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    King of the West/NARC


    By Jim Allen, March 11, 2018

    Auburn, CA ... As far as the King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Racing Series goes, all of the pieces are quickly falling into place to go sprint car racing. And that day isn’t too far off as Kern County Raceway Park in Bakersfield is anxiously awaiting to host the series opener on April 7th. Just so we are all on the same page for this highly anticipated season, here is a collection of notes from the official King of the West-NARC notepad.
    General Meeting: Northern Auto Racing Club members converged on the Roth Motorsports facility in Fresno on February 24th for the annual competition meeting. The gathering provided an overview of improvements the series continues to make to enhance both the fan and racing team experience. At the meeting, our 2018 NARC Advisory Board was officially seated and it features car owners Shawn Thomas and Steve Soares; owner-drivers Bobby McMahan, Brent Kaeding and Willie Croft; and drivers Bud Kaeding and Kyle Hirst. That makes a quorum.

    The group is collectively focused on putting on a good show, building sponsorship support, improving driver safety, growing the NARC Benevolent Fund and building 410 sprint car racing on the West Coast. The more I think about it, that sounds like a flashback to the Northern Auto Racing Club glory days of the 1990’s. For those of you at home taking notes, that’s called progress!

    Once again, special thanks to Dennis Roth and Todd Ventura for hosting us and serving up enough mouth-watering Tri-Tip and fixings to effectively put most of us in a food coma for the drive home.
    “Hey son, I noticed you were swerving back there?” suggested the CHP officer. “Have you been drinking?”
    “Nope, but I ate about two pounds of awesome Dennis Roth Tri-Tip and I had to undo my pants. Sorry about that!”

    Trophy Dash: About the only thing that changed as far as the racing format goes, was our dash format. It will now consist of the top six point earners from qualifying and heat races. Or better said, it encourages everyone to be hard on the hammer during the preliminary events.
    Qualifying points start at 50 and drop to 48, 47, 46, 45, and so on. Yes, that is a two point drop between the fast qualifier and second quick, but it drops by one from that point on. The winner of each heat earns 50 points, and it drops by three points per finishing position. In other words, if you miss the set up in qualifying, you can make up a lot of ground in the heat race by passing some cars. Combine the points and the top six go to the dash. The tiebreaker is qualifying times. Then throw in an inversion draw of a 0, 4 or a 6. And finally, the point system is for lining up the dash only, not for the championship side of things. Wow, I need a nap after all of that!
    >From a personal opinion standpoint, I’m still not convinced that winning the dash is a good thing. If you check out the 2017 KWS-NARC stat sheets, only ONE dash winner went on to win one of the 16 feature events. Just ONE!

    Talent: The talent level on this year’s campaign is off the charts. You’ve got Mr. Consistency Bud Kaeding and the Morrie Williams Zero Heroes team attempting to go back-to-back. Kyle Hirst is looking to hunt down his fourth driving title behind the wheel of the potent Roth Motorsports KPG. Tarlton Motorsports has teamed up with the victory lane magnet otherwise known as Shane Golobic in their hunt for a third crown. Let’s not forget about the lightening rod Tanner Thorsen, who has saddled up with Clyde Lamar for a run at the King of the West-NARC championship. Chase Johnson is looking to post a breakout year with car owner Shawn Thomas. DJ Netto, who posted the most top 10 finishes last season in KWS action, is back in the family owned Netto sprinter looking to improve that to top five finishes. Now throw in Colby Copeland, Willie Croft, Mitchell Faccinto, Bobby McMahan, Sean Watts, Craig Stidham, Nathan Rolfe, Tim Kaeding, and Jarrett Soares and you’ve got a California A-list. The early and late season races should be a blast as we will be joined by some other big names such as the Scelzi & Macedo brothers, Buddy Kofoid, Cory Eliason and Rico Abreu. They will be making cameo appearances before they travel off to destinations unknown.

    NARC Benevolent Fund: Ashley Smith, who has been spearheading the non-profits charitable efforts of the NARC Benevolent Fund for several years, announced some changes to the board to help drive fund raising efforts. In addition to Smith, the board members now include Brent Kaeding, Jim Allen, Mike Andreetta, and Bud Kaeding. Stay tuned for several new promotions to help raise money to support the fund. This would include auctions on the website. Once again, we are raising funds that we hope we never have to use. We thank Ashley for his drive and commitment and we thank all of you for your support of these efforts. For more information on the NARC Benevolent Fund, go to our website.

    New Sponsors: What’s that smell? Yes, that’s bacon – my second favorite smell behind methanol at the racetrack! Which reminds me? … We have a new Trophy Dash sponsor … Sunnyvalley Bacon. They are a giant meat processing company in Manteca, CA, that is famous for their bacon – literally tons of it! The Sunnyvalley brand, which is available in just about every supermarket in California, has joined forces with the King of the West-NARC series in a promotion that will not only pay our dash winners, but will also award more than six pounds of bacon to a lucky fan (in a cooler) at every race. That sampling includes Hickory, Maple, Sweet & Spicy, Jalapeno, and Applewood flavored bacon. Which also reminds me .., we need eggs. If that sounds like a blatant commercial, it’s supposed to, because our sprint car series is now “Powered by Bacon.”

    Dave Bradway Jr. Race: Dianne & Dave Durica are stepping up to lead the fund raising efforts for the 28th annual edition of the Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial Race at Silver Dollar Speedway. Laps for the May 5th A & B mains can be sponsored for $100 each. Other cash and product donations would also be gladly accepted. We are looking to start and build on other special categories besides fast time and hardcharger. We are looking for backing for the hard luck team, best looking car & crew, heat race winners and more. We are open to your ideas! If you would like to involved with a sponsorship, the Durica’s are awaiting your call at 916-988-5958 or by email at Don’t delay, call today!
    For those in need of a quick refresher, Rico Abreu won his third Bradway race in 2017 and pocketed more than $8,000 for his overall efforts. The month of May promises to be very lucrative for our teams, featuring the Bradway race and the rich $11,000 to win Peter Murphy Classic. We will be racing for around $60,000 in prize money at those two combined events.

    Random Stuff: “Fire in the Hole!” Look for the appearance of a couple of T-shirt cannons at our events this season. … Hooker Harness and have joined our ranks as a contingency sponsor. Welcome aboard. More announcements are coming! … Willie Croft Racing has put $1000 on the table to any team that can set a new KWS-NARC qualifying record at any track this season. … Johnstone Supply is offering up a $2000 bonus for any front row driver who decides to take the Tailgater Challenge and post a win from the back row. … We need to figure out what kind of dirt and chemicals the Supercross people are using. Dust is almost non-existent at their events. … Tickets are already on sale for many King of the West-NARC, SCCT, Civil War and Outlaw racing events this season. Lock in your seats now! … It sure is nice to see that California is recognized as an open wheel talent hotbed. At the March 9th Tulare Outlaw show, Golden State pedal-pounders locked up seven of the top 11 finishing positions. Cory Eliason almost nailed down the victory. … Swift Metal Finishing is paying a bonus to the hardcharger in every KWS-NARC feature this season. They are also posting a year end point fund to the top two drivers who passes the most cars this season … Jim Gardner and Bullet Impressions is back as our official concessionaire. He promises some awesome gear this season. … Nice to see all the posts on social media about promoters making improvements to their race track and adjoining facilities. Now race fans need to make them proud by showing up! … Had a chance to drop in on Paul Baines and the Tarlton Motorsports compound in Fresno. One word: NICE! It’s a first class machine shop and staging facility for their open wheel efforts. It features five different race cars in various stages of construction for the victory lane aspirations of Shane Golobic, Carson Macedo, Cole Macedo, & Tommy Tarlton.

    So at this point, you should be gearing up for our three events in April. They include the aforementioned April 7th season opener at Kern County Raceway Park, and an April 20-21st doubleheader weekend at Ocean Speedway and Thunderbowl Raceway, respectively.

    Coming to you live from Auburn, CA. See ya!




    NARC NEWSLINE, By Jim Allen – January 6, 2018

    Auburn, CA … It’s amazing what happens when everybody gets on the same page and works for a common cause. As you are aware, your favorite race track promoters and sanctioning bodies descended on Reno at the end of November for the RPM Race Promoters Workshop. The annual adventure allows everyone to break out their calendars and start shuffling their schedule puzzle pieces together. For some it’s technical with a lap top, while others do it old school on a folded sheet of paper stuffed in their back pocket. And in the middle is a unique collection of spreadsheets, Post-it Notes, highlighters, erasers, and to get it perfect, a sufficient amount of adult beverages. For the 16-race King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series, this exercise is a lot easier to accomplish than your average race track booking 25-30 events, all the while attempting to avoid any key conflicts. And for that reason, you can find our schedule posted at

    Other news coming out of the RPM Workshop was the State of California requiring all fairgrounds track promoters to raise their basic liability insurance from $3M to $5M per event. Of course that comes with an added cost, so make sure you bring more of your friends to the races this year! There was also a lot of legal-advice time spent on evacuation plans and what to do in case of a major emergency. Nobody every plans on either of those scenarios, but it’s mandated by the new world that we live in today. Let’s not forget that race promoting is a business, except with a whole lot more risk than a typical company located in your local industrial park.

    SCHEDULE HIGHLIGHTS: There will be five co-sanctioned shows in 2018. The King of the West-NARC series will share the stage with the Civil War sprint cars at the Spring Nationals at Tulare and at Calistoga Speedway on June 23rd. The Sprint Car Challenge Tour will team up with KWS-NARC on three nights including Placerville (July 28), Hanford (October 13) and the season finale at Stockton (November 3). Most of those events will offer advance reserved ticket sales, so start warming up your VISA card to score some excellent seats. … There are no conflicts between the King of the West/NARC & SCCT schedule. There may only be one with the Civil War series, but I haven’t seen their official schedule yet. … There is only one race in Chico and that would be the May 5th Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial. I know! There should be more! … The Peter Murphy Classic was bumped back to May 19th, which should make it even bigger and better! In the meantime, go spend some money at Tachi Palace! … There is one rain-date on the schedule and that would be August 4th. … The 2018 year-end championship awards banquet will take place on Saturday, November 20th, just two short weeks after the season finale. Details to be announced. … There are three races at both Tulare and Ocean Speedway. … The season opener at Kern County Raceway Park is less than 90 days away - April 7th to be exact! …

    CHAMPIONSHIP BANQUET HIGHLIGHTS: Bud Kaeding, car owner Morrie Williams, and the rest of the Zero Heroes team capped their 2017 season with a stack of accolades and prizes at our December 16th banquet in Santa Cruz. It was title number one for Bud and the fourth for Williams Motorsports. … Gio Scelzi, who was off racing a midget in Doquin, Illinois, was named 2017 Rookie of the Year. … Special thanks to Trophy City’s Dave Pusateri, who donated all of the trophies for the top 10 teams. Dave is allegedly retired, but still manages to squeeze in the time and effort to support our series. Thank you again. … The special $1000 Williams Roofing bonus was not paid out this season. This is the fan pill draw that awards a grand on race night if the driver in that starting position wins the feature. So instead, Steve Williams reached into his wallet and kicked in an additional $1500 and we had a pill draw of the three eligible drivers who were in attendance. The trio was Jarrett Soares, Bobby McMahan and Bud Kaeding. Soares had his name drawn and ended up sharing the winnings with the other two. Yet another reason to attend the banquet. … Roth Motorsports Team Manager Todd Ventura is an eloquent speaker and graciously acknowledged the efforts of Kaeding & Williams. Only one-point was the difference between second and owning the podium at the end of the night. … A total of $62,000 was awarded, plus more than $25,000 in product and contingency prizes to teams in attendance. …

    ... There were two custom cast steering wheel trophies presented to the championship team. To best describe them, they are of Hall of Fame quality. In addition, they received championship rings. The team also presented duplicate rings to all of the Zero Hero pit crew members. The Northern Auto Racing Club presented Katie Williams with a special championship pendant. We all know that Katie is the heart and soul of this team and she needed to be recognized. … Andy Forsberg (Civil War) and Geoff Ensign (Ocean Speedway) were also honored at the event. … Special thanks to Dean Mills for putting the video together. It made for a great show. … Bobby McMahan = Class Act! …

    ... The King of the West-NARC portion of the banquet started with an auction to benefit the NARC Benevolent Fund. And it was a good one. More than $9400 was raised for the cause. A huge chunk of that came from the auction of a pair of VIP Suite passes to the NASCAR race in Fontana. Heck, another $1500 was bid for a basket of Katie’s Cookies! Yes, cookies! It doesn’t get much better than that! … Along the lines of the NARC Benevolent Fund, Margaret Lingron, who was injured in July at Petaluma Speedway attended the banquet. With the assistance of a walker, it was her first social outing since being injured. She is working hard with physical therapy to be back to the race track in March. …

    FAMILIAR FACES IN DIFFERENT PLACES: Some sprint car drivers race some of the time, some race all of the time. Kyle Hirst piloted the Dalton USA #1 in New Zealand with Peter Murphy working the crew chief role. A pair of runner-ups and a fourth place finish earned him a third place finish in points. … Cory Eliason will be piloting a car nationally with Dennis Roth Motorsports in 2018. This includes about 70-races with the Outlaws, All-Stars, King of the West and Knoxville. I’ll mark him down for at least 10 victories this season. In the meantime, Eliason has been racing in Australia racking up a bunch of hardcharger awards. … With Dan Simpson retiring from open wheel racing (for a while), Michael “Buddy” Kofoid is slated to drive for Harley Van Dyke in 2018. Buddy is also racing “down under” this winter. Heck, when I was 15 years old, I was happy just to make an annual trip to Disneyland or Universal Studios – much less Australia. …

    ... Fremont’s Shane Golobic and the potent Tarlton Motorsports team are going to make a serious run at the 2018 King of the West-NARC championship. The Tarlton’s claimed the 2015 & 2016 King of the West crown with Carson Macedo and Kyle Hirst behind the wheel, respectively. Golobic will be chasing his first. Paul Baines is running the show on race nights. … Colby Copeland will be the new lead foot in the Larry Antaya Motorsports Maxim this season. Trevor Canales will handle the wrenches. This should be a fun team to watch. … Let’s not forget about DJ Netto who has moved back into the Netto Family sprinter. DJ posted the most top 10 finishes during 2017 season. No reason why that would be any different in ’18. … By the way, if you’re still looking to put a talented driver in your seat, this corner highly recommends Geoff Ensign and Ryan Bernal. … Who is your early season favorite to claim this seasons King of the West-NARC title?

    GENERAL MEETING: The King of the West Series – presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club, will be holding our annual General Membership/Competition Meeting on Saturday, February 17th. It will be hosted by Roth Motorsports in their Motorsports Compound at 4630 S. Fig Avenue, Fresno, CA 93706. We get started at 11:00 a.m. and will be serving some killer barbecue by 1:00 p.m. So we have everyone covered on food, please RSVP by texting 714-397-7417.

    Stay tuned for some new sponsor news in the next few weeks. This is shaping up to be an excellent season! Coming to you live from Auburn, CA, see ya!



    12/2/17 - Jim Allen, Auburn, CA ... The King of the West-NARC Sprint Car Series has rolled out a 2018 sprint car schedule that will feature 16 race dates at nine different dirt oval tracks in California. Up for grabs for open wheel teams will be more than $430,000 in prize money, championship point funds and contingency awards. The series will continue to be backed by title sponsor Fujitsu General and Hoosier Racing Tires.

    The season kicks off on April 7th at Kern County Raceway Park in Bakerfield, CA and concludes seven months later on November 3rd with Championship Night at the Stockton Dirt Track.

    In a move that demonstrates outstanding cooperation between promoters, race tracks and sanctioning bodies, the schedule features four co-sanctioned shows with the state's two traveling 360 classes. Three of the shows will be co-sanctioned with the Sprint Car Challenge Tour (SCCT). Those events include the a June 30th "Salute the Fans" extravaganza at Placerville Speedway; the October 13th Cotton Classic at Keller Auto Speedway, and the Tribute to Gary Patterson season finale. The June 23rd event at the famed half-mile Calistoga Speedway will be shared with the Civil War sprint cars.

    Two of the highest paying events of the season will take place during the month of May with the Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial race at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico (May 5th). The $11,000 to win Peter Murphy Classic at the Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway was bumped back a month from its regular position on the schedule to May 19th.

    Tulare and Ocean Speedway in Watsonville play host to the most amount of races with three events each. The Thunderbowl Raceway will also provide the venue for the Spring Nationals on April 21st and the Faria Memorial on June 2nd. Ocean Speedway dates include the second race of the season on April 20th, the 34th annual Pombo-Sargent Classic on June 22nd and the lucrative Howard Kaeding Classic on July 21st. The series will also invade Petaluma Speedway, Placerville Speedway and Kern County Raceway Park.

    Bud Kaeding and car owner Morrie Williams are the defending 2017 King of the West-NARC champions.

    Stay tuned to our website, Facebook and Twitter for more information about these events.

    (As of 12/2/17 - Subject to Change - Please verify your event before traveling)

    APRIL 7 - Kern County Raceway Park, Bakersfield, CA

    APRIL 20 - Ocean Speedway, Watsonville, CA
    APRIL 21 - Thunderbowl Raceway, Tulare, CA - * Spring Nationals

    MAY 5 - Silver Dollar Speedway, Chico, CA - * Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial
    MAY 19 - Thunderbowl Raceway, Tulare, CA - * Second Night of Peter Murphy Classic

    JUNE 2 - Thunderbowl Raceway, Tulare, CA - * Chris & Brian Faria Memorial
    JUNE 9 - Petaluma Speedway, Petaluma, CA
    JUNE 22 - Ocean Speedway, Watsonville, CA - * Pombo-Sargent Classic
    JUNE 23 - Calistoga Speedway, Calistoga, CA - * Wine Country Classic with Civil War Sprint Cars
    JUNE 30 - Placerville Speedway, Placerville, CA - * Salute to the Fans with SCCT Sprint Cars

    JULY 14 - Petaluma Speedway, Petaluma, CA
    JULY 21 - Ocean Speedway, Watsonville, CA - * Second Night of the Howard Kaeding Classic
    JULY 28 - Placerville Speedway, Placerville, CA - Summer Nationals


    OCTOBER 6 - Kern County Raceway Park, Bakersfield, CA
    OCTOBER 13 - Keller Auto Speedway, Hanford, CA - * The Cotton Classic with SCCT Sprint Cars

    NOVEMBER 3 - Stockton Dirt Track, Stockton, CA - * Championship Night with SCCT Sprint Cars




    NARC NEWSLINE, By Jim Allen, November 24, 2017 … And yes, we finally have a champion! In the tightest championship points race in the 57 year history of King of the West, Golden State Challenge, King of California and Northern Auto Racing Club, Bud Kaeding nipped Gio Scelzi by a single point to capture the 2017 crown. That’s right, it’s not a misprint, ONE POINT! Consider that for a moment. After 16 high-flying events featuring qualifying, heat races, dashes and 475 laps of feature event racing, it all came down to who passed one more car than the other - literally.

    This championship showdown couldn’t have played out any better starting with qualifying. Kaeding and Scelzi turned the same exact time in time trials around Tony Noceti’s 4/10 mile oval – right down to the a thousand of a second (13.168 seconds.) What are the odds of that? They followed that up by each running away with their respective heats. And for the season finale showdown, they started side-by-side in the third row still separated by three points. Fast forward 30-laps andScelzi crosses the checkered in fourth and Kaeding sixth with the title. Final score: Bud Kaeding/Williams Motorsports 910, Gio Scelzi/Roth Motorsports 909.

    The “tie question” came up a bunch of times at Stockton. What happens if it ends up in a tie? Well that would be like kissing your sister. Might feel okay, but it’s just not right! The fact is there isn’t an official tiebreaker in the King of the West-NARC rulebook. There are some obvious ones, like most feature event wins of fast times, but there was nothing in print to make it official. So if it ended in a tie, it was going to be exactly that – dual champions. Looks likes it time to add another page to the KWS-NARC rulebook in 2018.

    As much as we are congratulating the Kaeding-Williams team on their hard fought championship, we also want to sincerely commend the Scelzi-Roth pairing. The startling fact that a 15-year old driver could make such of a headline-grabbing run at a championship was amazing. Scelzi’s competitive edge and composure throughout the season was simply remarkable. Let’s be honest, you can’t pry most 15-year olds out of the mall, video games, or the shower. In Gio’s case, you’ll have to pry him out of a sprint car because there are several championships in his future – and that future is now. Along those lines, let’s take it another step down to Cory Eliason, who picked off the Stockton headliner. If it weren’t for a faulty U-joint a month ago at Ocean Speedway that shot a hole in his points chase, that win could have been for the championship, especially since a win pays a three-point premium over second place. Or a three-way tie? That’s too many sisters!

    By the way, for you racing historian’s out there, the previous closest mark for a pressure-packed mathematically challenging nail biter happened way back in 1982 when Brent Kaeding nipped Hank Butcher by three points for the NARC title (3404-3401). At this point, we have three Kaeding’s listed as “Kings” with Brent and Tim now being joined by Bud. That is one heck of a family legacy.

    STOCKTON DIRT TRACK NOTES: Dominic Scelzi won both the SCCT and KWS dashes. And it was a good night to do it since there was a $1000 bonus for each from Chase Chevrolet and Kleen Blast. … On display at the Tribute to Gary Patterson was the famous number 56 sprinter, thanks to Sheila Ross. When you look at that car and what we work with now, you can get a true perspective on how sprint car racing has evolved. Also in the house was 1976 NARC champion Johnny Anderson. … Cory Eliason is headed to Australia this winter to represent the red, white and blue. Speaking of Eliason, his win at Stockton allowed him to slide past DJ Netto from fourth to third in the final standings. … The King of the West-NARC title was the fourth for car owner Morrie Williams. He has won a trifecta of titles with Jonathan Allard in 2006, 2008 and 2012. … Bud finally shagged the perennial bridesmaid role that has chased him three-seasons running. Can you say happy camper? … Kyle Hirst – Quick Time. … Promoter Tony Noceti knows how to have fun and how to put on an entertaining show. To him the word “promoter” is a verb not a noun! He is involved in everything. Leading up to the event, his television ads blitzed the Sacramento-area airwaves. At the event, he threw in added features like a car show, a live-band, and an assortment of fireworks. That took it from a race to a show! … It was headers optional at Stockton. It was like the ear-numbing front row at a Guns N Roses concert – except faster! … Seven teams ran both a 410 and 360. …

    MUSICAL CHAIRS: In the musical chairs department, Clyde Lamar and his Tri-C team shook hands and parted ways with DJ Netto at the end of the season. They had a good run, winning at Calistoga and finishing fourth in the final standings. Mr. Netto was tied for a KWS-NARC high with 14 top ten finishes this season. … The new hot shoe in the familiar Tri-C Machine number 3 will be Tanner Thorsen! … DJ will drive the Netto Family sprinter in 2018. … Gio Scelzi and Roth Motorsports parted ways at the end of the night in Stockton. … Cory Eliason is the new driver in the Roth Motorsports ride. … Buddy Kofoid will be out searching for a full-time ride now that Dan Simpson is hanging it up for a while. …

    ODDS & ENDS: Silver Dollar Speedway announced at their banquet that they will no longer run 410 sprint cars at their weekly shows. They are going the 360 route making the King of the West-NARC series the only 410 game in town – when we are in town. … The Outlaw schedule is out and it pretty much mirrors the 2017 stops with the exception of an adder at Ocean Speedway. … Congratulations to Kyle Hirst who won the inaugural SCCT championship title. … The NARC Benevolent Fund made a contribution to injured driver Sean Becker after his scary ride in a non-wing machine at Stockton. He was airborne for a long time and the ugly crash landing resulted in a bruised lung and face. I think sometimes we forget this is a dangerous sport. We wish him well in his recovery.

    Try not to cuss too loud when you hear this, but there will not be a KWS-NARC Speedweek next year. I know, like you, I needed to mix up a stiff cocktail after learning that reality. Short term it’s not in the cards. Consider it a work in progress. … Some other schedule teasers include the Peter Murphy Classic race being moved to May 18-19. The Bradway Memorial race is on May 5th, making it a great month for teams to stuff their wallets! … If everything falls into place, our 2018 schedule will be rolled out at our December 16th banquet. … Do you have your banquet tickets yet? We are awarding more than $20,000 in product awards to teams that night, but you must be present to win. …

    And I’ll end this column with my wish list for the perfect race track. Let’s take the scenic views, the history and the catch fence from Calistoga, throw in the grass infield from Ocean Speedway, the lighting and sound system and “victory lane” from the Stockton Dirt Track, the frantic wheel-to-wheel close racing of a Placerville and Chico, the gumbo from Petaluma, and the banking of Keller Auto Speedway and put them all together. That would be my new home track. #justsaying. And for good measure, let’s throw in the street tacos from Hanford, the Chicken Kabobs at Stockton, and the Tri-Tip from Tulare. Now I’m good. Your opinion may vary.

    Coming to you live from Auburn, CA. We will catch up with all of you at the King of the West-NARC Championship awards banquet on December 16th in Santa Cruz. (Got tickets?) See ya!




    (11/18/17 Jim Allen) … The King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series will celebrate the closest championship points battle in series history at its championship awards banquet in Santa Cruz, CA on Saturday, December 16th. The event will be held at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Cocoanut Grove Ballroom. Doors open at 6:00 p.m., followed by dinner at 7:00 p.m. and award presentations.

    The series will crown driver Bud Kaeding and car owner Morrie Williams as the 2017 KWS-NARC champions after winning the coveted title by a single point over Gio Scelzi and Roth Motorsports. The top 15 teams in the Fujitsu-Hoosier Racing Tires sponsored series will collect shares of the $62,000 championship point fund at the event. In addition, more than $15,000 in product awards will be presented to teams by way of a raffle. Must be present to win.

    The champions of the Civil War Sprint Car Series, Ocean Speedway Taco Bravo Sprint Cars and Modified All-Star Tour will also be honored on the same night.

    Race fans, sprint car teams, sponsors and promoters are welcome! Tickets cost $65 per person, or $520 for a reserved eight-person table if purchased before November 30th. Tickets can be purchased online by clicking HERE or in the “Fan Section” at After November 30th, the tickets increase to $75 per person. The deadline to purchase is December 8th.

    The official hotel for the event is the Carousel Beach Inn, located at 110 Riverside Avenue in Santa Cruz. Rooms can be reserved by calling 831-425-7090.

    Thank you for your support of our 2017 sprint car season.




    11/11/17 - Jim Allen - Stockton, CA … Cory Eliason picked off the 34th Annual Tribute to Gary Patterson season finale and Bud Kaeding claimed his first King of the West-NARC championship in an exciting night of sprint car racing at Tony Noceti’s lightning fast Stockton Dirt Track.

    Eliason, piloting the Antaya Motorsports Good Guys/Fuel Curve-sponsored Maxim, held off a flurry of late race challenges by Tim Kaeding to score his second KWS-NARC Fujitsu 30-lap feature of the season. This team also won the season opener on April 4th.

    However, some of Eliason victory lane thunder may have been stolen by Bud Kaeding who claimed the King of the West-NARC championship by a single-point (910-909) over 15-year old driving sensation Gio Scelzi. It will be logged in the racing journals as the closest points chase in the sanctioning bodies history. Kaeding’s season long campaign came aboard Morrie Williams’ potent Alviso Rock Maxim.

    Eliason started on the outside of the front row and won a drag race with Hoosier Tires dash winner Dominic Scelzi on the initial green to take the lead. He duplicated that effort five times for caution period restarts for minor incidents during the first 10-circuits. Once the field got sorted out, Tim Kaeding motored the Harley Van Dyke sprint car past Dominic Scelzi on lap 12 and began the process of reeling in the leader.

    Slower traffic became a serious factor with a handful of laps to go and T. Kaeding got past Eliason for a single lap. Eliason returned the favor the next time around only to have the red flag come out with two to go. D. Scelzi was uninjured when his car vaulted up over turn three trying to avoid a slower car.

    Once action resumed, Eliason set the winning standard for the two remaining two laps, chased by Kaeding, and 10th starter and fast qualifier Kyle Hirst in the Roth Motorsports KPC.

    “We were in the running for the championship most of the season,” stated Eliason in victory lane. “It sure is nice to get the win and set the stage to come back strong next season.”

    Gio Scelzi and Bud Kaeding, who posted identical times in qualifying and won their respective heat races, started the main event side-by-side in the third row. Scelzi battled to finish fourth in the sister Roth Motosports H & R Livestock Transport KPC, chased by Bill Balog in the Snow Racing Engines 7T. Kaeding kept his sights on Scelzi’s rear nerf bar throughout and scored sixth.

    “It feels so good to finally win this title,” said a champagne-soaked Kaeding, a three-time runner-up in the series during the past three years. “I can’t say enough about my team and everyone who made this run possible. Gio was a great competitor and made us work hard all season long.”

    The balance of the top ten included Shane Golobic, DJ Netto, Chase Johnson and Sean Watts. Golobic efforts were notable in that he had to start at the back of the pack twice.

    Heat races wins were claimed by Eliason, Kaeding, and Gio Scelzi.


    KWS-NARC Fujitsu Feature Event (30 laps): Cory Eliason, Tim Kaeding, Kyle Hirst, Gio Scelzi, Bill Balog, Bud Kaeding, Shane Golobic, DJ Netto, Chase Johnson, Sean Watts, Bobby McMahan, Dominic Scelzi, Jenna Frazier, Pat Harvey, Nathan Rolfe, Jarrett Soares, Andy Forsberg, Justyn Cox, Buddy Kofoid.

    Fast Qualifier (.400 mile clay oval): Kyle Hirst – 12.841 seconds

    Heat 1 (10 laps): Cory Eliason, Kyle Hirst, DJ Netto, Andy Forsberg, Pat Harvey, Bobby McMahan, Buddy Kofoid.

    Heat 2 (10 laps): Bud Kaeding, Shane Golobic, Dominic Scelzi, Sean Watts, Jarrett Soares, Justyn Cox.

    Heat 3 (10 laps): Gio Scelzi, Tim Kaeding, Chase Johnson, Nathan Rolfe, Bill Balog, Jenna Frazier.

    Hoosier Tires Dash (6 laps): Dominic Scelzi, Cory Eliason, Tim Kaeding, Shane Golobic, Bud Kaeding, Gio Scelzi, Chase Johnson, DJ Netto, Andy Forsberg.




    (11/6/17) Stockton, CA … The secret to any good book is an even greater ending. So if you’re looking for an exciting nail-biting conclusion to a thrilling open wheel action adventure, then the Stockton Dirt Track is the place to be on Saturday, November 11th. That’s when the King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series will write the final chapter on their ultra-competitive 2017 season with the 34th Annual Tribute to Gary Patterson.

    ED NOTE: This event was originally scheduled for November 4th, but was rained out.

    Race fans will be treated to an action-packed night of open wheel racing on a docket that also features the popular Sprint Car Challenge Tour (SCCT). Saturday afternoon activities at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds also feature a car show, live music and great food. The festivities kick off at high noon.

    Not only has the King of the West-NARC series produced 10 different winners in 15 events, it showcases a torrid championship battle that probably will not be decided until the final lap of the season. What started as a season-long three-team battle for the King of the West-NARC title, has now boiled down to a two team slug-fest between Campbell’s Bud Kaeding and 15-year old driving sensation Gio Scelzi of Fresno in recent weeks.

    This duo has swapped the lead in the standings five-times this season with Kaeding currently maintaining a slim 855-852 point lead. To put that margin in perspective, the two drivers could swap positions during qualifying.

    Mathematically speaking, Kaeding, a two-time feature winner this season, can wrap up his first series title with a victory on Saturday. However, that is easier said than done in a series that has produced a constant supply of entertaining sprint car performances this season. Hanford’s Mitchell Faccinto was the latest driver to win on the circuit at Hanford (October 14th), becoming the third “first time” winner this year. Penngrove drivers Chase Johnson and Buddy Kofoid are the other two.

    Knowing that the rest of the field is there to play the role of spoilers, both Kaeding and Scelzi know what needs to be done.

    “I only have one option on Saturday night,” explained Scelzi, a three-time winner this season, who is looking to become the youngest winner in series history. “To put this thing away, I need to win the race so I can win the championship.”

    "If you stop and think about it, there are way too many variables in play and that can divert my teams focus." said Kaeding, who is chasing down his first KWS-NARC championship, after three-consecutive runner-up finishes. "I’m just going to go out and race my race.”

    Also expected to compete at Stockton is Kingsburg’s Cory Eliason; DJ Netto of Hanford, and Kyle Hirst of Paradise. Hirst is also zeroing in on and can claim the Sprint Car Challenge Tour championship with a solid run with that division. He is one of many drivers who will be doing “double-duty” racing a 360 and 410 c.i. powered sprint car for both sanctioning bodies.

    Others looking to improve their final positions in the standings include Bobby McMahan of Elk Grove; Atwater drivers Sean Watts and Nathan Rolfe; and Jarrett Soares of Discovery Bay.

    The KWS-NARC program includes qualifying, four 10-lap heat races, the six-lap Hoosier Tires Dash; the 12-lap Flowmaster B-Main; followed by the 30-lap high stakes Fujitsu Sprint Car Series headliner.

    Front gates open at 3:00 p.m. Qualifying will get underway at 5:00 p.m.

    The Stockton Dirt Track is located on the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds in Stockton, CA. The address is 1658 S. Airport Way, Stockton, CA 95206. For more information, call 209-466-9999, or go to

    ED NOTE: Camping is available at the fairgrounds.

    The Stockton Dirt Track Championship Weekend also includes these events:
    Friday, November 10th – Hunt Magneto Wingless Tour, Dwarf Cars, Bombers, B4, and vintage.
    Saturday November 11th – Car Show – Noon to 4 p.m. Driver Autograph Session and Live Music

    The King of the West Fujitsu Racing Series – presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club is co-sponsored by Hoosier Racing Tires. Contingency award sponsors include ATL Racing Cells, ARP Racing Bolts, BMRS, Butler Built, FK Rod Ends, Flowmaster, Fuel Safe Racing Cells, Kaeding Performance Center, KSE Racing Products, Maxim, PAC Racing Springs, PSC Industrial Services, Pyrotect, Racing Optics, Saldana Racing Products, Schoenfeld Headers, SCI Racing Products, System 1 Ignition, Ultra Light Brakes, Weld Racing Wheels, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Williams Roofing, and Winters Performance Products.
    (After 15 races in the 16-race Series)

    Bud Kaeding, Campbell (2) - 855
    Giovanni Scelzi, Fresno (3) - 852
    DJ Netto, Hanford (1) – 824
    Cory Eliason, Kingsburg (1) - 819
    Kyle Hirst, Paradise (2) - 731
    Bobby McMahan, Elk Grove - 725
    Sean Watts, Atwater – 705
    Michael Kofoid, Penngrove (1) - 695
    Jarrett Soares, Discovery Bay - 690
    Nathan Rolfe, Atwater - 651
    Chase Johnson, Penngrove (1) - 463
    Shane Golobic, Fremont (2) - 463
    Mitchell Faccinto, Hanford (1) - 454
    Willie Croft, Sacramento - 450
    Brent Bjork, Fremont - 399
    Craig Stidham, Fresno – 353
    Mathew Moles, Fresno - 315
    Dominic Scelzi, Fresno - 299
    Jason Statler, Grass Valley – 294
    Jeremy Chisum, Fremont - 251

    (Feature victories in parenthesis)



    NARC NEWSLINE, By Jim Allen, October 28, 2017 … Even though it’s no longer politically correct in today’s charged environment, I’m going to say it anyway. “It’s not over until the fat lady sings!” Okay, I said it. At this point, all I know is that proverbial lady will be singing loudly about 10:30 p.m. on November 4th at the Stockton Dirt Track. That will be about the time the final checkered is waved after the 30-lap King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series season finale (weather permitting.) The only question will be -- who will she be singing about? Considering that at the October 14th Cotton Classic, the King of the West-NARC championship point lead swapped hands for the sixth time this season, it’s anyone’s guess! It was the fifth time Bud Kaeding and Gio Scelzi have traded places.

    KELLER AUTO SPEEDWAY NOTES: If there was a wheelie contest, Buddy Kofoid would’ve won it hands down with a massive salute to the sky down the backchute in Hanford. Problem was, there wasn’t a contest going on. This happened during his heat race. #justsaying … Mitchell Faccinto became KWS-NARC winner number 10 in Stan Greenberg’s KPC sprint car. It was his first career King of the West win. With the success this team has enjoyed this season, he was “overdue” to pull this one off. … Quick qualifier Kyle Hirst didn’t help his own cause when he managed to pull a “12” pill for the Hoosier Dash Inversion. Yes, with three cars transferring from each heat race, there was a 12-car dash at Hanford. Thank goodness he drives better than his pill-pulling ability as he methodically worked his way to an impressive runner-up finish. … 30-cars. … Other activities surrounding the Cotton Classic include a fund raising golf tournament and raffle for Bailey Schweitzer, the daughter of Bakersfield Speedway promoters Scott and Crissy Schweitzer. For those who may not know, young Bailey was among the victims at the tragic Las Vegas shooting. … Specials thanks to BR Motorsports and Penny Newman Grain for their support of the overall event. …

    … Gio Scelzi took an unexpected detour in his heat race, vaulting and flipping over the second turn. However, the Roth Motorsports team did what they do best and replaced about half the car in about 25-minutes. The best way to describe it would be to say it was “organized mayhem.” In a show of great sportsmanship, several teams and drivers contributed to the effort. After repairs, Scelzi proceeded to run away with the semi. He started 14th in the feature and scored eighth. … By comparison, Bud Kaeding started 10th and was a rocket during the second half of the main to finish third. There was so much slicing and dicing in lap traffic, Bud wasn’t sure where he finished. Neither did anyone else as there were six cars at the scales for the top three spots. End result: Kaeding 855, Scelzi 852. …

    … Dominic Scelzi had the Scelzi Motorsports Schnee purring in the feature. After leader Buddy Kofoid ran amuck with a broken right front shock tower on lap four, Scelzi was the class of the field. However, on a lap 14 restart, the torque tube exploded out of the bottom of the car and his night was over. It blew out of the back of his car like a cruise missile and pretty much destroyed the top wing of the Harley Van Dkye ride piloted by Tim Kaeding. Despite the direct hit, Kaeding finished fourth. Watch the video in slow motion on … Cole Macedo knocked out a top five in the Tarlton Motorsports ride. …

    … There are some great improvements that are going to take place this winter at Keller Auto Speedway. With local support, promoter Bubby Morse promises a complete facelift of the track surface. They plan to rebuild and add a ton of new clay to elevate their track to premier status! Look for a press release from the track in the near future. … Announcer Gary Thomas perfectly described the Cotton Classic track surface as “having character.” Yes, it was rough, but it was rough for everyone, which builds character – and made for some great racing. … Mathew Moles scored a heat race victory and a season-best 10th place finish in the feature. … The RaceSaver sprinters had a tough night negotiating their way away from the front straightaway fence. Two incidents had cars tangled in the wires and slowed the program so repairs could be made. … You’ve got to love the “Cotton Bail” trophy at the Cotton Classic. …

    HANFORD QUOTE OF THE WEEK: This one comes by way of car owner Clyde Lamar. When asked how many parts they were able to save from their crashed Tri-C/Netto Ag ride from Ocean Speedway, Lamar answered without pause, “It could’ve fit in the trunk of your car.”

    CHAMPIONSHIP BANQUET: With the King of the West-NARC in the process of becoming a club and separate entity this year, proactive plans for the championship banquet slid to the backburner. However, thanks to Prentice Motorsports, we are going to join the All-Star Modified Tour, Ocean Sprints, and Civil War sprints and bootleg onto their banquet on Saturday, December 16th. It’s being held at the Coconut Grove Ballroom on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Dinner at 7:00 p.m. and checks are being distributed shortly thereafter. Tickets will go on sale this week and can be had by clicking here ! … KWS-NARC will be awarding a stout $62,000 point fund to the top 15 teams in the final standings, plus there is a ton of other great stuff we are raffling off. … We also hope to roll out our 2018 schedule at the banquet. … Don’t miss it.

    NARC NOTES: Fremont’s Brent Bjork announced that he has made the commitment to race the entire King of the West-NARC schedule in 2018. Due to a busy work schedule, he has only managed to compete in 10-races so far this season. … Along those lines, Jenna Frazier will be running for rookie of the year next season. … Did we mention that Fujitsu is back as title sponsor next season? … Trivia questions of the week? Who has more heat race victories this season? DJ Netto, or the combined group of Cory Eliason, Bud Kaeding, and Kyle Hirst? … Question number two: How many Hoosier Tires Dash Winners have gone on to win the Fujitsu main event on the same night? … And finally, who has more top five finishes this season? Gio Scelzi or Kyle Hirst?

    ANSWERS: DJ Netto has 10. The other three have a total of nine. … Just ONE dash winner has gone on to win the main. Think about that for a moment! … Both Roth Motorsports drivers have scored eight top five finishes.

    By the way, Dave Pusateri for President! His efforts at the Trophy Cup and his contributions to the Make-A-Wish Foundation have no peer. … We will see all of you at the Stockton Dirt Track on November 4th. It’s time for the big-boned woman to sing her heart out!

    Coming to you live from Auburn, CA. See ya!




    NARC Benevolent Fund Provides Aid to Lingron Family and Margaret Lingron

    (PETERSEN MEDIA)- Year after year, the NARC Benevolent fund puts on various fundraisers raising money for racers, crew members, officials, etc. should they be involved in an on track incident and need financial help. Though it is the hope that these issues never arise, unfortunately accidents do happen and help is often needed.

    July 29th, Petaluma Speedway official, Margaret Lingron was involved in an on-track accident, resulting in the last three weeks being spent in the ICU. Recently being moved to a non ICU room, doctors have advised up to three months of being immobile for up to three months enabling the healing process of pelvic fractures.

    The NARC Benevolent Fund is happy to announce that a check has been cut and delivered to the Lingron family in their time of need as the long road to recovery continues.

    “I have loved Sprint Car racing my entire life, and now it helps my family in time of suffering,” Said Lingron’s husband Ron, who serves as the announcer at Petaluma Speedway and Ocean Speedway. “My family cannot thank the facilitators who made this happen enough, and in fact Thank You just seems to hollow.”

    The NARC Benevolent Fund will continue to raise money in years to come, and hopes for continued to support from the racing family to continue to be there in times of need.





    07/15/17 - Jim Allen - Watsonville, CA … Buddy Kofoid secured his first ever King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series feature victory Saturday night, capturing the exciting 30-lap Howard Kaeding Classic at Ocean Speedway.

    The 15-year old driver pocketed $5,000 for his efforts, a commemorative racing helmet and a permanent spot on the HK Classic perpetual trophy for his nights work. His winning efforts came aboard the potent Dan Simpson/Gary Silva Ranches sprinter and made him the ninth different winner in 12 events this season.

    Kofoid spent the first few laps of the event chasing down Hoosier Tires dash winner Cory Eliason, while holding off a tailgating Shane Golobic at the same time. The contest got real interesting when the group roared into slower traffic on the sixth circuit, battling inches apart as they fought for position.

    Kofoid finally got around Eliason on the 13th circuit, but the red flag came out a lap later for multiple-time series Brent Kaeding, who got tangled up with another car and flipped in turn four. He was shaken in the accident and went to the hospital after the race as a precautionary measure.

    On the restart, Kofoid continued to set a frantic pace, as Eliason and Golobic mixed it up in his shadow using multiple lines on the track.

    Fifth starter Justin Sanders entered the fray in the Vontrex Keizer Wheel Maxim and powered past Golobic for third on lap 18. Eliason and Kofoid were inches apart fighting for the lead on lap 20 when they made contact and Eliason crashed into the front straightaway fence exiting turn four. He was done for the night.

    On the ensuing restart, Kofoid had his hands full dealing with the multiple challenges of Sanders. At one point, Kofoid made contact and rode down the backstretch wall on two wheels attempting to shake his pursuer.

    A final caution came out with six circuits remaining when KWS-NARC point leader Bud Kaeding stopped with a flat left rear tire. This set the stage for one final showdown for the lead. Sanders and Kofoid continued to battle and were side-by-side entering turn three on the white-flag lap, but Kofoid held his line to secure the hard fought victory.

    "I knew Justin (Sanders) was fast and was going to make a run at me on the end," said Kofoid. "However, my team gave me a great car to win tonight."

    One of the best open wheel battles of the night took place between Golobic, Kyle Hirst and Gio Scelzi who swapped positions on a corner-by-corner basis during the final five laps. Golobic secured the final podium spot in the Keith Day Trucking/Elk Grove Ford sprint car. Eighth starter Kyle Hirst finished fourth in the Roth Motorsports KPC, chased by DJ Netto in the Tri-C Machine/AG Netto sponsored ride. Scelzi was sixth in the H & R Livestock Transport KPC.

    Semi-transfer and 20th starter Andy Forsberg earned hardcharger honors, fighting his way to an impressive seventh place finish. Jonathan Allard, 16th starter Craig Stidham, and 19th starter Chase Johnson rounded out the top ten.

    Sean Watts claimed the 12-lap semi. Heat races were picked off by Sanders, Croft, Scelzi, and Netto. Kofoid set quick time.



    KWS-NARC Fujitsu Feature Event (30 laps): Buddy Kofoid, Justin Sanders, Shane Golobic, Kyle Hirst, DJ Netto, Gio Scelzi, Andy Forsberg, Jonathan Allard, Craig Stidham, Chase Johnson, Bobby McMahan, Bud Kaeding, Willie Croft, Dustin Golobic, Sean Watts, Kurt Nelson, Jarrett Soares, Brent Bjork, Eric Rossi, Cory Eliason, Burt Foland Jr., Brent Kaeding

    Lap Leaders: Eliason 1-12, Kofoid 13-30

    Fast Qualifier (1/4 mile clay oval - 28 cars): Buddy Kofoid - 12.245 seconds

    Heat 1 (10 laps): Justin Sanders, Buddy Kofoid, Kurt Nelson, Craig Stidham, Jeremy Chisum, Sean Watts, Jason Chisum

    Heat 2 (10 laps): Willie Croft, Bud Kaeding, Cory Eliason, Bobby McMahan, Chase Johnson, Marcus Dumesny, Josh Chisum

    Heat 3 (10 laps): Gio Scelzi, Shane Golobic, Brent Kaeding, Jarrett Soares, Andy Forsberg, Nathan Rolfe, Eric Rossi

    Heat 4 (10 laps): DJ Netto, Kyle Hirst, Jonathan Allard, Brent Bjork, Dustin Golobic, Burt Foland Jr.

    Hoosier Tires Dash (6 laps): Cory Eliason, Buddy Kofoid, Shane Golobic, DJ Netto, Justin Sanders, Gio Scelzi, Kurt Nelson, Bud Kaeding, Brent Kaeding, Willie Croft, Jonathan Allard



    NARC NEWSLINE, (06/29/17) By Jim Allen … Now that we’ve got 10-races in the official King of the West-NARC record books, it’s time to award some mythical “midseason awards.” They represent a compilation of highlights, lowlights, and a few other things you probably already forgot about. Enjoy.

    The “HEAT RACE GOD” AWARD: If there was an official awards panel, this would have been a unanimous decision, because Hanford’s DJ Netto has absolutely smothered the category. So much so that there isn’t even another opponent who has a shot. The bottom line is …, in 2017, DJ has been a HEAT RACE GOD, capturing nine heat victories in 10 events aboard Clyde Lamar potent Tri-C Machine sprint car.

    So if you ever need to come up with a good racing trivia question … how about this one … what event did DJ “NOT” win a heat race? By the way, the next closest drivers are Cory Eliason and Bud Kaeding with only three wins.

    AND THE WINNER IS (your name here) AWARD: It’s been an extremely unpredictable season so far. Before this racing campaign got underway, this corner predicted that it was possible to see ten different KWS-NARC winners. And we’re off to a great start already with eight in the books and the likes of Buddy Kofoid, Willie Croft, Mitchell Faccinto and many others still looking for their first. By comparison, there were only six winners last season with Kyle Hirst and Kaeding combining for 11 victories.

    HAT TRICK AWARD: When we started the season, few people outside of Visalia’s Plaza Park Raceway, knew about a kid named Giovanni Scelzi. Yes, his last name is famous in racing circles, but this was just some skinny 15-year old kid who would be lucky to run in the top 10 … right? WRONG! Gio just didn’t earn his first career KWS-NARC win at Placerville Speedway, he backed it up with victories at Tulare and Antioch. That makes him the only multiple winner and the only driver to score a hat trick this season.

    HEARTBREAK HOTEL AWARD: After a thorough analysis, we came up with a three-way tie for this award because … well … they’re all heartbreaking crushers. It’s even worse than breaking up with your girlfriend and listening to Country Western music afterwards. Let’s start this off with Sacramento’s Willie Croft, who absolutely dominated the field for the first 28-laps of the Kern County Raceway Park season opener. All was going well until he ran out of fuel during a caution period with two to go. Another gallon of fuel and this one was in would’ve been all his. … Second on the list is Sean Becker, who led 29.9999 laps at Placerville Speedway, only to get nipped by 24 inches at the checkered by Gio Scelzi. … And finally, another 15-year old by the name of Buddy Kofoid just about had the Calistoga Dirt Classic winners’ check in his wallet. He set the standard for 20 strong laps and held off a super aggressive Rico Abreu, who was pulling out all the stops in an attempt to catch him. With a handful to go, Abreu ends up spinning in turn two with a flat left front tire. You could almost hear Kofoid breathe a huge sigh of relief. That was until his left rear tire shredded under caution and he lost the lead. You could almost hear Kofoid learning how to cuss at that very moment.

    PUT THAT HORSE DOWN AWARD: It’s been a brutal year on motors. Among those hit hard are Craig & Scott Parker, Jason Statler, Tarlton Motorsports, Shawn Thomas, Antaya Motorsports, Andy Forsberg, Billy Butler and more.

    AND DON’T FORGET YOUR VISA CARD AWARD: This award should be individually presented to all eight teams that crossed the checkered at the May 6th Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial race in Chico. Yes, a stout 22-car field started the 40-lapper and a heat race finished. It was a very expensive night where it seemed every crash and mishap was of the expensive variety. Jarrett Soares battered #12 car finished eighth to earn the hardcharger award. On this night, it should have been renamed the survivor award. By the way, the violent Michael Ing, Jason Statler, Carson Macedo crash on the backchute will send a chill up your spine (again) if you watch it in slow motion.

    IT’S ANYBODIES BALL GAME CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY: The Cory Eliason/Antaya Motorsports Team leads the KWS-NARC championship point standings after the season opener. Then the Bud Kaeding/Williams Motorsports team takes over, before the Gio Scelzi/Roth Motorsports goes on a tear to the top. Now it’s back to Kaeding. And this dogfight is far from being settled with seven races remaining. Make sure you don’t rule out DJ Netto either, who is still in the hunt.

    DON’T WIN THE DASH AWARD: One would think that starting on the pole would pretty much guarantee a victory, or at least dramatically increase the percentages in ones favor. WRONG! How about this statistic? Only one … yes … one … driver has won the Hoosier Tires Dash has gone on to claim the feature. Yup, that’s just 10% of the time. Those honors go to Gio Scelzi at Placerville, and he fell back to third for the most of the event before eventually winning by a front wing.

    SEAT OF THE PANTS AWARD: This award goes to the best “overall” race of the year. It doesn’t include any of the activities surrounding an event, just the green-to-checkered entertainment value. The winner? The season opener at Kern County Raceway Park was a gem throughout with most of the field battling inches apart - slicing, dicing, slide-jobbing, and cushion-riding for 30-laps. There is a reason that this Mills Video Production highlight reel got 41,000-plus views – it’s awesome! For those of you who need a review, that video can be found on the home page of … check it out again and see if you agree.

    WILL YOU SHOW ME YOUR ID AWARD: Half of the races this season have been won by drivers 21-years old or younger. Gio Scelzi, DJ Netto, and Chase Johnson are setting the stage for our next generation of champions! Heck, there are three 15-year olds in the top 10 in points – Scelzi, Buddy Kofoid, and Nathan Rolfe. Let’s put that in perspective, these three can’t even drive themselves to High School yet. And if they did, that 25 mph speed limit in school zones would be more of a guideline than a rule.

    OCEAN SPEEDWAY NOTES: Shane Golobic returned to the Golden State after winning the Indiana Midget Week title. Golobic was on the hammer from the beginning and scored the KWS-NARC victory in Keith Day’s ride. He may be one of the most underrated drivers in the country, proving that he is capable of winning in any open wheel machine. As much as we would hate to lose him as a California regular, I think it’s time for someone to offer him the opportunity of a full-time World of Outlaw ride. … Justin Sanders is very impressive in the 121 car – Rocket Fast! He set fast time and was on a mission, finishing second in the main. Two-time NARC champ Tim Green mentoring and coaching is paying off. … Ocean Speedway offered some much needed relief for many Californian’s suffering through a grueling heat wave. For example, when I left Sacramento, it was 106 degrees in the shade. It was 62 in Watsonville, with a marine layer. That’s almost as good as an icy cold beer in a frosted mug. Almost! …

    ... Nathan Rolfe posted his first top 10 finish of the season. … You know that thing about what to do when you fall off a bike. Get back on and keep riding. Brent Bjork, who finished in the top ten in KWS points five years ago, is re-learning the open wheel craft after his absence. He admits it has been tough but he is making progress. … Chase Johnson looked like he was going to secure win number two before suffering motor issues. Chase said he glanced down at the gauges for a split-second and smacked the wall on the backchute. Things kind of went squirrely from there. … Good crowd … No red flags. … Cory Eliason bicycled so hard in turn four in the feature that my filling came loose. … Koen Shaw finished 12th. … The Real Deal Jamie Veal stuck around for another weekend. Finished sixth at Ocean. … 16 cars broke the 12-second mark in qualifying. Only five ran 12-second laps in the feature. Everything else was in the 13’s.

    CALISTOGA SPEEDWAY NOTES: You know you have a successful racing event in the making when the activities surrounding the event are almost bigger than the race itself. The Boys & Girls Club of St. Helena & Calistoga Dirt Classic fell into that category. An astounding $250,000 was raised by local vintners for the cause in an effort spearheaded by David and Rico Abreu. Throw in some bands, a carnival-type atmosphere in the infield, a standing room only crowd, and a fair share of race-celebrity watching and this was a premium event. … DJ Netto tagged the wall on the first lap and broke his right front shock. 24-laps later, he was standing in victory lane. More proof that one should never give up. … It was Clyde Lamar’s 16th career victory as a car owner at the half-mile, one short of the record. Lamar was hugging his custom-made winners trophy like a grandfather does a grandchild. He was one happy camper. … Among the NASCAR and open wheel royalty in the infield were Tony Stewart, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Danica Patrick, Ryan Newman, Kyle Larsen, and many more. Stewart had to have police tape around his pit area for crowd control. … 22 KWS-NARC cars, 46 SCCT cars, no drama! …

    ... Cori Andrews was among those making her Calistoga debut. … Kyle Hirst bumped Rico Abreu from quick time honors in the late going. His time was 17.033. The track record of 15.731 seconds was set by Joey Saldana in 2014. That may be untouchable. … It was a horrible, horrible break for Buddy Kofoid. He led, or should we say dominated the first 20-laps before he cut a left rear. He did win the Hoosier Tires Dash. … Race fans don’t know how close this event came to not being run. David Abreu, in his continuing (and very commendable) efforts to improve the facility, planned to install a “walk-through” gate at his expense near the flagstand to make it easier for fans to get to the pits. They started the project, but were asked to stop midway through construction during the week by the Fair management. The gate was never installed and it took a last second stamp by a State Inspector to green light the event. Not to go on a rant or anything, but the Calistoga Fair Board should be thanking David Abreu for everything he has done for the facility and the local community – not hampering his efforts. I like to keep everything positive, but the Fair Board needs to get their act together. Otherwise, this track will go the way of several others, which means condos and shopping mall. … About 30 people from Fujitsu and their local dealers attended the event. Some flew in from New Jersey and Oregon. Twenty-five of them had never attended a sprint car race. However, there was nothing but smiling faces when they boarded the limo-bus at the end of the night. That says a lot about the show. … Bud Kaeding, Gio Scelzi and Chase Johnson (360) flew massive Fujitsu logos on their top wings to support the cause. Thank you. … From initial push off to final checkered, the KWS-NARC Fujitsu headliner lasted 19-minutes. … No red flags for either division. Awesome! …

    And finally, on a different topic, there’s another BIG KWS-NARC race on the horizon. The Howard Kaeding Classic is scheduled for Saturday, July 15th at Ocean Speedway. As of right now, it will pay $5000 to win, $2500 for second, and $1900 for third. Tenth place pays $1000 and it’s $700 to start the 30-lapper. The heat winners will also take home a Hoosier Right Rear Tire. If you would like to contribute to the cause, contact Bud Kaeding at Kaeding Performance Center.

    The HK Classic is part of a two-day racing weekend at Ocean that includes a Friday night Civil War race. After Friday’s show, there will be a barbecue and donations are being accepted with all proceeds going to the NARC Benevolent Fund. On Saturday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. there will be the HK Classic steak lunch where a $20 donation is requested. Once again, all monies go to the NARC Benevolent Fund – something we hope we never have to use – but don’t want to do without! Mark your calendars now!

    Coming to you live from Auburn, CA. See ya!



    NARC NEWSLINE (06/22/17)

    By Jim Allen … Okay race fans, let’s start this episode of the NARC NEWSLINE with a question … How do you make a small fortune in sprint car racing? The answer … quite simply … Start with a big one!

    The debate continues not just in 410 sprint car racing, but in all forms of high dollar open wheel motorsports. And it doesn’t change when you go run with the World of Outlaws. True, you are racing for more money, but you’re also spending a lot more in the process. The bottom line is … chasing points and a championship is not only grueling and tedious, but it’s also extremely expensive in just about any class of race car. I got my first taste of this a couple of decades ago talking to longtime car owner and NARC Board Member Duke McMillen. My question was … “How much does it cost for you to go racing?” He got quiet for a second, put his hand to his chin, and said he didn’t know, and didn’t want to ever know. He knew .., and I knew .., and we all know deep down that a team could win every race on the schedule and still not come close to covering half of their actual cost. And it’s probably even worse today in terms of cubic dollars! So it all comes down to the usual stuff … sponsorship dollars, passion for the sport, and admitting that this is one super-expensive hobby.

    Yes, I said it. Somewhere along the way, grassroots racing evolved into an expensive hobby that can literally rip the heart out of a Visa card. Let’s dig in a little bit. In rough dollars, a single rolling chassis is going to set one back $30,000. A Shaver or Kistler top of the line motor will make you feel like you’re having a stroke at $65,000. And don’t think that the once super-affordable 360 motors are going to alleviate the sucking sound out of one’s wallet. Now consider that every 10-14 races, a car owner is going to rack up a plethora of frequent flyer points as he charges another $10,000+ to “freshen it up.” And that’s assuming nothing blows out of the bottom during those 10-14 races … aka Andy Forsberg fireball style. Now, let’s throw in $45 pit passes, $250 tires, fuel and the one expense that most people never talk about, the cost of getting the huge tow rig up and down the road. To help fund this passion, most owner-drivers basically drive for free. For those with “drivers for hire,” there is also the expense of paying them a portion of the winnings. Holy crap, I think I need CPR!

    Thirteen-time NARC & Golden State champion Brent Kaeding says it costs approximately $125,000 to compete in a California-based championship point’s battle and that is barring any type of catastrophic failures. To put that in perspective, the median household income in Tulare and Chico is less than $43,000 per year. Let's pause here for a second, while I go look again for my winning lottery ticket.

    So let’s answer the usual questions … Have purses increased in perspective with the cost of racing? You would have a better chance of sitting naked in a hot tub with Heidi Klum (that’s not happening either!) Have the crowds increased proportionately? Do I need to mention that hot tub thing again? Both of those questions and answers are directly tied together.

    That’s why with all of the good things taking place with sprint car racing in California these days, it’s super important that we all stay positive. If you can’t truly appreciate what these racing teams and series are doing on a week in-week out basis, then I’m sure there’s a Disney on Ice show out there somewhere calling your name.

    And finally, we truly are grateful for each and every fan that supports open wheel racing and travels all over the Golden State to show their love and affection by purchasing $25 tickets. We just need more of you! Maybe instead of a “Bring your Daughter to Work Day,” we should consider a “Bring your Neighbor to the Races Day!” And to all of the car owners and sponsors out there … WE TRULY THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS AND SUPPORT OF OPEN WHEEL RACING!

    ANTIOCH NOTES: Winner Gio Scelzi! Kaeding 347, Eliason 343, Scelzi 341.

    TULARE NOTES: A month ago, Gio Scelzi didn’t have one KWS-NARC Fujitsu Racing Series victory to his credit. After his Thunderbowl excursion, he now has three winner’s checks driving the Dennis Roth Motorsports KPC. Bud Kaeding was second. Mitchell Faccinto finally earned a podium finish in Stan Greenberg’s ride, which says a lot for the overall talent level of King of the West. Faccinto has been a frontrunner for just about every hardcharger award this season. They say it’s easier to win races when you start closer to the front. He's getting closer! … The track took rubber early, making it extremely hard to pass. … There are some haulers in the “Race Savers” division that would be the envy of some NASCAR teams. … Kyle Hirst took the Roth Motorsports Tailgater Challenge in the headliner in an attempt to chase down $1500 from Dennis Roth and $1000 from Williams Roofing. He started in the back and got up to seventh. Did I mention that the track had taken rubber? The night before in Hanford, Hirst rocketed from 21st to third. DJ Netto won at that aforementioned Friday night show at Keller Auto Speedway. … Craig Stidham had a rough night after getting reeled into a three car melee in his heat race. From a distance, there didn’t appear to be much damage. Up close, it was a different story. Do I need to mention that Visa card thing again? … The Antaya Motorsports crew worked their butt off changing out a variety of components before settling on a complete motor change before the feature. Helping out was Willie Croft and Kyle Hirst. All that work paid off with a sixth place finish for Cory Eliason. … Scelzi takes the point lead over Kaeding 407-406.

    PETALUMA NOTES: With a first name of Chase, we knew it was just a matter of time before Mr. Johnson scored his first career KWS-NARC victory. A killer slide job as leader Bud Kaeding got momentarily hung up in traffic on lap 17 proved to be the winning move. Congratulations to car owners Shawn and Cyndi Thomas. They became the sixth different winner this season. … Sean Watts scored his third top 10 feature finish in a row. His heat race victory was the first of his KWS-NARC career. … The “Real Deal” Jamie Veal from Australia was in the field. He was piloting the familiar BK Racing Maxim #69 of Brent Kaeding. This team got off to a rough start when their tow rig blew a tire on the trip to Petaluma. Everything settled down for Veal, who scored a third place feature finish after a torrid battle with Andy Forsberg and Gio Scelzi. … Speaking of quick qualifier Scelzi, and second quick Cory Eliason, neither transferred to the dash out of their heat. … Does anyone have an extra 410 ride sitting around? Geoff Ensign would be an excellent candidate to give it a whirl! Racing a 360 in a 2007 chassis, he made it to the dash and was running third in the feature before mechanical problems knocked him out. … The final checkered was waved at 9:22 p.m. How sweet is that with four divisions racing? …

    ... Gio, Bud, Cory and Jamie all scored 60 points at the event. Gio still leads by a point! … Chase Johnson’s donuts in turn four after winning was almost worth the price of admission. … 22 cars … Great crowd. … Seventy-five percent of the KWS-NARC quick qualifiers have ended their night with a top three finish. Three have won. … 15-year old Nathan Rolfe has quietly worked his way up to 11th in points, getting in some quality lap time in the process. … Hats off to “owner-crew chief-pit crew & driver” Bobby McMahan. Mr. McMahan finished in the top 10 in NARC points for the first time in 1987 (third) and claimed that honor 10 times over the next 13 years. Today he is still competitive and is sitting fifth in points. There are not too many drivers who can celebrate a successful 30-year racing career. … Only one dash winner has gone on to claim the 30-lap headliner. And that was Gio Scelzi at Placerville. … Andy Forsberg and his A & A team jumped through some serious hoops leading up to Petaluma. They replaced their blown 410 motor, ran it at Chico on Friday night, pulled it on Saturday, pulled out a 360 from their other car, put the 410 motor in that car and finished sixth at Petaluma on Saturday night. Heck, I got tired just writing that.

    By the way, if you haven’t noticed, all of the race reports on feature Mills Video highlights of the race. No more bouncing around looking for them. … That’s all for now! It’s time to load up for the only doubleheader weekend of the year … the 32nd annual Pombo-Sargent Classic at Ocean Speedway, and the First Annual Boys & Girls Club Dirt Classic at Calistoga.

    Coming to you live from Auburn, CA. See ya!




    6/17/17 - Petaluma, CA … Chase Johnson outdueled Bud Kaeding in a thrilling open wheel battle at Petaluma Speedway to capture his first career King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series feature event victory Saturday night.

    Johnson, piloting the potent Shawn & Cyndi Thomas-owned, Wesmar-Champion Machine-powered Maxim, played cat and mouse with polesitter Kaeding throughout the 30-lapper before capitalizing on slower traffic to make his winning move. As the pair sliced and diced through lapped cars, Johnson launched a no holds barred slide job in the third corner on lap 16 to get under race long leader. He exited the fourth turn with the point.

    Kaeding wasn’t done yet and continued his frantic pursuit of the leader in a race that ran nonstop the final 21-laps after a couple of early caution flags. Johnson almost took himself out of contention when he collided with the car of Nathan Rolfe going down the frontchute three laps later. However, he regrouped and held on to the win by four car lengths.

    “I knew I had a chance to get around Bud (Kaeding) if we got into traffic,” explained Johnson, after become the sixth different KWS-NARC winner this season before a hometown crowd. “Once I got there and made it happen, I was surprised that it worked out so well.”

    Kaeding finished in the runner up spot in the Williams Motorsports Alviso Rock Maxim. Australian sprint car star Jason Veal survived several wheel-to-wheel skirmishes with KWS-NARC point leader and quick qualifier Gio Scelzi and Cory Eliason to score third. Veal was driving the BK Racing Al’s Roofing Maxim.

    Eliason was on the move from the initial green after starting 11th. He was seventh after nine circuits, fifth after 19 and ended up fourth in the Antaya Motorsports Fuel Curve-sponsored Maxim. Tenth starter Scelzi, who failed to transfer out of his heat race in the Roth Motorsports KPC, secured fifth.

    Scelzi still maintains a slim 467-466 advantage over Kaeding in the championship standings, after both drivers finished the event earning the same amount of points.

    Andy Forsberg, DJ Netto, Billy Alton, Sean Watts and Bobby McMahan rounded out the top 10. Watt’s performance was a season-best. The checkered flag in the four division program waved at 9:22 p.m.

    Heat race victories were picked off by Geoff Ensign, Sean Watts & DJ Netto.


    KWS-NARC Fujitsu Feature Event (30 laps): Chase Johnson, Bud Kaeding, Jamie Veal, Cory Eliason, Gio Scelzi, Andy Forsberg, DJ Netto, Billy Alton, Sean Watts, Bobby McMahan, Riley Matson, Chase Madjic, Jarrett Soares, Brent Bjork, Nathan Rolfe, John Clark, Brian Boswell, Jenna Frazier, Geoff Ensign, Eli Deshaies, Jason Paniagua, Bill Cornwell

    Lap Leaders: Bud Kaeding 1-16, Chase Johnson 17-30

    Hoosier Tires Dash (6 laps): Bud Kaeding, Chase Johnson, Jamie Veal, Geoff Ensign, Billy Alton, Andy Forsberg, DJ Netto, Bobby McMahan, Sean Watts

    Fast Qualifier (3/8 mile clay oval - 22 cars): Gio Scelzi – 12.701

    Heat 1 (10 laps): Geoff Ensign, Bobby McMahan, Bud Kaeding, Gio Scelzi, Nathan Rolfe, Jarrett Soares, Jenna Frazier

    Heat 2 (10 laps): Sean Watts, Andy Forsberg, Bill Alton, Cory Eliason, John Clark, Eli Deschaies

    Heat 3 (10 laps): DJ Netto, Jamie Veal, Chase Johnson, Chase Madjic, Riley Matson, Brent Bjork, Jason Paniagua, Brian Boswell



    (5/28/17) Antioch, CA … Antioch Speedway is set to host the high-powered broadsliding open wheel sprint cars of the King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Racing Series this Saturday, June 3rd.

    This marks the first of only two visits to the action-packed quarter-mile oval this season. It is also the sixth event in the ultra-competitive 17-stop King of the West-NARC series.

    To date, the tour has produced five different winners in as many races including current championship point leader Bud Kaeding of Campbell, Cory Eliason of Selma, Rico Abreu of St. Helena, Fresno’s Gio Scelzi, and defending series champion Kyle Hirst of Paradise.

    Hirst, a three-time series titlist who captured six events in 2016, finally earned his spot in victory lane on May 20th at Tulare. He admits he was getting frustrated by how long it took to score his first victory of the season.

    “It’s getting harder and harder to win a King of the West NARC race,” explained Hirst. “It appears that everyone has stepped up their game and it’s getting tougher to gain any kind of competitive advantage. All of the teams and drivers are extremely prepared.”

    The Antioch racing program includes qualifying, three heat races, the Hoosier Tires Dash, and is capped off by the 30-lap Fujitsu Racing Series feature event headliner.

    “There are at least ten different drivers who can win on any given night,” continued Hirst, “and that doesn’t include any potential upsets. It all comes down to being more consistent than everyone else and that is a lot easier said than done. That means securing a great qualifying time, being aggressive in the heat race, finishing well in the dash, and staying out of trouble in the main. A little luck doesn’t hurt either.”

    Also expected to compete Saturday is DJ Netto and Mitchell Faccinto of Hanford; Penngrove drivers Michael Kofoid and Chase Johnson; Willie Croft of Sacramento; Elk Grove’s Bobby McMahan; Jarrett Soares of Discovery Bay and Fremont’s Shane Golobic.

    Pit gates open at 2:00 p.m. Front gates open at 5:00 p.m. Also on the racing card is the Hobby Stock division. Antioch Speedway is located at the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds in Antioch, CA. For more information, call 925-779-9220.

    2017 KWS-NARC FUJITSU SERIES POINT STANDINGS (After five events in 17-race Series) 1. Bud Kaeding, Campbell (1) – 294 2. Cory Eliason, Selma (1) – 281 3. Giovanni Scelzi, Fresno (1) – 277 4. DJ Netto, Hanford – 274 5. Michael Kofoid, Penngrove – 265 6. Kyle Hirst, Paradise (1) – 263 7. Willie Croft, Sacramento – 236 8. Carson Macedo, Lemoore – 230 9. Jarrett Soares, Discovery Bay – 226 10. Bobby McMahan, Elk Grove – 223 11. Mitchell Faccinto, Hanford – 219 12. Shane Golobic, Fremont – 215 13. Sean Watts, Atwater – 210 14. Nathan Rolfe, Atwater – 197 15. Sean Becker, Roseville 196 16. Dominic Scelzi, Fresno – 195 17. Craig Stidham, Fresno – 146 18. Chase Johnson, Penngrove – 143 19. Brent Kaeding, Campbell – 139 20. Jason Statler, Grass Valley – 138

    The King of the West Fujitsu Racing Series – presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club is co-sponsored by Hoosier Racing Tires. Contingency award sponsors include ATL Racing Cells, ARP Racing Bolts, BMRS, Butler Built, FK Rod Ends, Flowmaster, Fuel Safe Racing Cells, Kaeding Performance Center, KSE Racing Products, Maxim, PAC Racing Springs, Pyrotect, Racing Optics, Saldana Racing Products, Schoenfeld Headers, SCI Racing Products, System 1 Ignition, Ultra Light Brakes, Weld Racing Wheels, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Williams Roofing, and Winters Performance Products.

    UPCOMING EVENTS: June 10 – Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway, Tulare, CA June 17 – Petaluma Speedway, Petaluma, CA June 23 – Ocean Speedway, Watsonville, CA June 24 – Calistoga Speedway, Calistoga, CA




    (5/20/17) Tulare, CA … Defending King of the West champion Kyle Hirst became the fifth different NARC-Fujitsu Sprint Car Racing Series winner of the season, capturing top honors in the exciting 30-lap Faria Memorial at the Thunderbowl Raceway.

    “I’m finally here,” said a happy Hirst in victory lane. “It’s been tough to win this year in this series, but my team has kept battling and we got it done tonight.”

    Outside front row starter Cory Eliason appeared to have the entire field in hip pocket from the initial green, rocketing out to a quick lead. He quickly established a 12-car lead by lap eight, as the field began negotiating its way through slower traffic.

    Hirst, who started fifth in the potent the Roth Motorsports H&R Livestock Transportation KPC sprint car battled Bud Kaeding for the runner-up spot for several laps before securing the spot for good on lap 16. As Eliason began to struggle in heavy traffic, Hirst and the freight train of Shane Golobic and Carson Macedo reeled him in.

    On the 19th circuit, Hirst launched a massive turn three slide job on the leader to take the point, chased closely behind by Golobic. The top three cars battled inches apart in dramatic fashion before Gio Scelzi stopped bringing out the only caution of the race with seven to go. Scelzi was injured, dislocating his shoulder. He would later seek medical attention after the event.

    Once the race resumed, Hirst took no prisoners and powered his way to a 1.55 second victory over Golobic in the Keith Day Trucking/Gabilan AG Services sponsored entry. Carson Macedo got around Eliason with four laps remaining to earn the show position in the Tarlton Motorsports Tachi Palace sprint car.

    Eliason finished his night in fourth in the Antaya Motorsports-Fuel Curve ride, chased by current point leader Bud Kaeding. With Scelzi’s misfortune, Kaeding and his William Motorsports team extended their championship point lead to 275-261 over Eliason. Scelzi dropped to third with 257.

    Mitchell Faccinto, 12th starter Craig Stidham, Dominic Scelzi, DJ Netto, and Bobby McMahan rounded out the top 10 at the checkered.

    Willie Croft captured the Hoosier Tires Dash. Heat races were picked off by Eliason, Netto, and Golobic.


    KWS-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Feature Event (30 laps); Kyle Hirst, Shane Golobic, Carson Macedo, Cory Eliason, Bud Kaeding, Mitchell Faccinto, Craig Stidham, Dominic Scelzi, DJ Netto, Bobby McMahan, Michael Kofoid, Jeremy Chisum, Sean Watts, Mathew Moles, Jarrett Soares, Nathan Rolfe, Willie Croft, Gio Scelzi, Brent Bjork, Wayne Rowett.

    Lap Leaders: Eliason 1-19, Hirst 20-30

    Hoosier Tires Dash (6 laps): Willie Croft, Cory Eliason, Gio Scelzi, Bud Kaeding, Kyle Hirst, Carson Macedo, Shane Golobic, DJ Netto, Mitchell Faccinto

    Fast Qualifier (1/3 mile clay oval – 20 cars): Carson Macedo – 13.438 seconds

    Heat 1 (10 laps): Corey Eliason, Mitchell Faccinto, Carson Macedo, Michael Kofoid, Sean Watts, Jarrett Soares

    Heat 2 (10 laps): DJ Netto, Bud Kaeding, Willie Croft, Dominic Scelzi, Mathew Moles, Jeremy Chisum, Nathan Rolfe

    Heat 3 (10 laps): Shane Golobic, Kyle Hirst, Gio Scelzi, Craig Stidham, Bobby McMahan, Brent Bjork




    (5/14/17) Tulare, CA … The high-powered open wheel sprint cars of the King of the West/NARC Fujitsu Racing Series are returning to the Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway on Saturday, May 20th for the Faria Memorial race.

    This marks the second of only three visits to the lightening fast one-third mile dirt oval track located at the Tulare Fairgrounds.

    The King of the West/NARC series has proved to be one of the most competitive in recent memory, producing four different feature event winners in as many events. Current championship point leader of Bud Kaeding of Campbell, Giovanni Scelzi of Fresno, Cory Eliason of Selma, and Rico Abreu of St. Helena have earned those honors.

    However, it's 15-year old driving sensation Scelzi who is turning heads, not only at California race tracks, but also drawing the attention of motorsports enthusiast across the nation. The Fresno driver, the son of famous NHRA championship drag racer Gary Scelzi, laid claim to his first KWS/NARC victory on Saturday (5/13) at Placerville Speedway in a thrilling photo finish. He only led the final two feet of the 30-lap race in his Fresno-based Roth Motorsports sprint car.

    In the process, Scelzi became the youngest winner in series history and now current trails Kaeding in the standings by only three points (235-232) entering the Tulare event.

    But don't be fooled by his young age where most of his high school peers would rather be "hanging out" or playing video games. Scelzi comes to the track with nine-years of racing experience and it shows and is already paying off rewards.

    His career kicked off in Jr. Micro Sprints at Lemoore Raceway and Plaza Park Raceway in Visalia. He dominated his class in 2010, winning 24 main events.

    Since then, he has graduated through the open wheel ranks into Micro-Sprints and now 410 c.i. 900-horsepower winged sprint cars. Scelzi's 19-year old brother Dominic also races a sprint car locally and on the national World of Outlaw tour.

    “I have learned so much from all of the people at the race track, especially my brother, Dominic, and the Faccinto brothers,” states Scelzi. “Racing is in my blood. I hope to one day race in NASCAR.”

    Scelzi is referring to Hanford open wheel racers. Mitchell & Michael Faccinto. Mitchell will also be competing at Tulare.

    Thirty-seven year old Kaeding put forth his perspective on Scelzi. "Enjoy this kid while we have him," explained Kaeding. "He has a ton of talent and he will be off to do bigger things on a national level like NASCAR's Kyle Larson. Drivers like him don't come around very often and he is going to be very successful."

    Also expected to compete Saturday will be Carson Macedo of Lemoore; Hanford's DJ Netto; Penngrove drivers Michael Kofoid and Chase Johnson; Discovery Bay's Jarrett Soares; Willie Croft of Sacramento; and defending series champion Kyle Hirst of Paradise.

    Pit gates open at 2:00 p.m. Front gates open at 4:00 p.m. Also on the racing card is USAC Non-Wing 360’s, Race Saver sprint cars & the vintage cars of the Legends of Kearney Bowl.

    The Thunderbowl Raceway is located at E Bardsley Avenue & South K Street in Tulare.


    ED NOTE: Hanford driver DJ Netto will be signing autographs for race fans from 4:45 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. near the front gate.


    June 3 - Antioch Speedway, Antioch, CA

    June 10 - Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway, Tulare, CA

    June 17 - Petaluma Speedway, Petaluma, CA

    June 24 - Calistoga Speedway, Calistoga, CA

    The King of the West Fujitsu Racing Series – presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club is co-sponsored by Hoosier Racing Tires. Contingency award sponsors include ATL Racing Cells, ARP Racing Bolts, BMRS, Butler Built, FK Rod Ends, Flowmaster, Fuel Safe Racing Cells, Kaeding Performance Center, KSE Racing Products, Maxim, PAC Racing Springs, Pyrotect, Racing Optics, Saldana Racing Products, Schoenfeld Headers, SCI Racing Products, System 1 Ignition, Ultra Light Brakes, Weld Racing Wheels, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Williams Roofing, and Winters Performance Products.


    (After four events in 17-race Series)

    Bud Kaeding, Campbell (1) - 235 Giovanni Scelzi, Fresno (1) - 232 Cory Eliason, Selma (1) - 224 DJ Netto, Hanford - 222 Michael Kofoid, Penngrove - 214 Kyle Hirst, Paradise - 201 Sean Becker, Roseville - 196 Willie Croft, Sacramento - 192 Jarrett Soares, Discovery Bay - 180 Bobby McMahan, Elk Grove - 172 Carson Macedo, Lemoore - 168 Mitchell Faccinto, Hanford - 164 Sean Watts, Atwater - 162 Shane Golobic, Fremont - 156 Nathan Rolfe, Atwater - 152 Chase Johnson, Penngrove - 143 Dominic Scelzi, Fresno - 142 Brent Kaeding, Campbell - 139 Jason Statler, Grass Valley - 138 Kalib Henry, Chico - 117



    Jim Allen - 714-397-7417 -


    (5/13/17) Placerville, CA, By Jim Allen … Young driving sensation Gio Scelzi continues to amaze the open wheel ranks on the King of the West/NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series. On Saturday night, the 15-year old pulled off an exciting final corner pass of race leader Sean Becker at Placerville Speedway and held on to win by two feet for his first career victory in the series.

    Scelzi became the youngest winner in KWS-NARC history (15 years, 5-months), piloting the potent Roth Motorsports H&R LIvestock Transportation KPC sprint car.

    Sean Becker, who scored his 100th career victory the night before in Chico, shot into the lead from his third starting position and set a frantic pace in the Dan Menne Motorsports Mike's Hard Lemonade-sponsored KPC. Becker held off the continued advances of cushion-riding Willie Croft for the first 15 laps as the pair zigged and zagged through lapped traffic.

    Scelzi, who set fast time and started on the pole after winning the Hoosier Tires dash, fell back to third before he regrouped and charged back on the tight quarter mile oval. He utilized lap traffic to his advantage and picked off Croft at the halfway point , before setting his sights on the leader.

    Scelzi made a pass for the lead with six to go when Becker got hung up in slower cars, but a yellow for two spun cars reverted the field back a lap. Another caution with two laps remaining set the stage for Scelzi's winning move. With Becker protecting the bottom of the track, Scelzi, rode up high on the cushion and slingshot into the lead as the pair powered out of the final turn. The two drag raced down the front straight with Scelzi scoring a narrow .069 second victory margin.

    "This is great!" said a fired up Scelzi in victory lane. "I thought I messed up and didn't have enough to catch him (Becker). But Roth Motorsports gave me an excellent car and we got it done at the end."

    The checkered flag waved at 8:46 p.m.

    Point leader Bud Kaeding also found the high line to his liking in the late going, passing Kyle Hirst and Croft to earn the show position in the Williams Motorsports Alviso Rock Maxim. Defending series champion Hirst claimed fourth in the other Roth Motorsports KPC. Croft rounded out the top five in his Amerikote Powder Coating sprint car.

    Mitchell Faccinto earned the Hardcharger award, picking up seven spots after starting 13th. Cory Eliason, DJ Netto, Michael Kofoid, and Shane Golobic claimed the remaining positions in the top ten.

    Sean Watts brought out the only red flag of the night when he go upside down on lap seven. He was unhurt.

    Heat race winners were Bud Kaeding, Andy Forsberg and DJ Netto

    30-lap KWS-NARC Fujitsu Main Event: Gio Scelzi, Sean Becker, Bud Kaeding, Kyle Hirst, Willie Croft, Mitchell Faccinto, Cory Eliason, DJ Netto, Michael Kofoid, Shane Golobic, Justyn Cox, Andy Forsberg, Andy Gregg, Chase Johnson, Brent Kaeding, Jarrett Soares, Nathan Rolfe, Scott Males, Dominic Scelzi, Kalib Henry, Sean Watts, Bobby McMahan

    Fast Qualifier (1/4 mile oval - 23 cars): Gio Scelzi - 10.541

    Heat 1 (10 laps): Bud Kaeding, Michael Kofoid, Gio Scelzi, Kalib Henry, Brent Kaeding, Justyn Cox, Mitchell Faccinto, Scott Males

    Heat 2 (10 laps): Andy Forsberg, Sean Becker, Willie Croft, Shane Golobic, Jarrett Soares, Chase Johnson, Dominic Scelzi, Jim Richardson

    Heat 3 (10 laps): DJ Netto, Kyle Hirst, Cory Eliason, Bobby McMahan, Sean Watts, Nathan Rolfe, Andy Gregg

    Hoosier Tires Dash (6 laps): Gio Scelzi, Willie Croft, Bud Kaeding, Kyle Hirst, Cory Eliason, Michael Kofoid, Andy Forsberg, DJ Netto




    NOTE: Past NARC NEWSLINE columns can be found at ... You can also find current points standings, rule books, history, and sponsor information.

    NARC NEWSLINE, News, Notes & Quotes from the KWS-Northern Auto Racing Club Sprint Cars, By Jim Allen, (May 12, 2017)

    It feels great to have a little normalcy and routine now that we have a couple more events under our belt on the King of the West/NARC tour, without having to look at the Weather Channel. The Peter Murphy Classic in Tulare and the Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial in Chico earned those honors.

    Our good friend Peter Murphy did what he does best … now that he is no longer is racing … and put on a well supported and promoted event that pulled in 39 competitors. That's typically what happens when you serve up an $11,000 to win race, that also happens to pay $1000 to start the feature - plus a bunch of other great perks (cash) worked in between.

    Bud Kaeding was able to check off one of his racing career bucket list items with his victory in Morrie Williams Maxim. That check was worth $11,000 and a whole lot of champagne spray in victory lane. Carson Macedo was reeling in Bud in the late going, pulling within three car lengths in lap traffic in the late going, but ran out of laps. The next two drivers had a combined age of 30-years old … Gio Scelzi and Buddy Kofoid. DJ Netto rounded out the top five.

    At the May 6th Bradway Memorial, it was more of the same in the cash machine department. Rico Abreu had the pin number of the Silver Dollar Speedway ATM machine and cashed out $8000 for his nights work. That breaks down to $1000 for the Carwash Mike Avilla Fast Time Award, $5,000 for the A-Main victory, which included $1000 kickers from Roth Motorsports and Abreu Racing. Top that off with $2000 in lap money for his 1-40 leader effort and you have what can best be described as a profitable evening. It was Abreu's third Bradway Jr. Memorial win in five years.

    In fact, it was a very strange night at Chico when it was deemed profitable to still be rolling at the end of the 40-lapper. Kind of like a sprint car version of the television show Survivor. Only eight of the 22-car starting grid actually rolled into their trailers. No, that is not a misprint - eight, like a heat race. Ten caution flags decimated the field, including three reds. You know your thoughts and prayers are answered when you watch the scary Michael Ing, Carson Macedo and Jason Statler crash down the back chute in slow motion video. Sheet metal and parts were ripped off, down tubes were sheared and if was bolted on, it wasn't anymore. Statler was shaken but not stirred, and the other two drivers remarkably (and thankfully) walked away from their totally destroyed their cars. Carson was quick to credit his safety equipment on Twitter afterwards. We agree!

    The semi wasn't much better, especially after viewing the spectacular multi-car crash entering the first turn. Kyle Hirst, Ryan Bernal, Brent Bjork, Justyn Cox, and Brian Boswell, their equipment, and the SDS catch fence took a beating. Once again, thank you to the continued advances of safety equipment.

    On the lighter side, we can never say enough about Dave & Dianne Durica who have taken this event under their wings to make it so successful. They hustled up lap money for the A & B Main events, plus a variety of other cash and prizes. That's a lot easier said, than done. Also, kudo's to Cindy Thomas who fired up Hoserville and others for additional prizes including Hoosier right rears and tear offs for the heat race winners.

    Peter Murphy Classic … Make sure you support the companies that support sprint car racing. In this case that would be Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemoore for their tremendous financial support of the PMC … You've got to love Rudeen Racing. They donated $100 to each of the four heat race winners, plus $500 to the KWS-Northern Auto Racing Club General Fund to help with the conversion process to a non-profit sports league. …Gio Scelzi set quick time at Tulare in the Roth Motorsports 83JR car and earned $500 from Tachi Palace in Lemoore. They later donated the money to the NARC Benevolent Fund. … Quote of the week comes from car owner Shawn Thomas, who said, "I would rather dial myself out of a race, than sit on a stool and do nothing." Good philosophy! … Kyle Hirst did double duty in the USAC non-wing 360's. He ended up scoring his first victory in that series, which means he is ready for any future NARC-KWS events that happen to go non-wing. #Just saying. … By comparison, Ryan Bernal has 30 non-wing USAC 360 wins … Bobby McMahan ended up making every highlight reel in America. Unfortunately, it wasn't for something good. On the start, McMahan found himself in one of those "no place to go" accidents and took a wild ride down the front straightaway. The car was trashed, but Mr. McMahan was fine and on the phone to wife Linda a couple of minutes later to update his status. He earned a $200 tough luck award, which will cover just a fraction of the actual repair costs. By the way, if you ever wanted to join a pit crew, the McMahan's is one of the leanest on tour. Go help them out. …

    … So what do you do when you suffer 410 motor issues in the heat race and get delegated to the B-main? If you are Shane Golobic and Golobic Racing, you pull it in favor of your 360 powerplant. Then you go out and capture the semi from the 10th starting spot. And to put a cherry on top of this hot fudge sundae, you finish 14th in the feature - which paid $1000 to start. Might be time to start awarding extra championship points for EXTRA EFFORT! … According to a trackside interview with Jason Statler, he weighs in at 285 on a "good day." By comparison, 15-year old Gio Scelzi comes in at 150 soaking wet. How much of an advantage that gives him on the race track? … In victory lane, Bud Kaeding was asked about his last second race strategy. Just before the event was getting ready to push off, it appeared that Kaeding got out of car to initiate a last minute left rear time change. Answered Kaeding, "I had nothing to do with that. I got out of the car because I had to pee." I guess that would be an honest answer. Not the answer I was expecting, but an honest one. … Rico Abreu was slated to start sixth in the PMC feature, but pulled out before the race started with food poisoning. … Sean Becker also presented his car and pulled out before the feature started with mechanical issues. …

    … If you are not impressed by the performances of 15-year old Buddy Kofoid, take a look again. Not only is he running in the top 10, he is looking steady in the process. He races methodically and doesn't take any unnecessary risks, but is aggressive and is always moving forward. That's a winning combination… The Pole Shuffle was entertaining. Here is how it went: Bobby McMahan outran Monte Faccinto and Kyle Hirst, only to lose to DJ Netto who beat Tanner Thorsen and Mason Moore, only to lose to Carson Macedo, who lost to Buddy Kofoid who went on to finish ahead of Rick Abreu, only to take second to Willie Croft who lost his battle to Bud Kaeding who finished runner-up to Gio Scelzi. Try saying that all in one breath! … By the way, Gio won an additional $500 for his 26-seconds of work in the pole shuffle. … Long tow honors went to Cori Andrews, who made the long 11-hour drive up I-5 from Murrieta, CA (think Perris Speedway) … Jeremy Chisum has one of the most interesting sponsors on the KWS-NARC tour - Pediatric Cancer Awareness. When you get a chance, take a closer look at the Number "8" on their top wing. They have helped raise more than $250,000 for the …

    Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial … A very commendable workmanlike effort was put together by Jarrett Soares in his Brian Sperry wrenched sprint car. He avoided the semi-crash and ran strong to finish fourth. In the feature, he battled through the field without a front wing and scored eighth. In the process, he earned $650 for the Hardcharger Award. …A very unusual site at Chico took place in the infield. That would be Kyle Hirst and Willie Croft both viewing the feature in street clothes. Both failed to qualify for the money race which happens about as often as we have a Reality Television Star as President. … Considering Hirst won the Friday night show, his weekend was all up, or all down! On Saturday, the Roth 83 sprint car blew a motor in their heat before trashing the ride entirely in the semi. … Gio Scelzi was sort of on the same path, but not quite as bad. He won the Friday night show in Hanford, before a run in with Chico concrete ended his night in 13th. … While Rico got the lion's share of the feature lap money, Cory Eliason ($970), Michael Ing ($650), and DJ Netto ($380) walked away with thicker wallets also. …

    … Five-time Bradway winner Jonathan Allard was in the pits after returning from New Zealand. During an interview, he said he is looking for a ride. … Jason Statler, who got his bell rung in his accident informed this corner that his team is done for a while. They have experienced more than their fair share of bad luck this season and need to circle the wagons for a while. … The same applies to Scott Parker and Craig Parker and their 12P ride. They hurt their motor and need to regroup. (Motor Sponsored Wanted ad goes here!) … It was nice to see Justin Bradway, the nephew of the late Dave Bradway Jr., competing at Chico. He was 14th in the semi. … Let's be honest. If the Car Wash Mike Avilla Coors Light hats were on sale right now for $250 each, we would all buy one. … Rico's fast time at SDS was 11.665. The entire field was fast which may have led to some of the trouble. … Chasing Rico across the checkered was DJ Netto, Cory Eliason, Shane Golobic, Roger Crockett, Bud Kaeding, Michael Kofoid, and Jarrett Soares. That's it. … There are some great announcers working around California. Silver Dollar Speedway's Troy Hennig rates as one of them. … Clyde & Marion Lamar kicked in $100 in Tri-C cash to each Bradway heat race winner … There were three generations of the racing Bumgarner Family in the pits at Chico. Sprint car racing tends to get into your DNA. … Have you purchased at least two racing T-shirts yet this season? What are you waiting for? … For everything KWS-NARC Fujitsu Racing Series related, including race results, point standings, and rule books, go to

    Coming to you live from Auburn, California. We will catch up with you at a track near you. See ya!




    (05/07/17) Placerville, CA … The 900-horsepower open wheel sprint cars of the King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Racing Series will be making their only appearance of the year at Placerville Speedway this Saturday, May 13th.

    The ultra-competitive 17-race series has already produced three different winners in three events, including Selma’s Cory Eliason, Bud Kaeding of Campbell, and Rico Abreu of St. Helena. Abreu captured the May 6th KWS-NARC event in Chico.

    Kaeding is the current championship point leader; maintaining a slim 176-170 lead over Eliason. Hanford’s DJ Netto and Lemoore’s Carson Macedo are also within easy striking distance with 169 and 168 points, respectively. Despite a stellar career, Kaeding has never laid claim to the King of the West crown, but has been runner-up several times.

    Two 15-year old drivers are also making a name for themselves on the KWS-NARC tour this year. Gio Scelzi of Fresno and Penngrove’s Michael Kofoid are currently in the top 10 in points and have been producing consistent top 10 finishes.

    In the age of children being brought up as single-sport athletes, this pair represents a new breed of young guns who have been competing in open wheel cars since the age of five or six years old. Most typically start out in go-karts and quarter-midgets and move through the open wheel ranks to micro-sprints, Outlaw Karts, and eventually sprint cars. By the time they get the opportunity to pilot a 900-horsepower, 410 cubic inch powered sprint car, most drive like their older and more experienced peers – and these two do exactly that!

    Placerville’s quarter-mile clay oval bull ring promises to deliver a competitive night of racing as teams set their sights on the $3000 winner’s paycheck. The track is known for extremely competitive racing and many local teams feel they have an advantage because horsepower is not as big a factor on a smaller track. It all comes down to driving skill and car set-up.

    The racing format includes qualifying, four heat races, a Hoosier Tires Dash, a 12-lap semi-main and the 30-lap feature event.

    Pit Gates open at 2:00 p.m. Front gates open at 3:00 p.m., followed by qualifying at 6:00 p.m. Pure Stocks and Mini-Trucks are also on the racing card.

    For more information on the King of the West Series, presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club, go to

    Placerville Speedway is located at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville. Take US-50 to Forni Road/Placerville Drive exit and go north on Placerville Drive to the fairgrounds. Additional information can be found at or by calling 530-626-3680.

    Placerville Speedway - Since 1965, High-Banked 1/4 Mile Clay Oval



    Bud Kaeding, Campbell (1) - 176
    Cory Eliason, Selma (1) - 170
    DJ Netto, Hanford - 169
    Carson Macedo, Lemoore - 168
    Giovanni Scelzi, Fresno - 166
    Michael Kofoid, Penngrove - 162
    Kyle Hirst, Paradise - 142
    Jason Statler, Grass Valley - 138
    Sean Becker, Roseville - 137
    Jarrett Soares, Discovery Bay - 135
    Bobby McMahan, Elk Grove – 133
    Willie Croft, Sacramento – 133
    Sean Watts, Atwater – 122
    Mitchell Faccinto, Hanford – 109
    Scott Parker, Coaresgold - 109
    Rico Abreu, St. Helena – 108
    Nathan Rolfe, Atwater – 108
    Shane Golobic, Fremont – 104
    Dominic Scelzi, Fresno – 100
    Mason Moore, Chico - 97


    May 20 – Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway, Tulare, CA

    June 3 – Antioch Speedway, Antioch, CA

    June 10 – Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway, Tulare, CA

    June 17 – Petaluma Speedway, Petaluma, CA

    The King of the West Fujitsu Racing Series – presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club is co-sponsored by Hoosier Racing Tires. Contingency award sponsors include ATL Racing Cells, ARP Racing Bolts, BMRS, Butler Built, FK Rod Ends, Flowmaster, Fuel Safe Racing Cells, Kaeding Performance Center, KSE Racing Products, Maxim, PAC Racing Springs, Pyrotect, Racing Optics, Saldana Racing Products, Schoenfeld Headers, SCI Racing Products, System 1 Ignition, Ultra Light Brakes, Weld Racing Wheels, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Williams Roofing, and Winters Performance Products.




    (4/30/17) Chico, CA … Silver Dollar Speedway will be hosting the traveling King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series, this Saturday, May 6th for the lucrative 27th annual Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial Race.

    This marks the only stop by the state’s premier sprint car division to the action-packed quarter-mile oval this year. (The season opener on March 4th was rained out.)

    The Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial Race, named in honor of the Northern Auto Racing Club driver who lost his life in a racing accident in 1987, is one of the longest running races in the country. The winner’s list reads like a “who’s-who” of some of the best open wheel drivers in California. That is driven by the fact it features one of the richest purses of the KWS-NARC season, including $4000 in extra lap money for the race leaders, plus special cash awards for fast time and the feature event hard charger,

    Among those expected to compete in Chico is current KWS-NARC championship point leader Bud Kaeding of Campbell. Kaeding leads 15-year old driving sensation Giovanni Scelzi of Fresno by a narrow121-119 margin in the standings. Kaeding is coming off a huge $11,000 victory at Tulare on April 22nd.

    “Due to the extra prize money, there is a lot of emphasis to let it all hang out during qualifying, because we want a good starting position in the main event,.” explained Kaeding, the 2015 Bradway race winner. “All of the teams share the same basic game plan, which ultimately makes for a great night of racing.”

    “With the lap money paying the top three drivers, the incentive is there to get out front as quickly as humanly possible,” Kaeding continued. “While none of us will admit we race for the money, it’s there in the back of our head so we don’t hold anything back.”

    Also expected to compete on Saturday is defending series champion and 2016 Bradway race winner Kyle Hirst of Paradise; Lemoore’s Carson Macedo; feature event winner Cory Eliason of Selma; Willie Croft of Sacramento; Penngrove’s Michael Kofoid; Mitchell Faccinto and DJ Netto of Hanford, and Roseville’s Sean Becker.

    The racing format includes qualifying, four heat races, a Hoosier Tires Dash, a 12-lap semi-main and the 40-lap feature event.

    Pit Gates open at 3:00 p.m. Front gates open at 5:00 p.m., followed by qualifying at 6:30 p.m. and racing at 7:00 p.m. Also on the race card are Wingless Sprint Cars and Economy Sprints.

    Silver Dollar Speedway is located at the fairgrounds in Chico, approximately mile west of U.S. 99. For more information, call 530-891-6535.


    (After two events in 17-race Series)

    Bud Kaeding, Campbell (1) 121
    Giovanni Scelzi, Fresno 119
    Carson Macedo, Lemoore 118
    Kyle Hirst, Paradise 113
    Cory Eliason, Selma (1) 112
    DJ Netto, Hanford 110
    Mitchell Faccinto, Hanford 109
    Michael Kofoid, Penngrove 108
    Willie Croft, Sacramento 98
    Chase Johnson, Penngrove 96
    Brent Kaeding, Campbell 93
    Craig Stidham, Fresno 92
    Sean Becker, Roseville 92
    Bobby McMahan, Elk Grove 90
    Jason Statler, Grass Valley 87
    Sean Watts, Atwater 86
    Scott Parker, Coarsegold 84
    Jarrett Soares, Elk Grove 82
    Taylor Malsum, Seattle, WA 79
    Mathew Moles, Fresno 79


    May 13 – Placerville Speedway – Placerville, CA

    May 20 – Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway, Tulare, CA

    June 3 – Antioch Speedway, Antioch, CA

    The King of the West Fujitsu Racing Series – presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club is co-sponsored by Hoosier Racing Tires. Contingency award sponsors include ATL Racing Cells, ARP Racing Bolts, BMRS, Butler Built, FK Rod Ends, Flowmaster, Fuel Safe Racing Cells, Kaeding Performance Center, KSE Racing Products, Maxim, PAC Racing Springs, Pyrotect, Racing Optics, Saldana Racing Products, Schoenfeld Headers, SCI Racing Products, System 1 Ignition, Ultra Light Brakes, Weld Racing Wheels, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Williams Roofing, and Winters Performance Products.



    4/22/17 - Tulare, CA … Bud Kaeding scored a lucrative $11,000 victory Saturday night at the Thunderbowl Raceway with a convincing green-to-checkered 30-lap run in the King of the West/NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series Peter Murphy Classic.

    Driving Morrie William’s Alviso Rock/Kaeding Performance Center sponsored Maxim, Kaeding won a drag race down the front straightaway against quick qualifier Giovanni Scelzi and never looked over his shoulder the rest of the way. Kaeding dedicated his victory to longtime family friend and race supporter Bob Miller who passed away just two days earlier.

    “We lost a member of our family,” said Kaeding on the victory podium. “Bob was a great friend of mine and was like a grandfather to me. He was great for the sport and they don’t make them like that anymore. We are going to miss him dearly.”

    Tenth starter Bobby McMahan was involved in a wild crash down the front stretch on the first attempt to get the event underway. He was unhurt, but the same couldn’t be said for destroyed race car. The only other yellow flag was on lap five for Jason Statler who sustained major front end damage. The 25-laps chase to the checkered ran non-stop.

    Sixth starter Carson Macedo pulled to within three-car lengths of the leader in traffic with two to go, but ran out of laps. Piloting the Tarlton Motorsports Tachi Palace backed machine, Macedo locked horns and passed Scelzi for third at the halfway point, and powered past Buddy Kofoid for second on lap 19. By that time Kaeding had built a four second lead advantage, plus a two lapped car interference.

    Polesitter and Peter Murphy Pole Shuffler winner Scelzi passed Kofoid in the waning laps to earn a podium finish in the Roth Motorsports HR Livestock Transportation sprinter. Kofoid held on to cross the checkered in an impressive fourth. DJ Netto rounded out the top five in the Tri-C Machine sprint car.

    The rest of the top ten included 11th starter and defending champ Kyle Hirst, Mitchell Faccinto, Mason Moore, 20th starter Dominic Scelzi, and Willie Croft. Earlier Hirst scored his first-ever USAC non-wing feature victory in their 25-lap headliner.

    Shane Golobic took top honors in the 21-car Hoosier Tire B-Main event. He started 12th in the field driving a 360 powered sprint car. His team had blown their 410 engine in their heat race and changed motors.

    Giovanni Scelzi’s fast time of 13.801 seconds around the 3/8 mile oval was the quickest in the 39 car field. Heat races were picked off by Moore, Croft, Hirst, and Rico Abreu.

    KWS-NARC Tachi Palace/Fujitsu Feature Event (30 laps); Bud Kaeding, Carson Macedo, Giovanni Scelzi, Buddy Kofoid, DJ Netto, Kyle Hirst, Mitchell Faccinto, Mason Moore, Dominic Scelzi, Willie Croft, Cory Elliason, Chase Johnson, Tanner Thorsen, Shane Golobic, Craig Stidham, Brent Kaeding, Jarrett Soares, Lucas Ashe, Jason Statler, Bobby McMahan

    Lap Leaders: Bud Kaeding 1-30

    Fast Qualifier (39 cars): Giovanni Scelzi 13.801

    Heat 1 (10 laps): Mason Moore, Giovanni Scelzi, Buddy Kofoid, Cory Eliason, Craig Stidham, Shawn Conde, Cori Andrews, Nathan Rolfe, Jared Peterson

    Heat 2 (10 laps): Willie Croft, DJ Netto, Bobby McMahan, Chase Johnson, Jason Statler, Dominic Scelzi, Dustin Golobic, Kalib Henry, Jeremy Chisum, Mathew Moles.

    Heat 3 (10 laps): Kyle Hirst, Carson Macedo, Bud Kaeding, Sean Becker, Brent Kaeding, Taylor Malsam, Kaleb Montgomery, Scott Parker, Shane Golobic

    Heat 4 (10 laps): Rico Abreu, Tanner Thorsen, Mitchell Faccinto, Jarrett Soares, Lucas Ashe, Sean Watts, Andy Gregg, Bill Butler, Brent Bjork

    Peter Murphy Pole Shuffle (6 laps): Bobby McMahan defeated Mitchell Faccinto; Bobby McMahan defeated Kyle Hirst, DJ Netto defeated Bobby McMahan, DJ Netto defeated Tanner Thorsen, DJ Netto defeated Mason Moore; Carson Macedo defeated DJ Netto; Buddy Kofoid defeated Carson Macedo; Buddy Kofoid defeated Rico Abreu, Willie Croft defeated Buddy Kofoid; Bud Kaeding defeated Willie Croft, Giovanni Scelzi defeated Bud Kaeding.

    Hoosier Tires B-Main (12 laps): Shane Golobic, Craig Stidham, Jason Statler, Dominic Scelzi, Brent Kaeding, Lucas Ashe, Taylor Malsum, Kalib Henry, Scott Parker, Jeremy Chisum, Dustin Golobic, Shawn Conde, Nathan Rolfe, Sean Watts, Cori Andrews, Brent Bjork, Andy Gregg, Jared Peterson, Mathew Moles, Billy Butler, Ryan Bernal



    (4/16/17) Tulare, CA … The exciting 900-horsepower sprint cars of the King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Racing Series will headline the two-day Peter Murphy Classic on Saturday night, April 22nd at Tulare’s Thunderbowl Raceway.

    The lucrative event is expected to pay the largest overall purse of the season and will field a stellar field of 410 sprint cars aiming to earn the winners share. The 2016 race paid $11,000 to winner and eventual series champion Kyle Hirst of Paradise, CA. Last place paid $1000 to start the 30-lap feature event (final numbers for the 2017 were not available as of press time.)

    This is the fourth annual event hosted by Australian driver Peter Murphy, who became a steady fixture and fan favorite on the Northern Auto Racing Club sprint car tour in California during the 1990’s. However, his successful driving career ended prematurely in 2013 after being seriously injured in a violent crash at Antioch Speedway. During his long recovery from multiple injuries, including head trauma, the sprint car community circled its proverbial wagons around the popular driver to provide support.

    “The racing community really helped me when I needed them the most during my long healing process,” explained Murphy, who solicits additional sponsorship for his race. “This race is my way of giving back to the fans and to the NARC Benevolent Fund.”

    The Peter Murphy Classic also generates revenue for the aforementioned (non-profit) NARC Benevolent Fund. This fund provides support to open wheel racers and their families in times of need. It provides financial support to help offset medical bills and expenses.

    “As much as I wanted to get back in the saddle (race car) again, my doctors said absolutely ‘no way.’ It was a serious health risk,” said Murphy, who now lives and owns a sign and graphic business in Fresno, CA. “Giving up racing was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life. This event has made it easier and allows me to stay involved with my fantastic open wheel family.”

    Among those expected to compete at the one-third mile action-packed clay oval on Saturday is current KWS-NARC championship point leader Cory Eliason of Selma, CA. Eliason captured the KWS-NARC season opener at Kern County Raceway Park (Bakersfield, CA) on April 8th. He already has two A-Main victories to his credit this season, driving both a 360 and 410 c.i. powered sprint car.

    Among the other drivers expected to compete on Saturday is defending KWS-NARC series champion Hirst, Lemoore’s Carson Macedo, Willie Croft of Sacramento, Bud & Brent Kaeding of Campbell, Atwater’s Sean Watts and Nathan Rolfe, and Hanford drivers Mitchell Faccinto and DJ Netto.

    Pit gates open at 2:00 p.m. Front gates open at 4:00 p.m. Also on the racing card on Saturday night is USAC Non-Wing 360’s & Legends of Kearney Bowl Vintage Cars.

    The Thunderbowl Raceway is located at E Bardsley Avenue & South K Street in Tulare.


    ED NOTE: There will be a driver autograph session behind the grandstands from 4:00 – 4:45 p.m.

    ED NOTE: Friday’s opening night of the Peter Murphy Classic will feature the Sprint Car Challenge Tour, Winged 360 sprint cars and the Legends of Kearney Bowl

    ED NOTE: Race fans can contribute to the NARC Benevolent Fund.

    Make checks payable to: “NARC Benevolent Fund” and mail c//o Kaeding Performance Center 813 Cristich Lane, Campbell, CA 95008. For more information on the fund, call 408-371-3031.


    May 6 – Silver Dollar Speedway – Chico, CA – Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial Race

    May 13 – Placerville Speedway – Placerville, CA


    (After one event in 17-race Series)

    Cory Eliason, Selma (1) 62
    Carson Macedo, Lemoore 59
    Kyle Hirst, Paradise 58
    Giovanni Scelzi, Fresno 57’
    Bud Kaeding, Campbell 56
    Mitchell Faccinto, Hanford 55
    Sean Watts, Atwater 55
    DJ Netto, Hanford 54
    Sean Becker, Roseville 53
    Michael Kofoid, Penngrove 51
    Matthew Moles, Fresno 50
    Bobby McMahan, Elk Grove 49
    Brent Kaeding, Campbell 48
    Scott Parker, Coarsegold 48
    Chase Johnson, Penngrove 47
    Craig Stidham, Fresno 46
    Willie Croft, Sacramento 46
    Jason Statler, Grass Valley 45
    Nathan Rolfe, Atwater 42
    Taylor Malsum, Seattle, WA 41

    The King of the West Fujitsu Racing Series – presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club is co-sponsored by Hoosier Racing Tires. Contingency award sponsors include ATL Racing Cells, ARP Racing Bolts, BMRS, Butler Built, FK Rod Ends, Flowmaster, Fuel Safe Racing Cells, Kaeding Performance Center, KSE Racing Products, Maxim, PAC Racing Springs, Pyrotect, Racing Optics, Saldana Racing Products, Schoenfeld Headers, SCI Racing Products, System 1 Ignition, Ultra Light Brakes, Weld Racing Wheels, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Williams Roofing, and Winters Performance Products.




    4/9/17 - Bakersfield, CA … Cory Eliason held off a furious late race charge by Carson Macedo to capture Saturday's exciting King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series season opener at Kern County Raceway Park.

    Eliason, who started seventh in the 22-car grid aboard the Antaya Motorsports Good Guys Rod & Custom Association-sponsored Maxim, battled his way through the field to take the runner-up spot on lap 25. Up to that point, a variety of challengers attempted to reel in pole sitter Willie Croft who dominated and consistently pulled away from the field after a couple of yellow flags.

    However, Croft's machine began to sputter a couple of laps later and Eliason began to reel him in. The field came to a complete stop with only two to go when fast qualifier Chase Johnson flipped in turn three. He was unhurt.

    Croft car was out of fuel and unable to push off for the restart, allowing Eliason to inherit the point, followed by challengers Macedo, defending champ Kyle Hirst, Bud Kaeding and Giovanni Scelzi.

    The green-white-checkered finish was organized open wheel mayhem as Macedo in the Tarlton Motorsports played wheel-to-wheel cat and mouse. Macedo actually took the lead in turn two with a massive slide job, but Eliason powered back by to take the lead and the victory.

    "It got pretty wild at the end," said Eliason. "Carson (Macedo) and I put on a show for the fans. I hope you enjoyed it."

    "Willie (Croft) ran out of fuel," continued Eliason. "If it weren't for that, I'm pretty sure he would have won the race." Croft ended his night in 17th.

    Defending series champion Kyle Hirst survived a back-and-forth battle with Bud Kaeding and Roth Motorsports teammate Giovanni Scelzi. Scelzi claimed fourth. Kaeding held on to fifth in the Morrie Williams owned sprinter.

    Thirteenth starter and semi-winner Mitchell Faccinto, DJ Netto, Sean Becker, Sean Watts and 15-year old Michael Kofoid rounded out the top 10.

    Chase Johnson set the standard in qualifying around the one-third mile oval with a 12.909 second run. Twenty-four cars timed in.

    Heat races were picked off by DJ Netto, Macedo and Eliason.

    KWS-NARC Fujitsu Feature Event (30 laps); Cory Eliason, Carson Macedo, Kyle Hirst, Giovanni Scelzi, Bud Kaeding, Mitchell Faccinto, DJ Netto, Sean Becker, Sean Watts, Michael Kolfoid, Matthew Moles, Bobby McMahan, Brent Kaeding, Scott Parker, Craig Stidham, Jason Statler, Willie Croft, Chase Johnson, Nathan Rolfe, Taylor Malsum, Jeremy Chisum, Zane Blanchard

    Lap Leaders: Willie Croft 1-28, Eliason 29-30

    Fast Qualifier (24 cars): Chase Johnson 12.894 seconds

    Heat 1 (10 laps): DJ Netto, Giovanni Scelzi, Chase Johnson, Scott Parker, Jason Statler, Brent Kaeding, Mitchell Faccinto, Craig Stidham

    Heat 2 (10 laps): Carson Macedo, Bud Kaeding, Bobby McMahan, Sean Watts, Sean Becker, Zane Blanchard, Jarrett Soares, Brent Bjork

    Heat 3 (10 laps): Cory Eliason, Willie Croft, Kyle Hirst, Taylor Malsum, Michael Kofoid, Nathan Rolfe, Jeremy Chisum, Matthew Moles

    Hoosier Dash (6 laps): Willie Croft, Chase Johnson, Kyle Hirst, Carson Macedo, Bud Kaeding, Giovanni Scelzi, Cory Eliason, DJ Netto, Bobby McMahan

    B-Main (12 laps): Mitchell Faccinto, Zane Blanchard, Craig Stidham, Brent Kaeding, Jeremy Chisum, Nathan Rolfe, Matthew Moles, Jarrett Soares, Brent Bjork




    (4/2/17) Bakersfield, CA … The Dirt Track at Kern County Raceway Park will host the season opener for the exciting 900-horsepower King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series this Saturday, April 8th. This marks the only visit by the traveling series to the one-third mile oval this season.

    Leading the field of entries will be defending three-time King of the West champion Kyle Hirst of Paradise, CA. Hirst will have a lot in common with the other 25 teams expected to compete in that he has never raced at the newly configured one-year old track.

    “It’s always a challenge to compete at a new racing facility,” said Hirst, “because we don’t know what to expect and everyone is on a level playing field. It’s going to come down to what team can dial in the proper chassis set up after just a few practice laps. A little luck comes in handy also.”

    The short 17-race KWS-NARC schedule leaves little margin for error for those with championship aspirations. Also, the organizations new points schedule pays a premium for winning races as teams chase the winner’s share of the $20,000 purse and a year-end $62,000 championship point fund.

    Hirst and Campbell’s Bud Kaeding dominated victory lane in 2016, with six and five feature event victories, respectively. Six other drivers captured the other nine wins. Both Hirst and Kaeding plan to pick up where they left off in 2016.

    “The best way to pursue a championship is to start strong and win the first race of the season,” continued Hirst, who drives for Fresno-based Roth Motorsports. “Winning for the first time at a new track would make it extra special.”

    Among the other drivers expected to compete on Saturday include Mitchell Faccinto and DJ Netto of Hanford; Justyn Cox of Clarksburg; Sean Watts of Atwater; Penngrove’s Chase Johnson; Cory Eliason of Selma; Grass Valley’s Jason Statler and many more.

    Pit gates open at 2:00 p.m. Front gates open at 5:00 p.m. Also on the racing card are American Stocks and HPB Midgets.

    Kern County Raceway Park is located at 13500 Raceway Blvd in Bakersfield (Interstate 5 & Enos Lane.)


    Driver Bud Kaeding will be signing autographs near the front gate between 5:00-5:30 p.m.

    ED NOTE: The scheduled March 4th KWS-NARC season opener was rained out.


    Kyle Hirst, Paradise (6) 3183 Bud Kaeding, Campbell (5) 3164 Justyn Cox, Clarksburg 2962 DJ Netto, Hanford 2922 Sean Watts, Atwater 2729 Jason Statler, Grass Valley 2720 Jarrett Soares, Discovery Bay 2681 Mitchell Faccinto, Hanford 2326 Chase Johnson, Penngrove 1942 Shane Golobic, Fremont (3) 1900 Cory Eliason, Selma (2) 1725 Bobby McMahan, Elk Grove 1674 Colby Copeland, Roseville 1643 Justin Sanders, Aromas (1) 1513 Jonathan Allard, Chico 1228

    Number of 2016 Victories in Parenthesis


    April 22nd – Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway – Tulare, CA

    May 6th – Silver Dollar Speedway – Chico, CA

    May 13th – Placerville Speedway – Placerville, CA

    The King of the West Fujitsu Racing Series – presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club is also sponsored by Hoosier Racing Tires. Contingency award sponsors include ATL Racing Cells, ARP Racing Bolts, BMRS, Butler Built, FK Rod Ends, Flowmaster, Fuel Safe Racing Cells, Kaeding Performance Center, KSE Racing Products, Maxim, PAC Racing Springs, Pyrotect, Racing Optics, Saldana Racing Products, Schoenfeld Headers, SCI Racing Products, System 1 Ignition, Ultra Light Brakes, Weld Racing Wheels, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Williams Roofing, and Winters Performance Products.




    Contact: Jim Allen

    3/30/17 - Sacramento, CA …The King of the West Sprint Car Series – presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club proudly announced today that Fujitsu General America has joined the traveling 410 sprint car series as title sponsor. Fujitsu is a worldwide leader in high-efficiency mini-split heating and air conditioning products for both residential and commercial applications.

    "Fujitsu is very excited about this partnership and the marketing opportunities presented with the King of the West NARC series." said Thomas Carney, National Director of Sales. "We look forward to a fantastic year of championship-caliber sprint car racing.”

    The series has been re-branded the King of the West Fujitsu Racing Series – presented by NARC (Northern Auto Racing Club.)

    Fujitsu General has produced and shipped millions of air conditioning systems throughout the world for more than four decades. Their line of Halcyon™ products have been designed to provide zoned comfort and are engineered to install quickly and easily.

    “This is an absolute game changer for our racing series,” stated KWS-NARC Business Manager Jim Allen. “Our organization is honored to receive the support of a first class company like Fujitsu. We are looking forward to a long mutually-rewarding relationship.”

    Fujitsu plans to provide interactive displays at most events to showcase their products.

    As a result of Fujitsu's generous support, the King of the West/NARC championship point fund has now been boosted to over $62,000. It will be paid out to the top 15 teams in the final standings. The championship team earns $10,000.

    About Fujitsu General Limited

    With global headquarters in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan, and U.S. headquarters in Fairfield, New Jersey, Fujitsu General Limited manufacturers and sells products and components for both the air conditioning and telecommunications fields. Founded in January 1936, today the company is led by Chairman Junichi Murashima, and President Etsuro Saito. FUJITSU GENERAL United States & Canada FUJITSU GENERAL United States & Canada website. Cooling and Heating Solutions for Residential or Commercial. Air Conditioning Systems, Products, Services, Support and ...

    KWS-NARC Sponsors

    In addition to Fujitsu, the KWS-NARC series also enjoys tremendous financial and product support from Hoosier Racing Tires, ATL Racing Cells, ARP Racing Bolts, BMRS, Butler Built, FK Rod Ends, Flowmaster, Fuel Safe Racing Cells, Kaeding Performance Center, KSE Racing Products, Maxim, PAC Racing Springs, Pyrotect, Racing Optics, Saldana Racing Products, Schoenfeld Headers, SCI Racing Products, System 1 Ignition, Ultra Light Brakes, Weld Racing Wheels, Wilwood Disc Brakes, and Williams Roofing, and Winters Performance Products.






    News, Notes & Quotes from the KWS-Northern Auto Racing Club Sprint Cars

    (2/25/17) … By Jim Allen –

    Let’s address the elephant in the room and ask the big question … will the 2017 King of the West Northern Auto Racing Club sprint car schedule finally get underway? The much hyped March 4th series opener featured more anticipation than a five-year old has on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, when all was said and done, Mother Nature had the final word at the our Chico Mini-Gold Cup opener. To make things worse, the weather in Chico was sunny until about 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, which meant that all of our teams endured the travel expenses of rolling North before making a U-turn around 3:30 p.m.

    Now off the record, the rainout was probably a good thing for the KWS-Northern Auto Racing Club rebrand from a marketing standpoint. Pretty much everything has been a mad scramble since our February 12th Competition Meeting in Fresno - but in a good way. To put that in perspective, the new website went live shortly before Kyle Hirst took the checkered on Friday’s Mini-Gold Cup regular season opener. We thank for burning the midnight oil and getting this first-class site up and running in less than two weeks. By the way, if you haven’t checked out … what are you waiting for? We built it for you - and we are literally updating it daily.

    Our official concessionaire, Jim Gardner of Bullet Impressions, also breathed a huge sigh of relief with the rain out. It allowed him to press forward with several new KWS-NARC apparel designs. For all of those of you who have already inquired about getting your hands on a new T-shirt design, Jim promises that it will be worth the wait. You’ll have to make the trip to Kern County Raceway Park on April 8th to get yours.

    DAVE BRADWAY JR. MEMORIAL RACE: Dianne Durica is again spearheading the sponsorship efforts for the May 6th Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial race. Through her efforts, this is the richest one-day event on the King of the West/NARC schedule. The 40-lap A-Main features $4,000 in total lap money that pays the top three on any given lap. Plus there are huge payoffs for B-Main, Hard charger, Fast Time, and Trophy Dash winner. The race is less than 50 days away so give Dianne a call at 916-988-5958 or email at

    NARC BENEVOLENT FUND: We are getting several emails from fans that want to contribute to the NARC Benevolent Fund. If you would like to donate to the fund we hope we never have to use, make your donation to the NARC Benevolent Fund and mail it to: C/O Kaeding Performance Center. 813 Cristich Lane, Campbell, CA. You will receive your tax deductable letter in the mail shortly thereafter.

    SERIES SPONSOR: Expect some news regarding a new series sponsor for the King of the West/NARC series. That’s all I can tell you right now – or I’d have to kill you.

    HOW MANY WINNERS: Last year’s KWS feature events winners were Kyle Hirst (6), Bud Kaeding (5), Shane Golobic (3), Cory Eliason (2), and Justin Sanders, Rico Abreu, Willie Croft, and Tim Kaeding with one each. That makes eight. I can easily see that number reaching 10 or 12 even in a shortened 17 race season. Plan on throwing in Chase Johnson, Justyn Cox, DJ Netto, Colby Copeland and a few others into the victory lane mix. This group is scary fast.

    NARC NOTES: Special thanks to Adam Ulrey, who has become the resident historian of sprint car racing on the West Coast. His website has been extremely helpful while rebuilding the NARC history books. … Dennis Gage and ace PR man Troy Hennig did an excellent job with their Silver Dollar Speedway season kick-off luncheon on the Thursday before the Mini-Gold Cup. Mike Andreetta represented the new KWS-NARC series. … Special kudos go out to Andy Forsberg who had his car on display for the local press at the luncheon. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 360 or a 410, it’s good for sprint car racing as a whole. … Grass Valley’s Jason Statler listed on his driver profile that the car he always wanted to drive was a midget. The only way that is going to happen is if we remove the motor so he has someplace to put his legs. If you can believe this, Jason started his career in Micro-Midgets in 1986. …

    Car owner Shawn Thomas has also put his name in the hat for a position on the NARC Advisory Board. He joins Kyle Hirst, Hanford promoter Bubby Morse, and Bud Kaeding, on the short list. Several others have said they are considering the position. … The 2017 KWS-NARC contingency award package is worth in excess of $30,000 to competitors this season – plus a ton of free product that will be given away at the year-end championship banquet. … Keep up with us on Instagram at NARC410 and Twitter at NARC410 … We've got two Facebook pages. The first one is our NARC history page at NARC SPRINT CARS. The other is more for current events at King of the West by NARC. … Here's a question for you. Would you rather race for a larger weekly purse, or a larger year-end point fund? I know the answer is BOTH, but if you had to choose one, which one would it be?

    Coming to you live from Anaheim Hills, CA … looking f




    (3/4/17 - Jim Allen) … The King of the West Sprint Car Series – presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club proudly unveiled a brand new website for the traveling organization. The site features schedules, results, driver profiles, sponsors and an overview of 66 years of 410 c.i. racing history.

    The site was built by Southern California-based Aesthetic Media ( and debuted just hours before the March 4th Mini-Gold Cup season opener was rained out. The site will continue to be expanded with NARC history as the season progresses.

    The club sports two “official” Facebook pages. The NARC Sprint Cars page features posts reliving decades of racing history and the King of the West Sprints site is focused on current events.

    KWS-NARC news, information, and highlights can also be found on Twitter at @NARC410 and Instagram at NARC410.

    For more information, contact the series at




    (2/26/17) … The King of the West Sprint Car Series – Presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club, will invade Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico on Saturday, March 4th for the season opening high-stakes $5,000 to win Mini-Gold Cup.

    This is the first of only two visits by the KWS-NARC series to the high-banked quarter-mile oval in 2017. This event also marks the return of the Northern Auto Racing Club (NARC) sanctioning body to the Mini-Gold Cup for the first time since 2000. The organization was resurrected this past offseason to help grow and promote the popular 410 cubic inch motor class of sprint car racing in California. The Mini-Gold had been sanctioned by the World of Outlaws for the past eight years.

    Among the drivers expected to compete include defending King of the West champion Kyle Hirst of Paradise, CA; Campbell’s Bud Kaeding; Justyn Cox of Clarksburg; Hanford’s DJ Netto; Sean Watts of Atwater; Penngrove’s Chase Johnson; Grass Valley’s Jason Statler and at least 20 others.

    “We hope that Mother Nature cooperates with the racing community this weekend,” said Jim Allen, KWS-NARC Business Manager. “This area has been pounded for weeks by wet weather and I’m sure open wheel fans would rather watch and hear the sounds of sprint cars than another broadcast on the Weather Channel.”

    The extra moisture should equate to an excellent racing surface, which allows teams to “hook up” their chassis to maximize the performance of their 850 horsepower-1400 pound sprint cars.

    “One thing I can guarantee on Saturday is that everyone will be extremely fast,” said perennial NARC & King of the West champion Brent Kaeding of Campbell, who will also be competing. “Everyone is looking to start the season strong and if you miss the set up even a slightly, you’ll become lap traffic in just a handful of laps."

    The Mini-Gold Cup marks the beginning of the ultra-competitive KWS-NARC schedule that features 18-events at 10 different dirt oval tracks around California.

    Silver Dollar Speedway is located at the fairgrounds in Chico, approximately mile west of U.S. 99. For more information, call 530-891-6535.



    Kyle Hirst, Paradise (6) 3183 Bud Kaeding, Campbell (5) 3164 Justyn Cox, Clarksburg 2962 DJ Netto, Hanford 2922 Sean Watts, Atwater 2729 Jason Statler, Grass Valley 2720 Jarrett Soares, Discovery Bay 2681 Mitchell Faccinto, Hanford 2326 Chase Johnson, Penngrove 1942 Shane Golobic, Fremont (3) 1900

    Number of 2016 Victories in Parenthesis

    The King of West/NARC Sprint Car Series is sponsored by Hoosier Racing Tires, Brown & Miller Racing Solutions, Butler Built, FK Rod Ends, Flowmaster, Kaeding Performance Center, KSE Racing Products, Maxim, Racing Optics Tear-Offs, Schoenfeld Headers, SCI Racing Products, System 1, Ultra Light Brakes, Weld Racing Wheels, Wilwood Disc Brakes, and Winters Performance Products.


    April 8th – Kern County Raceway Park – Bakersfield, CA

    April 22nd – Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway – Tulare, CA

    May 6 – Silver Dollar Speedway – Chico, CA





    (2/20/17 - Fresno, CA) … Fresno-based Roth Motorsports announced that Paradise, CA driver Kyle Hirst will be driving their potent 410 sprint car during the 2017 King of the West-NARC season. Hirst is one of the hottest drivers in California, having captured three of the past four series championships, including last season’s hotly contested battle which was determined at the final event of the season.

    “We are extremely excited to partner up with Kyle Hirst to chase the KWS-NARC championship title this season,” said Dennis Roth. “He’s a very talented young driver with a lot of open wheel experience and we plan to field a first-class car for him to drive every week.”

    The Dennis and Teresa Roth owned team is title sponsored by HR Livestock Transportation. Open wheel veteran Troy Welty is the crew chief.

    Roth Motorsports has a long legacy of winning sprint car races around the country featuring some of the best drivers in the business. This Hall of Fame list includes the likes of Sammy Swindell, Mark Kinser, Brent Kaeding, Danny Lasoski, Randy Hannagan, Tim Kaeding, and Kasey Kahne. They have literally won’s hundreds of races including the famed Knoxville Nationals and national titles such as the 2006 National Sprint Car Tour.

    “The Roth team always has a positive attitude and a take no prisoners’ mentality no matter what the circumstances,” said Hirst of Sacramento. “Their expectations have always been very high, but they back it up with top notch equipment and a hardworking crew that seldom misses the mark as far as chassis set-ups are concerned. It’s hard to drive for a better car owner and the rest is up to me to deliver a King of the West championship to Fresno.”

    The 18-race King of the West Series – presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club gets underway on March 4th at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico. The event pays $5,000 to win.



    News from the KWS-Northern Auto Racing Club Sprint Cars

    (2/16/17) … By Jim Allen –


    Since the Northern Auto Racing Club is making a comeback with the King of the West Sprint Car Series in California, I figured it was time to bring back another regular feature from the 1990’s - my NARC NEWSLINE column. Yes, in the old days, there were these things called racing newspaper’s like Racing Wheels, National Speed Sport News, Western Racing News, and SPRINTCAR to name a few. Now they are just remnants of the days before smart phones, when diehard open wheel fans were perfectly content waiting four or five days to get last weekend’s news.

    But say no more because the NARC NEWSLINE is not a column anymore, it’s a blog and it’s loaded with almost everything you need to know about the 410 sprint car racing in California. So with that intro, here we go:

    As expected, there has been the typical naysayers’ complaining about bringing back the NARC name. I think these same people are still at home wondering why their last issue of Racing Wheels never showed up. Most of the negativity comes from an overall lack of communication, because they just don’t realize that this move was thoroughly researched, investigated and planned out before it was even considered. It’s a plan that should improve the headline sprint car class in the Golden State over the next several years, with its members taking a leading role in club management. The model is … the Northern Auto Racing Club; a sanctioning body that can promote from within, can provide premium racing entertainment to many generations of fans, and grow the sport. It’s not a cover up, or putting lipstick on a pig, it’s a new start for open wheel racing. We all knew it was time for a change – and most people hate change of any kind. So with that in mind, let’s communicate in a positive fashion!

    COMPETITION MEETING: The Roth Motorsports compound in Fresno was packed with almost 90 car owners, drivers, promoters and 410 sprint car enthusiasts on February 12th. Was it the killer Tri-tip or the promise of a new direction for 410 sprint car racing in California that lured them in? The answer is pretty simple … it was BOTH! They sat through a Jim Allen KWS-Northern Auto Racing Club business plan presentation that not only addressed the strengths of the organization, but spent more time on the areas that must be addressed to ensure success in the future. The feedback was outstanding and now its full speed ahead into what can best be described as an infrastructure building year. This includes installing an Advisory Board in the weeks to come that will help shape the direction of the organization. Among those who have already stated their interest in a board position is three time King of the West champ Kyle Hirst, and Keller Auto Speedway (Hanford) promoter Bubby Morse.

    FORMAT: A new fan-friendlier format was rolled out to the masses and it will be in play at the season opening Mini-Gold Cup. With 27 cars or less, the top three finishers’ in each heat race will qualify for the dash and the top five will earn a spot in the feature. The third heat race winner will pull a pill to determine the inversion in the dash. With four heats, the top three make the dash and the front four qualify for the feature. Yup, a 12-car dash … should be interesting. The finishing position in the dash determines the starting grid for the feature event.

    RESTARTS: Remember the days of clean nose-to-tail single file restarts between turns three and four? The one’s where the leader set the pace and the cars powered out of turn four? The restarts that were high on excitement, low on controversy, and didn’t wad up a bunch of equipment in turn one? Well, they’re coming back this season. This was a hot topic at the meeting and it generated a lot of conversation among car owners. After much discussion on different starting scenarios, it ended with a unanimous decision.

    POINT STANDINGS: The winner of a KWS-NARC feature event now earns 42 points, three more than second place, which places a premium on winning. However, from that point on it drops only one point per position. The only other way to earn points is to show up (20 points) and to be one of the four quickest qualifiers. The quick qualifier pockets four points, second fast – three points, etc.

    Speaking of the point standings, that leads us to the 2017 KWS-NARC point fund, which currently sits at stout $40,000. The championship team pockets ten grand. Additional sponsors are being solicited and the fund and sidebar promotions are expected to grow.

    TIRE RULE: The KWS-NARC series has once again teamed up with Hoosier Racing Tires again for the 2017 season. Special thanks to Hoosier Tires for donating a right rear for a raffle at the competition meeting. Owner/Driver Bobby McMahan was last seen walking out of the building with it slung over his shoulder. The season hasn’t even started yet and he has already won.

    Well, that’s all for now. We hope that the Oroville Dam stays sturdy, and that Mother Nature goes on Spring Break, so we can see all of you at Silver Dollar Speedway on March 4th – without a life preserver. By the way, that would be the $5,000 to win Mini Gold Cup.

    Coming to you live from Granite Bay, CA. … See ya!



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