racing let alone micro sprint racing.


            The rest of the top five was a mix of savvy veterans and upcoming stars. Californians Jake Andreotti and Mitchel Moles ran second and third. Fourth and fifth went to Washington drivers Evan Margenson and pole sitter Jared Peterson. Andreotti was looking for his second Clay Cup title in his final micro sprint start. He will concentrate on sprint cars going forward. Moles was looking for that first major micro victory to solidify his amazing resume which includes more than 40 wins last year. Moles has dabbled in sprints and it seems only logical he will move that way permanently in the near future. Margenson and Peterson have raced sprints in the past but have settled in the last few years driving focus midgets and micro sprints.


            Clay Cup continues to be a marquee event on the west coast and even though I think the four classes are too many and would prefer just the 600s and 1200s myself it is still amazing to see Deming Speedway put on such a great paying event and even more impressive was pulling it off in 2020.


MORE STUFF: As mentioned earlier California had the Howard Kaeding Classic which featured 360 sprints Friday and 410 sprints Saturday...DJ Netto was the man Friday as he outraced the 39 car field to score his fourth victory of 2020 aboard the Netto Ag KPC...Following Netto to finish line Friday night was Shane Golobic in the Matt Wood sprinter and Mitchell Faccinto in Stan Greenberg KPC...Justin Sanders made his second start of the season in California (he had been in the Southwest/Plains) Friday and raced to sixth after starting 20th...Saturday night saw Kyle Hirst pick up the $5,000 to payday as steered the Williams Motorsports entry the win over the 32 car field...He outlasted Sanders who was driving his own XXX and Spencer Bayston who wheeling the Tarlton Motorsports KPC...Bayston has struggled in 360 competition in California but has been stout in the 410 with a first and third...Faccinto barely missed being on the podium both nights as he ran fourth Saturday....Golobic registered his first finish outside the top five in California Saturday when he ran seventh...Sean Becker made what is a rare 410 start aboard the Don Monhoff sprinter and came home tenth...Chase Johnson who had big plans for 2020 that have been curtailed was aboard the Josh Ford sprinter both nights of the Kaeding Classic. He finished 18th and 11th during the two nights...Ryan Bernal was aboard the famed Dennis Roth KPC Saturday night and drove it from 14th to 9th. Bernal has been in search of a 410 ride for 2020 after spending 2019 driving the Tarlton sprinter...Kyle Offill had his weekend cut short as he junked a car Friday night causing the team to sit out Saturday night. They will head east soon for the second time in 2020...Placerville had a regular show Saturday night and Kalib Henry drove the McColloch RV sprinter to the win ahead of Shane Hopkins and Ryan Robinson...Due to no fans and lack of sponsorship Placerville announced the purse would only be half but nonetheless still had 25 sprint cars check in...In national news Washington driver Jason Solwold was behind the Trone Outdoor sprinter last weekend in Pennsylvania and struggled as he finished 20th (Williams Grove), 21st (Lincoln) and DNQ (Port Royal). Nobody is sure how long this deal will last but Solwold has said he is still the driver of the Shaylen Raye Motorsports sprinter at this point and that this is just something to fill in the schedule in these weird times...Kyle Larson now has 18 410 sprint wins in 2020 are you kidding me?...Silver Dollar Speedway has announced it will race July 26 (Sunday) featuring 360 sprints and a full purse. Not sure how many races Silver Dollar plans but even one race is better than nothing.


            This week California drivers have many options as they can race at Marysville Wednesday, Ocean Friday, Placerville Saturday and Silver Dollar Sunday for the second unofficial California speedweek of the summer.


            I will be tuned in to Skagit Thursday night for the rain delayed Independence open featuring 360s ($2000 to win) and modifieds ($1200 to win). Per 2020 standards I will be covering the race from my porch - the new normal.


Email at or follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim where I tweet about west coast and national sprint car racing and occasionally go to the darkside of dirt model racing and pavement racing.









Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...The last week and a half have been a tough one for the west coast sprint car scene. It started early last week when Calistoga speedway announced they were shutting down for 2020 effectively cancelling the Louie Vermeil Classic. From there the hits just kept coming as the World of Outlaws west coast swing was cancelled, NARC series was effectively cancelled, Dirt Cup was cancelled (after the Summer Nationals had been cancelled to reschedule Dirt Cup), the Brownfield Classic was cancelled and then finally Trophy Cup was cancelled (Tulare Raceway will not host a single event in 2020). In just a few days what many had feared had become reality as just about every prominent race on the west coast was cancelled. It wasn't a surprise given that the west coast states (California, Oregon and Washington) have all moved slowly in re-opening and that each state has effectively banned any sort of crowds for the foreseeable future. So where does this leave west sprint car racing in 2020?


            Well first some good news. In the ray of all the darkness last week Ocean Speedway announced that they will still be hosting the NARC sanctioned Kaeding Classic this weekend featuring a full payout Saturday night with top prize being $5,000. As tradition Friday night will feature 360 sprints. The Kaeding Classic could truly be the only big show on the west coast this year and will surely be the only major show during the summer with all the other cancellations. Sponsors have helped make it so the Kaeding Classic can be a full purse show despite the current ban on fans in California. I would expect strong support for this event and solid car counts each night. I also wouldn’t be surprised if after this race some California teams head east in search of more races and better paying shows.


            Now back to the reality of what the rest of the season looks like for sprint car racing. In California 410 racing looked like it was set for a big year but now faces the truth that Saturday’s Kaeding classic could be the second and last race of the year. The ban on fans makes it hard for tracks to come up with the purse to support a NARC show and unless something changes in that area I wouldn’t expect another NARC show this year unless they can make something happen with Kings Speedway in the fall.  Although NARC speed week is still on the schedule for late August, something tells me it's just a matter of time before speed week falls victim to cancellation. On the 360 side weekly shows continue but the purses are often reduced. Marysville has moved to racing to Wednesday night which has eliminated conflicts of dates as Ocean runs Friday and then Petaluma, Placerville or even Antioch run Saturday. Placerville has been very transparent with its purses while other tracks not as much but is common knowledge a lot of these weekly races are with reduced purses.


            The non winged scene in California has been hit even harder as USAC/CRA and USAC West Coast are cancelled through the summer.  For non winged racing the headline event of the year is the Oval Nationals at Perris and given the situation specifically in southern California it is hard to imagine a scene where the Oval Nationals take place this year. Much like NARC USAC guys will probably be lucky to get just a few shows this year.


            In Northwest things are similar with Skagit Speedway being the one bright spot. Cottage Grove and Grays Harbor have effectively postponed all 360 races until fans are in the stands. Both tracks seem to be more inclined to just not race 360s until fans can come back and full purses can be offered. Skagit has seemingly made the best of the situation with their successful run of Thursday Night Thunder shows which featured full purses each night with help from sponsorship partners. They will take this week off but then have six straight Thursday nights scheduled through the end of August. Classes are TBA but I would expect the 360 sprints will run at least four of the six events. Skagit though has been hit hard by cancellations as all their traditional headline events have been cancelled showing even a track doing well has still been devastated by cancellations.


            What this leaves us with is a sprint car season out west that is active but does not have the pizzaz. No big summer races in the northwest, late fall classics in California and no Outlaw swing. While other parts of the country have seen racing come back to normal almost ( I emphasize almost), the west coast is still very much in a pandemic like race schedule which is highlighted by cancellations, reduced purses and few big events.


MORE STUFF: Big news coming out the last few days was Washington driver Jason Sowold being tabbed to fill the seat in John Trone Pennsylvania based sprinter. The deal goes through the Capitani Classic for now. No exact schedule has been released but it sounds like Solwold will continue to also drive the Shaylen-Raye Motorsports sprinter that he normally occupies. At this point the Trone ride is to fill in the schedule during this slow time….California had three sprint cars races last weekend… Wednesday night in Marysville it was Tanner Carrick picking up his first sprint win of 2020. He was followed to the checkered by Shane Golobic and Andy Forsberg...The next night at Ocean Speedway Sean Becker drove the Van Lare sprinter to his third win of 2020 ahead of Golobic and Tanner Carrick...Chase Madjic closed out the weekend Saturday at Petaluma as he drove the MIttry Motorsports sprinter to the win ahead of Forsberg and Bradley Terrell...It was Madjic’s second win of 2020 as he drove to a win in May at Antioch...Becker, Forsberg and Golobic have dominated California to date. Golobic has been especially lethal with four wins and 11 podiums in 12 starts...Michael Faccinto and the Harley Van Dyke race team have packed up and are headed to the midwest for the next few weeks to race a variety of 360/410 shows...Skagit regular Chase Goetz showed his versatility last weekend. After finishing third in Skagit’s Sportsman Sprint Showdown Thursday night he won the Granite Super Sprint feature at Evergreen Saturday night on pavement....Skagit Speedway will return to action next Thursday with the rescheduled independence open. The card will feature a $2000 to win for 360 sprints...Jesse Love who currently leads ARCA West points with two wins when he is not racing sprints or midgets, will make his second ARCA Menards Series start this Saturday at Iowa Speedway. Love has been super impressive this year in both Super Late Models and Stock Cars and he is still only 15...Fellow California star Gio Scelzi sits sixth in ARCA West points and will also race at Iowa. He will then head up the road and compete at Knoxville Saturday night in 410 action.


            As mentioned earlier this weekend will feature the Kaeding Classic at Ocean Speedway Friday and Saturday. In addition Placerville will run 360 sprints Saturday. And while the northwest is idle as far as 360 sprints, Deming Speedway will be hosting its annual Clay Cup Thursday thru Saturday and will be paying a full purse which features a $10,000 Super 600 main event Saturday Night.


            Email at or follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim where I tweet about west coast and national sprint car racing and occasionally go to the darkside of dirt model racing and pavement racing.







Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...The face mask has proven to be the hot button issue when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. First it was no need to wear it unless you're sick but that idea has morphed over the last few months to the point where a lot of states are either requiring face masks or highly recommending them in any social gathering. The face mask is meant to prevent the spread of the disease and in theory if everybody is wearing one then transmission of the disease can be mitigated. This column is not meant to be political but instead make it known that if we want to see racing with fans on the west coast there might need to be a change of thinking.


            It has been no secret that the dirt track scene is resistant to face masks. To be honest the dirt track scene is resistant to any sort of control and even more resistant to change. For years racers and fans have fought with promoters over rule books,  regulations, admission prices and much more while promoters have fought with local governments over many of the same issues. The dirt track racing world likes to think they are outlaws living by their own rules but history shows more often than not conformity is inevitable. Whether it be curfews, environmental regulations or anything else tracks have conformed time and time again to keep running. On the west coast curfews have been the kryptonite of many tracks but that is a battle that cannot be won so tracks able to survive have made the adjustments to ensure drivers and fans get races while the government gets what they have mandated. The mask is no different. If tracks don’t follow ordinances they will get shut down (see Hagerstown Speedway) and that is much worse than wearing a face mask.


            If fans want to see racing on the west coast this year in person they better be prepared to wear a mask. As of right now fans are a no-go on the west coast with empty grandstands greeting drivers wherever they go. With the spike in numbers and how contagious the disease is the west coast has paused its opening. Washington and California are looking like fanless events through the summer and I would assume Oregon is probably in the same boat. And if and when re-openings continue I just cannot imagine all of sudden the mask requirements (which all three states have) will be eliminated. Wearing a mask is not just ending tomorrow just like COVID-19 isn’t ending tomorrow. The sheer fact is this disease is very deadly for some and until we have a vaccine or herd immunity if we are going to have some sort of normal (like going to races) a mask is going to be key.


            Ask any promoter and they will tell you fans in the stands are key. As much as we have enjoyed PPV promoters need people in the bleachers to have a long term business model. Tracks cannot survive like this and promoters surely fear the longer fans are away the greater the chance they don’t return. If we don’t have tracks because they cannot survive....well it goes without saying we don’t have races. This should be reason enough for anybody that loves racing to wear a mask and help prevent the spread of a disease that is affecting the very livelihood of the sport we love. I would rather go to a race with a mask than keep watching on TV. TV is great and all but as I have mentioned before it is really no substitute for being at the track.


            This is just the reality for now. Face masks will not be a forever thing. We all hope they are just a 2020 thing and 2021 is back to normal but that may not be the case so as fans and as an industry dirt track people need to commit to wearing face masks if we hope to enjoy the sport we love in the immediate future. This isn’t a restriction of freedom and some hoax, COVID-19 is real and disrupted life like none of us imagined. In April it looked like racing would be cancelled for the rest of 2020 but progress has been made and we have made it back to having cars on the track. The next step is going to be getting actual fans in the stands (maybe 25-50% capacity) on the west coast  and for that to happen the mask will not be an option. It will be a mandate here on the west coast.


MORE STUFF: Skagit Speedway suffered its first rainout of 2020 last Thursday night. Twenty plus 360 sprints were registered for the $2000 to win event which will now be run July 23...With Skagit’s rain out Placerville Speedway played host to the only 360 race on the west coast with its annual July 4 show and it was Colby Copeland getting his first win of 2020 aboard the Canales family sprinter...Copeland has been electric up on the hill with a win and three seconds in the four Placerville 360 shows. Copeland was to be a full time contender with the NARC series but to date they have only conducted one race...Following Copeland to the line at Placerville was Shane Golobic and the improving Michael Faccinto. Faccinto now has two thirds at Placerville in four starts as he continues to steer the Harley Van Dyke sprinter, while Golobic continues to be the epitome of consistency...In nine starts in California Golobic has been on the podium nine times. Not bad...California drivers will have a chance to run three races in four nights this week as Marysville Raceway will be running Wednesday night this week, Ocean Speedway Friday  and Saturday will feature Placerville and Petaluma...The Petaluma race was originally a NARC show but with no fans allowed the decision  was made to change direction. NARC’s next race is now July 18 at Ocean...The next scheduled 360 race in the northwest is July 18 at Grays Harbor but I would say that is very tentative at best. The next race at Skagit is Thursday featuring a $1000 to win Sportsmen sprint feature...Cottage Grove opened its season Saturday with a six division show featuring Limited Sprints and Modifieds. No word on when 360 sprints might be on the card...Finally before Saturday night I was vaguely familiar with Jade Avedisian but like everybody else that has changed. WIth a $20,000 Outlaw Mini Sprint win Saturday night the young 13 year old from California has become a household name garnering admiration from amongst others legendary midget owner Keith Kunz. New California star is born...Californians were four of the top five finishers in mini sprint racings best paying event.


                        Another weekend at home watching races on TV for me. Might tune in Thursday night for Skagit and then will probably spend the weekend surfing my computer for whatever is interesting that night - USAC, Williams Grove, Outlaws or maybe watch some dirt late models (Summer Nationals and Southern Nationals both get going). and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim as I tweet about west coast sprint car racing and national 410 racing. A lot of stats, numbers and opinions that are mine.






Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa...Last night Skagit Speedway ran for the fourth straight Thursday as they continued their run of Thursday NIght Thunder productions. Again Skagit featured a strong field of 360 sprints as well two solid support divisions (sportsmen and limited midgets) and provided great action for the viewing fans on TV. Three things came to light Thursday night and into Friday morning that I want to follow up on.

Unlike previous weeks where Skagit has waited until after the night's show to announce the next week’s agenda, Skagit announced Thursday it will be running Thursday July 2. 360 sprints racing for $2000 to start and $400 to win. Immediately speculation has begun if any new drivers might make the tow to Skagit for the Independence Open. As of now 33 different drivers have competed in the first four weeks with a still few drivers yet to make their debut. - most notably perennial northwest regular Lance Sargent. I would be surprised if the car count tops 30 but another solid 25 car field would be just fine. Probably not enough money on the line to draw any California travellers but a full field of locals should produce a great show and provide an opportunity for a little bigger check if you land in victory lane.

The only thing that could affect car count in a negative way is I cannot remember the last time 360 sprints ran five straight weeks Skagit. They have generally been a every other week division the last 8-10 years as a way to preserve car count and not compete when Grays Harbor was running. But with Grays Harbor not running 360 sprints as of yet Skagit has been rewarded with 25, 16, 25 and 21 cars during the four weeks and with limited wrecks and damage it would seem most teams will be able to make it a fifth week in a row.

The second big thing was the winners Saturday night and how the future of sprint car racing in Washington has arrived. Devon Borden won the 360 main for his first win of the year. While it was not Borden’s first win by any means it is still important to remember he is under 18 and this is only his third year in a sprint car. The Sportsmen Sprint main was won by 14 (maybe 15) year old Jesse Schlotfeldt who made a bonsai move on the last turn of the last lap on Kelsey Carpenter to score his first career Sportsmen win. Schlotfeldt - who has a nice micro sprint resume - has struggled at times over the last year in the sportsmen but showed Thursday why many in Washington expect big things from him. These two drives combined with 13 year old Colby Thornhill (who struggled in the 360 main Thursday after a bad qualifying effort) give Washington fans plenty of reason to be excited for the future. Borden is the most advanced in the sprints, but Schlotfeldt and Thornhill have impressive micro resumes and are starting to get better in sprints as they get lap time.

And lastly: Dirt Cup. The grand daddy of all racing in the northwest and probably only second to Trophy Cup on the west coast is starting to haze a buzz. Doing a little bench racing Friday morning and a lot of potential names popped up - from committed to the wait and see. Pushed back a month because of COVID, Dirt Cup is garnering a lot of interest from drivers as they seek big money shows especially on the west coast. Seemingly every big west coast sprint show (410 or 360) is getting cancelled or greatly reduced and drivers are looking for an opportunity to race for big money and Dirt Cup with $2000 to win features Thursday and Friday and the big $15,000 paycheck Saturday would be the place to do that. At the beginning of the season drivers like Sam Hafertepe, Jr., Justin Sanders and Justyn Cox seemed to be committed to deals that would keep them from the Dirt Cup but then COVID changed everything. Hafertepe, Jr. decided not to chase All Star points, Sanders decided to chase ASCS points and with the unpredictable nature of what is next in California Cox might have an open date. These are just a few drivers that could be at Dirt Cup that may not have been if it had not been postponed and the racing scene changed for much.

Now a lot can change in a month and the first thing is to actually have a Dirt Cup which at this point cannot be guaranteed. Second is what teams and their funds look like and third it seems like at the end of the day a lot of drivers will talk about coming to the Dirt Cup only to not show for some reason. Nonetheless the buzz of the Dirt Cup is always a fun time of year.

MORE STUFF: Borden’s win Thursday was his first of 2020. After struggling the first few weeks Borden had his Borden Auto Parts sprinter back on track as he roared from sixth for the win...Following Borden was Eric Fisher in his SHARK powered sprinter and Corbyn Fauver. Fauver led the first 22 laps before settling for third - it was his first laps led in 360 action...California ran the first two nights of their unofficial speed week Wednesday and Thursday at Marysville and Ocean. 39 different drivers competed with only one racing both nights - Shane Golobic. After an extended stay in the Midwest Golobic returned him and won both races in his familiar Matt Wood sprinter...At Marysville Golobic was followed by Shane Hopkins and Andy Forsberg. Kaleb Montgomery and Kurt Nelson chased Golobic to the line at Ocean...Unofficial speed week continues at Placerville the next two nights (Friday and Saturday). Kings Speedway will give 360 drivers a second option Saturday night...Ryan Bernal made his first appearance since March in the Keith Day Trucking sprinter Thursday night at Ocean. He finished 14th...Silver Dollar Speedway has pushed their opener back to July 17... After this weekend's doubleheader Placerville will run next Saturday July 4. As of now that is the only scheduled 360 race in California next weekend.

That’s all for now. About time to turn on some Dirt Vision for the rest of the weekend and enjoy some racing PPV style.

E-mail me and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim for National 410 stats and all the west coast sprint car news and stats.






Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...I have commented more than once on PPV and how important it is right now for tracks to survive - especially here on the west coast where most tracks are operating with no fans. These PPV streams have become a revenue source that combined with the back date has allowed tracks to operate during these unprecedented times and has given fans a chance to scratch that racing itch. But just like when fans are in the stands promoters need to make sure they are putting on a quality product that their customers (fans) will want to purchase.


            I am a big supporter of local tracks and understand it is important for fans to purchase PPV to keep their local tracks going. Organizations like the Outlaws (with dirtvision), the All Stars (flo) and USAC (flo) will be fine. They have revenue streams through PPV and many instances are operating in areas where fans are allowed in some sort of capacity. Also these organizations have corporate sponsors that will help them navigate during these times. The question is more about the regional series and local tracks who really operate year to year and rely on fans to help flip the bill. How are they going to survive? This question is very relevant on the west coast as most tracks are operating without fans and in reality will probably continue to do so well into the summer. How do these tracks survive? The key is putting on a good show.


            Just like actually going to the races if fans are going to spend their hard earned money they want a quality product. This simple fact does not change in these complicated times. Put together a solid product and fans will support. On the other hand put out a poor product and fans will seek other options - whether that be racing or non racing. This dilemma is playing out here in the northwest as I write as the major dirt tracks in Washington show how different offerings can influence a fans choice.


            Both Skagit Speedway and Grays Harbor Raceway have restarted the 2020 season with no fans and by offering PPV so fans can watch from home. In my opinion Skagit has been smart. The first three weeks have featured 360 sprints as the headliner while running on Thursday night so there is less competition for fans. While tracks never release numbers (this is universal as tracks keep attendance numbers and revenue streams hidden like a dark secret) Skagit has enjoyed a good amount of support on PPV and that is because they have given the fans what they want - a full field of sprints and a great track surface leading to three fantastic shows. Skagit was going to run this Thursday without the 360s but reversed course and added 360s as fans had made it clear that is what they wanted. Yes it is a cost benefit analysis for Skagit - running the 360s means paying a lot more in purse money but not running 360s could potentially mean less PPV viewers and less revenue. Skagit Speedway promoter Steve Beitler isn't new  to the game so he understands the importance of having a show fans want. Beitler also knows that Skagit is a sprint car track and that is what the fans want to see on a regular basis.


            Grays Harbor Raceway has seemingly taken the opposite approach. At GHR the headliner often is the modifieds. With dwindling sprint cars teams in the area (most are based north of Seattle and much closer to Skagit) the modifieds have in many ways become the headline division over the years. Last year saw a resurgence of sorts for 360s at GHR with the dual track challenge but that series died after one year for reasons that are I am sure political. Nonetheless without the dual track challenge GHR has often struggled to draw 10 360s. With this in mind I was very surprised that GHR has only had the mods on the card once in its first three weeks ( and that week was rained out). Why I mention because as a fan I more than likely would not go out to GHR when they have a card like they had last week - a second tier wingless sprint class and super stocks. So with that in mind I did not buy the PPV option. If I am going to spend my money I want it to be on a show that I want to watch (and I assume any fans feel the same). Like I said I understand the reason behind not having 360s but not having the mods on a more normal basis, which is the headline division, is not giving the fans what they want. This week GHR’s show is more intriguing as it features the mods and Limited Sprints. If the Limited can get a solid car count to compliment the mods fans will be more inclined to purchase the GHR PPV option and see what is going on. The Limiteds are a new division at GHR so it is still determined what type of count they will have and what the quality of the field will be but as a fan I find a mod/limited sprint card more intriguing than a non winged/super stock field.


            This is not meant to bash on any track but just point out how it is more important than ever that tracks offer up programming that fans want. With so many PPV options available a fan at home can pick and choose what they want and are not bound to support their local track. It is up to local tracks to peak the interest of their fans so they will tune in.

MORE STUFF: Last weekend saw four winged sprint car races on the west coast as Skagit hosted its Thursday Night Thunder and California offered a three race weekend...Up at Skagit Thursday it was Colton Heath continuing his amazing start as he scored the victory aboard the LAW Motorsports XXX ahead of Trey Starks in his families sprinter and Cam Smith in the Dave Smith sprinter. The first 15 laps saw the top three exchange the lead seemingly each lap. After a lap 15 caution Heath took control and fended off a late challenge from Starks to best the 25 car field....Heath suffered severe burns in November during a USAC National Midget race and has started this season on a tear with two seconds and a win...13 year old Colby Thornhill continues to impress as he has scored three top tens to start the season at Skagit against stout fields...Down in California action kicked off Friday night as Ocean Speedway opened its season and it was youngster Blake Carrick scoring his first 360 win over two of the best in the Golden State: Bud Kaeding and Sean Becker. Many California observers have said Carrick is the most improved driver in Cali and his win over a stout 33 car field at Ocean backed that up...Saturday saw NARC open up its season at Kings Speedway and it was Indiana native Spencer Bayston getting the job done over the 29 car field  in the Tarlton Motorsports KPC ahead of brother Bud Kaeding and Tim Kaeding. Bud was his dad’s Al’s Roofing/Alviso Rock Maxim, while Tim was wheeling the Bates-Hamilton Maxim...Bayston who struggled in his first two races in California this year showed at Kings that he will be a contender in California and as he gets acclimated to the west coast...Kaleb Montgomery won the non winged 360 undercard at Kings after a fourth place run the previous night at Ocean...The California tripleheader concluded Sunday at Petaluma and Sean Becker was the class of the car field. He drove the Dan Monhoff sprinter to his first win of the year over Andy Forsberg and Shane Hopkins...The win gave Becker a state high six podiums in California action. His previous five podiums had been in the Van Lare sprinter...NARCs 29 car field Saturday night was missing some heavy hitters such as Shane Golobic, Chase Johnson and Justin Sanders...Sanders and  his Antaya Motorsports team is basing itself out of Texas for the time being...Golobic and Johnson were back in Indiana taking on the difficult Indiana midget week. For Golobic this was nothing new as he won the midget week championship in 2017. Golobic made all six main events and had two top tens. Johnson made three of six main with his best finish being eighth Thursday at Lincoln Park… With USAC/CRA out of commission a couple of their stars also competed in midget week. Roa drove Iron Dome/Moonshine midget during the week and made one main event Saturday night at Lawrenceburg and was credited with 20th. Swanson competing the California based Ford motorsports midget and attended the first five events with best finish being an 11th in the B Thursday night at Lincoln Park...Swanson will continue to compete in the midwest aboard his normal USAC/CRA Team Arizona team as they wait west coast non winged racing to start again.


This week has a huge slate of action on the west coast. As mentioned earlier Skagit will be running their fourth edition of Thursday Night Thunder featuring the 360s. California will have itself a mini-speedweek as 360 races will be held Wednesday at Marysville, Thursday at Ocean and Placerville will host a modified version of the Posse Shootout Friday and Saturday.  As of now only Marysville (100 fan limit Wednesday night) will have fans in the stands this week.


That is all for now. Follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim as I tweet information on west coast racing as well national sprint car facts on a daily basis. E-mail






Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...Well one thing the COVID pandemic has taught me is to watch dirt racing on TV. Before the pandemic broke out I just didn’t do it. I went to dirt track racing even if that meant travelling up and down the I-5 trying to find the best race to go to. Sometimes it was a late model race at Sunset, a modified race at Grays Harbor and or Friday night sprint car race at Yakima that maybe 20 fans attended. Heck I would head down to South Sound to catch a pavement late model race if nothing was going on. The point is I am a race track junkie and I would rather go to just about any race in person than watch the best on TV. To me racing is being at the track and hearing the cars and watching the drivers maneuver. COVID forced me to change my thinking and now I have become a  PPV junkie because that is what I can get and it has not been all bad especially the first two weeks from Skagit which I have tried to cover as if I was their keeping detailed notes and tweeting throughout the night about everything that was happening and then writing this column about it. First the good of PPV.


The second edition of Thursday Night Thunder at Skagit Speedway again delivered the goods.  Watching and covering the race from my porch for the second straight week was not what I desired but the action during the first two races has been everything I want and more. In classic Skagit fashion both 360 main events have featured great battles for the lead while also featuring limited cautions. In two weeks there has been one caution which for sprint car racing is the key to a great race as it allows drivers to settle in, work different grooves and ultimately navigate traffic. In the end it was Brock Lemley, aboard the Billy Lemley sprinter out dueling Colton Heath who was driving his familiar LAW Motorsports XXX. Much like the previous week Heath looked like he was going to make a late race move to snag the prize but in the end he was denied by inches as Lemley roared to the checkered flag to score the win. Three time Summer Nationals Champion Travis Jacobson finished third in the Cook Family Sprinter as he rebounded from ninth place opening night. Jacobson was chased the whole race by Jason Solwold in the Shaylen Raye Motorsports sprinter. Rounding out the top five was young teenager Colby Thornhill who started on the pole and faded early before settling and finishing fifth.


Although the car count  of 16 was nine less than the week before it still featured at least 10 drivers that were legitimate contenders to win. First week winner Eric Fisher was mired midpack and barely registered a top 10 finish, while opening week quick qualifier Cam Smith failed to make the heat inversion before rallying for a sixth place finish. Furthermore last season's dominant Northwest driver Devon Borden set fast time but again struggled in the talented field and came home seventh. Greg Hamilton who was second in 2020 points came home eighth. The point is a solid field of 16 360s for a weekly show at Skagit Speedway is plenty capable of putting on a top notch show because of the deep talent level.


A couple of really good things that have come out of the last few weeks from a fan standpoint: Last Thursday because of time they ran two eight lap heat races featuring eight cars and the racing was much more exciting as more cars on the track created more racing especially in the early laps. I hope this is something the team at Skagit considers doing in the future. In the past Skagit has run three heat races with a 16 car field and field would get strung out much quicker. I also like how they are releasing confirmed drivers the day before. This standard in Australia and the asphalt late model world and hopefully becomes standard in dirt racing. It helps somebody like me get ready ahead of time and know who is racing and if there are any surprises. It also creates excitement amongst fans.


Now the bad. Not myself (I cannot wait to get back to the track and ditch watching on TV) but I fear many may realize they can buy PPV and watch from home. And with PPV fans can watch whatever they want which means they don’t have to watch their local track. A lot like how for years NASCAR has been criticized for running Saturday night races that takes fans aways from weekly short tracks PPV has the same potential effect. Instead of heading out to their local Saturday night track, fans may choose to stay home and watch their choice of PPV for the night. No gas money to drive to the track and no money spent on concessions and you can pick the race of your choice. This is a reality promoters are going to have to deal with in the next few years as streaming becomes more demanded and popular. Fans are the backbone of short track racing as they buy tickets, food, beer and shirts to help keep the train rolling. Hopefully the fans don’t forget that no race on PPV can beat a race in person where you can experience all the thrills of short track racing.


MORE STUFF: California had a two race weekend with Placerville running Saturday  and Marysville on Sunday...At Placerville Justyn Cox outran a stout 46 field aboard the C&M Motorsports sprinter. He was followed by Colby Copeland in the Canalas sprinter and Michael Faccinto who was steering the Harley Van Dyke sprinter...Indiana native Spencer Bayston made his long awaited debut aboard the Tarlton and Sons KPC and had a rough heat race which lead to an uphill challenge for the rest of the night. Starting at the back of the C, Bayston nearly raced into the A, finishing fifth in the B after starting 15th...Washington driver Devon Borden made the tow to California for the weekend and had a fast time Saturday night at Placerville. He ultimately finished 18th at Placerville while one later he snagged a 10th at Marysville...Speaking of Marysville John Michael Bunch picked up the win over the 31 car field.. Bunch had been out of racing the last few years before reappearing at Marysville this year. After a few solid runs Bunch scored his first win since 2015 according to sources...Bunch was chased to the flag by quickly improving Blake Carrick and Washington star JJ Hickle...It was Hickle’s first podium in 2020 aboard the Worden Family sprinter. It was his 12th start of 2020 in the Worden ride...Washington’s Michael Millard who has made limited starts in a 360 made the tow to California for the weekend doubleheader. Miilard was in the B both nights and failed to qualify. Interestingly Millard has not travelled to Skagit this year...To date California has held 15 360 sprint races with 10 different winners. Washington has held two with two different winners.


            Finally NARC will open its season this Saturday at Kings Speedway.  I don’t expect the car count that Placerville had but I do think this might be the toughest field of the year in California since the ASCS appearance in March. Drivers expected are Bud Kaeding, Bayston, DJ Netto, Kyle HIrst, Mitchell Faccinto, Justin Sanders, Dominic Scelzi (in Roth sprinter), Kyle Offill, Willie Croft, Colby Copeland and Tim Kaeding. Many of these drivers have spent a lot of the time in the midwest and we will have to see if these extra races gave them an advantage over drivers who have just a few starts.


            That is all for now. It is great to write about west coast racing without having to venture anywhere else for content. I will be covering Thursday Night Thunder from Skagit Speedway from my porch again. Also this weekend will feature Friday night 360s at Ocean, Saturday night NARC at Kings and Sunday night 360s at Petaluma for California drivers. and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim












Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...Well oh boy northwest sprint car season kicked off in epic fashion last Thursday night as the 360 sprints put on a caution free 25 lap main event of perfection that saw the top three under a blanket during the last five laps. In the end Eric Fisher, who went winless in 2019, returned to victory lane as he outlasted Colton Heath and 2019 track champion Cam Smith.


            Returning to action for the first time since Labor Day of last year, Skagit was in prime form as it opened its Thursday Night Thunder run. Slicked up perfectly by main event time the track featured multiple grooves and ever changing conditions that led to the fierce action for the lead. Fisher was fast early until Heath came on in the middle of the 25 lap main and grabbed the lead on a couple of occasions before seemingly getting it for good with a few laps remaining. The last five laps saw Smith hustle around the upper groove and  into contention,  almost making it three wide a few different times before Fisher killed his momentum and moved up a groove and drove by Heath on the last lap winning by inches in what was an instant classic. Amazingly, considering it was opening night, the race had no cautions and was run flawlessly by all the drivers involved.


            One thing that helped aid the caution free main event was the fact that the track only started 18 cars for the main event. For a local show this is the perfect amount and especially this last Thursday when at least 10 drivers could have won the main and at least 14 could have competed for a top five. The main featured few drivers who were not competitive which made the main that much better as it wasn’t slowed down by unnecessary cautions. I  believe the big shows should feature 24 starters but also think all local and one night Summer Thunder shows at Skagit should only start 18 cars.


            How deep was the 25 car field at Skagit? National star Trey Starks could only muster an 11th place finish. Washington star and Skagit icon Jason Solwold couldn’t do better than 13th. Hot shot teenage superstar Devon Borden managed a seventh. Travis Jacobson was mired in ninth. These are drivers that consistently are in the contention for victories and not just top 10s. But that was what made the night so great - a lot of great northwest drivers were on display and they delivered the goods.

            While some name drivers struggled mini sprint and focus midget ace Chance Crum made the most of his start aboard the second Lemly family sprinter and qualified fourth before finishing fifth in main right behind teammate Brock Lemley. Tanner Holmes, star in the Outlaw Kart series,  made the trip from Oregon and his efforts resulted in eighth place finish after starting the night by qualifying outside the top 10. There are a handful of drivers that dominate the northwest scene so it was always nice to see new blood in the mix and hopefully Crum and Holmes can start to contend. Another new driver to the mix was super young Colby Thornhill who made his debut at Skagit Thursday. Already a seasoned vet in the mini sprint ranks Thornhill was not overwhelming Thursday at Skagit but made consistent laps. Look for him to get faster as the weeks go by.


            After a successful first night run Skagit announced they will again be on PPV this Thursday for the second edition of Thursday Night Thunder. Also on the card will be sportsman sprints and focus midgets. Grays Harbor again will try to open their season this Saturday with Limited Sprints again the headline division. Each press release that comes out of GHR indicates more and more the track is moving towards featuring the Limited Sprints and phasing out the 360s as a regular class. The biggest reason as I can tell is the purse difference between the divisions make the Limited Sprints much easier to run in these uncertain economic times.


            After a quiet weekend California will feature two options for 360 drivers as both Placerville and Marysville will host shows. In addition Ocean Speedway has announced tentatively to open June 19 and NARC has announced it will return to action on June 20 at Kings Speedway. All these races will be run without fans but more tracks racing cannot be a bad sign on the west coast. Chances for a good late summer and fall season still exist so hopefully each week brings more good news and more racing. On the other hand the west coast USAC series have cancelled through July so that was a sobering reminder amongst the good news that things are still very much week to week.


MORE STUFF: The big announcement over the weekend was the inevitable postponement of the Brownfield Classic and Super Dirt Cup to late July. The races will still be sanctioned by ASCS. All indicators say these races will only be run if fans are allowed. Too much purse money on the line to do it anyway else in my opinion...Skagit Speedway’s PPV production was spot on...Oregon’s Garen Linder has had nothing less than terrible luck at Skagit Speedway. Thursday was a new low as Linder's bad luck struck before he hit the truck as he broke down in Oregon and was unable to make the race...The 25 360s checked in at Skagit featured about five sportsmen sprints so it will be interesting see what the car count is this Thursday...The track Thursday at Skagit was super fast in hot laps but slowed as the night went on and by main time had the slickness that has made Skagit so great the last five or six years...Skagit has also announced they will be race Thursday June 18. No classes have been announced but having the 360s will be key to keeping a sizable PPV audience...Switching gears it was pretty big news when both Placerville and NARC announced races in California. Placerville is arguably the premier track in California and NARC is the premier series out west so having these two get started should be huge for California drivers...One California driver expecting to compete full time on the NARC series is Justin Sanders who has been travelling the plains competing against the All Stars. Sanders is a great driver but has undoubtedly struggled some as he gets his first exposure east of the Rocky Mountains...Another NARC championship contender and defending series champion DJ Netto is also chasing the All Stars through the plains. Like Sanders, Netto has found the sledding rough...Another to be NARC regular filling in the void is Tim Kaeding. Expected to compete on the Joshua Bates sprinter in California, Kaeding has spent the last month racing against the outlaws and All Stars in his former ride - Lunstra Motorsports - the plains. Kaeding will hop aboard a second Sides sprinter this weekend at Knoxville for the Outlaw show... Back to Placerville. I expect Justyn Cox, Kalib Henry and Andy Forsberg to be the class of the field at the hill in 2020...At Knoxville Saturday Californians Rico Abreu and Shane Golobic ran in the 410 division while youngster Kyle Offill continued his midwest tour competing in the 360 division. Abreu finished second in the A while Golobic settled for 16th after a great preliminary run. Offill finished sixth in the 360 A main...One last tangent thought: Tyler Courtney is a really good sprint car driver. Against a stacked 32 car field at Knoxville Courtney finished third to Brian Brown and Abreu. Next night at I-55 against the USAC stars Courtney came fourth. That's easier said than done.


            This week I will again be watching Thursday Night Thunder from Skagit Speedway on the computer as I patiently wait to go my first race of 2020. I will provide coverage through the night's action on my twitter account and provide as much insight as I can from my porch 130 miles from the track. I will also be watching the Saturday World Outlaw show on Dirt Vision. Until next time - Stay Safe!


            Email and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim







by Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...In what seemed like a pretty quick turnaround the sprint car racing scene in Washington went from life support to seeing a race scheduled. In early May the state of Washington was in a place where the racing season seemed like it would be cancelled as the governor’s office said race tracks were under large gatherings and large gatherings would be banned until September. But things changed during the last month as track promoters in Washington have worked with the state to understand what they had to do to go racing. And racing we go.


            Last Friday mini sprint track Deming Speedway held its first race with no fans and this Thursday Skagit Speedway returns to action with what it is dubbing “Thursday Night Thunder”. Yes the name is not original and plays off those great Thursday Night USAC shows that ESPN televised but I digress. The point is this Thursday Skagit Speedway will return featuring the 360 Sprints as the headline division. The speedway has set up its own PPV broadcast via for fans to watch as Skagit Speedway looks to cover the lost revenue of no ticket sales with a different revenue stream. In announcing it would return, Skagit Speedway promoter Steve Beitler announced he intends to keep paying the full purse with the supplemental PPV revenue allowing him to do this.


            Farther down south near my neck of the woods Grays Harbor Raceway will kick off its season Saturday evening featuring the Limited Sprints. As of now GHR has no PPV option and I have heard nothing on what type of purses are going to be paid out. One thing I do know is that the press release did state the Limited Sprints will be a big part of the 2020 season and beyond. Reading between the lines this seems like 360 sprints are going to be phased out (the Limited Sprint has been expanded since the initial schedule was released). With the end of the dual track challenge and the lack of local 360 cars it seems reasonable to believe that GHR will look to the Limited Sprints to fill the void. With a strong base of limited sprints in Oregon and near Skagit, GHR would be a middle ground that could draw from both areas.


            That is the good of the story - racing is returning to the northwest. The reality is that this as of now is just a one time experiment so we do not know what will come of it. Many questions loom such how long will tracks run without fans? Will local laws change mid-stride (see Pennsylvania and Illinois)? How will nationwide protest affect the “curve” and therefore the Pandemic? As of now Skagit has announced one Thursday night race but the press release clearly states if successful there will be more which leads to another question - will local drivers who work for a living support multiple Thursday night shows? Can GHR continue with no PPV option and will Skagit make enough off PPV to pay full purses? I don’t ask these questions because I want failure. I ask them because 2020 has changed the world like no year before in my time so I am careful to take anything for granted.


MORE STUFF:Amid a lot of rumors the ASCS National Tour northwest swing has been moved to late July. GHR will play host July 24 and 25 to the Brownfield Classic and the Dirt Cup will play out at Skagit July 30, 31 and August 1...The 25 drivers pre-entered for Saturday night are pretty impressive. Amongst the entries are former Outlaw winners (Travis Jacobson and Jason Solwold), seven Skagit Speedway Summer Nationals trophies (Jacobson and Solwold), 2019 Knoxville Preliminary winner (Trey Starks),  two Dirt Cup champions (Solwold and Brock Lemley) and the youngest winner in ASCS National Tour history (Devon Borden)...Another driver entered is one of the best at Skagit. Former track champion Colton Heath will be steering his usual LAW Motorsports sprinter in his first race since suffering severe burns in a USAC National midget race last November...Washington driver Tristan Thomas headed out on the road with the Rudeen Racing midget over the last two weekends to challenge the POWRI midgets and struggled to say the least. In three starts the team made only one A. Expect them to reappear this Saturday in Petaluma for an USAC western states midget race...California featured two 360 races last week. Andy Forsberg picked up the win at Marysville for his second overall of the year. At Antioch Chase Madjic won ahead of Colby Johnson and Sean Becker…Becker now has four podiums finishes in the Van Lare sprinter this year...Washington native turned California regular JJ Hickle ran sixth at Antioch as he continues his first full year competing in California...California superstar Justin Sanders won a ASCS Gulf South region Saturday night in Texas aboard the Larry Antaya Motorsports sprinter. Expect the team to compete with the All Stars during their tour through the plains...Kyle Offill continues to chase races and last week was at Jefferson Park, South Dakota taking on the All Stars. He made the main both nights finishing 16th and 18th. He will be in Knoxville Saturday night...Offill was joined by fellow California Tim Kaeding in South Dakota. Kaeding, who continues to steer the South Dakota based Lunstra Motorsports sprinter as he waits for the NARC season to start in California, finished in the top 10 both nights...Starks was also in South Dakota and had an up and down weekend finishing fifth Friday and 19th Saturday...California drivers Dominic Scelzi and Rico Abreu continue to chase the Outlaws. Last weekend at Lake Ozark both drivers failed to qualify Friday, while Saturday Abreu finished 15th in the A and Scelzi 17th…Look for Scelzi and his brother Gio to hope on the All Star tour this week as they race through the plains. Gio will also make his debut for Guy Forbrook this Saturday at Knoxville....Not sure what Abreu’s next step will be but wouldn’t surprised to see him also chase the All Stars the next few weeks...Another driver branching out is Canaidian native and Washington based driver Chris Schmelzle. After spending the previous weekend in South Dakota Schmelzle headed south to take on the ASCS Sooner series in Oklahoma. He did not qualify Friday Night at Creek County but rebounded to run ninth Saturday Night at Tri-State...The Friday Night race at Creek County was won by Washington native turned ASCS national star Seth Bergman...Although the west coast continues to open it is still very spotty and that reminder came again when the annual California Speed Week featuring micro sprints in late June was cancelled. Overall most of California, all of Oregon and most of Wasington tracks remain silent.


            That is all for now. This week I will cover the Thursday night race from Skagit from my porch - definitely will be a different experience. As of now this will be the only 410/360 Sprint Car race on the West Coast this weekend.


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Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...It seems like racing season is now in full gear in some parts of the country. Yes there is still a virus wreaking havoc through our country and the area of the country I live in is still pretty restricted but thanks to dirt vision, dirtondirt and NASCAR I am able to watch racing almost every day of the week and almost forget that we are in the middle of a pandemic. This last weekend was one of the most active for sprint car racing yet as Pennsylvania and Ohio have held their first races and tracks throughout the plans ran weekly and regionals series races. But  where I am I can still only watch racing on TV so we have a ways to go before there will be dirt in my notebook.


            On the west coast we have had minimal activity. In California Marysville Raceway has now held three races, Antioch held a Memorial Day Modified double header and Dixon Speedway has held a couple events.  Santa Maria Raceway in California had announced a practice session but was cancelled and since then nothing from the central coast speedplant. In Oregon nothing has really happened to think racing is near even as the state opens up in other areas. My home state of Washington is starting to allow practices and it was just announced that Deming Speedway will hold a PPV event this Friday after a successful practice last weekend.  All in all west coast racing is seeing a little light but it seems likely we are still at least a month away from racing at a majority of west coast facilities.


            Which leads me to the month of June which has some big sprint car shows on the docket on the west coast and one has already been cancelled.  The first week of June was to see the annual NARC/SCCT shootout at Placerville but that show was recently cancelled. The last weekend of June Placerville is scheduled to host the Posse Shootout and as the weeks tick by the status of that race comes more into question. In the northwest June might be the biggest racing month of the year. June is when the ASCS National tour makes its annual trek to Washington to challenge the best of the northwest for two weekends at two challenging tracks, Grays Harbor Raceway and Skagit Speedway.


The headliner of this swing is the Super Dirt Cup at Skagit which pays $15,000 to the winner. Scheduled to take place the last weekend of June this date seems more unlikely by the day. Best case scenario in Washington is spectator free races in June and the Dirt Cup cannot be run without fans. Skagit promoter Steve Beitler has become more open to the idea of spectator free weekly races but a spectator free Dirt Cup does not seem like an option. At this point it seems more likely that the Dirt Cup will be postponed until July replacing the annual 360 Summer Nationals according to sources. Whether the race carries an ASCS sanction if it happens in July is to be determined but Beitler seems determined to have Dirt Cup 2020 at some point in the season. As far as the event at Grays Harbor (the Brownfield Classic  - and also a  very prestigious race)  it is still scheduled with no rumblings of a makeup date. Like the Dirt Cup it is hard to see this event taking place as scheduled in what is just three weeks from now.


            Interestingly the ASCS tour has the northwest swing as their next races scheduled. Given the current situation I am surprised they have not postponed their northwest swing and instead scheduled races closer to home base where many tracks are opening. Amazingly the All Star Circuit of Champions has beaten the ASCS tour in their own region scheduling races in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.  The reason I am surprised has to do with the fact is Washingron is just entering phase two of its reopening which still prevents crowds of more than five people and explicitly states no spectators at events. So while tracks may have races without no fans, having big shows with no fans is a much different scenario that I just don't see playing out. This is why Eldora just cancelled the dream. Mega events with no fans is a no go because fans are key to making those events what they are.


MORE STUFF: As mentioned before Marysville Raceway held a race for the third straight weekend and it was DJ Netto taking the top prize ahead of Mitchell Faccinto and Andy Forsberg. It is Netto’s second win of the year at Marysville...With no other show to compete against Marysville drew another stout field with 45 cars checking in….Surprisingly           Ryan Robinson who has been nothing less than spectacular in California this year was not in attendance...Washington driver JJ Hickle continues to improve aboard the Worden Family sprinter. On Monday at Marysville the defending 360 Summer Nationals champion qualified fourth in his group, finished second in his heat and seventh in the main….Oregon drivers and members of the Oregon Posse Tyler Thompson and Jake Wheeler made the tow to Marysville, Each saw their night end in the B. Wheeler finished fifth missing a transfer by one spot….Willie Croft seems to have found a home in Mike Phulps sprinter for the 360 action as once again he was steering the wheel Monday....Some west coast drivers continue to tour the plains searching for races with only one option on the west coast as of now...Kyle Olfill scored a 360 win Sunday night at 34 Raceway in Iowa after running sixth in a 360 at Park Jefferson. He will take on the All Stars this weekend at Park Jefferson...After a tough two nights versus the Outlaws Dominic Scelzi was spotted winning a ASCS regional show at Lake Ozark Sunday night...Dominic’s brother Gio spent the weekend in a pavement Late Model in Tucson, Arizona. His best run was Saturday when he finished fifth...Canadian now American resident  Chris Schmelzle has also hit the road as he was spotted finishing 15th in Park Jefferson, South Dakota Saturday. Monday night’s show was rained out. He heads to Oklahoma this weekend for ASCS regional action...Another Canadian and defending Super Dirt Cup champion Robbie Price finished seventh in Park Jefferson Saturday and then headed to Lake Ozark where he finished fourth in the B...A little surprised Washington native Kasey Kahne has ran the last few weekends and is entered for this weekends Outlaws race at Lake Ozark after announcing earlier he wasn't going to race much, if at all, this year. But with regular driver for the nine car James McFadden stuck in Australia it seems Kasey has decided to fill the void by driving himself. While not a threat to win Kahne brings prestige to any race he enters...With the recent reshuffling of the All Star schedule Josh Baughman has announced he will now be a full time member which leads to my question? Earlier in the year it was mentioned that Seth Bergman would be running selected 410 events in a second car to primary driver Aaron Reutzel. With Baughman now back, is Bergman out of a 410 ride?Time will tell as nothing official has been announced...Shane Golobic is undoubtedly one of the best drivers on the west coast but he has struggled at times in the plains racing against stout competition and last weekend was one of those times. The two time Outlaw winner failed to make the main both nights at I-55 last weekend with Outlaws….Joining Golobic in I-55 were fellow Californians Rico Abreu and Dominic Scelzi. After missing the feature Friday Abreu and Scelzi were able to get in the show Saturday. Rico finished 13th and Dom 25th...Abreu and Scelzi are pre-entered for this weekend's Outlaw show at Lake Ozark...In a season where almost two months of the season has been lost Pennsylvania driver Mark Smith has won 10 races - which would be amazing if the season had not been interrupted. He had won nine races with the USCS sprints and decided to to tack on a 410 race at St. Francois in MIssouri to get his 10th. Amazing.


            That is all for now. Until next time support racing anyway you can and stay safe. We all will be back at the track in the future, lets just be patient and smart getting there. Pay attention to what is happening in Pennsylvania as tracks and the government battle. This is not the way to success as the government will win. We need to be prudent, follow guidelines and open when the green light has been given.


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Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa...Well slowly but surely the west coast sprint car scene is making a little noise amid the COVID-19 situation. After the month of April when it looked like the earliest we would see racing on the West Coast was the fall things have progressed some - not much but some. May has been kinder with news regarding racing on the west coast and hope is bubbling that we get to racing in a semi-normal way sometime during the summer with hit and miss shows until then.

In the last few weeks Marysville Raceway in California north of Sacraneento has held two events. Kern County in Bakersfield held a pavement event on Saturday night and has made noise about hosting a two day 360 race but nothing has finalized. DIxon Speedway has raced and Cycleand will race this Saturday. Yes this isn’t much but it is progress. Marysville is the only track to host sprint car races out west and the two events have now drawn 28 and 32 cars respectively. Different mix of cars have shown up each week as first week winner DJ Netto and Texas hard charger TJ Michael did not return for week two but Sean Becker came out for night two as did Justyn Cox. Marysville has struggled at times to draw name drivers and large car counts as its shadowed by Silver Dollar to the north and Placerville to the south but is getting a lot of recognition and attention because they are the only show in town, Marysville will run Monday this weekend for a Memorial Day special.

In Oregon and Washington the situation has made some ground although no races have been announced in either state to my knowledge. Cottage Grove in Oregon seems to be moving toward a situation where they can race without fans. Will this happen? We will have to see but Owner Heather Boyce seems to be very anxious to get back to racing any way she can so I can see her taking the chance if given the green light. In Washington race tracks have been given the green light to open for practices but actual racing is still a no go for the time. Grays Harbor Raceway is in Grays Harbor County which has been allowed to move a little faster in opening than other parts of the states. Up north Skagit County, which is home to Skagit Speedway, has not been given the okay to proceed faster than the rest of the state. Nonetheless given the nature of each track's press release it seems GHR is being cautious as they have done nothing more than announce the possibility of a practice session. Skagit has already announced its first practice date for this weekend May 23. It has listed rules and expectations on its website as it looks to find a way to open up for regular racing. Skagit promoter Steve Beitler has been skeptical of races without fans in previous interviews he has given but as time ticks by the winds might be changing. Beitler seems eager to show the state they can run a safe event and the next logical step is a race with no fans with a PPV option. It seems highly unlikely the ASCS national tour will make its June trip west, but nothing has been released concerning the last two weekends in June.

Nationwide it has become obvious the new “hotbeds” of sprint car racing will be the plains and the south. All Stars, traditionally midwest based, will soon hit the road for a journey to South Dakota before a trip to the plains and eventually ending up in Louisiana. 360 races are being held in Texas and Florida. Most of the traditional meccas of sprint car racing - Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and California - are reopening at a much slower pace than the plains and the south and therefore drivers are going where the races are.

With all the major spots shutdown teams are migrating to places they normally wouldn't. Scelzi brothers in Florida. Shane Golobic in Minnesota. This week Pennsylvania drivers such as Freddie Rahmer, Kyle Reinhardt and Logan Wagner (none of whom race much out of the Pennsylvania area) are headed to Missouri. California youngster Kyle Olfill continues to hang out in the plains. In what was supposed to be his rookie season with NARC has instead turned into nightly battles with stacked fields in which making the A is a chore in itself. Which leads to what could be a negative of all this competition. As teams fail to make mains and therefore any money what happens? Sprint Car racing survives when drivers have chances to make money some nights so they can keep it going . Constantly running the B main is bad for a driver's confidence and an owners wallet which is a lethal combination. Hopefully drivers start to get more options and therefore the spoils can be split between more teams which is key to the overall health of the sport. The recent car counts have been amazing and this week I-55 is capped at 62 entries for their Outlaw event..but that means 38 drivers will not make A main money both nights which cannot happen too long before teams start to reconsider their plans.

MORE STUFF: Ryan Robinson won Saturday night at Marysville continuing an amazing start to 2020. The former Keith Kunz driver now has three wins and two seconds in five 2020 starts driving for car owner Todd Weiher...FInishing second to Robinson was Becker. Becker has also had a solid 2020 start in Van Lare sprinter. Becker now has three podiums at three tracks in four starts for the team...Tanner Carrick made the trip back from West Texas Raceway to Marysville and collected fast time and a top five. The Vana Lare team also made the long trek back after competing in Texas with Colby Copeland...Washington native JJ Hickle ran fifth at Marysville as settles into his first full season in the Worden family sprinter...Another Washington driver made the trip to as Bailey Jean Sucich saw the track for the first team. She struggled during the night but she, like so many drivers, is just itching to get laps in...Washington’s Tristan Thomas will head to MIssouri this weekend to compete with the POWRI Midget Series at Valley Speedway, Missouri. Thomas, who cut his teeth racing ford focus midgets and micro sprints, will be making his first laps in the newly formed Kevin Rudeen Racing midget team...Justyn Cox who has played car owner for Jesse Love the last few weeks hopped in the Rich Rosser sprinter at Marysville with mixed results. Cox will be back in the C&M Motorsports sprinter Monday night at Marysville...With the cancellation of the Murphy Classic last week to be held at Tulare it was the second big west coast race to fall after the Bradway Memorial. Next up are the aforementioned Brownfield Memorial at GHR and the Dirt Cup at Skagit as well as the Posse Shootout in Placerville at the end of June. All seem unlikely at this time.

I'll be watching the Outlaws this weekend on dirt vision as they try to tame I-55. After a few weeks of watching fender racing time to get back to my roots and catch some sprint car action. Until next time stay safe and keep supporting racing in any way you can. and follow me on twitter at @idrinkiswim.





Joseph Terrell

Olympia...Wa. Well slowly but surely racing is coming alive across the United States. It started with a spark in South Dakota and it has taken off and while plenty are still being cancelled, racing is happening again. Friday night the World of Outlaws returned to action at Knoxville and the next night 410 sprint cars raced in Missouri at St. Francois. Marysville out in California got a 360 race as did Monarch Speedway in Texas.
This week Josh Baughman is having his midweek 360 special in Lubbock, Texas and Jackson Motorplex is having its first race of the season as it hosts an IRA sanctioned two night show Friday and Saturday. The entry list for both of these shows is star studded as drivers seek out races. Over the first few weeks of the COVID-19 sprint car season this has been the theme - each field is a hodgepodge of drivers from throughout the country. This is like the Outlaw series when it first started. You look back at those times and a fan never knew who would show up where. This is true right now. Drivers like Shane Golobic, Rico Abreu and Scelzi brothers have left the west coast, while Brock Zeafross and Anthony Macri have left the east coast as they converge on mid-America to chase their racing dream.
Last weekend was a great example of that as 48 cars were at Knoxville Friday and another 55 St. Francois. St. Francois was only paying $1500 to win but with nothing better to do, drivers from all over converged on the Missouri oval. Non-winged stars Tyler Courtney and Carson Short were on hand in Missouri as were west coast stars Golbic and Rico Abreu. 2020 All Star Rookie of the Year contender and midget standout Zeb Wise was in the house. Midwest standouts Parker Price-Miller and Hunter Scheurenburg were also present. It is unusual to have that kind of field in Missouri on Saturday night for $1500 to win but these are unusual times.
The Knoxville field was being billed as the best one day field ever in sprint car racing ever (it was a true invitational) and it may have been as it was a who's who of racing. Many stars such as Aaron Reutzel, Sam Hafertepe, Jr., Price-Miller, Brent Marks and Paul McMahon were watching the A from the pits. The Scelzi brothers joined them as did Trey Starks. Heck Wisconsin star Bill Balog and Pennsylvania standout Lucas Wolfe were in street clothes before the B. You get the point, it was a stout field.
Not to be topped the entry list for Jackson which pays $5000 to win Friday and $7000 to win Saturday now stands at 68. It rivals any field I have seen in years for a race that is not a major (Nationals, Kings Royal, National Open). Outlaws Donny Schatz, Daryn Pittman, Sheldon Haudenschild, Carson Macedo and Mason Daniels are registered. So is Kyle Larson. All Star regulars Reutzel, Cory Eliason and Wise will be in the field as well as west coast stars Golobic, Tim Kaeding, Abreu and the Scelzi’s. You will have the best of Knoxville in house with drivers such as Brian Brown, Terry McCarl and the Madsen brothers (Ian and Kerry) and many more regulars. And don’t forget the Posse as Pennsylvania based Brent Marks and Anthony Macri will be on hand. The midwest will be represented by Price-Miller. And there are more like Balog and Dobmeier. Also some guy named Tony Stewart. I am sure I am still missing some but this an amazing field that could only happen in extraordinary times like now. It will be very interesting which drivers show well in this race and excel against this stout field.
Finally, closer to home it looks at least one state on the west coast is racing. Marysville on Saturday had a race with 28 sprint cars. The race was with a reduced purse which created some waves but some sponsors ultimately brought the purse back up some. The solid field of drivers had California stars Andy Forsberg, DJ Netto and Sean Becker in attendance as all asTexas native TJ Michael was making his maiden voyage in the Clayton Snow sprinter. Also Oregon star Garen Linder, who had a very difficult 2019, was also in attendance. Ocean Speedway champion JJ Ringo also made the tow adding to the diverse field. It has now been announced Kern County in Bakersfield will be running a two night show Memorial Day weekend with Sprint Car Challenge Tour rules. Haven’t seen an official purse but how many teams from around the west coast will make the tow to get a race in. With Washington and Oregon in a holding pattern and California still week to week teams cannot be sure how many races they will get in and might jump on this opportunity.

MORE STUFF: Speaking of Twin Cities NARC Champion DJ Netto was the man of the hour as he won the A and then immediately donated his winnings. Netto, aboard his familiar Netto Ag KPC, was the benefactor of late race heartbreak Andy Forsberg who flipped while leading...Running behind Netto were Ryan Robinson and John Michael Bunch. For Robinson it was third top two of the year, while Bunch is returning to racing after being away for an extended period...The Outlaw race Friday night was truly historic but it some ways reinforced what we already we knew - Gravel is fast at Knoxville; Schuchart is championship contender; and it does not matter how bad it may seem for Schatz and Sweet they find the top 10 every night and that is why they are so good...Californians Eliason and Golobic showed well. Golobic started third in the A after a great dash and heat race but ultimately was a DNF. Eliason overcame a blown motor in the dash to finish fifth in the final rundown. Eliason just continues to impress...Ian Madsen was second at Knoxville and continued the momentum he had in February when he was fast in Florida...The race Saturday at St. Francois saw Tyler Courtney score the win. Courtney, who was aboard his normal Clauson-Marshall ride, is venturing into the winged territory this year while still chasing USAC midget points and hitting all the major non winged sprint events. Courtney has had previous winged starts so he is not a complete rookie but it was still an impressive win as he outran Golobic and Short...Channin Tankersly took the win in Texas. Tankersly races selectively but is tough to beat in Texas and showed that again at Monarch Saturday.

It is obviously an unique time and things are uncertain but it is kind of fun to see some of these races unfold and the names that show up and race against each other. Pay Per View has really been key to this and will continue to be. More important than a revenue sharing agreement an individual track may have is going to be keeping the fans engaged and PPV offers just that. I will admit it is not the same but it is better than nothing and allows race fans to stay connected. In a normal year I go to enough races to get my fix that I have never done the PPV thing, or thought it was relevant but now it has become an ever important outlet to keep fans connected and interested until they can come back to the track. and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim




Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa...Wow what a difference a few weeks make in the sprint car racing scene. A couple weeks ago it seemed like racing at any venue was months away and then Terry McCarl and the team at Park Jefferson Speedway, South Dakota with speedshift videoing gave us a reason to hope on April 25. But as soon as the excitement ended on that Saturday night there was an eerie silence on what was next for sprint cars and the question was what would happen next. We have a now a little glimmer of hope for the next month.

Yes it still looks like most of the racing will be fanless and only available through some sort of pay per view option and while almost all involved in dirt track sprint car racing will say this is not a sustainable solution it at least gives us sprint car junkies something to talk about and look forward to. The World of Outlaws will roar back to action Friday night at the famed Knoxville Raceway. Saturday night will see a few shows spread out across the country as Selinsgrove will run 410 special in posse country (no fans), St. Francois will run a 410 race in Missouri (limited fans as of now), sprint bandits will run a non wing show in Texas and just announced Marysville Raceway will run a 360m show in California with no fans.

Following the weekend Josh Baughman is putting on a two day midweek 360 ASCS special at West Texas Raceway that will be without spectators. The race will feature ASCS rules and All Star format. The first night will pay $4000 to win and the second night $6000 to win. A stellar field is already committed including a heavy California presence as Justin Sanders, Shane Golobic, Gio and Dominic Scelzi, Colby Copeland, Kyle Olfill and tennager Joel Myers all plan to make the trip. The next weekend Jackson Speedway in Minnesota will run a two night 410 show on May 15 and 16. In addition the Outlaws have confirmed dates for May 22-23 at I-55, Missouri (limited fans), May 29-30 at Lake Ozark, Missouri (limited fans) and June 12-13 at Knoxville (no fans). June 5 at River Cities, North Dakota and June 6 in Granite City, Minnesota are on the Outlaw schedule but have not been confirmed. I expect more tracks will try to open in some fashion in the next few weeks as the weather gets nicer and we all itch to get back to normal. But what does all this mean?

The landscape can change very quickly right now and I wouldn’t count on anything past this weeked. The environment in some states could be much different next week and a show that was scheduled could become “postponed” in an instant. But with that said if we do get going and get these scheduled races and more sprinkle in it will be interesting to see what the races are like. It seems like with few options a lot of tracks will have an opportunity to have drivers come that would not come in any other time. Looking at the entry list for West Texas Raceway and this is exactly what is happening because there is nowhere else to race. Will we see Outlaw teams next week in Minnesota since they have nothing scheduled? Pennsylvania Posse regular Danny Dietrich has been sniffing for sponsorship as he looks to chase races as things are very light in Pennsylvania - the feeling from Pennsylvania seems to be the Selinsgrove show will be a true one off and the likelihood of more than a few of these is unlikely at this time. All Star regulars Aaron Reutzel, Cory Eliason, Brock Zeafross and Sam Hafertepe, Jr. seem like they are chasing whatever race is available. Will west coast drivers stay in the midwest and hop from track to track wherever opportunity presents itself. This will definitely make for interesting fields and bring a true “outlaw” feel to some of these shows.

Back closer to home on the west coast I am surprised to see Marysville Raceway open up albeit it is with no fans. California has a strict stay at home order but along with other West Coast states (Oregon and Washington) are contemplating opening up different parts of the state at different times. Marysville is the only track I know of in California considering any races at this time - there was a test session sometime in the last week at Kern County featuring Dominic Scelzi and Rico Abreu amongst others. As far as Oregon and Washington I have been in minor contact with Cottage Grove Speedway and have heard a few different interviews with Skagit promoter Steve Beitler and I would say both tracks as far as I can tell seem hesitant to run events without fans at this time. Grays Harbor Raceway would likely be in the same boat.

Ultimately that will be the question. How long can tracks, promoters and series go without fans. Right now most US states are still pretty locked down. Yes there are re-openings happening; they are small steps and most states phases would not allow racing with fans until their final phase which seems a long time away in almost all regions. For now I am going to watch races on TV as if I was there and just enjoy seeing sprint cars do sprint car things and ride this wave while it lasts.

MORE STUFF: The World of Outlaws have opened their arms to Kyle Larson and he will be competing on Friday night at Knoxville less than a month removed from his insensitive remark during an irace. I think the Outlaws would have looked more professional suspending him for a set time (at least 30 day) but Larson excites sprints like few others so I am sure a few extra Dirt Vision subscriptions will be sold. No word on exactly how many outlaw races we will see Larson at as of now... A lot like some of the upcoming national races it will be interesting what kind of car count Marysville will get with nothing else on the horizon for west coast sprint car teams. Placerville is running a practice day Saturday so this might affect the car count but we will have to wait and see...Amongst the drivers competing at Knoxville Friday will be Washington’s Trey Starks. Starks has a reputation for coming out of the gate fast and qualifying good - could he pull off the upset Friday? He won a preliminary night last year at the Nationals...California superstar Justin Sanders will make his first 2020 start for car owner Larry Antaya of all places in Lubbock, Texas Tuesday and Wednesday. Sanders' only other starts this year were in his family car against the ASCS national in Arizona and California...Another driver slated for competition in Texas is Colby Copeland. Copeland will hop aboard the Van Lare sprinter that he has driven off and on for the last six to seven years with a lot of success...A surprise entrant for the Texas show is young teenager Joel Myers. Myers spent last year running some at Petaluma and Ocean while also spinning wrenches for other teams. This will be Myers first road trip...Golobic and the Scelzi brothers will race Knoxville Friday before heading south to Texas. Abreu will head to St. Francois after he competes at Knoxville...Kyle Olfill and his family team were the only California based team in Park Jefferson returned home and now are back on the road as they head West Texas Raceway.

This weekend I will be watching super late models this Thursday and Saturday on I hope to catch the outlaws Friday night at Knoxville on Dirt Vision but work commitments may get in the way. Either way it is nice to have sprint car news to discuss. I was running out of content; all I had left was my column looking at the major races (Nationals, Kings Royal, Gold Cup, National Open) and the drivers that have dominated them. I still plan to do that column but for now I have real sprint car news to write about and I couldn’t be happier. and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim




By Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa...This column was going to be a look a back at the major sprint car races (Knoxville, KIngs Royal, National Open and Gold Cup) since the late 70s and deep dive the dominant figures in sprint car racings major shows but then a few developments came up this week as tracks and organizations scramble to figure out when they will race again which has caused me to change directions.

First came the news that sprint car racing and spectator sports in general are on life support in Washington (and by extension I would also say California and Oregon). I had been informed late Tuesday night that racing was not getting a warm welcome from the state legislature in Washington as the state threw heavy shade at the idea of racing opening up any time soon. Skagit Speedway promoter Steve Beitler along with other Washington promoters are desperately trying to put together a plan to present to the state that would allow them to re-open in June. But they may be fighting a losing cause as rumour has it that Whatcom County has already suggested to Deming Speedway that they will not be hosting events this year although there is no official word concerning. What is worrying about the potential Whatcom County decision is the only thing spreading faster than the virus is regulation. It seems once one government entity shuts something down the domino effect happens quickly as other entities follow suit.

In Skagit Speedway’s official press release Beitler was cautious of a June reopening and for the first time publicly admitted the Dirt Cup is very much in question as far as the June date goes. Beitler mentioned the possibility of rescheduling as he tries to keep the hope alive but the northwest race season is short and Beitler knows that time is ticking quickly on the race window in Washington. The Governor in Washington is going to open slowly (he has said as much) so the question is how slow and will it leave enough time for Beitler and the rest of the state’s promoters to actually get racing in this year we will just have to wait and see. Although not much has come out of Oregon concerning race season I would expect they will be on the same (slow) trajectory as Washington.

Third part of the west coast trio is California and much like Washington the Governor in this state seems to prefer a slow opening. Even more precarious for West Coast promoters and tracks is as Jim Allen of NARC has pointed out, most California dirt tracks are located on Fairground property. The theory is a state can exert a heavier hand of control over Fairgrounds than tracks on private property but in these times I am not sure that is true. The current stay at home acts on the west coast have shut down all racing and if these acts keep getting extended then things get dicey. What is true the California State Fair which was set to start on July 17 in Sacramento has been cancelled showing fair boards may be hesitant for any activity on their grounds even if measures were relaxed. Obviously each fair board is different but it just becomes an extra complication in very complicated times. The advantage California has is that they can run longer into the fall than Oregon and Washington, realistically able to hold races all the way through November. Oregon and Washington are hard pressed to race much past September leaving which gives California a two month advantage on the back side of the season. What does this mean? Who knows as truly everything is in the air as of now with a very real possibility of no racing for the rest of 2020 on the west coast.

With all that is important to point out that not all states and regions are the same as some states will return to racing in some fashion this year I am convinced (Park Jefferson, South Dakota is an example). The World Racing Group, which owns the World of Outlaws and DirtCar, issued its own COVID-19 guidelines for its tracks (and really all tracks) and promoters for running races in 2020. The guidelines have different scenarios for the number attendees and whether fans would be on premise or not. The WRG provided a model letter that a track or promoter could send to the appropriate officials in their locale should they choose to go racing. The WRG provides in my opinion some great resources for tracks and promoters to get back racing as they outline social distancing and other sanitation measures to ensure all attendees could enjoy the racing while staying safe. When tracks around the country begin to reopen it is important they understand it cannot be business as usual. Face masks, ample hand washing stations and fast, efficient shows that limit the time of the gathering will be key to conducting safe, successful races.

Finally the last issue that has gained a lot of interest is the idea of racing with no fans in the stands. Park Jefferson was going to have 700 but made the decision during the week to not have fans in the stands for their race. They are working with SpeedShiftTV to stream the race and maybe some sort of revenue sharing but promoter Terry McCarl has admitted it will be hard to make any money this way - at best break even but that seems like a stretch even. NASCAR can do it with fans conceivably (but it will be a big hit for even them) because their TV contracts would help them get through the year but short track racing does not have that option. Yes we have seen a rise in short track streaming platforms and promoters are no doubt looking into how they can work together to create revenue but it will definitely be an uphill battle for tracks and promoters to just break even this way. Beitler in an interview with Ralph Shaheen admitted that for Skagit to hold a race without fans or tight restriction (say 250) would be very difficult - not impossible but very difficult due to the lack of revenue stream. Also it has been mentioned, most notably by Jeremy Elliott, that if tracks start racing without fans, drivers and owners alike but might start asking for a little more money when the fans do come back.

So that is the current status of where short track racing is as of now. More questions than answers, more hope than reality especially on the west coast. With that said I have never watched racing much on the various media platforms (I prefer my dirt track up close and personal) but this year I will watch as much racing as I can view media since I may not be able to see any in person this year. While this is not what I would prefer it is the best I can do in these times so I am going to roll with it and continue to support short track racing any way I can. and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim






The West Coast Sprint Car Scene

By Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa...Late Sunday evening I first started hearing the rumblings on social media that Kyle Larson used a derogatory term during an irace. Just as soon many were saying it wasn’t (maybe they were just hoping) Larson and was somebody else. By Monday morning it was obvious Larson's fall from grace was going to be quick and devastating as one of the most decorated drivers in American racing saw his world crumble. Many will say it is unfair but to the contrary it was appropriate and fair.

The racing world from stock cars to open wheels has fought for years to diversify. Larson himself was part of NASCAR's diversity program that was meant to open the sport to just more than white males. NASCAR has tried to broaden its fan base over the years as it has grown from a southern series to a National series popular in all corners of the United States but even with this growth the series has struggled to break from its Rebel Flag past. This is why the comment Larson made during iracing event created so much backlash. NASCAR is a brand trying to grab appeal from all walks of life and Chip Ganassi is a businessman who understands words have meaning.

I have seen many - especially those from the dirt world - say it was just an honest mistake and everybody should just move on. That is just ignorance. I understand dirt track fans have an allegiance to Larson because we saw him grow and develop into a racing icon. He has won outlaw races, the Chili Bowl, all star races, a Trophy Cup, NARC championship, USAC races, swept the USAC portion of the four crown nationals and won NASCAR races in all three divisions. Heck he even won an ARCA east (formerly K&N) championship. Yes he is ultra talented and at age 27 he is already a sprint car hall of famer but this doesn’t discount his mistake.

Larson's use of the word on Sunday night was not a one time mistake. I am not saying he is a racist or do I believe he is one but the casual way he used the term can only lead me to believe this a word he uses too often when others are not looking. Unfortunately for Larson he is a star in the racing world and his words will be analyzed. When one gets too lackadaisical in private with their word choice that will sooner or later have an impact on their public life which Larson is too well aware of now.
In January another California driver found this lesson out when Michael Faccinto used the same term Larson did as a verb and quickly found himself out of a Chili Bowl ride and a front row starting spot in Saturday’s B main because his sponsor wouldn’t tolerate his driver using a derogatory statement. Faccinto found himself back in a sprint car soon after in California but nonetheless he had lost out on an excellent opportunity with an amazing team because he lacked control of his words. Faccinto like Larson had become casual with using this word and at the wrong time chose to use private vocabulary publicly.

I don’t know what the long term effects for Larson will be. Obviously NASCAR has been put on hold. Will we see him in a sprint car more? Probably as he has always made a living racing but what will it look like. Larson was a brand name who always had funding to help out - will those same supporters be there. Finley Farms and Plan B sales have announced they are staying on board. Chevrolet has moved on and since they are all over the KLR outlaw team, will Carson Macedo be affected. Hard to say because he has such great backing from the Tarlton family nonetheless the world for Kyle Larson and KLR has changed dramatically and who truly knows how this story will play out.

MORE STUFF: Just when I thought all was lost, Park Jefferson Speedway in South Dakota will be hosting a 410 race April 25 as part of a Terry McCarl promotion. $5,000 to win and a limit of 32 cars and a limit on the number of fans. Interested to see how this plays out, if it actually does...South Dakota does not have a stay at home order at this time...The casualties this shutdown will cause in racing is hard to tell at this moment but as the days go by it seems it can’t be good. Small businesses are the backbone of sprint car racing (short track racing in general) and they are the ones hurt the worst in this shutdown...If any series is getting crushed with this shutdown it has to be NARC. With a bevy of great drivers on tap with great teams supporting the series, NARC was set up to have a year for the ages that would harken back to the 90s but now they have to wonder what will be left of 2020.

That’s it for now. My next column will look at the winners of the Knoxville Nationals, Kings Royal, National Open and Gold Cup since 1977 as I have had plenty of time to freshen up on racing history during the last month. follow me on twitter at @idrinkiswim




By Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa...As I sit in the front yard on a Thursday afternoon the “new normal” seems like it will never end. The feeling that we will remain under some sort of lockdown or shelter in place order for many months seems inevitable and depressing...but then I change my tune when I look at the trends and it slowly but surely looks like things might be getting better. There will be no racing April - the World of Outlaws finally came around and announced Vado in New Mexico at the end of April is now cancelled - and May be slow if not completely quiet but come June as the weather gets nice we might be in store for some good things on the west coast.

Yes I am going to take an optimistic view of things - I am not ignorant of all that could go wrong - but I want to have something to look forward to. It is tough losing these early months of racing on the West Coast and some good races have been lost (the Outlaws sprint tour completely cancelled and the Bradway memorial cancelled) but all in all the heart of the west coast schedule lies in the Summer and Fall months. In June the ASCS National Tour comes to the northwest and Placerville Speedway has its Posse Shootout. July has the Howard Kaeding Classic at Ocean and the $10,000 to win Summer Nationals at Skagit. August features the Johnny Key Classic and NARC speed week in California. September the Outlaws come back west. Also in September is the Louie Vermeil Classic at Calistoga. October features Fall Nationals and Trophy Cup and November has the two day show at Stockton featuring the SCCT and NARC. Also don’t forget November is also when the Oval Nationals take place in SoCal. The month of November finishes with a bang when the USAC National Midgets invade Cali for the Hangtown 100 and Turkey Night. I omitted some big mini sprint races including California speed week and Clay Cup Nationals at Deming. So even if the season on the west coast didn’t start until June there would still be plenty of action.

If May is lost that would mean the Murphy Classic and the Marvin Smith Memorial would be lost but who knows maybe they could be rescheduled a little later in the year. The Outlaws have announced they intend to make up the loss races at Tulare and Santa Maria. The only likely time would be September when they are in Cali which would mean an action packed few two to three weeks on the west coast for the outlaws. Also with the late start maybe some teams will be able to be more competitive deeper into the season as they won't have two-three months of wear and tear on their cars when the summer months hit. In addition the delayed start has only made drivers more anxious to get going and racing. Listening to the many different podcasts to fill my time it is evident that drivers are itching to get back at it and make up for lost time.

Yes I am aware that potentially racing won’t start in June and the strict guidelines could still push much later and potentially jeopardize the entire 2020 race season. I am also very aware that the economic fallout of this pandemic could have a much greater toll than any delayed start to the season will. One of the big questions will be do owners have the money to fix broken cars if their business has been shut down for two and half months? We will find it when the time comes. One thing I know is that racing is resilient and owners, drivers and fans will do whatever it takes to get to the race track when the green light is given. It may look a little different for a while and maybe we will still have to follow certain guidelines but I have plenty of hope for a great 2020 season even if the start is still almost two months away.

MORE STUFF: The updated Skagit Speedway schedule has them starting May 9 and racing 360 sprints five times in six weeks so they can get laps before Dirt Cup at the end of June...Grays Harbor Raceway will also start on May 9 and will have three 360 races before the Brownfield Classic in mid-June...Cottage Grove has only cancelled through April 18 with April 24 and 25 their opening weekend - this will get pushed back more than likely...Most California dirt tracks are set to start about the same time - the second weekend of May looks like the soonest possible start on the west coast....Silver Dollar won’t get back at it until June- they already had one race...Placerville and Kings still have April 25 as their season openers but this seems highly unlikely.

Stay safe and let's all do what we can to get back to normal as soon as possible. and follow me on twitter @idrinkswim



By Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa...LIke most Americans and really most of the world since I last wrote a column last week my life has changed drastically. New realities everyday and all of the races I had planned attending the next few months have been cancelled or postponed with no certainty when race season will restart (if it does restart this year). LIfe has been put on hold as my state like so many others is in some form of “lockdown.”

It all happened so quick and seemingly out of nowhere (although medical experts predicted this as Americans seemed to ignore their warnings about the dangers) that it is still hard to grasp. I keep getting on twitter and all other social media outlets expecting to see big new driver announcements or big racing news but all I find are postponements and cancellations and old videos of races from the past. Amazingly a few tracks went forward and ran last week across the country - probably shouldn’t have in hindsight but I am not about to throw stones.

One of the tracks that did run last weekend was Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico. Only the first 250 fans were allowed in to watch the opening night of the Silver Cup and they saw Justyn Cox roll to his first victory since taking over the reigns of the potent C&M Motorsports 7c. Chico master Sean Becker ran second in Van Lare 5v followed by podium regular Shane Golobic. At that point Golobic had scored four podiums in four starts in California sprint car action and then it was over.

Chico cancelled Saturday for “incoming rain” and as states mandated more strict crowd limits; it was obvious race season was coming to an immediate halt. Marysville Raceway acted like they were going to run this Saturday with no fans but moved Thursday in the right direction and cancelled until at least April 10. Chico had already announced they were cancelling all races thru May 10. The USAC west coast series cancelled officially through March but USAC headquarters released a statement suspending USAC operations for 30 days effective March 16 and asked all series to adhere to local and state laws so it would seem logical that USAC will be shut down into May also. NARC is looking at starting May 16 at the earliest. Tulare new season opener is May 2 and Kings speedway won’t run again until April 25 at earliest. Stockton has cancelled through March. Ocean and Placerville have said they are playing it week to week but that is just delaying reality. My guess is the soonest sprint car racing (or any racing) will take place in California is going to be in mid-May.

Closer to home Cottage Grove Speedway in Oregon cancelled their season opener but didn’t say much past that. Grays Harbor has pushed back their season opener to April 25. Skagit Speedway will not start until May 2. As with the California tracks I don’t expect to see any racing in the northwest until mid-May at the earliest. Hopefully I am wrong and Grays Harbor can open April 25 but I just have a hard time imagining that at this time.

The World of Outlaws have only cancelled through April 9 but I have every reason to believe that they also won’t race until mid-May also. The Outlaws want to be considered a big time racing organization and I believe that will force them to follow the lead of NASCAR and other major organizations as to when it returns. NASCAR has announced its return will be May 10 at Martinsville so if the Outlaws came back that weekend it would be a doubleheader at Eldora. The next weekend is at Williams Grove so a mid-May return wouldn’t be that bad - either track would be a great place to restart the season.

In reality this is all speculation. We will return to normalcy but we don’t when and what it will look like. The economy is being ravaged as I write and how will this affect the many sponsors and businesses that support sprint car racing. Nobody knows. Will fans have money to go to races when it returns? Nobody knows. All I do know is we all need to do our part and hopefully this will lead to us seeing dirt flying sooner than later.

One thing is that with no racing and sports I have had a chance to catch up on all the podcasts that I don’t usually have time to listen to. This is a great avenue for fans that need some sort of dirt fix. Plus their tons of different venues to view old races so not all is lost during this time isolation. Take advantage of this slow time to get all caught up.

Be safe. Until next time that is all for now. and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim






 By Joseph Terrell

 Olympia, Wa....You just never know when a post on twitter is going to light a fire. This week provided an instance where one tweet where I was thinking out loud seemed to garner emotional responses from many. I had simply wondered why no California drivers come north to race with ASCS national tour when they come through Washington specifically Dirt Cup at Skagit.


            The main myth had been that California was open 360 territory and that ACSC engines were not a thing in California. But as I started to see multiple California drivers and teams announce their intentions to compete in the opening two weekends of the ASCS tour in Arizona and California I realized this myth was exactly that. So I had to wonder out loud why drivers and teams don’t travel to Washington and race to win the $15,000 Dirt Cup top prize. Twitter lit up with the standard responses that Dirt Cup died when it quit being a 410 race, the purse hasn’t changed, the track is crappy and the promoter is a jerk. But like the myth of California being open 360 territory the first three reasons are myths or at best not in context. I will not speak to the last of the myths  - that it is out of my lane.


            First Dirt Cup had to quit being a 410 race before the race died completely. The last 410 Dirt Cup in 2014 drew 30 cars and was a shell of what  the event had been. Many reasons contributed to this and Skagit Speedway will need to share some of the blame but the biggest reason was because at the time NARC was a joke of a series and many California’s best slowly moved to 360 racing. Now that NARC has become a premier series again 410 racing is a thing again on the west coast. In 2014 410 racing was evaporating and Skagit had to do something to change the direction of its marquee event. Change direction it has as the event has become relevant and provided a lot of action and intrigue each year. Is it Dirt of early 2000s - no but it is much better than the 2014 version.


            Second yes the purse has been stagnant but a few things to consider on this note. Before the 2015 Dirt Cup was a non sanctioned open event - now it is a sanctioned event and tow money is now dealt out to ensure the national teams show up.  Aso the purse remains the same it is still one of the best for all 360 racing and to blame Skagit only on this issue would be ridiculous. The Outlaws, USAC and every other series and track is doing the same when it comes to purses - they are stagnant even though costs go up. These are just the times we live in and a subject much bigger than Skagit.


            Lastly Skagit has always taken unfair criticism if you ask me over track conditions. Yes in years past it has been below par at times but I have been to most tracks on the West Coast and they all have moments of being below average. But in the last four years Skagit Speedway has delivered plenty of classics and epic races (2016 Summer Nationals, 2017 Outlaw Saturday night, 2019 Dirt Cup Saturday night to name a few). The track has become the home of slide jobs and side by side racing as it has again become one of the premier tracks on the west coast - if not the premier track.


            In the end I contend the biggest reason California drivers don’t come to the Dirt Cup is because it is in the heart of the racing season and there are plenty of options in California in June. California teams can race Friday-Saturday every weekend from March to October so there is no need to drive long miles to chase a race. It is only before March and after November that California teams start to venture out as this is the slow part of the season in California.


            Again the whole premise of why don't drivers come to the Dirt Cup was just a fan thinking out loud. Instead it became a chance to dig up old skeletons, issues and blame as to why the 410 stopped being part of the Dirt Cup. I say don't live in the past, be fortunate that a premier west coast race did not die but instead reinvented itself to stay relevant.


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By Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa...Sprint car season is amping up on the west coast quickly even though spring has not yet started. Before the end of February California will have six scheduled sprint races in the  books. As soon as March hits Friday-Saturday doubleheaders become the norm in California. The west coast USAC series season began in earnest in early March.The northwest season will try to shake off the rain and get going in mid March at Cottage Grove. The Washington tracks will fire off in mid April. Why do I mention all of this? Because it is time for my championship predictions for the four major west coast sprint series: NARC, USAC/CRA, Sprint Car Challenge Tour and Summer Thunder Series.


NARC - The northern california winged 410 series has become the  premier sprint car series on the west coast again as it once was. 2020 has only solidified that reputation as drivers such as defending champion DJ Netto, Bud Kaeding. Indiana native Spencer Bayston, Tim Kaeding and superstar Justin Sanders will race for the championship that features 19 races. Other drivers expected to spend a lot time on the NARC tour are California icons Shane Golobic, Rico Abreu, Mitchell Faccinto, Dominic Scelzi, Chase Johnson and Kyle Hirst. If that isn’t enoughTexas Native and Ohio regular TJ Michael will also compete regularly as will young stars Jodie Robinson and Kyle Olfill who will contend for rookie of the year.


            With all the big names I am going to stick with Mr. Consistency and that is defending champ DJ Netto. Netto won the championship last year with no wins and while I don’t expect him to win five races, I would say two is reasonable and so is another championship for the central California product. WIth Drew Warner turning the wrenches I don't see any reason to doubt Netto. I think Sanders and Bayston especially will win a lot of races but also expect them  to be erratic when it comes to consistent finishes and eventually the championship. Bud and Tim will be in the hunt but I think Netto is entering his prime and will prevail for the repeat.


USAC/CRA - The premier non winged series on the west coast will look a lot like the 2019 season as stalwarts Damion Gardner, Brody Roa, Austin Williams and Jake Swanson fight for supremacy.


            Gardner championship pedigree in west coast non winged racing is unmatched in recent times and it would seem dumb to bet against him but in 2020 I am. My 2020 championship pick is Brody Roa and for one reason - in 2020 and Roa and his Roa Motorsports team will focus exclusively on USAC/CRA events. No diversion with USAC Southwest and trips to the midwest in 2020 as Roa and his team put an all out assault on the 2020 USAC/CRA season. Last year Roa got off to a fast start in 2019 but cooled off and hopped in the Dwight Cheney sprinter at one point but ultimately finished back in his family ride to finish the season and focus on 2020. The focus on one series will pay off for Roa in 2020.


            The championship won’t be easy as Gardner, Williams and Swanson are very capable of winning a lot of races. Gardner is legendary, WIlliams has really come on the last two years and Swanson already has two wins this season 410 non winged competition. Add in part time competitors such as Richard Vanderweerd, Chase Johnson and the always random drivers that occasionally appear plus the potential random Logan Seavey appearance in Reinbold/Underwood sprinter it will not be an easy task for Roa but 2020 is his year.


SCCT - The 13 race 2020 Sprint Car Challenge Tour is wide open. Not a lot of confirmed word on which drivers will actually compete in all 13 races plus the fact many drivers are chasing NARC glory leaves a wide open 2020 field. Or does it?


            Not in my opinion as I believe the 2020 championship will be a battle between Justyn Cox as he enters his first year in the C&M Motorsports ride and Kalib Henry who will chase the whole tour for the first time in the McCulloch RV ride. The Sacramento based stars have worked hard and honed their craft the last few years to the point they have become amongst the elite in California 360 ranks.


            In 2020 I am taking Justyn Cox to secure his first SCCT championship and continue his progression in the west car sprint car ranks. Cox really stepped up his game the second half of last year and this is the year that the talent he has shown will all come together. Justyn Cox also has a great chance to double as the Placerville Speedway Champion but I am sure Andy Forsberg will have something to say about that.


STSS - In 2019 teenage sensation Devon Borden claimed the championship as he outpaced seasoned veterans Colton Heath and Cam Smith to win the championship, Previously Jason Solwold has dominated the series but an August trip to Knoxville cost him the championship in 2019.


            In 2020 Devon Broden plans to travel more, Northwest superstar JJ Hickle is racing in California, Colton Heath is recovering from burns incurred during a November USAC National Midget race at Bakersfield and Solwold and his Shaylen Raye Motorsports are always late to announce their intentions so it seems like another wide open championship.


            But with a reduced schedule to 12 races and only five paying full points my pick in 2020 is Devon Borden to repeat. While he has announced he plans to travel more in 2020 I don’t see any big west coast races that would cause him to miss a Summer Thunder race and if he doesn't miss a race he will repeat as champion. Solwold will be close and could easily win the championship I just think at this point in their careers Borden is a rising star while Solwold is a fading veteran.


            Heath and Smith continue to be northwest stalwarts but I don’t see either over taking Borden or Solwold for supremacy. Oregon stars Tanner Holmes and Garen Linder are intriguing but neither plans on chasing the whole tour as of now.



MORE STUFF: Mitchell Faccinto scored his first win of 2020 at Kings Speedway over 23 competitors  and now has two podiums in two starts. Faccinto heads to Arizona this weekend to take on the ASCS National tour. In 2019 Faccinto was the driver to beat  on the west coast thru mid July before fading in the second half of the year...Ryan Robinson scored the win Saturday night in Stockton and now also has two podiums in two 2020 starts. Robinson could make some noise on SCCT this year...With Bud Kaeding moving to his Dad’s sprinter in 2020 look for Kyle Hirst to turn the wheel of the legendary Williams Motorsports sprinter in 2020...Ben Worth who spent 2019 in a Tiner-Hirst Enterprise sprinter will team with Mitchel Moles this year in a Moles Family sprinter. Look for Worth to still get some work in midget action this year...Tim Kaeding was in the MIke Phulps sprinter in Stockton Saturday. Cole Macedo had been the previous pilot...Washington star Colby Thornhill was in KIngs on Saturday steering a 305 sprinter. The micro midget ace is slowly migrating to the full sprint ranks as is looking for crew help as he expands his racing horizons...Expect a decent number of California and northwest teams to descend upon Canyon this weekend for the ASCS National Tour opener...Borden, Solwold, Mit. Faccinto, Mic. Faccinto, Netto and Justin Sanders amongst some of the big west coast names expected.


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By Joseph Terrell


Olympa, Wa…While the long days of winter continue in the northwest  last weekend saw the California sprint car season kicked off at the Stockton Dirt Track and in a shocker the winner was...Shane Golobic. Golobic was the dominant California driver in 2019 and it looks like 2020 will be more of  the same. Driving the Matt Wood owned Dustin Golobic wrenched sprinter Shane Golobic seems ripe for another huge year as this team enters its second full season together after coming together in the middle of 2017. Last year this team did not chase points and I would expect more of the same this year as this team likes to bounce between 410s, 360s and midget racing.


The surprise of the weekend was not that Golobic won but that only 10 cars were on hand for the opening sprint car race on the west coast.  The field was stout for 10 cars (included consistent winners such as Mitchell Faccinto, Andy Forsberg and Justyn Cox) but as I followed the show from afar I was shocked by the low car count. But then I considered that it is the first race of the season, it is still early February, the major traveling series (NARC and SCCT)  have yet to start and the California season lasts all the way to mid-November and I realized there is plenty of time for drivers and owners to get out and race a bunch. Plenty of heavy hitters were not present at Stockton including DJ Netto, Bud Kaeding, Tim Kaeding, Sean Becker, Justin Sanders, Dominic Scelzi, Rico Abreu and many more that we all know will be contending for wins as the season picks up steam.


            California fans need not to worry as the state of sprint car racing is solid in the Golden State. Unlike the northwest which I detailed in my last column California has plenty of races, teams and drivers to provide action and many different winners. The NARC 410 series keeps getting stronger and the depth of the 360 ranks is never ending. In addition to NARC California fans have a plethora of 360 options including the  SCCT and competitive weekly shows such as Placerville, Silver Dollar, Ocean and KIngs/Tulare. If that is not enough don’t forget all the big shows such as Silver Cup, Bradway Memorial, Murphy Memorial, Posse Shootout, Key Classic, Platinum Cup, Adobe Cup, Fall Nationals and Trophy Cup.


            If that wasn’t enough Peter Murphy has really gone to work at KIngs Speedway in Hanford immediately. He has announced KIngs will host four 410 races in addition to the previously announced schedule of 360 shows. They will race May 9 (prelude to the Murphy Classic), June 27, October 9 (creating Kings Speedway doubleheader weeked before Trophy Cup) and October 30. The big news amongst these four races is the $21,000 to win Tom Tarlton Classic which is the last scheduled 410 race at Kings for 2020. This will be the biggest 410 races on the west coast as far as winner’s total and given it’s date which is after the rest of the nation is done racing could draw an interesting mix of drivers. The All Stars are done by this date as is Pennsylvania and Ohio. It was announced more information on this race will be released.  But something tells me Murphy will throw in a few wrinkles to the format that will add intrigue to spice this race up even more.


            With Tulare just down the road it seems like the tracks have an opportunity to do something special by coordinating the big shows held at each track and create back to back big weekends. That is exactly what was done when Murphy added a 410 race on the Friday before Cotton Classic creating a two night 410 show the weekend before the three night Trophy Cup. Maybe in the future Murphy will try to bring the date of the Tom Tarlton Classic closer to Trophy Cup and Cotton Classic making some sort of super week in the central Valley of California.                                                                                                                     

MORE STUFF: Bud Kaeding has announced he will compete for the NARC championship aboard his father’s legendary Al’s Roofing/Kaeding Performance Center 69. Bud has enjoyed success in the 360 ranks competing for his dad but has made rare 410 starts for his dad...Washington native and now Oklahoma resident Seth Bergman will pilot the Baughman Motorsports 17 in a variety of 410 and 360 shows. Bergman will still compete in his familiar Bergman Motorsports 23 to fill in his schedule. Bergman has become a star in the 360 ranks but this will be his first real opportunity to compete at the 410 level...The addition of four 410 races at KIngs makes a total of 37 winged 410 races in California scheduled for 2020.



            Not sure when my next column will be but it will give my favorites for the four major west coast series - NARC, SCCT, Summer Thunder and USAC/CRA.


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by Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa…The Monday after the Super Bowl is always a day of recovery from alcohol, salt and sugar. Combined these three things make the Monday after the super bowl a somewhat negative experience for many. For the northwest sprint car fans and dirt track fans this year it was a day to celebrate as the cloud that has hung over Cottage Grove Speedway for many years has seemingly been lifted. While this cloud has lifted on a staple of the northwest scene the forecast is still mirky due to other circumstances but lets start with the positive and the announcement that Cottage Grove is full speed ahead in 2020.


            Word started circulating over the weekend about a possible sale of Cottage Grove Speedway to promoter Heather Boyce. Boyce had been running the track on contract basis first under lease and then as General Manager since 2013 as Jerry Schram continued to own the track. This all changed Monday as Boyce announced that she had purchased the track and then immediately released the tracks 2020 schedule to the joy of northwest fans. With uncertainty still looming at Willamette Speedway entering the weekend Oregon fans and drivers had no guarantees they would be racing in central Oregon in 2020. Now we  know at least Cottage Grove will keep alive racing central Oregon.


            Now to the race schedule which features 37 races on the 1/4 mile and more importantly 12 nights of 360 action. 360s will hit the track March 21 (northwest opener), April 11, May 23/24 (Marvin Smith Memorial), June 12/13, July 17/18 and August 14/15. The headliner is obviously the traditional Memorial Day race paying  homage to Marvin Smith. Also of note is the June 12/13 weekend which is currently open on the ASCS National schedule. They next week they are at Gray Harbor Raceway. The July 17/18 dates are supposed to the be the speed week finale but as of now no other dates have been scheduled for speed week. The only disappointment in my eyes is the continued trend in the northwest to schedule on top of each other and create conflicting dates. All of Cottage Grove’s dates except the first two conflict with races at Skagit and/or Grays Harbor.


            Which leads to what this column original intent which is a deep dive into the northwest sprint car schedules. The release of the Cottage Grove Speedway leaves 7/4, 8/1 and 8/22 as dates with no 360 races scheduled.Then their is June 13 in which Skagit, Grays Harbor and Cottage all run 360 races. Before I continue I truly believe competition breeds better a situation for drivers and therefore more teams want to participate. With that said I don't understand how we can have so many weekends in the northwest  with conflicting dates. April 18, May 23, June 13, July 11, July 18, August 15, August 29 all feature conflicting 360 race dates in the northwest which I would be fine with if their wasn't the three before mentioned dates that have no races scheduled. In my opinion the northwest needs to maximize the short weather window that exists between May and September and schedule and as many sprint car races as every weekend to give drivers weekly options. In 2019 their was only one weekend in the northwest with no 360 races.


            Also last year saw the rise of the dual track bonus between Skagit and Grays Harbor that encouraged drivers to race  at both tracks which ensured their eligibility for post season awards including the grand prize which was a brand new SHARK engine. The dual track which ensured only one conflicting night during the year increased car counts by 50 percent for both track on a weekly basis. Many low budget drivers wanted to stay in the hunt for the new engine that and competed in the track point paying shows at each track. With Beitler no long running GHR this idea has gone away after one promising year.


            Then their is the reducing and diminishing of the Summer Thunder Series schedule. The 2020 edition has 12 dates after seeing the series schedule expand to 16 races the last few years. The problem with 12 race schedule is that it is actually only a five schedule since seven of the 12 shows are considered special shows. What is supposed to be one of the premier sprint car series on the west coast has taken a step back and become nothing special. If all 12 races paid actual points (and not a show up show points) my opinion might be different but the reality is the Summer Thunder Series has became a glorified weekly show on point paying nights.  Also with all the races in Washington and with Cottage Grove offering a doubleheaders each month I am skeptical that the Summer Thunder Series will get much support from Oregon drivers.


            With all that the bigger problem for the northwest though is the exodus of competitive drivers in recent years. A few years ago Trey Starks migrated to Pennsylvania then Knoxville to race, then Roger Crockett moved to Oklahoma to chase ASCS dreams, as did Canadian star Robbie Price after a previous try. Fellow Canadian Skyler Gee decided to one up Price and headed out to chase the All Star Circuit of Champions dream. 2020 brings more exodus. JJ Hickle heads to California to drive for the Worden Family while Devon Borden has announced he plans to spend a lot more time out of the northwest. Austin Wheatley announced he is done with 360 racing and will concentrate on 410 racing in 2020 which as we all know means he won’t be racing in the northwest unless it is Labor Day weekend. Jake Helsel who showed promise in the Ashe Family sprinter last year looks like he will be focusing his time in 2020 racing the southwest non wing scene. A few new young drivers have appeared such as Tanner Holmes, Bailey Jean Sucich and more recently Colby Thornhill in the last fews years but the stars are leaving faster than they can be replaced. California has experienced the same exodus but sheer the number of residents in the state and the longer race season has allowed it to replenish the many stars that have left. Some of the problem is that the northwest has a successful pavement late model scene and mini sprint scene that has time pulled talent those directions but the bigger problem is the northwest race season doesn't provide enough opportunities during season for aspiring drivers who want to develop their career.


            With this said race season is still something to be excited about and I can’t get wait to get to the track and walk the pits and see what the new season has to bring. Honestly this article is a lot of speculation and opinion and come a few months the facts will be laid out as the season kicks off in the northwest and who knows…maybe it will be another banner year.


MORE STUFF: Devon Borden who already announced he will racing in California more this year announced he will have veteran crew chief Lee Lindgren turning the wrenches when in the Golden State…Kalib Henry, who had a successful swing in Australia, will be aboard the McColloch RV sprinter full time in 2020 after making cameo appearances in 2019 including a win in August at Placerville. They will contend for the Sprint Car Challenge championship….Tim Kaeding who has challenged for the Sprint Car Challenge Tour the last few years will switch his attention to NARC. He will still be aboard the Joshua Bates 42x


            That is it for the this week. Don't forget Stockton opens the west coast season this Saturday.


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by Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa…The west coast (specifically) sprint car season is about to get serious. Stockton attempted to get a show in last Saturday but mother nature won. February will see the action pickup a little as  Stockton runs on the eighth and 22nd. Keller will also run on the 22nd and then again on the  29th and Marysville will open up on the 29th. Then the first weekend of March the ASCS national tour invades California after spending the previous weekend in Arizona. The ASCS stars will make a three day run through California visiting Merced, Placerville and Petaluma. March 14 the NARC series kickoff and the Silver Cup at Chico. With this in mind I wanted to look at some of the moves and announcements over the last few weeks and what they mean.


            The biggest news came out last weekend as Justin Sanders announced that he, Joe Von Schriltz and Larry Antaya were joining forces with sponsorship from Alkaline88 for the 2020 season. The plan of now has Sanders running the Antaya sprinter for entire NARC series with Von Schriltz on the wrenches, while also running his car in 360 races with possible appearances in the Von Schriltz 121 (410) and the Dale Miller 4sa (360). The Antaya, Sanders and Von Schriltz cars will all be maintained by Sanders and Von Schriltz making the combination a version of a California super team. Sanders has a goal of winning 15 races in 2020 and to also win an ASCS national and WoO race in 2020. Lofty goals for sure but it seems like Sanders has the resources to meet these goals.


            Sanders has attempted to run 410s on a more permanent basis a few times in the past but has not had the resources to make it work. So instead he has focused on a hit and miss schedule in the 410s in recent years in the Von Schriltz sprinter. But in limited starts Sanders has flexed is muscles as he won three time last year and picked up a third at Placerville with the Outlaws. All this in less than 10 starts. With a full arsenal of 410 motors at his disposal Sanders will probably be one of the early favorites for the NARC championship. While we have to wait and see for sure who runs the entire series before we hand it to him no doubt Sanders will be a force. The NARC series is tough and he is going to have to contend with defending champ DJ Netto, perennial contender Bud Kaeding, Willie Croft and up and comer Chase Johnson. Also super teams Tarlton Racing and Roth Enterprises have not announced their drivers officially. Mitchell Faccinto and Shane Golobic make most of the races. Add in Rico Abreu sometimess, some appearances by Dominic Scelzi and the competition is stout but the full time addition of Sanders adds a whole new dynamic.


            Almost as big of news was the announcement that Peter Murphy will be running the show at Keller Auto Speedway in Hanford. Murphy has long been rumored as trying to get into the promoting/owning side of the industry and finally has his chance in 2020. Not sure if much will change initially at Keller as the season is about to start but it should be interesting what ideas Murphy has. Murphy has always been one of the most popular drivers in the sport and hopefully that can translate to being a successful promoter at the legendary central valley track that needs an injection of energy.


            Back to the driver announcements and one made over the last few days was that Sean Becker will be steering the Jim Van Lare SHARK powered 5v on Friday nights in Chico on a full time basis in 2020. Van Lare employed a host of drivers in 2020 including Tony Gualda, Colby Copeland and Justyn Cox. No word about Becker’s Saturday nigh employment but I would expect him to return to Dan Monhoff sprinter for Placerville and Sprint Car Challenge Tour action. The Van Lare sprinter is always well maintained and prepared and will give a Becker a great chance to repeat as track champion at Chico. While the deal was announced just for Chico the Van Lare team has traditionally also liked to race at Petaluma and in the Northwest.


            One of the rides that Becker drove occasionally last year was the Worden 63 as he split time Washington’s JJ Hickle in the car. This year the Worden’s have gone all in with Hickle as he will pilot the car full-time in California. A schedule has not been released but traditionally the Worden team has competed at Petaluma, Chico and other big shows in northern California. Hickle struggled at time in California last year but no driver works harder and is more dedicated that Hickle so I expect him to be much more competitive this year and to win some races. From the sound of things Hickle will move to California for the season.


            A few weeks ago young California star Jodie Robinson announced that she would be competing full time with NARC aboard the Vertullo 83v and last week her older brother Ryan announced he would be running Sprint Car Challenge Tour full time in the Todd Weiher 14w. Robinson made a handful appearances in the Weiher sprinter in 2019 and scored a win in June at Antioch in the car. A year moved from the National midget scene it is nice to see Ryan chasing a championship on the west coast. Ryan seemed like a rising star a few years ago racing for Keith Kunz but he backed off racing the last year making limited starts for Weiher and the Morrison Racing 97.


            Up in the northwest the potent Shaylen Motorsports 18 announced they will kick off their season in late February in Arizona competing against the ASCS national series. As usual Jason Solwold will pilot the Al Parker powered sprinter as the team will contest some early season shows before the northwest season gets going. Solwold owns four career wins the ASCS national series. Not sure who will be turning wrenches for Solwold as it was Murphy at the end of 2019 after Solwold parted ways with longtime wrench Mel Roberts in August.


            Another northwest driver that will kickoff his season with the ASCS tour in February is Devon Borden. Borden blew into the the 2019 season and by the time his storm settled he had won seven races, a Summer Thunder Series championship and scored an ASCS national win. For 2020 look for Borden to travel more on the west coast and chase big races and look to spread his name more. Borden has shown that he adjusts quickly to new tracks and is fearless so he will not be intimidated no matter where he runs. Borden who steers his family owned sprinter is looking to land a ride and reach new horizons.


            Finally I want to touch on west coast driver turned national star Gio Scelzi. Scelzi has had an exciting last few weeks as he announced that in addition to racing with Tucker-Boat in the midgets he would be steering a Guy Forbrook sprinter for about 25-30 of the bigger winged shows and that he would be in a Bill McAnally ARCA West ride. This all seemed fine until long time supporter and mentor Benny Stuebgen made it clear he knew nothing of the move to Forbrook and was left in the dark. His reaction was to pull out of putting Gio in a car for The Classic at Premier Speedway last weekend in Australia. It just seems like a situation where Bernie felt he was used to until he was no longer needed. Sure the money behind the Gio in Bernie’s sprinter was Gary Scelzi’s but Bernie spent a lot of time driving Gio around the country mentoring him and helping him develop and then end it seems like he was tossed aside.


MORE STUFF: Look for Texas native TJ Michael to make some starts in the Clayton Snow sprinter in 2020…Colby Copeland seems like the odd man out as two of the rides he drove last year (Antaya and Van Lare) are now occupied. He also drove the Canales 5c at times last year…Who is going to drive for Canadian car owner Doug Rutz in 2020?…One of the drivers Rutz used last year was Tony Gualda. As of now Gualda has made no official announcements concerning his 2020 plan…Early indications seem like Mitchel Moles will spend more time in the 360 sprints. He completely dominated the micro sprints in California last year…Former mini sprint star Joey Ancona who was rookie in 2019 in the 360 class will return in 2020 in his families 88a and looks to improve on a solid rookie season…Jake Hagopian another big name in California mini sprint racing made some appearances in the Jason Meyers 14 last year. Not sure the plans for the teams in 2020 but he was getting better each time out…Speaking of mini sprint stars Washington’s Colby Thornhill started dabbling in sportsman and 360 sprints at the end of the last year. Can’t wait to see what this super young and super talented driver can do in a full year of sprint car racing…The American invasion of Australia finished with the Classic at Premier Speedway.  Australian superstar McFadden picked up the win in Australia’s most prestigious race. It was his second classic victory. In addition he currently leads the World Series Sprints points.…Felllow Australians Jamie Veal and Kerry Madsen followed him to the line to round out the podium at the classic…Californian Cory Elaison was highest finishing American at the Classic and finished his Australian tour with one win and seven podiums in 10 starts…Tim Shaffer and Buddy Koifoid finished sixth and seventh as the other two Americans in the top 10 at the Classic… Californian Kalib Henry scored a 10 thousand dollar 360 win two weekends ago in Victoria  and was impressive in his Australian debut with two wins overall


            That is all for now.


            My next column will look in depth at the northwest sprint car schedule for 2020.


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By Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa…As sprint car teams along the west coast and across the United States prepare for the 2020 season many drivers have taken the opportunity to head to a land where it is summer and spring car racing is in full bloom. From World of Outlaw champions Donny Schatz and Brad Sweet to upcoming stars like California’s Kalib Henry and ASCS driver Harli White drivers go to Australia to keep their craft sharp during the off season and make name for themselves. And no month is better than January as it offers a chance for a lot of racing in a short time.

Whether it be to follow the World Series Sprint Cars, go to Valvoline Speedway for New South Wales speed week, hang on the coast in Brisbane or be across the outback in Western Australia opportunity abounds to get some laps in and if lucky make some money while your at it. The avalanche of American stars and American based Australian drivers begins in earnest on December 26 and runs January. During this time drivers can the run World Series Sprint Cars tour (a 16 races version of the World Outlaws) or simply pick and choose. Here is look at how American drivers have fared since December 26 thru January 11.

Over in Western Australia Shane Stewart, Bud Kaeding and Harli White competed in four races 9 days starting the day after Christmas. After some bad luck the first two rounds Stewart roared to two victories to close out his stay on the western coast. Stewart has also competed in New Zealand during the offseason will soon be in Victoria to close out his Australian visit. The former Outlaw regular has still not announced his 2020 plans in America. White started her stay with a fourth but struggled the last three nights while Kaeding closed with a strong fifth and third.

Over in the Victoria/South Australia area the World Series Sprints kicked off their season with six races in seven nights at five tracks (speed week ran 12/26 - 1/1). With weather claiming one night five nights were completed. Cory Eliason and Lucas Wolfe participated in the five nights as did American based Australians Brooke Tatnell and Kerry Madsen. Eliason never finished worst than fourth in the five nights with four thirds and fourth. Madsen was almost as consistent as three seconds and a third before a DNF in the final round cost him the speed week championship which went Kasey Kahne pilot James McFadden who won the final two nights. Wolfe and Tatnell struggled but Tatnell was able to get a win on night three. Madsen, Wolfe and Tatnell all followed the tour up to Queensland but Eliason peeled off to New South Wales.

The New South Wales speed week consisted of 6 races over 16 days with 5 races conducted between 12/26 and 1/4 with the finale on 1/11. All the races were held at Valvoline Raceway. Sweet kicked off the speed week with three wins in four races with only local legend Robbie Farr interrupt this streak when he won on December 30. After scoring another fourth Sweet’s run in New South Wales ended with a DNF. As of this writing he was back in the states practicing for Chili Bowl. Joining Sweet in Chili Bowl after a NSW speed week run was Aaron Reutzel. Reutzel best run in six races at Valvoline were a pair of seconds. Reutzel did snag a World Series Sprint Car win as he made the long trip up Queensland for a Sunday night win on 1/5. Outlaw rookie of the year Carson Macedo started his New South Wales visit before Christmas and all he has done is win two sprint races score 5 top 5’s in seven starts and also snag a midget a win. His Australian stay will continue through January. Other drivers staying through January are McKenna Haase who competed during speed week and Eliason.

Speaking of Eliason he started his Australian stay on a tear as he ran third, third, fourth, third, third with World Series tour then hopped over to Valvoline and immediately won. He finished 15th in his most recent start at Valvoline. Two American based Australians competed in the speed week as well. Iowa based and Vortex Wing guru Lynton Jeffrey will stay for one more weekend has scored four top 10s. Ian Madsen who drives for the Iowa based KPC team in the states has struggled with with three tenths being his best runs. He will stay in his homeland until starting the American season in February.

Back to the World Series tour and their trip up to Queensland meant the stars of the World Series tour were getting ready to take on Schatz. As the World Sprints stars were competing in Victoria and South Australia Schatz was getting comfortable at Archerfield Speedway in Brisbane. Archerfield had a three race schedule featuring Donny Schatz against the locals on 12/26, 12/28 and 1/1 before he was set compete against the World Series tour stars for three nights. In all his stay was to be six races at Archerfield.

Schatz was three for three by the time the World Series tour showed up in town on January 4 and he immediately made it four for four at Archerfield as he outraced Australian Rusty Hickman and Kerry Madsen for the win. The World Series tour headed to Toowoomba the next day and it was Reutzel over Australian Farr and teenager Jock Goodyer. After a night off the tour was it again at Maryborough Racewary and it was point leader McFadden winning over Madsen and Goodyer. After two nights off the tour was back at Archerfield for the two night Australian Open and that meant Mr. Schatz was back in the field. Schatz roared to his fifth win in five races in Australia (all at Archerfield) ahead of Madsen and Lachlan McHugh. Unfortunately the Saturday finale was rained out and Schatz has joined Sweet and Reutzel at the Chili Bowl. Wolfe and Tatnell were consistent during the Queensland run. Wolfe scored three top 10s, while Tatnell had a fifth and two elevenths. One American addition for the final weekend in Queensland was young California star Kalib Henry who is driving for South Australia based Trevor Green. Henry ran fourth on January 4 in South Australia in his debut in Australia, scored a midweek special at Valvoline and then ran ninth in the first night of the Australian Open. Henry will be around a few more weekends.

The World Series will race Tuesday in Lismore, New South Wales before taking a month break to allow their drivers to compete in Utlimate Championship (Valvoline this weekend), The Presidents Cup (midweek), Kings Challenge(midweek) , The Classic (next weekend) and the Australian Championship in Tasmania (only Australian drivers are eligible). After this series re-convenes for a four race two weekend trip to Western Australia.

The American invasion is not over as after Chili Bowl many Americans will make the trip to Australia for The Classic at Premier Speedway. Some will compete in the Presidents Cup and Kings Challenge giving them a chance to make it four races in five day trip. Amongst the Americans competing in The Classic (the Australian Knoxville Nationals) are young California stars Gio Scelzi and Buddy Kofoid in addition to Henry. Former classic champion Tim Kaeding is also entered as are American stars Shane Stewart and Tim Shaffer. Also Macedo and Eliason will be in the house. Oh and somebody named Kyle Larson. They will take on the best of Australia including McFadden, K.Madsen, I. Madsen, David Murcott, Jamie Veal, Robbie Farr and many others.

After The Classic Americans will head home and get ready for the American racing season and Florida and February. The West Coast season will start next Saturday in Stockton with a non sanctioned 360 sprint show.

NEWS AND NOTES: The World of Outlaw race that was schedule for Calistoga in the spring has been moved to Merced as Calistoga works through administrative issues. As of now track will host remaining scheduled races according to news from the track…The NARC 410 series will have two new faces on tour as Kyle Offill and Jodie Robinson will compete for rookie of the year. Offill was fourth last year on the Sprint Car Challenge tour and Robinson was fifth in 360 points at Placerville last year. Each driver scored a win last year and it was on the same weekend in August as Offill won in Chico on Friday 8/2 and the next night Robinson won with the SCCT in Merced…Placerville Speedway, Silver Dollar Speedway, Marysville Raceway, Petaluma Speedways and the Washington based Summer Thunder Series also recently released schedules…Big change for Placerville as popular Posse Shootout moves to late June…Silver Dollar speedway has announced 360 sprints will race all four nights at Gold Cup. Also Fall Nationals which have been the last weekend of September moves to first weekend in October…The Adobe Cup at Petaluma which has traditionally ran the first Saturday of October will run last weekend of September in 2020…The Summer Thunder Series which had a 16 race schedule the last two years is down to 12 for now - no spring show in Yakima and no show scheduled at Cottage Grove as of now. Initial schedule release mentioned more dates could be added…Still no news out of Oregon as far as scheduling or even the status of the race tracks. Cottage Grove and Willamette have both been involved in many rumors with most not having a good outcome. But we have been through this before and the show has gone on in Central Oregon so lets hope all this noise is just that.

Before I head out just want to list my five Chili Bowl favorites in the order of a Saturday night top 10:
1. Christoper Bell
2. Rico Abreu
3. Zeb Wise
4. Kyle Larson
5. Logan Seavey
6. Justin Grant
7. Chris Windom
8. Tyler Courtney
9. Shane Golobic
10. Damion Gardner or follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim




By Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa…The holiday season is full of food, family and football. It is time to enjoy and relax and maybe having one too many egg nog drinks. But amidst the football and drinks slowly but surely West Coast sprint car schedules are starting to come out and put the 2020 season in focus. The Outlaws had released their schedule a few weeks ago and it featured two trips to the West Coast – April and the traditional swing in early September. The USAC National sprints also released their schedule they will be headed west in November as they usually do. Over the last few days we started see the releasing of schedules by West Coast series and tracks.

            NARC 410 was the first before Christmas to get their schedule out. Next was the west coast USAC series as CRA and the West Coast sprints released their schedules. The CRA series features 22 races with a similar scheduled to years past. The big difference for 2020 is California Speed Week has been eliminated and replaced with a four race  Labor Day weekend that features Merced, Calistoga (two night Louie Vermeil Classic) and the traditional Monday night show at Petaluma. The West Coast series features 14 races with two special non point shows at Ventura to close the season.  Combined that is 38 non winged races which feature no schedule conflicts so a driver/team could pursue both championships.

            Via an e-mail exchange with Lance Jennings I was informed that one of the key components in making the schedules for West Coast USAC series is allowing drivers/teams a chance to make all the races. Go one step further the USAC Western State Midget schedule has no conflicts with either sprint division. The Midget schedule features another 18 races which means a driver could conceivably run 56 races if they ran all the USAC shows on the West Coast. Furthermore a CRA driver/team could also complete in all USAC Southwest Series shows (based in Arizona) which would put the total number of non winged 410 races that could be competed in at 33 (seven CRA and Southwest series races are co-sanctioned). The reason I dive into this the initial release of the USAC schedules was met with some skepticism as the amount of races seemed too small for the individual series. But when combined there are plenty of opportunities for non winged sprint and midget drivers to race if even not exclusively with one series.

            USAC is making a conscious effort to not compete against itself and provide a quality product that has enough drivers at the races to keep fan interested. Which brings me the next schedule that was released during the week – Grays Harbor Raceway in Washington released its schedule Friday.

            The last handful of years have seen Steve Beitler run both GHR and Skagit Speedway and Beitlerscheduled in a way as to not compete for sprint cars but maximize sprint car count in Washington. Times have changed and Bert Johnson is now firmly in control of GHR and he just released a tentative schedule that raised a few eyebrows for sure. First he increased the sprint car dates from 10 to 13. Second a limited sprint class has been added and third as of now no Summer Thunder Series race on the docket. Let me address my concerns with all three of these items.

            The 13 scheduled sprint car races almost guarantees a few conflicting dates with Skagit. While I am all about more sprint car races at the track closest to my residence I have also seen in the past that when both tracks schedule sprint cars on the same night GHR usually barely has enough sprints to even put on a show. This leads directly to my concern about the addition of Limited Sprints. Where are these cars going to come from? Can GHR realistically support two sprint divisions – again I am very skeptical. Not enough sprints in South Puget Sound area in my opinion and will the few local 360 teams move to Limited Sprints in the name of cost. This is what has happened in Oregon as more drivers focus on the Limited Sprints leaving the 360 scene in Oregon on life support.  Also early indication is Limited Sprints will run different rules than Skagit’s Sportsmen division which seems to be an interesting decision. Finally not bringing Summer Thunder to GHR would be a bad deal for fans – as these are typically some of the best and most competitive races of the year in the Northwest. I have e-mailed GHR staff to get some clarity on these points but to date have not heard anything back.

            Speaking of Summer Thunder Series – they have yet to release their schedule. Another major West Coast touring series the Sprint Car Challenge Tour should have their schedule out soon. Even though each of these series have not released schedule it is known that each will have a few change. Notably the Summer Thunder Series will not start in Yakima as it has in previous seasons and the SCCT will not have the Asparagus Cup this year – the Outlaws are on the docket for Asparagus Cup weekend at Stockton.

            That is it for this week. My next column will look at the action in Australia as the land down under has its busiest stretch of their race season with many American and West Coast stars competing.

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By Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa…Does racing season even end anymore? Not that I am complaining at all - just with the internet (silly season), indoor season (Gateway, Chili Bowl, plus the shootout and the TQ indoor series on the East Coast) and Australia/New Zealend fans and drivers alike can find racing all year around to put their attention to. The internet has allowed us to follow every race at every venue at all times and allowed the gossip machine to be 24/7. Indoor season has allowed a chance for fans and drivers to making treks to all over of the US and take in racing indoor as it often freezes outside. And don't forgot about Australia/New Zealand which this year has a large swath of American (and Australian drivers who race in America) heading across the pond to challenge the stars of Australia and New Zealand.

But even with all that even more impressive is how the outdoor dirt track season just continues to expand. The dirt Late Models race all year around outside. The midgets off season is just two months with a new month long November trip added this last year which created “midget season.” The non winged sprint and winged sprints have traditionally raced until November and restarted in Florida in February - this pattern has not changed. With all this racing it has condensed silly season and last few weeks have seen a lot of moves and changes and rumors. How has all this affected West Coast drivers to date?

Well here is what we know:
• Kyle Larson started his own midget team late in 2019 and the NASCAR star has been on roll with five straight midget wins since Mid-November. Larson has always competed with Keith Kunz but left the team over the summer in what ultimately started a mass exodus KKM
• Three California natives will chase Outlaw points. Defending champion Brad Sweet, rookie of the year Carson Macedo and Missouri based aspiring rookie of the year Mason Daniel
• NoCal star Justyn Cox will spend 2020 in the C&M Motorsports sprinter chasing points at Placerville. He will also make starts in his own ride and possibly some for Doug Rutz
• Central California based Dennis Roth will continue to run an Outlaw team with Oklahoman and former Outlaw champion Daryn Pittman chauffeuring. No word on how much his California team will run
• Kalib Henry is seeking to expand his career with more 410 exposure in 2020. He raced 360s last year splitting most of his time between the Jensen Motorsports and McCollouch RV ride and finished second in Placerville points. He will head to Australia to steer the Trevor Green sprinter based out of South Australia
• After spending last year exclusively in Ohio California teenager Buddy Koifoid will steer the Keith Kunz house car on the USAC midget tour as well as making cameo appearances Ed Neuheiser sprinter he drove last year. Look for Koifoid to make few starts in New Zealand as well
• Tanner Carrick who had been with Keith Kunz is moving to the Petry Motorsports team to chase USAC midget points. He will fill in his schedule with sprint car races in California aboard his families ride. Carrick is also entered in the Tulsa shootout
• California native Cory Eliason will follow a similar schedule in 2020 as he did in 2019. He will start the season in Australia driving for the potent Diamond Motorsports team and then chase All Star points again for Washington based Kevin Rudeen
• California Outlaw Kart legend Logan Seavey has raced midgets for the most part during the last three years will take his first shot at the USAC sprint car title this year as he will steer the Reinhold-Underwood sprinter full time after making a handful of starts for the team last year - including a win at Kokomo. He will spend indoor midget season competing for Swindell Motorsports. Seeing Seavey leave Kunz and Toyota was one of the surprise moves of the off season so far
• Rico Abreu has not announced sprint plans but is staying with Keith Kunz midget program so look for sporadic starts throughout the season for Abreu on the midget scene
• Dominic Scelzi has an aggressive 2020 schedule as he spends his last season on the road. He has hired Jimmy Carr to spin the wrenches. Scelzi still might make some starts for Roth Motorsports out west
• California born and World Outlaw regulars Brad Sweet and Carson Macedo have kept busy since World Finals racing midgets before heading Australia. Macedo actually got to Australia a few weeks ago and swept a sprint/midget show at Sydney
• In the non winged scene Brody Roa has announced that he will drive his family car next year on the USAC/CRA tour and will seek other rides to fill in his west coast schedule. In 2019 Roa bounced around rides the last few months and his results suffered. It looks he is trying to establish some stability and focus on CRA in the family ride

NARC was the first major series on the West Coast to release their schedule. The 19 (maybe 20 with a TBA) race schedule features all the staples - Broadway at Chico, Murphy at Tulare, SCCT/NARC doubleheader in June at Placerville, Kaeding classic at Ocean in July, speed week in late August, Vermeil Labor Day weekend, cotton classic in October and season finale at Stockton. Amongst the few changes is NARC does not race the two weeks the ASCS National tour is in Washington opening opportunities for NoCal drivers to come north in June. Also speed week is has changed track structure with Ocean and Petaluma added and no Silver Dollar as of now.

I am still concerned about the Vermeil classic as it is the same weekend as the Outlaws at Skagit - last year Skagit struggled to get 20 cars as no NoCal drivers came north and I'm afraid this year could be even a tougher draw. But in the end NARC like all series has to schedule races that make most sense and are the best fit to promote their brand. The Louie Vermeil Classic is great for NARC as it combines with USAC/CRA at a historic track for both series. Skagit had a record crowd last year. Nobody is giving in and their maybe no reason to.

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 by Joseph Terrell

 Olympia, Wa…Will the winter ever end…oh wait that is right it has not even officially started. Although in the northwest it has been dark and wet for the last month so it seems like winter has settled in. For this writer it means time to turn my attention to Australia, chili bowl and winter in Florida before the west coast scene starts back up in March. But before 2019 closes I want to list the top five drivers on the west coast according to me. For the purpose of West Coast I consider only races ran in California, Oregon and Washington. I looked at wins, podiums, championships plus overall performance to determine my top five drivers of 2019 (winged and non winged). I will also give recognize one driver as most versatile


Winged Top Five


1-Shane Golobic - Not much of a surprise. Golobic drove the Matt Wood NOS sprinter all year and was consistently up front. Not concentrating on one series or track Golobic gobbled up wins with the Outlaws, NARC, SCCT and civil war series on his to 10 total. But Golobic didn't just win he was also the model of consistency as he racked up a west coast best 28 podium finishes. Golobic continues to set the standard out west and as long he competes on the West Coast don't expect much to change


2-Rico Abreu- Steering the always potent Abreu Vineyards sprinter Rico was the man the last two months of the year. Even though Rico spent time in the midwest during the summer he still raced out west enough to rack up nine wins and 15 podiums. Down the stretch Rico was unbelievable as he won six of his last eight starts including sweeping the $26k to win Trophy Cup - a feat that had never been accomplished before. Abreu also won the $11k Murphy Classic at Tulare, the final night of the Vermeil Classic and the $7k Placerville shootout.


3-Justin Sanders- Like the first two on the list Sanders did not chase points - but he did chase wins. Amongst his 11 west coast wins (he had one Arizona to bring his overall total to 12) were the Broadway Memorial at Chico and the Johnny Key Classic at Ocean. Sanders also swept the NARC-SCCT doubleheader in late June at Placerville and grabbed a win at Cottage Grove during Northwest speed week. One of Sanders best runs was a third at Placerville versus the Outlaws. Sanders finished the season 21 podiums total. Sanders drove his own families XXX, the Dale Miller XXX and a cameo appearance in the Doug Rutz sprinter and Willie Kahne sprinter.


4-Andy Forsberg - Dominating the northern California scene Forsberg won the Placerville track championship and finished second in points at Chico. Forsberg rolled to a West Coast best 13 wins as he spilt time between the F&F Racing sprinter and his own ride. Forsberg overall totaled 21 podiums. Forsberg won seven times at Placerville, five times at Marysville and once at Chico.


5-DJ Netto - Almost went with Bud Kaeding in this spot but further analysis of Netto’s resume led me back to him. Netto drove the Netto Ag KCP (with a few appearance in the C&M Motorsports sprinter) to two championships - NARC and the Keller-Tulare championship. Netto amazingly won no 410 races but did reach victory lane five times in 360 competition. Netto’s 13 podiums are the least of the top five but he had fewer starts as he raced less than he has in years past. Still he was a model of consistency as he scored the two championships -  only driver on west coast that could make that claim.


Honorable Mentions: Bud Kaeding (6 wins, 21 podiums), Sean Becker (8 wins, 12 podiums), Mitchell Faccinto (8 wins, 12 podiums), Dominic Scelzi (7 wins, 12 podiums), Devon Borden (7 wins, 9 podiums) and Jason Solwold (4 wins, 15 podiums)


Non-Winged (USAC/CRA and USAC West Coast races in Nevada and Arizona count)


1)Damion Gardner - Driving the Alexander Motorsports sprinter Gardner garnered another USAC/CRA championship as he scored three wins and seven podiums. Gardner was not as dominant as years past and used the qualifying points and heat points to make up for some average feature finishes claim the uSAC/CRA championship. Gardner was third at Perris Nationals - the West Coast’s biggest non winged race. Gardner was also the 2019 California speed week champion.


2)Jake Swanson - His season got off to a slow start but once he established himself as the shoe of the Burkhart-Grau sprinter he came alive. Also making appearances in the Josh Ford and Dwight Cheney sprinters Swanson won four races and tallied 14 podiums as he competed with USAC/CRA and USAC West Coast sprint series. Swanson was especially lethal in mid to late August when he won August 17 at Perris form the tail, the next week at Ventura with the West Coast series and then finally closed out by winning the Vermeil classic giving him three wins in four starts.


3)Austin Liggett - splitting his time between the USAC West Coast and USAC/CRA series (while also racking up three midget wins) Liggett drove his family sprinter to four wins and seven podiums. Liggett’s biggest win of the year was September 6 when he won the USAC/CRA show at Merced.


4)Austin Williams - Finished a career best second in USAC/CRA points on his first season aboard the Sertich sprinter. Williams scored two wins between August 31 and September 28. In this time he also scored five podiums in seven starts as he closed in on Gardner for the point lead. Ultimately the charge fell short for the rising star who finished the season with two wins and seven podiums during his career best year. Williams also finished second in California speed week points.


5)Brody Roa - what could have been? Roa started the season on a tear with four straight podiums to start the USAC/CRA season. However Roa would not get a podium after August 17 with USAC/CRA as he limped to the finish. After spending most of the season in his own sprinter Roa moved over Cheney Motorsports team for a month before returning his own team at season end. He also made a few appearances in the Grau sprinter out of Arizona with the West Coast series. Ultimately Roa would finish the season with three wins and seven podiums. Roa also grabbed the USAC Southwest championship scoring two wins with that series (based in Arizona and did not count as west coast)


Honorable Mention: Richard Vander Weerd (2 wins, 6 podiums).


Overall Most Versatile Driver


Chase Johnson - splitting time between his own families sprinter (360s) and the Shawn and Cyndi Thomas sprinter (410s), Johnson had wins with and without a wing. Johnson won with NARC, SCCT, USAC/CRA, USAC West Coast. He also won point races at Petaluma and Ocean. Johnson had eight sprint wins total and 11 podiums. Johnson finished 10th in NARC season points and fifth in USAC/CRA speed week points showcasing his versatility. For good measure Johnson scored two midget wins.


NEWS AND NOTES: One of the first big moves of the offseason on the West Coast was Justyn Cox committing to the C&M Motorsports teams for an attack on the Placerville and SCCT championships in 2020. This team used a myriad of drivers in 2019 after parting ways with Tony Guada…The seems open to up the Doug Rutz seat who last year employed Cox, Gualda, Sanders and Kalib Henry at different points…Speaking of open seats. Geoff Ensign spent most of 2019 in the Clayton Snow sprinter but the pair has seen a slow parting and the Snow team was in Arizona with Wisconsin star Bill Balog at the end of November. Ensign was in his own ride in Arizona. In 2018 Snow used a variety of drivers while 2019 saw the team commit to Ensign. 2020?…A couple of California natives who race midgets in the midwest have left the Keith Kunz stable - Tanner Carrick and Logan Seavey…Carrick will move to Petry Motorsports in 2020. He will still spend time in the sprinter as in years past…Seavey left the KKM stable and headed to Swindell Motorsports for Gateway and Chili Bowl. Swindell Motorsports don't run Midgets during the season but Sammy’s son Kevin Swindell Speedlab team needs a new driver for its sprint car. Seavey? This would an interesting combination…This is in addition to long time Kunz drivers Kyle Larson and Christopher Bell leaving the team…Is the Kunz stable empty? No. Kunz has already announced young Oklahoma star will be moving to the team for Chili Bowl and probably beyond. I also wouldn't be surprised if Buddy Koifoid gets the nod for Chili Bowl and beyond with Kunz after some late starts with KKM this year…The Outlaw’s got smart and pushed their California tour back to April featuring eight races from late March thru mid April. The stops include the traditional USAC/CRA paring at Perris and doubleheaders at Tulare and Stockton. Also included are a return to Santa Maria and an Ocean/Calistoga weekend…The fall swing stayed the same with Skagit and Gray Harbor Labor Day weekend a midweek show at Willamette. Gold Cup is a Friday and Saturday show with a Stockton/Calistoga weekend closing out the west coast Outlaw swing…Big surprise is no Brad Sweet show at Placerville on Outlaw schedule. No mid week races at all scheduled in California.


                        Until next time. That is all for 2019. It is time to look forward and 2020 and the season to come.


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By Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa…The last weekend officially marked the end of race season in California as the stars of USAC battled it out at Ventura for the right to be a Turkey Night champion and when the dust settled it was Kyle Larson (midgets) and Chase Johnson (sprints) who stood above the rest to claim wins Friday night on a rough Ventura racetrack. But that is not what I want to write about - instead I want to take a look at the winged sprint season in California in review from the first race at Stockton in January to the last a few weeks ago in Hanford. This column will list every winner at every track in California during 2019.

The winged season started in late January at the Stockton Dirt Track and it was Mitchell Faccinto roaring to the win. A month later Keller and Stockton held sprint car races and this time it was DJ Netto and Tony Gualda claiming the win. For Gualda it was his first career win.

March saw the Outlaws hit the west coast and although they battled wet weather the whole stay five races were completed at five different tracks. Ian Madsen won in Tulare, Carson Macedo in Chico, Logan Schuchart at Stockton while David Gravel and Aaron Reutzel split the final weekend of March at Kings and Perris. But the Outlaws weren't the only ones running in March. The Civil War series kicked its five race schedule March 9 at Marysville and Any Forsberg rolled to the win. That same night Faccinto won in Tulare in a 360 companion race to the Outlaw headliner. A week later Michael Ing opened the regular season at Marysville with a win, He would also win the next two point races March 30 and April 6. March closed out with Sprint Car Challenge Tour kicking off their season at Placerville and Andy Forsberg claiming victory on the hill.

The first week of April saw the NARC 410 series start their year at Kern County Raceway and Dominic Scalzi made his 410 debut with Dennis Roth a successful one as he scored the win. Up north on the hill Placerville was hosting its season opener and it Justyn Cox driving to victory. A week later the Stockton held the Asparagus Cup paying $10k to win Friday night and $15k to win Saturday night. This became a GioScelzi party as the then 17 year old simply dominated the competition and ran away with both nights. Scelzi was chased by some of the best in California. Friday night he outran Faccinto and Shane Golobic. Saturday night it was Tim Kaeding and Kyle Hirst trailing. These stars of California were left in Gio’s wake but they shouldn't feel bad…by the end of the season Gio had won an Outlaw main, an All Stars main and a USAC National Midget main - all before turning 18.

This was also the same weekend Ocean Speedway kicked off its season and it was Chase Johnson claiming the win. The next weekend was Easter weekend but still plenty of action was on deck. On Friday night it was Bud Kaeding winning at Ocean and it was USAC midget star Tanner Carrick doing the deed at Chico for their season opener the same night. The next night saw Outlaw star Carson Macedo get some home cooking and win at Keller, while Chase Johnson was claiming the Petaluma season opener and NoCal legend Sean Becker scored his first win of the year at Placerville. April closed with Bud scoring another Ocean win, Faccinto getting another win at Tulare and Shane Golobic getting his first win of the year at Petaluma with the SCCT.

May kicked off with the Dave Broadway Memorial at Chico. Justin Sanders would dominate the Broadway and for extra measure scored the Friday night 410 win at Chico to sweep the weekend. Golobic ran second both nights. While Sanders was on kill at Chico plenty of other action was taking place in the Golden State. Kurt Nelson was getting a popular victory at Ocean, while Saturday night saw Scott Parker and Brent Bjork pick career first wins at Tulare and Petaluma respectively. Finally up on the hill Forsberg was getting yet another win at Placerville. The second weekend of May would start with two of the best in the state claiming victories as Sanders won at Ocean and Golobic at Chico. The next night saw many familiar faces win as Chase Johnson won at Petaluma, Faccinto at Kings and Forsberg at Placerville. But this weekend did have one surprise as Steel Powell scored his first ever win up at Marysville making him the 21st different winged sprint car winner through the second week of May. The next weekend was headlined by the Peter Murphy Classic at Tulare but rain had different ideas, Before the rain struck Rico Abreu won the Friday SCCT race and in the process foreshadowed greatness at Tulare. Amazingly that was the only race of the weekend. Memorial Day saw a light holiday schedule saw Netto get the win a Stockton and Angelo Comet score the win at Antioch and extend the different winner list to 23. Bud Kaeding would close out the month with another Friday night win at Ocean.

June would see Colby Copeland win at Petaluma to start the month with NARC. Amazingly this would be his only win of the year. The first day of June would also see Golobic win at Placerville and Billy Aton at Antioch with the Civil War series. The next weekend saw the re-scheduled Peter Murphy Classic and it opened on Friday with Ryan Bernal opening with win and becoming the 26th different winner of season on California. The next night Dominic Scelzi claim the 360 main while Abreu would win the headline with NARC 410 and score the $11k prize. He was followed by part time competitor and full time crew chief Jonathan Allard and Netto.

The Murphy Classic wasn't the only event on tap the second weekend of June as Chase Madjic won Friday at Chico, while Saturday night saw Forsberg win at Placerville, Ing at Marysville and Bradley Terrell at Petaluma. Terrell became overall different winner number 28. Father’s day weekend saw Sanders winning at Ocean and Hirst at Chico on Friday night. Saturday saw Netto score the SCCT win at Keller with other winners being Ryan Robinson at Antioch and Kalib Henry at Marysville in rare appearance at the Raceway. The next weekend saw a NARC double header and Scelzi claimed the prize Friday night at Ocean while Sean Watts scored his first ever NARC win the next evening in Stockton. 360 winners on the weekend were Shane Hopkins up at Placerville and rookie Tucker Worth claiming the prize at Keller. Watts, Hopkins and Worth pushed the different winner number to 33. June wrapped up with a rare three race weekend. Friday saw two more first time 2019 winners at Chelsea Blevins scored the win in Chico and Cole Macedo got the job done at Ocean. The next night saw the SCCT and NARC at Placerville and it was Sanders double dipping and winning both features. At the same time Ing was winning another race at Marysville. Petaluma would close out June with a Sunday SCCT show and it was Chase Johnson doing Chase Johnson things at Petaluma.

July would kickoff with a July 3 show at Marysville and it was Forsberg getting the win. The next night it was Becker winning in Chico and Golobic at Placerville. The first Saturday of July would only have one show and it was a SCCT show at Stockton. Golobic would grab the victory. The following Friday it was Scelzi winning in Ocean and Becker again victorious in Chico. The next night NARC was in Petaluma and surprise Chase Johnson was in top dawg again. It would be Johnson’s fifth and final winged of the year (oveall he would add five more nn winged and midget wins). Other action on July 13 saw Becker win at Placerville giving him three win in three different cars in nine days. Billy Wallace won at Marysville becoming different winner number 36. The next weekend was headlined by the Howard Kaeding classic at Ocean. Friday night it was Sanders winning the Civil War event and Bud Kaeding winning the NARC show Saturday night. Other winners over this weekend were Forsberg in Placerville and Chase Johnson’s younger brother Colby in Petaluma. July closed with Bud Kaeding winning in Ocean Friday nignt. The next night Dominic Scelzi got it done with NARC at Santa Maria. For the second straight Saturday night Forsberg won in Placerville and Colby Johnson in Petaluma.

August opened up with some new winners as Kyle Olfill scored his first win at Chico on Friday August 2 and Jodie Robinson scored her first ever win Saturday at Merced the SCCT. To complete the theme Danny Wagner won at Antioch (winning the sprint and mod main at the track) moving the different winner list to 40. The second weekend of August saw Sanders win at Ocean on Friday for what would be the first of four in a row at the track. Saturday night saw NARC regular Geoff Ensign get the win at Petaluma, Ing score another at Marysville, Henry getting his first of the year at Placerville and Netto getting his third win of the year at Keller. Becker was back at it August 16 at Chico. The following night saw Henry win again at Placerville and Matt DiMartini winning at Antioch. DiMartini became different winner number 42. The Civil War Series was headliner of the weekend with $5k to win Johnny Key Classic at Ocean and it was all Sanders as he won ahead of Copeland and Abreu.

NARC Speed Week kicked off Wednesday August 21 at Placerville and Kyle Larson was the winner becoming different winner number 43 in California winged racing during 2019. The next night at Chico it was Tim Kaeding. Brother Bud was the headliner Friday night at Stockton and Tim rebounded Saturday night with a $10k win at Stockton ahead of Golobic and Netto. With Speed Week rolling through the last full weekend of August the rest of the California scene did not stand still. August 23 saw normal conquers - Becker at Chico and Sanders at Ocean. The next night Becker was too good again at Petaluma and Forsberg did his thing at Marysville. The month of August ended on a Saturday amidst Labor Day weekend and it was Dominic Scelzi winning $6k at Calistoga as part of the Vermeil Classic and Ing was won his sixth and final race of the year at Marysville.

September opened with Abreu winning the Sunday night of the Vermeil Classic and almost $8k in the process as he outraced Bud Kaeding and Golobic. Three nights later the Gold Cup opened at Chico with two nights of 360 sprint action. No surprise when the dust settled it was Forsberg winning Wednesday and Golobic winning Thursday. Friday night of Gold Cup saw Outlaws start Fall California swing and it was California native Brad Sweet winning over California regulars Tim Kaeding and Golobic. The next night it was Outlaws Daryn Pittman was victorious over Sweet and Schuchart. September also some 360 action as Netto was won his fourth and final 360 race of the year at Keller and Bradley Terrell would win at Petaluma. Terrell brought the different win total to 46. It would not change the rest of the year. A midweek show at Placerville saw Golobic score $20k in the Brad Sweet promoted show. The Outlaws closed the swing Friday and Saturday at Stockton and Calistoga. Schuchart would win Friday and Gravel on Saturday. Also on Saturday September 14 Forsberg scored another win at Placerville. September would close with two big 360 weekends.

September 20 and 21 saw the Placerville Shootout take center stage and Cox was the winner Friday. Saturday night was the headliner and with $7k on the line Abreu scored his second big win of the year after winning the Murphy Classic in June. Golobic and Hirst gave chase but couldn't stop Abreu. The next weekend was the Fall Nationals was on display at Chico and it was again Cox winning the Friday night show. Saturday night saw Tim Kaeding get the $5k win ahead of Sanders and Bud Kaeding.

October 4 saw Ocean speedway return to action and it was all Sanders as he won his sixth race of the year at the track and ninth in California (10 on West Coast total). Sclezi won with NARC at Kern Co. next night for his fifth series win (seventh overall). On the same night in Petaluma Becker was scoring eighth overall win of the year. Becker won the $5k Adobe Cup ahead of Henry and Gualda. The next weekend was a Cotton Classic double dip featuring NARC and SCCT. Cole Macedo was the SCCT winner and it was Abreu winning the NARC version.

October 17-19 was the annual Trophy Cup. Easily considered the biggest race in the year as the drivers compete for a $26k overall top prize. With nearly 90 drivers checked in Abreu would dominate the competition winning all three main events. Thursday he outclassed three time Trophy Cup champion JacHaudenschild and Hirst. The next night it was Golobic and California star turned All Star regular Cory Eliason giving chase. For a final act Abreu raced from 17th on Saturday to score the 50 lap headliner ahead of All Star champion Reuztel and Tim Kaeding. Abreu was followed in overall points by Golobic and Cory Eliason.

October would close out with Forsberg winning another race at Marysville as the end of the season was in sight. November opened with a two night show at Stockton featuring 360s Friday and SCCT-NARC combo on Saturday night. Golobic was the class of the field on Friday and backed it up on Saturday winning the NARC feature for his ninth total win of the year. The other victor was Abreu as he scored the $7k SCCT win and his ninth win of the year in California. The next weekend it was the Civil War series at Marysville and it was Forsberg getting his 13th overall win of the year. Then on November 16 almost 10 months after he started it all Faccinto closed the year with a win at Keller. It was Faccinto’s fifth win of the year in California (he had seven overall on West Coast).

That is every race and every winner of the California 360/410 2019 winged sprint car season in a nutshell. My next column will feature my top 10 drivers of the year on the West Coast. and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim.



 By Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa…The Demon has done it again and just keeps etching his name into the southern California record books as he claimed the 2019 USAC/CRA championship. I remember 2001 when some hotshot from Northern California showed up at Perris driving a non winged sprint car like it had a wing on it. The word spread quick that he had ruffled some feathers and maybe was necessarily welcomed at the PAS. Many said it would not last and proclaimed his career in southern California would be short. Rip Williams more than once had to each him the hard way. But he persisted and almost 20 years later and eight USAC/CRA championships later Damion “The Demon” Gardner has become among the most decorated champions in the history of non winged racing on the west coast joining the legendary likes of Williams, Dean Thompson, Bubby Jones, Ron Shuman and Lealand McSpadden.



            The 2019 USAC/CRA season started way back in March at Canyon in Arizona and it was midwest regulars Josh Hodges and Hunter Schuerenberg winning. Schuerenberg would win aboard the Reinhold-Underwood sprinter and this team would enjoy much success all year including a USAC national championship with CJ Leary. A few weeks later at Perris it was Brody Roa claiming the win and the early point lead aboard his families sprinter. He spend some time in the Cheney Motorsports sprinter before returning back to him family car for the last weekend.


            In April it was a single race at Perris and Richard Vander Weerd would begin his great run at the track as he would pick up his first win of the year. Vander Weerd only raced part-time during the year but racked up two wins and six podiums just at Perris.


            May saw the series run three shows. To start the month 360 star and former Mopar Million hard charger Troy Rutherford shocked as he won utilizing a 360 in Ventura. A week later he almost pulled the feat again but ran second to Gardner at Bakersfield while Scheurenberg returned to the west coast to close out the month with a win at Perris. At this point Gardner had gained the point and would not relinquish. June saw only one race at Perris and again it was Vander Weerd leading the way followed by Jake Swanson in the Grau-Burkhart sprinter. Swanson to this point has bounced around rides but had now found a home and started making noise. He would wind up fourth in points with two wins, nine podiums and average finish 8.05.


            July would feature two early races at Santa Maria and Perris. Roa would roll to victory at Santa Maria over the improving Tommy Malcolm. Malcolm would finish sixth in points at seasons end.  Malcolm would follow Chris Gansen all year in points who was fifth. A week later in Perris Gardner scored his only win at the PAS as he was followed to the line by two stars from Arizona - RJ Johnson and Stevie Sussex.

            After a little break for Indiana Sprint Week the CRA stars returned in August to Perris and it was the Jake Swanson show. After having to start at the back of the A Swanson sliced and diced to the front won the race in dramatic fashion as he outraced Vander Weerd and Roa in one for the ages. Swanson used all the PAS and more to accomplish the amazing feat. The month ended just as California Speedweek started and it was Austin Williams scoring the win at Calistoga over Austin Liggett and Gardner. At the same time Williams announced his entrance into the championship point race and speedweek point race.


            Speedweek would be five race nine day ordeal. Saturday and Sunday at Calistoga and Monday at Petaluma. After three day break it concluded in Merced and the coastal paradise of Santa Maria. In years past it was a two day break with a Thursday show at Silver Dollar allowing this writer to attend at least one show. This year unfortunately Chico was off the schedule…it would be nice to get this fixed. The Chico show always provided a mix of the SoCal stars versus NoCal stars on a Thursday night in September that was a once a year of occurrence. But I digress.


            After Williams win to kickoff speedweek it was Swanson cruising back to victory lane to close out the Calistoga doubt dip over Ryan Bernal in the 360 powered Colby Copeland sprinter and forever Tulsa shootout legend Jason Mcdougal. The next night in Petaluma winged star Chase Johnson won over younger brother Colby Johnson and Williams. As speedweek headed to Merced the week championship seemed to belong to Williams or Danny Fair, Jr. who had been steering the Cheney Motorsports sprinter to consistent finishes. Merced would see Liggett win over Faria and Chase Johnson.


            As the series headed to Santa Maria to end speedweek it seemed like Gardner was vulnerable as he was third place and almost out of the speedweek championship contention and Williams was gaining on the season point race. But legends rise and Gardner used a huge night including a win to claim the speed week championship and show the championship was his to lose. Williams was second at Santa Maria and Swanson third.


            September was busy and after a week break the USAC/CRA stars were back at Perris and Williams was winning over Swanson and Gardner. A week later USAC/CRA was in Arizona at the Arizona Speedway and southwest star RJ Johnson won over Sussex and Williams.


            The series ran no races in October but had five in November co-sanctioned with USAC National at Perris and Arizona. At Perris it was Brady Bacon win the first two nights of the Oval Nationals while USAC national point leader CJ Leary scored the headliner last Saturday. Gardner was third. The season closed over the weekend as Tyler Courtney double dipped and won both races in the desert at Arizona Speedway and scored $18,500 for Western World triumphs. Gardner’s  sixth place run was enough to clinch the championship over Williams and Roa.. Leary won the national championship over Courtney who had series high nine wins. Overall Courtney has 19 USAC wins in the three national series on the year.


            Back to USAC/CRA and a quick look at the top three in points. Gardner had three wins and 17 top 10s with an average finish of 6.47. Williams had two wins and 19 top 10s wth an average finish of 6.56 as he had his best year to date. Roa rounded out the top three in points as he had two wins and 14 top 10s with an average finish of 8.52. Roa started the season with five straight top fives before fading down the stretch. Each contender started all 22 main events.


NEWS NOTES: 14 different drivers won a main during the USAC/CRA season. Talk about competitive…A third championship was decided Saturday and it was the USAC Southwest championship which was in its first season as a 410 series. It had been a 360 series previously. California star Roa used three different rides to score the championship over RJ Johnson and Stevie Sussex….Saturday also marked the final winged race of the year at Keller Auto Speedway and it was Mitchell Faccinto winning over brother Michael and young star Tucker Worth…For Mitchell is was the perfect bookend as he opened the west coast season in January with a win at Stockton. It was Mitchell’s eight win of the year but first since July…For brother Michael it was his best finish to date in the winged car. With extra laps at the end of the year aboard the Van Dyke sprinter Michael has shown vast improvement…Officially Andy Forsberg was the total win leader in winged sprints on the west coast as he finished with 13 wins…Justin Sanders was the only other driver in double digits with 12… Rico Abreu and Shane Golobic each finished with nine…Their is still one winged race to be ran in Arizona at the end of November and that race always gets some intriguing names to support it - I would expect at least a few west coast stars to participate.


            Lastly California native Mason Daniel has announced he will race with the World of Outlaws next year with former Outlaw champion Danny Lasoski turning the wrenches. Daniel got almost 30 races with Outlaws this year as he started to dabble in 410 stuff. This will be a huge jump for a driver who has been a sprint car only two full seasons and with only full season of 410 racing - not saying he will not be successful just acknowledging this is a huge jump in nighty competition. I often do wonder if drivers would be suited to race a premier series or region (All Stars, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Knoxville, NARC) and see if they truly have what it takes to get it done. Because you if can dominate any the before mentioned series this would a clue that maybe you could play with Outlaws on a nightly basis.

            With Daniels decision that adds another California driver to the national sprint car scene and bring it to four (with Brad Sweet, Carson Macedo and Daniels with the Outlaws and Cory Eliason on the All Star tour). This doesn't include Logan Seavey and Jesse Colwell (running midgets nationally), Abreu (who runs a majority of his shows in the midwest) or Buddy Koifoid who currently is shoeing a Keith Kunz Midget but spent the year in Ohio.


            My next column will be part one of a two part column that looks at the winged season in California in rewind.


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By Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa…Last weekend the sprint car world was focused on Charlotte (ironically the home of NASCAR) as Brad Sweet and Donny Schatz settled their season long World of Outlaw point battle. In addition their was the swirling rumors surrounding David Gravel and his race car future. In the end Sweet won the championship and Gravel swept the weekend amid rumors of him going to the truck series more on that later. But that story has been mostly written and last week my attention was focused south to the annual Midwest versus West Coast battle known as the Oval Nationals at the Perris Auto Speedway.

            This tradition which dates to the late 1990s is any many ways the premier non wing race of the year. While the purse has changed over time the importance of winning this event has not. USAC National stars versus the stars of USAC/CRA on the USAC/CRA drivers home turf - it only happens once a year that the best collide at the home of sprint car racing in Southern California. While the West Coast have held strong traditionally in recent times the national driver have gained the advantage and the 2019 Oval Nationals were no different as seven of the nine podium spots went to USAC national stars.

            The weekend kicked off with two of the premier sprint drivers in the non winged world - Alabama’s Kevin Thomas, Jr. and northern California’s Damion Gardner- chasing Oval Nationals history. Thomas was seeking a record third straight Oval Nationals while Gardner was seeking a record fourth overall. But in the end neither driver achieved history as it was season long USAC national point leader C.J. Leary claiming the crown as he drove the Arizona based Reinbold-Underwood Spike to his first Oval Nationals championship ever.

            For Leary it was another step in his ascension to being one of, if not, the premier non-winged driver in the world. Despite being only his second win of the season with the USAC nationals series (he also has two USAC southwest series wins) he has racked up a series high 30 top 10s this year in 32 starts which simply amazing racing against the premier non winged drivers in the sport. This has allowed him to maintain his point leader over Tyler Courtney who has won seven mains. Courtney finished fifth Saturday aboard the Clauson-Marshall-Newman Spike.

            Chris Windom chased Leary to the finish but the former Oval nationals champion could not get close enough to contend down the stretch and settled for second in the Parallax-Goacher Twister. Wisdom also ran second Thursday night.

            The two drivers reaching for history had up and down weekends. Gardner had a solid first night finishing fourth, wrecked on the opening lap of Fridays main and finished the weekend by making a strong move at the end to finish third ahead of early leader Chase Stockon. As usual Gardner was  aboard the Alexander Motorsports Spike. Stockon was fourth aboard the TBI Racing DRC. Thomas struggled all weekend by his standards and had to run the semi on Saturday before winding up sixth in the final tally aboard the Hayward-Thomas DRC. With that mentioned Thomas did score top 10s all three nights.

            A new Oval Nationals tradition has become sweeping the first two nights. What do I mean? Last year Justin Grant won the first two nights. This year is was Brady Bacon doing the trick as he scored the first two wins of his career at the PAS. It took Bacon 27 starts to get that first win and he it liked so much he did it twice aboard the Hoffman Dynamics XXX. Bacon ran up front most of Saturday night but came home 12th after a late race incident with Stockton as cars slowed for a yellow. Grant had an uninspiring Oval Nationals as he was sixth and second the first two nights before being a non factor Saturday night in the TOPP Motorsports entry.

            Richard Vander Weerd and Austin Williams were two of the locals that put together solid weekends and each finished in the top 10 all three nights. Vander Weerd who competes on a limited basis had a weekend best third Thursday aboard his fathers Maxim. Williams steered the Tom and Laurie Sertich DRC to a weekend best fifth on Friday night. Other driver in the top 10 all three nights were Leary (fifth, 10th and first), Thomas, Jr. (ninth, seventh and sixth) and Courtney (eighth, third and fifth).

            That is my quick look at the Oval Nationals from 1000 miles away. This week the Midwest versus West Coast battle moves to Arizona as the USAC Nationals and USAC/CRA drivers will settle their championships. Leary and Gardner are in control of their respective point races but neither has clinched. The USAC Southwest championship is also on the line and currently Brody Roa is in control of the points battle. The USAC sprints will be joined by the USAC midgets as they start their West Coast invasion.

NEWS AND NOTES: One winged race was on the card over weekend out West and it took place at Marysville Raceway as the Civil War Series ran the last of their five race season. Andy Forsberg picked up the victory ahead of Justyn Cox and track champion Michael Ing. Koen Shaw was crowned champion of the Civil War SeriesIt was Forsbergs 13th win of the year all have taken place at Marysville, Chico and PlacervilleCox was making his initial appearance in the C&M Motorsports sprinter and picked up his eighth second place finish in California for the seasonCalifornia transplant turned non winged sprint star Chad Boespflug was announced as the new driver for the Knoxville based Troy Renfro team. Austin McCarl drove this car in 2017-2018. This will be Boespflugs first full time winged rideI dont cover a lot of mini sprint action but it is worth noting Central California star Mitchel Moles has now 43 main events this year in micro action that is Frank Flud like numbersAs of November12 57 midgets are entered for the Hangtown 100. In addition the weather looks very nice for this huge eventKalib Henry who is coming a off a solid season in which he elevated his game is actively seeking some funding or a ride so he can get into 410s more. Somebody needs to jump on this as this kid was really fast this year utilizing a variety of different rides.

            Finally back to Gravel. The rumors are swirling and have settled a little bit as he announced he would return JJR while he seeks Truck opportunities. As of now JJR is committed to the Outlaws and Gravel is committed to expanding his horizons. While this last year was a dream season for JJR and Gravel definitely wants to continue with the team I am curious how long the competing interests will last when race season takes off again in 2020.

            In addition Ian Madsen and the KPC team are going to a trueoutlaw schedule while the CJB seat remains empty (Gravel was linked to the second car before going back to JJR) and Shane Stewart has no ride. All this means we will have some changes on the tour next year and that silly season should be just that – “silly”.

            Well that is it for now. I will have a column next week looking back at the USAC /CRA season as they crown their champion. The California winged season will end Saturday at Keller and I will begin working on a California winged season in rewind. Not sure when this column will get finished but hopefully sooner than later.


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 by Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa…It seems like eons ago that sprint cars were actually circling the dirt in the northwest - in actuality it has been a month and half. Luckily during this time the scene in California has waged on but as I left trophy cup a few weeks ago their seemed to be sense the season was over…but it wasn’t and in reality there is still a lot of good open wheel racing remaining out west.


            The week after trophy cup was light as only Marysville was in action and to no one’s surprise Andy Forsberg rolled to is 12th win of the year. But this last weekend was packed full of winged action at the Stockton Dirt Track. Friday night was $2500 to win non sanctioned 360 race which Shane Golobic rolled to victory ahead of Justyn Cox who was aboard the Doug Rutz Richmond powered sprinter and the ever improving Michael Faccinto who was driving a second Harley Van Dyke sprinter.


            Saturday night was the headliner as it featured the final rounds of the two premier winged series on the west coast - NARC 410 and the Sprint Car Challenge Tour (SCCT). More amazingly each series point championship was in balance as top three in each series had a chance to win the championship depending on the outcome Saturday night. For the SCCT it was two defending champion Kyle Hirst trying to hold off Sean Becker and Tim Kaeding. For the NARC series DJ Netto had led the points most of the year but a late push by Bud Kaeding saw them tied entering Stockton. Dominic Scelzi was close behind in third.


            First NARC 410. Netto had gotten the point lead early in the year by being consistent and continued the trend all year. Nettostarted the main with the point lead after earning qualifying points and finished third ahead Scelzi who was fifth and Kaeding who was in the lower half of the top 10. Netto ultimately won the  championship with five podiums and an amazing 16 top 10s in 18 starts. His average finish was 6.2 abroad the Netto Ag KPC. Kaeding had two wins and seven podiums and 15 tops 10s. His average finish was 6.1 but he could not overcome a slow start to the season and bad last last race in the Williams Motorsports Maxim. Scelzi was by far the dominant driver in the series as he won a series high five times and had six podiums total to go with 15 tops 10s. However a few bad finishes derailed his championship run aboard the Roth Enterprise KPC.


            On the SCCT side going into the final night neither of the top three in points had won a race in the first 11 shows. That would not change championship night. Hirst, much like Netto, relied on consistency and an eighth place finish on the final night was enough to seal the deal as Kaeding’s sixth was enough to fill the gap. Becker was outside the top 10 in the final tally a Stockton. Overall Hirst had four podiums and 10 top 10s in 12 starts. He had an average finish of 7.4 aboard the Tiner-Hirst sprinter. Kaeding rode the Joshua Bates sprinter to three podiums and eight top 10s. Kaeding had an average finish of 8.3. Becker did his work aboard the Monhoff Racing sprinter and had one podium to go with nine top 10s. His average finish was 8.4


            As these six great drivers were racing for a championship two of the best in the state of California continued to dominate - Golobic and Rico Abreu. In addition to his Friday night win Golobic scored the NARC 410 win Saturday night ahead of Wille Croft and Netto and then ran second in the SCCT main to Abreu. Some Outlaw driver named Carson Macedo rounded out the podium. For Abreu and Golobic it has been a dominant run since the calendar hit September. How dominant? For Golobic since then he has four wins (including a World of Outlaw win) and 12 podiums in 18 starts and an overall second place finish at the Trophy Cup. Abreu has not been quite as consistent but he rolled to six wins and seven podiums in 17 starts in California. Most impressively though was Abreu’s dominance at Trophy Cup when he swept the weekend. Overall Golobic has nine wins on the season in California and Abreu has eight in California.


            Winged sprint racing is almost over for real in California with a show at Marysville this Saturday and a show at Keller the following Saturday being all that remain. But that means it is time to turn the attention to the stars of USAC as the sprints and midgets invade the west coast. The USAC sprints will be at Perris this weekend for the legendary Oval Nationals and then Arizona next weekend as they are joined by midgets.  After Arizona the sprints will head home but the midgets will head to Placerville for the mid week Hangtown 100 which is shaping up to be an event for the ages. After this the midgets head to Bakersfield on Nov. 23 and will finish their season with annual running of Turkey night at Ventura. The midgets will be joined in Ventura by the USAC West Coast sprints as they will run a two night show and I would expect a very big national presence in the sprint division.


NEWS AND NOTES: In addition to the top three in points only one other driver made all 12 SCCT races and that was Kyle Oflill…Eight drivers made all 18 NARC shows. It would have been nine but Ryan Bernal was busy fighting fires and could not make the race at Stockton…His replacement was Carson Macedo who used the off weekend to pull double duty Saturday night in the Tarlton Racing KPC…Buddy Koifoid who spent his season turning heads in Ohio abroad the Mike Linder prepared sprinter was aboard a second Doug Rutz sprint at Stocktokn. Unfortunately he did not return for the second night…Speaking of Rutz his primary driver Justyn Cox was second Friday night before mechanical failures derailed their Saturday night. Cox gets aboard the C&M Motorsports this weekend at Marysville…Another driver who spent some of the year driving for Rutz is Tony Gualda who has seemingly found a home in the Jim VanLare sprinter here late in the year…Cole Macedo who has spent most of the year driver the Mike Phulps 360 for SCCT was aboard Chuck Crouse sprinter at Stockton. He debuted in this ride the pervious weekend at Marysville…Justin Sanders was making an appearance aboard the Larry Antaya sprinter and struggled all weekend as he often does when he not aboard either his family ride or the VonSchriltz 410. Normal Antaya driver Colby Copeland was aboard his normal SCCT ride in the Canales sprinter…Washington star Jason Solwold made the trip to Stockton aboard the Shaylen-Raye sprinter. Solwold was fifth Friday night and a DNF Saturday…Geoff Ensign was back in the Clayton Snow sprinter on Saturday night after missing Trophy Cup and finished his first full season with NARC fifth in points and as rookie of the year…Chase Johnson who turned many heads in the winged world this year looks to compete against the stars of USAC. Johnson who has made five starts with USAC/CRA this year and will compete at the Oval Nationals aboard the Shawn Thomas sprinter and will be at USAC national midget races in the Rodela midget. Johnson won on the last weekend of October in Ventura in the Rodela midget. Johnson now has wins with NARC, SCCT, USAC/CRA, USAC West Coast, BCRA and USAC W/S midgets this season - WOW!…Look for silly season start soon and I would expect we might see some different combinations on the west coast next year.


            Well that is all for now.I will be observing the Oval Nationals from afar in the cozy confines of the dark northwest and have a column next week with all my thoughts about the stars USAC taking on the stars of USAC/CRA.


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 By Joseph Terrell

 Olympia, Wa…The 16 hour tow back from Tulare every October is brutal - all day in the car straight through the valley, up the hills and into the northwest. We left the sunny valley at 7am and arrived in the rainy northwest right before 11 pm. But it is no doubt worth at as Trophy Cup offers the grand finale of the season in a lot of ways and has also become arguably the biggest 360 race in the country. With $26,000 guaranteed to the overall points champions stars from all across the country appear to challenge for a piece of the Trophy Cup pie. With $4,000 going to the main winner each night plenty of money is available for teams unless…somebody does the unimaginable and win all three mains hoarding the many for themselves. And this is exactly what Rico Abreu did. Abreu made history by winning all three nights - never before had this been accomplished.


            Entering the Trophy Cup Abreu was third on my favorite list and had been coming into the weekend on a hot streak as he had won three straight 410 races in October. Well the hot streak continued as Abreu pounded the boards for three straight nights and now has a personal win streak of six after sweeping the weekend. It is almost impossible to just finish in the top five all three nights because the level of competition and yet Abreu was able to win all three nights after starting 10th, 6th and 17th respectively. He drove by fast car after fast car each night and once he got into second you new the the leader was in trouble.


            Thursday night Abreu ran down teammate and defending champion Jac Haudenschild as he just out gassed the “Wild Child”. The next night he stalked Shane Golobic and waited to the end to make his move. Finally on Saturday Abreu used the lap 33 fuel break to make his move as he roared from fourth to first over the final laps and ultimately chasing down pole sitter Aaron Reutzel to complete the sweep. Following Abreu in the Saturday finale to the stripe was Reuztel, Tim Kaeding, Jason Solwold and Jac Haudenschild.


            For Abreu it has been a crazy last month as he let crew chief Drew Warner go in September and has had David Robinson, Jr spinning the wrenches since and the results speak for themselves. Abreu has at times been inconsistent in his career but when he gets rolling and he can bang the cushion with the best and he is nearly unbeatable in California. Abreu acknowledged in his post race interview that sprint car racing is a tough sport and he just felt that things weren't clicking which prompted him to make the crew chief move late in the season. The Trophy Cup victory is just another feather in his cap to go along with his two Chili Bowls and two Gold Cups.


            Going into the Saturday finale it had become a four driver chase. Entering the main on Saturday Cory Eliason, Kyle Hirst, Abreu and Golobic were separated by one point meaning who finished first amongst the four was going to win the Trophy Cup. And amazingly unless it was Golobic it was going to be a first time winner. Elision struggled with bad luck (ultimately came home ninth), Hirst was mired in the field (finished eighth) leaving Golobic as the sole challenger to Abreu. The 2016-2017 Trophy Cup champion gave great effort but ultimately only made it to sixth and finished second in points. Golobic had a fourth, second and sixth on the weekend. Hirst would finish third in points as he used a huge heat race performance Saturday night to get himself into contention. Eliason was fourth in the final run down and Haudenschild was fifth.


            While those four drivers were the class of the field as we entered Saturday’s main some other drivers definitely had great weekends and performed at a level that will make fans take notice in the Trophy Cups to come. Amongst those drivers Chase Johnson, Justyn Cox, Colton Heath and Mitchel Moles.


            Johnson just continues to impress and get better. Known for his exploits at Petaluma Johnson has developed into a contender everywhere and was on a rail after starting fourth Saturday night. He quickly moved past Dominic Scelzi and Jason Solwold into second and hounded Reutzel for numerous laps. He would pull next to Reutzel a few times but ultimately found the turn two wall and an end to his night. However even though his Trophy Cup did not end the way he wanted it to Johnson announced his presence as a contender at tracks other than Petaluma. Johnson was in the A every night.


            Cox was fast time in his group each night and at times the fastest car on the track Abreu included. However Cox and his Doug Rutz Richmond powered XXX just couldn't get a complete night and were left wondering what could have been. Cox had moved into the top three on Saturday after starting 12th but was derailed with a parts failure ending his charge to the front. For all his speed Cox was a DNF all three nights and that is it what makes Trophy Cup difficult - you have to be fast and consistent. DNFs are killer at Trophy Cup and Cox had too many.


            Washington star Colton Heath announced his arrival last year when he put it in the A after a great Friday night. This year Heath doubled down as he struggled Thursday bur was very impressive Friday and ultimately went into the A seventh in total points. Heath however was lap two victim as he worked through the field ending his Trophy Cup early. But the LAW Motorsports SHARK powered XXX has now made in known that success at Trophy Cup is not a fluke but trend.


            Finally micro sprint start Mitchel Moles was impressive all weekend as he made a rare 360 sprint start. While Moles in no stranger to success (he has around 30 micro wins this year) the 360s and Trophy Cup specifically is a much different beast. Moles proved to be up to the task as he he put it in the show Thursday and then again on Saturday. This young driver just needs seat time in the 360 and he will be making waves. Moles wasn't spectacular but it was his steady driving that indicates future success at Trophy Cup and beyond - he did not seem overwhelmed or intimated which can easily happen at Trophy Cup. Moles was impressive winning the Saturday night B main as he survived and advanced.


            The Tulare Raceway did an amazing job with the track especially Thursday when high winds tormented the central valley. The track crew overcame and produced the best track I have ever seen at Tulare. The track had multiple grooves and did not take rubber as so often the case when the wind blows. Friday and Saturday were good but Thursday was the gold standard as the track had multiple grooves and unlimited action.




NEWS AND NOTES: 89 cars filled the pits Thursday - by far the highest on the West Caost this year. 86 came back Friday and an impressive 78 made all three nights…12 states were represented: California (69 entrants), Idaho (Cole Danell and Hunter Standley), Pennsylvania (Freddie Rahmer and Tim Shaffer), Texas (Aaron Reutzel), Washington (Chase Goetz, Reece Goetz, Heath, Devon Borden, Solwold, JJ Hickle and Bailey Jean), North Dakota (Ken Estenson), Oregon (Brain Boswell), Indiana (Collin Markle), Tennessee (Paul McMahon), Oklahoma (Seth Bergman), Ohio (Randy Hannagan and Jac Haudenschild) and Nebraska (Monty Ferriera)…Danell, Hannagan, McMahon, Markle, Boswell and Ferriera are all originally from California…Two big name drivers almost saw their Trophy Cup end early - Jon Allard and Reutzel. Allard borrowed an engine from Willie Croft and Reutzel borrowed one from Roth Motorsports…Tim Kaeding, Haudenschild, Eliason and Golobic finished in the top ten all three nights as did Abreu…Dominic Scelzi entered as a favorite but never found the speed and was a DNF Saturday aboard the Roth Motorsports KPC after a less than overwhelming weekend…Usually Justin Sanders races to win but this week he was happy with a fifth Friday and a top 10 point finish aboard the Dale Miller XXX. Sanders has traditionally struggled at Tulare…Sanders was able to rebound after a tough Thursday that required some support from XXX to get him back on track for the weekend…Tarlton racing seemingly had a couple ringers in Buddy Koifoid and Tim Shaffer to steer their KPCs but the rest of the field did not see it that way and neither was a contender during the weekend. Each buried themselves with below average qualifying runs each night…Freddie Rahmer competed in the 2017 Trophy Cup and returned for 2019 edition aboard the Kaeding Performance Maxim. Rahmer made Thursday’s main but found the wall. He struggled the rest of the weekend…Tony Gualda spent October hustling up a ride fro Trophy Cup and was able to land the SHARK powered Vanlare ride. Unfortunately two top wings later and Gualda was a spectator for Saturday night…One driver unable to hustle up a ride was Sean Becker. Becker spent the week spectating. Unbelievable this driver was a spectator at both Gold Cup and Trophy Cup…Another star missing was Geoff Ensign who has resided in the Clayton Snow sprinter all year. Word is this team has parted ways…Other good drivers that did not participate at Trophy Cup included Ryan Robinson, Koen Shaw, Michael Faccinto and Bobby McMahon…The car Becker was slated to drive was the Menne Motorsports Shaver powered sprinter. However they parted ways leading up to Trophy Cup…Menne then turned to ASCS national star Seth Bergman to steer his ride. Bergman struggled all weekend as the team fought motor problems and didn't make it out of Saturday’s C main…Hannagan spent the weekend aboard the Washington based Lemley owned Ostrich powered sprinter. A former outlaw winner at Tulare Hannagan transferred from the B Saturday to put it in the A…Jason Statler -one of the 13 competitors at Trophy Cup to win an Outlaw main - did some alphabet soup work to go C to B to A on Saturday night…Overall 13 drivers at Trophy Cup can claim outlaw an A main win on their resume…One driver with a bunch of huge wins just not an outlaw win is Bud Kaeding. Kaeding couldn't get his Williams Motorsports/Alviso Rock Maxim rolling and ultimately missed the A Saturday night. The only main Bud qualified for was Friday night when he worked through the B to the A…It was hard not to notice that KPC and XXX have become the chassis of the choice on the West Coast…One of the drivers utilizing a XXX chassis was JJ Ringo. Driving the Keller Motorsports sprinter the Ocean speedway champion and USAC West Coast regular had a goal of making one main event. He did just that when he qualified for the Friday A main…Three young female stars were in the field and had some tough breaks while showing a bright future…Chelsea Blevins was racing for the lead in her heat Thursday night when she found the wall and destroyed her car. With no backup car she was done for the night…305 superstar Brooklyn Holland all destroyed a car Thursday night when she drilled the infield tire on the start of her heat. Her team put a new car together for Friday and she finished out the weekend…Bailey Jean had a motor expire after the heat Friday ending the weekend early for the high school senior…All three are young, talented drivers that will keep improving…Finally Oregon native and California born Roger Crockett got his first ASCS national win not in Washington or Oregon when he won at Devil’s Bowl Saturday night.


            That is it for now. I am pretty sure I am done chasing races for the year but you never know - the Hangtown 100 is lingering and this is seemingly a must see event and I am all about must see west coast events. i will continue to write columns every week about the west coast scene.


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By Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa…Well the wait is over. It is finally here. Trophy Cup week that is. With a car count around 100 expected which includes national stars, former trophy cup champions and overall the best of the best it is beyond difficult to pick a favorite. But I will try. So here I go with my 10 favorites (with the money line for each) to hoist the big check come Saturday night.

1)Aaron Reutzel (+25) Reutzel has had previous success at Tulare and has been unstoppable in the Midwest this year racking up win after win against stout competition. While no doubt the track and competition are different out west one thing is not – Reutzel’s talent.

2)Shane Golobic (+50) The 2016 and 2017 champion Golobic has taken the last two weeks off as he welcomed a child to the world but Golobic will be all business this weekend. Golobic tends to be the driver to beat in California and I expect when the dust settles Saturday night he will be somewhere in the mix.

3) Rico Abreu (+75) Rico will put on a show that is a given. But surprisingly for all his accolades and accomplishments Rico has never been the big winner at the Trophy Cup. He comes toTrophy Cup on the heels of winning three straight 410 races so momentum is on his side and he has reputation for banging the boards at Tulare with the best of them.

4) Tim Kaeding (+110) Amazingly the last time TK won a Trophy Cup was 2009 and that year he did it in epic fashion as he won the Saturday night main from last  as well as the overall Trophy Cup still the only one to accomplish that feat. TK has been fast all year and dont sleep on him he is still one of the best in the business.

5) GioScelzi (+115) Dominated the Asparagus Cup at Stockton in April walking away with $25,000 in two nights. Can he add another big win to his fattening resume? I would be careful to be against it as this ultra talented youngster is constantly raising the bar.

6) Buddy Koifoid (+190) Might surprise some to see this driver this high on the list but my only concern is how we will adapt to the Tarlton sprinter which he will be making his first appearance in. Besides that he is a proven winner at Tulare and has showed that he can win against any competition. Also is now starting to make a name for himself in the midgets as he fools around with the Keith Kunz camp.

7) JacHaudenschild (+225) Three time winner and defending champion who is coming off a third Saturday night at Keller in his first appearance in the Abreu sprinter this year. Haud is always a threat but has struggled a little this year that is the reason for being number seven on the list

8) Cory Eliason (+280) This guy just goes places in and wins. It is that simple. Proved this year he can run strong in the Midwest and proved years ago he can run strong on the west coast. This will be his first Trophy Cup aboard the Rudeen Racing sprinter.

9) Kyle Hirst (+390) Has taken a step back this year and has been only a part time racer as he and Steven Tiner get Tiner-Hirst Enterprises up and running. But dont be fooled he may be part time but he still possesses full time talent. Although Hirst has never been necessarily dominating at Trophy Cup dont worry. If it is a big race and he is there then Hirst is a legit contender.

10) Dominic Scelzi (+500) Was a contender last year and has been very fast all year in the Roth Motorsports sprinter scoring seven wins. Scelzi is still looking for that headline win in his career and no place better to accomplish than at Trophy Cup.

                It speaks to the talent of the field when former champions Bud Kaeding and Willie Croft aren’t among the favorites. Neither are accomplished national stars like Paul McMahon, Tim Shaffer and Seth Bergman. Even perennial California front runners were snubbed like DJ Netto, Mitchell Faccinto, Ryan Bernal, Chase Johnson, Justyn Cox and Colby Copeland. That doesn’t mean these guys can’t win – just didn’t make the cut. Somebody was going to be left out. These drivers all come in at +900.



Okay two sleepers:

        Justin Sanders (+1000) not many laps at Tulare for this driver but don’t worry. His talent is undeniable and he wins races for a living. While Sanders has yet to really be a Trophy Cup contender I have learned to respect this driver and what he can do – he is capable of completely dominating the competition at any point.

        Jason Solwod (+1500) Solwold has been electric the last two years on Thursday night. The next step is to be electric on Saturday. Can he do it – I am not sure but like Sanders it is dumb to count out Solwold when he shows up.


WEST COAST NEWS AND NOTES: Rico Abreu and Cole Macedo warmed up for the Trophy Cup with big wins during the Cotton Classic. Abreu was victorious with NARC while Macedo scored his first career win the with the Sprint Car Challenge TourFor Macedo -who operates under the shadow of his brother Carson it was another step in his development as he continues to improve. It was his second overall win of the yearChasing Abreu to the line was Bud Kaeding and Cory Eliason who was aboard the Rod Tiner sprinterKaeding, Dominic Scelzi and DJ Netto are waged in a tight war for the NARC championship. Scelzi was fifth Saturday and Netto sixthMacedo was followed by Justyn Cox and Haudenschild. Cox was back aboard his own sprinter for the weekend and continues to run strong as the season winds downCox and Kalib Henry will be teammates for the Trophy Cup as they will each steer a Doug and Kathy Rutz sprinter. Tony Gualda who has been in the Rutz cars often this year has landed a ride in the Vanlare sprinter for Trophy CupASCS National star and 2018 Dirt Cup champion Seth Bergman will pilot the Menne motorsports sprinter during Trophy Cup…Randy Hannagan who began his career in the bay area but has made a living in Ohio will return to the west coast aboard the Lemley family sprinter based out of Washington…Iowan Terry McCarl who has been a regular at Trophy Cup through the years will not be attendance…Amazingly Sean Becker is amongst the big name drivers with still has no ride for Trophy Cup. Other drivers include siblings Ryan and Jodie Robinson…Also Michael Faccinto is without a ride after an impressive four week stint aboard the Harley Van Dyke sprinter. Keith Kunz driverJessie Love returns to the seat for Trophy Cup…California native Logan Seavey continues his assault on the POWRI National Midget Series as he scored win number 12 Sunday night setting a series record. Overall Seavey has won 16 open wheel dirt track races this year…Lastly Austin Liggett continues to be impressive as he picked up his fifth non wing win of the year Saturday at Petaluma with USAC West Coast sprint cars. Liggett’s five wins are tied with Brody Roa for most non winged wins on the west coast…Tristan Guardino won the season USAC west coast season championship. He also made some cameo appearances late in the year at Ocean with the winged 360.


        That is it. Time to start getting packed and make the 16 hour tow south to the Trophy Cup. I will be providing updates all weekend long on twitter from Trophy Cup as the champion seeks $26,000.  and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim.





 By Joseph Terrell

 Olympia, Wa…Oh boy it is only two weeks away…that is Trophy Cup 2019. The biggest race on the west coast bar none is near and the hype is beginning. Most important everybody wants to handicap favorites and discuss which driver will walk away with all the money and glory Saturday night October 19 in the central valley of California. Well I decided to look at back at season to date and compile the numbers and figure out who have been the best drivers on the west coast this year. I looked at all the races on the west coast and added wins and podium finishes to determine the best drivers of the year on the west coast. This does not mean these are my favorites but just a look at the drivers that consistently finished up front on the west coast.


            1) Shane Golobic (33 pts)- Driving the Matt Wood sprinter Golobic has been nothing less than the best this year as he has racked up eight wins and an amazing 25 podiums on the west coast this year. In addition to being recognized as the best sprint car driver on the west coast Golobic is also a two time Trophy Cup champion. What is not to like. Golobic enters as one of the obvious favorites.


            2)Justin Sanders (30 pts)- Sanders has won 11 races to date in three different rides. Overall he has scored 19 podiums. He enters Trophy Cup in the Dale Miller sprinter which he has one win and three podiums on the year. Sanders is amazing but seems to do his best work in his family car or the Von Schriltz XXX. Can he be as dominant in the Miller sprinter on a track he rarely competes at?


            3)Andy Forsberg (29 pts) - Like Sanders Forsberg has won 11 races to date. His been in the podium 18 times as he splits time between his own ride and the F&F sprinter. Don't look for Forsberg at Trophy Cup…he will not be competing. Forsberg does all is work on the tight 1/4 miles in the northern valley. Paul McMahon will be aboard the F&F sprinter at Trophy Cup.


            4)Bud Kaeding (26 pts) - Kaeding flew under the radar this year but the only driver to ever win a Trophy Cup, Oval Nationals and Western World is no stranger to big wins. Overall he scored five wins and 21 podiums as he split time between his father’s Maxim and the Williams/Alviso Rock Maxim. Kaeding cannot be underestimated.


            5)Sean Becker (20 pts) - One of the best in California Becker traditionally does his best work north of the bay and this year he scored eight wins and 12 podiums  finishes as he split his time between three different rides. Don't be confused Becker can be a contender in the central valley and just needs a chance. Becker currently does not have a ride for Trophy Cup.


            Just missing the cut was Mitchell Faccinto (seven wins and 12 podiums) and Jason Solwold (four wins and 15 podiums). Faccinto had seven wins through mid-July but has been silent since, while Solwold has seemingly lived on the podium this year. Dominic Scelzi also has seven wins but has split his time between the west coast and the World of Outlaw Tour cutting into his point total.


New and Notes…Becker’s eighth win came over the weekend as he set a new track record and won the $5000 Adobe Cup at Petaluma aboard the Dan Monhoff sprinter… Becker outlasted Kalib Henry and Tony Gualda…Henry was aboard his father’s sprinter, while Gualda was taking his first voyage in the Worden family sprinter…Gualda is still looking for a Trophy Cup ride…Sanders won his 11th feature over the weekend at Ocean Friday night…He finished the season with five straight wins at the coastal racetrack…Sanders was the winner however was not the champion as that honor went to JJ Ringo abroad the Keller Motorsports sprinter…It was the first championship for the driver but not a first  for team owner Mike Keller. He is a former sprint car champion at Santa Maria Raceway in the 1980s…Brad Furr ran second to Sanders at Ocean while Colby Copeland rounded out the podium as he made his first appearance in Antaya Motorsports sprinters in a month… Scelzi continues to dominate the win column with NARC as he scored his fifth win of the season with the series Saturday night at Kern County Raceway…Despite his dominance in wins Scelzi still sits third in NARC points behind DJ Netto and Bud Kaeding. With two race left only eight points separate the top three…Kaeding was second Saturday night while Rya Bernal rounded out the podium. Bernal is fourth in NARC points in first full season running with series…Normally a winged driver Kaleb Montgomery picked up the USAC West Coast victory at Santa Maria Raceway. Montgomery is a very talented driver who just needs some better funding to fulfill his potential…Showing off his versatility Ringo followed securing a championship at Ocean with a third place run Saturday at Santa Maria…Although northwest season is over big news over the weekend was rookie Bailey Jean Sucich being the lucky winner of a new SHARK racing engine. She was amongst the 10 drivers to compete weekly at Skagit and Grays Harbor during the Dual Track Bonus. All ten drivers were entered into a drawing with top prize being a $45,000 SHARK ASCS engine. Sucich was the lucky winner…The Dual Track Bonus increased car counts all summer in Washington and hopefully new GHR promoter Bert Johnson will work with Steve Beitler to continue this new concept in 2020.


            Next week will be my last column before Trophy Cup and I will provide my 10 favorites for the race. The only sprint car race on tap this weekend on the west coast is the iconic Cotton Classic at Kings Speedway in Hanford. This is shows the ultimate double dip as it features the NARC 410 sprinters and the SCCT 360 sprinters.


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By Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa…If you live on the west coast and you like sprint car racing all eyes have turned towards California. With rain and cold weather hitting the northwest it was a quick hard reminder that summer is done and fall is here. Luckily the southern part of the west coast enjoys better weather and warmer temps and an opportunity for the season to continue for the stars of the west coast.

            The only thing on tap this weekend was the Stephen Allard Fall Nationals at Silver Dollar Speedway. The two night show has long been a staple of the west coast sprint car scene but with addition of the late Stephen Allard name this event has turned into one of the premier events on the west coast. This year saw 51 drivers compete Friday and 55 on Saturday making it the highest car count on the west coast all year to date bigger than Asparagus Cup, Dirt Cup, Platinum Cup and the Placerville Posse shootout. This shows how much drivers want to pay homage to Stephen Allard and his legacy. Although the show pays less than other big 360 races on the west coast, it is definitely one of those races where the prestige of winning is often times bigger than the money.

            This years addition saw Justyn Cox pick up his first career win at Silver Dollar on Friday night outlasting Shane Golobic while it was Tim Kaeding getting the job done on Saturday as he raced by Justin Sanders late in the race. Golobic was going for his eighth podium and third win of September unfortunately was unable to make the call Saturday ending his spectacular month in lackluster fashion.

            This time of year every race is analyzed in the lens of Trophy Cup and looking for favorites, surprises and those drivers struggling during 360 money season. Golobic has two trophy cup wins and has to date let the competition know he will be a contender. Tim Kaeding has been fast in the 410 but now seems to be getting the 360 rolling and he also has trophy cup wins in his resume. Cox is peaking and Justin Sanders looks to get the speed he needs to contend for that first trophy cup win. Rico Abreu will back on the West Coast soon and will bring a teammate and last years winner Jac Haudenschild with him. The Scelzi brothers will be potent as they have each spent a lot of the year competing against stout Midwest/Outlaw competition. The Tarlton team will be employing The Steel City OutlawTim Shaffer and young Buddy Koifoid. These are just of the few big name favorites as Trophy Cup is now less than three weeks away.


            But before Trophy Cup there are still some big shows on the table this next weeks action will include the season championship at Ocean Speedway on Friday night, while Saturday night features 360s at Petaluma for the $5000 to adobe cup and the 410 stars of NARC at Kern County in the central valley.

            News and Notes: Cox whose Septemer started slow finished strong with first and sixth at Placerville and then a first and fifth at Silver Dollar. He was aboard the Doug and Kathy Rutz sprinter at Silver DollarSpeaking of the Doug and Kathy Rutz Friday was the first time their car has been in victory lane in California. Cox will back aboard this weekend in PetalumaAmazingly Tim Kaedings win was his first 360 win of the year in the Joshua Bates sprinterSanders who has struggled in the 360 in September led for a while on Saturday before settling for second in the Dale Miller sprinterMichael Faccinto spent his second weekend in a row aboard the Harley Van Dyke sprinter and put it in the main each night. He best run was 10th on Saturday…Michael’s brother Mitchell was back in action after a few weeks off and brought the Stan Greenberg sprinter home fourth on SaturdayAnother driver who took the previous week off Bud Kaeding rounded out the podium Saturday in the Williams Motorsports/Alviso Rock MaximChase Madjic coming off some bad press concerning the World of Outlaws came home fifth Friday night as the outlaw kart star continues to improve in the sprintsWashington star Devon Borden started his California swing by putting his ride in the main both nights at Fall nationalsOther northwest stars competing at Fall Nationals were Skagit regular Greg Hamilton, Summer Nationals winner JJ Hickle and Cottage Grove champion Tyler ThompsonHamilton put it in the A Friday, while Hickle put it in the A Saturday after scratching FridayWillie Croft who struggled last week at Placerville rebounded with a third on Friday and a top 10 on Saturday aboard his own sprinterSilver Dollar legends Andy Forsberg and Sean Becker each had solid weekends resulting in top 10 runs each night. Ryan Robinson, Cox and Croft were the only other drivers to run top 10 both nights...California stars were well represented at the four crown nationals at Eldora. In All Star action Cory Eliason, Gio Scelzi and Buddy Koifoid were 2-3-4 in the main. In midget action Tanner Carrick, Logan Seavey and Rico Abreu ran 2-3-4Speaking of California stars Brad Sweet has reasserted control of the World of Outlaw point race after Donny Schatz had a ough weekend. Sweet looks to join Jason Meyers as the only California natives to win the Outlaw championshipDown south in Arizona RJ Johnson picked up his first USAC/CRA win of the year as he outlasted fellow Arizona star Stevie Sussex and Austin Williams. Damion Gardner ran fourth and maintained his point leadThe non-winged boys have five races left all in November all joint shows with the National guys.

            That is all for this week. While my next race isnt until Trophy Cup look for columns the next two weeks looking at the action on the west coast and previewing Trophy Cup.

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 By Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa…The Northwest sprint car season came to an end this last weekend with a two day show at the Yakima Dirt Track. The season began more than five months ago at the same track in early April with a Jason Solwold sweep and ended with Grays Harbor Champion Jay Cole winning Friday night and Summer Thunder Series Champion Devon Borden Saturday night. In between battles had been waged and slides jobs exchanged and as the dust settled 19 drivers had won at least one main event in Washington and Oregon.

            For Borden it ended a magical season in the northwest as he scored one ASCS national win (preliminary night of Brownfield Classic at Grays Harbor), three Summer Thunder wins and seven wins overall as he was the winningest driver throughout Washington and Oregon. Borden marked his arrival in early May when he outraced Solwold at Skagit to score his first career Summer Thunder Series win. This win at Skagit  against the barometer of the northwest was a signal of what was to come. Borden stormed to five more wins throughout the summer often in dominating fashion. In total he racked up 10 podiums.

            While Borden was dominating the win scene Solwold was always in the mix. After  sweeping shows at Yakima and Cottage Grove to start the season Solwold would not find victory lane again despite running on the podium 15 times and top 5 in  all but three 360 races he entered. He was involved in an epic battle on Saturday night of Dirt Cup before finishing fourth and at the Summer Nationals he settled for his third bridesmaid in four years. In between he barely missed winning his first Brownfield Classic as he chased Matt Covington to the finish line. Solwold had one last act left in late August when he ran third with Outlaws on a Friday night at Skagit Speedway. Logan Schuchart would sweep the show at Skagit, Daryn Pittman scored the win at Grays Harbor and Brad Sweet won at Willamette in Oregon.

            Back to Dirt Cup, This classic which takes place in mid June provided one for the ages as the 40 lap finale ultimately turned into a trade of slide jobs and test of bravo as Solwold and ASCS National Stars Blake Hahn, Matt Covington, Robbie Price and Seth Bergman swapped spots on a lap by lap basis. Hahn lead early, Covington broke while leading late but when the checkered fell it was Canadian and former Skagit track Champion Robbie Price standing tall with the $15,000 paycheck as he outlasted Hahn and Bergman. Another northwest regular turned ASCS star Roger Crockett won Friday night over a hard charging Colton Heath. Hahn won the first night over Covington and Solwold.

            On to Heath - the northwest stalwart finished with three wins as he scored two wins (one in May over Solwold and one in mid July) at Skagit and a Summer Thunder win at Grays Harbor to open September. Despite being the only regular with multiple wins at Skagit he wasn't factor in the point battle which was won by Cam Smith. Smith won an early June main over Bergman and Solwold and then gained the point lead in late August to score his first track championship. Smith was chased in points by one-time winner Greg Hamilton. Besides his Summer Thunder win at the track in early May Borden also won at Skagit in late August.

            The other driver who one two 360 races at Skagit provided one of the biggest surprises of the year. It may have been forecasted on opening night at Skagit when JJ Hickle finally scored his first win at the track to open the season. He then endured bad break after bad break. He didn't make it to Saturday night of Dirt Cup as he struggled mightily through the weekend and was only able make it to one night of northwest speed week before heading back home. But come the end of July he was talk of the of the northwest as he shocked the Skagit faithful when he passed Solwold and Bergman in the waning laps to claim the $10,000 first prize. Hickle drove by the two as they raced each other and set sail to the biggest win of his career. Bergman won the preliminary night at Summer Nationals over…who else Solwold. Hickle is now the pedal masher for the Ivan Worden based sprinter based out of California.

            Time to talk about Seth Bergman. He arrived in late May to race in his native northwest for the summer and the competition immediately took notice. He won in early June at Grays Harbor and was second the next week at Skagit. He finished third at Dirt Cup and was seemingly a factor in every race he entered. He picked up a mid-July win at Grays Harbor then won in early August at Cottage Grove. He headed home shortly after and had won four races and scored nine podiums during his two plus month stay..

            Cole’s win Friday at Yakima was a shocker and his first career Summer Thunder Series win. Cole also won a point race in mid June at Grays Harbor during his championship run there as he enjoyed a resurgence in his career this summer. Cam Smith would finish second points after winning a feature in May at the track. In addition to his ASCS win in June Borden won in late April, early July and early September.

            While Bergman grabbed a a lot of headline he was not the only invader of the northwest this summer. California stars Justyn Cox and Tony Gualda spent ample time steering the Doug and Kathy Rutz sprinters. They each picked up a wins at Cottage Grove. Cox nabbed the win at the Grove during the Marvin Smith memorial, while Gualda took the second night of the Summer Thunder Series two night stand in August. Both drivers did their best work in Oregon as neither scored a podium in Washington.

            Gualda however could not make the call for Dirt Cup which allowed California star Justin Sanders to hop into the Rutz car and make his first appearance at the famed race. While he did not find success during the weekend returned to the northwest a month later for speed week and snagged a victory at Cottage Grove on Wednesday night in his familiar family owned sprinter. Sanders also finished second to Cox at the Marvin Smith as he steered the Willie Kahne sprinter in the Memorial Day tradition..

            On the subject of speed week California star Mitchell Faccinto completely dominated as he won three of the five races - he won at Yreka, Sunset and the finale at Cottage Grove. Faccinto never finished outside the top five and was off the podium only once during the five races. As he dominated Kyle Hirst spent the first three races of the speed week turning wrenches and drinking beer and then hopped in the drivers seat the fourth night and won at Cottage Grove. Hirst then finished third Saturday as he continues to rack up podiums in his limited starts. Colby Copeland seemingly had the Saturday finale won at Cottage Grove but bad luck bit hard on lap 38 as broke while leading. The race at Sunset will forever be remembered for a classic wheel to wheel battle between Sanders and Oregon star Jake Wheeler that lasted countless laps and involved no touhcing.

            Cottage Grove produced three different winners during speed week and overall had ten 360 races and producing nine different winners. Solwold won twice with Faccinto, Sanders, HIrst, Cox,  Wheeler (early June), Tyler Thompson (late August), Bergman and Gualda all snagging one. Thompson won the track championship.

            And that is the northwest season in review. All 19 winners are mentioned at least once. I will do the same thing for California when the season ends there.


NEWS AND NOTES: With the northwest season complete look for Borden pick up some races in California as he seeks to get as many laps as he can…Another young northwest star started his sprint career this weekend as Colby Thornhill made his debut at Yakima and ran in the top 10 Saturday. Thonrhill is a known commodity in mini sprint ranks from Deming to California to Tulsa…Young Oregon star Tanner Holmes made the trip to Yakima worthwhile as he ran second on Saturday night. His best finish to date with the Summer Thunder Series…Idaho based Logan Forler made a rare a northwest appearance this weekend at Yakima as he had not been seen in the northwest since April at Cottage Grove…Speaking of rare appearances Utah based Chauncey and Channing Filler made the long trek to the Yakima Dirt Track. Chauncey has a win earlier this year at Sweetwater, WY duringASCS Frontier region competition…Justyn Cox and Rico Abreu were the winners during Placerville’s season closing two night Posse Shootout…Abreu’s win was worth $7000 and combined with a second on Friday was a great rebound for Abreu who recently had a re-shuffle on his team…Golobic finished second and third over the weekend and now has 23 podium finishes on the west coast this year…Kyle Hirst was aboard the Canales sprinter and finished third Saturday night - not bad for a part timer… Placerville track champion Andy Forsberg scored two top fives during the Posse Shootout while point runner up Kalib Henry nailed down a fourth Friday night…Copeland continues to run good in high profile 360 races as of late - second at Johnny Key, third at Platinum Cup and fifth at the Shooutout. All have been aboard the Van Lare SHARK powered sprinter…Copeland was teammates to Gualda who was in the second Van Lare car…Gualda will be back in the Rutz sprinter this weekend at Chico as will as Cox…Cox who steered the Morrison Concrete/Moxie Motorsports sprinter at Placerville this weekend including the $2500 Friday night win…Sanders and fellow California star Tim Kaeding made little noise over the weekend at Placerville. That isn't normal…Michael Faccinto spent the weekend aboard the Harley Van Dyke sprinter at Placerville came home seventh on Saturday. Faccinto is a star in micros and midgets and is a legend at the Tulsa Expo Arena but still seeking that full time sprint car ride…Some of the stars absent for weekend at Placerville were Mitchell Faccinto, Bud Kaeding, Geoff Ensign, Willie Croft and DJ Netto…Normal central California competitors Kaleb Montgomery and JJ Ringo made the trip to Placerville for the two nights. Montgomery put it in the A Friday, while Ringo snagged an A spot during Saturday night…Austen Williams scored his second USAC/CRA win of the year as he won the battle over Jake Swanson and Damion Gardner…It was the last race at the Perris oval before the prestigious Oval Nationals in November…Gardner continues to lead the points over Williams and Brody Roa…Roa ran fifth in his debut in the Dwight Cheney sprinter.


            That is all. I am out.


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 By Joseph Terrell

 Olympia, Wa…Every year as I drive home from Gold Cup I began to realize the racing season is winding down. In the northwest the season is just about over but even in California the season starts to slow down as usually their is only one maybe two offerings each weekend as the summer turns fall and fall starts to turn to winter. And with this champions begin to get crowned.


                        In late August Petaluma crowned Joh Clark while over in the valley Sean Becker was crowned at Silver Dollar Speedway. Up the I-5 in Oregon Cottage Grove crowned youngster Tyler Thompson. Labor Day weekend saw Michael Ing score the championship at Marysville after an impressive six wins at the track. A week later up in Washington Jay Cole added to his already full trophy chest as he scored the honors at Grays Harbor Raceway. This last weekend saw two of the more high profile track championships on the west coast awarded as Placerville Speedway in California and Skagit Speedway in Washington ran their season championships…or tried to.


                        What I mean by tried to is that while Placerville was able to settle their championship on the trackSkagit Speedway had rain decide the battle. Going into Saturday night Cam Smith had a mere five point lead over Greg Hamilton as both drivers sought their first track championship. Multiple time track champion Eric Fisher was sitting 14 points behind looking for a bad night from both to score another Skagit crown. However in what has been one of the driest years in recent history in the northwest mother nature had different ideas Saturday night and she let loose early and often forcing an early cancellation and handing the championship to Smith who had only gained the point lead during the previous point race in late August. Smith aboard the Dave Smith sprinter had one win and five top five finishes on the season versus one win and four top five finishes for Hamiton who steers the Greg Hamilton Racing sprinter. Ultimately it was the final point race August 24 that settled it as Smith came home fourth and Hamilton finished seventh.


                        Placerville Speedway did settle theirs on the track and Andy Forsberg capped off an amazing run at Placerville to score the championship over budding star Kalib Henry. Forsberg left no doubt as he roared to his seventh win of the season at the speedway aboard the F&F Racing sprinter. Forsberg has won more championships than one can count and continues to dominate those small northern California bullrings. Henry who had won the previous two point races couldn't keep pace on championship night and settled for second in points in what has been a breakout season for the young driver who split time at the track aboard the Jensen Motorsports sprinter, the Mcculloch’s RV sprinter and even one night in his dad’s sprinter. Henry will definitely be a contender next weekend as Placerville closes out their season with their two night NorCal Posse Shootout.


                        While this was going on the World of Outlaws were closing out their west coast swing in Calistoga after a midweek adventure in Placerville and a Friday night rendezvous at Stockton. David Gravel closed it out in style by setting fast time and then dominating the main event to score his eighth win on the season and keep his slim championship hopes alive. Donny Schatz who finished fourth at Calistoga weathered the west coast swing and some rough nights to escape with a slim point lead over Brad Sweet who scored two wins and five podiums during the nine race swing as he put the pressure on. Daryn Pittman also scored two wins during the swing as he continues to run fourth in points ahead of Logan Schuchart who roared to three wins and five podiums during the swing. His third victory of the swing at Stockton was bittersweet as it came at the expense of his teammate Jacob Allen who seemingly had his first outlaw victory sealed when ignition problem knocked him out on lap 28. It was another heartbreak for Allen who just can’t quite seem to get over the hill and conquer a main event. And while this was the heartbreak story of the week the feel good story of the week happened Wednesday in Placerville as Shane Golobic took the popular win in the Matt Wood sprinter. It was his second outlaw win of his young career. After battling for the lead on the opening night of Gold Cup Golobic found himself back in outlaw victory lane at Placerville. Th win left him feeling confident again as he had began to doubt whether he would conquer the outlaws ever again after doing it is a teenager.


NEWS AND NOTES: As Golobic was scoring an outlaw win fellow California superstar Justin Sanders was again ever so close as he finished third Wednesday night at Placerville….Golobic (twice), Sanders, Tim Kaeding and Jason Solwold were only non outlaw drivers to score podium finishes during the west coast swing …Golobic, Dominic Scelzi, Rico Abreu and Bud Kaeding were the only California locals attend all five races during the outlaw swing through the California…It was Golobic’s first 410 win of the year to go with six wins in 360 competition…Forsberg leads all drivers on the West Coast with wins as he sits at 11 following his win this weekend…Tony Gualda made his second appearance aboard the Van Lare SHARK powered sprinter Saturday at Placerville and ran second…Justyn Cox whose own ride is out of engines announced he will drive the Morrison Motorsports sprinter at the Posse Shootout. Siblings Ryan and Jodie Robinson have each spent time in this car this season…California star Buddy Koifoid spent the season racing in Ohio in the Ed Neumeister owned Linder family operated sprinter has announced he is searching for a ride as this was only a one year deal. Koifoid has enjoyed much success this season including a track championship at Fremont Speedway and an All Star win. Koifoid will be in Tarlton sprinter at Trophy Cup…Also announced All Star point leader Aaron Reutzel will be in a car at Trophy Cup…Another Californian star competing in the midwest Logan Seavey continues to have a dream season as he scored his 10th POWRI National Midget series win of the year. It was 13th midget win of the year and 15th open wheel win overall. Not bad…Another young California star making noise Gio Scelzi made his pavement Late Model debut over the weekend at Irwindale and did what he does - win….Non wing star Brody Roa won the USAC southwest feature Saturday night leads the point standing and sits third in USAC/CRA points as seeks to win both championships…Fellow SoCal star Jake Swanson currently sits in the top 10 in all four western USAC series (USAC/CRA, USAC Southwest, USAC West Coast and USAC W/S Midgets)… And finally straight out of the midwest Kyle Cummins won his seventh non wing feature of the year at Tri-State speedway in Indiana. They have only had seven features all year. That is right - perfection.


                        Next weeks action features the Shootout at Placerville in California and the two night Summer Thunder Series finale at the Yakima Dirt Track. I will be at home in Olympia working on those chores I neglected during the summer months.


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By Joseph Terrell


Along the I-5…Only once a year on the west coast can a fan or driver do four nights of sprint car racing in a row at the same track. That time is of course the annual Gold Cup which happens every September at the famous Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, Ca. The high banked quarter mile is action packed and it can be slick, hooked up, rough and all points in between leaving two nights never being the same. This is year was no different as fans were greeted to different track surfaces almost every night. Unexpected rains on Wednesday and non stop winds on Thursday and Saturday contributed to the wide range of track surfaces. Overall 63 different drivers competed in the four night extravaganza.


            This years Gold Cup took on a new form as it no longer featured the USAC/CRA sprints on Thursday night as it had for so many years but instead was essentially split into two two night shows. Wednesday and Thursday featured the 360s as they competed for $2500 on Wednesday and $4000 on Thursday in a show billed as the Platinum Cup. The format was based on the World of Outlaw format with the difference being that the first four on the preliminary night transferred directly to the dash and therefore the main on Thursday night.


            Wednesday night may have been the best action of the week as the 30 lap main event featured an amazing eight official lead changes but had many more as Andy Forsberg and Kalib Henry swapped the top spot on an almost turn by turn basis during the final 15 laps. Forsberg worked the bottom to perfection as he used patience to grab the lead for good at the white flag and hold on during a furious final lap aboard the F&F Racing sprinter. Henry continues to shine in the last half on the season ran the top without fear aboard the McCollouch RV sprinter and ultimately settled for second. Pole sitter Shane Golobic and 13th starting Dominic Scalzi grabbed the last two automatic transfers.


            Following Wednesday’s 30 lap main Thursday was to be a 40 a lap edition but mother nature had different ideas. With a non stop wind from the south that never relented the track crew battled the surface all night and ultimately the 40 lap race was shortened to 30 because of excessive tire wear. And while in the past I have been very critical of tracks shortening main events on this night this was the obvious choice. Rubber could be smelt starting about lap 11 and it was obvious excessive wear was occurring. Golobic would grab the main aboard the Matt Wood Racing sprinter as he snuck by Colby Copeland on lap 17 as Copeland hadn't found the rubber. Wille Croft also snuck by Copeland in own Amerikote sprinter to secure second. Copeland finished third aboard the Van Lare SHARK powered sprinter. Copeland was disappointed as he again came up short in his efforts to score a big win for the Van Lare family. He was leading the Oregon speed week finale when he broke in July, finished second at the Johnny Key in August and now third at the Platinum Cup in September.


            After two nights of 360 action it was time for the Gold Cup headliner which consisted of two nights of World of Outlaw action. Friday night featured an $8000 to win 30 lap adventure and Saturday was $15,000 to win while taking 40 trips around the Silver Dollar oval. The last few years the outlaw have struggled in Chico with California drivers displaying a major home court advantage. Rico Abreu had won two of the last three and last year led a California sweep of the podium on Saturday as Tim Kaeding was second and Cory Eliason third. In 2017 Justin Sanders finished a strong second after looking like he had the car to beat. This year the outlaws got their revenge at Gold Cup on Saturday night as they dominated the action and once again proved why they are the best drivers in the world.


            Friday night the California drivers looked like agin they may rule the weekend as outlaw regular and California native Brad Sweet won over fellow Californians Kaeding and Golobic. Golobic -  who has one previous career outlaw win at Antioch Speedway - started second and was strong as he raced Kaeding for the lead early until Sweet swept by both of them and took the lead on lap 17 and never looked back. Kaeding brought the Sides Motorsports sprinter home second as it was his third straight second at Gold Cup. Golobic was third, while Sanders was seventh in the Jon Von Schriltz XXX and Bud Kaeding brought the Morrie Williams sprinters home ninth.  Although the the track Friday was hooked up and passing was at a premium Sheldon Haudenschild was able to go from 14th to fourth at the checkered.


            Saturday the outlaw took control. it was that simple. With $15,000 on the line and 40 laps around the Silver Dollar Speedway awaiting them the outlaws dominated the action Saturday night. Early on Sanders looked like he was going to carry the torch for California but after starting sixth in the main Sanders couldn't get going and ultimately left on the hook on lap 38. Copeland started eighth in the Trevor Canales sprinter and was running fifth when a wing hydraulic derailed his effort on lap 17.


            From this point the outlaws laid dominance as they placed in nine out of the top positions with one exception being Tim Kaeding who ultimately finished sixth. Daryn Pittman jumped to the lead at the start aboard the California based Dennis Roth KPC and never looked back as he lead all 40 laps to secure his second career Gold Cup championship. Sweet made a few challenges and as the laps waned Logan Schuchart joined the battle after starting 12th but the lap 38 caution for Sanders reset the field and left Pittman open track which he used to his advantage. He was followed to the line by Sweet and Schuchart. David Gravel came home fourth and Sheldon Haudenschild once again charged from mudpack (this time 13th) to secure a top five position.


            Saturday night offered a rough track but once which offered a lot of racing and much more excitement than Pittman’s dominance would lead to believe. The heat races were competitive - especially heat three featured a wicked battle for third to seventh  - and their was great action throughout the field during Saturday’s main event. It is difficult to have four nights of racing on a track and the crew at Silver Dollar Speedway worked hard all weekend to try to give drivers and fans the best track possible. Although the track was for perfect at all times overall their each night offered plenty of action and intrigue and that is all that can be asked for.


WEEKEND NEWS AND NOTES: The story of the weekend in a lot of ways was Antioch Speedway local Billy Aton who made a rare 410 start a memorable one Friday night. Aton qualified 12th finished second in his heat which led to a dash appearance and ultimately a sixth place starting position in main event He came home 11th. Aton did not return Saturday night…After his win Wednesday local star Andy Forsberg struggled the rest of the weekend and did not qualify for the 40 lap main Saturday night…Golobic bid for four podiums in four nights took a hit on Saturday when he one to pits early during a caution as ran around the top five. He would finish outside the top 10 Saturday night…The World of Outlaw shows featured lower than expected car counts wit 30 and 29 respectively…Amongst the missing were Silver Dollar superstar Sean Becker (no ride), NARC point leader DJ Netto (who won Saturday’s 360 show at Kings), Mitchell Faccinto (who competed Wednesday and Thursday before heading back home to Kings for Saturday) and early season NARC point leader Ryan Bernal (he spent the weekend steering the Josh Ford sprinter in USAC/CRA competition at Merced and Santa Maria)…Geoff Ensign competed in amazing nine races in eight days as he competed in three USAC/CRA races, two NARC races, the Platinum Cup and with World of Outlaws…11 drivers competed in all four nights at Silver Dollar with Kaeding,  Sanders and Copeland using two different rides to accomplish the feat…Kaeding was in the Joshua Bates sprinter the first two nights, Sanders steered the Dale Miller sprinter Wednesday and Thursday and Copeland was in the Van Lare sprinter and then the Trevor Canales sprinter….Jon Allard and outlaw kart star Chase Madjic each competed in three nights as Allard subbed for Madjic on Wednesday in the Mittry Motorsports sprinters. Madjic was back in the ride the rest of the weekend and Allard was aboard the Olfill family Country Builders Construction sprinter Friday and Saturday…it was weird to not see California star Kyle Hirst compete the 410 version of Gold Cup although he did compete in the Platinum Cup aboard the C & M Motorsports sprinter…which speaking of the C & M sprinter former driver Tony Gualda was spotted in their pit area Thursday night. Saturday he was aboard the Van Lare sprinter in Petaluma and finished fourth. Local driver Bradley Terrell picked up the win in Petaluma…The drive of the weekend may have occurred on Thursday night when Oregon driver Jake Wheeler wheeled his sprinter to an eighth place finish after starting 18th. What was impressive about this was the fact the track had taken rubber and no could seemingly pass expect Wheeler as he used the top part of the track. Wheeler literally drove the wheels off as he had two ear flats as the race ended…Speaking of northwest drivers JJ Hickle was aboard the Worden family car for the week and could not stay out of trouble in Chico each night as lady luck was not on his side. He rebounded to finish fifth at Petaluma on Saturday…On the northwest line Devon Borden scored his sixth win of the year up at Grays Harbor as he won the season finale. Jay Cole won the championship…Other champions crowned this year include Michael (Marysville), Sean Becker (Silver Dollar) and John Clark (Petaluma)…Lastly Damion Gardner claimed the win at Santa Maria Raceway Saturday night to conclude USAC/CRA speed week and win the championship. He won the title by one point over Austen Williams who had won the previous weekend in Calistoga…Austin Liggett picked up the victory Friday in Merced but missed the races at Petaluma on Monday and Santa Maria Saturday spoiling his chance for the championship…Danny Faria, Jr. finished third in the mini series followed by NARC regular Chase Johnson (won at Petaluma) and Jake Swanson (won at Calistoga).


            That is all for now. I am sure there is more I want to write about but I cant think of it now. With Gold Cup in the rear view all attention is now towards Trophy Cup as that is the next race I will attend. I will continue to write every week and keep to update all things West Coast sprint car racing.


   and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim





 By Joseph Terrell

 Olympia, Wa…Well that is that. The World of Outlaws hit the state of Washington Friday night at Skagit Speedway and with a blink of the eye they were departing Grays Harbor Raceway Monday night. Throw in a Summer Thunder Series race Sunday night at GHR and it was four race weekend for those dedicated race fans and for Jason Solwold as he was the only driver to compete in all four nights. But Washington was not the only state with a lot on the menu this week as California had the big Louie Vermeil Classic (Saturday/Sunday) featuring USAC/CRA and NARC, Petaluma had USAC/CRA Mondaynight and by the way Marysville Raceway had a point race Saturday night. Yes a lot 360/410 sprint action on the west coast this week.


            Before I dive into all the happenings of the weekend on the west coast a big announcement was made Monday night that the World of Outlaws would be coming back to GHR on Labor Day in 2020. This come on the heels of Bert Johnson taking over the track in the beginning of August from Steve Beitler. It was big for Johnson to be able to lock in the outlaws as their had been some murmur about them not returning. No official announcement was made at Skagit but with the Outlaws signed for Monday of Labor Day weekend next year it makes sense that Skagit will have its traditional Friday and Saturday dates. Although the car counts were lower than years past the crowds for the all three outlaw races in Washington show why the series keeps coming back to the northwest. Huge crowds greeted the outlaws each night.


            While it was great news to hear GHR confirmed for next year the track will definitely need to step up its program when it comes to hosting two day shows. The first night was marred by numerous scoring delays during the modified main and a push truck running over Cam Smith’s back tire. Monday night was more of the same as the track changed the format on ford focus midgets without warning and sprint qualifying saw at least three instances where the push truck had pushed off a sprint car to early creating some close calls. Also while Monday nights main was much better than Sunday track conditions both nights left something to be desired as huge ruts were visibly evident in turns three and four. The power of the 410s helped them navigate these obstacles better than the 360s which allowed them to put on a better show but the GHR staff needs to produce a better racing surface for the outlaws.


            One more quick item to discuss. A lot was made - especially by fans in the northwest - about NARC running the same weekend in Calistoga and how that hurt car count. And while it would have been nice if their was no conflict truth is NARC has to do what is best for their schedule and drivers and that really only two or three drivers would have come up to race with outlaws in Washington meaning car counts would still have been in the low 20s.


WEEKEND NEWS AND NOTES: Daryn Pittman won the first two World of Outlaw races of the year but since then has been blanked. He changed that Monday night as took the lead early from Shane Stewart and never looked back. Pittman continues to run fourth in points…Pittman’s pass for the lead Monday was the only pass for the lead over the weekend. Schuchart led all 70 laps at Skagit and Colton Heath led all 30 laps of the Summer Thunder Series main on Sunday…For Heath it was his first Summer Thunder win of the year as he tries to win his second championship in a row. Unfortunately point leader Devon Borden finished second. Two point races remain…For all intent and purposes Jay Cole cliched his 10th track title in the 360 class Sunday night with one race remaining…Donny Schatz closed his weekend with a second at GHR after running second at Skagit Saturday. In both races Donny came on late. In each instance he was running fifth before making his charge…Schatz second place finish came at the expense of Carson Macedo who had to settle for third in his first trip to GHR…Down in Marysville Saturday night Carson’s little brother Cole picked up the win the Tarlton Racing sprinter…The NARC Calistoga shows were won by Rico Abreu and Dominic Scelzi. For Scelzi it was his series leading fourth win of the year…Bud Kaeding was the only driver on the podium each night as he finished third and second…With three races left Kaeding trails DJ Netto by five points. Scelzi sits it third 12 points behind Netto. Willie Croft and Ryan Bernal round out the top five…Bernal joined Kaeding, Geoff Ensign and Chase Johnson in running both divisions at Calistoga. He finished second Saturday in the Colby Copeland owned sprinter with USAC/CRA…Austen Willaiams won Saturday with USAC/CRA while Jake Swnson took the win Sunday. For Swanson it was third win in as many weekends…Johnson won Monday at Petaluma with USAC/CRA after a strong weekend at Calistoga where results didn't show his speed. Johnson continues to be the most versatile driver California as he has picked up sprint car wins with NARC, SCCT and USAC/CRA. Overall he has seven sprint car wins this year…Ensign spent the weekend aboard his normal Clayton Snow ride for NARC and Finkerbinder sprinter for the USAC/CRA portion. His best finish over the weekend was seventh Sunday at Calistoga in the USAC/CRA main…Johnson (in the Thomas sprinter for each division) and Ensign were the only drivers to compete in both NARC shows and all three USAC/CRA shows over the weekend…The Canadian based Doug and Kathy Rutz owned team had an interesting weekend as they employed three drivers in three nights…Friday Borden made his 410 debut, Saturday featured Tony Gualda and Justyn Cox as did Sunday. Borden was the only driver to finish a main as the team battled lady luck all weekend. They had planned to run GHR Monday and Willamette Wednesday with Cox but a change of plans had them head home Monday morning and Cox return to California to run the first two nights of Gold Cup…As previously mentioned Solwold ran all four nights in Washington over the weekend. He brought the Shaylen Raye sprinter home third, ninth, fifth and 10th. Summer Nationals champion JJ Hickle ran sixth Sunday with Summer Thunder Series will head to California this week to hop into the Worden sprinter and run the first two nights of Gold Cup and then Saturday at Petaluma.


                        Well that is all for now. Getting ready to hit the road and head to Silver Dollar speedway for four nights of Gold Cup action. The new format should be exciting with two full nights of winged 360s and two full nights of winged 410s. In addition to Gold Cup other sprint car action on the West Coast includes season championships at GHR, point races at Petaluma and Kings Speedway and the conclusion of USAC/CRA speed week at Merced Friday and Santa Maria Saturday.


   and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim. I will be posting  updates all weekend long from Silver Dollar Speedway.






By Joseph Terrell 


Olympia, Wa…And just like that the World of Outlaw swing through Washington is almost done. What started Friday at Skagit Speedway will end tonight at Grays Harbor Raceway with a 30 lap $8000 to win main event. After two nights at the bullring the Outlaws will move to the wide and fast GHR for their annual visit. The outlaws have been coming to GHR since the mid-1990’s with a few missed years. The track has produced many different outlaw winners but in recent years one driver has dominated and with that the sharpies are ready to lay the odds for tonight’s race. Last nights track conditions at GHR has the sharpies concerned as the track became very rough during the Summer Thunder 360 main event. A rough track could shake the bottle up but the sharpies have moved on and are assuming track conditions will improve tonight.


            1) Donny Schatz (+25) The sharpies almost went even money but decided against it. With that said Schatz has been the driver to beat the last five years with three wins in four starts. Schatz struggled a little Friday at Skagit but rebounded in a big way Saturday as he roared to a second place finish after running fifth for  most of the feature. Schatz is seeking his ninth win of the 2019 campaign as he enters the night with a 26 point lead over Brad  Sweet.


            2) David Gravel (+75) Gravel started with a bang at Skagit Friday when he broke the existing track record but the rest of the weekend was rather average. Gravel struggled Saturday as his JJR team changed engines and replaced the front end in an attempt to gain extra speed. Gravel has never won at GHR but has been third the last two visits and currently sits third in points 114 behind Schatz. Gravel is looking for his eighth win of the year and is always dangerous at high speed joints like GHR.


            3)Logan Schuchart (+85) Schuchart has never been on the podium at GHR so how is he third in the odds. Easy after a dominating performance at Skagit in which he led all 70 laps in two nights the sharpies were not going to overlook Schuchart again. He comes in into the race fifth in points and is seeking his seventh win of the year.


            4)Brad Sweet (+115) The point leader for most of the year Sweet leads the series in wins and top five finishes. Sweet contended at Skagit Saturday before coming home third has one podium at GHR in the last five years. The sharpies almost didn't put Sweet on the list but thought better of it. Sweet has been in a draught and would like nothing better than to get win 13 as the series heads to the Golden State.


            5)Daryn Pittman (+140) Pittman sits fourth in points and has done it by being consistent. He only has two wins but has been up front all year long. Pittman finished second at GHR last year. Pittman had solid weekend at Skagit but really wants to make up some ground as the West Coast swing has always been good to him.


            Shane Stewart won in 2017 but with all the noise surrounding him and CJB Motorsports team the sharpies decided to stay away from a driver who has had much success at the GHR oval over the years including two outlaw wins and two Fred Brownfield Classic victories.


            A couple long shot odds for tonights show:


            Brent Marks (+400) For some reason the sharpies like the Pennsylvania standout Marks tonight. Maybe they just feel he is do for a good run. GHR is a little bigger than Skagit and Marks background is racing on the big high speed Pennsylvania ovals.


            Jason Solwold (+950) struggled a little Saturday night after his podium run on Friday. Solwold finished fifth last night as he tried to just survive the rough track has a lot confidence in his 410 program and with shuffle on the crew that has Peter Murphy turning the wrenches the sharpies see potential for the upset. Solwold missed last years race at GHR.


            Well that is it for now. Time to get back to the track for the final night of the outlaw swing through Washington.  I will have an article tomorrow with complete breakdown of all the action on the west coast over the weekend.


   and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim.







By Joseph Terrell


Skagit Speedway…Outlaw weekend in the northwest is always huge. It is the most anticipated racing weekend of the year amongst fans and the campground and crowds proved it. Friday night saw the campground packed and the stands full. With 410 racing a thing of the past in the northwest fans flock to this weekend to see the premier division in all of sprint cars do its work. With 19 cars checked in (supported by 35 focus midget) the outlaws rolled the through a professionally ran program and Logan Schuchart was taking the checkered flag a little after 850 p.m.

            Fan were greeted to a super hooked up Skagit Speedway putting passing at a premium and challenging the fitness of the drivers. David Gravel admitted to being worn out after running a 10 lap heat race in about a minute and a half. Second and third place finishers Kraig Kinser and Jason Solwold both talked in post race interviews about the demanding nature of the track and the stress it put on cars and drivers. Schuchart made reference to the track being scary fast. Each start of a race was high intensity as drivers saw how important it was to get into turn one and out of two fast if they wanted to gain a position. In heat one Carson Macedo came together with Shane Stewart as they raced off turn four on the start - each big eyed to get into turn one first and gain the position. Stewart’s CJM Motorsports car was destroyed while Macedo was recipient of a few wayward punches from Stewart.

            How fast was it last night at Skagit Speedway for the World of Outlaws? An amazing six drivers qualified under the old track record led by David Gravel. With new clay put down earlier in the week Skagit Speedway was super hooked up all night long putting passing at a premium. The track widened during the 30 lap main event but still was too hooked up to see in significant movement during the A main. While it was little one lane and lacked passing the main event was amazing in its own right as the drivers were challenged by the demanding conditions and speeds. Watching the fastest sprint car drivers in the world push Skagit Speedway to its limit was an amazing sight nonetheless.

            Schuchart scored his first career outlaw win at Skagit Speedway and fifth of the year in the SHARK owned XXX. Schuchart was never challenged as he railed around the lightning fast Skagit Speedway and pulled away during the last 15 laps. Schuchart seemed to be able push the limits for more laps than other drivers as he kept a roaring pace over the second half of the race while the rest of the field fell behind. Kinser looked like he was the driver to beat during the heat and dash but lost the race into turn one in his KInser Racing owned Maxim and ran an unchallenged second all race.

            Solwold who started out outlaw weekend last year with a bang only to end with thud was super fast all night and brought home the Shaylen Raye Motorsports sprinter home third. Solwold had a scary moment late in the race as he struggled to get around slower Austen Wheatley allowing fourth place Ian Madsen to make up ground. Solwold eventually used a bonsai move in turn four to clear Wheatley and secure the spot. Madsen would finish fourth ahead of Brad Sweet.

            New and Notes: After being announced he would be parting ways with CJB Motorsports team Stewart was hoping for a big weekend at a favorite track. His first night was not what he was hoping for as he had to pull down second car to tag the A and finish 13th after his violent heat race flip…Local Justin Youngquist put together funds to rent a 410 for the weekend but trouble in the heat race caused him to scratch for A…Devon Borden’s first career run in the 410 was a learning day as he mainly tried to stay out of trouble and get laps in the Doug and Kathy Rutz owned sprinter…Justyn Cox will drive the car tonight through Willamette…Australian Jessie Attard drove from Pennsylvania to finish his American season with a run with the World of Outlaws on the West Coast. Attard crossed the line in 15th…Former World of Outlaw champion Jason Meyers was in the pits taking in the action at Skagit Speedway…Rumors about his presence were many but I am not going to speculate on these at this time…The low car count was definitely a point of conversation but most recognize it is the reality of a 410 race where 410s don't run.

            You can catch me tonight at Skagit Speedway for night two of the World of Outlaws. Down in California the Louie Vermeil Classic tips off for two night featuring NARC and USAC/CRA. Next two nights I will down in Elma Sunday for Summer Thunder Series and Monday for the World of Outlaws. This is my favorite week of the year as after Elma I head to Silver Dollar Speedway for four more nights of sprint car action.

                and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswm. I will be providing twitter updates all night service permitting.







By Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa…Their was time through from 2006-2013ish that Skagit regulars provided some steep competition and won twice (Jason Sowlold-2006 and Travis Jacobson-2012) with a few stolen by lap traffic (Jayme Barnes 2008-2009). In 2011 it was local car owner Kevin Rudeen winning with soon to be Skagit speedway legend and Texan born Sam Hafertepe, Jr. takin the honors (his legend is well known at Skagit).Now Knoxville regular Trey Starks has battled the outlaws on the famed Skagit oval in previous years - before that he was winning Dirt Cup preliminary mains at an age most of us are acting dumb at. But times have changed though the fun of setting odds for Outlaw weekend hasn’t. The sharpies have set this weekends outlaw show at Skagit. They looked at history, the last five years of results at Skagit with Outlaws and then factored the current year to set the favorites.

1)      David Gravel (+50) – A little a bit of surprise given Gravel’s inconsistent history at Skagit. He did sweep in 2016 but has struggled mightily at times making it very difficult to handicap him. However given the fact that he has shown the ability to dominate at Skagit and given the run he has been on the last month the sharpies were swayed by recent results more than recent history.

2)      Donny Schatz (+75) – Like Gravel Schatz has mixed history at Skagit. He swept in 2014 but has only been on the podium twice since then in seven races. But it is Donny and like Gravel he has been running good lately and recently reclaimed the point lead. Schatz seems poised to get on a hot streak and seal the championship with some great string of wins – maybe Skagit will start the run?

3)      Brad Sweet (+100) – Has never won at Skagit. Led the Outlaw points until recently as he has struggled coming out of Knoxville. But don’t sleep on Sweet. He has three podiums in his last four mains at Skagit and has won more Outlaw races this year than anybody (12). While Sweet has been in a rut the last few weeks he thrives on the West Coast bullrings and Skagit is one he still hasn’t won at.

4)      Shane Stewart (+200) – this one is about history. Nobody runs better at Skagit in big shows than Shane Stewart. NOBODY! With this said he only has one podium in his last six A main starts at Skagit with the Outlaws and has probably not quite met expectations in the his first year with CJB team. However like Sweet Stewart feasts on the West Coast and no better track to start a West Coast run at than the place he has made his personal playground in the past

5)      Daryn Pittman (+225)- Kind of surprised this guy is fifth given the fact that he has won two of the last three main events at Skagit. With that said in Pittman’s last nine starts at Skagit he has no other podiums besides his two wins. Pittman is one of the most consistent drivers on the tour and always seems get slept on.


The five favorites are all Outlaw regulars as they have dominated Skagit action in recent years with the amount of non outlaw drivers dropping each year. This year looks to be the lowest as some of the drivers who have supported the Outlaws at Skagit (Rico Abreu, Willie Croft and Dominic Scelzi) will be in Calistoga running with NARC 410 series in dual show with USAC/CRA.  With that said their is two non Outlaw drivers the sharpies thought were worthy of odds.

       Tim Kaeding (+600) - Has never won a major race at Skagit and has struggled at times but sharpies looked at Kaeding’s recent performances and couldn’t overlook him. He dominated the NARC speedweek this past weekend has been a  front runner all year in the 410 division when he has ran them whether it has been in the Tiner sprinter or the Sides Motorsports sprinters. He will be driving the Sides car this weekend. He may not win but look for Kaeding to be a factor.

       Jason Solwold (+1000) - Last minute addition. Sharpies like the fact he got 410 laps in at Knoxville and think it might translate to a good run at his home track. Solwold has not won all year at Skagit but he can be break the drought in a big way with a magical run this weekend.

Even though the car count will hover around 20 for the weekend, which will disappoint some,I expect great action as Steve Beitler and his crew have had Skagit Speedway in top shape the last few years for the World of Outlaws and this year should provide more of the same.

NEWS & NOTES: A lot of action of the west coast last weekend and it was headlined by four night NARC speed week featuring Kyle LarsonLarson won the first night and immediately talk of a four night sweep started but the Kaeding brothers had something different in mind as they won the next three (Tim won two, Bud the other one)Tim Kaeding was truly dominant as he rolled the Rod Tiner sprinter to four podiums in four nightsOn Friday night both Ocean Speedway and Silver Dollar speedway had 360s on tap and couple familiar faces graced victory lane.At Ocean Justin Sanders picked up his fifth win of the year at the track and 10th overall on the West Coast to lead all drivers...At Silver Dollar Sean Becker closed out the regular season with his fourth win in last five races at the track in the Menne Motorsports sprinter to clinch the track championship. Becker was not done as he won the next night in Petaluma in the Worden sprinter. It Beckers sixth overall win of the yearRunning second to Becker at Silver Dollar was Kalib Henry in the Jensen Motorsports sprinter. Henry has been fast lately no matter the ride and seems poise to challenge for some of the big money California 360 races coming upMaking a rare appearance Friday night at Ocean was legend Brent Kaeding who drove his own sprinter to second place finishIn addition to Petaluma Saturday night saw 360 action at Marysville, in Oregon at Cottage Grove and SkagitLike Becker Andy Forsberg ran the first two nights of NARC speed week before running the 360 Friday and Saturday. After running fourth on Friday at Chico, Forsberg rebounded to win at Marysville. It was his ninth overall win of the yearYoung Oregon driver Tyler Thompson picked up his first 360 career 360 win at Cottage Grove outrunning Kyle Miller and Tony GualdaGualdas teammate for the night in Rutz sprinter was Southern Oregon star Garen LinderLastly at Skagit Devon Borden dominated as he rolled to his second win of the year at Skagit and fifth overall. Borden set fast time and stormed to the lead by lap two and was never challenged.

            That is all for now. As previously mentioned I am headed to Skagit for Friday and Saturday and then GHR Sunday and Monday. Will definitely have an article Sunday handicapping the favorites for GHR and looking back at the nights of action at Skagit. Also look for an article next Tuesday covering the action at GHR.

   and on twitter @idrinkiswim. Follow on twitter for updates all weekend long.





 BY Joseph Terrell - Tale of the Northwest Nomad

 Cannon Beach, Or…I am a dirt track guy. No doubt about it. Been going for more than 36 years every summer chasing dirt track racing up and down the west coast. it is my passion and the reason I started writing this column was because I spend so much time going to races and talking about races that I figured I might as well write about it. But over the last few years and have broadened my horizons and began to enjoy NASCAR at a time when it isn't cool to like NASCAR. I am now  a loyal follower and am pretty much up to speed to what is happening in the three major divisions at all times - when three years ago the only the thing i knew or cared about was Kyle Busch. So with this is mind I headed up to Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Wa. to take in a K&N West Pro Series 150 and the track local super late models around the monster 5/8 mile oval. This would be new to me no doubt. I have been to a few a pavement shows through the years but never a race sanctioned by NASCAR.


                        Until Saturday my experience with live NASCAR racing had been one night of truck qualifying years ago at Evergreen. I remember missing the Saturday night show to head to Skagit for a weekly show so I was in for a new experience on this night. First their would be no heat races. Both the K&N Series and super late models (along with the two support divisions) just qualified and then ran their main events. Where in dirt track racing we are used to show of qualifying, heat races and main event that start as the sun sets pavement racing is different as it as an all day experience.


                        We arrived little before 3 pm so we could catch the super late models and K&N cars qualify. From 415 to 545 pm track was quite as their was an autograph session and chance for fans to stretch their legs and take in the events of the day. The K&N cars were immediately impounded after qualifying - meaning teams could make no changes to the cars in between qualifying and the beginning of the race (I kinda wish major touring sprint car series would do this between qualifying and heats). At 545 the track came alive with the first support division and at 630 the K&N series took green. The K&N race was 150 laps with caution laps counting and on lap 75 their was five minute break to to change tires and making any necessary chassis adjustments.


                        Obviously one of the draws of the K&N series is young female sensation Hailie Deegan. Deegan has become a face of racing with her aggressive driving style and amazing personality and will continue to be as she has all the right ingredients to become a major star. Deegan - who finished ninth in Bristol with K&N East on Thursday - was strong during the middle of the race but slipped during the last 50 laps after getting to second. She battled an ill handling car at the end finally came home seventh. While I have not doubt Deegan has a great future I just hope the hype doesn't exceed the reality. Deegan is good - and one day might be great - but she is 18 and has a long way to go. Sometime race fans will latch onto a driver and expect what cannot be achieved. As a race fan I just want to enjoy Hailie Deegan and see where this goes and not overhype but just enjoy another young driver trying to make their way.


                        Just like dirt racing pavement racing is full of stars you’ve never heard of. Trevor Huddleston a little known driver nationally but an established superstar in California/Arizona pavement scene ran away with the show Saturday night to score his second win of the year. Huddleston won 22 races on pavement in 2017 running regionally. Running right behind him was 17 year old Wisconsin star Derek Kraus. Kraus is leading K&N West points and was second in K&N East points before missing Thursday’s race at Bristol. Kraus a high school wrestler has already dabbled in trucks. The pole sitter and early leader was Brittney Zamora a young star from Kennewick, Wa. who had the crowd on their feet all Saturday night. Zamora ultimately came home third in her best K&N West finish to date. Zamora, like Kraus and Deegan, competes in both K&N Series for a majority of the races.


                        And just like dirt racing pavement racing can be very humbling. Zamora pulled double duty and was beaming after her K&N run which she had faded to fifth before working her way to third. But in the super late models Zamora was just another driver as she ran mid pack before finally finishing sixth. She was never a factor at a track she has many laps at proving that like dirt track racing locals are fast and you can’t just show up and expect to win because your a big name.


                        I enjoyed my first K&N race and their will be more but it now time for this guy to back to dirt.


WEST COAST NEWS AND NOTES: No 360 racing in the Northwest sprint car racing this week as the ISCS limited sprint week of speed took center stage. Oregon star Tanner Holmes won the championship and winning three of the six races…Oregon drivers won the first five nights but Washington’s Kelsey Carpenter stopped the streak on the final night at GHR. Using a term often overused - why doesn't Carpenter have regular 360 ride?….Down in California three 360 races produced three different winners at Silver Dollar Speedway Friday and then Ocean and Placerville Saturday…At Chico Sean Becker did Sean Becker things and won the always emotional Tyler Wolf memorial. Becker’s win came aboard the Dan Menne #75 sprinter. In true Becker fashion he finished fifth the next night at Ocean in first voyage aboard the Antaya Motorsports #16…Speaking of the Antaya Motorsports ride normal driver Colby Copeland was behind the wheel Friday in Chico before hopping into the Van Lare #5v Saturday at Ocean and finishing second…Second to who at Ocean? Well of course that would be Justin Sanders who dominated the $5000 to win Johnny Key Classic and in the process won his west coast best ninth main event of the year aboard his families #17. Sanders finished 13th Friday night at Chico in the Dale Miller #4sa…Up at Placerville Kalib Henry won for the second straight week. It was his third win of the year as he won earlier in the year at Marysville Raceway. Henry won the week before in the McCullouch RV #17 scored his win this week in the Jensen Motorsports #5j…Henry started the year in the Worden Family #63 but that ride has recently become the stomping grounds of Skagit Summer Nationals winner JJ Hickle. Hickle was in the ride this weekend in Edmonton and I’d expect to see him in it more as the northwest season winds down…Speaking of Edmonton California ace Justyn Cox steered the Doug and Kathy Rutz #8 to win in their home country Friday night. Saturday night was spooked by rain…Back to California and the merry go around of rides and drivers. C&M Motorsports who have used a myriad of drives to fill their seat since departing with Tony Gualda in July had Kyle Hirst in the saddle Friday at SDS and Saturday at Placerville. Hirst delivered with a second and third place finish…Andy Gregg who started his season late but has been strong finished second  Saturday at Placerville in his own GUTS #16 after finishing fourth at SDS on Friday in a different ride. Gregg in putting the 410 for this weeks 410 speed week…Lastly what about the performance by Jake Swanson with the USAC/CRA at Perris as he rebounded from an early problem went to the back then roared back to win the race. All dirt track fans should go to a non wing race once at the PAS - it will change your life…My PAS moment was watching Brent Kaeding about 16-17 years ago work the top line and go from deep in the field to second on a preliminary night at the Oval Nationals - it was BK at his best and the last time I saw him truly like this…When right PAS is amazing…Speaking of the PAS besides Rip Williams no driver has been as dominant their as Damion Gardner yet he continues to struggle at the PAS this year and has yet to win.


                        While the west coast is dominated by 360’s the next few weeks will focus on 410s as we have 410 speed week in California and the the outlaws start their fall swing labor day weekend in Washington. My next article will look back at 410 speed week and look forward to the outlaw swing. In addition we have USAC/CRA speedweek which kicks off at Calistoga September 1.


                        I will be headed to GHR next weekend for their weekly show…until then I’ll be either swimming, running or cycling.


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 BY Joseph Terrell - Tales of the Northwest Nomad


Olympia, Wa…One of the pinnacles of July each year in the northwest is Northwest Speedwell. It has occurred early in the month and late in the month a few times but most often in the middle. Nonetheless northwest sprint car fans knew July was speed week month and more 20 years later nothing has changed. And just as that tradition has stood the test of time another speed week tradition is just beginning. Started last year the Interstate Sprint Car Series (ISCS) conducts a six race, six night , five tracks speed week for limited Sprints. After a successful inaugural campaign the Week of Speed as it has been dubbed returned again this year.


            Friday night I took in night five of the 2019 edition - and it also my first time spectating the ISCS series as a series. The format runs similar to Speed week in July where qualifying and heat race points are combined to determine your starting position. Then a pill draw is done amongst the top eight in points to determine the first four rows. The only difference really being that the ISCS qualifies in groups.


            Coming into Friday Oregon teenager Tanner Holmes had dominated the competition through the first four nights - which had been in Oregon before coming to Elma, Washington for the last two nights. Only fellow Oregon standout Jake Wheeler has been able to slow Tanner Holmes momentum as he had won Tuesday night at Cottage Grove. Besides that it had been all Holmes as he won in Coos Bay on Monday, the unplanned second night at Cottage Grove on Wednesday and then finally picked up his third win of the week on the suddenly fun Sunset Speedway in Banks. As the tour rolled into Elma on Friday to take on the mighty Grays Harbor Raceway (which had recently received some new clay) the question was could anybody stop the Tanner Holmes express. The answer…


            …Yes somebody could stop the Tanner Holmes express and it was fellow Oregon teenager Tyler Thompson. As Holmes was dominating Thompson had really been picking up the pace after a rough first two races. He had podium finishes on Wednesday and Thursday and on Friday he drove his families KPC flawlessly as he roared from seventh to take the lead from Skagit Speedway sportsmen ace Kelsey Carpenter on lap 16 and never looked back. Thompson was elated in victory lane commenting on the raciness of the track and how wing adjustments during the race really helped him get his car where it needed to be.


            Carpenter making his first Week of Speed start aboard the Bill Rude sprinter started second and led 10 laps before settling for second. He along with California’s Emily Williams looked to break the Oregon stranglehold on victory lane as Oregon drivers have now won all five races. Williams started third contended in the middle laps and then held off eighth starting Holmes for her best finish of the week.


            On a side note Holmes, Thompson and Williams made all five nights of 360 speed week in July and now have made the first five nights of the ISCS Week of Speed.


            Now back to Cottage Grove and that unplanned second night. First lets rewind to July when at the last minute Willamette Speedway cancelled their 360 speed week date because of mystery rain. Cottage Grove which was running Friday and Saturday that week stepped up and took the cancelled Willamette show giving them three nights.


            Now back to August and in this instance Cottage Grove was to run Tuesday and then a quick jaunt up I-5 to Willamette on Wednesday. Well the Linn County Health Department had other ideas and shut down the track Monday afternoon until further notice for numerous health violations that have not been fixed. Amongst the things to fixed was a lack of hot water in the restroom and lack of an accessible family restroom.This was supposed to be addressed by the beginning of the season in April and was not. Other issues that were to be addressed by June were not including obtaining permits to install approve fire alarm systems.


            At this point Willamette sits shut down as they not only have the mandates of April and June to remedy they also have issues that they need to be compliant with by 2020 race season including destroying and rebuilding a restroom. Not to mention the fire marshal has been poking around. Things are definitely shaky for the famed Linn County Oval. The World of Outlaws as of now are still on the schedule for September 4 but that time is fast approaching. And as we get closer I am sure more than a few drivers wouldn't mind seeing Cottage Grove again come to the rescue of a Willamette sprint car date. Stay tuned on this fluid issue.


            That is it for now. Headed to Evergreen Saturday night for K&N West and Super Late Models on the 5/8 mile paved oval. I will have a recap of my day at a pavement show and also a run down of all the happenings in the West Coast Sprint Car scene from the weekend.


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by Joseph Terrell - Tales of the Northwest Nomad

Olympia, Wa…Unless you have been abducted by aliens and taken to a place with no media you are aware the Knoxville Nationals occurred this last week. And while I spent most of the week holed up in my office at work I closely followed from afar as David Gravel finished what he started in 2017 and claimed his very first Knoxville Nationals. After a dominating performance in 2017 that was derailed by mechanical issues as he was on his way to victory, Gravel left no doubt this year as he won the Capitani Classic, his preliminary night and then topped off with a dominating performance Saturday night to bring home the $150,000.

Not only did Gravel win he spent the week being accompanied by NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon. With Gravel’s win the rumors started immediately that Gravel was headed to NASCAR. And while Gravel has been open about his interest in going South for his next career move lets not jump to conclusions. NASCAR is tricky game to get into and we all know the difficulty World of Outlaw drivers have had being successful in Cup cars. So before we bid Gravel farewell lets see how things play out. But having a person like Jeff Gordon being a supporter and believer will only keep the intrigue going as we start the final third of the sprint car season.

While Gravel deserves all the attention and accolades, I cannot ignore the job done by JJR to rebound from tragedy last year to being at the top of the sport again. Led by Phil Dietz the JJR team has quickly meshed with Gravel and now owns two Knoxville Nationals Championships as a team. That is an amazing accomplishment for this team. Dietz has become one of the best crew chiefs on the tour and I would keep your eyes on this team as they are not out of the championship hunt and obviously have tons of momentum.

Finishing second to Gravel was 22nd starting Logan Schuchart who roared through the star studded field to claim the runner-up spot. For Schuchart it was another great run in a major race that came up just short. Rewind to last month and Schuchart made a spirited charged from 12th at Kings Royal to take the lead and then ultimately finish second. That is two runner-ups and 30 passed cars in the two biggest 410 shows of the year. Not bad for Schuchart and the SHARK racing team as they continue to develop as a team and have really become a contender. Schuchart, much like Bobby Pierce in Dirt Late Models, is starting to be that driver that can come from anywhere in the field on any night to win a race – and like Pierce he has knack for doing when the field loaded. His consistency is not that of Brad Sweet, Donny Schatz and Gravel but he can race with them any night.

Rounding the top five on Saturday was Daryn Pittman (his best nationals finish), Tim Kaeding and Aaron Reutzel. Reutzel started on the pole Saturday and was my pick but faded during the race to fifth. Nonetheless his performance was another step in his ascension to stardom. While Californian Kaeding - who spends most of the year wheeling 360s in California - continues to shine whenever he is aboard the Sides Motorsports sprinter. Kaeding will definitely be a factor on the west coast swing as preliminary plans have him in the Sides car during most, if not all, of the Outlaw swing which kicks off at Skagit Speedway Labor Day weekend.

Speaking of Schatz and Sweet their could not have been a bigger surprise than seeing these two outside the top five Saturday night. Sweet hung around the top five all night until an incident late in the race forced him to hold onto sixth. Schatz was never a factor all weekend as a tough preliminary night and mechanical issue Saturday left him behind the eight ball- he was able to salvage a ninth place finish. This was the first time Schatz has been out of the top two at the Nationals since forever and just another sign of how competitive sprint car racing has become. While I thoroughly believe that Schatz and Sweet are the class of sprint car racing this last weekend proved once again that difference between one and 24 in main events is not much and that anything less than perfection could have you playing catch up with no chance of recovery.

As fans start the murmur that the Schatz era is ending I would be very careful those words. There has been behind the scenes factors contributing to Schatz’s “struggles” this year but he still has plenty of good years left and a great shot at another Outlaw championship during a down year. The Don-Don is not going anywhere soon so that noise can stop immediately.

WEST NEWS AND NOTES: The West Coast was well represented in the main event at Knoxville with California natives Sweet, Kaeding, Dominic Scelzi, GioScelzi, Cory Eliason, Rico Abreu and Washington native Trey Starks…Speaking of Starks he shrugged off what has been a tough year with on opening night win at the Nationals. Sometimes it is easy to forget that Starks is young and is just tapping his potential…Two west coast stars who did not fair as well were California hot shoe Shane Golobic and Northwest legend Jason Solwold. In six starts at Knoxville Golobic qualified for only one main event, while Solwold only made two out of six…West coast car owner Harley Van Dyke was close to getting his sprinter into both the 360 and 410 nationals. Californian Colby Copeland parked the Van Dyke ride in the 360 nationals, while Indiana native Spencer Bayston made an incredible charge Friday night and almost most secured a transfer spot – he finished sixth. Bayston’s Saturday night was not as good as it ended in awreck, fist fight and getting called out on twitter by Josh Baughman…West Coast winners over the weekend were Justin Sanders (Ocean), Greg Hamilton (Skagit), Michael Ing (Marysville), Geoff Ensign (Petaluma), Kalib Henry (Placerville) and DJ Netto (Kings)…For Sanders it was wins number eight tying him with Andy Forsberg for the most on the West Coast. Mitchell Faccinto has seven…Devon Borden joined Tony Gualda as a teammate in the revolving door that is the Rutz sprinter over in Montana – Gualda won the first night. Don’t have full results for the rest of the week…Gualda has seemingly become the primary driver for Rutz as Borden was jumping at the chance to get a few laps at a different track…Borden had mini sprint star and 2019 Clay Cup champion Jared Peterson in his ride at Skagit Saturday and Peterson set fast time and ran top three for most of the race before a late race spin…Speaking of Peterson he is one the best mini sprint drivers in the nation (he won Friday at Deming) and is always fast when given opportunities in a sprint – their have been rumors swirling about Peterson landing another sprint ride in the future. Only time will tell.

This week I will be at GHR on Friday catching night five of ISCS sprintweek. Last year this week long series provided great racing and strong car counts. The week goes Monday thru Saturday with last two nights at GHR. On Saturday I am doing something completely different and headed up to Evergreen Speedway to take in the K & N West series race. This will be my first ever K & N race.

With that said my next article will be a little different as I will commentate on the K & N West Series and the show they put on. and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim





By Joseph Terrell - The Tales of the Northwest Nomad


Olympia, Wa…What an interesting week on the west coast sprint car scene. As all the eyes of the spring car world turned towards Knoxville, Iowa the west coast scene plowed forward and produced many storylines on a weekend that saw some new blood grace victory lane. Even though I spent my weekend in Eastern Washington on a family vacation as always my eyes and ears were peeled to the racing world giving me ample topics to write about.


                        I’ll start in Chico on Friday as young driver Kyle Olfill finally scored his first 360 win. It had been elusive for Olifill as he had competed against the best of California with the SCCT and NARC series. With guidance from Jonathan Allard Olfill has shown steady improvement this year and going into Friday nights show at Chico was the weekly point leader. Olfill struggled the next night at Merced for the SCCT show but nonetheless was a successful weekend for the younger driver aboard his families #2k sprinter. This is a family that is used to victory lane as their history includes such successful drivers as Ronnie Day and Terry McCarl. Something says that might get used to victory lane again.


                        Speaking of the SCCT in Merced a new winner was again produced. While Olfill’s win had been long coming as he had spent the last two plus years racing against the best in California honing his skills Saturday’s nights winner at Merced come as much more of a surprise as 16 year old Jodie Robinson shocked the SCCT field as she captured the 30 lap main event aboard the Morrison Concrete/Moxie Motorsports #97. Robinson has been a regular at Placerville most of the year aboard the Rick Spencer #34 but was making only her second start of the season with the SCCT and she made it count as she outlasted two of the best in California in Justyn Cox and Tim Kaeding. Robinson who has made cameo appearances the last few years in sprinters, Keith Kunz midgets and stock cars seems like she is really starting to settle into the sprint car. Not only was this her first SCCT win it was her first ever sprint car podium. She will be back in the Spencer sprinter next week at Placerville.


                        Also on Saturday night a former SCCT regular Tony Gualda was scoring his first Summer Thunder Series sprint win and also his first career win in Oregon. Gualda was aboard the Doug Rutz XXX #8r as he roared to his victory of the year. Gualda has now finished in the top four in his last four starts aboard the Rutz sprinter and as he looks for options look for him to continue to occupy this seat. Gualda still sits fifth is SCCT points so he still has a shot at a top five finish in SCCT points if can get ride a in the for the final two shows. Nonetheless Gualda has been a pleasant addition to he northwest scene the last few weeks as he searches for a ride in California.


                        Friday night Seth Bergman rolled to the victory in Cottage Grove with the STSS as scored his fourth victory of the summer in the northwest. Aboard the always potent Bergman Racing Baylor Racing Engines powered XXX Bergman finished second on Saturday as he as ran his streak to six of consecutive podium finishes. Bergman just welcomed his second child to the world this last week continues to hang out in the northwest for family reasons. Look for his to return back to the southwest sooner than later after an up and down northwest stay that nonetheless has produced four wins.


                        Noteworthy for the STSS weekend in Oregon was the absence of point leader Jason Solwold as he competed in Knoxville. His absence allowed 16 year old Devon Borden claim the point lead and the inside track on the championship as three races remain. However Oregon star Kyle Miller ran Solwold’s  number all weekend which allowed the Shaylen Raye team to retain the lead in owner points. This set off a storm of controversy as Miler was just painting on the numbers and not running the actual car as Shaylen Raye team was in Knoxville. I stated my opinion on twitter on this subject and do not want to go down that rabbit hole again but I find the whole situation lame. If the team is absent they should not receive points.


                        And finally at Antioch Speedway on Saturday night Danny Wagner claimed not only the 360 feature but also won the modified main event. You just don't see that very often.


                        West Coast News and Notes: More than a few of the best form the west coast are trying their hand at Knoxville - of course National WoO drivers Carson Macedo and Brad Sweet will be in town, as will be All Star regular Cory Eliason, WoO winner Gio Scelzi and Washington native Knoxville regular Trey Starks. NARC will be represented by Willie Croft, Dominic Scelzi, Shane Golobic and Chase Johnson. Kaeding will be in a second Sides sprinter. National star Rico Abreu will be in the house and as will be California native Mason Daniel. Solwold will try to make his 6th National A Main start… Speaking of Knoxville James McFadden dominated as he won the 360 nationals. Elision, Gio Scelzi, Daniel and Colby Copeland (aboard the Van Dyke #5h) each put it in the A Saturday night representing the West Coast . Solwold finished seventh in the B… As mentioned Tony Gualda has found a semi-residence in the Doug Rutz British Columbia based sprinter. This relationship was very part time for most of the season but Gualda’s status has changed since he no longer occupies the seat of the C & Motorsports #7c. Justyn Cox has also spent a lot of time in the Doug Rutz car this year so I am still not quite sure what Gualda’s schedule will look like in the Rutz ride…Speaking of the  C & M Motorsports sprinter DJ Netto wheeled it to a fourth place run Saturday night and word seems to be he might steer that wheel a few more times. The team had used Steven Tiner for a few weeks but he is a part time fill in as he concentrates on THE (Tiner-Hirst Enterprises). Netto on the other hand could find it beneficial as he could concentrate his Netto Ag team on the 410 ranks and steer the C & M sprinter in the 360 ranks…After Saturday’s show in Merced only four drivers had made every show this year (Kyle Hirst, Kaeding, Sean Becker and Olfill)…34 cars at Merced was a nice car count for the SCCT and represented one of their best of the year…Robinson was the eighth different on the SCCT this year…In Oregon the STSS struggled with car counts under 20 each night. Previously the series had always pulled 20 plus in Oregon…Only six drivers have made every STSS series show (Borden, Colten Heath, Cam Smith, Lance Sargent, Bailey Jean Sucich and Chris Bullock)…Bergman now sits in the top 10 in points with STSS after missing the first three races. His three wins now lead the series while Borden and Solwold each have two…Gualda was ninth different winner with STSS this year.


                        Well that is it. Until next time if you can’t ind me at a race track you can fid me swimming, running or cycling.


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By Joseph Terrell


San Luis Obispo, Ca…I spent my youth going to Santa Maria Speedway so returning was definitely going to a rush of emotions. The pits had changed, the stands had been redone and it is now called Santa Maria Raceway. And more specifically it is called Santa Maria Raceway at Stadium 805. But times change and unlike some of the old faithful I refuse to judge any of the change except as an objective observer. And i like them as the seating was great and the track perfect.


                        Cut into the rolling hills Santa Maria Raceway is truly cut out of hill which creates great viewing as the spectator feels like they are looking down on the track as they are perched above. Upon entering Santa Maria Raceway I notched that it is Santa Maria Raceway at Stadium 805 as the huge micro brewery located in Paso Robles has stepped up and become a huge sponsor at the central coast oval.


                        It had been four plus years since the winged 410 sprint cars has appeared at the Santa Maria Raceway and as usual whenever winged 410 sprint are in the house a huge crowd awaits. Filling in early as they always do at SMR the stands were full and the drivers were quick recognize all night long the huge crowd.  One big difference is from before is the lap times as the track surface has changed drastically over the years with qualifying times in the mid 12 seconds instead of the low 11 seconds they had been previously. No matter though as most drivers and crew members seemed to like the slower times as it provided a little more racier of surface.


                        Much like Grays Harbor Raceway in Washington SMR is drastically effected by the switch from day to night. Getting cars on the track early and conducting qualifying before 6 pm the track was dry and dusty as the cars completed qualifying. Qualifying was to be followed by a wheelie contest but the wheelie contest never got on track as the dry track conditions lacked the traction needed to give the fans a true wheelie contest. Bud Kaeding, Dominic Scelzi, Kaleb Montgomery and Jenna Frazier all tried but ultimately Kaeding’s half wheelie and excessive burnouts were enough for the $1000 top prize. But once the sun set the moisture literally re-appeared on the track changing the surface to the more tacky SMR that I grew up on.


                        Just like the night before at Ocean Speedway the team at SMR did an excellent job of rolling through the show and keeping the action going. In addition to the other four classes 20 NARC sprint cars filled the pits. Jim Allen and his team at NARC are working really hard to keep 410 racing alive on the west coast and while the car counts have varied the NARC group has been able to get at least 20 cars for all shows which provides enough cars to put on a full show for the fans.


                        The NARC format rewards fast qualifying and heat race wins. This always allows a chance for a little shakeup at the top as solid heat race performance and good pill draw for the dash can put a unexpected driver up front and ultimately in victory lane - example Sean Watts a few weeks ago. This night it was 17 year old Nathan Rolfe who had the Dennis Rolfe sprinter on the pole for the first time ever to start the A main. After getting a quick jump Chase Johnson immediately got by Rolfe and Rolfe’s dream night started to slip away. Rolfe though held on for sixth as he is amongst the many young California stars that continue to improve.


                        Speaking of Chase Johnson he looked like he was going to score his second NARC win of the year aboard the Cyndi Thomas sprinter but in the end Dominic Scelzi was to strong on a late race restart as he stormed by Johnson on his way to his third NARC win of the year abroad the Dennis Roth Beef Packers sprinter with the famed Scotty Martin turning the wrenches. Scelzi who has his eyes pointed towards Knoxville (as does Johnson) now has four wins on the season in California.


                        Another driver making a late race charge was wheelie contest winner and fast time Bud Kaeding. After winning the previous night at Ocean speedway in his dad’s car Bud was looking for a double dip weekend spending Saturday night aboard the Morrie Williams Maxim. Kaeding whose family has a long history at SMR always looks to put on a show in front of the crowd that is always favorable to him. Kaeding had a few chances to make move in heavy traffic but never could get a run on Scelzi and Johnson and settled for third.


                        Rounding out the top five was Willie Croft aboard his Holey Smokes BBQ sprinter and DJ Netto in the Netto Ag sprinter. Both drivers started in the fourth row and ran patient races to secure top five finishes as each driver had a good points night as the series takes a little break until 410 speedweek at the end of August.


                        Point leader Ryan Bernal who is competing is his first full year on the NARC tour aboard the Tarlton Motorsports KPC struggled at SMR a track that he has years of experience in with the non winged sprint. Mired mid pack all race long Bernal was ultimately credited with an eighth place finish.


WEST COAST NOTES: A more than a few NARC drivers commented on the full house at Santa Maria and NARC guru Jim Allen said the fans can expect two events next year as their reward…After competing Friday night in Ocean Kaeding and JJ Ringo also competed on Saturday night…Young upstart Brooklyn Holland competed in the 305s Saturday at SMR after running against the 360 Friday at Ocean…Speaking of 305s longtime 410 and 360 star Blake Robertson dominated the 305 sprint A main after Holland led the first few laps…Seven time 360 winner this year Mitchell Faccinto had full night in the Stan Greenberg KPC sprinter as he had replace his rear end  after qualifying and then was struck with more gremlins in the A…No word on the new point leader but Bernal, Croft, Netto, Kaeding and Scelzi are locked in tight five car battle with six races remaining on the schedule…As Dominic was rolling at SMR his brother Gio Scelzi was getting it done in Knoxville against the All Stars…Also at Knoxville another California star shined as Cory Eliason won the 360 main event…Up on the hill Andy Forsberg took the Forini classic and the $5,000 top prize. it was sixth win of the year at Placerville and eighth overall…Speaking of big races non bigger than the Summer Nationals at Skagit Speedway this weekend and it was JJ Hickle shocking the world as he passed northwest superstars Jason Solwold and Seth Bergman to secure the $10,000 win. It Hickle’s biggest win ever and turnaround for what has been a rough summer for the Washington driver.


                        Well that is it for now as I conclude my quick tour of the California coast. Not sure when the next time I will be at the track as my schedule is a little mixed up but l look to make the Friday night Sportsmen sprint speedweek show at GHR August 16 and K&N West series at Evergreen Speedway the following night.


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by Joseph Terrell

San Luis Obispo, Ca…It had been a long time since I have been to Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, Ca. At least 25 years so it is was fair to say that I don't have much memories of the dirt oval located Santa Cruz Fairgrounds. It was with anticipation that I departed from the San Jose airport to Watsonville, Ca. To get there I had cross over the small layer of coastal mountains but I had the unfortunate luck of getting stuck behind some very slow traffic prolonging the hour plus drive.


                        At about 2:30 pm I finally arrived at Ocean speedway and in many ways it reminds me of every other fairground track in California from the layout of the grandstands and to the pit area. It’s like Chico in many regards with maybe less banking. The pits at Ocean don't open until 2 pm and with cars on the track at 5 or so it means the pit area fills quickly. Five divisions were on tap this night and while I will continue to wish for no more than two or three division shows I understand the financial reasons behind it.


                        And if your going to run multiple divisions then do it efficiently and that is exactly what the Prentice Motorsports team at Ocean Speedway did. They stared qualifying at six and the final checked was waved before 830 pm. The track did a great job keeping the action going all night long. As soon as one race finished the next was already lined up and ready to go. To often tracks have unnecessary delays and the show will drags on for too long. Not at Ocean Speedway as they did a great job keeping the action going all night.


                        At the end of the evening it was Bud Kaeding who stood victorious. Kaeding led early and then chased down mid race leader Koen Shaw as he struggled with traffic and then withstood spirited runs by Justin Sanders and Brad Furr in the waning laps to hold on for his fifth win of the season at Santa Cruz county oval. As usual Kaeding did his Friday night work in his dad’s famous Al’s Roofing Shaver powered Maxim. Kaedng now has 10 podium finished to his credit this season at Ocean.


                        Shaw continue to run good as he makes the weekly tow the from the Central Valley every week to the coast and he was rewarded with his second podium of the year. After starting on the pole and leading almost half the race the team was happy with the results but were definitely wondering in the pits what would have been had lapped traffic not been such an issue. Specifically Richard Fajardo who bottled up Shaw for multiple laps as he struggled to get by Fajardo who has stuck in the low groove.


                        Furr started the night by setting fast time in his Brad Furr Racing Don Ott powered sprint and then winning his heat race was non factor for the entire race until late race spin by Sanders brought out a caution and set up a a two lap dash to the finish. At this point Furr was now second and the on ensuring restart Furr shot by Kaeding on the bottom in turns one and two but Kaeding would not be denied as he powered around turns three and four and shot off the top to take the win at the checkered. Furr settled for second and his second podium of the year. The former World of Outlaw A main winner continues to be a weekly stalwart at Ocean Speedway.


                        Speaking of Ocean Speedway stalwarts no driver has had more success at the oval than Sanders. Sanders started the night slow in his families XXX picked up the pace by winning his heat race then making several slide jobs attempts at Kaeding including one where he got by him but in the end he got bottled up behind a lapped car as he was in stuck in an indecisive moment and spun in turn two. In the pits many were talking about the rivalry that has developed between Kaeding and Sanders but while the two raced each hard and close and it was nothing out of the ordinary. Just close and great racing by two very distinguished drivers with tremendous resumes.


                        No driver was more than impressive than Joel Myer, Jr.. The 14 year old Petaluma/Antioch regular was making his second appearance at Ocean speedway aboard his families ART and was fast all night. After starting eighth he was was patient and finally brought his sprinter home fourth. The former go kart driver is still his early in is career but he showed a lot of promise as he raced up front all night long.


                        More West Coast Notes: Myers was not only driver representing the youth movement at Ocean Speedway…Among the young budding stars in attendance were Keith Day, Jr., Jake Andreotti, Tucker Worth, Joey Ancona, Jayson Bright and Brooklyn Holland…Ancona had a tough night as he flipped in turn two in is heat and was not able to get repairs made and scratched…Andreotti and Day continue to be teammates on Friday night in a pair of Keith Day Trucking KPCs…Holland a 305 driver was making her second appearance in a a 360 was impressive as she was in the mix all night…Bright was seen getting valuable tutelage from legend Brent Kaeding during the night…Worth was fast all night but just couldn't keep his Worth Harvesting KPC out of trouble and was an early DNF…Central California driver Steven Kent made a rare appearance at Ocean Speedways as he steered his Dad’s KPC sprinter to seventh place finish…Look for Ocean regular Jeremy Chisum to join the NARC field at Santa Maria tonight…The only other action of Friday night was up Skagit Speedway as Seth Bergman took the opening night of the Summer Nationals…Jason Solwold, Travis Jacobson and Tony Gualda rounded out the top four to automatically lock in for Saturday night…Speaking of Gualda with him out of C & M Motorsports sprinter look for him to possible make more appearances in Rutz sprinters…Tonight features three big races on the West Coast - $10,000 to win Summer Nationals at Skagit, $5,000 to win Forini classic at Placerville and NARC making a rare appearance Santa Maria Raceway.


                        Well that is it for now. Time to get some cardio in today before heading to Santa Maria Raceway tonight for NARC 410 action. This will be my first 410 race of the year.


                and follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim



The Dogs Days of Summer of Here

by Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa…As I hopped on highway 101 and then quickly merged west on highway 8 to head out to Grays Harbor Raceway the sun was pounding and it was official we have hit the dog days of summer. The time of the year where the heat increases and teams struggle from week to week as the grind of the season wears on. This is the time of year where car counts can struggle as teams rebound from Dirt Cup and the Brownfield Classic and prepare for the Summer Nationals at the end of the month.

This night was no different as 13 sprint cars graced the pits at GHR - the second smallest car count of the year for the Dual Track Bonus series. DTB regulars Devon Borden (racing the clay cup nationals at Deming) and Bailey Jean Sucich missed their first DTB shows. Jake Helsel who has been driving the Bud Ashe Highline Sprinter at most DTB shows was also absent. Jason Solwold continues to sit idle as he prepares for his trip to Knoxville in Iowa. Reece Goetz who has made a few appearances at GHR was also up at Clay Cup. That is what happens in July - drivers regroup, take time off, or if they are lucky try to find somebodies else stuff to drive. These things combined with Skagit Speedways $10,000 to win Summer Nationals next week contributed to one of the smallest car counts of the year.

One driver who used this week to his advantage was Seth Bergman. Bergman had kicked around the idea of heading over to Montana for the weekend finally got one of his motors back and put it to good use as he dominated the 25 lap main after starting fourth to pick up his second win of the year at GHR. Bergman had been hit with motor problems and had been using a loaner until he finally got one of his back this week. Bergman will probably be in the northwest for one more week as he chases the big money at Skagit before heading back home to Oklahoma. Given Bergman’s success in the past at Skagit Speedway the two time Summer Nationals driver will have to be one of the favorites this week.

Speaking of the Summer Nationals one of the biggest 360 races in the nation will take place next weekend as $10,000 will go to Saturday’s nights winners. Traditionally this race has been dominated by locals and with all the racing going on everywhere else the Summer Nationals does not draw many travelers often leaving the big pay day for a local star. Nothing wrong with that as this always produces some of the best races of the year.

Another favorite will obviously be Skagit Speedway point leader Colton Heath. Heath who has been one of the most active drivers in the northwest this year in his LAW Motorsports XXX finished second to Bergman on Saturday night as he continues to be one of the fastest drivers in the northwest. After an inconsistent stretch back in June Heath has been up front consistently since then especially at Skagit Speedway. Heath will be looking for his first Summer Nationals win after having a couple near misses in the past.

Among other contenders will be Jason Solwold as he will seek his fifth Summer National title before heading back to Knoxville. Amazingly Solwold has not won a race at Skagit Speedway since last June. He will definitely look to change that.

No official word on who will be in the Doug Rutz sprinter(s) this weekend at Summer Nationals. Ruiz has used California drivers Justyn Cox, Tony Gualda and Justin Sanders in the sit this year. With a big $5000 to win race at Placerville Saturday night these three drivers will have decisions to make. The Rutz sprinter was in victory lane last year at the Summer Nationals with Californian Buddy Koifoid so whoever is in this potent machine will be a contender.

Don’t forget about Devon Borden. The 16 year old driver already has four wins this year including an ASCS National win and a Summer Thunder Series win at Skagit. To say he was been fast is an understatement and Borden has been especially lethal when starting on the front row. Borden only weakness seems to be putting together a whole weekend but if he can stay consistent during the weekend it would be no surprise to see him holding the big check on Saturday night.

Some of the locals that will look to strike it big this week will Eric Fisher, Greg Hamilton and Cam Smith. All three drivers run fast at Skagit and have a lot of laps around the bullring. Given the right circumstances and a good starting spot Saturday night any of these three could find themselves holding a big check.

One driver who dearly needs a big win is JJ Hickle. After a nice early season start Hickle has encountered nothing but bad luck. His Dirt Cup was disastrous and he unable to compete on the Saturday night. Last weekend he went to Cottage Grove and bad luck again appeared as he was unable to start on Saturday. Fast forward to this week and Hickle starts on the pole and takes the early lead then…just as Jay Cole spins to bring the yellow Hickle pulls to the infield as his sprinter caught fire. Luckily the fire was put out quickly but for Hickle it was another DNF. Hickle is capable but needs lady luck to swing to his side. Maybe his luck will change this weekend.

West Coast Notes: The big word in the northwest this week was Jason Solwold entering the Knoxville 360 Nationals in the Troy Renfro sprinter. The team will utilize an engine provided Mike Anderson. Solwold and Renfro worked together in the past with some success. It will be interesting to see if this team can have any success in this huge show…Solwold will also enter the 410 nationals aboard his own ride as he looks to start his sixth Knoxville Nationals A main…Bud Kaeding got it done Saturday night at Ocean speedway to win the Howard Kaeding classic. The HK classic featured a $5000 to win purse and had 34 cars enter. Nice showing for the 410 class…Justin Sanders who had been two for two in the NARC ranks this year finished fifth on Saturday in Ocean…Trophy entry list is now full at 112. But with many TBA’s and more than a few drivers registered who have prior racing commitments I expect this list to change over the next three months. It always does…The eyes of the mini sprint world were on the northwest this weekend as Deming Speedway held their annual Clay Cup. Local 600 star Jared Peterson got the job done defeating more than 60 open 600’s for the $10,000 win. It was his second clay cup championship.

Unfortunately next week I will miss the Summer Nationals at Skagit as I will be in California visiting family. However not all is loss - I will be at Ocean Speedway on Friday and Santa Maria Raceway on Saturday. I will be providing updates all night long from both tracks as I watch the Ocean sprints and NARC sprints over the weekend. follow me @idrinkiswim on twitter.





 BY Joseph Terrell

 Sweet Home Olympia, Wa….After Friday nights rubber down finish their was no doubt Brian Crockett and his crew would get the The Grove put to its normal condition Saturday night. And they did. Fans were greeted to a great A main with twists and turns and everything in between.


                        Oregon sensation Tyler Thompson flipped landed on his wheels and retained his spot because the red had came out before his flip. He finished 7th. Another Oregon star and Grove veteran Kyle Miller had the faithful on their feet as he drove from sixth to second…but his efforts were wasted as he spun late in the race as he challenged for the lead. His spin was dramatic as he spun in turn two, hopped a huge cushion, did a 360 and kept going. That was just the beginning.


            Colby Copeland who had fought tough breaks the previous two nights seemed to be on his way to a $3500 payday as he took the white flag then craziness broke loose. As he took the white flag he slowed which caused second running Kyle Hirst to slow and then…


            Like cream Mitchell Faccinto rose to the top and leaving no doubt during northwest speedweek he was the driver to beat. In his fourth tour of northwest speedweek Faccinto and his Stan Greenberg owned #37 KPC left their mark winning on all three tracks that were raced in on in the five nights and never finishing worst than fourth all week. Overall it was Faccinto now has seven 360 main event wins on the year and has clearly established himself as the driver to beat in the 360 ranks on the west coast. Faccinto capitalized on Hirst delay to storm by and pick up the win after starting 9th. The last two nights Faccinto overcame poor starting spots in the main to finish third and first. To say this driver has come to age would be an understatement…Look out Shane Geologic, Kyle Hirst, Justin Sanders a new king is looking to take the west coast throne.


            Hirst who looked like he might win his second race of the weekend but settled for third abroad the THE #94. The commotion of Copeland slowing caused the second place running Hirst to slow and leading to his eventual third place finish. The Tiner-Hirst team ended with three straight podiums to end the week.


            One of the big winners of the late race shuffle was Seth Bergman as he was able to get second after spending most of the race out of the top five. Bergman struggled all week but was able capitalize on Copeland breaking and fourth running Justyn Cox flipping on the last lap to go from fifth to second on the last lap aboard his Bergman Racing SHARK powered XXX.

            Right behind him was Skagit Speedway and STSS champion Colton Heath. Heath continued to his trend of being inconsistent on weekend shows. After a lackluster Friday night after a good qualifying run Heath rebound Saturday and was able to be near the front and capitalize on the late race drama to go from seventh to fourth on the last lap aboard his LAW Racing SHARK powered XXX.


            Justin Sander was another driver able to make up ground on the last lap as he went from ninth to fifth aboard his families Rider powered XXX. Like Faccinto Sanders struggled both nights in preliminaries and had to rebound from bad starting spots. Sanders fifth place run was his fourth top five during the five night speedweek. Sanders struggled each night in qualifying at the The Grove and never was able to be much of a factor over the weekend after winning Wednesday nights show.


            Kudos to all that put of Northwest speedweek. It has been going more than 20 years in varying fashions and continues to be a must see event on the west coast. You never know who is going to show up as over the years many drivers such as Brent Kaeding and Jason Solwold among others have only raced some of the week while plenty others have attempted the whole week. One thing has remained the same and that is the uncertainty of who will win. Drivers like Brad Furr swept all five nights before he was even a big name, while luminaries such as Solwold have struggled to find victory lane. Although Faccinto may have won three races… this year was no different as each night was a crap shoot.


Speedweek News and Notes: California drivers truly dominated this edition of speedweek taking 12 of the 15 podium positions…Two went Washington native but Oklahoma resident Bergman who managed two runner up finishes…Speaking of Bergman look for him to be in Montana this weekend and back at Skagit the following for the Summer Nationals…Rising Oregon star Tanner Holmes aboard his families Bailey Bros. powered KPC looked to be in place for another strong finish on Saturday but he slowed mid race after while running in the top five…Speaking of young Oregon stars Tyler Thompson continues to impress aboard his families KPC. He had two top fives including the only podium finishes amongst northwest drivers as he contested the whole week…On the theme of Oregon stars Garen Linder returned to the track for the first time since Dirt Cup in the Seth Nunes Rodgers powered KPC. He made the main both nights…Skagit speedway regular Greg Hamilton shocked many Saturday night as he was fast time and won the dash. After starting on the pole he ran second for about half the race before fading to 6th in the final tally aboard his GHR SHARK powered XXX…Doug Rutz teammates Justyn Cox and Tony Gualda were fast all week but never landed on the podium in their Richmond powered sprinters. Very much a surprise…Only one Washington driver contested all five nights - teenage sensation Devon Borden…Like many California drivers Ryan Robinson has been in many different rides this year. He spent the week aboard the Morrison Racing Ott powered ART with his best finish second Friday night at The Grove…Washington star JJ  Hickle continues to have a tough summer as he was pulling out of the track before the B main Saturday…Copeland looked to be on the verge of victory Friday and Saturday aboard the Van Lare SHARK powered ART before tires and axles proved to be nemesis. He blew a tire Friday night and broke an axle Saturday night…Silver Dollar regular Chelsea Belvins was on Friday night but did not return Saturday…Raquel Ivy showed up Saturday night and was leading her heat before her motor let go…By my count 14 drivers contested the whole week - 10 from Califronia, 3 from Oregon and 1 from Washington.



                        That is it for an amazing weekend of racing. I will be at GHR this weekend posting up dates all night long on twitter for the sprint cars. The following weekend I am going on a a special road trip to the California coast (Ocean and Santa Maria).


                          follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim






 BY Joseph Terrell


Cottage Grove, Or…On the east coast The Grove would be Williams Grove but here on the west coast it can only mean the Cottage Grove Speedway in Cottage Grove, Or. A pillar of the central Oregon racing scene The Grove is widely regarded as putting on some of the best shows on all of the west coast. While it is a only a quarter mile it is wide and has multiple groves creating room for plenty passing and action.  And because of this The Grove hosts the final two nights of northwest speedweek.


                        We rolled into Cottage Grove about one yesterday afternoon and immediately headed to the pits to see what was going on. Generally this time of the year  at The Grove the temp is the mid 90’s and with lack of shade in the pits it can get uncomfortable during the day. This year temps are much more reasonable in the mid 80’s. The pits were already starting fill up and almost all the cars from the night before had made the trip down to Cottage Grove. In addition five regulars from the Washington scene had showed for the weekend. Their was definitely a buzz in the pits not to see Jason Solwold as he his always a contender at The Grove.


                        The Washington drivers making the tow for the weekend were Colton Heath in the LAW 33, JJ Hickle in his own 3, Greg Hamilton in the GHR 96, John Stuart in his 17 and Chris Bullock in his 17c. With such strong car counts in Washington this year I was little surprised to see only six cars from the state at the The Grove (Devon Borden has been running the whole week and Corbyn Fauver ran Wednesday and Thursday). But with the amount of races a driver can run just racing the dual track bonus and Summer Thunder it may have kept some drivers at home as they enjoy the off week. Don't forget the Summer Thunder Series will back at The Grove in a few weeks.


                        A strong 29 cars filled up the Cottage Grove pits as in addition to the five cars from Washington Garen Linder, Matt Hein, Don Waddell, young Idaho driver Tyler Drievers and chico star Chelsea Blevins had joined the field. Linder was driving the Seth Nunes 5n car. After destroying his car at Dirt Cup Linder as been MIA. It was nice to see the talented Southern Oregon driver back on the track. Drievers races out of Idaho and gets limited track time do to the lack of any dirt tracks in Idaho. This makes it hard for a young driver to improve as they don't get valuable seat time. They do have plans to run all ISCS limited sprint sprint week next month. That will help this driver develop as he definitely is very green in a sprint car.


                        The big word in the pits yesterday was that Steven Tiner was indeed going to step out of THE 94 for the weekend after running the first three nights and his business partner Kyle Hirst was hopping in. This paid dividends as the California star turned part time driver Hirst won the dash and main event leading every lap in each race. Hirst who has ran probably only 10-12 times this year is just one of those drivers that doesn't get rusty. This writer is hoping he has a ride for Gold Cup this year.



                        As I wrote Thursday night this speedweek is dominated by California drivers as they have dominated the car count and the results. Last night was no different as all six dash cars were from California and the top four finishers were from California. It was interesting night as stars such as Mitchell Faccinto and Justin Sanders qualified outside the top 20. Faccinto was able to rebound after starting 14th in the main worked his way to third. The first half of the main was racy especially at times up front as Hirst and Copeland raced each other through traffic. On two occasions Copeland had gotten pass HIrst but just couldn't hold the lead. But then about lap 18 Seth Bergman - who had worked his way to fourth blew - a right rear and the rubber started smelling. The track got one lane quickly. Copeland would shred his right rear on lap 27 as Hirst held on for the win over Ryan Robinson in the Morrison Concrete 97 and Faccinto in the Greenberg 37.


                        Much like Steve Beitler and the crew at Skagit, Brian Crockett and his track prep crew at The Grove were not going to stand for that. As soon as the races ended Crockett ands crew were on the track tilling and grading getting to work to make sure the drivers get The Grove surface they are used to Saturday night. I expect a much better surface tonight although I kind of expect the same winner.


A few quick notes: As mentioned Kyle Hirst will run the last two nights of speedweek in the THE 94…Jesse Love will miss tonight as he returns to California to race midgets in Madera…Tony Gualda will also return home tonight to his normal ride in Placerville…Seth Bergman who blew both of his engines last month has been running a SHARK ASCS this week as his get fixed…On Thursday at Sunset Tanner Holmes was excited to get to The Grove - it is easy to see why as he qualified third and finished fifth…Robinson was solid in the A and as others such as Copeland, Bergman and Faccinto were drawing attention Robinson was putting in solid work running smooth and was rewarded with a second…Faccinto is the only driver with a top five each night…Sanders had finished on the podium the first three nights but he struggled most of the night and finished mid pack after getting as high as sixth in the main.


                        Well that is it for now. The crickets are chirping and sun is coming out. Going to try to ride out to Lake Dorena this morning before filling the rest of my day walking the pits and watching races. I will be posting updates and news all afternoon and night on twitter.


    and follow on twitter @idrinkiswim





 The Tales of The Northwest Nomad

 by Joseph Terrell


Banks,Or….After making the two hour plus hour drive down mostly on the I-5 before snaking west out to Portland I landed in Banks, Oregon and the home of Sunset Speedway. Sunset Speedway is generously listed as a quarter mile when reality it is a fifth mile. The track is narrow and small and traditionally sprint cars have struggled to put on a decent show here. But it is sprint racing and after 10 days way from dirt track I was ready to go. Awaiting was round three of Northwest Sprint Week.


                        As I pulled into the grassy parking hour I encountered two die hard Northwest fans who along with myself agreed it is better to be at a race than at home but are expectations were low for this evening. We held onto the one time it was decent and every time hope it repeats itself…and it doesn’t. It is usually one lane around the bottom where the race is over as they come out of turn two. With that said I was still very excited because of the strong contenders among the 20 entries on this beautiful Oregon night.


                        Justin Sanders who had won the previous night was aboard his family’s potent 17. Colby Copeland was in the Van Lare 5v. Steven Tiner in the THE 94. Justyn Cox and Tony Gualda in Rutz Sprinters. Monday night winner in Yreka Mitch Faccinto in the Greenberg 37. National star Seth Bergman in his 23. The always inconsistent but fast Jake Wheeler in WR 21w. Throw in rising stars Tanner Holmes, Tyler Thompson and Jess Love. Also recent ASCS national tour winner Devon Borden in family 8. And oh yeah former USAC national midget driver Ryan Robinson was aboard the Moxley 97. Nice field.


                        And then after the track record was lowered by over second by Devon Borden heat one rolled and took the green and we knew immediately tonight was going to be different. The action was fierce and especially impressive was Colby Copeland batting by Borden and Thompson in a spirited run that featured some of the best 360 action ever seen at Sunset. The action was side by side and multiple grooves were available. The second and third heats were not quite as good but is was evident that Sunset Speedway was different tonight. The racing was spirited, side by side and fans were loving it.


                        After a dash the 30 lap main delivered. Even though Faccinto and Tiner ran 1-2 all race long that doesn't tell the story. The battle for third between Wheeler and Gaulda and then Sanders and Wheeler was epic. Sanders finally won the battle when Wheeler clipped a small infield tire and spun late in the race. Borden faded early and then rebounded as the track got slicker and came home fourth ahead of Thompson who had started 12th but was smooth in the late going as he worked by drivers by like Bergman, Robinson and the Gualda to come home an impressive fifth at the checkered.


            Throughout the main the action was all over. From third back everybody was in a race for position. The cushion off turn two was at the wall. The bottom was fast even as the top worked in. Tiner stayed on the bottom exclusively while Sanders seemed prefer to be up the track a little more. Faccinto…well was just fast and was really developed into an elite driver. And rubber was not an issue as it had been in the past.


            Well that is why we go to the races…you never know when you will see an unexpected great race. In victory the podium drivers all complimented the racing surface and how nice it was to have two grooves. Despite previous struggles the Sunset Speedway proved tonight it can provide side by side great Sprint Car racing.


A few quick notes: Look for some Washington drivers to join the field tomorrow. I don't for sure who but i would expect 3-5…The 20 car field was dominated by California as they more than half in the field…Young Washington driver Corbyn Fauver was at Cottage Grove Wednesday and Sunset Thursday as he diversifies his track experience…Borden just continues to impress. Enough said about that…Drivers Justyn Cox, Seth Bergman and Colby Copeland were in unfamiliar territory as they ran mid pack all main…In the post race interview and after the race Sanders kept talking about the battle he had with Wheeler as they went wheel to wheel many times without touching. He loved it…It was announced that both Gualda and Love will head back to California to Saturday to fulfill other race commitments.



            Well that is it for now. Time to get some sleep and head down to Cottage Grove in the morning. Before driving down going to get some miles on the bicycle in Banks.


   and twitter @idrinkiswim





Tales of the Northwest Nomad

By Joseph Terrell

Kitsap Peninsula…After two long weekends of chasing ASCS National Sprint racing I took last weekend off to work and as Bryan Hulbert would say it was time “save my lunch money” and get ready for another long weekend chasing the last three nights of Northwest speedweek at Sunset Speedway Thursday night and at Cottage Grove Speedway Friday and Saturday. I was going to write this article about the upcoming speedweek but then something occurred Saturday that changed my direction.

                        On Saturday evening as toiled away in my office at work I couldn’t help but see come across my twitter feed that the Sprint Car Challenge Tour only had 15 entries at Stockton Speedway. This for a series that was consistently in the 30s until this year as some where in the 20’s has become the norm. I retweeted my shock at this development and then after the show was noticed that every participant in the evening seemingly tweeted how great the series and promoters of the series are. I saw tweets saying how the surface had been so good and how Scott Russell, Matt Wood and the rest of the crew are so great. I hope this was not a response to my simple inquiry and surprise about the car count. I sure hope nobody took my tweet as a negative comment towards the SCCT as I have nothing but respect for the group that puts this premier series on.  I am shocked – like many others I am sure – at where the car count has gone though. With that said I have reasons for the low car count which has everything to do with amount of options drivers now have and nothing to do with excellent people behind the scene of SCCT.

                        The series continues to offer a great purse and after the show Saturday series regulars were rewarded with a new right rear – no small gift to a race team. It has a good point fund and encourages drivers to race every night to be eligible for more rewards and perks. Unfortunately the California scene is a little a saturated. Drivers like Mitchell Faccinto and DJ Netto now have to Kings/Tulare series they can race, while SCCT regular Andy Forsberg has recently dropped off the tour as focuses his efforts at Placerville in  the Family and Friends Sprinter and Chico in his own. Willie Croft seems focused on 410 racing.Kalib Henry and the Worden vowed to chase the whole series but split while back and both have dropped off the tour. Another previous regular Colby Copeland has ran an outlaw schedule this year as he has appeared in numerous different rides this year. Justin Sanders has done the same thing as the Dale Miller chose not to follow the tour after earlier committing. This all leads to a perfect storm of drivers taking the same weekend off.

                        And while I was shocked by the low car count I am not concerned. The sprint car scene in California and the West Coast in general is strong and one night with a low car count is not vindictive of bigger problem. On other hand it means drivers have choices and choices are good. They don’t feel bound to one series as their are plenty of tracks and series to race giving each driver more variety and creating situations where you just never know who is going to show up on any given night.

                        In addition it was nice to see so many drivers compliment the surface at Stockton as the track has taken some heat this year for track conditions and purse structure for the Asparagus Cup. This was unwarranted as like any dirt track Stockton will have their good nights and bad but the track is continuing to support sprint cars with opportunities to race so no complaints from me.

                        Do I really think my tweet set off a firestorm? Of course not. I just needed something to write up this week. lol

                        Few NW Notes: Speedweek starts tonight in Yreka – usually the first two nights are dominated by California drivers as the northwest teams don’t get into full swing until midweek…Some of the California drivers expected all week are Kyle Hirst, Mitchell Faccinto and Justyn Cox…Normally a few of the lower buck teams out California will be a surprise and do the whole week – who will they be this year?…Tony Gualda will probably run most of the week in Rutz sprinter before returning to Placerville on Saturday…Last week was the only time this year Grays Harbor and Skagit had 360s on the same night and for good reason – car counts were cut in half…Devon Borden picked up his third win of the year at GHR (and fourth overall) while Colton Heath wheeled to his second win of the year at Skagit.

                        Well that is for now. Catch me the in Oregon later this week. Look for articles following last three nights of northwest speed week.

    and @idrinkiswim on twitter






 BY Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa…11 days ago it began with a cheap tent and a cooler full of beer. After three days of beer and dirt at Skagit Speedway it was time for four days off before regrouping and doing it all over again and then like that the ASCS National Sprint Tour has come and gone. Five nights with five different winners.  Rubber down tracks, hooked up tracks and slick tracks all awaited the drivers the last two weekends creating some surprise results and five nights of ultra competitive racing.


            The Brownfield Classic may not be the same type of event as Dirt Cup but it is still a huge deal in the northwest and after a light Friday crowd the Elma faithful filed the stands Saturday night to support the Brownfield finale. After the first night in which the track was lightening fast and difficult to pass on the second night featured a slicker surface demanding a little more car control than the first nights hammer down you-lift-you-lose surface. And even though the track appeared (smelled as if it had) to take rubber an quick analysis of the tires showed that some tire was left and rubber may not have been as bad as it appeared.


            While the World of Outlaws are without doubt the premier Sprint touring division the invasion of the ASCS drivers is a true battle of invaders versus locals. This year the invaders won as they claimed four of the five races although in reality three of the five winners were from the Northwest. The locals were solid as Jason Solwold and Colton Heath each recorded four top tens, Devon Bordern won Friday night at GHR and had a top 10 at Dirt Cup and Austen Wheatley continues to shine at GHR as he came a hard fought fifth last night in the Brownfield Classic finale after flirting with a podium for most of the night.


            With his win last night Matt Covington joined Solwold, Blake Hahn and Dirt Cup winner Robbie Price as the only drivers with two podiums during the five nights - that speaks to the competitiveness of the field. Overall Covington was the class of the field as he almost won Dirt Cup before an engine failure and then rebounded to take the classic. It is fitting that Covington would run so well in the northwest as his office is a XXX chassis powered by SHARK engines - both are based in the Burlington area near Skagit Speedway.




            Just like the weekend before at Skagit the sharpies were wrong on the favorites. It was basically declared a five driver race for the Brownfield Classic but that is why they race the race. The five favorites were solid but struggled to make any real noise.


            Sam Hafertepe, Jr who had dominated the northwest swing in recent years was only on the podium once - Friday night at GHR. Hafertepe who built a new car last weekend at Skagit seemed to be in the hole because of bad pill draws each night and was unable to make up for it. Although he did garner a third and fourth over the weekend Hafertepe, Jr. was never really in contention.


            Another driver with terrible draws was Roger Crockett who with the exception of Friday at Skagit spent most of the two weekends lingering in mid pack - not an usual position for the Rocket. As a critic pointed out to me a Friday night “Remember when Crockett was fast at Elma.”


            After a great Dirt Cup Hahn struggled all weekend at GHR and had to use a provisional to tag Saturday’s A main after a Friday night where he barely held on to a top 10.


            Seth Bergman had a tough draw on Friday but made the best of it to get a top 5 and Saturday seemed to be in ideal position to score his first Brownfield Classic as he won his heat and drew the number two starting position. Luck was not on his side as he blew an engine as his heat ended and after motor problems the night before elected to just push off and then pit. He was credited with 23rd. Bergman who has won Dirt Cup and the Summer Nationals but still needs the Brownfield was obviously disappointed as he talked about his tough luck in this event.


            Solwold was only favorite to make a run as he was on the move Saturday night coming from 6th to 2nd but just couldn't make a run on Covington after a late race caution. Solwold who had an up and down two weekends was also disappointed in that like Bergman he only needs the Brownfield to compliment his Dirt Cup and four Summer Nationals victory. Solwold was happy to be on the podium but it was evident he was little deflated as for the third time in five years he was on Saturday night podium at the Brownfield but in the wrong spot.


MORE BROWNFIELD/ASCS NOTES: After shocking the world Friday Night Devon Borden struggled in his heat Saturday and started dead last in the B before charging to third in the B and making the A…As mentioned earlier Heath had a great two weekends that included a second, sixth and two seventh…Reece Goetz who has made only a handful of starts this year went from sixth to second in his heat and started the main second Saturday night. He came home seventh…On the other hand Reece’s brother Chase was a no show Saturday after numerous bad breaks over the two weekends…More than a few were surprised to see Lance Sargent start 11th at Dirt Cup. He backed it up by rolling off seventh for the Brownfield finale…John Carney II was up and down during his Washington debut with his best run being Friday night at GHR when he finished second. He finished fourth in the B Saturday and was never a factor…Summer Thunder rookie Bailey Jean Sucich had nice weekend making the main both nights…Another Summer Thunder Series rookie Chris Bullock rolled off 10th Saturday night for the Classic…Travis Jacobson was coming off a solid Dirt Cup had a tough weekend and after a disappointing heat race Saturday night he and the Cook racing team packed up shop and were on the road home at 815 pm…The two weekends took their toll on Summer Thunder supporters and now only seven drivers have made every race as Chris Schmlezle, JJ Hickle and Danny Ochs all missed their first races…Also Jake Helsel who has had the Bud Ashe sprinter running as well as it ever has was a no who Saturday after experiencing some rumored engine gremlins…With only show up points available for the five nights points have not changed for the Summer Thunder Sprint Series. Solwold leads Borden, Cam Smith and Heath…On the ASCS front Hahn gained the point lead at Dirt Cup but lost it at the Brownfield and now sits third behind Hafertepe and Carney…Interestingly Solwold is 14th and Heath 15th in National points due to the strength of their five race performance.


            Well that is it for now. I will be taking next weekend off due to work commitments but I will be writing a piece previewing Northwest Sprint Week which kicks off the Monday July 8 in Yreka, California. I will be catching up with Speedwell on July 11 in Sunset and then the final two nights in Cottage Grove.Will probably be my only racing trip to Oregon the year.


            If you cant catch me at the races then catch me swimming, running and cycling.


            E-mail follow on twitter @idrinkiswim.







By Joseph Terrell


Along  I-5, Western Washington…The first night of the Fred Brownfield Classic is in the books and boy was it a quick one – literally. Steve Beitler and his crew rolled off the 34 ASCS sprints and 19 midgets in two and a half hours. Seven heats, a B main and two 25 lap main events and the checkered had flown on the night. And not only was the show fast paced…overnight rains and a little daytime drizzle left the Grays Harbor Raceway hooked up and hammer down making passing a difficult proposition all night long.

            When the checkered fell last night a few fans were surprised when 16 year old Devon Borden went green to checkered to become the youngest winners ASCS National sprint history breaking the record set by some guy named Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. I wasn’t as Borden has scored two wins already this year and has shown that when he tarts up front he is tough to beat. This night everything fell in place for Borden as he started second in his heat and led all eight laps. He then started second in the main and again led every lap as he dominated aboard the Borden Auto Parts Don Ott powered sprinter. With yellow lags each time slower traffic started to get dicy Borden was never seriously challenged.

            Behind Borden ASCS stars John Carney II and Sam Hafertepe, Jr. were given chase but just couldn’t make up enough ground on the lightening fast track. Each driver commented in victory lane on the difficulty of passing because of the fast surface but were also quick to congratulate the emerging star who has just been the class of the field.

            Two early favorites Roger Crockett and Seth Bergman had terrible pill draws and with track conditions as they were each had a long night ahead. Crockett struggled in his heat, was okay in the B and was on the tail end of the lead lap as he never showed the prowess he usually exhibits at GHR. Bergman on the other hand made a few passes in the heat and was patient during the 25 lap main and finished 5th after being slotted to start 13th.

            A tour of the pits last night had most drivers commenting on the fast race surface and how the pill draw is everything when the heats are that hooked up. With much dryer conditions expected today and another night of racing on the track the overwhelming feeling was the track would get much racier tonight.

            Classic Notes: Young driver Bailey Jean Sucich started the A on the pole and finished a very solid 8th. She started her night be winning her first ASCS heat…Oregon cage kart star Tanner Holmes weekend ended early as his motor expired in the B. He was on the road home by 915 pm…Colton Heath continues to be solid the past two weekends and came home 7th after transferring out of the B…ASCS point leader Blake Hahn struggled all night as he was mired in a midpack battle that included Reece Goetz, Austen Wheatley and Robbie Price among others…Australian Andrew Caruana did some major front end damage after running into the back of Jason Reed during the B main. They were thrashing last night to get the car fixed…Speaking of bad luck Chase Goetz back streak continues. After a rough Dirt Cup Goetz and team worked all week to get the car together to only DNF after hot laps…Lastly notable no shows were Oregon star Garen Linder (still recovering from his Dirt Cup junking) and JJ Hickle (driving the Worden sprinter in California all weekend).

                        Well off to the grind for the day before heading back out to GHR tonight for night number two. This year no automatic lock ins so everybody will start fresh. Borden has a proven to be legit contender. Can we get a fifth different winner in five nights of ASCS in the Northwest. Drivers that still haven’t won include Hafertepe, Jr., Bergman. Heath, Carney II and Jason Solwold. I expect one of those five to win tonight.


               @idrinkiswim on twitter.






Tales of the Northwest Nomad

By Joseph Terrell


Kitsap PeninsulaSaturday evening as Oklahoma driver Matt Covington was getting the Dick Wilskey pole award for high points after two nights Covington could not stop talking about how great a event Dirt Cup is and the how great the northwest fans are. He made mention that it is so much more than a normal race as the money, the competition and the fans make it a very special weekend.

What a weekend it was. After an anti-climatic ending Thursday night that I detailed Friday morning, Steve Beitler and his crew went to work and had Skagit Speedway on point the last two nights. Saturdays A main had the Skagit faithful going crazy as many said it was the best race they have seen at Skagit. Saturdays 40 lap headliner featured six lead changes and more slide jobs than one could count. The battle from 1-6 was non stop as the best 360 drivers in the country literally waged a war on the Skagit oval. The most amazing thing was that even though the racing was close and the slide jobs fierce their was no dirty moves. Yes a couple of the dive bombs weretight - especially Seth Bergmans late move to pass Jason Solwold and get on the podium - but all were done clean leaving room for everybody to operate.

            When the dust settled Saturday night it was British Columbia driver and former track champion Robbie Price who had claimed the $15,000 prize as well as his first ASCS national victory. The feeling from the sharpies all week was that Price would run well and could possibly win a preliminary night but that his chances Saturday night were slim at best. Oh how the sharpies were wrong as Price raced the best I have seen him run and once he inherited the lead for the final time on lap 30 he was not going to be denied as he drove away from the field to secure the victory. Prices joy was Covingtons misery as a blown motor handed the lead back top Price and robbed Covington of his first big money race victory.

            Covington and Price both slid beneath radar all weekend as the sharpies were really into Blake Hahn, Sam Hafertepe, Jr., Bergman, Solwold and California Superstars Justyn Cox and Justin Sanders.

Hahn seemed like the driver to beat after his Thursday night run and solidified it with a solid Friday night but a midrace spin dropped him to fifth and seemingly dashed his chances. He rebounded to get second but it had to be bitter for Hahn as Dirt Cups are hard to win and if you waste the opportunity you dont know if you will get another one.

Bergman made a late move Saturday after what had been a lackluster weekend to that point to finish third and gain another Dirt Cup podium. Solwold was up front all weekend but like so many times this year just did not seem to have what it takes to win. Nothing wrong with a fourth place finish but I know Shaylen Raye Motorsports team was looking for more.

Hafertepe could just not find the speed he needed all weekend and was never really a factor. Cox and Sanders were just too inconsistent all weekend and come Saturday night just were not in a position to do too much. Although it must be mentioned after a very slow start Sanders seem pick up the pace Friday and Saturday as he seemed to get his Doug Rutz ride rolling pretty good by the end of the weekend. No word when we can expect Cox or Sanders in the Rutz sprinters again but Northwest speedweek in a few weeks seems the most likely.

In addition to the great racing some great crowds greeted the 50 sprint cars all weekend. Friday and Saturday were especially filled as parking got at a premium with all the campers that were one site. For those that have never been to Dirt Cup this just might be best part of the weekend. Campers were everywhere from tents to the most expensive RVs and all sizes in between. Saturday night after the races one of the best things to do is wander around and see what party you might end up and who just might be there. More than a few times some of the best drivers in the business have found themselves wandering the campgrounds looking to unwind after a long weekend. Word had it the hidden spot on Saturday night was the in the pits as DJ Festy texted to me late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. By that point I was winding down trying catch a few hour of sleep before packing up heading back to reality.

Luckily reality only last until Friday as we get ready to do it all over again at the Brownfield Classic with two nights of ASCS national races. Look for around 40 cars to fill the pits and take on the wide and ultra fast Grays Harbor Raceway. Early thoughts from the sharpies are varied but I would expect that the favorites this week will be among others Bergman, Hahn, Price, Hafertepe, Solwold, Australian star Scott Bogucki and Friday night preliminary winner Roger Crockett.

Dirt Cup New and Notes: 51 cars officially check in for the weekend as Dirt Cup continues to hover around 50 number for total entriesthis years format was expanded to include four qualifiers from three the previous yearsAfter last years point debacle that put more emphasis on heats and qualifiers this years point system heavily weighed the A mains . By all accounts the new system was much better receivedCrocketts Friday victory came after an awful Thursday which he did not make it of the A. Last years system would have made him a B main car but this year a bad Thursday and a win on Friday were good enough to get an 8th starting position and ultimately 11th place finish on SaturdayBogucki who was coming off a weekend sweep was seemingly checked out on Friday when he caught the cushion and destroyed his car. His crew re-built the car and Bogucki drove 13th to 5th on SaturdayAmong other drivers who had heavy car damage during the weekend were South Dakota driver Travis Reber (re-build after Thursday night), Chase Goetz (went to second car for Friday) and JJ Hickle (went home after Friday)Two young Oregon stars made their 360 debuts at Skagit were Tyler Thompson and outlaw kart star Tanner Holmes. Holmes had the most success and was running second Friday night when he had to avoid Bogucki causing severe front end damageBesides Solwold three other locals graced the Top 10 Friday night runnerup Colton Heath, former Dirt Cup runner Travis Jacobson and budding superstar Devon Borden…Lastly Lance Seargent was a surprise all weekend as he started 11th on the grid Saturday after almost not racing due to recent struggles.

Well that is wrap until this weekend at GHR. These truly are the best racing weekends of the year in the northwest. I will be writing articles after both nights races. and on twitter @idrinkiswim.







 BY Joseph Terrell


Alger,Wa…The 48th annual Super Dirt Cup kicked off last night and history was made - but not the sort that I thought was going to be made. Every year Dirt Cup brings the unexpected but as the final 15 laps clicked off the board last night and sprint cars resembled a train as they cascaded around the bottom in the one big line. It took myself and most of the faithful to understand what was happening. Was it true? Yes it was. Skagit Speedway had taken rubber. In 22 years of attendance at this great track I have never seen this happen at Skagit. The track has had many critics over the years and sometimes for rightful reasons but a rubber down speedway has never been one of them.


                        After a six great heats, four amazing qualifiers and two very competitive B mains the Skagit faithful seemed guaranteed an amazing main event. But before the sprint main rolled out the ford focus midgets had their main and that is when it started to happen. The signs were there but many of seasoned veterans at the track just couldn't accept it. The sharpies were still saying Hafertepe was going to win from 13th or Bergman from 5th not knowing or maybe accepting the brutal reality of a rubber down follow the leader track.


                        Even the first few laps were inconclusive but when Matt Covington blew by Jason Solwold and almost did the same thing to eventual winner Blake Hahn it was obvious the rubber was down. Hahn moved to the bottom to thwart Covington’s move and from that point on Hahn lead Covington, Solwold and Bergamn on  high speed parade around Skagit Speedway. In victory lane even longtime track participant Solwold admitted to being surprised the track took rubber and that he reacted too slowly which allowed Covington to get by early in the race.


                        Hats off the Steve Beitler and his team as they obviously were not satisfied with the track and before post race interviews had been concluded he had his toys on the track going to work. Having 50 sprints and more than 30 midgets on hand definitely took its toll on the track and it will be interesting to see how Beitler and his staff navigate the weekend to prevent what happened last night from happening again.


First Night Notes from Dirt Cup…After running strong at Skagit each year Hahn finally scored his first win at the track…Northwest local now ASCS star Robbie Price was high point driver going into the qualifiers and eventually started 4th in the main before finishing 6th…John Carney had an eventful first night at the Skagit Speedway but survived a qualifier mishap to come home fifth…California star Justin Sanders who the sharpies were all over struggled mightily and spun twice in the B main. Sanders was looking for a heavy California cushion and their was not one to be found…His Doug Rutz teammate Justyn Cox fared better and came home with a solid top 10….After a lot of talk about the locals being strong this year the top looked pretty familiar in that it was all National drivers with the exception of Solwold. We have seen this act before…Roger Crockett who entered as a driver to beat had steering problems all night, got stuck in the back of the B and couldn't work his way out…Brock Lemely switched engines after qualifying and struggled until the B where he charged from 15th to 3rd before spinning in turn 2…For the first time I remember not one California or Edmonton based team participated in Dirt Cup…Chase Goetz making his first 360 start of the year had his night end quickly as he was stuffed in the wall in his heat race. He scratched for the rest of the night and afterwards the car was bare bones in the Goetz trailer…South Dakota traveller Travis Reber took a wild ride in the B main and may have set a height record as he flipped violently down the front stretch. But in the spirit of racer he guaranteed to be back Friday night.


                        Well that is it from the first night of Dirt Cup. Tonight we shake it up again and see what happens. Will Hafertepe and Crockett rise to the top? Will Solwold and Hahn re-kindle their emerging rivalry? Will Covington or Price shock the world and get it done? Or does Bergman reign supreme again? We will find out more tonight. 


                        The sharpies will keep the odds updated Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon will be final odds. Follow on twitter.


                        Until Sunday evening Mr. Dirt Cup is checking out and diving into the cooler full of Coors Light. Bingo.


               or @idrinkiswim.



Tales of the Northwest Nomad
By Joseph Terrell

Kitsap Peninsula….The time is now. The wait is over. The hype machine has been working overtime but now it is time for the reality to hit and the hype to end. What am I talking about? Well of course it could only be the annual edition of the Jim Raper Memorial…Super Dirt Cup to the common fans. The festivities kick off this Thursday and go through Saturday as the drivers chase the dream of $15,000 payday. For more than 30 years Dirt Cup has been the premier event of the Northwest and in many ways the West Coast. The winner list has all the West Coast legends from Sills to Green, Kaeding to Kent, Allard to Solwold and many in between. The names are a roll call of hall of famers. But this is not just limited to West Coast stars as luminaries such as Wolfgang, Jeff Swindell and Sam Hafertepe. Jr. have also graced victory lane in this iconic race.
This is years edition is looking like it will be another super competitive three nights of racing with many potential winners and the sharpies have been evaluating closely during the last two months as they follow the ASCS national tour and the local northwest scene as well as keeping an eye on a couple of California invaders. This last weekend was the last tune-up and some favorites warmed up with wins, others struggled a bit, while a few (namely Jason Sowlold and Seth Bergman) took the night off – obviously they feel like they have made their cases to the sharpies and pundits.
With that said it is time to breakdown five drivers who are contenders and five who are have some work to do:
CONTENDERS (no particular order):
• Sam Hafertepe, Jr. – Great resume at Skagit Speedway with two Dirt Cup victories and a World of Outlaw win. Five wins on the ASCS national tour this year. Last year made an epic run from 18th to 3rd on the final night. Something tells might tell the sharpies he won’t have to work so hard this year.
• Seth Bergman – Defending champ won Friday night last year from 16th and then simply dominated Saturday night. What is not to like about Bergman and his chances this year. Ran second in his only appearance at Skagit this year. Sharpies have taken notice.
• Justin Sanders – first time at Skagit and Sanders is on the contender list. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone familiar with this young man as his resume is filled with wins. Swept Bradway memorial this year, has knocked on the door of Outlaws win at Silver Dollar and warmed up with a win and second over the weekend. Only question is how he will adjust to driving Doug Rutz Sprinter. Some sharpies think he might open as the favorite.
• Jason Solwold – stared the season ablaze with four straight wins. Since no wins in six starts but has been on the podium four times. Hasn’t seemed as strong the last month as he needs to but it is Skagit Speedway and it is Jason Solwold so it is hard not to have him on the contender list. Furthermore has scored four ASCS national wins in the last four years. Sharpies are skeptical as of now though.
• Roger Crockett – Led the ASCS national points for awhile but has slipped recently now resides out the top five. But Crockett is coming to familiar territory and I look for him to be really strong. Crockett has never won a Dirt Cup and traditionally has encountered tough luck but this year the stars might align for Crockett to conquer the Dirt Cup demon.

• Colton Heath – Just hasn’t shown consistent speed this year. Always fast at Skagit Heath seemed like a favorite early in the year but now finds himself on the work do list. The sharpies want him to be a favorite but just can’t justify it.
• Justyn Cox – I don’t why but the sharpies just don’t think Justyn Cox is going to contend this week. Come Saturday night the sharpie might be wrong but Skagit is a different beast and the sharpies need to see Cox really perform before he is considered a legit contender at Skagit.
• Scott Bogucki – I know a runner up at Dirt Cup last year and two wins over the weekend and he is on the work to do list…but the sharpies are very skeptical that Bogucki will be able to repeat his success from last year. Look for good value on this driver when the odds come out.
• Devon Border – Just too young…or is he? No doubt he might make some noise and turn some heads but Dirt Cup is about consistency and the sharpies need to see it from Borden. Come Saturday night however if he starts up front he might just shake up everything.
• Robbie Price – Even though he comes home to Skagit after being on the road all year the sharpies still are not convinced this rising Canadian star is ready for the big time. But the former track champion is always fast at Skagit and if he has a strong Thursday night a pretender might become a contender.

There it is a quick run down. I will post final odds Thursday morning on Twitter.

A QUICK TRIP AROUND THE WEST COAST: Multiple time champion Jay Cole won his first main event at GHR this year. Cole has struggled in recent years but looked strong on Saturday and officially led all 25 laps…Austen Wheatley made his second start of the year and made a pass for the lead momentarily on lap 12 but an incident with slower traffic ended his night and Borden’s…Travis Jacobson continues to perform well in the Cook Family sprinter and came home second at GHR…Mini sprint and ford focus midget star Chance Crum hopped in JJ Hickle’s sprinter (he was in Montana racing over the weekend) and ran a solid 6th….Down in California five 360 mains were ran over the weekend with five different winners…Friday saw Kyle Hirst win the David Tater Memorial at Silver Dollar over surprise second place finisher Chelsea Blevins, while Justin Sanders did the honors out at Ocean…On Saturday it was DJ Netto winning the fierce SCCT main at Kings over Sanders, Kalib Henrywon up at Marysville and former Keith Kunz midget shoe Ryan Robinson got it done at Antioch…Robinson who was a surprise show at Dirt Cup last year has ran infrequently this year after competing professionally the last few years in the midget ranks…Henry spent the weekend aboard the Van Dyke #5h….The SCCT it has no doubt been a huge success but the amount drivers who actually follow the whole tour has fallen as their is so many options in California… but options are good and create competition and that is why the California winged 360 sprint scene is thriving.
Look for final Dirt Cup odds Thursday on twitter @idrinkiswim. Also I will be posting an article on Friday discussing the opening night of Dirt Cup.
As usual if I am not chasing races then I am swimming, running or cycling. Catch me at Skagit Thursday-Saturday this week. and @idrinkiswim.



The Tales of the Northwest Nomad

By Joseph Terrell


Olympia, Wa… With ASCS National Tour invasion less than two weeks away there is a lot of Sprint Car stuff to cover but before that a quick recognition of the local modified class at Grays Harbor Raceway. I know this website is dedicated to sprint car and open wheel racing and that often fans here use modifieds as a punching bag. I don’t share this opinion and truly believe that a perfect show is a two division sprint and mod combo. Why do I like the mods? One only needs to venture out to Grays Harbor Raceway. Last Saturday again proved that this class can be pretty awesome.

                        The mods rolled out 18 deep Saturday night and put on a 25 lap two caution classic that saw hard charges, slide jobs, different leaders and a grandstand that was on the edge of their seat when the checkered wave. The mods gave us everything on this night that we want from the sprints. What is most special is these guys are just all weekend warriors who work all week and then strap on their superman capes come Saturday and race like drivers who do it 70 times a year. Just wanted to give a shout out and recognition to the drivers that are the backbone of dirt track racing.

                        Now time to discuss Sprints. Saturday was the last tune-up at Skagit Speedway before Dirt Cup and it was Cam Smith who wheeled the family sprinter to his first win of the year at Skagit and second of the year. In the process Smith joined Devon Borden as the only driver to win at Skagit and GHR for dual track bonus. As has been discussed previously Smith has really stepped up his game and it will be interesting to see what the sharpies put his Dirt Cup odds at.

                        Speaking of Borden it was nice to see he made to Skagit for Saturday’s race. He had posted earlier in the week that the team was out of engines and were going to be out of action for a bit. Haven’t heard what changed but Borden obviously was able to hustle up some horsepower which is nice to see because this young star is too good to be sitting at home playing video games.

                        Now back to the sharpies and those Dirt Cup odds. After the previous weeks DTB at GHR the sharpies seemed in unison that Seth Bergman was going to win Dirt Cup, Brownfield and well hell every other sprint show he entered in the northwest. And after breaking the track record early in the night it seemed the sharpies were ready to put the pens down, retire the book and head out for summer vacation but that is why they run the races and as dust settled Saturday the sharpies had to start revisiting the odds. Not that they moved too much but a definite reassessment is needed.

                        Speaking of the sharpies and odds Sam Hafertepe, Jr. is starting to roll and has now got five ASCS national wins. The driver that has proven to have much success at Skagit Speedway (only himself and Jason Solwold have ever won a WoO and ASCS race at Skagit) - will definitely be one of the drivers to beat and rumor has it he might actually open as the favorite.

                        Speaking of favorites and odds it will be interesting to see where the sharpies place such intriguing picks as Solwold, Colton Heath, John Carney and JJ Hickle to name a few. As a critic texted me Saturday night from Skagit at least 15 of the 24 drivers present could win. It has been a while since the northwest scene has been that competitive and with ASCS national tour having plenty of new names and faces it could be that the sharpies favor the locals when the odds are released.

Northwest Sprint Notes: Austen Wheatley made his northwest debut Saturday night as the big shows of the northwest approach. Last year he struggled at Dirt Cup but was super competitive at GHR. You never know how Wheatley will run…Last year Justin Youngquist won the season finale for the Summer Thunder Series but had not been on the track until Saturday night…Both Wheatley and Youngquist were DNFs…For the first time in recent memory Skagit Speedway had a B main for a weekly Sprint show. The birth of the Dual Track Bonus has really paid dividends…Former Skagit champion Barry Martinez made his debut aboard the Jensen Sprinter and finished 10th..Jason Solwold ran third Saturday giving him nine podiums in 10 A main starts. His other finish was fourth…It was a rare Saturday night with two northwest tracks running 360s as Cottage Grove also had 360s on the menu…The talented but inconsistent Jake Wheeler steered to his first career Cottage Grove win and first 360 win by a local at the track since late 2017.

Now onto West Coast Sprint Notes:Andy Forsberg picked up win number five at Placerville Saturday night putting him first on west coast win list…Rico Abreu won a miracle at Tulare and with it scored a cool $11,000. I was a little disappointed the Peter Murphy classic and the huge payday only had 25 entrants…Chase Madjic rolled to his first 360 win Friday in Chico outlasting Justyn Cox…Speaking of Cox he got his first taste of Skagit Speedway Saturday night and finished fourth in the Doug Rutz sprinter. Yes the sharpies noticed when it comes to setting odds for Dirt Cup…Ryan Bernal won the Friday night 360 race at Tulare while Dominic Scelzi won Saturday night…Amazingly California had two 360 races Friday and four Saturday plus a NARC 410 race. That is seven full sprint car races for the weekend. Yes sprint car racing in California is doing oaky…And finally speaking of California for the second time in three years a driver from Golden State captured Indiana Midget Week. Congrats Logan Seavey on getting to done after Sunday was cancelled because of that rare midwest rain lol.

            Next week I will head to GHR for third straight week to catch the final 360 race before Dirt Cup and Brownfield as well as the Washington Modified Tour will roar for 30 laps as the headliner this Saturday. I have confirmed the sharpies will be at GHR Saturday for this last look and that initial Dirt Cup odds will be posted Sunday morning @idrinkiswim.

            Will probably do two articles next week as action really picks up in the northwest. Follow me @idrinkiswim. email




Tales of the Northwest Nomad

by Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa…June 1 was a Saturday and what better way to kick off the month of June than with a Summer Thunder Series Sprint Car race at Grays Harbor Raceway. Once the calendar turns to June all northwest sprint fans get a little more excited and the competition gets a little tighter as the local stars fine tune their hot rods in anticipation of the ASCS National Tour hitting land the last two weekends of the month. Those two weekends are without a doubt the best back to back weekends of racing in the northwest all year so everybody is looking to be at their best come then.

As the clock struck 6 pm Saturday night it was time to head west out GHR. As I arrived first thing I noticed is it was going to be a big crowd. The ticket line was deep and stands were much fuller than usual. Amazing how the mention of fireworks drives people to the races. But then again whatever gets fans out to the races is a plus - just this week four tracks shut down with attendance being a factor in all four. With the huge crowd and great weather I wandered into the stands a little past seven and I was greeted with 25 sprint cars - a season high in the state of Washington. Unfortunately I was also greeted to three support divisions but given my previous statement about the importance of attendance I will keep my displeasure on the subject to myself.

One of the competitors in the pits and bringing a little extra competition to the field was Washington native turned national 360 star Seth Bergman who has headed home to get a early jump on preparation for the big shows a the end of the month. Bergman has elected to not chase the ASCS national sprint tour this year and instead chase big money shows and plans in being in the northwest through the Summer Nationals at Skagit Speedway at the end of July. Seth has plenty of laps at both GHR and Skagit and the extra prep time can only be detrimental the to the rest of the field. On this Saturday it was very detrimental as Seth announced his arrival home in a loud and proud fashion.

After setting fast time and running third in his heat Seth started the main in the second row and quickly went to work. The difference was the ability of Seth to enter turn three on the top as leader JJ Hickle committed to the bottom and second place Jason Solwold started in the middle of turn three and slid to the top of turn four - as he was either unwilling or unable to enter on top coming into three. Seth paced behind the top two for a few laps as he picked up momentum running the scary high side until he finally drove by Solwold in turn four and Hickle a lap later. From this point Bergman set sail and definitely let the northwest competitors they need to step up their games if they want to be a factor.

Both Hickle and Solwold ran solid races but have a ways to go to be competitive with Bergman. His ability to navigate the track and find the fast lane is very impressive and it seemed like Saturday he knew the fast line a lap to two before the rest of the field found it. The northwest drivers were a little conservative in searching for new lines and it showed as Bergman was never challenged during the last 20 laps despite numerous restarts. With this said I fully expect the best of the northwest (Solwold, Hickle, Colton Heath, Garen Linder, Cam Smith among others) to make the necessary adjustments and close the gap quickly. The bar has been raised for the locals and I expect next week at Skagit Speedway for the best of the northwest to offer much more resistance to the Bergman train than they did this week.

As previously mentioned 25 sprints signed into the pits Saturday. This continues a strong year of resurgent car counts in the northwest. While I know 25 may not seem like a lot but given the trajectory of the last few years it is awesome to go to sprint car racing in the northwest and know a full field will greet you. After a few years where the best weekly field were 15 I will gladly take a year where the we have only one field thus far below 15.


 Northwest notes…Jake Helsel made his season debut in the Bud Ashe Sprinter and qualified in the top eight and ran fifth for most of the main before finishing 7th. Nice run for Helsel who has spent the last few years running micros and sportsmen sprints…Former Skagit champion Eric Fisher made a rare appearance at GHR and finished fifth with a late race run…JJ Hickle lead early as he chases his first career Summer Thunder Series victory. His second place run was his fourth podium of the year…Speaking of podiums only Colton Heath with five and Solwold with seven have more podiums in the northwest…Cam Smith qualified like junk and started 17th in the A. On a track that was difficult to pass on Smith worked himself up to 6th with a late race charge…Local driver Jason Reed had a career best qualifying effort of third. He had a hard time maintaining the momentum throughout the night and finished outside the top 10…Up at Skagit Speedway 600 star Jesse Schlotfeldt made his debut at the speedway in the Sportsman division. Schlotfeldt is a known commodity in the micro world and was the pole sitter for the headlining 600s at the Clay Cup Nationals last year. Did I mention his age is somewhere south of 16. He finished 7th…Also at Skagit were a handful drivers like Evan Margetson (winner of the ford focus midget main), Kelsey Carpenter, Jayme Barnes and Chase Goetz (all in the Sportsmen) who need to be 360 cars. JMO…Lastly speaking of Goetz his brother made Reece made a rare 360 start and after a slow start ended the night with a top 10. I once witnessed Reece Goetz win 4 main events in two nights sweeping two divisions.
California Notes: A quite week in California saw only three winged races over the weekend. Bud Kaeding won in Ocean Friday in his Dad’s car, Colby Copeland got it done with NARC Saturday at Petaluma and Shane Golobic did Shane Golobic things at Placerville winning the 360s and midget main…Golobic heads to Indiana to compete on Indiana Midget Week which starts Tuesday. He is a former champion of the IMW and is always a threat in the Matt Wood midget…Golobic will having plenty of west coast friends competing during IMW including Tanner Thorson. Thorson was scheduled to chase the whole USAC National midget tour this year aboard the Clyde Lamar Midget before suffering serious injuries in a March highway accident. He will return to racing abroad a Keith Kunz prepared midget this week…Kaeding’s win at Ocean was his third of the year at the track in his Dad’s legendary Al’s Roofing Sprinter. Bud continues to moonlight in his Dad’s car when not aboard the Morrie William’s sprinter…Copeland who has been off to a slow start this year broke out with a win at Petaluma Saturday overcoming three late race restarts. Copeland continues to exude mastery at the tricky Petaluma gumbo track…So far it looks like two California drivers will be attending Dirt Cup: Justyn Cox and Justin Sanders will both be in Doug Rutz sprinters. With $15,000 on the line will more from the Golden State throw their name in the hat?

This next week is still up in there as I try to determine whether to head to GHR or up to Skagit Speedway for the dual track bonus. This also a rare weekend with two 360 shows on the same night in the northwest as Cottage Grove will also be running the 360s Saturday night.

As usual if i am not swimming or running i am chasing races. Catch me at the race track.

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The Tales of the Northwest Nomad

by Joseph Terrell

Olympia, Wa….As we enter the month of June in the Northwest it is inevitable the anticipation for the summer big shows will pick up. The Marvin Smith Classic at Cottage Grove Speedway over the weekend was the start of the northwest money season. June will the have Dirt Cup and the Brownfield Classic, July brings northwest Speedweek and Summer Nationals, August is a little light but it all concludes labor day weekend with annual World of Outlaw swing through the northwest. It will be great summer as the stars of northwest will battle ASCS invaders, California invaders and even an invader that is native to the northwest (Seth Bergman). A lot of anticipation but it fails to 2006 when the wave hit its cress in the northwest and for one moment we thought the sprint car world revolved around us.

                        20006 was the year when the promotor battle of the northwest - as Fred Brownfield (who ran Grays Harbor Raceway) formed his own National sprint tour, while Steve Beitler was able to bring the outlaws back to Skagit – seemed to go national. The traditional Outlaw weekend in August was now moving to Skagit and at the same time The National Sprint Tour booked a race at GHR for the same weekend. At first it created anxiety and nerves among the northwest locals - was it better to go GHR for the fledging National Sprint Tour or was it better go to the Outlaws and their return to Skagit Speedway. Many of my buddies were leaning towards Skagit, while I was all in at GHR. This was going to be and was a huge weekend but unfortunately that weekend and northwest sprint scene changed direction for ever on a tragic Friday night before Father’s day that many us remember like yesterday.

                        Before the NST and WoO could lay battle in the northwest their was a little race in June paying $25,000 called Super Dirt Cup that proceeded. In these days Dirt Cup was a 410 race and was becoming more and more competitive as the Washington drivers had stepped up their game making it more difficult for California drivers to cash that check. 2006 was shaping up the same way until a glitch in the schedule and the reality that NST drivers needed more races on the schedule to pay the bills. As Dirt Cup approached – at that time it was always Father’s Day weekend – the rumors started to swirl that many NST drivers might be making an appearance at Dirt Cup. First it was native Jason Solwold who announced he would be a in local ride and then Shane Stewart did the same. Not long after Jason Meyers and Tim Kaeding committed driving for teams out of California. That made four out 12 registered NST drivers at Dirt Cup. Texan Travis Rilat also made the announcement he would be making his first appearance at Skagit Speedway. In a weird the NST had come to Skagit – just Fred Brownfield was not promoting it.

                        In addition to all this the field had many future stars including USAC firestorm Robert Ballou, Seth Bergman and some young driver from California named Kyle Hirst who was desperately trying to break from his Dad shadows. The B mains that weekend were A mains and it became very evident after Thursday night this field was as deep and as competitive as any in then history of this glorious race. Their was NST star power, all the California legends (including Allard, Kaeding, Kent, Becker, Day etc.) plus a super competitive local scene including Chad Hiller and future Dirt Cup winner Jayme Barnes.

            As great as racing would be it seem the partying was determined to be better. I remember driving all around Mount Vernon on Thursday afternoon with northwest legend DJ Festy trying to find a keg beer. Our journey took us across the Skagit River into west Mount Vernon and ended at some dive bar. Before entering we surveyed the location and saw the sign we were looking for “Kegs to Go.” Before we got our keg we had few big beers to set the mood for the day. As we raced back to Skagit Speedway a skunky odor poured from the car with a full keg in back. Back at camp we got the keg in ice and the games began, In addition we had bottles of various liquors to ensure we would be well lubricated all weekend. We partied hard Thursday night but really went for it on Friday. With rain in the forecast we decided to pass the time taking shots of Jim Beam and guzzling keg cups of beer. Skagit Speedway was party central. Beer bongs, apple pie, yucca and plenty of drinks and contraptions were prevalent throughout the campground.

            By the time we headed to the track Friday night following a long rain delay the crowd was in an alcohol fueled frenzy. The Skagit faithful had spent all afternoon into the early evening indulging and now it was race time. Everyone was waiting to see what Friday night would bring as it was last chance for those struggled on Thursday to make noise and a chance for those who did well Thursday solidify their position at the front of the field for Saturday A main. The crowd was unreal that night with excitement as so many stars battled for every position. As the heats ended it was many big name drivers were looking at the B main and some even the C main. Then it happened…

            A murmur started through the crowd. Steve Beitler disappeared from his normal perch on his tower. And as the D main pushed off a dark cloud came over the speedway. Their was a buzz…but it was not good. Sitting at the top of the stands in turn four next to a passed out fan I finally got the word. Tragedy had struck at GHR. Fred Brownfield has been struck by a modified and the early indications were not good. As the dark cloud opened up and the rain poured out the energy had been sucked out of everybody. Fans were standing in groups in the heavy rain mourning with a lost look in their eyes. Racers were despondent. I remember seeing Kyle Hirst and his team standing quietly outside their trailer. Tim Kaeding was in his hauler wondering what would become of the National Sprint Tour and talking about how big of a loss this would have for the sport. Steve Beitler elected to not run Friday’s main events Saturday – in my estimation he did not want to re-live that night in any way.

            Dirt Cup would go on and Jonathan Allard would continue to build his legend as he outran the legendary field. And the weekend in August was amazing and Northwest sprint fans would have many great moments since as locals have won outlaw races, dirt cups and ascs national shows. But none of these events reached the height of that June weekend in 2006 and what was seemingly on the horizon. When Fred Brownfield died he left many voids but the biggest in racing was the loss of competition. Fred and Steve competed each week as promoters and the result was pushing Sprint Car racing in the northwest to its greatest heights. That death of competition had a lasting effect on the Northwest and the mark on that mountain can still be seen if you look just right at the rolling rolls around Skagit Speedway. Every once in a while I will get a thrill as I look back at that amazing moment and time in the northwest sprint car scene.

            But that was 2006 and it is 2019 and Sprint Car racing is alive and well in the northwest this year and is experiencing a re-birth. Maybe it is time to climb back up that hill and find a new benchmark. I always enter the month of June with so much anticipation as it is the best time in northwest with warm weather and great racing every week.

            I will be at GHR the next three weekends before Dirt Cup at Skagit and Brownfield Classic at GHR to close out the month of June.

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The Tales of the Northwest Nomad

 by Joseph Terrell

 Olympia, Wa…Rarely would I have weekend during race season that I didn't have to work and at the same time didn't attend any races. Such was this weekend. Due to some commitments out of my control Saturday and the fact I was running a half marathon early Sunday morning (start time 745 am) meant no racing in the cards this weekend. That doesn't mean I don't have a lot to write about though.


            First and foremost nice job by Colton Heath Saturday night at Skagit. Heath started alongside Jason Solwold and trailed early on but eventually chased down Solwold and secured his first win of the year. In the eight starts in 2019 Heath has been on the podium five times - getting off to a nice start in the competitive northwest 360 scene. Heath is one of those drivers that is the backbone of sprint car racing. Aboard the LAW Motorsports XXX Heath supports both Skagit Speedway and Grays Harbor Raceway while making treks down to Oregon when time allows. He is also regular competitor and and already registered for the Trophy Cup in Tulare.


            Heath has been on the northwest scene for a while starting in his family owned Sportsmen Sprinter before moving to 360 and 410s and finally establishing himself as a star in his current ride. As we fans we always get enamored with stars and the up and comers but often loose track those wily veterans like Heath who make the show go. He is not a professional and doesn't have some massive hauler with full back up cars. What he does have a is solid ride that is capable of winning at any track in the northwest on any night. He is one of the many drivers and cars that make the sport so special. A local driver in a local ride who has a chance at winning plenty of big races this year starting this weekend with the $4100 first prize Marvin Smith Memorial in Cottage Grove.


            Speaking of the Marvin Smith Memorial this weekend look for a solid field to converge upon the Cottage Grove Speedway this weekend. In addition to Heath many contenders will be on hand. Two time champion Solwold will be on hand. Idaho based Lgan Forler will be searching for his first Marvin Smith Memorial victory. Look for Oregon veterans Garen Linder and Jake Wheeler as well as young Oregon stars Tyler Thompson and Tanner Holmes to be up front. This race usually draws a few from California which begs the question  who will be in the Doug Rutz sprinter. My bet is we will see Justyn Cox in that ride and he has a long history of success at Cottage Grove. With Skagit racing Saturday night it very likely that a few cars will make the tow from Skagit to catch the second night of the weekend.


            In addition potentially one more big name driver could be added to the mix. Nothing is concrete as of press time but ASCS superstar Seth Bergman has indicated he might be in town for this show. Also there is a good chance Seth will spend a good part of his summer in the northwest as he not following the national series this year. Indications are he will compete in an array of shows including Dirt Cup, Brownfield Memorial and the Skagit Summer Nationals. One would also assume Northwest Speedwell is in his plans. This will definitely change the landscape of the northwest scene this summer brining another top tier contender to the already stout northwest competition.


West Coast Sprint Stuff: With no racing I had some time to look back at the season so far in winged sprint car racing in the northwest and west coast…first the northwest…Colton Heath became the fifth different winner in nine main events in the northwest…His five podiums trail only Solwold who has six…Youngster Devon Borden registered his third podium of the year after driving all night from  Tulare the night before…Jay Cole is the only driver with a perfect podium record - two races with two podium finishes…Amongst drivers looking for their first wins of the year are Eric Fisher, Brock Lemley, Travis Jacobson and the previously mentioned Jay Cole…Now onto the west coast in general which includes California, Oregon, Washington…Amazingly in a combined 51 410 and 360 winged races their have been 30 winners…And still Tim Kaeding, Ryan Bernal, Brad Furr, Geoff Ensign, Colby Copeland and plenty of other talented drivers have yet to taste victory lane…Mitchell Faccinto, Andy Forsberg and Sowlold continue to lead the win list with four…Kyle Hirst is also winless but in his limited starts this year has been a contender each night and currently only sits 14 points behind Shane Golobic in SCCT points…Rico Abreu finally broke into victory lane Friday night in Tulare as he has struggled to get that first win this year…And if speaking about Tulare then Trophy Cup must mentioned…preregistration is off and running with both Roth Motorsports (the Scelzi brothers) and Tarlton Motorsports (Tim Shaffer and Buddy Koifoid) already forming super teams…Lastly one of the bummers of Saturday’s rain out in Tulare was that California legend and four time Dirt Cup champion Jonathan Allard was going to make a rare start as spends most of his time these days spinning wrenches for youngster Kyle Olfill.


            Lastly I want to branch out nationwide and talk about the World of Outlaws this last week in Pennsylvania. With Lance Dewease winning two out of three shows he allowed the posse to reign king this weekend. In addition to his victories Ryan Smith ran second Wednesday in Lincoln and Danny Dietrich second Friday night at the Grove. After running roughshod over the California contigent early in the year and the amount of posse drivers that are no longer porch sitters it seemed like some nationally were discounting the rivalry. The locals never did however and they were right as though the Outlaws dominated the top 10 the posse dominated the top two. Their is nothing better as a fan than seeing your local stars battle and beat the outlaws and I have been fortunate to see it many times in Washington and California. With that said the Outlaws always rise to the challenge and the agitated interview with Donny Schatz makes me think the outlaws will return in July looking to show the posse up. Easier said than done though.



            Next weeks entry will be a look back at when the wave crested in Northwest Sprint Car racing and the long journey since then. Anybody who is familiar with the Northwest sprint scene will appreciate this piece.


            Until next time if I am not chasing races I must be running, swimming or in the summer cycling.


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by Joseph Terrell    

Grays Harbor, Wa….Oh how the weather changes in the northwest. After enjoying a nice warm day in Olympia which included a long run, a couple afternoon beers and an evening BBQ it was time to head out to Grays HarborRaceway about 630 pm.  As we departed the sun was shining and the sun was warm…but I knew not to be fooled. The weather would be different in Elma. I had my cold weather clothes packed and ready to go. I threw a couple of blankets in the van and rounded up my traveling partner for the night and headed west.

            As predicted as we left Olympia and merged onto highway 8 the weather began to change. Away went the sun and in came the clouds. As we winded through the rolling hills on the way to the track the clouds got thicker and the weather cooler It was over 70 when we left Olympia and by the time we arrived in Elma it was 55. Why do I mention this? Because for the second time this year I left my bags of warm clothes at home – they are not going to do me much good there. As I got out of my car I realized this epic mistake but luckily I had an extra blanket and used that for warmth and was able to survive night without buying another desperation sweatshirt.

            This was my first time out to GHR this year. It is located in the fairgrounds in Elma and has gone through quite a transformation the last 20 years - from a run down narrow track with long straights and short turns to a track a featuring sweeping turns and high speeds on one of the best track surfaces in America. At its best GHR has multiple lanes, endless slide job and features speeds that make you hold your breath. The legend of Fred Brownfield is evident every time I walk into the raceway.

            Early in the season the GHR race surface can be a little difficult as the wet, cool climate makes it difficult for the track todry out enough to get racy. Often as the track just starts to dry and the action picks up the moisture will rise as the sun sets reverting the track to qualifying conditions – fast speeds with little lifting and even less passing. As the summer months come and it gets just enough warmer the track really comes on and provides endless action. By the time the Brownfield memorial comes in late June these will be the conditions that will be present. Tonight would be the opposite – only three divisions, lack of laps on track and very cloudy, cool evening created an endless night of hot laps.

            Both heat races and the main were won from the front row. The main featured heat race winners Cam Smith and Jay Cole on the front row and by the time they roared out of two Smith was gone. He would never be challenged during the 25 lap main event and multi time track champion Cole maintained second without much competition. The only race up front that looked interesting was JJ Hickle and Jason Solwold battling for third.  Solwold tried to use the top lane as everybody else pounded the bottom but after a handful laps he gave up and moved to the bottom and followed Hickle.

            This is not in anyways an indictment of GHR but just a reality of northwest racing in spring time. Track conditions are often determined by the weather and at no track is this more evident than GHR which battles the ocean moisture rolling in at night.

            On a positive note 15 sprints qualified as the dual track series between Skagit and GHR pays dividends. Car counts have averaged almost 17 sprints for the first four nights of the series after last year when Skagit was often around 10-12 and GHR would be lucky to get 10. This year the fields have been bigger and stronger.

            Now time to talk about Cam Smith. Smith had a relatively easy run to victory from the pole - much to the delight of my partner for the night - and continues to grow as a driver. Although the track lacked much passing up front the one lane groove made lap traffic difficult and Smith handled it with ease. Smith has been working on his craft for around a decade now and has really come into his own and tonight showed as he worked the traffic with ease - never letting the narrow track conditions hinder his progress. He has become patient and aggressive at the same time and has eliminated the mistakes that used to set back a good night. He is now a driver that is either on or near the podium each night regardless the competition.

            Smith used to bounce around from track to track and seemed to avoid Skagit for a while. In the last year he has become dedicated to running Skagit and GHR and he continues to get good results at each track. In a brief conversation with Smith at last year’s trophy cup he mentioned he specifically was focused on running good at Skagit with an eye on winning the two bigs 360 races held there -  but if he continues to up is game at GHR he may have more opportunities to win a big race than he thought.


West Coast Winners: First and foremost last week I forget to talk about Justin Sanders going into Silver Dollar Speedway and sweeping the weekend. He won the Brownwell memorial Friday night and then cruised to victory Saturday against King of the West competition during the historic Broadway memorial. Two 410 wins in two nights for a primarily 360 driver although he has been on the cusp of outlaw wins the last two years at Silver Dollar and seemingly wins every where. Amazingly these were his first two wins of the year and he started this weekend off in good fashion Friday with third straight at Ocean Speedway. He was in prime condition Saturday to win his fourth in a a row as he started up front at Placerville but lady luck soured on him after one lap. Sanders continues to be maybe the most underrated driver in America as he usually drives multiple cars at different tracks to a lot of wins. Although he has started slow by his standards come late September something tells me he will be at his “normal” win total of 12+…only a few drivers win 12+ races regularly and they have names like Schatz,Dover and Hagar…speaking of wins Andy Forsberg and Mitchell Faccinto continued their early season success bringing their win totals to four this week…Forsberg won for the third time at Placerville and Faccinto won his third race of the KIings/Tulare challenge…This ties them with Solwold for most Sprint wins on the west coast…Chase Johnson - maybe California’s most versatile driver - picked up his third win of the season Saturday night at Petaluma..Johnson has three 360 wins, competes full time in NARC 410, dabbles in USAC/CRA competition, does some midget racing and moonlights at Cycleland is going to get a huge win one day the question is just what division…Somewhat surprisingly Shane Golobic has only two wins this year - I say surprisingly because with the semiretirement of Kyle Hirst Golobic has become the unofficial best driver in California…Many drivers in California seemingly have many rides - Kalib Henry was in Jensen #5 this weekend and at least his third ride this year - he competes full times in the Worden #63 on SCCT; Colby Copeland was in the Van Lare #5v at Petaluma Saturday has been in at least two other rides beside the Antaya Motorsports #16a he normally pilots; Justin Cox has been in at least four rides this year; and Justin Sanders was in the three cars over the last two weekends - the Von Schriltz #121, his families #17 and his normal chariot the Dale Miller 4sa and don't forget Geoff Ensign as he has been spotted in the Snow #7 and Finkerbinder #3f amongst other rides. These are just a few of the drivers that seemingly are always present but just not sure what ride it will be.

            Well that is about is for this week. I will be MIA the next few weeks as far as attending races before a busy June but that doesn't mean the tales of this nomad stop. Next two weeks will feature special topics that are TBA.

            As usual if I am not swimming or running then I am chasing races and might land at a race track near you.

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The Tales of the Northwest Nomad

 by Joseph Terrell


Sweet Home - Olympia, Wa…As we left home and headed to the beautiful Skagit Speedway for round three of the Summer Thunder Series and Dual Track Series my mind wandered as the miles ticked away on I-5. The northwest season is just getting going but I feel the tone of the season and drivers to be beat are becoming apparent. So far northwest racing has been dominated by Jason Solwold who had scored four wins in four starts (sweeping weekends in Yakima and Cottage Grove). In addition JJ Hickle and Devon Borden had claimed Dual Track series races . Tonight it was time to see if a new winner would emerge on the season as all three winners would be present as well as host of other contenders. Or would one of the previous winners cement their status as contender in the northwest.

                         As we pulled into the Skagit parking lot at about 6:15 we could hear the 360 sprint cars working through their hot lap sessions. A quick look into the pits confirmed a strong field with seemingly all the usual suspects in the pits. We continued along to a familiar camp site and parked. My partner headed in as the sprints got ready to qualify but I stayed by the camp gabbing a little bit and stretching my legs after the two hour plus drive up. As qualifying for the sprints winded down I headed up and purchased my ticket and entered the hallowed grounds. As I walked in qualifying was just ending and 18 of the 20 cars present had taken qualifying laps. Solwold had set fast time in the Shalen Raye #18. Notably second place in points Logan Forler and last years runner up and Summer Thunder regular Oregon’s Garen Linder were not in the field.

             After opening ceremonies the the show proceeded in rapid fashion with ford focus midget heats, sprint heats and the outlaw tuner heats. The midgets had a 12 lap b main and the sprints had a pill draw for the fastest eight qualifiers to see where they would start the A main. When Solwold drew the one pill it seemed that we had seen the end of the movie. Who was going to beat him? Linder and Forler were not present and defending champion Colton Heath had struggled in qualifying and was starting 10th. Cam Smith who has been running strong was starting 6th but would he be able to catch and then pass Solwold. And surely 16 year old Devon Borden who was starting second would not muster much resistance? Would he? As the A pushed off the I openly opined I thought that Borden would at least lead early. But even I kind of assumed Solwold would track him down at some point and that would be that.

             Skagit Speedway has been the subject of much criticism over the years - some earned for sure but much more of it made up and completely unwarranted. But one thing was for sure - for much of then 2000’s and 2010’s Skagit Speedway would get super dusty. And I mean SUPER DUSTY. Only the most loyal and dedicated fans (yes I was one of them) would tolerate this. The conundrum was the dustier it got the better it got - the ultimate catch 22. But in middle of 2015 Steve Beitler flipped the script to bring in some new clay. It took some time for it to pay dividend but a year later at the 2016 Summer Nationals it was apparent the new clay was a difference maker as it had provided a dust free version of racing that included slide jobs and multiple grooves. By the time the World of Outlaws left in 2017 even long time critics from that series had been transformed into believers. Why does this matter?  Because as Solwold and Borden raced into turn one and sliding to the top of two it was obvious Skagit Speedway was in peak form this night.

             Borden would take the initial lead and even as Solwold waged relentless pursuit he seemingly had no answers for the young emerging star. About lap 11 Solwold started to work his patent bottom groove as everybody else banged the cushion but even as he pulled next to Borden on a few occasions the youngster was not be deterred and Solwold was now dealing with onslaught from Brock Lemley. At one point Borden, Solwold and Lemly were nose to tail as they raced through turn two. By lap 15 though Borden had reestablished control as Solwold and Lemley continued to battle. On lap 17 a caution flew as STSS regular Chris Schmelzle found the wall - unfortunately at the same time Lemley was spinning in turn two. Now Solwold was behind the youngster and as the green flew the crowd assumed Solwold would make a move but again Borden was up to the challenge. As the laps waned it was obvious Solwold was up in the saddle as he tried to desperately to make one last move but Borden had all the answers and held the late charge to finish a car length ahead of Solwold for the $2000 win.

             In victory lane Borden stood next to his Borden #8 and was beyond elated as all the hard work and time he and his father had put in during the last year plus was being realized. Borden has had his up and downs in both the sprint and 600s during the last year and their has been plenty of nights as I cruised the pit area and his pit was thrashing as they rebuilt a race car. But the talent that was so evident is now coming through. After a win a week earlier that some critics had said was against a weaker field and thus for not legit Borden had proven it was no fluke and that he is now a player in the northwest. We have had many teenage sensation in the northwest including Kasey Kahne, Travis Rutz and Trey Starks. Looks like it is time to add a new one to the list. And like all the previous their was some equipment torn up along the way.

             As we made that familiar drive home and cruised through Seattle and the lights shined bright I wondered if the world of Sprint Car Racing had just found another shining light tonight at Skagit Speedway.

 Northwest Sprint Notes: The Summer Thunder Sprint Series (STSS) in the brain child of Steve Beitler and is in the long line of 360 sprint touring series in the northwest. It provides a chance for drivers in the northwest to chase a touring series that races at four different tracks…In a weird turn of fate Saturday’s race had no drivers that lived out of Washington as Oregon regular Garen Linder and Canadian regular Luke Didius were not present…Travis Jacobson making another appearance in the Cook #22x was fast and competitive and brought the car home fourth after some impressive slide jobs through traffic that caught the attention of a more than a few spectators…Cam Smith continued his consistent ways to start the season in the Smith #17 and rolled home third - he inherited third after the Lemley spin and kept Borden and Solwold in sight but could never quite mount the challenge I thought he might…After starting 10th Colton Heath in his LAW Motorsports #33 used his experience to navigate to fifth - I look for Heath to pick up the pace as the summer months and big money shows arrive…Elma’s Jason Reed always seems to have an interesting night at Skagit and on this night he missed qualifying but finished fourth in his heat then started 12th in the A and finished in the top 10…In seven main events this season in the northwest the win count is as follows: Solwold - 4; Borden -2; Hickle 1…Speaking of Hickle he finished 7th and was never really a factor all night after a strong opening night at Skagit…Former track champion Eric Fisher was one spot ahead of Hickle in the A but after qualifying a stout third didn't seem to have the same speed the rest of the night…29 Northwest ford focus midgets were on hand to support the night…Former Skagit Speedway Sprint driver Nick Evans lead the whole way but the race was far from eventful…Mini Sprint star Chance Crum, Ford Focus Midget hot shot Tristan Thomas, and midwest transplant Ross Rankine went wheel to wheel to settle second through fourth…I have been a critic of the ford focus midgets in the past but I have to say that they have joined modified as my favorite support division in the northwest.

                         Before I head out I only want to say that I wish all Summer Thunder Series main events were 40 laps - especially the races at Skagit and Cottage Grove. But this is just my little rant as overall the Summer Thunder Series is a great series that provides some extra money and prestige to the northwest sprint car scene with racing at four very different tracks: the big track in Yakima, the super fast and scary track in Elma, the comfy confines and top to bottom action of The Grove and the legendary and unpredictable Skagit Speedway.

                         Headed out to Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma this Saturday. One thing is never forget your sweatshirt when going to GHR. This track is one of the true hidden gems in the dirt track world. The sprints can really fly at this wide sweeping 3/8 mile oval.

                         As always if I am not swimming or running I am chasing races and on my way to track near you.

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Kitsap Peninsula…It is Saturday Night and I should be at Grays Harbor Raceway catching opening night but instead I am on the Kitsap Peninsula after a long day of wok swirling an easy IPA. I am annoyed by the fact I am missing opening night and the sound of sprints of roaring into turn one. I was also missing the modifieds slice and dice like they only can on the ultra wide 3/8 mile oval.
Also down in Oregon Cottage Grove Speedway was having a two night show fearing the 360 sprints. A lot of sprint car action in the northwest this weekend and it got me thinking who are the best northwest sprint car drivers since 1990. A little trip down memory lane - the biggest criteria ismost of said drivers career has taken place in the northwest (Oregon and Washington). The decision making process was difficult and the committee of one needed a second beer to finalize the decision. After much thought and deliberation the committee decided:
The obvious answer is former USAC midget national champion and NASCAR legend Kasey Kahne. But Kasey did not spend much of his time in the Northwest despite two dominant Dirt Cup championships. So while he is no doubt the biggest name too come from the Northwest - he was not eligible. The vote was so close that the committee decided on a split decision:

1a) Jason Solwold - Won an amazing 23 races in the Northwest in 2003 (16 -360, 7-410)…2008 WoO winner at Skagit Speedway…2 career outlaw wins, 4 ASCS National wins and also wins with the All Star Circuit of Champions and the now defunct National Sprint Tour…2015 Dirt Cup Champion at Skagit Speedway…1996, 1997, 2001 and 2017 Summer Nationals Champion at Skagit Speedway…2015 and 2016 Marvin Smith memorial winner at Cottage Grove Speedway...1998 Northern Sprint Tour Champion…2010 ASCS NW Champion…2015, 216, 2017 Summer Thunder Series Sprint Champion…Has been the most dominant driver in the northwest since 1996. Has never won the Fred Brownfield Memorial at Grays Harbor but has won the prelim night in 2015 and 2018. Put on a show for the ages at the 2016 Summer Nationals to only have the next driver on this list take the win.

1b) Roger Crockett – born in California spent a majority of his career racing out of Oregon until recently moving to Oklahoma following number three on the list…While most of the drivers on the list have had their heroics at Skagit – Crockett made living at Cottage Grove and Grays Harbor…Dominated the 360 touring series in the northwest for years (NST, NSCS, ASCS Northwest)…Total of nine championships between the three touring series (2001-04, 2007, 2009, 2011-13)…ASCS National main event winner on multiple occasion including last years opener at Devil’s Bowl Speedway…1998 California Civil War Series Champion…2017 Marvin Smith Classic winner…Nationally recognized as one of the best 360 drivers in the nation…World of Outlaws winner in Minnesota…won Summer Nationals in 1998 and 2016 – beating Solwold on a classic late restart that proved to be one of great nights of racing ever at Skagit Speedway…only lacking a Dirt Cup victory…possibly the smoothest driver I have ever seen

3)Seth Bergman…ASCS National star who has spent most of his career on the road chasing the dream…but has spent enough his career at home with major wins that I couldn’t leave him off the list…2014 and 2015 Summer Nationals Champion…2018 Super Dirt Championship in dominating fashion…won the 2018 Dirt Cup Friday night preliminary main from 16th in a historical run…three major wins is enough to get you on this list…Still looking for a Fred Brownfield Memorial win…Consistently wins 10 + races every year…If he raced in the northwest consistently he would probably be number one on the list.

4)Travis Jacobson…maybe a little bit of surprise but like Bergman it is his work in the big shows that solidifies his spot on this list…3 consecutive Summer Nationals Championships from 2010-12...but it is his 2012 World of Outlaw race that cemented his legend…led all 35 laps repealing all challengers as he joined Solwold as locals who have won an Outlaw race at Skagit…his struggles at Dirt Cup are well noted but he did have a runner up finish in 2005 chasing Jon Allard throughout the latter half of the race. Maybe the best drive I have ever seen at Skagit Speedway – unbeatable when he is on.

The final spot on this list was heavily debated but in the end it is performances in the big shows that win out…

5)Jayme Barnes…not the most consistent driver ever…but nobody can do the things he can when he is in the zone…2008 ASCS Northwest Champion…runner up in 2008 World of Outlaw race at Grays Harbor Raceway…20th to 2nd at 2001 Summer Nationals…but it is Dirt Cup that gets this driver on this list…back to back Dirt Cups wins in local low buck rides in 2008-09 and third in 2010…could have won outlaw races in 2009 and 2010 at Skagit but lady luck was not his friend…while he has had big lulls in his career and some failed adventures in bigger and better financed rides Barnes work at Dirt Cup is legendary… Legend has it someone told Danny Lasoski “They are running 10 second laps around Skagit”and he said “no they aren’t…Barnes is running 10 seconds lap.”… That is enough is for me.

Travis Rutz gets a special spot on this list. Though his career was cut short he did manage two Summer Nationals championships and enough thrilling moments for a lifetime.

Many names did not make the list just because of space and they are in no order: 1991 Dirt Cup Champion Bobby Burrow, Chad Hillier, Marc “the Shark” Huson, Jay Cole, Shawna Wilskey, 2014 Dirt Cup Champion Brock Lemley, Danny Horner, Trey Starks, Dale Smith, Logan Forler and Ricky Fauver are just a few of the greats who didn’t make the cut.

My list is done, my beer is finished and it is time to point the car toward home roll down highway 16, cross the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and b-line for I-5.

Northwest Notes: Devon Borden picked up the first win of his career Saturday night at Grays Harbor Raceway. After showing a lot of speed and a heavy right foot Borden broke through – look for more wins for this young man as confidence will only accelerate the fast learning curve...12 360’s showed up for the second night of the dual track series – less than the 20 at Skagit the previous week but up from last year…Up at Skagit Chase Goetz won his second straight Sportsmen Sprint race – talk about fighting out of your weight class…northwest drivers and cars are all over the county representing – Cory Eliason in the Rudeen ride (All Stars), Chad Kemenah in the Shannon Wheatley ride (World of Outlaws mainly), Trey Starks (Knoxville), Skylar Gee (All Stars), Seth Bergman (ASCS national) and Robbie Price (ASCS)…while I would love to see all these cars and drivers in the northwest it is always nice to local stars and car succeed…Finally in 2003 as previously mentioned Solwold had the greatest season ever in the Northwest and the 2019 season is starting to bring back memories as Solwold swept the Spring Fling at Cottage Grove…that is four wins in four starts – I am definitely keeping an eye on this and see where this might go.

Next week I will head up to Skagit Speedway for round three of the Summer Thunder series and the dual track series. Looking forward to a solid group of sprinters and whether someone can stop the Solwold train.

If I am not swimming or running I am chasing races so until next time you never know if I will be at a race track near you.

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The Beautiful Skagit Valley, Wa… Racing season in April and May in the northwest is always a bit unpredictable. The weather is in constant flux and the rain gods may appear at anytime and stay for an extended visit. I have endured springs where it seems the rain will never stop even and when it doesn’t rain on Saturday you have to be the most dedicated fan to sit through the cold, wet nights. Other springs have offered nice days and cool nights - the sky is clear and the air is dry. What type of spring this season will bring only time will tell but for this last weekend it offered one of those ideal spring days that leads to a great night of racing.

            Mobbing up the I-5 towards Skagit Speedway the traffic was rather thick on this Saturday before Easter. Traffic built up at numerous locations in Seattle and its surrounding areas - plus an unplanned stop in Everett at the request of one the passengers on this trip - made a two hour trip closer to four. As we worked out of the bottleneck and headed for Skagit County the roads began to open up. Working through the rolling hills and finally the Skagit valley appeared before us. Opening up to the Puget Sound to the west the Skagit valley is an immense valley cut out the by Skagit River. Littered with small towns such as La Conner, Conway, Bow and Edison it can seem like a step back in time. As you snake through the valley and pass through the city centers of Mount Vernon and then Burlington you began to ride back into the rolling hills. And just as the Skagit Valley fades into the background we departed from I-5 and cruised on highway 99 following sprint car ace Lance Seargent until the great Skagit Speedway appeared to our left and opening night was upon us.

            As we drove up we didn't know what to expect for opening night. Last year only 11 360s had showed up and all year car counts would struggle during weekly shows in northwest at Skagit and Grays Harbor Raceway. Over the winter promoter Steve Beitler went to work and upped the weekly purses and also created the dual track challenge between Skagit and Grays Harbor raceway in Elma - this series is the northwest version of the Attica-Fremont Series. After a couple of years of struggling car counts Beitler was definitely looking to create more excitement in weekly racing. His popular Summer Thunder Series has consistently drawn nice fields and is a one of the best regional series around. Tonight though was to be the first night of dual track challenge and would it make it difference…

            ….The answer is yes - The nice crowd of avid fans were rewarded with a solid 19 360 sprints which provided 18 starters come main event time. The field was competitive and deep - providing great racing on the comfy confines of Skagit Speedway. Turns 3 and 4 turned out to be the most eventful with multiple lines containing unpredictable ruts. After an early but eventually fruitless challenge by former Word of Outlaw main event winner Travis Jacobson Washington peninsula resident JJ Hickle drove away from the field to score his first ever 360 main event at the legendary grounds. Hickle has won multiple races at Grays Harbor Raceway but before tonight had never graced victory lane at the home of the Dirt Cup. Greg Hamilton - who has shown lots improvement the last year and half - chased Hickle the last half of the race but settled for second. Hamilton is becoming a contender and could be a sleeper come Dirt Cup and Summer Nationals.

            Amazingly in the sportsmen sprint accomplished northwest sprint shoe Chase Goetz also won his first sprint car race ever at Skagit.This surprised me as Goetz has always been fast at Skagit Speedway in his 360 ride. Goetz was not the only sprint star in the sportsman field as he was joined by former two time Dirt Cup champion Jayme Barnes. I have been going to northwest racing long enough that anytime Barnes is in the house you need pay attention. After showing early speed he was a DNF. Somebody needs to get this guy in a 360 for the summer big shows.

            It was a great opening night at Skagit and the little traffic on the way out was a minor inconvenience to see so many fans out supporting dirt track racing. Yes we could have bummed around the camp sites and driven home with sun coming up but tonight we took the easy way out. We headed back down the rolling hills, through the valley, down the freeway leaving great Skagit Speedway behind us. We rolled through the cities with ease as the clocked turned the page to Sunday and the previously four drive was the two hour drive it should be. Traffic was a thing of the past and the freeway rolled with ease on this perfect northwest spring night.

Weekly Notes: Cam Smith and Hickle struggled early in qualifying but improved through the night with Hicklewinning and Smith coming home fourth…Both of these drivers expect and should compete for wins all season long…Another that will be contender all season isColton Heath who rebounded from a tough opening weekend at Yakima with quick time and a third place finish in the potent LAW motorsports sprinter…Jacobson was in the Cook family sprinter and had it rolling before incurring a DNF…another star of the past gracing the grounds was Brock Lemley as he looks to resurrect his sprint car career after a few years of not running much – if Brock puts the time in he will be a contender sooner than later this year…Canadian car owner Doug Rutz competed in California over the weekend with solid results. He had Tony Gualda and Justyn Cox in the cars Friday night and Cox in the car Saturday…

            Lastly I went a give big THANK YOU to all the promoters and race tracks (you know who you are) that are busting tail making Sprint Car racing the best it can be on the west coast. Whether it is Steve Beitler, Jim Allen (NARC), Tony Jones (USAC/CRA), the Russell family (Placerville/SCCT) or the many others I missed sprint car racing is alive and well on the west coast thanks to your hard work and dedication.

            More than likely I will not make it out to any races this weekend – work commitments and one of my racing partners is unavailable to ride along – but until next time if you can’t find me in the pool or running long distances check your local dirt track.

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Along I-5, West Coast…. As I roared down I-5 heading to Stockton, Californiathis past weekend for the Asparagus Festival (of which the Asparagus Cup was part of) at some point I left the northwest behind and saw the promise land of California ahead of me. I think the exact spot is somewhere in the Shasta Lake area as you wind through the mountains and eventually into the central valley. Once you land in the valley the sun arises and the climate changes immediately. It was nice to cruise through the valley, window down, pegging 80 mph leaving the dark rain clouds behind.
I arrived in Stockton mid day Thursday giving ample time to get setup and situated for the weekends asparagus cup. $25,000 if a driver could sweep – but with this tough California competition it seemed doubtful this would happen. Too many good drivers, too many good teams, too much luck needed. With such stars as Shane Golobic, Kyle Hirst , Gio Scelzi, Mitchell Faccinto, Rico Abreu and DJ Netto to name a few the weekends action was sure to be fast and furious.
Getting situated involved setting up my tent in a covered barn that I am sure houses animals during the fair. Luckily the asparagus festival doesn’t feature farm animals…meaning I did not have to share my sleeping quarters with some over sized stinking boar. On the other hand the faint smell of that oversized boar lingered.
After wasting the day Friday riding bad carnival rides over and over and eating the much anticipated fried asparagus it was time to head to the track. This was my first visit to the Stockton Dirt Track. It is cut out of an old mile horse track with the front stretch coming out onto the horse track front stretch. The turns are carved into the ground creating the banking necessary to ensure drivers can run the bottom and push the cushion. A little later as I walked the pits I noticed a few major absences – Dominic Scelzi , Chase Johnson (who won at Ocean on Friday) and Washington star Jason Solwold were MIA. Also two of the most potent rides in California were not in the house – the legendary Beef Packers machine and the Tommy Tarlton special decided home was the place to be for the weekend. Still the pits filled with 37 stout sprint cars each night (a total of 40 different drivers).
Most of the early action Friday was rather uneventful - although Jason Statler and Blake Carrick made the main through their heats after starting last which is a rare feat. The action in the B picked up but it was the A that really set off. Rico did his thing and rolled 24th to 5th while Gio Scelzi stalked Mitchell Faccinto relentlessly until finally seizing his opportunity as the leaders raced into turn one on lap 28. It was at this moment Scelzi let the slider rip. The 17 year old was $10,000 richer.
Walking back to the camp that I night mentioned maybe Gio would sweep - opinion had changed and a sweep now seemed reasonable. And he did just that. After Colby Copeland set the early pace Saturday Gio rolled by him with ease, opened the can of whooping and set sail. It was never in doubt…Gio had double dipped and got paid $25,000. What a weekend for this 17 year old young star.
Walking back to camp I decided to indulge in one last Asparagus Festival artery clogger. It has going to be the Clam Chowder with shrimp covered fries. Yes over the top…but yes super necessary for the enjoyment of the experience After a roaring crowd all day Saturday the crowd had settled late in the evening but still many lingered on the grounds. As I waited for my heart bomb order I overheard an Asparagus Festival goer talking to a friend how they should hit 99 and cruise to some other valley city on this warm summer night and ride the wave of life. I was kinda jealous and wanted to join them and ride the wave but that long ride home awaited in the morning. I got my loaded fries headed to camp and chewed the fat for a while before heading to sleep.
The drive back home is the reverse to the drive to California. From the sun to the weather cooling to inevitable spring downpour it was sad to leave but good to go back home. As I crossed that Oregon state line I waived goodbye to California and looked forward to the season in the Northwest and the inevitable spring buildup that leads to the grand daddy of them all - Super Dirt Cup at Skagit Speedway.

Stockton Observations: Blake Carrick and mini sprint star Joey Ancona were representing the under 16 crowd…Ancona led most of the way the last year at the $10,000 to win Super 600 Clay Cup Nationals at Deming Speedway before a DNF…Speaking of mini sprint stars Caden Sarale was also in attendance both night s as he advances his career into sprint cars…The Keith Kunz connection was deep this week with former and current drivers including Rico Abreu, Ryan Robinson, Tanner Carrick, Blake Carrick and Logan Seavey…Speaking of Seavey he was making a rare winged appearance in the Larry Antaya sprinter however the defending USAC National Midget Champion was never a factor showing just how the stiff the competition was…Garren Linder and Jake Wheeler represented the state of Oregon during the weekend…The car count may have been lower than what would of have been expected but it didn't effect the level of competition as stars such as Justin Sanders, Rico Abreu, DJ Netto, rising midget star Tanner Carrick and NorCal legends Andy Forsberg and Sean Becker were never factors all weekend…watching Kyle Hirst is a treat - he makes it look so easy sometimes. I hope he gets behind the wheel more as the season progresses.

Looking to head to Skagit Speedway this week as long as weather permits. Until then…if I am not swimming or running I am chasing races. follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim.




By Joseph Terrell


Somewhere, Wa….The northwest sprint car season kicked off this past weekend over the hills in Yakima at the Yakima dirt track. This was the first races of the season for the regional Summer Thunder Sprint Series. Unfortunately I was unable to make it over the mountain to the valley as work commitments had me tied up all weekend. Instead I followed along on twitter over the weekend.

Jason Solwold continues to be the dominant force in the northwest. His sweep of the weekend only emphasized this point. However this doesn’t mean he is unchallenged. Garen Linder, Colton Heath and JJ Hickle to name a few are sure to offer many challenges to Solwold. Linder and Heath specifically have shown the ability to compete and beat Solwold. Also running strong over in Yakima was Logan Forler. Forler tends not to follow a series but just pick and choose and the former ASCS national regular is a threat every night he shows up. If he chooses to follow the series he will not only step up the competition level but would be a serious contender for the championship. In addition Forler is the hardest working driver in show business – don’t believe get a pit pass sometime and just observe Forler throughout the night. Race and wrench and repeat.

A couple of other drivers who stepped up last year were Cam Smith and Austen Wheatley. Smith has become super strong at Skagit Speedway especially and I look for him to compete for both Dirt Cup and Summer Nationals glory. Wheatley also came on strong last year – was really good at Elma for the ASCS national weekend – but at this time I am not sure of his racing plans for the year.

Another nugget from the Yakima weekend is the driver shuffle that often happens aboard the potent Richmond engine powered Doug Rutz sprinter. Last year this car featured among others mini sprint star Jared Peterson (mainly at Skagit), JJ Hickle and California now Midwest superstar Buddy Koifoid. Other drivers that have ventured into this ride are Trey Starks and Wheatley. At Yakima this weekend Rutz had young New Zealand star Breyton Davison in the car both nights and California high flyer Tony Gualda turning the wheels Friday night. In typical Gualda fashion he was hammer down as he set fast time and led early in the feature before finishing with A DNF. No word on how many appearances the Hollister, Ca. driver will make aboard the Rutz sprinter. Gualda would finish a close second to Justyn Cox Saturday night at Placerville.

But wait there is more….it was announced that Cox will be making numerous appearances in the Rutz sprinter throughout the year starting this week in Stockton at the mighty Asparagus Cup. Cox has also stated he would like to be in the Rutz ride in Nortwest during the summer when all the big northwest shows occur. As always the summer should be awesome in the northwest.

Of course every time I see the Rutz sprinter I can not help but think of the original shoe – Travis Rutz. Anybody from the northwest can speak of the legend that this young man is and will always be in the northwest. More talent and charisma than almost any driver I have ever seen. I will never forget seeing Travis Rutz gushing as Joey Saldana graced the campsite – Travis felt he was in company of a legend. Me and my partners new we were in the presence of two legends.

Now on to the Asparagus Cup…I am now packing and getting ready for the road trip down. This will be my first visit the Stockton dirt track and am looking forward to the watching the stars of the Golden State do battle. I think it is awesome the Nocetti Group put together this great race and purse. I know their has been some negative feedback on twitter but there is nothing wrong about promoter putting on shows that pay $10,000 and $15,000 to win. Maybe it could pay better through the field…but if aren’t first you are last J

Combine the Asparagus Cup with Dirt Cup at Skagit Speedway, Summer Nationals at Skagit Speedway and Trophy Cup at the Tulare Thunderbowl and the west coast boasts many of the highest 360 ci winning purses in the United States. As I like to say the WEST COAST IS THE BEST COAST.

Follow me on twitter @idrinkiswim as I will posting different betting odds for each night of this weekends Asparagus Cup. Be pre warned though – finding the betting window is like finding Narnia (nearly impossible)

Until next week, when I will fill everybody in on the ins and outs of the Asparagus Cup which is part of the much bigger Asparagus festival (I can already taste the fried asparagus), so long and stay safe chasing races.


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