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Tri-State Outlook

by Duane Hancock 

In the Southeastern part of Indiana, laying just miles from the Ohio and Kentucky state lines, the Lawrenceburg Speedway showcases it's premier racing facility. Last Saturday, with sunny beautiful skies, Dave Rudisell and crew kicked the gates open with the USAC Sprints. 42 cars strong, the thunder and lightening division lived up to it's name as the track was wicked fast after The Burg crew worked hard getting the racing surface ready from all the rains during the week. With cars lifting the left rears 8 to 10 inches off the ground entering turn 3 and cowboy up during hot laps, it was time to qualify. With cars pulling wheel stands, bicycling, and just wicked fast on the edge pure raw traditional sprint car racing wide open, Jon Stanbrough set quick time of the night with a time of 13.727. Stanbrough was the 2nd to last car out, as the track held it's moisture very well.

With the track wild and fast, the 4 heats were ready to roll with the top 4 moving on to the A Main. Kody Swanson worked into the lead of heat 1 as the top 4 was glued together all race long. Swanson looked to have the win in the bag when a little bobble on the last lap seen Bryan Clauson breeze past Swanson to take the win. Thomas Meseruall, Swanson, and Stanbrough round out the top 4. In heat 2, Robert Ballou blasted his car on the cushion in turn 1 and rode to the lead. With the cushion about mid track high, it was cowboy up on the cushion and didn't slow down much in the bottom grooves, making the track pretty equal throughout it. Ballou lead flag to flag over Chris Windom, Tracy Hines, and Scotty Weir. With cars running all out side by side, sometimes with 2 wheels off the ground, heat 3 was no different. Justin Grant out battled Hunter Schuerenberg for the win. Jerry Cooooooooons Jr and Dave Darland transfer to the A. Heat 4, Chase Stockon showcased why he has been one of the top non wing drivers the part few seasons, shooting from 4th to the lead on lap 1. As Chase had things under control upfront, the battle ragged for the transfer spots. Leading flag to flag, Stockon took the win over Jared Andretti, Travis Hery, and CJ Leary.

The track crew did just a quick minute of maintenance to make for 3 to 4 grooves now as the 24 car B Main pushed off. The track never lost much moisture at all with the sun down, the track was pretty heavy all night long. The top 6 from the B moved into the A. Brady Bacon and Kevin Thomas Jr fought for the lead on the start as Chris Gurley made it a 3 car battle. Landon Simon stopped a few laps in, restarting and tagging the tail. As the top 3 battled side by side and nose to tail, the cars 4th to 9th on the track was fighting hard for a transfer position. Lap 6, Ted Hines was right in the mix of the transfer battle as he entered turn 1 very hot on the bottom and clipped an infield tire barrier, flipping hard into 1. Ted walked away after some violent hits. Just as the battled heated up again, Wes McIntyre stops on the track. This was a break for Simon, closing the pack up once again as Landon was using every inch of the track high and low to work back through the field. Restart, Bacon low, Thomas in the middle, and Gurley the highest car on the track, just gutting it out on the wild side still fight for the top spot and the transfer spot still is a 6 car battle. In a tight battle all race long, Bacon takes the win. Thomas Jr, Gurley, Shane Cockrum, Parker Price-Miller, and by less than a car length, Logan Jarrett, up from 14th, transfer to the A. Simon made a valiant charge through the pack just falling short by a car length at the finish line for the final transfer spot.

Darland and Meseruall brought the field to green in the 30 lap A Main. Battling hard into turn 1, Darland dodges into the lead as the battle is on. T-Mez never slips more than a car length away, with Windom right there as well and Stanbrough inches away in a 4 car battle. Lap 5, Andretti and Hery spin for a yellow. Under the caution, Meseruall pulls in as the brake pad falls out of the rear of the 41 car and Windom follows him in. Unbelievable both the 2nd and 3rd place cars are done for the night. Restart, Stanbrough stalks Darland. Lap 6, debris on the track draws a yellow. Restart, Darland and Stanbrough resume their battle as things heat up deeper in the top 10. The track is super wide and at least 5 grooves can be raced on. Some braving the high line, wild and on the go peddle. Lap 7, Clauson gets major air bouncing low in turn 3. With the cars battling tightly, Gurley slams Clauson and breaks his front end, slipping down the track giving Thomas nowhere to go but over Gurley and flipping into turn 4. It was just a product of close tight racing on a wild cowboy up track. Clauson never did stop and raced away before the red flew. Green, Darland dances in the lead as Stanbrough runs right on his tail tank. Lap 10, Stanbrough slides past, taking the lead. Once out front, Stanbrough starts to open a huge lead after 7 laps pass. Coons and Bacon start to challenge Darland as Grant is putting on a show charging up from 11th. Stanbrough is all alone as all eyes force on the 4 car battle for 2nd. 5 to go, Grant raced around the group and is trying to close the huge gap between him and Stanbrough. Lap 27, Leary hits the turn 1 wall coming to a stop resting against the wall with a broken race car. Just the break the much faster Grant needed. Justin was turning laps 4 tenths of a second faster than Stanbrough before the caution. Restart, going into 1, Stanbrough enters a bit higher, Darland low, side by side, bouncing through the stuff as Grant splits the middle and charges into the lead entering turn 2, bringing a huge roar from the excellent crowd on hand. Grant looked like a rocket ship ready for flight, running on the edge about as far on it as you could run without crashing. Stanbrough's bobble cost him more as he drops farther back in the top 5. Grant seals the deal, taking the win over Darland, Coons, Bacon, and Stanbrough. Great wild balls out racing all A Main long with Grant showing his cowboy hat must be bigger after starting 11th. The track stayed heavy all night long making for some great racing. The track, drivers, and crews all deserve an A+ on this one providing a great entertaining show all night long. Well worth the trip to The Burg!


USAC N Power I Midgets Kokomo IN, OVSCA Midway OH

USAC N Power I Midgets Kokomo IN, Fremont OH opens

See you at Kokomo as I start my Racing World gig the weekend bringing a traveling on the road segment to the program throughout the season this year.

Thanks for reading,




After mother nature looked like she was raising her ugliness on the weekend of racing, the Brownstown Speedway refused to give in to her and moved the 6th annual No Way Out 40 to Sunday afternoon. Just the initial idea of a track actually trying to not give in and do all they could to get a special show, drew my attention and I knew I was going to support the event if they took the risk to run it the next day. Waking up to a beautiful sunny day, it was off to Brownstown as the Chad Wilson Motorsports hauler swung through past and gave me a ride to Southern Indiana to the 1/4 mile oval. As we pulled through the gates, a whopping 51 sprint cars were pit side for the Salute to Jesse Hockett No Way Out 40.

Pairing the cars up, via the pill draw, into 4 groups for the heat races, each car timed in 1 lap but was only timing against the other cars in their heat race, somewhat of a group qualifying but one at a time. The top 4 from each heat moved on the A with the non transfer cars from heat 1 and 3 moving into B1 and the non transfer cars from heat 2 and 4 moving to B2. Each B took the top 2 finishers to the A. Heats were lined up, straight up, with the fastest on the pole. The winner of heat 1 would start on pole of the A winner of heat 2 would start 2nd and so on. With 2nd in heat 1 starting 5th in the and 2nd in heat 2 starting 6th in the A and so on.

Bryan Clauson cruised into the lead in heat 1 as the battle raged behind him. Jeff Bland threw it into turn 1 deep, trying to get past CJ Leary for 2nd as the two made contact, Bland spun to a stop. Clauson regained the lead as Leary tried to challenge BC. A heated battle for 4th seen Dakota Jackson punt Chris Gurley out of the spot, spinning Gurley in turn 3. Jackson broke under yellow as Gurley restarted and tagged the tail at the half way point. Gurley gave Jackson his thoughts as he passed by Jackson's car getting put on the hook. On the restart, Thomas Meseruall spin coming off 2 collecting Gurley and Brandon Mattox. Clauson and Leary battled upfront for the lead as Chris Windom made it a 3 car battle. As those 3 battling it out for the win, Gurley was on a mission to get a transfer spot. Clauson holds on for the win over Leary, Windom, and Gurley with a late race charge into the final transfer spot. Heat 2 seen Brady Short shot from the pole into the lead. Justin Grant filed in line as Daron Clayton followed Grant from outside row 2. Short quickly pulled away as the field settled in and clicked the laps off. Casey Shuman moved into 4th in the late stages of the heat. Short lead flag to flag for the win as Grant, Clayton, and Shuman transfer. With the track getting slicked off and the cushion ride on the top ridge of the track and some holes developing in turn 1 and 3, the bottom was coming around and it was becoming a tricky track. With the heavy hitting teammates of Jon Stanbrough and Kevin Thomas JR making up the front row of heat 3, no one would imagine anyone outside of the front row a shot at winning. Brady Bacon had other ideas as he raced past the teammates into the lead, looking very stout. Bacon blasted the field and took the win. Stanbrough, Thomas JR, and Shane Cottle transferred into the A. Pole sitter Dave Darland suffered engine woes as the field pushed off for heat 4, sending Dave to the pits. Robert Ballou blew into the lead as the green flag flew. Aaron Farney spun a lap later. As the bottom line quickly came in, Devin Gilpin from 11th and Chad Wilson from 10th race into the top 4. Jared Fox spins. As the laps pass, Farney gets it under control and races up to 2nd. Gilpin and Wilson are holding on as Chase Stockon closes. Fox spins again. The top 4 remains the same with 2 to go, Matt Brannin spins. Restart, Stockon battles Wilson as Wilson gets held up on the bottom by a slower Gilpin but can't get around him. Stockon slips past Wilson, knocking him out of a transfer spot. Ballou has this one in hand, taking the win over Farney with a great recovery from an early spin, Gilpin who was making just his 2nd ever sprint car start, and Stockon.

After some quick track watering and some support class heats, the very decent sized crowed seen the sprint car B Mains push off as the sun was still bright in the sky. With just the top 2 moving to the A, the starts of the B's looked like a 4 wide traffic jam. B1, Hunter Schuerenberg hustled into the lead as the deep pack guys pushed, shoved, and made their cars very wide, trying to move forward. Chase Briscoe got forced off the top of the back stretch off the exit of turn 2, stopping for a yellow. As Schuerenberg raced into a secure lead, Jordan Kinser used enough of the middle to motor around the outside of a car, then shoot down low to take the position, working from 6th to 2nd. With the low line being the way around, Schuerenberg took the win over Kinser. In B2, Chad Wilson shot out of a cannon on the start, moving from 4th to 1st into turn 1 but hit the hole in turn 1 just enough wrong to collapse his front end when he landed from the bounce, forcing him into the tractor tire on the bottom of 2, slowing his car to a stop, ending his night. With the bottom being the line, the inside row of Bradley Sterrett and Tyler Courtney huggy pole into the top 2 positions. The duo was never tested too hard and both raced into the A with Sterrett taking the win.

Clauson and Short paced the field to the green in the 40 lap A Main just after sunset. Clauson crawled into the lead as the field peddled it into turn 1. Running the extreme bottom and rolling smoothly through the holes, Clauson was finesse on the throttle peddle and only driving as hard as he needed to. As many of other drivers are spinning their tires and running the edge of the cushion, Clauson was poetry in motion, being the smoothest on and off the throttle, not abusing any ounce of his car. Stanbrough was hard in the holes, bouncing so high at times in turn 3, you could see light under all 4 corners of the car. Lap 21, Shuman stops bringing the caution out. Lap 12, Stockon spins. Restart, it's all Clauson. After seeing BC hard on the throttle several times and being the fastest car to win many races, it was pretty cool seeing just how balanced of a driver he is, just peddling the car, where by any means a fast car is not the best on this night. It's a drivers track, where you gotta be smooth, straight, and precise not to crash in the holes. In what seemed to be a long long long race, the caution waved on lap 23 when Schuerenberg spun in turn 3. Restart, Clauson leads as the crowd starts to notice Courtney and Kinser charge on the bottom from 19th and 20th into the top 6. As the laps wind down, Clauson stretches the lead as Courtney races into 4th. In a finesse style, flag to flag, Clauson takes the $7500 paycheck for the win. Stanbrough, Short, Courtney, up from 20th, and Kinser, up from 19th round out the top 5.

Yeah the track became huggy pole and not a wide open battle royal A Main but, it was decent racing and a awarding effort by the entire Brownstown staff to even get this race in. I guarantee most places would have pulled the plug and not worked as hard as this crew needed to for this event to happen. Was it perfect, no but it was a success and everyone did what they had to from the crews, to the drivers, to the fans, to get this one in the books. What a way to open my first outdoor race, 51 cars decent racing.

Coming up

Friday: ALLSTARS Attica OH

Saturday: ALLSTARS Attica OH, USAC Sprints Lawrenceburg IN, MSCS Lincoln Park IN

Sunday: USAC Silvercrown Terre Haute IN

Hoping mother nature starts letting us get this season a rolling!! Thanks for reading,






With the winter chills and racing blahs set in by year's end, the Rumble at The Expo in Fort Wayne Indiana always cures the racing bug as the year ends. For the 16th time, Tony Barhorst and his Classic Motorsports crew presented the Fort Wayne Rumble in The Expo. Always more than just a race, a true event takes place at the Rumble. A jam packed card of racing, from early afternoon on, displays from different racing businesses, Tim's Simulators, to catching up with your racing family in the off season, it's all going down at the Rumble. Not to mention, a chance to see up and coming stars run either in a go kart, quarter midget, mini sprint, or full size midget.

Making Saturday's show, 39 midgets, 18 winged mini sprints, and 29 non wing mini sprints were on hand, plus several quarter midgets and go karts.

5 midget heats with just the top 2 moving to the A, seen some tight racing action. The drivers were not afraid to use some contact to hold their spot of gain a position making for some good ole indoor racing. Patrick Wilda took the win over the 3rd generation of the Nemire family racers, Austin Nemire. Making a name for himself in the Rumble series last year, Justin Peck takes heat 2 over Dave Darland in a under powered Kenyon midget. Darland truly had a great run in a car that was under powered for a regular midget show. In a very tight nose to tail finish amongst the top 4, Grant Galloway took the win in heat 3 over Lynsey Liguori. Rex Norris III made his return to the Rumble and took the win in heat 4 over local fan favorite Mike Fedorcak. Russ Gamester took his 1977 King midget to the win in heat 5 over Billy Hulbert. Some good heat race action with no clear run aways.

In the fast winged mini sprints, all cars in the 3 heat races made the A. Howard McCormack held off a fast Erick Rudolph in heat 1. One of the winning est drivers in Rumble history, John Ivy took the win in heat 2 over AJ Lesiecki. Coming the past 5 years from the East coast, Matt Janisch took the win in heat 3 over Chase Ridenour. Chase is moving to the 360 sprint car ranks in 2014 following the SOD series.

New to the Rumble this season, splitting the mini sprints up, was the non wing division consisting of dirt only cars. More and more specialty indoor only cars for the concrete tracks has shown up year after year, giving them a huge advantage over the normal outdoor dirt cars ran by many Indiana hobbyist racers. This new division helps give everyone a fair shack at running with alike cars. The non wings guys had many incidents getting used to the surface and their heats were pretty spread out. Daniel Robison took heat 1 over Tim Nye. In a good heat, Richard Smith took the win in heat 2 over Clay Sanders. Austin Creamer took the win over Mike Fedorcak in heat 3. In kinda a scrambled up heat, Darek Snyder took the win in heat 4 over Joe Barker.

3 midget B Mains with the top 2 moving to the A. Some loaded B Mains with many past Rumble winners in the B's. Fast qualifier Brandon Knupp made his way to the front of B1 and cruised to the win. Past winner Derek Bischak transferred to the A with a running up finish. In a close one, B2 seen Cooper Clouse take the win over Joe Liguori. With Joe's wife Lynsey making the A main via her heat, the Luguori's became the first husband and wife combo to make the A main together. With the B Mains loaded, past winner Bobby Santos took the win in B3 to transfer to the A. Another guy living on Fort Wayne home cooking, Cory Setser took the final A main spot with a runner up finishing the B. Past winner and Rumble vet, Billy Wease missed the A for the first time in 5 years Saturday.

Another up and coming star in the midget ranks, Spencer Bayston raced to the win in the non wing mini sprint B Main. The winged mini sprints didn't have a B.

As the 50 lap midget A Main pushed off, Nemire had issues and had to scratch from the A. Issac Chapple was added to the tale of the A. This moved Lynsey Liguori to the pole position and Justin Peck to the outside of the front row, pacing the field to the green. Peck pounced into the lead as the field raced past the flag stand, taking the green. Peck started to open a nice little gap all alone upfront. Some good battles in the pack of Knupp was flying past cars along with Santos. The Liguori family battled ended badly as Joe and Lynsey got caught up in a accident off turn 2, ending both of their nights. Peck takes charge as the top 5 cars are racing pretty closely together. After working his way to 3rd and looking like the car to beat, Knupp breaks. Santos is the other car racing from the back to the top 5. Just as Santos worked up to 4th, his car breaks as well. Peck holds a slight advantage with 10 to go as Gamester makes his move to sweep the weekend. Nose to tail, Gamester puts the pressure on the young Peck. Peck misses his mark in turn 2, slipping wide, opening the gap Gamester was looking as Russ shot to the inside and took the lead on lap 43. Peck didn't go away and was in Gamester's tire tracks. Actually closing the gap, right on Russ's bumper with 3 to go, Justin was looking for more. 2 to go, Peck is there. Peck takes the lead on lap 49 as the top 5 are bunched together. As Peck leads, Gamester starts to sputter and bottles the pack up. Peck races into turn 4, Gamester blows an engine, pulling inside the track as the field scrambles behind him. Peck wins. Fedorchak, Galloway, Hulbert, and Bischak round out the top 5. A great finish and a good show all night long.

In the winged mini sprint A, John Ivy took command of the A just a handful of laps into the main. Ivy was putting a whipping on the field as Rudolph and Janisch battle behind him. Janisch is in 2nd, looking for a break to catch Ivy. With 6 to go, Ivy breaks pulling off the track. Janisch inherits the lead as a fast Rudolph in on his bumper the last 6 laps. A great nose to tail battle with no contact, just tight racing. Janisch holds his own and after 5 years of trying, takes home his first A Main win. Rudolph, McCormack, Lesiecke, and Bill Dunham round out the top 5.

After several incidents in the non wing mini sprint A, Blaine Culp took the win over Spencer Bayston.

Another Rumble in the books and another good race. Next year's Rumble event expands to 3 days, December 26th-28th. If you've never been to a Rumble event or haven't been for a while, you need to get there next year. Its a great way to spend a day or 3 during the off season.

Some other off season news: Wayne County OH Speedway is switching to Saturday nights for 2014. I-96 Speedway in Michigan in switching to Friday nights, racing sprint cars as a weekly division. Ohio's Bryan Nuckles is moving into the 410 sprint car ranks for 2014. Chad Kemenah is returning to the All Star Sprints for the 2014 season. Christopher Bell has taken over the Call/Holbrook 83 entry in 2014. Danny Holtgraver has teamed with Rob Hunter for the season. Gene Frankfort takes over as competition director of Limaland Speedway. Look for some changes in the racing program at LMP. The best bargain in ages hits Eldora Speedway May 17th when the BOSS traditional sprints hit the high banks once again with a full program of mods and stocks, plus family fun night for $8!!! YESSSS $8!!!! I would like to see us die hard fans that talk to all of our friends, neighbors, co-workers, whoever about the sport we chase and bring along some people who have never witnessed the sport we live for that night for a mere $8 admission. That's cheaper than a movie and a great chance to showcase our sport.

Stay warm, be safe, and hope 2014 is excellent to all, Duane




When there is a sprint car race in Ohio the last weekend of October, I plan to walk through the gate and support those who take that risk of racing late in the season, especially on a all but desirable day weather wise. Making my first visit to Atomic Speedway of the season, and first in 6 years, I was very impressed with the fact the track looked in great shape and the staff was determined to get the show in. Moving the start time up to 3PM was a great idea as chilly as the 20 MPH winds made it out. A decent crowd of hardcore fans made their way out to the track before the action began.

22 sprint cars were on hand for the closer to the sprint car season in Ohio. Nate Reeser scratched for the night before taking to the track in hot laps. With times in the high 11 second bracket during hot laps, the track was staying in good shape. Ryan Broughton took a nasty tumble in turn 4 during qualifying after he got in the loose stuff above the cushion. Ryan walked away with a junk race car. Danny Smith set fast time of the time of the night with a 11.83 lap.

3 heats with all cars moving into the A main. In heat 1, Cole Duncan ducked to the inside and dashed into the lead. Duncan quickly ran up on the cushion, which was thin and tricky in 3 and 4, and pulled away from the pack. Duncan took the win by almost a straight away over Smith, and Trey Gustin. Tate Martz slowed heat 2 with a spin in turn 1 as he pinched it off too tight in the slick stuff on the bottom on the track. Jac Haudenschild lead flag to flag in this one holding off Jimmy Stinson and Jim Nier for the win. Rob Blair moved from 4th to 1st in heat 3, blasting away from the field. Blair took the win by over a straight away. Sam Ashworth and Ryan Meyers rounded out the top 3.

Moving the program quickly along, it was just about 7:15 when the 25 lap sprint car A main took to the speedway. As the field took shape, the guys starting in row 2 on back had their work cut out for them with Danny Smith and Jac Haudenschild leading the field to the green. The Wild Child Jac Haudenschild hustled from outside row 1 and quickly set sail. Duncan closed in by lap 3 and was trying to give Jac a challenge as they quickly entered traffic. By the half way point, Duncan faded as Haudenschild used in years of experience to get through the much slower traffic as Duncan struggled a bit. As Haudenschild opened up an untouchable lead, Smith pressured Duncan for 2nd. Leading wire to wire, The Wild Child dominated the race by taking the win by over a half track, lapping up to 5th. Duncan, Smith, Stinson, and Blair rounded out the top 5.

The track stayed decent all night as the Atomic staff kept the show a rolling, getting the fans in and out as quick as possible on chilly night. Things are looking up for Atomic Speedway as the new ownership is proving they will do what it takes to get the races in the books, put on good a show for the fans, and be fan friendly. With a price tag of just $12 for general admission, I think Atomic Speedway will quickly become a must visit track for race fans. They have already booked the Wednesday All Star Sprint Speedweek show in late June and the night the Stars come out with the All Star Sprints and a TBA late model group for $5000 to win main events on July 3rd.

The annual Turn 2 party takes place just outside turn 2 of Attica Speedway November 9th. With a starting time of 5, there will be a bonfire, music, corn hole, hillbilly golf, 50/50 drawing, and a silent auction. All $$$ raised goes into the injured drivers fund. Campers, tents, and over night stays are welcome. It's a byob party and just a great time for a great cause.

As the off season is just a week into it, things have been changing already in the Ohio sprint car scene. Stay tune for more details as they are officially announced.

Thanks for reading Duane




For 7 years now Kokomo Speedway has took the 3rd weekend of October and created another big event to their schedule. Friday night has became open wheel night of the Klash. Just as luck would have it, mother nature has always messed with this event either with rain or cool temps. Last Friday, with it just 58 degrees outside for the high, 32 traditional non wing sprints and 14 midgets passed through the gates of Kokomo Speedway. TQ midgets and mini sprints complete the open wheel portion of the Klash. Group qualifying was used for the sprint and midget lines.

Sprint cars were 1st on the agenda with 4 heats, transferring the top 4 to the A Main on the fairly heavy tacky track. CJ Leary leaped to the lead in heat 1 and left the field in his dust. Leary ran away to take the win by a straight away over Gary Taylor, Chris Windom, and Braylon Fitzpatrick. Chris Gurley slowed heat 2 when he got up in the thick cushion and spun, battling for a transfer spot. A good battle in this super stacked heat lived up to the standard Kokomo racing. In a good tight race, Wes McIntyre lead flag to flag over Jerry Coons Jr, Dave Darland, and Shane Cottle from the tail. A battle for 3rd in heat 3 seen Jamie Fredrickson run into Justin Grant causing Grant to shoot down the track off turn 4 with a broken front end. Aaron Farney had no place to go and got clipped by Grant, ending Farney's heat race as well. With just 5 cars left a pretty boring run away heat as Scotty Weir whipped to the lead and rode off in the moonlight. Weir won by a huge margin over Josh Spencer, Adam Byrkett, and Travis Hery. Put Jon Stanbrough on the front row of any race and it's more often than not,the battle will be for 2nd. Stanbrough slipped from outside row 1 into the lead. Brady Short made it a respectable heat by trailing Stanbrough by about 3 cars lengths most of the heat. Stanbrough takes the win over Short, Blake Fitzpatrick, and Robert Ballou. All in all not the typical Kokomo style of heat races one has come to expect while attending the 1/4rd mile oval. See I think Kokomo is usually so good on a regular basis that when you don't get the normal 3 and 4 wide battles and 3 car battles for the lead in 3 of the 4 heats you wonder what the heck is wrong.

2 midget heats using passing points to set the A Main line up. The driver with the most points at the end of the heats will start on the pole of the A. The only thing slowing Parker Price Miller in heat 1 was a Michael Koontz spin in turn 2. Price-Miller massacred the field from the pole, winning by a huge margin over Billy Wease who charged from the tail. Repeating the feat of Price-Miller, Shane Cottle cruised from the pole to a huge lead. Issac Chapple spun in turn 2, slowing the heat. Cottle ran away and crushed the field for the win over Shane Hollingsworth who charged from the tail. Pretty much identical heats, just with different players and the midget heats were like a enduro. Some cars where 2 and a half laps down in a 8 lap event.

2 traditional sprint car B Mains with the top 2 moving on to the A. Kyle Robbins ran away from the pack from outside row 1 in B1. Garrett Miller spun in the famous spin turn of the night, turn 2. As Robbins runs away from the pack a good 2 car battle for the final transfer spot between Gurley, Jarrett Andretti, and Logan Jarrett. Putting on the best battle of the night, all 3 cars are glued together, almost making contact several times. Andretti sticks his car in 2nd with a few laps to go. On last lap in turn 2 running the cushion, Andretti slips up and Gurley had all the chance in the world to use him up. Instead, Gurley let Andretti gather it in and battle him cleanly for the spot. Robbins wins as Andretti nips Gurley and Jarrett to the line.

B2 had a lot of confusion before the green flag even waved. Nevil Algieo wasn't on the track as the field was going to take the green but quickly the yellow light was back on before the green was thrown. Algieo was then pushed on the track and tried to take his spot when one track official showed him to get off and the flagman to the tail. Algieo then exited the track and after a few minutes of discussions the field was shown the furrow flag to start on the next lap. Once things got to rolling, Mike Terry Jr took the lead from outside row 1. Justin Grant recovered from his heat race owes and raced a few car lengths behind Terry. Terry took the win over Grant as they both punched their ticket to the A.

After a brief awards banquet for the top 5 in points in Kokomo's weekly competition, the track crew was done with widening the track some, knocking the cushion down. As the temps got cooler and cooler, the show was pushed on, trying to keep the fans settled on a cold night.

Taylor and Coons Jr brought the field to the green in the 25 lap sprint car A Main. As the field takes the green and races into 1 and 2, Byrkett spins in turn 2 for a yellow. Complete restart, Coons maneuvers to the lead as the field race past the flag stand. Taylor trails Coons the first handful of laps until Jerry starts to open the gap. Lap 6, Byrkett spins off turn 4, ending his night with the 2 spin rule. Coons gets a good restart and pulls away. McIntyre spins as a gaggle of cars make contact in turn 2. Restart, Coons pulls ahead and quickly opens a straight away lead. Stanbrough moves into 2nd as Darland and Windom work their way up from the 5th row. Coons was in full command upfront as he entered heavy lapped traffic with 10 to go. Lap after lap Darland got closer and closer. Just as it looked like Coons was going to cake walk into victory lane, with 3 to go Darland and Stanbrough are in his tire tracks. Coons is stout tho and all it really resulted in was for show because they caught Jerry but, couldn't do anything him with once they did. Coons leads flag to flag in this one for the win. Darland, up from 10th, Stanbrough, Windom, up from 9th, and Taylor round out the top 5. Coons was in total command in this one and really was never challenged for the lead. Yes he got caught in the final few laps but no one was strong enough to make was move on him. The Edison 10E seen yet another Komomo win.

After earning the most points via the heat races, Wease and Hollingsworth paced the field in the 25 lap midget A Main. Almost a repeat of the start of the sprint car A, Spencer Bayston spins in turn 2 on the opening lap. Complete restart, Wease wraps up the lead once the field races down the backstretch. Lap 2, Tate Martz spins. During the yellow, Hollingsworth stops on the track while running 2nd and just making a move for the lead as the yellow flew. Restart, Wease leads as Shane Cottle quickly applies pressure on the leader. Just as Cottle takes the lead, Price-Miller stops on the track for a yellow, reverting back to lap 3, giving Wease the lead. Wease holds his ground on the restart as Cottle is just setting up his move with a much strong mount. Lap 5, Cottle makes his move into the lead. After that, it was a crushing as Cottle pulled quickly into the lead. With sow of the cars several seconds off the pace and Cottle heads above the pack, it was a mess to keep up with as all but a few cars were a lap down by the half way mark, a handful of them many laps down. Cottle takes a convincing win by over 2/3rds of a track lead to the nearest challenger. Kurt Mayhew, Chett Gherke, Bayston, and Martz round out the top 5. I love midgets and Kokomo but this was by far the worse midget A Main I've witnessed as far as competition wise. It looked like a WOO car against a few 360s and a handful of 305s there was that big of difference in the packs of cars in the A. Not downing anyone because I would hit midget races every night of I could, just reporting the facts and sometimes they are ugly. That's why they run the race so to speak and the next night the slate is wiped cleaned because as we all know there is never 2 of the exact same nights of racing. As the night got colder it was just about 11 when the midget A was done, making road trip home time for me.


Atomic Speedway has the rescheduled 410 sprint car show this Saturday. The old KC Raceway in southern Ohio is now Atomic Speedway and kicks hot laps off at 3 PM due to the cooler weather.

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