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    Cravin' Racin'

    by Dana Kuyawa

    Cravin’ Racin’ By: Dana Kuyawa

    Hey everyone, I am back as I said before.. but let’s just say this year has been a real wild one! From going to the most beautiful place on earth Anderson Indiana it’s definite a must to go see the Payless Little 500 on the beautifully paved 1/4 mile race track in a beautiful town of Anderson Indiana. As usual Rick Dawson has another amazing event. As a beautiful sunset hits this prestigious racetrack filled with 33 non-winged sprint cars as I hear the most amazing sound to my ears. This popular, prestigious race has been around for 72 years. Thanks to everyone who has been able to support this tradition of the Little 500.

     A little history lesson for everyone who has not gone to the Little 500 please go! The Little 500 at the Anderson Speedway has been around since 1949. The Little 500 has been around for 72 years at this event it’s amazing! A race is an amazing short-term day of fun at the track. An event is something long-term that has a blast that takes a lot of time effort and a brain full of ideas that makes an excellent days out of the year booked out of your life. The difference about this race is...this is not a race. This is a event, and could be your next family tradition. Been this media girls tradition. All I can say is.. definitely something to put on your bucket list is seeing Rick Dawson’s quarter-mile High- banked paved race track on Memorial Day weekend. The way that Dawson’s employees make you feel like Kings and Queens of this establishment. Yes, the Little 500 is family friendly. With plenty of things for your kiddos to do on the day of the race. The Anderson Speedway has had games for your children to be entertained with. Along with a drivers autograph session for everyone’s favorite drivers. Saturday Is a busy day for everyone as Rick Dawson makes sure there is something to do for everyone of the fans. This event is eye opening!

    All starts on May 20, 2020 with practice for the Little 500 for these drivers. Up next the following day Pole Day! This is where the contenders compete for the 1st position of Saturday’s race. The top-15 drivers who were the fastest, gets a locked-in spot for the big day. As Friday gets here the drivers get to be in the final 18 positions go the race as they race for the best positions for the field on Saturday, the drivers all qualify and whomever gets the best time gets the best position! Finally, Saturday, May 23 is the day we all wait for every year. The 72nd annual Payless Little 500 presented by UAW is here!

    The most amazing smell, as I know my dad would say “Let’s go racing!” Still hard to believe that dad has been gone this long. He’s still at that race track. I know he always is there with me. All thanks to my dad, Paul, I have been in this sport for 10 years. Makes me feel old now! The Little 500 I have been going to for 10 years now. 10 years of my life I look forward to May to go to this amazing race track as I do for this coming year. 2019 race winner Kody Swanson has not only won this race in 2018 and 2019 making him a back-to back champion he’s won this race in 2016.

    Congratulations Kody. Will he be victorious this year or perhaps another back-to-back winner of 2013 and 2014 Jacob Wilson might? Just putting a couple drivers out there! Anyone who hasn’t seen this race please do like I wrote down in my article above. This is one thing you will remember for your lifetime and you’ll have a blast coming to see this prestigious event. Last year my boyfriend, David, went to see this event and he had An amazing time. A fun fact is this was his first race ever. Why not take him to the best one right? Rick Dawson he enjoyed himself at this race and he cannot wait for next year!

    As it’s almost Christmas I just wanted to add in my article, remember the reason for the season. Enjoy this time with your families. As I will with mine. Be safe and stay warm. I will write more in 2020. My boyfriend and I moved to Colorado we didn’t have the greatest experience but beautiful views. I wrote down in my notebook most of this article but we moved back to where we had to be which was Wisconsin. So we are back and that means more articles from me. See ya’ll at the races.   God Bless

    Merry Christmas     Dana Kuyawa



    Cravin’ Racin’
    By Dana Kuyawa
    I know it’s been a while everyone I am truly sorry. Just been hard for me since dad passed away, but good news. I think I have finally got my racing bug back thanks to my boyfriend being into racing.
    Every year I drive to Anderson, Indiana a hundred spots where me and dad sat in the grandstands, as it’s Little 500 time once again. There’s his ashes on the start finish line, he’d be there yelling Wilson if it was 3 years ago. What I would give to ride around in the mustang with him.
    As it continues to get closer to Memorial Day weekend I can finally smell that racing fuel. I can see with my eyes closed the entrance to Anderson Speedway in Anderson, Indiana home to the Payless Little 500.
    It’s the 71st annual Payless Little 500, and I could not be more excited for the time to finally be here. This year will be my 8th year of going and I will not let anything stop me from seeing the most amazing race yet. Now for all of you newbies going to this race let me tell you all about this prestigious race and this beautiful race track that is owned by Rick Dawson, Anderson Speedway is a high-banked quarter-mile paved race track and is an amazing place to go to. The Little 500 consists of 33 non-winged sprint cars, 11 rows and 3 wide it is an amazing view. Your adrenaline will rush. I know mine did for my first Little 500 and still does.
    I am truly thankful for my dad, Paul Kuyawa, taking me to this race and continuing our tradition. The most memorable Little 500 was my dad making me take my cap and gown from graduation and making me put it on and having a graduation at the wonderful Anderson Speedway during the Little 500 week in 2016. Unfortunately that was my dads last Little 500.
    The following year was the hardest for me putting my dads ashes on the track. Rick Dawson and the entire crew at the Anderson Speedway made me feel so comfortable, treats everyone with the upmost respect. For me the Little 500 is not just a race, not just an event, nor is it history, the Little 500 is my family.
    Last year the 70th Little 500 Kody Swanson won the race this was his second victory for this historical race.
    My question now for the readers… Who do you think will win the 71st Little 500? For me I can’t say but I have a few ideas. I will write more this year. I know I have been saying I will but it’ s still hard for me without my dad here but I will do my best this year to get more articles out there for you guys.
    I will follow up with a article after the Little 500. Let’s enjoy this beautiful event on Memorial Day weekend everyone!
    Until next time,
    See y’all at the races (Little 500)
    God Bless
    Dana Kuyawa




    Cravin’ Racin’
    By Dana Kuyawa
    Hey everyone sorry about not doing an article right away as planned! I’m a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and had to do 60 hours of work last couple of weeks! Don’t worry racing world I have not forgotten about you.
    Now let me tell you about my amazing experience at my second home at Anderson Speedway, in Anderson, Indiana.
    Rick Dawson did it again an amazing year for the Little 500 on his high banked quarter-mile paved race track. Let me tell you about the hospitality, it was fantastic. Rick made me feel right at home and so did his employees. The one thing that stood out to me was when track owner and president of Anderson Speedway said to me “I’m glad you made it, it wouldn’t be the same without you.” Got to me emotionally, this was the second race I have ever attended without my dad. I feel like I am someone important there. Thank you Rick for everything and don’t worry I will NEVER miss a Little 500 ever in my life.
    A big thank you to Phil from Hoosier tires who’s always there at the Little 500 for the waters as always and letting us stay under the Hoosier tent when it was pouring rain.
    There were a couple of drivers that stood out to me this year. Troy DeCaire was back after not coming to the Little 500 for a couple of years. I asked DeCaire, “How do you feel about coming back?” DeCaire stated, “Well it’s been a couple of years but he’s confident and ready to start this race again.” I saw another driver whom I haven’t seen in a while was Jojo Helberg. I asked Helberg the same question “How do you feel about coming back to this prestigious race track.” Helberg responded “I feel confident and good coming back.”
    Of course I had to ask how 2013 and 2014 Little 500 champion Jacob Wilson a question I asked Wilson “How’s your car running for tonight’s race?” Wilson answered “It’s running very good we have a good car this year and hoping to win this year’s race.” One more driver I spoke to was 2016 and future 2018 Little 500 champion Kody Swanson; I asked Swanson “How do you feel knowing you won the Hoosier hundred 3 years back-to-back-to-back, and the Dave Steele Carb Night Classic in the same week?” Swanson stated “I’m ready for tonight and hopefully will win and sweep this week in Indy. I feel honored to win the Steele Classic because Steele was a great driver.” Not knowing later that night Swanson was going to win the 70th annual Payless Little 500.
    All I can say was the 70th Annual Payless Little 500 was one of the cleanest races I have ever seen with no red flags and hardly any yellow flags thank you to all the drivers for making it an amazing event. This year was the most nail biter Little 500 I have ever seen. All the drivers that made this race this year definitely deserved it because it was a tough field out there.
    The top 3 for the 70th Annual Payless Little 500 was Kody Swanson, Jacob Wilson, and Shane Holingsworth. Congratulations to Kody Swanson the 2018 champion. Can’t wait to see what next year’s race will be like.
    I also want to thank my mom, Nancy Kuyawa for coming with me again this year. Thank you dad, Paul Kuyawa, for watching the race from above and for some of your ashes permanently staying at Anderson Speedway and knowing your presence there felt good don’t get me wrong yeah it was difficult without you but it wasn’t as hard as last year’s race.
    Until then I will be at some Bumper to Bumper Interstate Racing Association races, maybe I will go to a World of Outlaw race since I was working when they were at Wilmot raceway in Wilmot Wisconsin on Kenosha County Fairgrounds.
    Oh and Happy early Birthday mom love ya!
    Until then see y’all at the races
    God Bless,
    Dana Kuyawa



    Cravin’ Racin’
    By: Dana Kuyawa
    Well… let’s see it has been a while and I have to apologize to everyone on it taking so long. See with me losing my dad, Paul, it has been difficult to write but, do not worry. Someone has to keep this going and it is me. My dad would want me to do this so every article I dedicate to you, dad. You have been such an amazing dad. So everyone, sit back and relax this Kuyawa is back and is ready for this racing season to begin.
    Let’s start off with the annual race of the year for the High Groove Media Service and everyone should know that every May my dad and I would go down to Indiana for the Payless Little 500 at Rick Dawson’s beautiful Anderson Speedway in the lovely Anderson, Indiana.
    I have been going to this race for 7 years. Why do I keep going? The answer is this prestigious beginning. 33 non-winged sprint cars on a quarter mile track. Three wide, for 500 laps, yes folks I said 500 laps. It’s one of the most amazing races I have ever been to. Very memorable, I always look forward to going back to this race every single year. Another reason why I enjoy going to the Anderson Speedway again is the customer service you get. My dad and I got treated like Kings and Queens, and it just wasn’t because we were both media. 2017 race season was completely different for me. I only made it down to the Payless Little 500 but I had to do it without the founder of High Groove Media Service, author of Runnin’ The High Groove, my racing partner, my best friend, and my dad all in one; Paul Kuyawa. You remember what I said about customer service? My dad, loved this race track so much that he wanted some of his ashes down there so, with my dad’s ashes, a rookie for the race (my mom, Nancy) and I we finally had our family vacation to Anderson Speedway in Anderson, Indiana. Yes, Paul Kuyawa Jr. is forever apart of this historical track. The Anderson Speedway is a very home like environment. Everyone is like family to me down there. So, I want to thank Mr. Rick Dawson (who owns the track) for letting this cheesehead come back as well as making me feel at home without my dad being there and for your customer service, as well as everything yourself and your employees did for the day my dad died. I will always cherish everyone for going above and beyond last year. In 2017 Kyle Hamilton was victorious with his first win down in this prestigious race at the lovely Anderson Speedway.
    As far as of May 14th 2018, there is 43 cars entered for the 70th Annual Payless Little 500.
    This media girl is looking forward to seeing everyone there! Look for more articles to come. Hopefully see me at more races this year. Last year was hard and I appreciate everyone who understands it. Let’s make 2018 a fantastic year. Who do you think will win the 70th Annual Payless Little 500? I will let you all know who wins in my next article which won’t be another year I promise!
    Until then see y’all at the races,
    God Bless,
    Dana Kuyawa



    Cravin’ Racin’
    By Dana Kuyawa
    The most wonderful time for the racing season has finally begun! 33 non-winged sprint cars, 3 wide on a quarter mile race track fight for that last lap to become yet another racing champion. Yes folks, it’s time for The 69th Annual Payless Little 500!
    I have realized that this is my 6th Little 500 and I am so excited for it. This was always an amazing time for my Dad and I. Unfortunately, my Dad is now at the race track in Heaven. Rick Dawson’s Anderson Speedway and his workers there have all treated us like kings and queens. They have gone above and beyond for My family and I and I am truly blessed to have met such a wonderful crew. If you haven’t yet gone and experienced the Little 500, this is definitely a year to GO! You will have an amazing time!
    I would like to say that I’m sorry for being a little late on my Little 500 article. I’ve been wondering how to write this, and with losing my Dad I’ve been so lost with my words, and my life in general. I know my Dad would be so proud I did this even though it’s been so tough for me. I did my best and I really hope you all enjoy my article.
    Now, let me start by telling you all about my experience just last year! It was a such a blast! 2016 Little 500 with my Dad was so much fun! Little did I know, would be the last year I share with him. He had a huge surprise in store for me. I had to bring my cap and gown not knowing what was going on. Minutes after we turned onto Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in the beautiful Anderson Indiana and parked our FORD Mustang in the parking lot, he said, “I have a surprise for you. You know how I made you bring your cap and gown down here? Your graduating at the Little 500. I asked Dave Sink (track photographer), Rick Dawson (Anderson Speedway track owner), and Jacob Wilson (2013, 2014 Payless Little 500 winner) about doing pictures on the start finish line, and to have your graduation here.” That made me tear up, that my Dad did that for me. Then race day happened, and well it’s official I’m actually graduating at the Little 500, I couldn’t believe it! We had an absolute blast doing the pictures, and at this point we haven’t even got to race night! Race night happened… and this was a great race to remember! Kody Swanson, in the 69 Mean Green, non winged sprint car won the 68th Annual Little 500 making it so close, but a very exciting race!
    This year is going to be one hell of race! There’s a lot of Rookies trying to dominate this prestigious race! Please come to this beautiful race track, and experience this Amazing time. Not only will you see so many cool things, you will build memories you’ll never forget.
    I’m excited but nervous, for this year to come! A huge thank you to everyone at the Anderson Speedway, for allowing me to spread some of my Dad’s ashes on the race track. This was one of my Dads last wishes. They also wrote something very special for my Dad on their website. I want to thank you for that very much. Also my mom (Nancy), my sister (Nicole), my brother-in-law (Richard), my nephews (Dawson, Tristen, Payton, and Landon), my nieces (Adryanna and Aubree) we appreciate your support so much! We are all looking forward to the 2017 69th Annual Little 500! Thank you to Mr. Rick Dawson for letting us all come to your beautiful race track, this will be my nephews and nieces very first race! I know from experience that this will not be their last Little 500! And who knows? My youngest nephew Landon when he’s older might even end up racing at this amazing track! That definitely was one thing my Dad wanted to see more than anything. Starting Landon in go-karts just like he did. Landon is the one grandchild that instantly took to the love of racing, and my Dad couldn’t be more proud of that.
    Everyone make sure you mark your calendar for the 69th Annual Payless Little 500 race, on May 27th 2017!! We most definitely did, and we have a lot of first timers here!! I know they will be back and as for myself, I will teach them what racing is all about. My Dad did for me, and I will keep his dreams going and follow in his footsteps, showing my nieces and nephews everything I’ve learned along the way.
    I will do a post race article of the Little 500, to let everyone know about the amazing experience I know we all will have at Rick Dawson’s, Anderson Speedway in beautiful Anderson, Indiana! Thank you for taking the time reading my article. This will definitely not be the last from this girl! Though it was tough to write, I have my racing angel on my side all the time!
    God Speed Friends, I hope to see you at the track!!
    See y’all at the races!
    God Bless



    Well... I guess you all can say long time no columns. 2016 was a rollercoaster of a year. Let’s start off with the beginning of the racing season.
    Obviously it was the Payless Little 500 68th annual race and it was a thriller. Congratulations to Mr. Kody Swanson for winning this race! Definitely was an amazing day.
    Then dad and I went to our local track here in Wisconsin, Wilmot Raceway, and must I say it was a wonderful season there with the Bumper to Bumper IRA Sprint Car Series, the Arctic Cat All Star series, and of course the Craftsman World of Outlaws too.
    Dad and I went to Manitowoc Raceway, went to La Salle Raceway and those were great races too. Honestly, 2016 was the best racing season ever with him.
    I graduated in 2016 so yay me! Of course, I got the most amazing graduation present a racing fan/racing writer ever. Dad and I went to the 2016 Knoxville Nationals and must I say... That was one of the races I will always remember. Congratulations to Jason Johnson and the rest of the 41 team for their outstanding win!
    Now we go from the happy season of racing to the sad season... We lost Bryan Clauson in 2016 and my dad always said “he’s like superman, goes into the telephone booth and changes into this super hero of a race car driver.” So Rest in Peace BC we will always miss your racing.
    Now this is definitely going to be the hardest part of my article. On October 6th of 2016 God wanted another person at the track in Heaven. Unfortunately, it was my dad, Paul Kuyawa, died peacefully in his sleep. I know everyone loved his articles I know I surely did. Dad was a great man and loved racing with all of his heart. Dad started to love racing when he was 5 years old when my grandpa took him to Waukegan Raceway. Once you catch the smell of the methanol fuel burning, you get racing fever. Dad took me to the races and I loved it, I still do. But I lost my racing partner so, it’s not the same without you dad. I know you’re not in pain anymore. You’re at the track in Heaven with all the drivers and with your dad. Thank you for being my best friend, racing partner, and most of all thank you for being my dad.
    Again everyone I am sorry for not writing for such a long time, the radio show was cancelled, my dad did it better than me. But I want to thank everyone for being supportive through the rough time of losing my dad. I’m glad I have a racing family and I’m proud to be a part of it.
    From myself, my mom (Nancy), my sister (Nicole), my brother-in-law (Richard), my nephews (Dawson, Tristen, Payton, and Landon), and my nieces (Adryanna, and Aubree) we greatly appreciate your love and support. Thank you everyone for coming to the funeral and to the others for the flowers and the cards and so much more we greatly appreciate it.
    My dad is a hero he saved 50-75 lives for being an organ donor. Now everyone please think about it when you pass along you could save a life like Bryan Clauson and be a hero to a family in need. You can register at and help others.
    Again, thanks for the memories daddy, I will always miss you. I will be spreading some of your ashes at the 2017 Little 500 this year I promise. I’m honored to be called your daughter.
    Till next time,
    See y’all at the races
    God Bless

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