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    Cravin' Racin'

    by Dana Kuyawa

    Well... I guess you all can say long time no columns. 2016 was a rollercoaster of a year. Let’s start off with the beginning of the racing season.
    Obviously it was the Payless Little 500 68th annual race and it was a thriller. Congratulations to Mr. Kody Swanson for winning this race! Definitely was an amazing day.
    Then dad and I went to our local track here in Wisconsin, Wilmot Raceway, and must I say it was a wonderful season there with the Bumper to Bumper IRA Sprint Car Series, the Arctic Cat All Star series, and of course the Craftsman World of Outlaws too.
    Dad and I went to Manitowoc Raceway, went to La Salle Raceway and those were great races too. Honestly, 2016 was the best racing season ever with him.
    I graduated in 2016 so yay me! Of course, I got the most amazing graduation present a racing fan/racing writer ever. Dad and I went to the 2016 Knoxville Nationals and must I say... That was one of the races I will always remember. Congratulations to Jason Johnson and the rest of the 41 team for their outstanding win!
    Now we go from the happy season of racing to the sad season... We lost Bryan Clauson in 2016 and my dad always said “he’s like superman, goes into the telephone booth and changes into this super hero of a race car driver.” So Rest in Peace BC we will always miss your racing.
    Now this is definitely going to be the hardest part of my article. On October 6th of 2016 God wanted another person at the track in Heaven. Unfortunately, it was my dad, Paul Kuyawa, died peacefully in his sleep. I know everyone loved his articles I know I surely did. Dad was a great man and loved racing with all of his heart. Dad started to love racing when he was 5 years old when my grandpa took him to Waukegan Raceway. Once you catch the smell of the methanol fuel burning, you get racing fever. Dad took me to the races and I loved it, I still do. But I lost my racing partner so, it’s not the same without you dad. I know you’re not in pain anymore. You’re at the track in Heaven with all the drivers and with your dad. Thank you for being my best friend, racing partner, and most of all thank you for being my dad.
    Again everyone I am sorry for not writing for such a long time, the radio show was cancelled, my dad did it better than me. But I want to thank everyone for being supportive through the rough time of losing my dad. I’m glad I have a racing family and I’m proud to be a part of it.
    From myself, my mom (Nancy), my sister (Nicole), my brother-in-law (Richard), my nephews (Dawson, Tristen, Payton, and Landon), and my nieces (Adryanna, and Aubree) we greatly appreciate your love and support. Thank you everyone for coming to the funeral and to the others for the flowers and the cards and so much more we greatly appreciate it.
    My dad is a hero he saved 50-75 lives for being an organ donor. Now everyone please think about it when you pass along you could save a life like Bryan Clauson and be a hero to a family in need. You can register at and help others.
    Again, thanks for the memories daddy, I will always miss you. I will be spreading some of your ashes at the 2017 Little 500 this year I promise. I’m honored to be called your daughter.
    Till next time,
    See y’all at the races
    God Bless

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