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by Jim Allen


NARC NEWSLINE – OCTOBER 4, 2021, By Jim Allen, Okay race fans, we’re coming down the homestretch to our last four NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprint Car Series races of the 2021 campaign. …

NARC NEWSLINE – OCTOBER 4, 2021, By Jim Allen, Okay race fans, we're coming down the homestretch to our last four NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprint Car Series races of the 2021 campaign. While that is somewhat of depressing statement to make, I think a majority of us are extremely grateful that we were able to enjoy a full season of open wheel racing this year. And even more grateful for that accomplishment in an almost post-Covid world where darn near everything seems to have negative overtones. With no intention of going political, or taking a stance on any specific issue, I appreciate sprint car racing (and motorsports in general) for what it is: A healthy dose of old school Americana and I’m proud to be part of that family. Better said, whenever I need a dose of sanity, it's time to go to a dirt track for some open wheel chaos. As mixed up as that sounds, it makes perfect sense to all of us diehards. After all, it’s the little things in life that make it all worthwhile and enjoyable. Little things like standing and taking off our hats while the national anthem is played or reflecting for a solemn moment when our fallen heroes are honored. Also, witnessing the unique interaction and connection that our racing audience has with our competitors is among the best in sports. Everybody is family here! It’s not like you can walk up to LeBron James or Mike Trout after a game and get an autograph or a selfie, but you sure can with a Brad Sweet or a Dominic Scelzi. It’s about entertainment and family values, with no hidden agenda, and a chance to get a breather from some of the negativity that surrounds us. As always, we thank all of you for your support and hope you enjoyed playing in the dirt with us this season and much as we did.

Speaking of open wheel entertainment chaos, they say you should finish strong and that is exactly what we plan to do:

The highly anticipated Second Annual Morrie Williams Legends Tribute race takes place at Peter Murphy’s Keller Auto Speedway on Saturday, October 9th. This event represents a breath of fresh air as it conjures up something completely different; a racing event featuring Twin-20 main events.

For all of you at home taking notes, the first 20-lapper is lined up straight up by times and the second is completely inverted by the finish of the first race. (I know, I had you at "Twin-20.") Teams are not allowed to change any tires unless they want to go to the very back of the pack for the second event (including behind the lapped cars.) It’s a unique format and if last season’s inaugural event was any preview, this type of show may represent the future of sprint car racing. On a worst-case scenario, it’s going to present infinite possibilities to build on. For those of you who need a quick 2020 refresher, Kyle Hirst edged Mitchell Faccinto in a wall-hopping photo-finish to steal away the first 20, and 11th starter Dominic Scelzi hopped in another “0” car that was towed in on an open trailer to win the second feature. Tim Kaeding, who finished fourth and second in the two events, tallied the most points to win the Legends Tribute bonus.

Each feature will pay $3200 to win and Peter Murphy, Ashley Smith & Katie Williams are still working on some other perks and bonuses. As of this moment in time, each 20-lap segment will pay $16,000 with the top five cashing out $3200, $1500, $1200, $1100, and $1000, respectively. It will pay $300 to start. On top of that there is a fast time bonus of $500, a dash winner kicker of $500, and the heat race winners will pocket an additional $200. On top of that, the overall champion will earn $2000 and the winning mechanic will also be pad his wallet to the tune of $400. And just to make sure our calendars are synchronized, the Morrie Williams race is the second night of racing at Keller Auto Speedway as the Friday show features SCCT 360’s and KoT410’s. Make a weekend out of it and catch ‘em both!

DID SOMEBODY SAY “ANTHONY SIMONE CLASSIC?” While many NARC-King of the West teams were disappointed to find out that the $21,000 to win Tom Tarlton Classic was transformed into a World of Outlaw show, it did open the door for another opportunity. Our Friday, October 29th show has evolved into the Anthony Simone Classic #1 and will feature a winged and non-winged NARC feature event. Yes, you read that correctly! The winged show will pay $7,000 to win the feature honoring the original “Mr. Excitement.” And it’s not a top-heavy adventure as second and third pays $5000 and $3000, respectively.

Now here is where things get interesting. The five-lap (yes, only five) six-car heat races will be lined up straight up by times and the top two finishers make the dash. Better said, if a driver isn't sitting high in the seat with his elbows up at the start, it's going to be a long night. There will be 10-cars in the dash (10 like in Anthony’s car number), and they will run 10-laps fully inverted by times. How they finish is how they start the 30-lap Fujitsu General USA headliner. No pill draw. Now if that doesn’t get you pumped up, you better check to see if you still have a pulse.

But as they say in the ShamWow infomercials … “but wait, there is more!”

Once that event is over, drivers will have the option to run a 20-lap non-wing NARC-sanctioned feature. The top ten will be inverted based on the finish of the winged race. Now this is NOT a mandatory race for NARC-King of the West teams, but many have already shown interest in going topless for this non-winged showcase. It will pay $3000 to win and at least $300 to start. So, if you do regular math like me – and not that common core stuff – that’s $10,000 to a driver who can win both. That “10” once again represents Anthony’s car number. (If you are doing common core math, you’ll come up with that same number in about 30 minutes.) I can already see the likes of a Shane Golobic and Bud Kaeding stroking their chin pondering the possibilities. And Chase Johnson and Ryan Bernal also come up as hot commodities for this night of racing.

How is it going to work? Teams will be given approximately 40-minutes to convert their cars from winged to non-winged in the infield work area in front of God and everyone while the USAC Midget feature is being run. Tire changes are allowed, but axle changes are not. With all the twists and turns, this overall event is awarding a flat 100 “show up” points to all teams. And it sure beats an event cancellation. This is a concept that we’ve been talking about for several years and now it’s going to become a reality. (I know Shawn Thomas is happy!)

Once the winged/non-winged extravaganza is in the books, we will have nailed down three consecutive races at Hanford and have only have two events remaining. The Simone race is the front end of a two-day Central California roadshow that will take the NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprint Car Series down to Kern County Raceway Park in Bakersfield on Saturday (October 30th).

The following weekend, Saturday, November 6th to be exact, the popular Tribute to Gary Patterson will close out the season at the Stockton Dirt Track. This one will also feature the Sprint Car Challenge Tour. Just in case that’s not enough entertainment for one night, the one-and-only-and-very-legendary Steve Kinser will be in the house signing autographs.

CHAMPIONSHIP AWARDS CELEBRATION: As has become a new NARC tradition, the NARC King of the West series will honor its champions and pay out the 2021-point fund at our Champions Celebration Brunch on Sunday, November 7th – the morning after the Stockton race. It will take place on at the Brookside Country Club in Stockton, a beautiful private club that provides an excellent venue. Their food, drinks and service are all five-star worthy. Tickets are $40 each and includes a gigantic breakfast buffet, a NARC Benevolent Fund auction, your favorite race teams, and a ton of Dean Mills-produced videos from the 2021 season. Fans are welcome and encouraged to attend. Contact me to get your tickets - 714-397-7417.

In the unlikely event the November 6th show rains out and gets postponed or cancelled, the awards celebration will go off as planned. A rescheduled show would award a flat 75 points (per our rulebook) so the standings would not change. Unfortunately, when you book a venue like this, the date is set in concrete. Sort of sounds like my first wedding.

NARC NOTES: How cool was it to see 15-year-old Corey Day win his first NARC feature at the Jim Turner Memorial? We all had a feeling it was coming; we just didn’t know when. Day started sixth in the Meyers Construction 14 and battled to take the lead away from veteran Tim Kaeding on lap 13. I’m not sure who had the biggest smile at the checkered, Corey or his dad Ronnie! … Day became the second first time winner this season, joining Billy Aton. That’s the first time we have added two new names to the winners list since 2017. … Just in case you missed it, Rick Faeth recently announced that his contract to operate Petaluma Speedway has been extended through the 2023 season. Wish we could say the same for Calistoga, or Santa Maria! … Random thought: Have you ever noticed the boat load of enthusiastic kids at Monster Truck events? We need to duplicate that attendance at sprint car shows! … Here is a eye-opening list for you. These drivers have not claimed a King of the West feature this season (yet): Bud Kaeding, Shane Golobic, Willie Croft, and Austin McCarl. Also beating on the door for career win number one would be Joel Myers Jr., Tanner Carrick, Mitchel Moles, and Ryan Robinson. … Who is going to win more NARC-King of the West features this season? Justin Sanders (who has four), or Dominic Scelzi (who has five.) ...

MIKE ANDREETA UPDATE: As most of you know, our Director of Competition Mike Andreetta took an unplanned ambulance ride to the hospital after the Labor Day weekend. He passed out at work and luckily the staff at Tognottis dialed 911. The good news is he didn’t have a stroke. The bad news was that he was admitted to Kaiser Hospital with bleeding on the brain from an apparent fall. Nobody is exactly sure where or how that fall took place. Luckily, no surgery was required but the healing process has been slow. Mike was treated in the ICU for three weeks and was recently released to a rehabilitation facility where he will undergo extensive physical therapy. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him soon.

And finally, based on everything being accented in pink, it’s a reminder that October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’m always aware! Are you?

Coming to you live from Auburn, CA. See ya!




NARC NEWSLINE – JUNE 22, 2021, By Jim Allen … There is nothing like a good two-day show to get your open wheel racing mojo going again in California.  Double the fun, double the races, twice as much dirt in your beer, and twice as tired when it’s all over.  While Tim Kaeding and Dominic Scelzi may have secured the headlines, their racing efforts were more psycho than my ex-wife on a Crown Royal binge weekend.  Kaeding secured his first King of the West win since a a Fastest Four Days in Motorsports victory in 2019; this one coming at Ocean Speedway on Friday night (June 11th).  The 35th Annual Pombo-Sargent Classic win was a sweet one for TK as it was his first with his Joshua Bates/Roger Hamilton team.  Celebrations were in order!  So how do you back up a victory?  The same way you back up a birdie on the golf course – with a double bogey.  TK spun out twice in the Dave Bradway Jr. Placerville feature to earn a DQ and a 24th place finish.  What are the odds?  I mean … really … how many times has TK spun out twice during a feature in his entire career?  You probably have a better chance of finding Sasquatch in the Ocean Speedway infield than that!  But that’s racing for you.  Totally unpredictable and just when you think you’ve seen everything …, BAMM! …, TK shows us something new.

To show that Murphy’s Law wasn’t just leaning hard on TK over the weekend, let throw Scelzi into the mix.  At Ocean Speedway, he qualified like he was towing a taco cart (20th fast) and found himself behind the eight-ball the rest of the night.  His evening of open wheel entertainment ended with a flip on the tenth lap of the feature, producing a colon cleansing 22nd place finish.  Scelzi tumbled from first to fourth in the championship standings faster than the stock market plummeted in 2007.  Keep in mind, this is the same Dominic Scelzi who dominated the Peter Murphy Classic just a few weeks ago.  So how do you back up a truly disappointing night?  You know where this is headed!  Scelzi proceeds to start on the pole of the Bradway race and won a well-played 40-lap game of cat and mouse with Shane Golobic to secure his second win of the King of the West season – 11th of his career - tenth overall this season - and his first ever at the quarter-mile bullring.  Once again, totally unpredictable.  And just think, we still have 16-races remaining on the NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprint Car Series campaign.

35th ANNUAL POMBO-SARGENT CLASSIC – OCEAN SPEEDWAY (6/11/21) NOTES:  Tim Kaeding’s victory was the 69th of his NARC-King of the West career.  Speaking of “69”, he needs 15 more to catch Brent Kaeding on the all-time list. Do you think it will happen? … It marked the fifth different decade in which a driver with the last name of Kaeding (Brent, Bud & Tim) has won a Pombo-Sargent race. … Bud Kaeding was second. Golobic third. … Ryan Robinson rocked Race Monitor in qualifying with not only a King of the West record, but a new all-time track record at the quarter-mile oval.  He broke an ancient milestone set by Mark Kinser before Robinson was born.  His 10.867 second run in Mike Phulps #56 sprint car was flawless. He ended up 10th in the feature. …

Billy Aton started 20th and was running a strong seventh with only five laps remaining when disaster struck.  He jumped the turn two cushion and flipped.  A “for-sure” Hardcharger award turned into a night of hard work just to race at Placerville the next night. … A bearded Colby Copeland made his first appearance of the season filling in for Kenny Allen in the Ed Butterfield #76.  He started 13th, finished eighth.  Allen had to work. Don't you hate when real jobs gets in the way of racing?  …  Other’s tearing up equipment on this night were Mitchell Faccinto (37), Geoffrey Strole (09), Justin Sanders (16A), and Austin McCarl (21). …  Thank you to the Pombo and Sargent families for coming out in mass to support this event.  They had three beautifully restored cars on display.

30th ANNUAL DAVE BRADWAY JR. MEMORIAL – PLACERVILLE SPEEDWAY (6/12/21) NOTES:  Dominic Scelzi ended up taking home $7600 for his efforts.  That would include $5600 for the win, plus another $2000 in lap money.  That should cover some of the expenses from Friday night.  By the way, thank you to Roth Motorsports, Sierra Valley Wine Storage and Absolute Auto Glass for kicking in extra feature money, along with the long list of great sponsors who contributed lap money. … Shane Golobic, Kyle Hirst, and Willie Croft also pocketed a decent amount of lap money cash. … Race fans also had the opportunity to witness the richest 14th place finish in NARC and King of the West history.  Say what?  Yes, the Hardcharger award was worth a stout $2000, and that money was presented to Jake Morgan, who started dead last in the 24-car field.  That worked out to a $2500 night!  Others in the running for the award were Austin McCarl (9 cars), Billy Aton (8 cars), and Blake Carrick (7 cars). ... Justyn Cox won the Sprint Car Challenge Tour event on the same racing card.  There was a lot of sprint car racing on this night. ...

The front straightaway was loaded with special presentations before the racing got underway.  Promoters Scott and Kami Russell presented a $2000 check to the NARC Benevolent Fund. …  A helmet pass through the grandstands generated more than $3000 for Davey Thomas to help with living expenses as he fights his battle with colon cancer.  Race fans are some of the most generous people on the planet. ... Willie Croft earned the Carwash Mike Avilla fast time award (again) and walked away with a fistful of cash ($1600 to be exact), the unique Jägermeister Trophy, and the Coors Light Hat. … And, most importantly, the Northern Auto Racing Club and Placerville Speedway presented appreciation awards to Dianne and Dave Durica for their efforts raising money for the Bradway event over the past 20 or so years.  They have officially retired from the event and have passed the torch to Karen Bradway Tuccelli.  It is in good hands. ...  Emersyn Gutierrez was the trophy girl for each of the KWS heat races, a pair of dashes and both feature events. ...

... Sixty-two cars stuffed the pits.  31 SCCT and 31 NARC. … Stephen Ingraham’s eighth place finish was his best-ever in NARC competition. … Seventeen cars finished on the lead lap in the 40-lapper. … Jimmy Trulli made his first KWS appearance in at least seven years.  He came by way of the semi where he earned $330 in lap money and made the feature powered by a 360 motor. … Sean Watts got upside down in qualifying. … DJ Netto pocketed $600 for leading all 12-laps of the only semi run this season. …  Thanks to, the world saw a brainless moron run across the track during qualifying, barely missed by a sprint car at speed. That could have ended up ugly. What was he thinking?  Apparently, not a damn thing! … Aton said his crashed 410-car from Ocean was “real bad,” so they dropped their 410 motor into his 360 car to play at Placerville. … Clayton Snow made his first appearance at a NARC-KWS show in 18-months.  He had Kalib Montgomery behind the wheel of his number 7 sprint car.  That car may have been one of the nicest looking cars in the pit area.  That is the same Montgomery who just won his first SCCT feature this past weekend.  Definitely an up and comer! …

STAT OF THE WEEK:  Current championship point leader Bud Kaeding’s average finish this season is 4.0.  Defending series champ DJ Netto is next with 5.4.  Scelzi is sitting at 6.4. The past three King of the West titles have been earned by a driver with an average result of 5.6, or better.  Winning championships is not only about posting top finishes, but also about NOT posting very many bad nights along the way.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  July will be a “roadshow” type of a month for the NARC King of the West Fujitsu sprint cars.  Petaluma Speedway will host the Salute to Baylands Raceway Park on July 10th.  This one pays $3000 to win and $600 to start the 24-car feature.  Look for the one and only Baylands guru David Vodden to be involved with this event.  There also will be an autograph session featuring some of your favorite Bayland’s driving legends.

The high-anticipated 11th Annual Howard Kaeding Classic is the following weekend (July 16-17.)  Friday’s program features Taco Bravo 360’s with the King of the West Fujitsu Sprint Car Series closing out the show on Saturday with a $5000 to win and $800 to start feature.  Plus, there are a bunch of other perks (tires, parts, awards) at this show.  If you would like to get involved as a sponsor for this event, please call Bud Kaeding at 408-371-3031.

Our month of July concludes with a doubleheader weekend on July 23-24th.  The 23rd is an adder to our schedule and will bring us back to the Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway for the “Chris & Brian Faria Memorial.”  The following night, everybody is headed over the hill to Santa Maria Raceway for “Winged Madness.”  The Saturday show pays $3500 to win and $600 to start the feature, plus other perks.  There will also be a $1000 to win Hammerdown! Wheelie Contest.  This event is co-sponsored by Kimo’s Tropical Car Wash in Reedley.  By the way, I’m looking for three volunteers!  Track management promises a Hammerdown! runway that is more conducive to wheelies than our 2019 show. …  If you are looking for any other info, check it out at ...

Coming to you live from Auburn, CA.  See ya.




NARC NEWSLINE - JUNE 8, 2021, By Jim Allen ... Some sprint car drivers go their entire racing careers without ever experiencing the thill of victory lane. Some finally hang up their helmet after only one or two wins over a career that last a decade. It's not for a lack of trying as much as it's just plain hard to do. The car needs to be darn near perfect, the driver must be on his A-Game, and a little luck always helps. In other words, a lot of stars need to align, which brings us to Dominic Scelzi at the May 14-15 Peter Murphy Classic. He didn't win just once, not twice, not three times, but an almost unfathomable four times in two nights. A career weekend for many. In the revised PMC track format, Scelzi scored a Sprint Car Challenge Tour 360 win and Kings of Thunder 410 victory at Hanford on Friday night. Then he backed that up the next night at Tulare with top honors in the Kings of Thunder 360 feature and the grand finale - the $11,000 to win Peter Murphy Classic for the NARC King of the West Fujitsu 410 Sprint Cars. What are the odds? A single renegade rut, a slip in qualifying, a brush with the wall, a flat tire, or just a bad hair day can totally ruin everything and end the streak. While the King of the West record books will only officially show only one victory on May 15th, anybody who attended -- and there were a lot of you -- will remember the weekend that Dominic Scelzi lived up to his nickname (Dominator.)

Speaking of capacity crowds, it is so nice to see California returning back to normal. The ecstatic fans at Hanford and Tulare were stoked to see some "live" sprint car racing.. And the drivers and teams were glad they were back as well. Racing without fans is like playing video games in the bathroom - empty, hollow, and doesn't smell right.

PETER MURPHY CLASSIC NOTES - MAY 15th: Said Scelzi at Tulare after setting quick time, "I got hurt here and I'm looking to redeem my myself." For those of you who might have forgot, Scelzi broke his back at Tulare a few years back and was going to give up the sport. However, he said Peter Murphy encouraged him to recover and move forward. Scelzi's voice cracked with emotion during victory lane interviews and it was hard not to notice that one of the first people Scelzi hugged upon exiting his #41 sprint car was Peter Murphy ... Bud Kaeding made Scelzi work for his big win at Tulare. He led the first 23-laps, trading slide jobs, until Scelzi took the point. At that point, Kaeding struggled and dropped to fourth. Shane Golobic was second ($5000) and 11th starter Willie Croft ($3000) was a bullet in the late going to finish third. ... Speaking of Golobic, he was on "baby-watch" all weekend, ready to depart at a moments notice. But like a true racing champ, new son Tucker held out until Monday. ... Twenty-two of the 24-starters finished on the lead lap. It paid $1,000 to start the feature. ...

... Billy Aton earned the Swift Metal Finishing Hardcharger award, starting 20th and ending up 10th. While on the topic of Anton, he officially threw his name into the running for the NARC-King of the West Rookie of the Year award. ... NARC driver Ronnie Day built a successful sprint car resume' in his day, but he admitted things have changed recently. He is no longer known as Ronnie Day, but as Corey Day's dad. Corey and Joel Myers Jr. happen to be the two biggest "up and comers" in the Golden State and their DMV Learners Permit will tell you they are only 15-years old. Think about that for a second! Hopefully they don't get pulled out of California too soon to race back East. ... Chase Johnson was down and out on Saturday after hurting his only 410 motor on Friday night at Hanford. Being a car owner sucks sometimes. He needs a full-time ride. ... The PMC featured the Aussie Pole Shuffle. In case you missed it, it went like this: Sean Becker outran Kasey Kahne and won the next shuffle when Kyle Hirst was DQ'ed for a jump. Bud Kaeding was next in line and beat Becker and Golobic in separate skirmishes, before losing to Scelzi in the finale. Always exciting; always unpredictable. ...

... Iowa driver Austin McCarl was involved in a multi-car feature crash that did a number on the Tarlton Motorsports 21. He was unhurt in the red flag incident. ... Scelzi earned more than $20,000 for the weekend with all of the extra cash put up. Thanks to Kimo's Tropical Car Wash and Norm Rapp, Scelzi pocketed $1500 for his two fast time efforts on Saturday. He also picked up a $600 bonus from Hanford Jewelry & Loan for claiming the Pole Shuffle. Scelzi first investment might be on a bigger wallet. They money will also come in handy for baby gear and diapers since he is going to become a new Dad soon. On the flip side, Scelzi gave away all 18-pounds of Sunnyvalley Bacon he won to a pair of lucky fans. ... As always, we are grateful to the one and only legend Peter Murphy for all of his contributions to the sport and for promoting a great two-race weekend with Tulare lead man Steve Faria. ...

PETALUMA SPEEDWAY NOTES - MAY 22nd: Justin Sanders, who is chasing a NARC-KWS title this season, was looking to improve on his 11th and eighth place finishes at the first two events of the year. He finally got his ducks in a row and scored the elusive "W" at Petaluma aboard Larry Antaya's #16 XXX sprint car. Sanders even set quick time, which he admitted is more rare than a tax break in California. The seventh King of the West victory and the 100th of his career was worth $3500. ...

... The start of this feature caused more finger-pointing than an investigation at a Pennsylvania ballot box. Dash winner Andy Forsberg and Sanders started on the front row and it went downhill from there on the initial start as they powered out of the fourth corner. Sanders and Forsberg got together. Before it was over, Forsberg, Tim Kaeding, Dominic Scelzi, Kyle Offill, Michael Sellers were reeled in and Sean Becker escaped most of the carnage by flying over the infield berm with a wild Baja Trophy Truck maneuver. It wasn't pretty in any sense of the word and tempers got heated. Sanders made it through intact, but Forsberg's night in the upside down family A&A Stepping Stone 92 was over. On a lighter note, hopefully nine pounds of Sunnyvalley Bacon made for a good breakfast the next morning at the Forsberg household. ... Scelzi and Kaeding made quick repairs under red flag conditions to restart at the back and finished fifth and seventh respectively to stay in the championship points hunt. ...

... Once the feature restarted, it went 30-laps non-stop in around seven-minutes, with Sanders sharing the podium with Bud Kaeding and the aforementioned Joel Myers Jr. Nine cars finished on the lead lap. ... Kalib Montgomery surprised some driving the Scott-Ingraham #93. With Stephen Ingraham out with other plans, Montgomery took over and did his own version of sprint car shock and awe. He timed in eighth quick and finished a very respectable sixth in the feature -- driving a 360-powered machine. ... Ryan Robinson looked right at home driving the Mike Phulps #56 car. He timed in second quick and finished 10th in the main. ... This racing program was completed at 8:36 p.m., or as my wife likes to say, "before the mall closed across the street." ...

NARC NOTES: A front wing autographed by the 410 Peter Murphy Classic competitors was auctioned off for the NARC Benevolent Fund at Tulare. It raised $750 for the fund. Thank you Mike Vidal. Also, a sincere thank you to Rick Faeth/Glad Enterprises, "Big Kevin," and Nancy Truex for their generous donations to the NARC Benevolent Fund also! ... California lost two more quality drivers to another part of the United States with Geoff and wife Shayna Ensign moving to Idaho. Geoff's best run with NARC was in 2019 when he ran the entire schedule, finished fifth in points, and earned the rookie-of-the-year award. ... We have added a Friday, July 23rd event to the 2021 schedule. It will take place at the Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway, which will make it a two-race weekend with Santa Maria Raceway hosting a Saturday night show. The Tulare race will be the "Chris & Brian Faria Memorial." Saturday's show features a wheelie contest! ... Have you checked out the nice "Pit Personalities" article on crew chief Drew Warner on You should! ... All of our races are available on However, we would prefer to see you in person. So would the track promoters! ... Pick up your official 2021 NARC King of the West t-shirt at the Bullet Impressions trailer or online at ...

UPCOMING EVENTS: We have another premium weekend of open wheel racing on tap for June 11-12th. This is a bullring doubleheader with the NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprint Car Series rolling into Ocean Speedway and Placerville Speedway. Friday's show in Watsonville will mark the 35th Annual running of the Pombo-Sargent Classic. On Saturday, the series heads east up Highway 50 to the El Dorado County Fairgrounds for the highly anticipated 30th Annual Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial. Thanks to the efforts of Dianne and Dave Durica, and the love and support of fans and sponsors of the Bradway event, this one is super lucrative. It will pay $5000 to the winner of the 40-lapper. Just think about that for a second ... a 40-lapper at Placerville, where your typical 10-second lap has more excitement than a three-legged cat being chased by a pack of hungry coyotes. There is also $5200 in lap money for the A & B-mains and the "Carwash" Mike Avilla Fast Time Award pays $1350. And not to sound like an infomercial -- "but wait, there is more!" The Hardcharger payout is up to $1800 and if you read this a couple days from now, probably more! Heat winners will score Hoosier RR rubber from Hoserville CA, plus there are a bunch of other donations for a variety of finishing positions. It promises to be another great weekend and we wouldn't expect nothing less.

Coming to you live from Auburn, CA. See ya!




NARC NEWSLINE – MARCH 1, 2021, By Jim Allen … Wouldn’t you know it? The more things change, the more they remain the same. Everybody opened their 2021 sprint car calendar with promise and hope, desperate to sit in the main grandstands and watch some dirt track racing in California. Next thing you know, the World of Outlaws drop the Golden State portion of their schedule faster than a prom date with a STD, and the ASCS national events slip away faster than our tax dollars in California. Not exactly the start we were looking for but it will get better. Just remember that promise and hope thing you had back in January … because … I promise things will get better, so do not give up on the second thing.

In the meantime, let’s take the opportunity to clear up a few things about the upcoming season. In some cases, statements are being made, and questions are being asked, that seemingly make no sense. Let’s take a few minutes and let me verify and clarify a few of them for you:

“What do you mean the main grandstands are the pits?” … Okay race fans, this one has been confusing for some people, so get out your decoder ring and I’ll help you understand the big picture. Every time we post on social media about an event, the first five responses almost always are ... “Are the main grandstands open?” or “are tickets being sold?”

Until you see the 49ers, Kings, Lakers, Rams, Warriors and Clippers sell “tickets” to their events, the California baseline has been set. But look at this way (in code): Most dirt track pit areas have less than desirable seating and sight lines for the loyal teams, sponsors, fans, and crew members who drive and power the sport. To provide a solution, promoters statewide have done us a huge favor. As a customer service feature, they have graciously opened their main grandstands as an extension of the pit area to enhance the open wheel experience. Extra seating? Problem solved! Improved sightlines? Mission accomplished! So, if you want to watch sprint car racing in person – something we highly encourage you to do – buy a pit pass and mosey over to the grandstands to enhance your entertainment pleasure.

“Do I get a hot pass or a cold pass?” Think of it this way, the hot pass represents the pits working around hot race cars. The cold pass represents a cold beer in the grandstands. Enough said.

“Did the world fall off its axis? Are you telling me that the Vermeil is in Chico? The next thing you are going to say is the Bradway is in Placerville?” Yes, that is exactly what we are saying and that is good news. With Calistoga Speedway overall ownership/lease situation stumbling around like a bad scene from some zombie flick, promoter Tommy Hunt made a smart business decision to move the Louie Vermeil Classic to another venue. He knew that his great two-day event would lose some serious momentum or collapse entirely if it went dark two years in a row. Dick Vermeil and several other key event supporters agreed with this fact and now the open wheel battles of the NARC King of the West and USAC/CRA sprint cars will be fought on the quarter-miler at Chico, rather than the half-mile at Calistoga. Considering that the Dave Bradway Jr race moved after 29-years at Silver Dollar to Placerville Speedway, it was a great way to get the NARC sprint cars back to Chico. And while we will lose the “flat out HammerDown” aspect of Calistoga, the wheel-to-wheel battles at Silver Dollar are typically epic.

By the way, camping spots at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds are going fast, so don’t delay in getting yours. This show promises to have an old-school Gold Cup Race of Champions feel to it. There will be six racing events over an eight-day span at the track. I think we will call that … “Dreamweek.”

And I almost forgot this one, “the Peter Murphy Classis is now at Tulare AND Hanford?” Yes! It will be a great weekend.

Are our tracks under attack? While that question may sound like something reserved for a video game, the answer is YES! We all know about Calistoga and Petaluma, but now we should probably throw Santa Maria Raceway into the mix. A housing development and homeowner association is creeping up on the backside of the track and has engaged lawyers in an attempt to shut the place down. They are claiming that SMR must have an EPA study performed in order to grade any dirt on the property; something that has happened every year since 1964. It reminds me of the people who buy a home next to an airport and then complain about the noise after they move in. If that isn’t the biggest pile of lawyer spew you’ve ever seen, nothing is! With that move they passed politicians as the most hated profession.

San Luis Obispo County is also doing little to help the Santa Maria Raceway operate with super restrictive COVID-19 rules, making it more likely they will score a million-dollar lottery ticket than be able to hold a practice day at the facility. Yes, we are being attacked.

The Outlaws aren’t coming … again? You got it! Hopefully in the Fall. Next question!

How do you defend a 2019 title in 2021 when the series crowns a champion every year? As you are aware, we only ran 120 feature event laps in 2020 (four events). It has been established that the series stage a minimum of 10-races to legitimately crown a champion. In reality, even that is not even fair. Anything less diminishes the accomplishments of hardworking NARC champions of the past, who had to grind their way through extensive racing campaigns to log their spot in the history books. As it sits, DJ Netto has been able to bask in the glory of being the defending King of the West champ for an extra 12-months or so. Nothing wrong with that – he earned it.

Will (favorite driver name here) be running for 2021 points and the NARC King of the West championship? The answer is more than likely. There are a ton of drivers and teams who have expressed their support to the NARC King of the West series and have their equipment dialed in and ready to go. However, if California continues to stay in super lock down mode and the Outlaws, All Stars and other states continue to flaunt their full-house racing events on PPV, expect several CA teams to hit the road. That traveling shortlist would probably include the likes of Justin Sanders, Austin McCarl, DJ Netto, Shane Golobic, Tim Kaeding and Dominic Scelzi. These boys just want to race!

There you go! Hopefully, I have managed to clear up a few things for you!

NARC NOTES: 2021 Membership forms can be downloaded at There are no changes to the 2020 rulebook. That can also be downloaded off the club website. … Chase Johnson is looking for a full-time 410-winged ride! … Kyle Offill and Blake Carrick would be the early frontrunners for rookie-of-the-year. … Something tells me that Iowa driver Austin McCarl will be a tough man to beat with Paul Baines turning the wrenches in the Tarlton Motorsports KPC. … News from Kalib Henry’s camp is that he plans to be a frequent NARC competitor this season. … All of our events will be available on … Keep in mind that the 2021 schedule is heavily “backloaded” with 15 of our 20-events taking place after July 1st. Some things are worth waiting for! …

… Sunnyvalley Bacon is back to sponsor the only trophy dash in the nation that is “Powered by Bacon.” … It’s been fun to see the transformation of the track and pit area at Peter Murphy’s Keller Auto Speedway in Hanford. Mr. Murphy is on a mission and has a vision that he is chasing hard. … Look for the NARC King of the West sprint cars to invade the Pacific Northwest in 2022. … Predictions for 2021 include Blake Carrick, Kyle Offill and Austin McCarl winning their first NARC-KWS race; Sean Watts picking off his second; DJ Netto winning at least three features, including his first since June 2017; and 2005 series champ Sean Becker hitting a dozen for his KWS career. The Kaeding’s will win a handful. … Can you believe it has already been 11-years since Kyle Larson won the 2010 King of the West title? …

… Our condolences go out to the friends and family of “Mr. Excitement” Anthony Simone and the “Flying Frenchman” Bill Deschamps. Both were classic old school racers who had no fear behind the wheel of a race car. Simone seemed invincible with some of his exploits on and off the track, many which earned him “legend” status. Deschamps had more of a workmanlike effort in his winning approach and was a friend to all. Deschamps also contributed his time as a NARC Board Member for 13-years, including President for four. More importantly, once both drivers hung up their helmets, they helped future generations cut their teeth in their race cars. They will be missed.

It’s hard not to notice that the racing family is losing way too many people these days.

THE 2021 SEASON OPENER: The good news is NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprint Car season is so close you can almost smell the racing fuel in the air. The bad news is … if you cannot smell it, you might want to get tested for COVID-19. But seriously, the March 20th Stockton Dirt Track will take place, barring a hurricane-force rain out or major earthquake centered in the San Joaquin Valley. This event salutes the one and only Northern Auto Racing Club driving legend LeRoy Van Conett. We will see you in the pit area around hot race cars or in the grandstands with a cold beer. Either way, you should be there because promoter Tony Noceti is excited to get the 410’s back on his reconfigured racetrack.

Coming to you live from Auburn, CA. See ya!




NARC NEWSLINE, December 13, 2020, By Jim Allen …

 As you have probably already seen, the 2021 NARC King of the West Fujitsu General Racing Series has been published for the masses. The broad overview of this sprint car campaign is simple, featuring 20 410 sprint car events at 10 different dirt oval tracks … assuming this COVID-19 pandemic rides off into the sunset and never returns.

In fact, just about every track and sanctioning body has rolled out their 2021 plans, all with their fingers-crossed, praying that the world will become a healthier place in just a few short months. And let me tell you, and not to be the soothsayer of doom, but it needs to happen, or dirt track racing at State and County Fairgrounds in California is going to go the way of the cassette tape. You might be able to find one, but it will be a severely antiquated model. It appears that politicians in Sacramento and some local county fair boards have put targets on fairgrounds and dirt tracks because they are not generating much-needed revenue, totally not understanding how the whole process works in the first place. That’s like asking me to give you all the money out of a locked cash drawer (and I don’t have the key.)

So how much revenue did California promoters generate without a single “spectator” in the grandstands this year? Unless you skipped math class entirely, you were taught that anything multiplied by ZERO is still ZERO. And since revenue pays operating expenses and racer’s purses, ZERO doesn’t work unless you are talking about the number of politicians that serve motorsports best interests in the Golden State. The best quote would come from 90’s hair band Ratt, who had an appropriately named single entitled “Nobody Rides for Free.” That applies to racing promotion at fairgrounds also. You can’t fault the likes of a Scott Russell, or John Prentice, or Steve Faria for yelling at their flat screens as they watch Floracing and Dirtvision races playing out in front of full grandstands in other states. Yet just one paying spectator in the grandstands in California is still a crime that threatens their livelihood and our sport.

Along those lines, we were about to roll out a 21-race schedule for 2021, but one dropped out at Calistoga Speedway at the last moment. It was scheduled for the popular June 4-5th NASCAR weekend. As you are aware, Calistoga is still stuck in the middle of what can best be described as a “WWE Battle Royale” of political and budgeting bureaucracy. Pick your confusing scenario of the month, and I’ll guarantee it will change again before you finish Christmas shopping. The County wants to sell it, the City wants to buy part of it, somebody might want to lease it, a private entity might want to buy it, some local businesses and residents want to close it, and developers are drooling all over it – or something like that. And stuck right in the middle is promoter Tommy Hunt who just wants to put on some racing shows – some revenue-generating, fairgrounds-saving, fan-pleasing, developer-chasing, controversy-free racing events. That seems like a reasonable objective. Why can’t they make that happen? It’s not that tough.

As of right now, the next time the lights turn on at the historic half-mile will be the September 4-5th Louie Vermeil Classic. Assuming it happens, that will represent a lengthy two-year span between events. Heck, that’s substantially longer than my first marriage. By the time we race, they will have to cut the weeds down on the track with a corn harvester (just exaggerating a little bit.)

On the other side of that burnt Napa Valley hill, Rick Faeth is trying to keep Petaluma Speedway operating as a local entertainment choice. He’s got a couple of years remaining on his lease, but the local population is beginning to put the squeeze on the track. If the mall across the street gets any closer, we’re going to have an Applebees, a Nike Outlet store, and a Zales Jewelers in the pit area next season. And when I say local population, I really mean builders and developers, who fantasize about Zillow land values with the same self-gratifying methods as their Pornhub subscriptions. At the same time, dollar signs are flashing in the heads of local officials who would love to balance their budgets with local taxes, rather than on the back of dirt track racing. That’s a hard battle to fight and even tougher one to actually win.

Meanwhile over in Chico, one of the big questions I’ve been asked is why Silver Dollar Speedway isn’t on the 2021 schedule. The quarter-miler was home to the Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial race for 29 years, before Mrs. COVID-19 showed up. The event has been moved to Placerville Speedway and here’s the reason behind it: Dianne and Dave Durica, who have spearheaded the lucrative fund-raising efforts for the duration, announced in 2019 that the 30th annual event would be their last. They plan to fade away gracefully into a well-deserved retirement. That’s the bad news! The good news is the Bradway/Tuccelli family announced that they are going to assume those responsibilities and wanted to move it to Placerville; a track where their family cut their racing teeth.

As a result, the 30th Bradway race has been relocated and rescheduled for June 12th, where it is now part of a big King of the West/Sprint Car Challenge Tour combo show at the quarter mile bullring. Chico’s Dennis Gage, who (unofficially) has the worst lease agreement and fairgrounds support among all the aforementioned promoters, needed the marketing viability of the Bradway event to get people in the grandstands. Without it, it’s not a profitable venture – hence no King of the West races at Chico for the first time since Ronald Reagan was president. Just in case nobody noticed, the grandstands at Silver Dollar Speedway don’t fill up like they did in the years past and the number of high-profile racing events has dropped. Rumor has it that Troy Hennig had to get a real job. As a side note, NARC visited the SDS 10-14 times a year in the late 90’s. Nobody is fond of change – me included, but the good old days of 2019 are gone. Bottom line: No Chico in 2021. Doesn’t mean we can’t go back in 2022.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s not a single promoter in California who has a business card printed up that states they are a “non-profit organization” – and rightfully so because they’ve got some serious bills to pay: Lease payments, lights, water, track prep, equipment maintenance, payroll, insurance, security, marketing, officials, trophies, clean up, and of course the racer’s purse. Track improvements like improving lighting and hauling in new dirt, fixing catch fences, remodeling bathrooms, and general facility maintenance are on top of that. Let’s not forget the part where they need to earn a decent living.

As a result, the way California’s track promoters must operate their business has probably changed forever. They have been forced to hop off the grader and become lobbyist in order to stage events. That means dumping the 1995 Gold Cup t-shirt and jeans in favor of a dress shirt and pair of slacks to glad hand (fist bump in pandemic times) the mayor, the health department, the ABC, BBB, CoC, the City Council, the fair board and God only knows who else just to stage a practice day. And the voting isn’t exactly democratic – try to act surprised – because it usually only takes one “NO” to override multiple “YES” votes. That’s because everybody is afraid of getting sued, which happens often in a state with the second most lawyers in the nation. I just remembered … we do this for fun … right?

With all that in mind, please be patient and stay healthy. Everybody associated with dirt track racing in California is working towards a common goal and that is a return to normalcy. It may look a little different than the normal of the past, but it will be the new standard of excellence. We may need you to assist with petitions and letter writing campaigns, or to attend city council meetings in the future so stay in touch on social media. Along those lines, PLEASE keep things positive on social media. If your opinion is that you think your states Governor or local politician is a self-serving, money-grubbing crook or douchebag, you are probably right, but please post that opinion on your personal site – not the racing organizations (or risk being blocked forever.) We want to keep things professional to help encourage sponsorship participation of corporate America. Thank you.

OTHER SCHEDULE NOTES: There are only five NARC King of the West races scheduled during the first half of the year. That gives us a little safety margin to enjoy a normal schedule, assuming the new vaccine works out as planned. … March 20th is the Salute to LeRoy Van Conett season opener at the Stockton Dirt Track. … The “Fastest Five Days in Motorsports” will feature races at Placerville (August 25th), Merced (August 26th), Ocean (August 27th), Stockton (August 28th) and Petaluma on August 29th. That is guaranteed to be one great roadshow. … We’ve got two races scheduled at Santa Maria Raceway. One will feature a wheelie contest, the other a pit crew competition. … October is loaded up with the Morrie Williams Legends Tribute and the stout $21,000 to win Tom Tarlton Classic, both at Hanford. That’s freaking awesome! … Just in case you’ve been in a cave the past year, there will be two – yes, two – Trophy Cup extravaganzas in 2021. The first one represents the rescheduled 2020 event and will encompass the Memorial Day weekend. The second one is on its normal October dates at Tulare. … We tried to work Antioch Speedway on our schedule, but it is still a year away. Promoter Chad Chadwick has done a phenomenal job restoring the place, but feels he needs to do a lot more before making his primetime debut with the NARC King of the West series. They need to add an electronic scoring loop. Fair enough. … Look for the NARC King of the West Fujitsu Racing Series to make a four-race adventure to the Pacific Northwest in 2022. It will be centered around the Memorial Day weekend (assuming the Trophy Cup doesn’t get postponed again.) …

NARC NOTES: Justin Sanders captured the Tribute to Gary Patterson at Stockton to end our four-race season. Maybe we should say the “new and improved” Justin Sanders, who spent most of the year touring through the country racing in Larry Antaya’s Maxim. Both proudly said they learned a lot from their adventure, which should make them championship contenders next season. … Congratulations to Rodney Tiner for winning the Billy Albini Mechanic of the Year award. It was presented at Stockton along with $1000 cash and MoY ring by Mike Andreetta and Chris “Cajun” Good. It was much deserved and overdue. … The top eight finishers – the only finishers – at Stockton were Sanders, Rico Abreu, DJ Netto, Bud Kaeding, Austin McCarl, Justyn Cox, Matt Streeter and Mark Barroso. That would be “best ever” finishes for Streeter and Barroso. It was a rough night on equipment. Blake Carrick and Chase Johnson both destroyed cars in scary accidents. Both were shaken, but both walked away under their own power. … Turns out some fans figured out what a “COLD PASS” was at the Stockton Dirt Track. Saw many of them sitting in the main grandstands! …

… By the way, have you ever noticed the 90 or so trailers that are parked in a row outside of the Stockton Dirt Track back straightaway? Want to guess what is in them? Chances are you will be wrong. All 90 are owned by the State of California and are filled with hand sanitizer. Yup, they are leasing the space to store 90 trailers of hand sanitizer! State officials have even hired guards to protect the contents just in case someone is looking to fill up their swimming pool or something. … Just in case you need the answer to the trivia question that will be asked in 2030, here it is … Bud Kaeding claimed the mythical four-race drivers title and Joshua Bates/Roger Hamilton were the alleged car owner championship team. Due to having less races than fingers on one hand, we did not crown official 2020 champions. …

With that, we are all caught up on one of the strangest years in existence … 2020. My wish to all of you that you stay safe and healthy this Holiday Season. May you enjoy a Merry Christmas and to all of us … a Happy New Year. See ya!



NARC NEWSLINE – November 1, 2020, By Jim Allen... Here's something that has never been said in the 61-year history of the Northern Auto Racing Club during the month of October:  “Welcome to our third race of the season!”  Such was the case when the King of the West Fujitsu 410 Sprint Car Seriespulled through theKeller Auto Speedwaypit gate in Hanford on October 10th.   Rest assured, we all agree that having only three races before Halloween sucks on many different levels, but what we have lacked in quantity, we have made up for with quality. I know that sound like a cliché’ marketing slogan but it would pass my polygraph test.  And be thankful because without that, we would all be shuffling like a Zombie down the Tequila aisle at Bevmo! or be in desperate need of strong prescription meds.


The inaugural Morrie Williams Legends Tributelived up to that mantra of a good quality event.  For the first time since … well … I really can’t remember … if ever… we ran a pair of twin 20-main events on the same program.  The first one straight up by times, and the second completely inverted by the finish of the first 20.  Yup, the fast guys charging from the back reminiscent of the 1970’s non-wing days of NARC.  If you were nostalgic enough, you were probably walking through the pit area looking for the likes of LeRoy Van Connect, Hank Butcher, Rick Horton, and Johnny Anderson.


It’s not every day that you can drop this type of event on a NARC King of the West racing schedule.  But without a 2020 championship being pursued, and everyone eager to honor the late great Morrie Williams,it became a reality.  It started at the top with promoter Peter Murphydoing what he does best by putting on his “Sprint Car Ambassador”hat and talking it up.  This included many conversations with local officials who are basically handcuffed by PP (Pandemic Politics) in Sacramento.  But with less than a month remaining before the scheduled race day, it was cleared for launch.  At that point, Ashley Smithcaffeinated-up and hustled extra sponsorship support for the show that eventually sported a healthy $28,000 purse.  Not bad for having to run only 10 extra action-packed feature event laps.


What made this event really, really work was an exceptional multiple-line racing surface that promoted great wheel-to-wheel racing.  Although he will never admit it before the event, Peter Murphywas a little stressed because he knew an excellent track surface was 100% mandatory for this 20/20 in 2020.  A hooked up first 20, followed by a rubber-down back 20 would have been disastrous.  In the end, Murphy deserved a nice frosty Fostersbeer for what he delivered!  Drivers were charging from deep in the pack and it was "edge of the seat" type of open wheel entertainment.


One of the best things about this show was it had a storybook ending that few could have predicted.  After all, what are the odds of two different Williams Motorsports white ZERO cars winning the two features?  (Well, that one might actually have good odds.)  And what is the numerical probability that one of those winning cars was towed to Hanford on an open trailer?  That hasn’t happened at a NARC race since the early 1990’s.  Kyle Hirst’s cushion-riding final lap, wheel-hopping photo finish over Mitchell Faccintohad America vaulting off their couches with a massive beer-spilling adrenalin rush.  It was the sixth lead change in the first 20-laps.  Dominic Scelzi’ s methodical charge to the front in the second main after starting 11thwas a gem also.  You can chalk up some of that success to a pair of master crew chiefs by the name of Sean GrealyandAshley Smith.  In the end, it was a great Katie Scott, Hirst, Scelzi, Grealy, Smith& crew photograph in victory lane that served as a perfect legends tribute to Morrie Williams. Two races, two winners. Kyle Hirst and Dominic Scelzi got it done! Photo by Ashley Grealy.


MORRIE WILLIAMS RACE NOTES:  One of the more impressive performances was by 2005 series champ Sean Beckerin the Dan Monhoff#35 machine.  He started 10thand took the lead from Kyle Hirstin the late going of the first event, only to have the caution wave and revert back a lap.  That got Hirst sitting high in the seat with his elbows-up the rest of the way.  Becker ended up with a front row seat for the crazy Hirst/Mitchell Faccintowheel-to-wheel scuffle at the checkered.  The "Shark" started 17thin the second feature and fought his way to fourth.  That was good enough to finish second in the overall standings, only one spot behind Tim Kaeding. … Speaking of Kaeding, he was on a mission during the final laps of the night, getting past Becker and Ryan Robinsonduring the last 1 ½ laps.  That was worth an additional $1000 and something everybody needs, a Budweiseracoustic guitar. … Iowa’s Austin McCarlwas the featured driver in the Roth Motorsports 83JRand was a rocket from the first second he stomped on the loud pedal.  He set quick time, picked off his heat race, and claimed the Sunnyvalley Bacondash to start on the pole. At this point, it looked like he was going to pull a “Spencer Baystonrepeat of June 20th” and sweep the night.  But racing is unpredictable, otherwise we would be doing something else on our weekends.  He ended up eighth and fifth in the two 20’s. …


… Earning the Hardcharger award proved to be lucrative.  Sean Becker(10thto 3rd) and Tim Kaeding(16thto 2nd) ended up with the honors.  Each pocketed $400 from Swift Metal Finishingand Alan Cade, plus a Hoosierright rear tire. … Two-days before the event, Tarlton Motorsportsannounced that Bud Kaedingwas their driver for the Morrie Williams event.  Wasn't expecting that?  The familiar BK Racing 69sported a 360 powerplant which he used to claim the Kings of Thunder 360 Cotton Classicrace over Mr. Scelzi. … Yes, that was Sean Grealy sporting white coveralls honoring Mr. Williams. …  No tire changes were allowed during the intermission unless the team wanted their car to start the second 20 at the very back (even behind the lapped cars).  Most knew it, but some got sidetracked.  The Country Buildersteam inadvertently changed a LR tire and had to start dead last in feature number two. Otherwise, Kyle Offillwould have started in the fourth row. … When Stan Greenbergand Mitchell Faccintowere asked if they were considering a RR tire change during intermission, they answered they couldn’t if they wanted to.  Their spare was on their 360.  The Williams Motorsports team changed the RR on Hirst car after the win figuring they had nothing to lose.  Hirst pulled off only 11 laps in with motor issues. … Yes, that was Burt Foland Jr.driving a 410-powered sprint car. … Ryan Robinsonled the first 15-laps of the second feature in Mike Phulps #56. … Blake Carrickwas impressive battling for the lead midway through the first main.  He finished fifth.  Tanner Carrickfinished sixth in the second race. …  Kyle Hirst captured Friday nights Kings of Thunder 410 feature at Hanford.  Yes, that was Sean Watts who set quick time. …


… We would like to thank all the sponsors of the event once again.  They include:  EMADCO, Southern Pacific Farms, Fujitsu General, Tiner/Hirst Enterprises, Ashley Smith, Johnstone Supply,, Kistler Racing Engines, Prior Engineering, Kimo’s Tropical Car Wash, Hoosier Tire West, Roth Motorsports, Dan Bandy, Kevin Shearer Design and Peter Murphy. …


NARC NOTES:  We know there isn't a NARC-KWS championship points race this season due to the COVID challenged schedule.  But, if there was, Tim Kaedingand car owners Joshua Bates/Roger Hamiltonwould be on top of the standings.  Kaeding leads Mitchell Faccintoby five points and the car owner duo has a three-point advantage over Tarlton Motorsports.  Kaeding will be competing with the Outlaws at the season finale, so the mythical 2020 championship driver’s battle is up for grabs.  The Bates-Hamilton team is expected to announce their cameo driver soon.  No matter what happens, this will be a great trivia question a decade or two down the road: “Who won the 2020 NARC King of the West championships that didn’t count?”… Dennis Rothwas presented with the prestigious Dave Bradway Jr. Inspirational Trophyat Hanford.  Roth’s contributions to sprint car racing could easily fill a Hall of Fame. Team Manager Todd Venturaaccepted the award on his behalf because Dennis was home nursing a sore back.  However, he was watching the presentation on


… It’s also time for a random shout out to Keller Motorsportsmotor sponsor Mike Mitchell Construction.  He is a General Contractor out of Paso Robles who actively supports the 410-motor program of the Keller’s and driver JJ Ringo.  This sport isn’t cheap, and we need all the Mike Mitchell’s we can get.  Thank him if you get a chance (  Better yet, do business with him if the opportunity presents itself.  Please support those who support sprint car racing. …  Mike Andreettaand Chris Goodwill be presenting the Billy Albini Mechanic of the Year Awardat the season finale.  Expect this award to recognize past crew chief superheroes as well as current ones because there are a lot of noteworthy candidates that need to be put on a pedestal. …  Enjoyed a nice conversation with Greg DeCairesin the Hanford pits.  DeCaires just finished up radiation cancer treatments and is now in the recovery mode – ready to tackle regular life again and go back to work.  What started out as a little lump became serious, but he got a jump on it and got treated  We traded cancer recovery stories and concluded that we were glad we both acted fast.  Not to provide any medical advice here, but we ask that all of you race fans do the same.  Go to the doctor and get a physical once a year.  You'll live longer! … The 2021 season opener?  How about March 13that Kern County Raceway Park!


WHAT’S NEXT?  Well, the only thing better than three NARC King of the West410 races in 2020, would be four.  Stockton Dirt Trackpromoter Tony Noceti, who has been chomping at the bit since March to get the lights turned on, finally got an approval to stage a racing event (without mufflers no less.)  It will be the November 7thTribute to Gary Patterson.  Are the grandstands open for front gate general admission?  NO …, BUT …, that’s not any fault of anyone in the racing community.  However, and this is a big HOWEVER, there will be two types of pit passes offered to accommodate an “in person” experience.  Stay with me here and read between the lines.  All racing team participants, diehard fans and people staying in the pit area will purchase the normal (HOT) pit pass.  For this event, there will also be a COLD PASS sold at the front gate tunnel for race fans/sponsors/fanatics.  A $30 cold pass will get you into the pits until racing gets underway around 5:00 p.m.


At that point, all “Cold-Passers” will be funneled back into the main grandstand area, where they can safely enjoy the 37thAnnual GP race, along with 360 racing on the 4/10thmile dirt oval. Make sense?  It’s what has to be done to play within the regulations that were provided.


As part of our standard public service announcement, please note that the normal California COVID-19 safety protocols are in full effect:  Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and don’t sing, chant, chew tobacco, bob for apples, share a Kleenex, sit at a bar, spit out your gum or sunflower seeds, French kiss a homeless person, play a kazoo, get your nails done, trade bodily fluids in the parking lot, travel to Wuhan, use a friends toothbrush or earplugs, pick your teeth with a business card, work out with gym equipment, cough, sneeze, touch your face, hold hands, or … use a plastic straw or bag.  And for God’s sake, if you don’t feel good, please stay at home, and watch the festivities on

Coming to you live from Auburn, CA.  See ya.




NARC NEWSLINE - August 2, 2020, By Jim Allen ... Let's face it, motorsports in general has been pretty lucky over the past 120-days or so. While just about every sport on the planet was completely shut down due to the COVID-19 panic, racing was the first to get its game face back and actually put on some events. True, it's been a little like the Twilight Zone without spectators in the main grandstands, but it's better than nothing. The best way to describe "fan-less" events would be to say it's sort of like showing up to a family reunion and then finding out you got the date wrong. At that point you just make the best of the situation. Then again, many race fans have told me that they really haven't sacrificing much (if anything) as they sprawl out on their leather couch, watching on a giant flat screen, drinking hard alcohol, with fresh food served hot off the BBQ. And let's not forget there is never a line for the bathroom. I guess if you ever had to compromise without a mask on, that's not a bad way to go!

Now don't get me wrong, this coronavirus deal really sucks ass - whether you buy into the big picture or not. Yes, we are all upset that racing events play in front of full grandstands in the Midwest, but four family members going to church on Sunday or not wearing masks at a Costco in California is a punishable crime. Throw in all of the other drama in the United States and it gets even worse as the human race starves for anything resembling normalcy. For race promoters, normalcy has been trying to find a way to struggle through some racing shows as their livelihood gets threatened forever. Placerville, Petaluma, Ocean, Keller Auto, and Marysville have managed to squeeze in some weekly shows and generate some grocery money. On the other side, Calistoga, Tulare, Santa Maria, Kern County and Stockton are laying on the mat like a bloodied UFC fighter with a crumpled financial statement in their hands. It's not pretty and you would be able to see that distress on every race promoters face if it weren't for the fact they are hiding it behind a mask. Now top it off with no Knoxville Nationals, no Trophy Cup and the medical profession is wondering why prescriptions for anti-depressants are going through the roof. Which brings me to my next question: Has anybody got COVID-19 at a race track? I didn't think so!

KELLER AUTO SPEEDWAY (Season Opener - 6/20/20) ... A NARC season opener in June? Are you kidding me? What's next, Thanksgiving in July? But seriously, thank you to Keller Auto Speedway promoter Peter Murphy for working with us to generate enough sponsorship money and back gate proceeds to sport a full paying purse on June 20th. Twenty-nine cars towed down to Hanford to race in 103-degree heat with a full set of COVID-19 health guidelines to follow. Also making the call was 20 RaceSavers and 14 Kings of Thunder non-wing machines. The pit gate was backed up bumper-to-bumper like Los Angeles rush hour as releases were signed and body temperatures were scanned. And wearing a mask in 100 degree plus weather was about as comfortable as telling your mother-in-law you have an illegitimate kid with a stripper in Kansas. But we all survived to watch Spencer Bayston represent the Hoosier state with an impressive fast time-heat race win-dash win-and feature win domination on the 3/8 mile oval. Tarlton Motorsports crew chief Paul Baines had Bayston dialed in and on a wire with a perfect race car after a previous series of weekly show" off-nights." Seventh starter Bud Kaeding kept the Indiana driver honest in the late going, but Bayston answered the call to become the 84th winner in series history. My compliments to Bayston who is very well spoken and professional with a microphone in his face.

... Roseville's Jodie Robinson was excited like a kid on Christmas morning making her first ever 410 start. She logged a 16th place finish in the feature. Running a 410 at Hanford for the first time clarifies the statement of getting "thrown to the wolves." ... Michael Faccinto impressed driving a 360 for Harley Van Dyke. Starting 23rd and staying out of trouble, Faccinto methodically picked his way to a ninth place finish. The team earned $150 from Swift Metal Finishing and another $300 from super fan Rick Freund. ... It was also Trent Canales first ever race driving a 410 sprint car. He finished fifth in the semi. ... Brendan Warmerdam took a wild ride in the main. He jammed a rut in turn one and catapulted deep into the shadows of downtown Hanford. He exited the car with a smile on his face and smirked, "that was a wild ride." We totally agree. ... Tim Kaeding, driving the Bates-Hamilton Maxim started 10th and finished the night on the podium with a third. ... With absolutely no racing going on in the COVID-19 hotbed of Southern California, AJ Bender made the tow to Hanford from San Diego. The non-wing ace qualified for the feature, but finished 21st. ... Kurt Nelson was the first car to qualify during the 2020 season. ... Tucker Worth: Semi-winner. ... Four-time NARC King of the West champ Kyle Hirst made his first appearance aboard the Katie Williams Motorsports "0" car. Started seventh, finished sixth. ...

... Thank you to Roth Motorsport, Tarlton Motorsports, Dalton's, Speedshift and Fujitsu General USA for their tremendous support of this show. ... The King of the West feature ran first and finished around 10:45 p.m. The winged cars didn't finish their race until about midnight. .... Yes that was Dominic Scelzi who has spent most of 2020 zigging and zagging between California events and shows in the Midwest. Problem is, he lost track of his racing gear and returned to the Golden State without a uniform or helmet. He improvised with an old helmet and a uniform that belonged to his dad Gary from his drag racing days. He finished seventh in the Roth Motorsports KPC. ... If you needed proof that hair salons and barbers have been closed for a while in California, a quick trip through the pit area would have proved it. ... Nobody died from COVID-19.

OCEAN SPEEDWAY (Howard Kaeding Classic - 7/18/20) ... Usually when you read the box score and you see something like: "Kyle Hirst 1-30," you kind of figure it was a cake walk and as exciting as watching paint dry. However, never judge a book by it's cover and if you need proof, all you had to do was to take a look at Mr. Hirst when he excited the Williams Motorsports Maxim in victory lane. He was happy and smiling, but sweating up a storm and admitting he was winded. That's because Justin Sanders pushed, challenged and attacked him the entire distance in a classic Ocean Speedway battle that theoretically would have had a packed grandstands buzzing with excitement. It was a great race with both drivers getting completely out of shape at times, but bouncing off the mat to continue the open wheel skirmish. ... Spencer Bayston charged from 15th to third in the Tarlton Motorsports KPC. However, it was Sanders who pocketed the $500 Spire Sport & Entertainment HK Classic weekend bonus without passing a car on Saturday. Sanders roared past 14 cars on the Friday night show (20th-6th) to score the money. Ironically, Sanders and his crew had built a brand new car in the wee hours of the Friday morning for Saturday's show. According to Sanders the car wasn't quite right after sustaining damage in an ASCoC race a month prior. I think he got his monies worth. ...

The Keller Motorsports 2 car driven by James Ringo sported a 410 motor on loan from Larry Antaya. ... Joey Ancona was a happy camper after pocketing $250 from Johnstone Supply for his semi-win. ... Kyle Offill was a no show on Saturday after destroying his car in an ugly heat race crash at Friday's Taco Bravo show. ... DJ Netto, the winner on Friday night, appeared headed towards a weekend sweep when he started with fast time. He pocketed $500 from Norm Martin and ARP for his 12.041 seconds worth of work. Good work if you can get it! Unfortunately, his 88N developed a few battle scars in the feature and dropped out after 15-laps. ... Blake Carrick scored his second NARC top ten of the season at Ocean. He scored sixth. ... The hired gun for the HK Classic in the Roth Motorsports ride was Ryan Bernal. He was ninth. ... While some drivers were enjoying just their second or third outing of the year, Shane Golobic has already toured all around the country and logged over 35 shows. He finished second on Friday and seventh on this night. ... You can pretty much count on the Howard Kaeding Classic being a 40-lap main next year. ... There was a scaled-down HK Classic Luncheon in the pits with proceeds benefiting the NARC Benevolent Fund. A $20 donation got you some of the best food that Myles McAtee and his crew could serve up. It was worth every finger-licking cent. ... There was a 35+ temperature swing between the Hanford event at the Watsonville show. A great way to spend a summer night. ... Nobody died from COVID-19.

... And finally, a special thank you to Bud Kaeding for all of his hard work that make the 10th Annual event a possibility, and then a reality. It wasn't a mistake that this show paid $5000 to win and $800 to start. He worked the phones and relationships to generate a stout $36,000 in prize money. Just think of what it would've been with spectators in the grandstands? Of course all of this would have not be possible without the tremendous support of all of the sponsors who contributed. Thank you very much!

NARC NOTES: With his HK win, Hirst passed Steve Kent into fourth place on the NARC-King of the West all-time winners list with 29 victories. ... There is a remote possibility of a NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprint Car Series race on Saturday, September 5th. Nothing has been finalized and a whole lot of planets need to align to make it a reality. That's all we are saying at this point. Stay tuned! ... Just in case you missed it, the NARC King of the West series is not crowning a championship team or rookie of the year this season (for obvious reasons.) ... After watching several races on PPV, it's my opinion that it's imperative to speed up shows - and that is with a nice refreshing adult beverage in my hands while sitting on my couch eating barbecued ribs. The down time between races is grueling. ... The more I learn about driver McKenna Haase, the more impressed I am. This girl has a huge heart and has it going on. ... Kyle Larson is in the midst of one of the greatest seasons in sprint car history. "Yung Money" is a generational talent. Enjoy it while you have the opportunity.

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NARC NEWSLINE, April 9, 2020, By Jim Allen (Includes two special race reports!) ... Okay, I'll admit it! I'm bored out of my mind! Yes, I said it in public! Do we all agree that there's a huge difference between enjoying a nice relaxing weekend at home to recharge the batteries and "having" to stay home for an extended period of time? I'm so charged up now, I feel like the Energizer Bunny running on a pure adrenaline IV drip, except its Ground Hog Day and I'm stuck in a never ending line at the DMV.

After enduring day number "whatever" of this coronavirus shelter in place deal, I think we have a mutual understanding that entertainment comes super cheap these days. One can only scroll through social media memes so many times. And watching six Sharknado's and all 14 Fast & Furious movies is just downright wrong on many different levels. Heck, I joined the rest of the nation and blasted through all seven episodes of Tiger King in just two sittings. If you do that long enough somebody will come fit you for a jacket where the arms tie behind your back and you get coloring books for your birthday for the rest of your life.

So with all that in mind and to keep our sanity, let's just fantasize for just a moment and imagine that this Coronavirus deal never happened. That's right ... NO C-O-V-I-D-19, just N-A-R-C and K-W-S-2020. More specifically, let's just say it was business as usual for the NARC King of the West Fujitsu Racing Series and our first two races of the season went off without a hitch. No rain, no viruses, no panic, and yes, we still have toilet paper. Got your attention yet? Good! For all of you locked in your homes right now looking for more cheap entertainment, here is how it (allegedly) went:

MARCH 14th - The Dirt Track @Kern County Raceway Park: With gas prices at their lowest levels in California since the great earthquake of 1906, race fans poured into Bakersfield from 11 different states. The last time this many people invaded the city, there was a 2-for-1 ladies night at the nearby Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace. Local hotels were packed, Salty's BBQ sold out of ribs by noon, and co-event sponsor Houchin Community Blood Bank had so many volunteers donating blood they had to bring in an 18-wheel oil tanker to haul it away. To say that anticipation was at an all-time high for the Fujitsu Infinite Comfort Nationals at the one-third mile Dirt Track would be an understatement.

Thirty-six 410 sprint cars signed in. Four additional traveling teams from Alabama and Mississippi had committed to attend but never made it. It was discovered later that the southerners towed to the wrong Bakersfield. Not the other track in Bakersfield, but to tiny Bakersfield, Texas. That town has a population of about 30 people (Google it), which coincidentally, was about the same number of people standing in line at Rico Abreu's apparel truck making purchases. And ... almost as many as the line at Jodie Robinson's 83V car, where she was autographing her new "Girl's Rule and Boy's Drool" racing shirts.

A surprise entry in the pit area was the 69C car driven by Craven Cash of Shafter, California. The driver had a striking resemblance to 13-time NARC and KWS champ Brent Kaeding. Word got out later that BK was racing under a pseudonym (aka Jimmy Sills as Luke Warmwater) to get out of paying a $100 bet to former racer Anthony Simone. On top of that, the 2020 season was going to serve as a much-deserved "I wined 'em, I dined 'em, I'm ready to AARP 'em" BK farewell tour. Also forget to mention that Mr. Cash is running for rookie of the year honors. He timed in sixth fast.

So why the name change? With interest, Kaeding owed Simone $4,328 and didn't want his race winnings taken by a pending court judgement. By the way, I know you're dying to know what the bet was. Glad you asked! More than four decades ago, Kaeding bet Simone that he couldn't make it through a single NARC event without crashing. He lost that wager at the 1985 Pombo-Sargent Classic in Hanford when Simone blew a motor on the first circuit of hot laps and was done for the night. He's been chasing down BK ever since.

2019 King of the West champion DJ Netto was the first car out to qualify. But it was two-time series champ Tim Kaeding who set fast time in the Bates-Hamilton 42. He did it in less time than it takes to complete two pro rodeo bull rides (which is how they time things in Bakersfield.) Dominic Scelzi, Gio Scelzi and Gary Scelzi timed in second through fourth fast in a remarkable feat of family consistency. All three were driving matching number 41 race cars.

The new Sunnyvalley Bacon throw didn't go off quite as planned. To add some marketing flair this year, drivers line up on the front straightaway to throw 1.5 pound packages of frozen bacon into the grandstands. Fans were encouraged in advance to wear football helmets and goalie masks and to bring baseball gloves and fishing nets, but not everybody got the message. We apologize to Mrs. Pandemic from Santa Clara who caught a package of Sunnyvalley's fantastic tasting Sweet & Sour-flavored bacon - with her face. When she was revived by paramedics with smelling salts and a Coors Light, Sean Watts, in a terrific gesture of sportsmanship autographed her bacon package as a reminder to duck next time. On a side note, one vegetarian race fan complained about the lack of vegan bacon in the promotion. He was promptly arrested by Bakersfield finest for charges unbecoming an American citizen.

The first heat race was claimed by rookie Kyle Offill, the starting center of the NARC basketball team. The other three heats were claimed by Indiana's Spencer Bayston, Oklahoma's Shane Stewart and Roseville's Willie Croft. Gary Scelzi brought out the only red flag of the night in the fourth heat. Apparently, he forgot what kind of car he was driving, forgot to turn left, and crashed into the first turn concrete wall on the first lap. The good news is that his chutes deployed. He crawled out from his car unhurt, but hungry, after racing for 3.652 seconds. He was last seen chowing down on some tasty Italian food at this hauler.

Justin Sanders won the trophy dash, but was reprimanded for spraying officials with Alkaline water in a wild and very moist victory lane celebration. There was so much water on the track, it had to be wheel-packed again before the semi. Speaking of the semi, rookie Carol Baskin, driving the Big Cat Rescue-sponsored number 66 , was named the winner of the 12-lap event, but only after the top three finishers mysteriously disappeared. She insisted that all three left the pits on their own accord, headed to Costa Rica to start the aptly named Tiger King Speedway. Police are still investigating why Tyler Walker, Carson Macedo and JoJo Hedberg are still missing.

The feature was one for the ages. After starting fifth and sixth in the grid, the Scelzi brothers powered to the front with Gio taking the lead away from Sanders on lap 10. After that it was stimulating contest of the "S's" for announcer Steve Hughes. It went something like this for the final nonstop 20-laps: "It's Scelzi sliding Scelzi, Sanders, and Statler in some sensational side-by-side racing screaming down the backstretch on the 17th circuit." Hughes had to wipe the window down three times with a squeegee after providing play-by-play in this Sssssaliva-inducing spitfest. To complicate matters, just about every dog in Kern County came running to the track - most of them in heat. In the end it was Dominic who scored his third straight win at the Dirt Track, this one over his little brother in a photo finish. The winning margin was ... get this ... .667 seconds. (For those of you from Bakersfield, that is the time it takes to open the gate to start a bull ride.)

However, in victory lane, officials discovered that Dominic was mistakenly driving Gio's 41 car and vise-versa, resulting in instant DQ's for both. That meant third place finisher Bud Kaeding was named the winner and everybody moved up a couple of spots. Kaeding proudly announced in his interview that he was "going to Disneyland," but he does that all the time anyway.

Colby Copeland was the new runner-up and DJ Netto filled out the extended line of cars lined up on the front straightaway representing the podium finishers. Justin Sanders, who drove the feature wearing scuba gear and a snorkel, was fourth, chased by Jodie Robinson. With her first career 410 finish top five, Robinson's autographed merchandise was now selling on EBay for record amounts.

Chase Johnson and Mitchell Faccinto were next to cross the checkered. Their efforts were remarkable in that neither driver was actually at Kern County Raceway Park. Both were hooked up to remote iRacing rigs in their homes that automatically drove their cars, while they casually sipped ice cold brews in Penngrove and Hanford, respectively. Johnson said he would have finished higher but a computer glitch kept switching his 68 car from a winged car to a non-winged machine throughout the event. Faccinto's drive was impressive in the fact his 37 car was damaged during the parade lap when he ran into the "non-virtual" pace truck. And again on lap 22 when he was shunted by Bubba Wallace.

Was that Jason Statler's name you heard earlier? Yup, like in "Big Jason Statler," who came to the conclusion that the only thing better than 30-years of racing with Dave Rios, was 31-years. He finished eighth, followed by Croft and TK. It was a great race. Too bad you couldn't make it.

MARCH 21st - The Stockton Dirt Track Salute to LeRoy Van Conett: After all the tremendous hoopla that surrounded the first race of the season, race fans packed the ex-horse track in Stockton. Secretariat, Seabiscuit, Man 'o War and Trigger were kid favorites as they grazed in the victory lane paddock area before the races kicked off.

Promoter Tony Noceti made good on his promise to get a jump on promoting the upcoming Asparagus Cup. His idea was to make sure that all of the food concessions featured asparagus. That included everything from the nachos and ice cream to the popcorn and beer. Surprisingly, it all tasted good, but the bathrooms began to smell funny as the night progressed.

An auto-correct error on the text invitation to Leroy Van Conett for the autograph session turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Joining Van Conett was the band Van Halen, singer Van Morrison, the cast from Van Helsing and National Lampoons Van Wilder, and some guy selling a 1976 Chevy Van on Craigslist. A good time was had by all and the music and CGI special effects were great. Gary Scelzi also took the opportunity to announce he was retiring from sprint car racing and had legally changed his name to Gary Van Scelzi to honor the eight-time NARC champion. He was last seen eating asparagus-stuffed canalloni in the pit area.

By the way, it was open muffler night at Stockton and Jodie Robinson's new "Girls Rule and Boys Drool" earplugs were a steal at $29 per set. Each set came with a complimentary bushel of asparagus and they sold out right after wheel-packing. At this rate, she will be independently wealthy before she is 30.

Tim Kaeding was the fast qualifier for the second time and debuted his brand new "Bates Hotel-Hamilton the Musical" racing t-shirts in the pits. According to TK, the shirt represents the ups and downs of sprint car racing. One side is kind of scary and the other makes you want to sing rap music and dance through the pits. Nobody was seriously injured during the bacon throw.

Heat races were picked off by DJ Netto, Cole Croft, Craven Cash, and Anthony Simone's grandson, who now races under the pseudonym of BK Stillowesmoney. Sean Watts, who secured a special sponsorship from the Stockton Police SWAT team and "Bullet" America won the dash in a shootout with Shane Golobic.

Carol Baskin won the semi again in the same fashion as Kern County. She finished fourth, but Buddy Kofoid, Cole Macedo and Jenna Frazier haven't been seen since. Baskin was last seen in the pits explaining to Director of Competition Mike Andreetta how they left for a dirt track in Costa Rica. Andreetta was last seen walking a full grown lion to the scoring tower for the A-main. As a side note, Simba loves bacon.

Wouldn't you know it, the 30-lap feature was one for the ages! (Of course it was!) It was a clash between RA, TK, DJ, and SB battling for most of the race. A flat tire took TK out of contention with five to go and Abreu pulled in the pits a lap later to restock his apparel truck. Bayston and Netto mixed it up pretty good, but in the end it was the old guys who ruled. Van Conett "backed it in" with a classic Calistoga racing move and got past both frontrunners with only two laps remaining. A lap later, Brent Kaeding and Shane Stewart did the same setting the stage for an old (pardon the pun) storybook ending. The three cars crossed the finish line together in Ford vs Ferrari style. Tony Hunt handled the victory lane interviews.

DJ Netto was fourth and Bayston fifth. The hardcharger award went to Bud Kaeding who started dead last in the 69 car after missing qualifying. Bud chartered a helicopter from the Disneyland parking lot directly to the track, but his pilot experienced a Vietnam flashback mid-flight and crash landed in the infield at Ocean Speedway. Bud finished sixth after a quick flight on Southwest. Speaking of Tim Kaeding, he was last seen in the pits spray painting "Bates Hotel" on the side of hauler. Car owner Joshua Bates plans to load TK's Spotify account with rap music before the next race.

And that was a wrap from the Van Stockton Dirt Track. An in-depth recap of everything you allegedly missed. And wouldn't you know it, there were a couple of twists and turns in the process. You should have been there!

Coming to you live from Auburn, CA. See ya.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The following column was meant as a parody. It was not intended to offend, upset, annoy, or outrage any of the alleged fictional characters in the story. Your spouse can do that a lot better than me! It was intended to provide cheap entertainment to fans desperate for a touch of open wheel racing sanity. It is not intended as a cure for COVID-19, VD, ED, ADHD, STD, IUD, IED, DUI, or the super explosive IBS. Names were not changed to protect the guilty. In the event you were offended by anything written here, your local Dungeons & Dragons Basement Dweller Fantasy League Draft is waiting for you. A Go Fund Me account has been set up to pay off Anthony Simone. Void where prohibited by law. Carol Baskin more than likely is a murderer. Not valid in China. For external use only. The names LeRoy Van Conett and Brent Kaeding are trademarked by the US Patent office and proudly displayed in the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame. The End!




NARC NEWSLINE - March 25, 2020, By Jim Allen ... And just like that, racing season and every other sport in America gets slam dunked by a China-borne virus named after a popular Mexican beer, which is hawked by a former Dallas Cowboy quarterback! What are the odds? Who saw that one coming? I didn't! You didn't! And that unique scenario led to school closures, mass panic, pantry raids at Costco, the instant demise of the travel industry, shelter in place, and toilet paper being hawked on the streets like it's crack!

So how does that effect all of you fanatic sprint car fans? Just scroll through the social media site of your choice and it rates somewhere between totally pissed off to predicting an open wheel apocalypse (whatever that is!) Many have wanted to revolt and race no matter what politicians and safety officials preach. That got even more complicated when many fans lost their minds after watching California's very own Carson Macedo win at Williams Grove in Pennsylvania. If they're racing, why can't we race? I get it. We all get it. But on the other side of the coin, nobody wants to actually get "it" - most specifically the COVID-19 virus.

The bottom line is it's pretty hard to stage a "successful" open wheel event with less than 250 people, all of whom must be social distanced by at least six feet, while all of the veteran (older) race fans are quarantined at home surfing Amazon for hand sanitizer and face masks. Yes, several promoters and sanctioning bodies have considered running renegade and staging racing events anyway. But deep down, short track promoters know they will take a financial bloodbath in the process and that is probably more dangerous for our sport than the actual coronavirus itself. By the way, in the time it took to read that, the recommended group body count has already dropped to 100 ..., no wait ..., make that 50. Now another press conference by the governor and it's down to 10 people, who now have to prove they haven't sneezed since the third grade. Heck, by the time you're done reading this piece, it will be highly recommended, suggested and legislated that you and your significant other can't sleep in the same bed.

At this point, promoters are between a hard place and a harder place because while we do this for fun and an entertaining break from reality, their livelihood is probably at stake. They are being forced to cancel everything, batten down the hatches, cut every expense, and sit tight and hope they can outlast the storm. That is pretty depressing because a lot of work goes into preparing a track, negotiating a schedule and sponsorships and gearing up for any season. And this knife cuts on both sides, because as of right now, the State of California is still expecting their facility lease payments to be mailed in a timely fashion. If a concession isn't made, we might be worrying about ALL tracks like we perpetually do about Calistoga (which may now be the most stable track of the pack after contracts were signed.)

Which brings us full circle to the slam dunk portion of the NARC King of the West Fujitsu Racing Series. Two races schedule, two races postponed indefinitely (which is Latin for cancelled.) And now that the State has mandated that no activities are to take place on any fairgrounds until May 10th, that officially scrubs the 30th Annual Dave Bradway Jr. race at Silver Dollar Speedway until 2021. Keep in mind that the May 10th date is the "best case scenario" timeline. That would tentatively make the May 16th Peter Murphy Classic the season opener, which is coincidental because it's Mr. Murphy who has been preaching for years to "Bring a Friend" to the track. Motorsports is going to need a lot of friends to recover from this. Let's hope that all of your friends are still employed by then.

Speaking of Murphy, everybody figured that Peter Murphy was one of the luckiest men alive when he took over the reigns at Keller Auto Speedway. I did! You did, we all did! He marched in with a new vision and passion, new paint, new sponsors, and a healthy bounce in his step. That resulted in an awesome season opener in front of a packed house at the Kings Fairgrounds. He also has some great plans lined up to help grow 410 sprint car racing in California with some additional non-KWS competing races. Fast forward a month and now he is in a permanent holding pattern over the Central Valley until the Fair Board and Health Department deems he can turn the lights on again. That stinks worse than being stuck on a quarantined cruise ship.

In the meantime, we all need to be patient and go out of your way to support all of those in your family and our racing family - while properly maintaining social distancing. Let's get through to the other side of this global catastrophe without having to perform any memorial laps for anybody. If you want to do something nice, send your local track promoter lunch (DoorDash or GrubHub); try to support the people and sponsors whose names adorn your favorite racing heroes cars, and with some luck, the 2020 season will not have a big asterisk next to it.

NARC NOTES: I nominate car owner/former NARC president Walter T. Ross to be inducted into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame. #justsaying ... We are planning to honor the legendary LeRoy Van Conett at our March 21st event. That doesn't mean we can't acknowledge him now! The eight-time NARC champion claimed 65 feature events and was a dominating force any time he slipped into a sprint car. Those are some great memories, even if one can only remember a portion of them. ... Geoffrey Strole recently announced that he will be chasing the NARC King of the West schedule this season. The "G-Man" from Hanford cut his teeth as a series rookie in 2012 and finished 12th in points. He's aiming to improve that to the top 10 this season! ... While we are on the subject of nicknames, "Wild Bill" Anton will also be a frequent flyer this season. ... The cancellations have actually helped a few NARC-KWS teams. Chico's Kenny Allen wasn't going to be ready for the NARC season until May. Now he will be rolling in with with a new racing program, car and updated motor. ... Same thing with car owner Clayton Snow, who was tooling around in Arizona. ... And one of the newest teams who really appreciated the extra time was none other than Willie Croft. The Roseville driver has literally built a new team from scratch for the 2020* season. This includes everything from building a new hauler to buying the wrenches to put inside it. ...

RANDOM THOUGHTS: iRacing may become the most popular sport in America this year. Desperate times bring desperate measures. ... Do we take it for granted that every driver who buckles up in a sprint car has some kind of medical insurance? Not to single anyone out, but why would anyone even consider getting into one without insurance? All of us are invincible - until we get hurt - and then hindsight is the worst kind of reality check. For those of you without an option, take a look at, which stands for the "short track independent drivers and associates." For less than $300 bucks you can buy a policy. If you need it, I'll lend it to you. If you don't pay me back, I'll send Vinnie to break your kneecaps, which means you'll need insurance anyway. ... Have you every wondered how Cornhole Tournaments get televised on ESPN, but not many, if any dirt track races? ... Since most of us are spending a ton-o-time on social media these days, start posting some of your favorite racing memorabilia and photos. ... Wishing new Antioch Speedway promoter Chad Chadwick the best in his efforts to improve that facility. Like Peter Murphy, he has big plans to take motorsports to the next level at his Contra Costa Fairgrounds race track. We would like to plan a return trip. ...

... What do you with all of your spare time? I agree, you can only watch Netflix reruns of Breaking Bad, Rake, Dexter and Narcos so many times before you go bats**t crazy! For that reason, your NARC King of the West racing series entertainment guide highly recommends a subscription to and/or Pick a random race, pour yourself a beer in a plastic cup and see if you can predict (if you are young) or remember (if you are old) the top three finishers. Make sure you throw some dirt in your face every few minutes for the full effect. Or take it to the next level and do it naked when the kids are in bed. What? I just threw that in to see if you were still paying attention! ... This is also a good time to surf the libraries of some of our great photographers; many of who have websites showcasing their work. Others you can reach on social media. I'm sure they would love an order for a nice photo of 2019 series champion DJ Netto to mount above your bed. ... There are also some great podcast available, a couple of which I've been on recently ( & Across the Groove.) ... Support those who support sprint car racing.

So let's steal a page from the Disney playbook, which is to end every story/movie on a positive note. There will be good news ahead - if we're patient. We will still be alive if we do the right thing. Race cars will be ready to go and your favorite dirt track(s) will be anxious to open their ticket booth. And when we finally take the first green flag in qualifying, we will have an 80-way tie for the NARC King of the West Fujitsu Racing Series championship point lead late in the racing season. A battle for the ages!

Coming to you live from Auburn, CA. See ya! Stay healthy and start lining up your friends for when this show gets on the road again.



NARC NEWSLINE - SEPTEMBER 10, 2019By Jim Allen ...  Although the marketing slogan reads the Fastest Four Days in Motorsports, it's actually four complete high-intensity racing programs jammed into a short 80-hour span.  Now .., deduct about 24 hours for sleep (hopefully); 28 hours at the race track; and depending on your location, about 14-16 hours of travel, and you're lucky to squeeze in a few meals and beers.  Then there were those of us who actually went to work between races, or those who wrenched on race cars between events.  Now that's dedication!  No matter how you slice it, after this sprint car blitz, it's was a good kind of tired!  Here's some of the highlights & low-lights:


PLACERVILLE SPEEDWAY'S GOLD COUNTRY SHOWDOWN:  Everybody knew Kyle Larson was going to win an event.  The real question was, how many?  In fact, everybody knew that he was capable of sweeping the quad-fecta with a small break or two.  As it worked out, Larson got his "W" out of the way early by scoring the Gold Country Showdown.  There were four different lap leaders in this one, but in the end Larson paced the last five to claim his sixth King of the West by NARC feature of his career.  Shane Golobic was second and Tim Kaeding was third in Rod Tiner's 83SA. ... If you thought that Andy Forsberg and Justin Sanders were the masters of the cushion at P-ville, Larson takes it up to a whole new level! ... Fast Time honors went to Andy Gregg. ...  Brad Sweet, who helped co-promote the FFDM promotion, made his only appearance of the week in the orange Kahne Racing 51.  He finished 18th.  ... Mitchell Faccinto won the Four CCCC's Construction Pole Shuffle and pocketed an extra $250 in cold hard cash - plus nine pounds of Sunnyvalley Bacon.  For those wanting a pole shuffle recap, Larson beat Andy Forsberg and then went on to beat Colby Copeland.  Tim Kaeding ended Larson's streak, only to lose to Shane Golobic in the next round.  Faccinto took it from there. ...


... In a strange twist that nobody could've predicted, the top five in points seemingly qualified with a sundial and found themselves lined up in the fifth row or further back in the feature.  Thirty-laps later, Dominic Scelzi, Willie Croft, Bud Kaeding, DJ Netto and Ryan Bernal freight-trained to 10th through 14th finishes, respectively.  That's about as normal as Antonio Brown being a model citizen for the Raiders!  ... Kaeding's 12th place finish came after starting 21st. ... Chelsea Blevins drove her 360 to a 16th place finish. ... Indiana's Spencer Bayston dropped out of the FFDM racing when plans for a Clayton Snow second car didn't come together as planned. ... Blake Carrick, Jenna Frazier and Matt DeMartini were red flag recipients.  None were hurt.  ... 32 cars. ... DJ Netto entered the event leading Ryan Bernal by three-points in the King of the West by NARC standings.  He drove out of the Placerville pits with a four point margin.  Only ten points separate the top five. ...  Kyle Larson is your FFDM point leader over Shane Golobic, Tim Kaeding, Andy Forsberg, Tim Kaeding, and Rico Abreu. ...  Only Placerville Speedway can draw a strong Wednesday night crowd!  Better than some track's Saturday night events. ...


SILVER DOLLAR SPEEDWAY'S THURSDAY NIGHT THUNDER:  Could Kyle Larson make it two-in-a-row?  Or was somebody else going to step up their game?  Tim Kaeding gave it a shot and stopped the streak at one.  In fact, Larson was charging hard at the leader running second on lap 17, but jumped the cushion in turn two and did a 360 bringing out the yellow.  That cleared the way for Kaeding to outrun Mitchell Faccinto and Andy Forsberg to a $5000 payday. ... Speaking of Faccinto, he won his second Pole Shuffle in as many nights, not to mention another nine pounds of Sunnyvalley's best stuff in his freezer.  Might need to check his cholesterol levels in a week or so!  Rumor has it that Mitch makes the bitchin' BLT!  ... Stephen Ingraham took a nasty spill down the backchute.   He rode a wheelie worthy of a wheelie contest victory, but slid over the berm and barrel rolled.  It wasn't pretty which was best portrayed by the bruises on his knees. At that same moment, Cole Macedo turned over and race leader Shane Golobic's motor did its best impression of an Independence Day celebration.  Your head had to be on a swivel.  ... Larson rebounded to finish ninth, but Kaeding left SDS with the FFDM point lead. ...


... Willie Croft's championship aspirations took a shot to the sternum when he flipped on the second lap of the feature.  He was chasing Rico Abreu near the front of the pack when Abreu's sprinter checked up.  Croft did everything he could not to hit him, but that resulted in a flip over the second turn.  A 23rd place finish was not in the game plan.  Abreu had changed a motor in his 24 car about an hour earlier.  ... Nathan Rolfe posted his second sixth place finish of the season in the Rolfe Construction 28.   The new and improved 17-year old is starting to turn some heads.  ... Yes, that was the front wing which fell off the Geoff Ensign ride in qualifying. ... It was a strange hooked-up night that made it hard to pass.  Dominic Scelzi, Rico Abreu, Cole Macedo and Chase Johnson had to fight their way through the semi. ... 29 cars. ... Forsberg needed a motor change after leaving a trail of oil from Placerville's podium finish to his trailer.  So did Blake Carrick.  ...  DJ Netto is your point leader by seven over Bud Kaeding and 10 over Dominic Scelzi. ...  TK's wheelie at the checkered will be ingrained into sprint car history forever!  It was epic, along with the one he performed on his celebration lap. ... The crowd was late arriving, but turned out to be pretty good! ...


STOCKTON DIRT TRACK CHAMPIONS CLASSIC NIGHT ONE:  Have you ever looked at a feature event starting line-up and immediately predicted who is going to win before the initial green flag waved?  With Bud Kaeding and Willie Croft starting on the front row of this one, you had a 50-50 shot of getting this one right.  If you picked Bud Kaeding, well, let's just say you're a winner!  Willie Croft had other plans and dogged and shadowed Kaeding for the duration to keep it exciting.  However in the end, the $5000 winners check was made out to car owner Morrie Williams for leading all 25-laps.  Croft was second, and "Mr. Podium" TK was third. ...  By the way, Bud made a spectacular entrance at Stockton - by way of Watsonville.  Bud is leading the Ocean Sprints 360 points.  To protect that lead he needed to take a green flag in hot laps to earn show up points.   He did exactly that in the Kaeding Performance 69 car and then boarded a helicopter to Stockton.  At that point, 13-time champion Brent Kaeding  jumped into the car and finishing third behind Justin Sanders and Landon Hurst, and then quietly faded into retirement.  Bud's helicopter landed in the parking lot after a 30-minute flight and the pilot hung around to watch his first ever sprint car races from atop the Williams Motorsports hauler.  Kaeding broke Mitchell Faccinto's two-day bacon-envy streak and ended up giving the pilot nine pounds of bacon after winning the dash. ...


... The Clayton Snow team finished up another motor change at 4:30 p.m. on race day.  According to my unofficial tally, this team has changed more motors this season than Tom Brady has career Super Bowl appearances.  But you can't fault the dedication and effort as Geoff Ensign finished seventh ... Mag issues gave car owner Ed Butterfield and driver Kenny Allen fits. ... Everybody was fast.  How fast?  Colby Copeland won the Swift Metal Finishing hardcharger award by passing only five cars in the Antaya Motorsports 16A. ...  Motor issues ended Jenna Frazier's weekend early. ...  Tim Kaeding leads Larson by five points entering the Champions Classic finale. ... Kaeding's second KWS win of the season moved him within five-points of DJ Netto (who finished fourth) for the King of the West crown. ...


STOCKTON DIRT TRACK CHAMPIONS CLASSIC FINALE:  When in doubt, just win the damn thing!  That's exactly what Tim Kaeding did to finish his 80-hour adventure with a bang.  His official wrap sheet in Rod Tiner's Shark Racing Engines Helix-chassis shows a pair of victories, and a couple of thirds, by far the best performance by any team during the four races.  Not to mention, the duo left Stockton $12,000 richer.  That was ten grand for the Champions Classic victory and another $2000 for winning the FFDM title from Sunnyvalley Bacon. ... While many expected Kaeding to fire off some Tiger Wood's fist pumps in victory lane, he was rather subdued - humbled in fact.  He immediately apologized to Jace Vanderweerd for colliding with him in the waning laps.   While attempting to lap Vanderweerd, Kaeding cut it too close and clipped the front end, causing Vanderweerd to flip.  It was not the way they draw it up in the sprint car handbook.  Surprisingly, despite the velocity of the accident, Kaeding' car had no perceptible damage and was able to continue outrun Shane Golobic to the checkered.  DJ Netto posted his best finish of the FFDM run with a third to keep his series point lead a five-point advantage.  Kyle Larson was fourth. ...


... It was nice to hang out and visit with past champions (drivers and car owners) who made the trip to sign autographs.  This group included LeRoy Van Connet, Brent Kaeding, Johnny Anderson, Bob Neilson, Jason McMillen, Vern Kornburst, Jimmy Boyd, Howard Kaeding, Chuck Gurney, Jimmy Sills and the Hunt Family representing 1960 NARC champ Fred Hunt.  Fans later went out to the pits to add the autographs of Kyle Larson, Jason Statler, Bud Kaeding, Tim Kaeding, Jonathan Allard, Dennis Roth, Tom Tarlton, & Morrie Williams. ...  Yes, that was a right rear tire fire on the 88E driven by North Dakota's Tim Estenson.  The problem is I should never beat the fire crew to a fire with an extinguisher. ... 24 cars. ... The win was TK's 68th of his KWS career.  He only needs 16 more to catch the win master Brent Kaeding, who has banked 84. ... Dominic Scelzi earned the ARP Fast Time Award, won the Four CCCC's Construction/Sunnyvalley Bacon Pole Shuffle, and led the first 10-laps of the feature before finishing fifth. ...  Our compliments to Tony Noceti and Placerville dirt guru Scott Russell who finally managed to tame the Stockton Dirt Track beast.  It was racy as all heck. ... A huge crowd supported this two-day show which also included a Friday night chili feed, a car show, a live band, a special Kyle Larson meet and greet luncheon, and the Champions autograph session. Once again thanks to Tony Noceti and his entire crew who made the Fastest Four Days in Motorsports weekend a success. ... A great end to the FFDM and a fantastic preview of what is going to happen next season! ...  Also thank you to Peter Murphy for all of his promotional assistance! ...


CALISTOGA SPEEDWAY - NIGHT ONE OF THE LOUIE VERMEIL CLASSIC: The winged sprint cars finally returned to the Louie Vermeil Classic as part of our 60th Anniversary season celebration.  Even though the last 35-years of the Louie Vermeil's Northern Auto Racing Club have featured wings, the 11 previous Vermeil events have been USAC non-winged shows.  Well, the two worlds finally collided and collectively put on a successful Labor Day weekend show at Calistoga Speedway.  ...  There were 25 USAC-CRA cars and 20 competing for King of the West by NARC Fujitsu Racing Series points. ... The best way to describe the main would be to say:  It's Johnson, it's Bernal, it's Johnson, no wait, its Scelzi!  Chase Johnson was driving like a man possessed for the first 15 laps until Bernal picked him off.  But Bernal had his tire detonate like it got hit by a drone missle.  Johnson took over on the restart but started choking out in the fuel department allowing Dominic Scelzi enough of an open door to steal his fourth win of the season in Dennis & Teresa Roth's number 83.  ... The rest of the top five was Willie Croft, Bud Kaeding, DJ Netto, and Rico Abreu. ... Speaking of Abreu, he set quick time and earned $800 thanks to the tremendous support of Jim Gardner of Bullet Impressions, the Lincoln Avenue Bar, ARP, the Polston Family and Larry Vegas Insurance. ... Speaking of the Lincoln Avenue Bar, it is owned by Rick Downey.  Most of you recognize the name as a successful sprint car racer at the late Baylands Raceway Park. That's him! ...


... Bud Kaeding, Chase Johnson, Geoff Ensign, and Ryan Bernal were among those doing double-duty.  There was a $2000 bonus for any driver who could win with and without wings. ... Who is that guy?  None other than Santa Rosa's JoJo Helberg!  Making his first winged appearance in four years, Helberg picked up where he left off and posted a respectable seventh place finish. ... Chase Johnson faded quickly and sputtered to a 10th place finish.  It was heartbreaking to watch. ... Motor issues sent Jenna Frazier home early (again) after taking a heat race green in the Jim Paniagua number 18. ... Sean Watts finally got back on right track with a ninth place finish, his first top ten since scoring his June 22nd win at Stockton. ... Unfortunately, some additional track prep delayed part of the program and the USAC-CRA feature was cut short by three-laps at the 11:00 p.m. curfew.  They were some verbal fireworks in victory lane. ... Big crowd. ... Shane Hopkins made his first ever appearance at Calistoga driving for Ted Finkenbinder.  The deal was struck the night before at 11:30 p.m. ... Speaking of the night before, the Calistoga Speedway Hall of Fame Dinner took place on the Napa County Fairgrounds.  Yet another first class event put on by Tommy & Jeanie Hunt, their family, and their dedicated cast of helpers.  The dinner serves as a real life history lesson of NARC sprint car racing and the personalities that drove it (pardon the pun.)  This years class of inductees were the Billy Albini, Marvin Faw, Ted Finkenbinder, Rich Govan, Wally Talbot, and the entire Tiner Family.  Listening to 1963 NARC champ Wally Talbot speak about the early days of open wheel racing makes one truly appreciate how the sport has evolved.  It's amazing that these drivers even survived. ...


... By the way, for those of you who want to know how the non-wing to winged transition actually happened at Calistoga, this is how it happened.  In reality, it wasn't much of a transition as much as it was a force fed deal.  It had nothing to do with racing politics or the perceived raping and pillaging of the purity of the sport against the will of Louie Vermeil.  This is how it went down:  Before the 1986 season, our insurance company informed the NARC Board of Directors that they would no longer provide liability insurance at "non-winged" events at Calistoga.  It was deemed too dangerous.  Leading up to the insurance company's decision was a string of serious injuries (think high medical expenses) and deaths that paid out more than 40 times the premiums being paid.  Not to bash insurance companies or anything, but there's really only one thing that you need to know about them.  They are in it for one thing - and one thing only - to turn a profit - and nothing else.  Don't be fooled by all of those "feel good" Geico lizards, Quacking Ducks, Mayhem, "Hall of Claims" and the happy cartoon General commercials.  They pick and choose what they want to insure based on risk and bottom line profitability.  We were informed that if the Northern Auto Racing Club decided to continue with non-winged racing at the half-mile, we would have to be self-insured.  That wasn't even remotely feasible for the sanctioning body. The rest is history and luckily the sport has greatly improved the safety of non-winged cars. ... As a respected attorney once told me: the best insurance policy to have is one you never have to use!


CALISTOGA SPEEDWAY - NIGHT TWO OF THE LOUIE VERMEIL CLASSIC:  We can sum up this event in only two words:  RICO ABREU.   Here is something else that I know for a fact:  If I interview you three times during a racing event, chances are you're leaving with a substantial amount of money.  Rico put together a dominate performance which featured fast time (interview one), a second in his heat, a Sunnyvalley Bacon dash win (interview two), and leading all 25-laps of main (interview three.)  By the luck of the draw, the Williams Roofing Lucky Fan Pill Draw was a "1" meaning the polesitter could win an extra grand with a win.  Rico started on the pole and ended up hitting the Calistoga Speedway ATM machine for a nice $7800 withdrawal, including his fast time money.  Not bad for a nights worth of work. ...  Next to cross the Ed Entz checkered was Bud Kaeding, Shane Golobic, Dominic Scelzi and DJ Netto.  And after all this racing, DJ Netto still holds a five-point lead over Bud Kaeding, while Dominic Scelzi looms seven-points back. ... It was Rico's ninth career King of the West by NARC win of his career and an even dozen at Calistoga Speedway. ... Sean Becker was done after the dash with major engine issues in Don Monhoff's 88M. ...  Chase Johnson didn't make the call for the feature with a broken rear end in the Shawn Thomas 68. ...  Thank you to Bianchi Farms who donated 10 free Hoosier right rear tires to competing KWS-NARC teams and 10 more to the USAC-CRA contingent! ... No curfew problems on this night - not even close!  ...  And once again, our hat is off to the Hunt's & HMC Promotions.  We thank them for allowing winged sprint cars to return to the Louie Vermeil Classic for a first class weekend.


NARC NOTES:  The autographed FFDM front wing was auctioned off and received a winning bid of $1000.  That money went directly to the NARC Benevolent Fund.  Hint:  There is another wing that will be auctioned off at the King of the West by NARC championship banquet on Sunday, November 3rd.  ... Speaking of the banquet/brunch, Mike Andreetta and Chris "Cajun" Good unveiled the Billy Albini Mechanic of the Year Award at the HoF dinner.  It's a gem which will be awarded from this point forward.  It also comes with a MoY ring and 10 Ben Franklins. ... News and tickets for the championship event will be released soon.


And finally, the King of the West by NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series is dark until October, allowing the World of Outlaws to run ramshod through California.  After that, we only have three more races left in the 2019 campaign.  Start off with a trip to the Dirt Track at Kern County Raceway Park (October 5th), the Cotton Classic in Hanford on October 12th, and the season finale Tribute to GP at the Stockton Dirt Track on November 2nd.  Who will be the 60th Anniversary season champion?


Coming to you live from Auburn, CA ... See ya!


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