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    Sprint Car Notes

    By Gaye Carmichael, Motor Sports Journalist


    (2/28/2018, Las Vegas, NV) Sheldon Haudenschild of Wooster, OH, wins the Thirty Lap "A" Main Event on the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, NV, with Donny Schatz claiming second, followed by Brad Sweet, Tim Shafer ,David Gravel, Jason Johnson, Kerry Madsen, Daryn Pittman, Brent Marks, Jason Meyers, Mark Dobmeier, Shane Stewart, Joey Saldana, Brian Brown, Dominic Scelzi, Ian Madsen, Parker-Miller, Kraig Kinser, Austin McCarl, Cory Eliason, Logan Schuchart, Willie Croft, Sam Hafertepe, Paul McMahan, Rico Abreu and'. Terry McCarl.

    Brian Brown led out the opening laps and looked like he had the power to win, but as the laps were counting down, the pressure was on, as Sheldon Haudenschild was racing into second, followed by, Tim Shaffer, Jason Meyers and Donny Schatz, which rounded out the top five, with each of them having the potential to climb to the front.

    With ten laps to go, the caution flew out and it was for Brown, who had stopped. Brown was pushed off the track, with a chance to get his car fixed and able to re-tag the field.
    This new green flag flew out to Brown and Sheldon Haudenschild, but was called back when David Gravel had stopped on the track. Gravel was pushed over to the infield area to check out and returned to take the next green flag.

    Once again the field returned to action with Haudenschild leading the way, to collect the checkered flag and score this victory..

    At the checkered flag:

    "B" Main Finish: Kerry Madsen, Terry McCarl, Mark Dobmeirer, Kraig Kinser, Brooke Tatnell, Joey Saldana, Hubter Schuerenbe, Kyle Hirst, Giovanni Scelzi, Jason Sides, Aaron Reutzel, Jacob Allen, TannerThorson, Dane Lorenc.

    "C" Main: Jason Sides, Thorson, Brent Marks, Clyde Knipp, DJ Netto, Trevor Baker, Greg Wilson, Matthew Moles, Max McGhee,Cori Andrews, Randy Waitman, Billy Chester.


    Heat #1: S. Haudenschild, Schuchart, Pittman, Parker Price-Miller ,Dominic Scelzi, T. McCarl, Giovanni Scelzi, Brent Marks, Thorson, Wilson, Lorenc.

    Heat #2: Tim Shafer, Jason Meyers, Paul McMahan,Shane Stewart, Sam Hafertepe, Joey Saldana, Hunter Schuerenbe, Mark DobMeier, Billy Chester, Max McGhee, Trevor Baker,

    Heat #3: Brian Brown, Ian Madsn, Donny Schatz, Austin McCarl, Willie Croft, Kraig Kinser, Kerry Madsen, Aaron Reutzel, Jason Sides, Clyde Knipp,
    Cori Andrews.

    Heat #4: Jason Johnson, Cory Eliason, Brad Sweet, David Gravel, Rico Abreu, Jacob Allen, Kyle Hirst JR., Brooke Tatnell, DJ Netto,
    Matthew Moles, Randy Waitman.

    DASH: Brian Brown, Sheldon Haudenschild, Jason Meyers, Tim Shaffer, Cory Eliason, Logan Schuchart Jason Johnson, Ian Madsen.

    This was a good race and a great way to start this new 2018th season.




    (9/08/2017, Chico, CA)) It was a great night of racing, at the Silver Dollar Speedway with the World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Division on hand, but especially for Kyle Hirst, a local driver of the #83 Sprint Car, who had clocked in a 11.610 second lap in qualifying, for third fast, won the Fourth Heat Race, then went on to win the Dash, for a front row start in the thirty-lap "A" Main event. Hirst , took on the green flag with gusto, to earn the lead on this opening lap and never looked back for a perfect race to victory.

    "It was a good night, a good car and a really nice track. It's been so many years of racing, running this same Sprint Car, I've raced it for fifteen years. This is my first win racing with the World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series and my fourteenth win of this season." said Hirst.

    It was Shane Stewart of Bixby, OK, who scored in a second place finish at the checkered flag. Stewart is a regular driver with the World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series and has multiple top finishes in his career of racing. It definitely was a field of top racing teams, making it a very huge challenge for top finishes.

    "We were okay. We had a good race with Kyle (Hirst). The track was good but Hirst took the win, but I'm happy with second.

    Third place finish went to Dominic Scelzi. Scelzi clocked in a 11.515 second lap for fast time in the first segment of qualifying, then went on to score the win in the second Heat Race, finished third in the Dash, for a third place start in the "A" Main of which he controlled through out this "A" Main featured event.

    Fourth place went to Cory Eliason, followed by, Justin Sanders, Jonathan Allard, Shane Stewart, David Gravel, Donny Schatz, Sheldon Haudenschild, Jamie Veal, Mason Moore, Brad Sweet, Logan Schuchart, D J Netto, Bud Kaeding, Mitchell Faccinto, Daryn Pittman, Jason Sides, Kraig Kinser, Jac Haudenschild, Paul McMahan, Rico Abreu, Jacob Allen, Willie Croft, Andy Forsberg.

    "B" Main (12 Laps) Finishes: Sweet, Croft, Forsberg, Gravel, Kalib Henry, Schatz, Schuchart, Carson Macedo, Brent Marks, Austen Wheatley, Greg Wilson. Clyde Knipp, Brent Bjork, Jason Johnson.

    "C" Main: (10 Laps) Finishes: Schuchart, Wheatley, Sean Watts, Tayler Malsam, Sean Becker, Jake Wheeler, Chase Majdic, Jennafer Frazier.

    DASH: Kyle Hirst, Shane Stewart, Dominic Scelzi, Justin Sanders, Cory Eliason, Jac Haudenschild, Daryn Pittman, Paul McMahan.


    Heat #1: McMahan, Stewart, B. Kaeding, Moore, Sides, Sweet, Forsberg, Schuchart, J. Johnson, Becker.

    Heat #2: Scelzi, Eliason, Allard, Kinser, Croft, Schatz, Netto, Wheatley, Gravel, Malsam.

    Heat #3: Sanders, J. Haudenschild, Allen, Shane Golobic, Veal, Macedo, Wilson, Knipp, Watts, Frazier.

    Heat #4: Kyle Hirst, Pittman, Abreu, S. Haudenschild, Mitchell Faccinto, Marks, Bjork, Wheeler.

    PLEASE NOTE: The above information is as accurate as I could find, please note that some of the above, may have changed, thank you.



    (9/01/2017, Skagit, WA) The World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series took on Skagit Speedway, Skagit, WA, with Shane Stewart of Bixby, OK. racing from his fourth place start, having clocked in a 10.894 second lap, for fast time in qualifying, scored in second place in the First Heat Race, plus earned a fourth place finish in the Dash and then rounded out the finish with this big win.

    "This really was a good week. I felt my car was pretty good. Though the "A" Main started out early on with two cars crashing (no injuries), It was after this that I got into the lead., This is my seventh victory, this season, so far."said Stewart.

    A second place podium finish was collected by Jason Johnson. Johnson had clocked in 11.108 lap in qualifying, won the third Heat race and had a fifthplace finish in the Dash

    "We tried something new in this race. We had a good car and track position, which is always important. We finished in second. We are happy with that, but what we really wanted was to win. said Johnson of Eunice, LA

    It was Jac Haudenschild of Wooster, Ohio who collected the third place finish at the checkered flag. Jac Haudenschild clocked in a 11.118 lap in qualifying, won the first Heat Race, finished sixth in the Dash.

    "The track had a nice good cushion. Our crew gave me a car that was good tonight. I think the car will be good tomorrow or about the same.: said J. Haude4nschild.

    Donny Schatz of Fargo, North Dakota, scored in the fourth place position and Donny said, "We were okay but that's about all it was. We have something to work on, figure how we can bank on a win"

    Tonight was a good solid night of racing. A great field of competition and when the checkered flag

    Fifth place went to Sheldon Haudenschild, Wooster, Ohio, and what a great finish having a father collect third place and his son, just two spots behind.

    Tonight's race was a good solid night of racing. A great field of competition and when the checkered flag flew out, fifth place went to Sheldon Haudenschild, followed by, Greg Wilson, Kraig Kinser, David Gravel, Logan Schuchart, Daren Pittman, Paul McMahan, Brad Sweet, Brent Marks, Jacob Allen, Jason Sides, Jamie Veal, Dominic Scelzi, Eric Fisher, JR, Austen Wheatley, Jason Solwold, Robbie Price, Taylor Malsam, Clyde Knipp and Marc Duperron.

    "B" Main Finishes: Allen, Fisher, Jr., Marks, Wheatley, Duperron, Knipp, Brian Boswell.

    DASH: Sweet, K. Kinser, Pittman, Stewart, Johnson, J. Haudenschild.


    Heat #1: J. Haudenschild, Stewart, Schatz, S. Haudenschild, Malsam, Solwold, Fisher, Jr., Allen.

    Heat #2: Pittman, Kinser, Gravel, Schuchart, Wilson, McMahan, Marks, Duperron.

    Heat #3: Johnson, Sweet, Sides, Veal, Scelzi, Price, Wheatley, Knipp.



    (8/25/2017) It was another big night of racing as the World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Series took on the half-mile oval track at Black Hills Speedway, Rapid City, South Dakota, with Shane Stewart of Bixby, OKLA,
    driving the #2 Larson Marks Sprint Car, scoring this victory in this twenty-four lap 'A' Main Event. Stewart set 14.831 second lap in qualifying for fast time, won the first Heat Race, and scored in second in the Dash.

    "This is my first time here. The track was good, you could even run the bottom. The best part was passing the leader. This is my sixth win. I want to thank all of my crew and all of my fans." said Stewart.

    It wasn't until the laps had counted down to just five laps to go when Sheldon Haudenschild of Wooster, OH, raced into third as time was running out. But Sheldon gave it one more shot to reel in second at the checkered. S. Haudenschild, clocked in a 15.090 second lap in qualifying, took second in the Third Heat Race and finished last in the Dash.

    "Our sprint car was really good and the track was also really good. I want to thank all of my crew and all the people who came out here tonight." said S. Haudenschild

    Crossing the line in third, was Brad Sweet of Grass Valley, CA, driver of the Kasey Kahne #49 Sprint.

    "This is my second time here. The track was really good and it was fun. I know we did better tonight. I wanted to win and I knew I had a good chance, but it was what it was.
    It's always good to get a podium finish" said Sweet, who clocked in 15.022 second lap in qualifying, finished second in the first Heat Race and won the Dash.

    Fourth place went to Donny Schatz, followed by, Daryn Pittman, David Gravel, Jac Haudenschild, Brent Marks, Tim Kaeding, Greg Wilson, Kraig Kinser, Paul McMahan Jamie Veal, Dominic Scelzi, Jason Johnson, Clyde Knipp, Jason Sides, Kelly Miller, Adam Speckman, Ben Holmberg, Mike Sires, Max McGhee, Logan Schuchart, Jacob Allen.


    Heat #1: Stewart, Sweet, Jason Sides, Greg Wilson, Kraig Kinser, Matt McGhee, Kelly Miller.

    Heat #2: Schatz, Gravel, Jack Haudenschild, Tim Kaeding, Brent Marks, Jamie Veal, Jacob Allen, Ben Holmbers

    Heat #3: Jason Johnson, Sheldon Haudenschild, Daryn Pittman, Paul McMahan, Logan Schuchart, Dominic Scelzi, Mike Sires, Ned Powers.

    DASH: Brad Sweet, Shane Stewart, Jason Johnson, Donny Schatz, David Gravel, Sheldon Haudenschild.





    The World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series traveled to their next event being held at Nodak Speedway, North Dakota. Thirty-one Teams turned out for this 410 Sprint Car event and it was Jason Johnson of Louisiana who scored the victory of the thirty lap "A" Main, featured event.

    Johnson, driving the #41 Sprint, turned 12.079 lap for third fast in qualifying, won the Third Heat Race and finished second in the Dash, which earned him a second place start in this "A" feature and said:

    "The track was heavy, fortunately we qualified second fast. It's all about track position and we had earned ourselves a front row start. All my guys are good and they did a good job all night. Any time you have a team that believes in you, it makes our team solid."

    Second place went to Kerry Madsen of Australia, driver of the #2M . Madsen clocked in a 12.405 second lap, which was 17th fast in qualifying, but it surely didn't keep K. Madsen from working his way forward.
    Madsen won the second Heat Race, scored fourth in the Dash.

    "I enjoyed the track, I thought it was great. It was quick, I just had to pass. I had a good run, tonight" said K. Madsen.

    Shane Stewart, of Oklahoma, driver of the Larson Marks #2 Sprint, took the checkered flag in third and said, "The track was really sticky. Our car started good but it was tight. It was like a ton of mud was on me. It was a tough race."

    There were thirty-one 410 Sprint teams that turned out for this event. Great racing through out the night.

    Heat race finishes went to to:

    Heat #1: Kraig Kinser, Shane Stewart, Donny Schatz, Sheldon Haudenschild, Brent Marks, Ian Madsen, Logan Schuchart, Paul McMahan, Greg Wilson, Trent Stengl, Todd Mickelson.

    Heat #2: Kerry Madsen, Thomas Kennedy, Dominic Scelzi, Jac Haudenschild, Daryn Pittman, Marl Dobmeier,
    David Gravel, Ty Hanten, Jacob Allen, Greg Nikitenko.

    Heat # 3: Jason Johnson, Brad Sweet, Jason Sides, Clyde Knipp, Terry McCarl, Jamie Veal, Casey Mack, Tim Kaeding, Dusty Zomer, Jackson Muffett.

    DASH: Kraig Kinser, Jason Johnson, Shane Stewart, Thomas Kennedy, Brad Sweet, Kerry Madsen.

    "B" Main: McMahan, B. Marks, Gravel, Kaeding, Allen, Stengl, Zomer, Moffett, Wilson, Nikitenko, Hanten,
    Mickelson. (Top four transfer to "A" Main).

    "A" Main: J. Johnson, K. Madsen, Stewart, Kinser, Schatz, J. Haudenschild, T. Kennedy, Sweet, Knipp, S. Haudenschild, Pittman, Sides, Schuchart, Kaeding, I. Madsen, Gravel, McCarl, McMahan, Veal, Stengl, Dobmeier,
    Scelzi, Marks, Allen.



    (8/18/2017) World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series

    At River Cities Speedway, Grand Forks, ND

    It was a big night of racing at the River Cities Speedway, Grand Forks, ND, when Donny Schatz of Fargo, North Dakota, raced into the lead to score the major victory of this Forty Lap "A" Main.

    Schatz clocked in a 10.003 second lap in "The First Flight of qualifying, earning fourth fast, went on to score the win of the second Heat Race, to earn a second place start in the forty lap "A" Main event.

    Schatz seemed to make short work of this event, as he took over the lead with twenty-four laps to go. At that point, there wasn't any doubt that Schatz would hold his lead all the way to the checkered flag.

    "The track is always good here, it makes it nice for me. I don't have any doubt about what I do in a Sprint Car" said Schatz.

    In this chase, it was Brad Sweet of Grass Valley,CA, who took on second place and raced hard hoping to take the lead.

    After the checkered flap flew out, Sweet said, "I think I should have stayed running on the bottom, as we were doing well. The track was awesome. It was a good race. I want to thank all my crew and all our sponsors"

    Kerry Madsen of Australia, raced from a fourth place start and managed to move into third, which he held to the checkered flag.

    Madsen said, "At first it felt like it was a struggle, then it felt like it had come alive and I was having a lot of fun.". Madsen had clocked in a 9.990 second lap for second fast in qualifying, then in the ten lap Heat Race scored the win, then went on to take the checkered flag in fourth place of this Forty Lap "A" Main Event.

    It really was a great night of racing. Twenty-Four sprints raced the "A" Main, with Daryn Pittman scoring in fourth at the line, followed by Jason Johnson, Mark Dobmeier, Paul McMahan, Sheldon Haudenschild, Shane Stewart, David Gravel, Kraig Kinser, Ian Madsen, Jason Sides, Tim Kaeding, Greg vWilson, Logan Schuchart, Terry McCarl, Dusty Zomer, Austin Pierce, Jamie Veal, Wade Nygaard, Jac Haudenschild, Dominic Scelzi and Thomas Kennedy.

    Next scheduled WoO Craftsman Sprint Car Series event is 8/20/2017 at Nodak Speedway, Minot , ND



    World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series

    (Cocopah Speedway, Somerton, AZ) Twenty-five 410 Sprint Cars turned out to race the World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series at the Cocopah Speedway three/eighths of a mile dirt track and it was Brian Brown of Kansas City, Missouri, who held the field at bay, to score his big victory.

    "We started in front. The track had a new coat of rubber down on the track, making this a tricky race for all of us . It was hard to know, how it would go. We knew it was going to be good and bad. We just raced leading the way, hoping that we could make it to the checkered flag, without incident, actually we thought it would be good, even though there was rubber down. I want to thank all my crew, all my family and all the fans that turned out here tonight. Said Brown. ( Brown clocked in a 13.926 second lap in qualifying scored in second in the third Heat Race and won the Dash.)

    Racing from an eighth place start in this feature was Donny Schatz of Fargo, ND. Schatz also drove an error free race and collected the checkered flag to earn his second place podium finish.

    " I have to say that the track was pretty pathetic due to the rubber down. It was tough for all of us. Being able to pass, was really not there. We just tried to get the best finish we could. I'm going to try again when we take on the dirt track at Phoenix, AZ." said Schatz. (Schatz clocked in a 14.047 second lap in qualifying, scored in a second place finish in the first Heat Race, took third in the Dash.)

    Rounding out the top three finishers, was Brad Sweet of Grass Valley, CA. Sweet had a front row start in second.

    "I started in fifth and the track had rubber down. I tried to find the best part of the track that I could. I wasn't sure how good it would be. We managed to keep running good I moved up into third, then dropped back into fourth. With three laps to go, I managed to retake third place and scored a podium finish." said Sweet. (Sweet clocked in a 13.529 second in qualifying, Sweet won the First Heat Race and a fifth place finish in the Dash)

    Jason Sides of Bartlett, Tenn. raced from a second place start on the opening lap and raced the first nine laps in third. The very next lap, second place was picked up by Schatz. Sides was in third and Sweet rounded out the front four. As the final laps scored, Sides d in fourth place finish. Sides claimed a fifth place finish at the checkered. (Sides clocked in a 13.778 second lap in qualifying, Took second in the Dash, and Third in the Heat Race ).

    "A" Main: The fifth place finish went to, Paul McMahan, followed by, Paul McMahan, Sheldon Haudenschild, David Gravel, Ian Madsen, Parker Price-Miller, Rico Abreu, Logan Schuchart, Jason Johnson, Joey Saldana, Daryn Pittman, Greg Wilswon, Kraig Kinser, Shane Stewart, Dominic Scelzi, Brent Marks, Billy Chester, Stevie Sussex, Austin Pierce, Clyde Knipp, Jacob Allen.

    "B" Main: Marks, Allen, Chester, Pittman, Pierce, Knipp, Cori Andrews.

    DASH Finishes: Brown, Sides, Schatz, Haudenschild, Sweet, McMahan.


    Heat #1: Sweet, Schatzx, Madsen, Gravel, Schuchart, Sussex, Marks, Pittman, Knipp.

    Heat #2: McMahan, Haudenschild, Price-Miller,Johnson, Wilson, Kinser4, Allen, Pierce.

    Heat #3: Sides, Brown, Stewart, Abreu, Saldana, Scelzi, Chester, Andrews.

    PLEASE NOTE: All information in this article, can have changes or corrected if anything is incorrect.




    (4/1/2017, Perris, CA) David Gravel of Watertown, CT, reeled in the victory of the World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series "A" Main event at the Perris Auto Speedway, Perris, Ca. Gravel had clocked in a 14.631 second lap in qualifying, won the Second Heat Race, scored in second place of the Dash and had a front row start in this thirty lap "A" Main Event, that he raced to victory. What an amazing feat for Gravel and his team.

    "This is my third win this season. The track tonight took on rubber with ten laps in. I was glad that I could control the track. It was pretty smooth. It feels good to win two in one week, Out of twelve races I have finished four or five in the top five. I just had to be patient and wait for it to play out. It's always great to get a podium finish, especially with these guys (World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series). I want to thank all of my crew, Barry, Derek and Jack, plus all of our Sponsors." said Gravel.

    Scoring in second place tonight was Brad Sweet of Grass Valley, CA. Sweet also had a fantastic run tonight, clocking in a 14.468 second lap in qualifying for fast time. won the Fiirst Heat Race, went on to win the Dash and led out the thirty lap "A" Main event.

    "It was not very good. It took on rubber. We had only one shot at it. The track was like single file. It was the same for all of us. In spite of that we were able to finish second." said Sweet. Sweet recently put on a WoO Craftsman Sprint Car Series race at the Placerville Speedway Dirt Track in California, over seeing all it takes to run a race, track conditions, seating, etc. It was a very successful event at Placerville Speedway, thanks to Sweet.

    It was Sheldon Haudenschild of Wooster, OH, who reeled in third place at the line. Haudenschild in his "Rookie Year" with the World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series is showing that he is a strong contender and some one to watch as race season continues. "It was a good track. Some rubber went down and it got a little tough towards the end. I want to thank all my sponsors and all my guys." said Haudenschild.

    When the green flag flew out to the "A" Main event, it was Gravel who took on the lead, Sweet was in second, followed by Haudenschild, Jason Johnson, Jason Sides, Ian Madsen, Shane Stewart, Donny Schatz, Daryn Pittman and Paul McMahan, the front ten in the line-up of this race. With twenty laps still left go, a red flag flew out, when Parker Price-Miller, rolled upside down in the second turn. Price-Miller was okay but out of the race. The new green flag called the field back into action, with Gravel, Sweet and Haudenschild, still the front three, leading out this next lap. The caution flag flies out again with eighteen laps yet to go. This time it involved, Jason Johnson and Shane Stewart, both spinning out in the fourth turn. Johnson restarts. Stewart's Sprint was put on the hook and taken to see if they can fix it and return to the race. Since they will have a limited time to get it able to return to the track, it will be a "race" to continue in this event and yes it was both Johnson and Stewart, tagging the rear of the field and were ready to take the green.

    With sixteen laps to go, Jared Goerges, driver of the #9z flipped upside down just out of the first turn. Goerges was okay but not sure if his sprint can return. After checking out his sprint and found it to be okay Goerges returned to tag the rear of the field.

    Once again, the field crossed up to race out to the green once more. Gravel and Sweet, both will look for the lead when the green calls them into action. Gravel wins the lead, followed by Sweet, Haudenschild, Schatz and Madsen, making up the front five. The race stayed green until the checkered flag flew out. Gravel won in the lead, Sweet took second, followed by, Haudenschild,Schatz, Madsen, McMahan, Pittman, Sides, Carson Macedo, Greg Wilson, Joey Saldana, Brian Brown, Logan Schuchart, Brent Marks, Jacob Allen, Kraig Kinser, Shane Stewart, Stevie Sussex, Johnson, Malsam, Randy Waitman, Jared Goerges, Parker-Miller, Brady Bacon.

    "B" Main Finishes: Malsam, Wilson. Sussex, Allen, Goreges, Waitman, Clyde Knipp, Cori Andrews.

    DASH: Sweet, Gravel, Sides, Haudenschild, Stewart, Johnson..


    Heat #1: Sweet, Sides, Schatz, Pittman, Kinser, Brown, Malsam, Wilson, Waitman.

    Heat #2: Gravel, Stewart, Madsen, Saldana, Schuchart, Sussex, Allen, Andrews.

    Heat #3: Haudenschild, Johnson, Price-Miller, McMahan, Macedo, Bacon, Goerges, Knipp.

    PLEASE NOTE: All the information included here, is not official.


    (3/31//2017, Hanford, CA)

    It was one big night at the Keller Auto Speedway, Hanford, CA, for Logan Schuchart of Hanover , PA, who reeled in the victory of this World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series, thirty-five lap "A" Main event. Schuchart of Shark Racing, clocked in a 13.273 second lap in qualifying, scored a fifth place finish in the third Heat Race and started this race in nineteenth out of the field of twenty-six 410 Sprints, on the opening lap of this thirty-five lap event. What a tremendous effort this was for Schuchart and his team.

    "It was fun. I love slick tracks I was excited. I could race all lines of the track. I want to thank, Chris Shutlock, John Anthony White, My Grandfather and Jacob (Allen)" said Schuchart. (Shuchart. clocked in a 13.273 in qualifying for eleventh fast and finished in third in the Third Heat Race.

    Ian Madsen of Australia, claimed a second place podium finish, having had earned his second place start at the opening Green Flag. When the green flag flew out to this twenty-six field of 410 Sprints, it was a drag race start between James McFadden also from Australia and Madsen who won the lead, holding the twenty-five teams in this field of Sprints, at bay, right down to the next to the last lap, when Schuchart caught him and made his pass. It had to be disappointing to be so close to the win, but Madsen said, "The track was good, though it was slick and rough in spots. We had a good run. I want to send out a big thanks to all my sponsors, including, Marty Thompson, Dells Tire Service, Newman's Towing and Recovery and C&B Chuppy." said Madsen. Brad Sweet of Grass Valley, CA, racing in ninth, in this "A" Main, that had just three laps scored, went into the fourth turn wall, for the first caution. Sweet was okay, but his Sprint was not, so he was out of the more lap scored when the caution flew out again, this time it was for Shane Stewart who had contact with the wall in he second turn. Stewart was able to tag the rear of the wall. When the next green flag flew out, it was a drag race start between Madsen and Gravel, Madsen took the lead. Gravel was second and Rico Abreu was in third. Dominic Scelzi flat tire and Sheldon Haudenschild went into the work area. at this point it was decided to have single file restarts. The track appeared to be very dry and dusty. There were more cautions, that included Carson Macedo's front tire going down, plus Shane Stewart and Tim Kaeding, both having to tag the rear of the field. Madsen mean while dominated the lead as the laps counted down and it truly looked that the win was his, then Logan made his challenge forward and had the lead in time to take the checkered flag and the win.

    It was Donny Schatz of Fargo, ND. who was the hard charger, having started this "A" Main in twenty-first and worked his way forward to earn yet another podium finish. "The track was slick, it was real hard to race any where. It was really tricky and it was hard to see where it was better. It's just the way it went and we made it here." said Schatz.

    Fourth place went to David Gravel, followed by McFadden, Jason Sides, Greg Wilson, Sheldon Haudenschild, Kyle Hirst, Shane Stewart, Kraig Kinser, Brent Marks, Jason Johnson, Carson Macedo, Paul McMahan, Cory Eliason, Parker Price-Miller, Joey Saldana, Dominic Scelzi, Daryn Pittman, Brian Brown, D J Netto, Tim Kaeding, Bud Kaeding.

    DASH FINISHES: McFadden, Madsen, Jason Johnson, Saldana, Stewart, Abreu, Sweet, Price-Miller.

    "B": Main Finishes: Schatz, Netto, Sides, Pittman, Brady Bacon, Wilson, Sean Watts, Kinser, Jacob Allen, Tayler Malsam, Clyde Knipp, Jared Goerges.


    Heat #1: Sweet, Price-Miller, Gravel, T. Kaeding, B, Kaeding, Schatz, Pittman, Allen.

    Heat #2: Stewart, Johnson, McMahan, Macedo, Brown, Sides, Wilson, Goerges.

    Heat #3: Saldana, Madsen, Hirst, Marks, Schuchart. Kinser, Malsam, Netto.

    Heat #4: Abreu, McFadden, Haudenschild, Eliason, Scelzi, Bacon, Watts, Knipp.




    (3/29/2017, Placerville, CA) David Gravel of Watertown, CT. reeled in a mega victory, racing the World of Oultaw Sprint Car Series at the quarter mile Placerville Speedway Dirt Track, Placerville, CA.

    Gravel clocked in a 10.467 second lap for fast time in the "A" qualifying set, won the first Heat Race and scored in second in the Dash, for an amazing run this night.

    "It's always fun to win. The track was good at the top and on the bottom. When a caution flag flew out, Rico Abreu, was in the lead and had been racing at the top. When the race went back to green, it was then, I was able to race pass Abreu to take the lead." said Gravel, in this Forty Lap "A" Main event.

    Rico Abreu of Napa Valley, CA, drove a great race as well, having clocked in a 10.551 second run in the second segment of qualifying, to earn third fast, a second place finish in the third Heat Race and a fifth place finish in the Dash, that earned Abreu's fifth starting position at the opening green flag in the "A" Main. Abreu drove a great race and took the checkered flag to score his second place finish.

    "It's good to be back here and so good to see all the people that came out here tonight. I want to thank everyone, my family, my team and this great turn out of fans. It's a really good night." said Abreu.

    Rounding out the top three finishers is Brad Sweet, (A World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series, Regular Driver) of Grass Valley, CA. A big thank you, must go out to Sweet for his amazing accomplishment of putting this race on here in Placerville. In addition to the, $15,000. being donated to the local Boys and Girls Club in Placerville, CA. Sweet was here the day before the event over seeing the track and back early on this race day.

    "It's been a long day! It's good to be back . I love all the people who come out and all the sponsors." said Sweet.

    It definitely was an amazing turn out of fans tonight, most likely one of the largest groups ever that has turned out here for sprint car racing.

    Also driving tonight was Kyle Larson of Elk Grove, who's currently a full time NASCAR Cup series driver of the #42 Chevrolet SS for Chip Ganassi Racing. I believe this is Larson's fourth full time NASCAR Season (but I could be wrong.) It was great to see him back in a Sprint Car, if only for one night.

    Everything about this night of Sprint Car Racing was amazing, from having the biggest crowd of fans ever, that I can think of at this track, plus the great Sprint Car Teams, the great weather, it definitely was the place to be.

    "A:" Main Finishes: Gravel, Abreu, Sweet, Greg Wilson, Kyle Hirst, Daryn Pittman, Sheldon Haudenschild, Bud Kaeding, Jason Sides, Jason Johnson, Joey Saldana, Donny Schatz, Brent Marks, Andy Foresberg, Logan Schuchart, Tim Kaeding, Carson Macedo, Ian Madsen, Paul McMahan, Kraig Kinser, James McFadden, Shane Stewart, Brian Brown, Kyle Larson, Shane Golobic, Brady Bacon.

    "B" Main: Macedo, McFadden, Schuchart, D J Netto, Chase Johnson, Schatz, Willie Croft, Shane Golobic, Mason Moore, Saldana, Parker Price-Miller, Justin Cox.

    "C" Main: Saldana, Netto, Sean Becker, Jacob Allen, Tayler Malsam, Kaleib Henry, Clyde Knipp.

    DASH: Stewart, Gravel, B. Kaeding, Pittman, Abreu, Wilson, Sweet, J. Johnson.


    Heat #1: Gravel, B. Kaeding, Sides, Brown, Bacon, Schatz, Cox, Malsam, Macedo.

    Heat #2: Stewart, Wilson, Haudenschild, Kinser, McMahan, Henry, Knipp, C. Johnson, Moore.

    Heat #3: J. Johnson, Abreu, Kyle Hirst, Forsberg, T. Kaeding, Netto, Becker, Golobic, Croft.

    Heat #4: Pittman, Sweet, Marks, K. Larsen, Madsen, Price-Miller, Saldana, Allen, Schuchart.

    PLEASE NOTE: All above is not official.

    PS: Hope it was a great time for everyone.



    (3/25/2017, Stockton, CA) It was a big night at the Stockton Dirt Track, located on the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, CA, for Brad Sweet of Grass Valley, CA, who raced an error free "A" Main Event, to score the victory of this thirty lap, World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series. Sweet had clocked in a 13.089 second lap in qualifying, for second fast time of the night, won the Second Heat Race, scored in second, in the Dash earning a front row start in this big "A" Main Event. Second at the line, went to Donny Schatz of Fargo, ND, followed by Shane Stewart. There were Thirty-Six Sprint Car Teams that rolled in to compete in this WoO Craftsman Sprint Car series event, adding to the excitement.

    It was a drag race start between Sweet and Jason Sides of Bartlett, TN, when the Green Flag flew out to this twenty-five field of 410 Sprints, with Sides taking the lead. Sides had clocked in a 13.104 second lap in qualifying, won the fourth Heat race and won the Dash, that earned Sides the pole position in this feature event. It was Sides who led out the opening lap, but as fate would have it, a caution flag flew out for Logan Schuchart, who was racing in seventh at the time with mechanical problems, which finished Schucharts run.

    The Green flag flew out once more and this time it was Sweet who won the drag race start, taking the lead, Sides took second followed by Schatz, Shane Stewart and Brian Brown, that were racing in the front five. With twenty-four laps, yet to go, the caution flew out again, Sides had mechanical problems which ended his run, James McFadden, racing in sixteenth at the time, made a trip to the pits, but returned to the race.

    The new green flag flew out and it was now Sweet, Schatz, Stewart, Brown, Jason Johnson, Daryn Pittman, David Gravel, Ian Madsen, Cory Eliason, and Brent Marks, that made up the front ten. With twenty-one laps yet to go, the caution flew out again, for Carson Macedo, who had stopped on the track, most likely, mechanical problems. Sweet led the field back in action with twenty-one laps to go. Schatz was in second with Stewart, Brown and Jason Johnson, rounding out the front five. The next thing you saw was the red flag flying out. McFadden had flipped on the front stretch. McFadden was okay. Though multiple teams used this flag to go into the pits to check out their sprints knowing they would tag the rear of the field based on whwn they returned. At this point, there were approximately twenty sprints left in the field to race.

    When the next green flag flew out, it was a single file restart, with the Sweet, Schatz, Stewart, Brown, Pittman and Gravel, the first five.

    With five more laps scored, the red flag flew out for Jason Johnson, who was racing out of the third turn, flipped his sprint over. Johnson was okay, but had to be disappointed, as he was racing in fourth at the time.

    The laps continued to count down until the checkered flew out to Sweet, with Schatz, Stewart, J. Johnson Brown, Gravel, Pittman, Rico Abreu, Madsen, Marks and Tim Kaeding rounding out the top ten.

    Eleventh went to, Cory Eliason, followed by, Carson Macedo, Paul McMahan, Sheldon Haudenschild, McFadden, Greg Wilson, Kraig Kinser, Jason Johnson, Dominic Scelzi, Bud Kaeding, Joey Saldana, Kyle Hirst, Williw Croft, Jason Sides, Logan Schuchart.

    "B" Main Finishes: Hirst, Netto, Marks, Shane Golobic, Scelzi, T. Kaeding, K. Kinser, Mitchell Faccinto, Chase Johnson, Mason Moore, Clyde Knipp, Parker Price=Miller, Sean Watts, Justyn Cox.

    "C" Main: C. Johnson, Watts, Brady Bacon, Taylor Malsam, Kalib Henry, Jake Morgan, Jacob Allen.


    Sides, Sweet, Stewart, Schatz, J. Johnson, B. Brown, Schuchart, Gravel.


    Heat #1: Stewart, Schatz, Saldana, Croft, G. Wilson, C. Johnson, T. Kaeding, Miller, Golobic, Allen.

    Heat #2: Sweet, I. Madsen, Gravel, Eliason, Abreu, Hirst, Bacon, Kinser, Netto, Morgan.

    Heat #3: J. Johnson, Schuchart, Haudenschild, Pittman, Scelzi, Faccinto, B. Kaeding, Watts, Moore, Henry.

    Heat #4: Sides, Brown, McFadden, McMahan, Marks, Macedo, Cox, Malsam, Knipp.


    Next WoO Craftsman Sprint Car Series race on the scheduled, is 3/29/2017 at Placerville Speedway, Placerville, CA



    (3/17/2017, Tulare, California)

    It was another World of Oulaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series amazing event with David Gravel of Watertown, CT, racing into the lead with just a hand full of laps to go of this thirty-five lap "A" Main, to win this first night of the two night event at the Thunderbowl Raceway, Tulare, CA.

    "We had a couple of good laps and everything went the way I wanted it to. I wasn't going to fuel out with five to go." said Gravel.

    Gravel had clocked in a 12.889 second lap in qualifying, scored in second in the Second Heat Race and started the "A" Main in fourth

    Scoring in the runner up position was Shane Stewart of Bixby, OH. Stewart had a totally awesome race going, as he took the lead on the opening lap, holding the balance of the field at bay, through out this event, until the final five laps. Stewart had clocked in a 12.704 second lap in qualifying, reeled in the lead of the second Heat Race and won the Dash.

    "The track was really good. We definitely made some good passes. Some cautions helped us and some did not. Gravel had a really good car. I didn't know what I should try to hold him off." said Stewart

    Earning a podium finish, as he took the checkered flag in third, Brad Sweet of Grass Valley, CA, said, "I had a pretty good car. The track was a little rough but it was good and we could pass. Gravel did a good job." said Sweet. (Sweet clocked in a 12.663 second lap in qualifying, won the second Heat Race and scored a third place finish in the Dash.

    Scoring in fourth at the line was Sheldon Haudenschild of Wooster, OH, racing his first season with the World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series. Haudenschild clocked in a 12.981 lap in qualifying, scored a fifth place finish in the third Heat Race and started this "A" Main in nineteenth. A great start for Sheldon to earn the Rookie of year, in his first season to race with the WoO Craftsman Sprint Car Series.

    "The track was really good. I got a good restart We definitely got some passing in, including Donny Schatz and James McFadden. I just didn't quite get closer to the front." said Haudenschild.

    McFadden scored Scored in fifth, followed by Logan Schuchart, Schatz, Kyle Hirst, Paul McMahan, Tim Kaeding, Daryn Pittman, Dominic Scelzi, Ian Madsen, Brent Marks, Mitchell Faccinto, Chase Johnson, Terry McCarl, Jason Johnson, Joey Saldana, D J Netto, Rico Abreu, Bud Kaeding, Willie Croft, Brian Brown, Carson Macedo and Jason Solwold.

    "B" Main Finish: Solwold, Scelzi, Netto, B. Kaeding, Jason Sides, Kevin Thomas, Jr., Cory Eliason, Joey Saldana, Greg Wilson, J. Johnson, Sean Watts, Kraig Kinser, Clyde Knipp, Cori Andrews, Parker Price-Miller, Jacob Allen. The top four finishers transferred into the "A" Main, ( Joey Saldana and Jason Johnson used provisional's)

    DASH: Stewart, Schatz, Sweet, Gravel, Pittman, McFadden, Abreu, Schuchart.


    Heat #1: Pittman, Abreu, Ian Madsen, McMahan, Faccinto, Solwold, Sides, Saldana, Watts.

    Heat #2: Sweet, Gravel, T. Kaeding, Hirst, McCarl, J. Johnson, Thomas Jr., Price-Miller, Knipp.

    Heat #3: Stewart, McFadden, Brown, C. Johnson, Haudenschild, B. Kaeding, Netto, Eliason, Wilson.

    Heat#4: Schatz, Schuchart, Macedo, Croft, Marks, Scelzi, Allen, Andrews, K. Kinser.

    Please note: All information in this message, could change, be incorrect, etc.




    (3/10/2017) It was another big night for Donny Schatz of Fargo, North Dakota, racing the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series, scored yet another victory, as he took on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Dirt track. Schatz, one of many top sprint car drivers definitely is amazing on the track.

    When the green flag flew out for the start of this thirty lap "A" Feature event, it was Logan Schuchart who raced into the lead, Rico Abreu took on second with Schatz, David Gravel and Kerry Madsen, the top five out of this field of the twenty-five Sprints in the race.

    Schuchart, claimed the first lead of this thirty-lap "A" Main, Schatz was in second, followed by Rico Abreu, the top three.

    The first caution flew out when Brent Marks spun out as he raced into the second lap mid way, between the first and second turn, he was able to tagged the rear of the field, as the Sprints were crossing up.

    When the green flew out , Schuchart took the lead again, Abreu was in second with Schatz, Brian Brown, David Gravel, Kerry Madsen, Shane Stewart, Brad Sweet, Greg Wilson, Daryn Pittman and Ian Madsen, the first eleven of the field racing to the new green,

    Mean while, it was still a separate race going on in this race, as Schatz and Abreu, kept racing to have the lead, with both of them scoring laps in front during the race.

    Schuchart , still in the lead, managed to catch the rear of the field and Schatz, running in second, saw his chance at the lead, if he could manage to get by Schuchart, who was just a nose to tail in front of him. Schatz played it smart, making his move when the chase could swap their positions without anyone losing more than a switch of positions, Schatz, earned the lead.

    With five laps yet to go, Schatz still looked to have a strong hold on the lead, though Abreu wasn't giving up. As the distance between Schatz and Abreu had narrowed down, time was running down.

    As the last lap appeared, it was Schatz who scored yet another victory, Abreu took second followed by Schuchart, Brown, Sweet, I. Madsen, K. Madsen, Pittman, Kraig Kinser, Brent Marks, Carson Macedo, Greg Wilson, Paul McMahan, Terry McCarl, Jason Sides, Mark Dobmeier, Sheldon Haudenschild, Jacob Allen, Joey Saldana, Jason Johnson, Tim Shaffer, Willie Croft.

    "B" Main finishes went to: Marks, Allen, Dobmeier, Price-Miller, top four finishers who transferred into the "A" Main event. Finishing in fifth in this "B" Main, are, Kevin Thomas, Jr., James McFadden, Bud Kaeding, Josh Baughman, Jason Solwold, D J Netto, Dominic Selzi, Parker Price-Miller, Aaron Ruetzel, Clyde Knipp.

    "C" Main finishes went to: McFadden, Netto, Shawn Dancer, Brady Bacon, Skylar Gee, Robbie Price, Lance Norick, Cori Andrews, Randy Waitman.

    DASH Finishes: Logan Schuchart, Donny Schatz, Rico Abreu, David Gravel, Kerry Madsen, Brian Brown, Kraig Kinser, Greg Wilson.


    Heat #1: K. Madsen, Abreu, I. Madsen, Saldana, Croft, Macedo, Solwold, Dancer, Allen, Price, Andreos.

    Heat #2: Wilson, Brown, Shaffer, McMahan, McCarl, McFadden, Baughman, Scelzi, Thomas, Jr., Gee.

    Heat #3: Gravel, Schuchart, Sweet, Pittman, Stewart, Dobmeier, Netto, Price-Miller, Knipp, Waitman.

    Heat #4: Shatz, Kinser, Sides, Johnson, Haudenschild, Reutzel, Marks, Kaeding, Bacon, Norwick.

    Please Note: All information in this race run down, is not official....



    (3/09/2017, Las Vegas, NV) Donny Schatz of Fargo, North Dakota, reeled in yet another victory in this new season of the World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series, racing the half mile dirt track oval at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Nevada.

    Schatz clocked in a 14.040 second lap in qualifying, finished in second in the first Heat Race, scored in a fourth place finish in the Dash, then was on his way to this victory, in this first of the two nights of Sprint Car Racing.
    "I figured I'd did my best. The track was a bit rough in places, I just had to do the best that I could. I know I can win races, I just have to go for it. I try to put on a good show for the fans. I hope to come back tomorrow night and have a good run." said Schatz.

    Second place went to Brian Brown of Grain Valley, MO, clocked in a 13.903 second lap in qualifying for second fast of the night. Then Brown went on to win the Third Heat Race and followed that up with a second place finish in the Dash."
    "We had a good race. Being on the podium is always good" said Brown
    Third place was captured by Rico Abreu of Calistoga, CA. Abreu started the Main Event in the twenty-first spot in the line up. The green flag flew out and Abreu was on the gas, having an error free charge to score his podium finish.
    "We had a good car. It was really fast. My restarts were good. I'm very pleased with our finish." said Abreu.
    Abreu definitely was the amazing hard charger of this race. It was an unbelievable feat.
    Fourth place went to Jason Johnson, followed by Logan Schuchart, Ian Madsen, Kraig Kinser, Kerry Madsen, Shane Stewart, Sheldon Haudenschild, Brad Sweet, Joey Saldana, Brent Marks, Daryn Pittman, Brady Bacon, David Gravel, Greg Wilson, Carson Macedo, Josh Baughman, Paul McMahan, Aaron Reutzel, Jason Sides, Dominic Scelzi, Terry McCarl and Mark Dobemeier.

    "B" Main Finishes went to Rico Abreu, Dominic Scelzi, Brady Bacon, Terry McCarl, James McFadden, Kevin Thomas, Jr., Tim Shaffer, Jason Solwold, Jacob Allen, Willie Croft, Bud Kaeding, D J Netto, Clyde Knipp, Parker Price-Miller.

    "C" Main: James McFadden, Shawn Dancer, Skyler Gee, Robbie Price, Randy Waitman, Cori Andrews, Lance Norick, Jared Goerges.

    DASH: Shane Stewart, Brian Brown, Ian Madsen, Donny Schatz, Jason Johnson, Joey Saldana, Logan Schuchart, Sheldon Haudenschild.

    Heat #1: J. Johnson, Schatz, Kinser, Reutzel, Macedo, Abreu, Solwold, Kaeding, Netto, Goerges, Waitman.
    Heat #2: I. Madsen, Schuchart, Wilson, Sides, Baughman, Thomas, Jr., Allen, Price-Miller, Gee, Andrews.
    Heat #3: Brown, Saldana,Pittman,K. Madsen, Dobmeier, Mccarl, Croft, Price, Norwick,Dancer, Shaffer.
    Heat #4: S. Stewart, Haudenschild, Sweet, Gravel, Marks, McMahan, Scelzi, Bacon, McFadden, Knipp.
    The fast qualifier at tonights event was set by Jason Johnson, who clocked in a 13.875 second lap.

    PLEASE Note: All information in this press release may not be official.

    (Scheduled tonight is the second and final night of this event, at this point, to the best of my knowledge)



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