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Welcome To Hoseheads!

This is a collection of some of the best writers and  photographers in the country all with one purpose in mind SPRINT CARS. We have every corner of the U.S. covered here so sit back and check out some of the great columns, race results, & photos. If you have any sprint car news, results, or photos please send them to me.  Thanks, Allan Holland

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KO's Indiana Bullring Scene Kevin Oldham 10/9 BillW's Knoxville News Bill Wright 11/17 Hoosier Race Report Danny Burton (IN) 10/19
Florida Open Wheel Richard Golardi 12/7 Tri-State Outlook Duane Hancock (OH/IN/MI) 10/5 The West Coast Sprint Car Scene Joseph Terrell 12/9
NARC News Line by Jim Allen 9/10 From the Grandstand Ron Rodda (CA) 10/18

A Typical Weekend Pat & Bruce Eckel (IN/IL) 11/16

  A Night To Remember Joe Burrage 8/21 Three Generations Leo Dougherty 11/27

he 2019 USAC National Champions (left to right): Kody Swanson (Silver Crown), C.J. Leary (Sprint) and Tyler Courtney (Midget). (Jeremey Rhoades Photo)

Third generation racer Caleb Baughan put up an impressive drive to win the R.A Shearing Contractors sponsored Hydraulink War of the Wings Sprintcar Series feature at Ruapuna Speedway, Christchurch, New Zealand on Saturday night.

Karsyn Elledge from ActionTrack USA this summer. Bob Yurko Photo Click image for larger view

Some PRI shots from Indy by Wayne Riegle.    Justin Grant, Jeff Gordon, David Gravel, Christopher Bell, Logan Schuchart


Say What!

“After getting reacquainted with the car, it was extremely fast right out of the gate and continued that pace as the track evolved throughout the night, which is a testament to the team and the efforts they put in, both in the lead up to the event and during,” commented Kerry Madsen, who flew into Perth from his home in America on Friday afternoon with just enough time to ‘bond’ with the immaculately presented car prior to winning the WA Title event.

Gene's Corner
National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee Gene Marderness has been shooting at Dirt Tracks across America since the 60's. He has tons of great classic shots and we are going to post some here in Gene's Corner.

Steve Butler 1988 Ohio Speedweek   Click image for larger view

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Final Top 20
1. 48 Danny Dietrich 1792 13
2. 51 Freddie Rahmer 1206 9
3. 21 Brian Montieth 1082 5
4. 69K Lance Dewease 942 9
5. 39M Anthony Macri 931 2
6. 72 Ryan Smith 923 1
7. 24 Lucas Wolfe 865 5
8. 1 Logan Wagner 783 6
9. 99M Kyle Moody 545 2
10. 39 Cory Haas 540 2





Carson Macedo (centre) won both Sprintcar and Speedcar A Mains in the Ultimate Speedway Challenge at Valvoline Raceway on 14 December. He became only the third driver in the track's history to achieve the feat. We also show (l-r) Kaidon Brown (speedcar 2nd), Marcus Dumesny (sprintcar 2nd), Sam Walsh (sprintcar 3rd) and Matt Jackson (speedcar 3rd) Gary Reid Photo


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Sunday  December 15th


Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil. J. Paul Getty



  • War of the Wings NZ)Third generation racer Caleb Baughan put up an impressive drive to win the R.A Shearing Contractors sponsored Hydraulink War of the Wings Sprintcar Series feature at Ruapuna Speedway, Christchurch, New Zealand on Saturday night. Highly rated late Model Sedan racer Paddy North continued his great run in his Sprintcar to finish second with veteran Daniel Anderson third. Defending Hydraulink WoW champion Jamie Duff set quick time, while Sam O'Callaghan set the fastest time of the night on his way to victory in the first heat, and claimed the OEM Audio bonus. Heat race wins went to O'Callaghan, North and Anderson 17 cars hit the track for time trials Race Results 12/15

  • USAC)Buddy Kofoid and Daison Pursley will fill two slots on the full-time driver roster for Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian as the pair pursue Rookie of the Year honors with the USAC NOS Energy Drink Midget National Championship in 2020. USAC 12/15

  • USAC)The 2020 USAC Silver Crown Champ Car season will open with the series' debut at Tennessee's Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway on Sunday afternoon, May 3. The half-mile, high-banked pavement oval has hosted six previous USAC National events, but none yet thus far with USAC's Silver Crown division. The last visit came during the 2004 season with Sprint Cars, a twin bill of 77-lap main events won by Bobby East and Dave Steele. USAC 12/15

Saturday  December 14th


If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Albert Einstein



  • Western Springs Speedway NZ)Midgets...1 #27A Hayden Williams 2 #3NZ Shayne Alach 3 #4A Brad Mosen 4 #5A Brock Maskovich 5 #98A Ryan O'Connor 6 #71A Breyton Davison 7 #63A Jayden Worthington 8 #25A Aaron Hodgson 9 #91A Hayden Guptill 10 #79A Max Guildford 11 #39A Peter Hunnibell 12 #58A Joe Malone 13 #99A Nathan Howard 14 #55A Hamish Dobbyn 15 #96A Matthew McCutcheon 16 #61A Brad Hollier 17 #9A Zach Daum 18 #56A David Pellow 19 #22A James Earl 20 #93A Kayne Buck 12/14

  • Western Springs Speedway NZ)1 #2NZ Jamie Larsen 2 #3USA Jonathan Allard 3 #35AUS Jamie Veal 4 #21W Stephen Taylor 5 #88M Keaton Dahm 6 #88AUS David Murcott 7 #78A Daniel Eggleton 8 #51M Rodney Wood 9 #73K Brian Edwards 10 #7T Jayden Dodge 11 #84P Dean Cooper 12 #35A Rob Vazey 13 #7A Dion Kendall 14 #7USA Craig Dollansky 15 #22A Dean Brindle 16 #12A Dean Shadbolt 17 #24A Tyler Radovan 18 #2USA Shane Stewart 19 #10A Glen Torpey 20 #62A Dave Witton 21 #78C Matthew Leversedge 22 #21A Kerry Brocas 23 #76A Steve Smith 12/14

  • Archerfield Speedway AU)1 #43 Mitchell Gee 2 #54 Randy Morgan 3 #8 Brock Dean 4 #7 Aaron Kelly 5 #59 Chad Ely 6 #88 Ryan McNamara 7 #33 Callum Walker 8 #28 Allan Woods 9 #14 Mark Pholi 10 #42 Kristy Bonsey 11 #51 Tim Farrell 12 #78 Andrew Corbet 13 #32 Mitch Gowland 14 #10 Adam Butler 15 #18 Scott Genrich 16 #5 Cody Maroske 17 #Q2 Brent Kratzmann 18 #NQ2 Andrew Baumber 12/14

  • Murray Bridge Speedway AU)Wingless Sprints...1 #S16 Joel Heinrich 2 #V43 Daniel Storer 3 #S2 Jake Ashworth 4 #S67 Cody Atkins 5 #S23 Jack McCarthy 6 #S27 Cory Hodgson 7 #S71 Brett Ireland 8 #S46 Mark Taylor 9 #S37 Anthony McMillan 10 #S6 Michael Ross 11 #S15 Hayden Vickers 12 #S73 Melissa McMillan 13 #S28 Renee Pestka 14 #S52 Jason Bolitho 15 #S3 Keke Falland 16 #S47 Anthony Tapley 17 #S18 Ross Miller 18 #S9 Ben Harris 19 #VX40 Jeremy Pearson 20 #S77 Mick Barker 12/14

  • Redline Raceway AU)VSC Sprintcars...1 #V5 Shane Steenholt 2 #V55 Alistair Bastian 3 #V49 Shaun Lyness 4 #V35 Adam Greenwood 5 #V 90 Andrew Neilsen 6 #V83 David Mckay 7 #V7 Adam Cullinger 8 #V74 Jordan Abbott 9 #V8 Steven Horton 10 #V48 Shane Stevens 11 #V88 Trent Nielson 12 #V15 David Dennison 13 #V24 Anthony Snow 14 #V39 Vince Charter 15 #V20 Matt Grist 16 #V 87 Dillon Siely 12/14

  • Solo Hobart Raceway AU)Wingless Sprints...1 #T 5 Jeremy Smith 2 #T 21 Brad Whitchurch 3 #T 10 Luke Redpath 4 #T 83 Jamie Rolls 5 #T 17 Hadyn Mcbain 6 #T 44 Jacob Goodluck 7 #T 3 Jarrrod Kent 8 #T 7 Josh Padman 9 #T 20 Jason Taylor #T 9 Luke Wilson12/14

  • Valvoline Raceway AU)Speedcars...1 #N99 Carson Macedo 2 #R71 Kaidon Brown 3 #N97 Matthew Jackson 4 #N14 Nathan Smee 5 #SA88 Todd Wigzell 6 #Q6 Darren Vine 7 #N62 Dan Biner 8 #N40 Dave Lambert 9 #N89 Braydan Willmington 10 #Q89 Rusty Whittaker 11 #N4 Bob Jackson 12 #SA6 Paul Murphy 13 #N26 Jamie Hall 14 #V71 Domain Ramsey 15 #N9 Rod Francis 16 #N15 DJ Raw 17 #N16 Cameron Ware 18 #N3 Darren Jenkins 19 #Q3 Cal Whatmore 20 #V27 Dillon Ghent 21 #N69 Ayden Elliott 22 #N78 Troy Jenkins 23 #N57 Harley Smee 24 #Q11 Charlie Brown 12/14

  • Valvoline Raceway AU)1 #N99 Carson Macedo 2 #N47 Marcus Dumesny 3 #N92 Sam Walsh 4 #N48 Jackson Delamont 5 #D2 Ben Atkinson 6 #N20 Troy Little 7 #N16 Daniel Sayre 8 #N22 James Thompson 9 #NS71 Michael Stewart 10 #S63 Ryan Jones 11 #N86 Ben Atkinson JR 12 #N32 Warren Ferguson 13 #N56 Michael Saller 14 #NS15 Daniel Cassidy 15 #NS21 Jordyn Brazier 16 #NQ5 Danny Reidy 17 #V5 Max Dumesny 18 #N53 Jessie Attard 19 #A1 Andrew Scheuerle 20 #N24 Blake Skipper 21 #NQ7 Robbie Farr 22 #N39 Jeremy Cross 23 #NS97 Luke Geering 24 #N10 Luke Stirton 12/14

  • Premier Speedway AU)1 #V37 Grant Anderson 2 #V70 John Vogels 3 #V52 Darren Mollenoyux 4 #Q83 Steve Lines 5 #W17 James McFadden 6 #V40 Rusty Hickman 7 #V3 Corey McCullagh 8 #S15 Aidan Hall 9 #T22 Jock Goodyer 10 #V77 Brayden Parr 11 #T62 Tate Frost 12 #VA21 Shaun Dobson 13 #V42 Jye Okeeffe 14 #S2 Craig Vanderstelt 15 #V98 Peter Doukas 16 #V45 Mike Van Bremen 17 #S20 Glen Sutherland 18 #V60 Jordyn Charge 19 #V44 Tim Van Ginneken 20 #VA88 Grant Stansfield 21 #S45 Jake Tranter 22 #V81 Robbie Paton 23 #T7 Tim Hutchins 24 #V25 Jack Lee 12/14

  • Premier Speedway AU)Wingless Sprints...1 #A1 Alex Ross 2 #VX50 Luke Weel 3 #V67 Christopher Halesworth 4 #V 95 Glenn Watts 5 #V23 Mathew Balcombe 6 #V12 Luke Cole 7 #VX38 Leigh Armistead 8 #V77 Alex Thomson 9 #S86 Kirby Hillyer 10 #VX97 Blake Walsh 11 #V 89 Todd Hobson 12 #V 84 Brad Warren 13 #S35 Mitchell Broome 14 #V61 Marcus Green 15 #V79 Clint Mclaren 16 #VX89 Christopher Temby 17 #V 64 Brittany Kuypers 18 #VX8 Michael McDonald 19 #V53 Samantha Millar 20 #VX41 Aaron Kennett 21 #VX91 Ben Poliansky 22 #VX 62 Kasey Garlick 23 #V76 Kelvin Johnson 12/14


  • USAC)Andrew Layser, who on Friday was named Rookie of the Year for the 2019 USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget season, has teamed up with Tucker-Boat Motorsports to tackle the entire series schedule in his sophomore season of 2020. USAC 12/14

  • USAC)USAC National driving champions Kody Swanson, C.J. Leary and Tyler Courtney shared the spotlight along with other 2019 USAC champions and special award recipients at Friday night's 64th USAC Night of Champions celebration at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in downtown Indianapolis, Ind.USAC 12/14

  • USCS)The United Sprint Car Series has announced a 30+ 2020 USCS Southern Thunder Tour regional series schedule of events. The USCS Southern Thunder Tour will visit 13 different speedways in 6 Southeastern states from February 7th until November 14th. USCS 12/14

  • USCS)The 2020 and 24th Anniversary season United Sprint Car Series USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters National (ALL RACE) Schedule of Events has been announced. The 2019 schedule of events will see the slate will see the USCS Outlaw Thuder Tour winged sprint cars make 64 stops at speedways in nine states. In addition to the National Championship, there are two regional series to compete for with in the events. Te USCS Mid-South Thunder Tour and the USCS Southern Thunder Tour. USCS 12/14

  • USCS)The United Sprint Car Series presented by K&N Filters has announced a forty event schedule of events for the USCS Mid-South Thunder Tour Regional Series 2020 racing season. The winged sprint car drivers of the USCS will visit 13 different speedway's in 5 states. For USCS info please visit or call 770-865-6097.USCS 12/14

Friday  December 13th


Don't worry so much. Most of the things you worry about never end up happening. Dick Van Dyke



  • Premier Speedway AU)The 2020 Classic field will be riddled with previous Classic Champions, one of whom will be the pilot of the Krikke Motorsport W2 – Kerry Madsen. Madsen who is the 2005, 2007 and 2008 Classic winner, will return to Warrnambool in search of number four, after finishing fourth in 2019 and having recorded a further three podium finishes in 2009 (3rd), 2012 (3rd) and 2016 (2nd). Press Releases 12/13

  • Gunner Ramey)Reigning POWRi Engler Machine & Tool Outlaw Micro League champion Gunner Ramey has landed a ride with Jack Yeley for the upcoming Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals. Ramey, from Sedalia, Mo., will pilot the No. 0G Ripper-Fontana with support from Glenn Styres Racing, Ohsweken Speedway, Jeff Taylor and Enriam Dynamics as he makes his debut showing at the Chili Bowl. Press Releases 12/13

  • USAC)Two-time USAC National champion Chris Windom will compete for Tucker-Boat Motorsports on the full USAC NOS Energy Drink Midget National Championship schedule during the 2020 season. Windom's 2016 Silver Crown and 2017 AMSOIL National Sprint Car titles have him just one USAC NOS Energy Drink Midget National Championship shy of becoming the seventh USAC Triple Crown champion to have won all three National series titles in his career, which would join him with Tony Stewart, J.J. Yeley, Pancho Carter, Dave Darland, Jerry Coons, Jr. and Tracy Hines. USAC 12/13

  • DIRTVision)Two years after the introduction of the Sprint and Late Model FAST PASS options, DIRTVision is excited to announce the new all-access FAST PASS, offering subscribers access to all World of Outlaws events — both Sprint Cars and Late Models — along with the DIRTcar Summer Nationals & Summit Modified Nationals tours, the new Drydene Xtreme DIRTcar Series, and a full slate of Australian action, including the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship, Ultimate Speedway Challenge along with Valvoline Raceway, Perth Motorplex and more. DIRT/World of Outlaws 12/213

  • Shaun McClure)While their individual plans for the 2019-20 season were quite different, it seems the stars have aligned for 360 Sprintcar drivers Shaun McClure and Dan Evans, who have decided to commence a partnership that has already seen Evans steer the McClure family-owned machine throughout multiple events. Press Releases 12/13

  • Brody Roa)Southern California Sprint Car championship contender Brody Roa is pleased to announce that HD Industries will be backing his racing efforts throughout the 2020 USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series campaign. The announcement came after a meeting with HD Industries officials just before Roa hopped on a plane to head to this week’s Performance Racing Industries Trade Show in Indianapolis. Roa and the team are ecstatic to have the HD Industries logo on the side panels of the famous Shaver powered BR Performance sprint car for the upcoming campaign. Press Releases 12/13

  • Dirt Station)Only a few more days left to order your racing DVD's from Sports Plus Video/Dirtstation to be delivered in time for the holiday! Order from our Ebay store by December 20th at 11 am to receive your DVD's by December 25th. Also, stay up with our daily deals from December 13 - 18th on our Facebook page - Sports Plus Video. Our Ebay Store: 12/13

  • 2020 Gilson Photo Sprint Car Calendar) Featuring drivers from the ASCS SW Series. Only $15.00+shipping order online at: 12/13

Thursday  December 12th


You gotta love livin', baby, 'cause dyin' is a pain in the ass. Frank Sinatra



  • All Stars)Sam McGhee Motorsports today announced that Zeb Wise will pilot the #11 410 winged sprint car during full time competition and chase the national points fund and rookie of the year honors with the All Star Circuit of Champions in 2020. The team will utilize Maxim chassis and Fisher Racing engines during the 2020 All Star campaign. Sam McGhee and Derek Miller will be turning the wrenches on the car for Mike and Kathy McGhee. All Stars 12/12

  • Garet Williamson)Garet Williamson is about to embark upon his biggest racing challenge yet. The 19-year-old who drives for Bryant Paver is tackling the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour in 2020, when the series will feature more than 50 races in 17 states ranging from California to Pennsylvania and from Michigan to Texas. Press Releases 12/12

  • USAC)USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midgets will embark on their largest schedule of events in over three decades when the series hits the trail for the start of their 65th season on Feb. 7-8 at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, Fla., the opening night of Winter Dirt Games XI. The series schedule has grown to 39 events for the 2020 campaign, the most events on the slate since 1988. It's a schedule which includes a mix of first-time venues and returns to tracks after lengthy absences along with traditional, annual events which have seen a tweak for the coming year. USAC 12/12

  • USAC)The 50th season of USAC Silver Crown racing features the versatile talent in the series tackling both dirt and pavement throughout its 12 race docket during the 2020 campaign, which includes a first-time venue in Pennsylvania's Selinsgrove Speedway dirt half-mile and a return visit to the ultra-fast paved 1.25-mile World Wide Technology Raceway in southern Illinois for the first time in four years. USAC 12/12

  • Toyota Racing Development, U.S.A.) (TRD), who is celebrating its 40th anniversary of American motorsports heritage this year, is in the design phase of developing a sprint car engine to meet World of Outlaws regulations.

  • USAC)Recently crowned champion C.J. Leary is on the move to Gene Gile Racing where he will pilot car No. 1 on the full USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car trail in 2020. Leary makes the move to the Phoenix, Arizona-based GGR team following a single season at Reinbold/Underwood Motorsports in 2019, which resulted in a USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car title following two victories and series best 32 top-ten finishes in 34 starts. USAC 12/12

  • ASCS Lucas Oil)With a few old favorites, and several new venues lining the 2020 lineup, the first round of a scheduled 50 race slate has been released for 29th season of the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network. "We're looking forward to 2020. We have a lot of new tracks, and it's great that we've been able to bring back some that we haven't been too in a long time," commented National Scheduling Coordinator, Terry Mattox. "Our goal is to get between 50-55 shows for these teams every year. ASCS 12/12

  • Champion Brands)Champion Brands, LLC; a major player in the global lubricants market, has developed a special DOT 5.1 brake fluid for performance and competition electric vehicles. Champion EVolution X DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid is specifically for the needs of electric high-powered vehicles. The need for this special product is when the vehicle battery is full, the brake system can’t take advantage of regenerative braking and so the brakes will have to do all the work without any support from engine braking. This creates a need for a high dry and wet boiling point that also provides enhanced brake system corrosion protection. Press Releases 12/12

Wednesday  December 11th


For me, one of the things that I get excited about is getting in situations I shouldn't be in. Nikki Sixx



  • Lucas Oil Raceway IN)RevsRacing LLC is excited to announce that we will be bringing 3 events to Lucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis during the 2020 season. For automotive enthusiasts, the events will feel like it felt to be a kid in candy store. We will kick off season at the beginning of May, with the three day Indy Revolution. Racers will return in the middle of June for another three day event; the Indy Summer Nationals. We will finish up the season in October, with a one day event; the Indy Revolt. Press Releases 12/11

  • Len Sammons Productions)Former NASCAR Cup racer Kyle Petty will be a major attraction at the Pioneer Pole Buildings Motorsports 2020 fueled by Sunoco distributed by Insinger Performance Racecar & Trade Show on Saturday, January 18th. The three day show will be held January 17th - 19th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa. Press Releases 12/11

  • USAC)Forty-six events at 23 different venues across 14 states dot the USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car calendar for the 2020 season with many of the familiar favorites joining a bevy of racetracks making their return to the schedule. For the 11th consecutive season, the series begins the campaign with three-straight events in Florida, at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala on Feb. 13-14-15. From there, the season kicks into gear in the Midwest springtime with an April 4 visit to Lawrenceburg (Ind.) Speedway, followed by a southern Indiana doubleheader weekend at Bloomington Speedway on April 17 and Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt on April 18. USAC 12/11

  • Dominic Scelzi)Dominic Scelzi is making the 2020 season his last hurrah on the road and he's doing so in big fashion. Scelzi Motorsports has hired veteran crew chief Jimmy Carr to operate the team, which will compete in California as well as stints throughout the Midwest to the tune of approximately 90 races. Press Releases 12/11

  • Must See Racing)The Must See Racing Sprint Car Series presented by Engine Pro will host one of the most unique events in tour history at one of the Midwest’s most well-known facilities next season. Announced Wednesday in advance of the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis, Must See Racing will headline the inaugural Indy Summer Nationals, June 18-20 at Lucas Oil Raceway. The three-day mega event will feature a host of drag racing on the LOR drag strip, while the Saturday night portion of the program will star the warriors of Must See Racing in a special non-points, non-winged showdown on the .686-mile oval. Press Releases 12/11

  • Dodge City Raceway Park KS)Dodge City Raceway Park fans, racers and crew members alike will gather to enjoy an evening filled with food, music and awards at the Saturday, January 25, 2020, DCRP Awards Banquet to celebrate the 2019 racing season. The festivities will take place at the Western Expo Center located adjacent to Dodge City Raceway Park at the intersection of US 56 and US 283 on the south edge of Dodge City, KS. Press Releases 12/11

Tuesday  December 10th


The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not. Mark Twain



  • USCS)The United Sprint Car Series presented by K&N Filters will release a 64-event, 24th Anniversary and 2020 racing season schedule of events for winged sprint cars this Thursday morning December 12th during the 2019 Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. The schedule touches nine states with multiple stops at some tracks. The slate of events kicks of on February 7, 2020 where the 2019 season began with the USCS Snow-free Winternationals at America’s Southern-most dirt speedway, the Hendry County Motorsports Park in Clewiston, Florida. For current USCS rules, schedule and information please visit of if you have further questions, please call the USCS office at 770-865-6097…. Current info is also always available at the series Facebook page USCS Racing. 12/10

  • Chase Johnson)Not only did Chase Johnson earn a career-best 11 feature victories in 2019, he also accomplished a new feat by winning in each type of race car he piloted this year. Johnson was victorious in a 410 winged sprint car, a 410 non-wing sprint car, a 360 winged sprint car, a 360 non-wing sprint car, a midget and an outlaw kart. "That's been my goal for a couple of years, to be good in any type of car I've gotten into," he said. "In years past I've felt like we were close, but it'd take me toward the end of the night to be as fast as we needed to start the night. To be able to win this year in all the different types of cars is really special. Press Releases 12/10

  • East Bay Raceway Park FL)The Ollies All Star Circuit of Champions are returning for the Winternationals at East Bay Raceway Park for the first time since 2003. Two nights of action on Monday & Tuesday February 10-11. $5,000 to win each night. The last time 410 winged sprint cars turned a wheel on the clay at the bay was 2010. Winternationals sprint car dates Top Gun Sprints 1/30, 1/31, 2/1. All Stars 2/10-2/11. King of 360's 2/13-15. Order Tickets 877-457-5611 12/10

  • Giovanni Scelzi)Giovanni Scelzi established himself as one of the top drivers in the country this year thanks to a career-best season across numerous platforms. Scelzi, who recently turned 18-years-old, captured nine feature victories, including wins with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series, Ollie's Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions and USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget Series. He also added a triumph during his first career pavement late model race. Press Releases 12/10

  • Dirt Station)Holiday Sales Underway! More than 55 racing DVDs under $10 to choose from plus weekly and daily sales continue through until December 25th. Check out the deals, steals, flips and sales by following us: Ebay Store - Facebook - @sportsplusvideo Twitter - @SportsPlusVide1 12/10

  • Shaun Dobson)To say that the Apple Isle’s Shaun Dobson is looking forward to returning to the mainland this Saturday night after taking a break from the driver’s seat last season would be quite the understatement, with the Hobart-based racer commencing what will be an extended campaign of blue-ribbon events across no less than four states. Press Releases 12/10

  • Paul Nienhiser)Competing for a couple different teams at Chili Bowls gone by, Paul Nienhiser will compete for Jim Neuman during the 2020 edition of the event as he will join a team made up of Mike Hess, Jake Neuman, and Tim McCreadie. “It will be great to get another shot to work with the Neuman’s, and get back to the Chili Bowl,” Paul Nienhiser said. “I raced with them at Belleville in 2018, and I grew up racing with Quarter Midgets and Micros with Jake Neuman, so it’s been a pretty long-standing friendship.” Press Releases 12/10

  • Life With Luke)"Jimmy Sills and Dave Argabright put it right over the fence with their brand-new book, LIFE WITH LUKE. Like everyone else, a part of me just wished I could have been Jimmy Sills. Probably as much as anything ever written, he details so poignantly what it was really like traveling the hilly road of a professional open-wheel driver. A great read about a great racer!" - Lew Boyd Press Releases 12/10

Monday  December 9th


The learning process continues until the day you die. Kirk Douglas



  • Column)Joseph Terrell has his next column with drivers of the year on the West coast and a look at early silly season news. The West Coast Sprint Car Scene12/9

  • Premier Speedway AU)With three Classic wins to his credit, a further six Classic preliminary feature wins and five Australian Championships upon his resume, Brooke Tatnell is the latest star to sign on for duty at the 2020 South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic. Press Releases 12/9

  • USAC EC)Bruce Buckwalter Jr will take his talents behind the wheel on tour with the Rapid Tire, USAC East Coast Sprint Car Series for the 2020 campaign up and down the East Coast. Buckwalter, a former regular with the ARDC midget series posted 9 wins behind the wheel the powerful non-winged midgets during some of the series most competitive years. More recently, with a move to Mechanicsburg the Buckwalter team made the move to the super sportsman ranks at the BAPS Motor Speedway over the last fours seasons. The team was able to garner multiple top 5’s and top 10’s, and were inside the top 10 in points before selling out with a handful of events left on the 2019 season. USAC 12/9

  • USAC)Tanner Carrick, who this past year became one of the USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget division's five first-time winners, has found a new home with Petry Motorsports to chase a USAC Midget championship in 2020. The 17-year-old Carrick, of Lincoln, Calif., will join the Petry Motorsports team after spending the past three seasons behind the wheel for Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian, for whom he captured 2017 USAC National Midget Rookie of the Year honors as well as his first career series victory in July of 2019 at Missouri's Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex. USAC 12/9

  • USAC)Two-time USAC National champion Chris Windom will suit up for Hayward Motorsports to drive car No. 19 on the full USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car trail in 2020. Along with Windom, his longtime sidekick and crew chief Derek Claxton will be turning the wrenches on the machine that will carry sponsorship from NOS Energy Drink. Additional corporate sponsors will be announced by the team during the Performance Racing Industry show this week in Indianapolis. USAC 12/9

  • RUSH)After 13 years of developing and directing crate engine auto racing on dirt and asphalt throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Canada, Vicki Emig and Mike Leone are pleased to announce the addition of the RUSH Karting Series under the growing Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC RUSH Racing Series powered by Pace Performance umbrella. The program, in conjunction with Hoosier Racing Tire, will debut in 2020 with four different classes of karts for participants in cage and flat karts with weekly championship point funds. The following four western Pennsylvania speedways have already committed to launching the program in various capacities: Blanket Hill Speedway, Lockhart Motorsports Park, Shaffer Speedway, and Slippery Rock Raceway. Press Releases 12/9

  • Danny Sams III)Danny Sams III is embarking upon his biggest adventure yet as Sams LaMountain Racing will tackle the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour next season. The team was formed in the spring of 2019 and propelled Sams III, who is a 17-year-old senior in high school, to his first career winged sprint car triumph. The next step forward is traveling the country with the premier 360ci winged sprint car series, which races east to west from Pennsylvania to Washington and north to south from South Dakota to Texas. Press Releases 12/9

  • Team ILP)Inside Line Promotions clients combined for more than 100 feature victories in 2019 for the sixth straight season. A total of 33 clients amassed 107 trips to Victory Lane to go along with eight championships. Chase Johnson led the way with 10 triumphs followed by Jack Dover, Derek Hagar and Giovanni Scelzi with nine wins a piece. Dominic Scelzi secured eight victories, Tyler Thompson netted seven, Seth Bergman had six and Brian Brown produced five. Press Releases 12/9

  • Racin Boys)The entry lists continue to grow for the Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout and the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals, which are two of the biggest offseason events in short-track racing. The 35th annual Tulsa Shootout, which features six micro sprint divisions and a modified class Jan. 1-4 inside the River Spirit Expo Center in Tulsa, Okla., recently surpassed the 1,000-entry mark with more than 250 entries in each of the non-wing outlaw, winged 'A' class and stock non-wing divisions. Press Releases 12/9

  • Lernerville Speedway PA)Lernerville Speedway is pleased to announce a new program for 2020 that will be of great benefit to drivers throughout the entire season. A partnership between Lernerville and new sponsor Phil DiLucente, head of Phil DiLucente and Associates LLC, Attorneys at Law will provide for enhanced purses and point fund for the coming year for all Fab4 weekly divisions and will also feature a unique format in doing so. The “Pad the Purse Program” which DiLucente and Lernerville set into action last week, will provide additional purse money and points funds via a generous sponsorship from DiLucente that will allow $2,000 to current purses on Fab4 Friday night’s with a commitment that amounts to $30,000. Every division of Fab4 racing will have a chance to obtain the Pad The Purse money for every feature race. 70061203517721540414250.jpeg Weekly Fab4 Racing Guidelines Press Releases 12/9

  • Jordyn Charge)Fresh off his 360 Sprintcar Gold Cup victory just one week prior, Jordyn Charge kicked things up a notch yet again last Saturday night during the fifth Eureka Garages & Sheds Series round at Wangaratta City Speedway, winning his maiden feature race in 410 Sprintcar competition. Despite heading into last Saturday night’s event with added confidence courtesy of his Gold Cup glory, Charge knew that a podium result, let alone a win, would not be an easy task against the formidable field of 410 Sprintcar drivers he was facing. Press Releases 12/9

  • Krikke Motorsports/Kerry Madsen)The Krikke Motorsport team couldn’t have asked for a better way to get their 2019-20 season underway last Saturday night, with team driver Kerry Madsen achieving a major milestone for the Bunbury-based outfit: their first ever WA 410 Sprintcar Title three peat. Entering their 40th season of speedway, their 20th consecutive season of World Series Sprintcar competition and their second season with Madsen behind the wheel of the WA # 2 Transport Equipment Hire / Pumpa Manufacturing Maxim, the expectations have certainly been set high for Krikke Motorsport, beginning with last Saturday night’s season debut. Press Releases 12/9

  • Dave Mac Motorsports)Dave Mac Motorsports will be a force to contend with at the upcoming 34th Annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire at the Tulsa Expo Raceway. Dave Mac Motorsports will field four entries for the event set for January 13-18, 2020, atop the indoor, 1/5-mile clay oval in Tulsa, OK, with racers including California’s Michael Faccinto, Missouri’s Joe B. Miller, Bixby rookie contender Jace McIntosh and a fourth driver to be announced later. Press Releases 12/9

  • Fremont Speedway OH)Fremont Speedway wrapped up its 68th season by handing out point fund money and awards during the annual banquet Friday, Dec. 6. The top 10 in points in the Fort Ball Pizza Palace 410 Sprints, Fremont Federal Credit Union 305 Sprints and Burmeister Trophy Dirt Trucks were honored as were the top 10 in the KS Sales & Service Attica Fremont Championship Series 305 Sprints Presented by Jason Dietsch Trailer Sales. Press Releases 12/9

  • Len Sammons Productions)Tim Buckwalter, one of the most accomplished and adaptable drivers in the northeast, will be aiming for victory inside Allentown, PA’s PPL Center when he takes a proven TQ Midget to post on January 3rd and 4th, 2020 for the Ironton Telephone sponsored Allentown Indoor Race. The Indoor Auto Racing Series Fueled By VP Race Fuels will open its 2020 season in the Queen City. Tickets for the fifth annual Allentown event are on sale at the PPL Center box office. Tickets are also available at or by calling 610-347-TIXX. Press Releases 12/9

  • Tony Stewart)Effective immediately, three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee, Tony Stewart, has officially acquired the Indiana-based U.M.R.A. King of the TQ Midget Racing Series and rebranded the organization to form the All Star Circuit of Champions TQ Midgets. Press Releases 12/9

  • Selinsgrove Speedway PA)Pennsylvania’s Selinsgrove Speedway will host the Ultimate Northeast Super Late Model Series for the annual “Showdown on Sand Hill” Saturday, Aug. 15, as part of the 2020 tour. For the third year in a row, the traveling series will return to the Snyder County half-mile clay oval for a 30-lap, $3,000-to-win main event for the super late models. Joining the super late models on the Aug. 15 racing card will be the PASS/IMCA 305 sprint cars and roadrunners. Central PA 12/9

Sunday  December 8th


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  • SSSS)417 Southern Speedway FL...1 #22 Johnny Gilbertson 2 #36 Troy DeCaire 3 #11 Joey Aguilar 4 #1 Clayton Donaldson 5 #88 LJ Grimm 6 #8 Garrett Green 7 #55 Tommy Nichols 8 #3 Travis Bliiemeister 9 #44 Gary Wiggins 10 #41 Ty Decaire 11 #67 Scotty Adema 12 #6 Ryan Adema III 13 #00 Daniel Miller 14 #52 Willie Henson 15 #42 Phil Haddad 16 #13 Charles Hambling 12/8

  • Sprintcar All Stars AU)Last night’s RD 4 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series saw V29 Michael Tancredi lock in his second A main victory for the season. “After time trialling 13th with a broken bird cage I never thought I would be on the top step at the end of the night. Heat 1 we got put back 2 spots so my frame of mind at the start of the night wasn’t good but we had a good car and it was just a matter of me getting my head right and making it all the way to the end. Race Results 12/8

  • Williams Grove Speedway PA)Williams Grove Speedway has announced its 2020 schedule of events featuring 31 race dates that showcase the Lawrence Chevrolet 410 sprint cars in every outing. The 2020 season opener featuring 410 sprint cars only is slated for Sunday afternoon, March 15 at 2 pm. But that will not be the last “sprints only” program on the 2020 slate of races, as three more big shows with simply sprints will be featured. Central PA 12/8

Saturday  December 7th


When I was younger, I wanted to be older. Now I am older, I am not quite so sure. Tom Waits



  • Western Springs Speedway NZ)1 #2USA Shane Stewart 2 #2NZ Jamie Larsen 3 #35AUS Jamie Veal 4 #78A Daniel Eggleton 5 #3USA Jonathan Allard 6 #88AUS David Murcott 7 #21W Stephen Taylor 8 #22A Dean Brindle 9 #7USA Craig Dollansky 10 #51M Rodney Wood 11 #6M James Dahm 12 #88M Keaton Dahm 13 #10A Glen Torpey 14 #84P Dean Cooper 15 #5A Daniel Rogers 16 #7A Dion Kendall 17 #7T Jayden Dodge 18 #73K Brian Edwards 19 #78C Matthew Leversedge 20 #21A Kerry Brocas Midgets...1 #9A Zach Daum 2 #91A Hayden Guptill 3 #5A Brock Maskovich 4 #96A Matthew McCutcheon 5 #98A Ryan O'Connor 6 #79A Max Guildford 7 #7A Travis Buckley 8 #27A Hayden Williams 9 #22A James Earl 10 #33A James Cossey 11 #71A Breyton Davison 12 #61A Brad Hollier 13 #78A Kent Palmer 14 #18A Brett Jnr Morris 15 #93A Kayne Buck 16 #10a Michael Brunt 17 #3NZ Shayne Alach 18 #39A Peter Hunnibell 19 #84A Ben Cometti 20 #43A Matthew Watson 21 #6A Jayden Worthington 12/7

  • Blue Ribbon Raceway AU)Sprintcar All Stars...1 #V29 Michael Tancredi 2 #V7 Paul Soloman 3 #SA96 Brendan Guerin 4 #NT26 Tony Moule 5 #V16 James Wren 6 #SA95 Jarman Dalitz 7 #NT7 Colin Brooks 8 #SA11 Scot Enderl 9 #VA 99 Corey Sandow 10 #VA2 Boyd Harris 11 #SA33 Mark Caruso 12 #V82 Mathew O'Shannassy 13 #VA8 Daniel Evans 14 #VA10 Steven Loader 15 #V49 Ricky Clarke 12/7

  • Toowoomba Speedway AU)1 #83 Steven Lines 2 #16 Bryan Mann 3 #NQ5 Danny Reidy 4 #A1 Andrew Scheuerle 5 #59 Kevin Titman 6 #Q5 Cody Maroske 7 #2 Brent Kratzmann 8 #28 Allan Woods 9 #15 Nick Whell 10 #88 Ryan McNamara 11 #90 Anthony Lambert 12 #21 Dave Whell 13 #84 Steve Greer 14 #3 Karl Hoffmans 15 #73 Libby Ellis 16 #61 Cody Reynolds 17 #18 Scott Genrich Midgets...1 #89 Rusty Whittaker 2 #99 Brock Dean 3 #56 Ricky Robinson 4 #34 Mitchell Rooke 5 #3 Cal Whatmore 6 #11 Charlie Brown 7 #71 Troy Ware 8 #16 Matt O'Neil 9 #25 Anthony Chaffey 10 #81 Brad Dawson 11 #77 Bodie Smith 12 #46 Chris Singleton 13 #18 Nathan Mathers 14 #15 Darren Dillon 15 #41 Glenn Wright 16 #66 Barry Gibbes Wingless Sprints...1 #71 Dave Eggins 2 #2 Rob Mazzer 3 #27 Jamie Usher 4 #28 Paul Robinson 5 #36 Michael Butcher 6 #80 Liam Atkinson 7 #47 Lachie Robertson 8 #98 Dan Evans 9 #7 Brady Baldwin 10 #75 Timothy Harris 11 #5 Dave Ellis 12 #32 Errol Campbell 13 #37 Shane Thompson 14 #77 Mick Reid 15 #10 Chris Catchpole 16 #19 Scott Graham 17 #61 Brian Scott 18 #42 Shaun Knight 12/7

  • Wangaratta Speedway AU)1 #V60 Jordyn Charge 2 #V83 Chris Solomon 3 #V73 Charles Hunter 4 #V77 Brayden Parr 5 #V8 Bobby Daly 6 #V68 Brett Milburn 7 #VA12 Mark Carlin 8 #V95 Ryan Davis 9 #V17 Dennis Jones 10 #V19 Sam Wren 11 #VA88 Grant Stansfield 12 #V39 Brett Smith 13 #N65 Brendan Rallings 14 #VA51 Robert Nicholas 15 #V78 Chris Campbell 16 #V32 Stephen Spark 17 #VA29 Terry Rankin 12/7

  • Valvoline Raceway AU)Wingless Sprints...1 #N41 Jason Bates 2 #N20 Troy Little 3 #N5 Mark Blyton 4 #N16 Ashleigh Jack 5 #N51 Dean Thomas 6 #N97 Kyle Mock 7 #V32 Dayn Bentvelzen 8 #N58 Luke Sayre 9 #N23 Jamie Dicker 10 #N42 Zac Pacchiarotta 11 #N76 Rod Thomas 12 #NX91 Shane Sheedy 13 #N98 Leigton O'brien 14 #NX5 Max Risbridger 15 #N53 Jeff Thomas 16 #N6 Paul Freeman 17 #N27 Parker Eveleigh 18 #NX16 Andrew Sayre 19 #N29 Michael Sammut 20 #NX21 Kyle Ionn 21 #N86 Nick Tatnell 22 #N99 Mitchell O'brien 23 #N25 Marshall Blyton 24 #N75 Bailey Goodwin 12/7

  • GW&IO Raceway Latrobe AU)1 #T 22 Jock Goodyer 2 #VA 21 Shaun Dobson 3 #T 45 Kurt Luttrell 4 #T 9 Chris Johns 5 #T 3 Chris Gallagher 6 #T 2 Scott Bissett 7 #T 87 Bradley Walkley 8 #T 5 Mahtia Bissett 9 #T 35 Adrian Redpath 10 #T 14 Mark House 11 #T 48 Nick Penno 12 #T 16 Adam Alexander 12/7

  • Perth Motorplex AU)Kerry Madsen is the WA Sprintcar Champion for another year after he won the prestigious event at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night. It was a back-to-back win for Madsen and Krikke Motorsport in the championship stakes, repeating a similar performance from 12 months earlier. Race Results 12/7

  • Murray Bridge Speedway AU)1 #W17 James McFadden 2 #NQ7 Robbie Farr 3 #S97 Matt Egel 4 #S63 Ryan Jones 5 #N47 Marcus Dumesny 6 #S2 Craig Vanderstelt 7 #S45 Jake Tranter 8 #S4 Lisa Walker Wingless Sprints...1 #V43 Daniel Storer 2 #S16 Joel Chadwick 3 #S21 Matthew Kennedy 4 #S67 Cody Atkins 5 #S23 Jack McCarthy 6 #S46 Mark Taylor 7 #S9 Ben Harris 8 #S77 Mick Barker 9 #S71 Brett Ireland 10 #S8 Darryl Sloan 11 #S53 Nicole Southby 12 #S96 Tamika Pitcher 13 #S15 Hayden Vickers 14 #S18 Ross Miller 15 #S33 Brad Evans 16 #S47 Anthony Tapley 17 #S41 Bronson Mauro 12/7


  • Selinsgrove Speedway PA)As part of its soon-to-be-released 2020 schedule of events, Selinsgrove Speedway is pleased to announce the return of the ULMS Late Model Series to the track for two big shows in April and September. The super late model division will have a minimum of 10 races on the 2020 docket with the ULMS stars taking to the track on Saturday, April 11 and again on Sunday, September 6. Central PA 12/7

  • Column)"New Career Milestones for Two Florida Sprint Car Champions" Florida Open Wheel 12/7

Friday  December 6th


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  • Ohsweken Speedway ONT)The NASCAR Pinty’s Series is breaking new ground in 2020, and it will be a dirty affair. Canada’s only national stock car racing series will visit Ohsweken Speedway on Tuesday, August 18, 2020, for 100 lap full points event. Ohsweken Speedway is no stranger to history-making events in the racing world. NASCAR Hall of Famer Tony Stewart won his elusive first World of Outlaws Sprint Car race at the track dubbed the Big O.Press Releases 12/6

  • Cannon McIntosh)On the heels of a strong 2019 Midget racing campaign as a 16-year-old, Bixby, Oklahoma’s Cannon McIntosh has secured a ride with the potent Keith Kunz Motorsports team for the upcoming 34th Annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire at the Tulsa Expo Raceway. Press Releases 12/6

  • World of Outlaws)The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series will bring The Greatest Show on Dirt to more than 80 races across 24 states for the 2020 tour. From the continuation of iconic events like the DIRTcar Nationals presented by Bozard Ford and Can-Am World Finals to the addition of new and historic venues like Vado Speedway Park and Lawton Speedway, the 2020 schedule will be full of nostalgia and excitement for fans and drivers. DIRT/World of Outlaws 12/6

  • USCS)Mark Smith from Sunbury, Pennsylvania topped the United Sprint Car Series presented by K&N Filters win column with 11 (Eleven) trips to the USCS Victory Lane. USCS 12/6

  • Port Royal Speedway PA)Adding to what is shaping up to be an impressive and diverse 2020 racing schedule, Port Royal Speedway is once again proud to host the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series Oct. 9-10 for two days of mudslinging action. Central PA 12/6

  • Kerry Madsen)Kerry Madsen will once again pilot the Big Game Motorsports sprint car in 2020, marking his fourth straight season with the Killer Instinct Crossbows backed team. Madsen and the team have earned 18 feature victories during the last three years, including a pair of triumphs in 2019 highlighted by winning the Hard Knox Night at the Knoxville Nationals. Additionally, Big Game Motorsports is pleased to welcome veteran crew chief Cody Jacobs on board. Jacobs has been a part of many monumental wins as one of the top crew chiefs in the sport the last several years. Press Releases 12/6

Thursday  December 5th

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  • All Stars)Tony Stewart’s Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 will hit the highway in less than two months, launching a 2020 campaign jam packed with high profile events, big money paydays, and of course, highly-competitive dirt ovals spread throughout much of the Northeast, Midwest, and Florida. All Stars 12/5

  • Cannon McIntosh)Cannon McIntosh finished out the recent USAC National Midget west coast swing in strong form with a runner-up finish in the prestigious Turkey Night Grand Prix at California’s Ventura Raceway last Friday night aboard the Dave Mac Motorsports Toyota-TRD Spike No. 08 Midget. Press Releases 12/5

  • Aaron Reutzel)After racing to a second consecutive All Star Circuit of Champions title and leading the nation in winged 410-ci Sprint Car wins board the Baughman-Reutzel Motorsports No. 87, Aaron Reutzel closed out his 2019 campaign with a change of scenery. Press Releases 12/5

  • Dirt Station)Sports Plus Video dba on Ebay, has over 55 DVD's listed on our Ebay store for under $10! Racing video footage from the late 1980's through 2019, crash dvds, late models, sprints, modifieds and so much more available. Visit and purchase from our Ebay store now at until Friday at midnight, and we will be donating a portion of proceeds to the York County Racing Club and to the Backpacks for Life (501(c)(3) non-profit benefitting veterans). Keep watch of our holiday savings and new DVDs for release on our Facebook page @sportsplusvideo and our Twitter page @sportsplusvide1. 12/5

  • Texas Motorsport Expo)The annual Texas Motorsport Expo and Racers Auction​ will be held on Saturday, December 7th, 2019 at the Mesquite Convention Center & Exhibit Hall​. This event is a great place to auction off those unneeded items and re-stock for next racing season. The Expo will feature Exhibitor displays from top motorsports vendors, race tracks, racing series and more! Bring the family! There will be plenty of fun for everyone – shop the exhibit booths and join in the auction!Press Releases 12/5

  • Port Royal Speedway PA)As with anything, the only thing constant about racing is change. With a busy offseason in full swing, many sights and sounds are changing at the Port Royal Speedway for the 2020 racing season. This is just another step into the future as the Port Royal Speedway continues its rapid ascent as one of the premier racing facilities in all the country. Central PA 12/5

  • Joshua Shipley)Joshua Shipley earned his first career series championship with the San Tan Ford ASCS Desert Non-Wing Sprint Car Series this season. Shipley raced with the series based in Arizona all season long and only finished outside of the top five three times. He led the series with three wins, 13 top fives and 14 top 10s to win the title by a whopping 341 points. Press Releases 12/5

  • Dominic Scelzi)Dominic Scelzi topped his career-best campaign in 2018 by recording two more victories this year. Scelzi scored an impressive eight triumphs, including five during King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Series competition - setting personal bests for overall wins and victories in a single season with the premier sprint car series in his home state of California. Press Releases 12/5

  • USAC)With the 64th USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget season in the books, we reflect on the most balanced season in recent times in terms of the variety of venues and the number of teams and drivers who stepped to the forefront to compete at an elite level throughout the duration of the most expansive schedule of events in more than two decades. USAC12/5

  • USAC)In his eighth full season with the series, youthful C.J. Leary became USAC's newest first-time champion as well as the third youngest USAC National Sprint Car driver champion behind only Bryan Clauson and Levi Jones, who were both just slightly younger at the same age of 23. In 2016, Leary became the first son of a past USAC Silver Crown winner (Chuck Leary) to win a race himself in that series. In 2019, C.J. also became the first ever son of a former USAC National Rookie of the Year (all series) to win a USAC National title. C.J.'s father claimed the 1993 Midget and 1995 Silver Crown Rookie of the Year honors. USAC12/5

  • Lucas Oil Chili Bowl)With the number of entries for the 34th annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire sitting at 151 with drivers currently coming from 30 states and four countries, that number is expected to climb quickly over the coming week as the deadline for early entry is set to expire on Friday, December 13, 2019.ASCS 12/5

Wednesday  December 4th

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  • Sprintcar All Stars AU)After a thrilling night’s racing last Saturday night at Murray Bridge Speedway the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series will at Blue Ribbon Raceway this Saturday night. “We get to visit Blue Ribbon two times this season, Saturday night and again in February 2020. Blue Ribbon is one of our favourite race tracks. It’s big, wide and racy.” Promoter Mandy Searle said. “Last time we visited Horsham we celebrated our 100th series round which was very special and no doubt it will be another great show and the crowd can expect some exciting racing.” Press Releases 12/4

  • Lucas Oil Chili Bowl)Looking to shake things up with the Vacuworx Invitational Race of Champions (VIROC), the 2020 edition will get a new format and eligibility requirements. Contested during Tuesday night action at the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire, in years past the requirements for eligibility rested on being a past driver champion of the Chili Bowl or driving for a past owner champion. Starting in 2020, a driver's past performance, both at the Chili Bowl and with select Sprint Car and Midget sanctioning bodies, will dictate whether they are invited to compete.ASCS 12/4

  • Cory Kruseman Sprint Car Driving School makes the best Christmas present ever! It could be for the racer in the family, a crew member or even that fan that is always telling you how to do it! It is also a great way to keep your sponsors happy. Just give us a call (805)649-1243 and we will get you a gift certificate ASAP. Remember your crew bust their butts all year now it’s time to repay them by putting them into something they all dream of. Classes are anywhere from $450 to $3,600. 12/4

  • Pit Pay)Pit Pay, the only mobile pit pass app for the motorsports industry, launches Dec. 4, 2019, in the Apple app and Google Play stores. Motorsport participants can purchase pit passes in advance using the Pit Pay app on their Apple and Android mobile devices, saving time when they arrive at the racetrack. The Pit Pay app organizes and simplifies the sign-in process, helping tracks get their participants into the pits quickly and efficiently, even at the largest events. Press Releases 12/4

  • Bob Yurko has a 32 page pictorial book of Modified, Sprint, Midgets and more. $14.00 plus $5.00 shipping 12/4

  • Josh Walter)Highlighted by a pair of main event victories, the 2019 racing season was packed with a host of twists and turns for Josh Walter and members of the Torque Racing Winged Sprint Car team. Through the ups and downs, the 14th-year Sprint Car racer and his dedicated Plymouth, Wis.-based pit crew enjoyed several strong runs in both the 360 and 410 ranks, while running a reduced schedule of events over the second half of the season. Press Releases 12/4

  • Team ILP)Chase Johnson earned his 10th triumph of the season and the lone victory for Team ILP last week when he scored a Turkey Night Grand Prix win. Johnson claimed the USAC West Coast Sprint Car main event on Friday at Ventura Raceway in Ventura, Calif., where he led all 41 laps on the tricky track. Winning Team ILP clients are eligible to score a free K1 RaceGear by Ryan Bowers Motorsports driver suit at the end of the 2019 racing season courtesy of Inside Line Promotions. Press Releases 12/4

  • Racin Boys)The countdown is on with less than a month remaining until 10 nights in Tulsa kicks off. The RacinBoys Broadcasting Network is preparing to air the four-night Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout and the six-night Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire inside the River Spirit Expo Center in Tulsa, Okla., next month.Press Releases 12/4

  • USAC)Kevin Thomas, Jr. will return to the KT Motorsports No. 9K for the full 2020 USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car campaign with sponsorship from McDonald's and Dr. Pepper. Thomas, of Cullman, Ala., made his USAC National Sprint Car debut aboard the No. 9K in 2009, won his first career USAC Sprint race in the car in 2012, and reeled off five victories during a strong 2017 campaign with the team. USAC12/4

  • Perris Auto Speedway CA)Perris Auto Speedway promoter Don Kazarian has released the 2020 silver anniversary season schedule for the famous Riverside County clay oval. The season will kick off on March 7th when “LKQ Pick Your Part Presents Night of Destruction #1.” The 25th year of racing at the track will conclude a little over eight months later on November 21st, with the PASSCAR Stock Car Series “Champions Night.” Press Releases 12/4

  • Justin Sanders)Sneaking down to Arizona Speedway over the weekend to take part in the 4th Annual Copper Classic, Justin Sanders would make the trip count as he charged from 10th to third on Saturday night, before surging from 10th to win Sunday night’s finale and close his season out with 12 wins. Press Releases 12/4

  • Justyn Cox)The offseason is in full force in Northern California, and amidst the brief stretch of downtime Lincoln, CA based C&M Motorsports is excited to announce that Justyn Cox will fill the seat fulltime in 2020. “I can’t even begin to say how excited, and thankful; I am to wheel the No. 7c fulltime in 2020,” Justyn Cox said. “We were able to get one night of racing in together at the end of this year, and I could tell this was a team I wanted to compete for. We have been talking the last few weeks, and everything came together, and it worked really well for both myself, Cody, and Mandi.” Press Releases 12/4

  • Austin Liggett)Getting two more nights of racing in at Ventura Raceway over the Thanksgiving holiday, a very strong 2019 season has come to a close for Austin Liggett and the Austin Liggett Racing team. “Mother Nature put a huge damper on the Turkey Night Grand Prix, but the show still went on and we were able to lock both the Sprint Car and the Midget into the feature event’s that were ran on Friday,” Austin Liggett said. Press Releases 12/4

  • NSCHOF)Join us for a night that will prove to be very entertaining, Thursday, December 12 in Brownsburg, Indiana! Moderator W. Patrick Sullivan will welcome Duane “Pancho” Carter, Innes “Buzzy” Dobbins and Steve “Bopper” Stapp to a special Sprint Car 101 hosted by Hoosier Tire Midwest/Allgaier Performance Parts and presented by the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum. The event is free and open to the public. Press Releases 12/4

  • Patriot Sprints)It was certainly a coming out party this season for Wantage, New Jersey’s Davie Franek as he elected to race primarily in New York for 2019. Franek had high expectations and certainly exceeded them by picking up his first ever A-Verdi Storage Containers Patriot Sprint Tour Championship. Press Releases 12/4

Tuesday  December 3rd

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  • Jordyn Charge)The 2019-20 season for Jordyn Charge reached a whole new level on Saturday night at Hamilton’s Western Speedway after a dominant performance during the Gold Cup event for 360 Sprintcars. In a showing where he didn’t put a foot wrong, the 20-year-old racer from Melton, Victoria started the night in the best possible fashion by topping the time sheets in qualifying, and he then was able to back up that form with an unbeaten run during his two heat races. Press Releases 12/3

  • USAC)Indiana Midget Week enters its 15th year in 2020 with a new look with the addition of Paragon Speedway as the opener to the star studded six-straight nights of USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget racing June 2-7. USAC12/3

  • ASCS Lucas Oil)Making its return to the National Tour lineup of the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, the $10,041 to win, COMP Cams Short Track Nationals presented by Hoosier Tire is slated for Friday, October 2 and Saturday, October 3, 2020. "We're excited to have the Short Track Nationals back on the National Tour lineup. The history behind the event and the talent that pours in from across the country just makes it a natural fit on our schedule, plus the history that I-30 Speedway and the American Sprint Car Series have since day one," stated ASCS National Director, Matt Ward. ASCS 12/3

  • Johnny Herrera)Proving yet again that he is far from retirement, Johnny Herrera made the trek to the inaugural Turkey Bowl this past weekend at the new Vado Speedway Park and walked away with the weekend sweep aboard the Mesilla Valley Transportation/Morton Excavating No. 45x.Press Releases 12/3

Monday  December 2nd



  • Premier Speedway AU)The 2020 South West Conveyancing field continues to grow as two highly talented and experienced drivers return to Sungold Stadium for the Classic having both sat out the 2019 edition of the event. Also returning as an official event partner of the Classic is KRE Race Engines, with Ken and Wendy McNamara extending their agreement with Premier Speedway and the Classic yet again. Press Releases 12/2

  • CRSA)The Super Gen Products with Champion Power Equipment CRSA Sprint Car Series closed out the 2019 racing season Saturday night at the beautiful Vernon Downs Casino and Hotel in Vernon, New York with the annual Awards Banquet. As has become tradition, the banquet was a combined banquet with the Patriot Sprint Tour. Press Releases 12/2

  • Len Sammons Productions)BELFOR Property Restoration Services, provider of professional 24/7 residential and commercial restoration services has signed on as a sponsor of the ‘Concrete Series’ events of the 2020 Indoor Auto Racing Series Fueled By VP Race Fuels. Press Releases 12/2

  • Greg Wilson)The 2019 campaign was an up-and-down ride for Greg Wilson and his Hercules Tires, DNC Hydraulics, Ohio Logistics and Gear Off Road sponsored team. Highlights included a feature victory along with a sixth-place finish in the Ollie's Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions championship standings. Yet Wilson spent much of the season learning and even making a chassis change, forcing the team to adjust to a new learning process in an emphasis on the bigger picture. Press Releases 12/2

  • Trey Burke)Trey Burke burst onto the national scene this year by winning a trio of main events and earning the IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars National Rookie of the Year Award. Burke, who recently turned 15-years-old, was honored last weekend at the IMCA banquet as the youngest driver to garner the prestigious award. He also was tied for 16th in national points and finished second in the standings in his home state of Texas. Press Releases 12/2

  • Chase Johnson)Chase Johnson reached the double-digit victory mark for the first time in his career last Friday when he captured his first career Turkey Night Grand Prix triumph. Johnson scored his 10th win of the season and his second USAC West Coast Sprint Car victory to best a field of more than two dozen competitors at Ventura Raceway, where the finale of the 79th edition of the marquee event was postponed from Thanksgiving to Friday because of wet weather. Press Releases 12/2

  • Speed Shift TV)Short-track races in three different countries will be showcased to Speed Shift TV VIP subscribers in December. The action begins on Saturday when Western Springs Speedway in Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand, features International Sprint Cars and Beachlands Speedway in Waldronville, Dunedin, New Zealand, hosts Saloons and Sprintcars. Press Releases 12/2

  • Ian Madsen)While his seventh season with KCP Racing is complete, Ian Madsen’s 2019 season is not quite finished as the St. Marys, NSW native is set to return to his native Australia with DTM Motorsport to close 2019 and open 2020. “I am very much looking forward to driving for Sydney, AU based DTM Motorsports for about a month over in Australia,” Ian Madsen said. “It is a very professional outfit, and I am super pumped to try and pick up a couple wins for them.” Press Releases 12/2

  • Carson Macedo)Making the trip to Ventura Raceway for the Turkey Night Grand Prix, Carson Macedo finished fifth in the Tarlton Motorsports Midget following an impressive charge from 21st to finish sixth on a very heavy and rough racing surface. Press Releases 12/2

  • Tanner Carrick)Though Mother Nature played a part in an extended version of the Turkey Night Grand Prix at Ventura Raceway, Tanner Carrick was able to handle the adverse conditions thrown at the field quite well, as he picked up Top-10 finishes in both the Keith Kunz Motorsports Midget as well as the Carrick Motorsports Sprint Car.Press Releases 12/2



  • Column)Joseph Terrell has his next column a look back at every 360/410 winged sprint car winner in California for 2019. The West Coast Sprint Car Scene12/2

  • USAC)The 33rd annual Indiana Sprint Week schedule will feature seven races in a nine-night span between July 24 and August 1 at seven familiar Hoosier-state venues on the USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car trail. The 2020 ISW schedule includes seven distinct tracks with a rich history and unique characteristics each their own, ranging from quarter-miles to three-eighths to half-miles, with degrees of banking both flat and high throughout the mini-series, offering a unique challenge to both driver and machine throughout a rigorous week of racing. USAC12/2

  • Knoxville Raceway IA)FOUR-DAY TICKET PACKAGES ON SALE NOW! Don't miss the greatest week of the year: the 60th Annual NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's, August 12-15, 2020. Celebrate six decades of the greatest drivers and the greatest victories in sprint car racing history. Order tickets now online or by calling the Knoxville Raceway ticket office at 641-842-5431. This event WILL sell out! Get your tickets today and start the countdown to the highlight of your summer. 12/2

  • USCS)Two-time USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters National Champion, Morgan Turpen from Cordova, Tennessee claimed her 2nd USCS Mid-South Thunder Tour regional series and 8th United Sprint Car Series title during the series’ 23rd and 2019 racing season. The veteran sprint car driver, who was the series ”Rookie of the Year” during the 2010 season, collected the title as the Champion of the tough USCS Mid-South region while also finishing in fifth place in the USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour National point standings, although competing on a somewhat limited basis not allowing her to compete for the National title. USCS 12/2

  • Premier Speedway AU)The 2016 Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic Champion, Jamie Veal, is among an impressive batch of Classic entrants that also consists of Marcus and Matt Dumesny ahead of the 48th running of the Classic from January 24 to 26. Veal’s victory in 2016 was one for the ages, while he also lays claim to two Classic preliminary feature race wins, the first coming in 2014 at the very first three-night Classic, while the second was also in 2016. Press Releases 12/2



  • Sprintcar All Stars AU)Last night’s RD3 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series saw Terry Pitt in the Peake Machinery Maintenance Engineering SA8 lock in his first series A Main win. An elated Pitt said at the post-race interview “it was an awesome night, we started slow and kinda worked our way into it, we rolled out the bottom for the final, and the track suited us and made for good racing. Race Results 12/2

  • ASCS SW)Bettering his third-place finish from Saturday by two, Justin Sanders captured a long-awaited victory at the 4th annual Copper Classic. His first career victory with the ASCS Southwest Region, the Arizona Speedway win was worth $5,000 to the Aromas, California driver. ASCS 12/2

  • ASCS Desert)Grabbing his first career victory with the San Tan Ford ASCS Desert Non-Wing Sprint Cars, Stevie Sussex picked up the $2,000 top prize Sunday night in the 4th annual Copper Classic. ASCS 12/2


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