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Dirt Station

1. 48 Danny Dietrich 238 2
2. 07 Doug Esh  231 2
3. 27 Greg Hodnett  199 1
4. 21 Brian Montieth 184 1
5. 3z Brock Zearfoss 169 1
6. 24 Lucas Wolfe  165 1
7. 51 Freddie Rahmer 138 1 
8. 1 Dale Blaney  119
9. 87 Alan Krimes  115
10. 0 Rick Lafferty  110

4/28 Williams Grove ASCoC
4/29 Lincoln
4/29 Port Royal ASCoC
4/30 Bedford ASCoC



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KO's Indiana Bullring Scene Kevin Oldham 4/24 BillW's Knoxville News Bill Wright 4/24 Hoosier Race Report Danny Burton (IN) 4/25
Florida Open Wheel Richard Golardi 4/20 Tri-State Outlook Duane Hancock (OH/IN/MI) 4/25 Sprint Car Notes Gaye Carmichael 4/9
Cravin Racin Dana Kuyawa 3/27

From the Grandstand Ron Rodda (CA) 4/16

A Typical Weekend Pat & Bruce Eckel 4/27

Michael Pickens celebrates after winning the Ballistic By Berklee Speedcar 50-Lapper at Valvoline Raceway on 29 April, defeating Darren Jenkins and Dayne Kingshott. Gary Reid photo

Some attrition and a few well-placed cautions, along with an impressive last lap pass, resulted in Timmy Thrash parking his Best Western No. 09 in Victory Lane for the first time against the Lucas Oil ASCS Southern Outlaw Sprints at Alabama's Deep South Speedway this past Friday night. ASCS Photo

Danny Dietrich wins the Weldon Sterner Memorial at Lincoln Speedway  Kris Keath


Mr. Twister Mark Bitner used a lap 2 slide job to propel his Bitner Automotive #15 to the $2,000 victory on Friday night’s Capitol Renegade Wingless United Racing Club event. This was the first wingless event for the United Racing Club since 1996 when the 360 club ran at Grandview Speedway. Tim Moran Photo

Williams Grove Arctic Cat All Stars Circuit of Champions Top 3 - left 2nd Freddie Rahmer Jr - center 1st Lance Dewease - right 3rd Tim Shaffer Paul Arch Photo



Morgan Turpen won her 3rd USCS feature in a row Friday at I-75 Speedway TN  and her 4th on Saturday night at Smoky Mtn Speedway TN  USCS Photo


Fulton NY...Chuck Hebing wins ESS main over Danny Varin, Cory Turner   ESS Photo

David Gravel wins the 35 lap World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series feature at Plymouth Speedway, Plymouth, Indiana, Friday night. Top three: Gravel, Aaron Reutzel Jason Sides. Mark Funderburk photo

Say What!

“We are really happy with this, Davey [Brown] and Don [Kreitz] work really hard every week. They worked all winter to try and get us to qualify a little bit better. This car is a little different than what we had last year, so it has a little bit of a different feel. This is only our third race of the year. We’re not where we need to be yet, but we are getting close.” Lance Dewease winning Williams Grove Speedway All Stars

"We just wanted to start further up than we did last year and we did that,We were really, really good until the red came out and the car was insane after that. After we got heat back in the tires the car came back to life, grabbed a little bit more wing and the car was really good with three laps to go. I was good when I needed to be good and just being patient and Reutzel slipped up and I took advantage." David Gravel winning Plymouth IN WoO

305 Sprints at Middletown NY winner # 1D Thomas Radavoy Photos by Jeff Martz

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Lance Dewease and the Dream Team celebrate their All Star victory at Williams Grove Speedway Friday. Lance Dewease, Keith Kauffman, Donny Kreitz and Davey Brown in Victory Lane for the All Star feature race/Keith Kauffman Classic at Port Royal Speedway on April 29. (Julia Johnson Photos)


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Sunday  April 30th 2017

If you really want to get along with somebody, let them be themselves. Willie Nelson



  • Photos)Shots by Paul Arch & Kris Keath from Port Royal & Lincoln are in SpeedShotz4/30
  • USAC WC)USAC WEST COAST SPRINT CAR SERIES RACE RESULTS: April 29, 2017 – Hanford, California – Keller Auto Speedway at Kings Fairgrounds FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Danny Faria Jr., 2. Austin Liggett, 3. Jace Vander Weerd, 4. Joe Stornetta Jr., 5. Cody Majors, 6. Ryan Timmons, 7. Tristan Guardino, 8. Hobie Conway, 9. Steven Garris, 10. Steve HixUSAC 4/30
  • East Bay Raceway Park FL)Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Sprints (15-lap feature) 1. 21 Justin Webster 2. 12 David Kelley 3. 11b Billy Bridges 4. 3k Guy Bos 5. 55 Kurt Taylor 6. 96 Nikole Voisey 7. 9 Billy Boyd, Jr. 8. 10x Sean Clark 9. 3t Johnnie Alexander 10. 31 Andrew Griffin 11. 11 Andy Kelley 12. 1* Tim George 13. 01 Anthony D'Alessio 14. 02 Gene Lasker (DNS) 4/30
  • Port Royal Speedway PA)Lance Dewease wired the field from the pole for an impressive victory in Saturday’s 30-lap All Star Circuit of Champions Sprints Keith Kauffman Classic at Port Royal Speedway.The win, behind the wheel of the Don Kreitz Jr. owned, Dave Brown Sr. wrenched No. 69, was the 101st of his career at the Port Royal oval and was worth $5,000. Central PA 4/30
  • ASCS SOS)Having to settle for Silver on Friday night, Mississippi's Michael Miller upgraded to Gold on Saturday with the Lucas Oil ASCS Southern Outlaw Sprints at the Deep South Speedway for his ninth career victory and first of the 2017 season.ASCS 4/30
  • USCS)Morgan Turpen won her 4th USCS feature in a row on Saturday night at Smoky Mtn Speedway TN Morgan Turpen, Derek Hagart, Matt Covington, Jordan Mallett, Marshall Skinner, Howard Moore, Joey Schmidt, Terry Gray, Lance Moss, Zach Daum, Seth Bergman, Aubrey Black, Brian Thomas, Jeff Willingham, Curt Terrell, Danny Sams, Bob Auld, Tony Agin. 4/30. 4/30
  • USAC SW)Queen Creek AZ...1 #51 RJ Johnson 2 #2 Stevie Sussex 3 #50 Charles Davis Jr 4 #20 Shon Deskins 5 #27 Nick Aiuto 6 #19 Andy Reinbold 7 #12 Rodney Gardner 8 #54 Landon Cling 9 #16 Mike Martin 10 #5 Tye Mihocko 11 #7K Bruce St James 11 #11C Michael Curtis 13 #14 Cody Sickles 14 #34 Justin Grant 15 #98 Matt Lundy 16 #45 Jeff Lowery 17 #78 Chris Bonneau 18 #80 Bobby Marcum 19 #0 Jonas Reynolds 20 #3 Leland Fuller 21 #F2 Larry Kesterson 22 #29 Brent Yarnal 4/30
  • All Stars)For the second time in as many nights, Fayetteville, Pennsylvania’s Lance Dewease is an Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions main event winner in Central Pennsylvania, this time dominating feature action from the front row to score the second annual Keith Kauffman Classic at Port Royal Speedway. The victory, the 33rd Arctic Cat All Star win of Dewease’s career and his sixth at the Port Royal “Speed Palace,” was conducted in near-record fashion, crossing under the final checkers 6.748 seconds ahead of the field, lapping up to eleventh place during the ten minute, non-stop 30-lapper. All Stars 4/30
  • SCCT)Petaluma CA...1 #29 Willie Croft 2 #x1jr Colby Copeland 3 #75 Sean Becker 4 #24 Chase Johnson 5 #83sa Cory Eliason 6 #4s Michael Kofoid 7 #83 Kyle Hirst 8 #63 Geoff Ensign 9 #3c DJ Netto 10 #37 Mitchell Faccinto 11 #17s Dominic Scelzi 12 #101 Klint Simpson 13 #57 Dustin Golobic 14 #94 Steven Tiner 15 #22 Shane Golobic 16 #2 Billy Butler 17 #16 Andy Gregg 18 #33t Jimmy Trulli 19 #x1 Mason Moore 20 #9L Cody Lamar 21 #7c Andy Forsberg 22 #91c Shawn Conde 23 #31c Justyn Cox 4/30
  • Placerville Speedway CA)Wingless sprints...1 #56K Scott Hall 2 #7EJ Cody Spencer 3 #9 Paul Vandenberg 4 #84 Brent Steck 5 #1W Trey Walters 6 #28 Bruce Morrow 7 #77 Ryon Siverling 8 #99 A.J. Alderman 9 #1 Terry Schank Jr. 10 #1JR Tim Sherman Jr.4/30
  • Rocky Mountain Raceway UT)1 51t Johnny Giesler 2 25J Sierra Jackson 3 65 TJ Thorne 4 27 Jaren Mott 5 24 Jimmy Waters 6 26 Chuck Groat 7 12 Jeff Bergener 8 68 Michael Anderson 9 3 Mel Andrus 10 43 Kyle Bergener 11 36H Jeff Hillock 12 11 Robert Crowther Jr. 4/30
  • VSS)Shenandoah VA...1 6 Tony Harris 2 J9 Jarold Harris 3 0 Anthony Linkonhoker 4 88 Bill Rice 5 12 Glenn Worrell 6 43 Chris Ware 7 401 Josh Porrault 8 B4 Bronzie Lawson 4/30
  • UMSS TS)Jimmy Kouba added his name to the feature win list at the Cedar Lake Speedway this season when he overtook opening night winner Cam Schafer on lap 15 of the 25 lap feature and went on to record the second win in four nights for the Kouba family on Saturday evening April 29. Jimmy's son, Jake Kouba, won the feature at Cedar Lake back on April 8, so it was only fitting that Jake's dad got in on the early season fun to improve the family winning percentage to .500 so far. 4/30
  • Marysville Raceway Park CA)360 sprints...1 57B Bobby Butler 2 14H Heath Hall 3 21H Jeremy Hawes 4 18 Tyler Seavey 5 9 Peter Paulson 6 49 Mike Monahan 7 16 Jimmy Steward 8 7N Dyllan Ogden 9 6E Emily Williams 10 9X Dustin Freitas 11 58 Matt Barber 12 15X Ryan Souza 13 15 Pat Harvey Jr. 14 71L Korey Lovell 15 4X Raquel Hall 16 88 Brad Bumgarner 17 8 Jim Richardson 4/30
  • ARDC)Susquehanna Speedway PA...14Trevor Kobylarz 92 Brenden Bright 4 Ryan Greth 77 Alex Bright 76e Adam Pierson 46 Bret Arndt 21 Tommy Kunsman 7 Shawn Jackson 23m Kenny Miller 24 Jay Hartman 11 Eric Heydenreich 57 Jason Rice 35 Andrew Layser (DNF) 12 Josh Heckman(DNF) 4/30

Saturday  April 29th 2017

You win some, lose some, and wreck some. Dale Earnhardt



  • Lincoln Speedway PA)“This is a fast race car.” That understatement was delivered by Danny Dietrich after claiming his third win of the year in the 33-lap, $6,900-to-win 14th Annual Weldon Sterner Memorial for 410 sprint cars at Lincoln Speedway Saturday night. Time trials, qualifying, and an inversion at the front of the field placed Dietrich on the outside of the front row for the start. He grabbed the lead from polesitter Jim Siegel at the outset and dominated the rest of the way. Central PA 4/29
  • USAC Silver Crown)It had been eight years since the United States Auto Club competed at Phoenix Raceway. Since then, the track has been slightly reconfigured, repaved and renovated. On Saturday, to Bobby Santos, it was still the same Phoenix Raceway he knew and loved back in 2009 when he raced to a USAC National Midget victory at the one-mile tri-oval. In his return, Santos used his experience and bravado to outduel David Byrne in a wild west shootout, racing past Byrne using a massive run off turn four, then fending off his comeback attempt off turn two a lap later to capture his seventh career USAC Silver Crown presented by TRAXXAS victory at the "Phoenix Copper Cup." USAC 4/29
  • Silver Dollar Speedway CA)Auburn’s Andy Forsberg earned his 47th career sprint car main event win Friday night at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico. While Forsberg benefitted from a front row starting spot, he had to deal with a determined DJ Netto for most of the 25-lap main event. In fact, on a few double file restarts, Netto passed Forsberg and led for a few laps. In the end, Netto spun around late in the race to give the lead back to Forsberg for good. Race Results 4/29
  • New Egypt Speedway NJ)NEWS Sprints...1#747 Ryan Godown 2 #85 Lee Nardelli 3 #4 Bobby Butler 4 #56 Jermaine Godshall 5 #74 Duane Nixon 6 #3H Heidi Hedin 7 #62 Brian Spencer 8 #0 Wayne Weaver 9 #8 Larry Drake 4/29
  • CRSA)Orange County Fair Speedway NY...1 #1Q Thomas Radivoy 2 #19EM Emily VanInwegen 3 #1 Eddie Strada 4 #1R Christian Rumsey 5 #98T Tyler Jashembowski 6 #07 Brett Jaycox 7 #17 Kyle Smith 8 #56 Dustin Purdy 9 #3A Jeff Trombley 10 #1F Scott Flammer 4/29
  • SSSS)Desoto Speedway FL...1 #59X John Inman 2 #5 Mickey Kempgens 3 #88 Sport Alllen 4 #22 Johnny Gilbertson 5 #5S Brian Gingras 6 #63 Carlie Yent 7 #9 Clayton Donaldson 8 #15 LJ Grimm 9 #44 Gary Wiggins 10 #J1 Michael Tharp 11 #3 Craig Skene 12 #4 Travis Bliemeister 13 #52 Willie Hinton 14 #22X Todd Donaldson4/29
  • All Stars)Port Royal Speedway PA...Lance Dewease leads every lap and wins by 6.7 seconds over Ryan Smith...1#69K Lance Dewease 2 #94 Ryan Smith 3 #1 Dale Blaney 4 #5 Dylan Cisney 5 #12 Blane Heimbach 6 #38 Steve Buckwalter 7 #10H Chad Kemenah 8 #3Z Brock Zearfoss 9 #11 TJ Stutts 10 #55 Mike Wagner 11 #25 Aaron Ott 12 #49X Tim Shaffer 13 #07 Doug Esh 14 #17 Caleb Helms 15 #27 Greg Hodnett 16 #20 Ryan Taylor 17 #7W Logan Wagner 18 #14 Tony Stewart 19 #33M Max Stambaugh 20 #7C Caleb Armstrong 21 #47K Kody Lehman 22 #98 Carl Bowser 23 #44 Joey Hershey 24 #33S Curt Stroup 25 #8M TJ Michael 26 #10 Tyler Bear 27 #98T Joe Trenca 4/29



  • Photos)Shots by Steve Koletar, Paul Arch & Kris Keath from Williams Grove PA All Stars are in SpeedShotz4/29
  • PennLive)Dewease, Rahmer Take Center Stage During Tony Stewart's All-Stars Visit to Williams Grove
  • 34 Raceway IA)For the first time in the 2017 racing season mother nature has claimed a night of races at 34 Raceway in West Burlington, Iowa on Saturday, April 29th. Wet grounds, plus cold temperatures, forced track officials to cancel Roberts Tire Center night. So coming up next week, Saturday, May 6th, at 34 Raceway it will be Roberts Tire Center and The Mix night at the races. The WT Gabeline & Sons Trucking 305 Sprints, Victory Lane Suspension IMCA Modifieds, Pepsi IMCA Stock Cars, Casebine Credit Union IMCA SportMods, IRMA Midgets, Sonny's Market 4 Cylinders, and The Crazy Coyote Mini Hauler Trucks will all be in action on the night. Pit gates will open at 4:30 PM, the grandstands at 5 PM, hot laps at 6:30 PM, and racing at 7 PM. Grandstand admission will be $10 for adults, seniors (60+) and students will be $8, and kids 10 & under FREE! Pit passes will be $25. For more information about 34 Raceway you can visit the tracks website at, like them on Facebook, or download their new AP on your cell phone. 4/29
  • USAC)Rain has forced cancellation of Saturday night's USAC IMRA Speed2 Midget race at Spoon River Speedway. The series continues May 6 at 34 Raeway in Burlington, Iowa.4/29
  • Skagit Speedway WA)Canceled tonight. 4/29
  • Mercer Raceway Park PA)Canceled tonight. 4/29
  • Lawrenceburg Speedway IN)Canceled tonight. 4/29
  • Waynesfield Raceway Park OH)Canceled tonight 4/29
  • Lincoln Park Speedway IN)Canceled tonight. 4/29
  • Valley Speedway MO)Canceled tonight. 4/29
  • Riverside Int Speedway AR)Canceled tonight. 4/29
  • Eagle Raceway NE)Canceled tonight. 4/29
  • Park Jefferson Speedway SD)Canceled tonight. 4/29
  • Atomic Speedway OH)Once again Mother Natures wicked storms put a hault to racing at Atomic Speedway. Heavy storms hit over night and more expected during the day Saturday has forced us to postpone the nights events. We will look for another date the reschedule the OSCS/FAST 410 Sprints. Our next show is the 9th Annual Dan Reno Memorial Saturday May 6th. Visit for further information 4/29
  • SOD)Opener at Crystal Motor Speedway MI canceled for tonight. 4/29
  • Wilmot Raceway WI)Wilmot Raceway has decided to postpone their 2017 season opener and are cancelling tonight. The long range forecast has several dry days in it for next week which we could use to get more work done on the various projects going on at the speedway. Additionally, if things go as planned we hope to add an additional practice night for one night during the week, and gear up for our new opening date of next Saturday May 6th.4/29
  • URSS)Due to the rains and extremely cold temperatures the races at RPM Speedway KS have been canceled and rescheduled for Saturday night May 27th. 4/29
  • Sprint Car Bandits)The 2017 NCRA Sprint Car Bandits (SCB) series presented by Blaine's Motor Supply event set for tonight, April 29th at Wichita Speedway near Wichita Falls, Texas has been postponed until Friday, May 19th, due to inclement weather. This marks the second weekend in a row the SCB action has fallen to the weather. The SCB now moves to the next date on the schedule, which is Saturday May 13th (Mother's Day weekend) at Superbowl Speedway near Greenville, Texas. Press Releases4/29
  • Knoxville Raceway IA)Town Crier Night at Knoxville, April 29, has been rained out. Miserable conditions have forced the hand of Knoxville Raceway officials to cancel for the second time in three weeks. Hopefully, April showers bring May races! Join us next Saturday night, May 6 for Budweiser “National Beverage Day”! Busch Light Beer will be just $1. For more information, visit! 4/29
  • Lucas Oil Speedway MO)For the second straight week, rain has prevailed as Saturday's scheduled Big Adventure RV Weekly Racing Series program at Lucas Oil Speedway has been canceled. "We were very fortunate in 2016 with no rainouts of our weekly racing," Lucas Oil Speedway General Manager Dan Robinson said. "Unfortunately, with an outdoor sport, you're at the mercy of the elements and we've simply had too much rain with the forecast of a lot more on the way. Press Releases4/29
  • MSCS)Officials from the Midwest Sprint Car Series and Track Enterprises, the company that promotes the racing at the Terre Haute Action Track, have announced that the 2017 “Spring Fling” scheduled for Sunday, April 30th has been cancelled due to existing rainfall with more predicted to occur over the weekend. This is the second year in a row that this event has been washed out. Last year the Fling was rescheduled for August, but was again rained out. This year the event will not be rescheduled. The Midwest Sprint Car Series will be competing next at the Montpelier Motor Speedway in Montpelier, Indiana. This event will pay $2,000 to win. This will be the third consecutive year for MSCS to appear at the track. Provided as news and publicity for MSCS.4/29
  • Wayne County Speedway OH)Rains that started at dusk on Friday night and continued on into late Saturday morning and were predicted to last all day on Saturday, caused promoters Jason and Kristin Flory to cancel the races for Saturday, April 29th. Press Releases4/29
  • World of Outlaws)Due to record rainfall hitting the Haubstadt, IN area and localized flooding, the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series has postponed the event at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN to their previous longstanding Outlaw date of Mother Day's, Sunday, May 14. Fans that currently have tickets for the World of Outlaws Tri-State Speedway event will be able to use them for the rescheduled event on Sunday, May 14, 2017. Tickets for when the Outlaws return to Tri-State Speedway are available through the track website. The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series will resume Wednesday, May 3 for a make-up race at Riverside Speedway in West Memphis, AR. For more information on the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series visit or find us on social media at and
  • Fremont Speedway OH)Rains throughout the night Friday and Saturday morning have forced Fremont Speedway to cancel racing activities for Saturday, April 29 on Tank’s Meats Night – Students Race Into Summer. The event was scheduled to pit the drivers in the Fremont Federal Credit Union 305 Sprints against the K&L Ready Mix National Racing Alliance Sprint Invader 360 sprints. The event will not be rescheduled. Also, Fremont Speedway had passed out tickets to all students attending schools in Sandusky County. Students may use their pass at one of the next three events at “The Track That Action Built.”Fremont Speedway will be back in action Saturday, May 6 on Baumann Auto Group Night featuring the Fort Ball Pizza Palace 410 Sprints, the Fremont Federal Credit Union 305 Sprints, the Burmeister Trophy Dirt Trucks and the McCullough Industries 602 Late Models. It will be a point night for the All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads FAST Championship Series presented by Ohio Logistics for the 410 sprint teams. For more information about Fremont Speedway go to or on Facebook at or on Twitter 4/29


  • USCS)While the defending and two-time United Sprint Car Series presented by K&N Filters National Champion Morgan Turpen resides in the West Tennessee town of Cordova, she has found an East Tennessee home on the 3/8-mile clay oval at I-75 Raceway where she posted her third straight series win on Friday night. Turpen charged from the sixth starting spot to take the lead on lap 18 from her teammate, 11-time USCS National Champion Terry Gray of Bartlett, TN, and then held off a late race charge from Derek Hagar of Marion, AR to take her third straight USCS win this season in the 30-lap A-Main race. USCS 4/29
  • Accord Speedway NY)WRWD Radio NEWS Sprint Cars: Thomas Radivoy, Eric Jennings, Heidi Hedin, Corey Wood, Brett Graham, Andrew Davis, Bob Tersillo 4/29


  • CRASH PAD)A tight spot gets tighter and in an instant you need a CRASH PAD. RU Crash Ready ?? Do you have the Right Compressible space between your butt and the rigid seat bottom to absorb the Back Breaking impact of a wheels down landing. 1" isn't enough and the harder you hit the more you need. Other stuff bounces or is too stiff. Race Smart with a CRASH PAD !!! Educate yourself at 4/29
  • Attica Raceway Park OH)The Month of May will be very busy and very entertaining at Attica Raceway Park. Heavy rains fell Friday, April 28 just as the third group of Hammer Pallets 410 Sprints was set to qualify on Kear’s Speed Shop Night, forcing the cancellation of the night’s racing. Fans may use their tickets toward any event throughout the 2017 season. May’s action begins Friday, May 5 on The Adkins Group/AmeriGas Night. The Hammer Pallets 410 Sprints will be in competition for the second visit of the year by the All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads FAST Championship Series presented by Ohio Logistics. It will also be the first race in the Attica Raceway Park/Oakshade Raceway Late Model Series Challenge for the Summit Racing Equipment UMP Late Models. The Fremont Fence 305 Sprints will also be in action. Press Releases4/29



  • SSO)Wichita Speedway TX 305 Winged Sprints A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 03-Joe Wood Jr[2]; 2. 48-Jake Martens[8]; 3. 16S-Steven Shebester[5]; 4. 27-Andy Shouse[7]; 5. 32K-Chris Kelly[1]; 6. 88S-Shayla Waddell[3]; 7. 21-Michelle Melton[10]; 8. 02-Brandon Long[17]; 9. 50-Cody Whitworth[16]; 10. 29-Blake Dacus[9]; 11. 19-Justin Fisk[14]; 12. 80-Loyd Clevenger Sr[18]; 13. 94F-Morgan Fletcher[12]; 14. 18L-Dillon Laden[20]; 15. D1-Warren Fields[15]; 16. 35K-Chad Koch[13]; 17. 39-Sterling Hoff[6]; 18. 32-Corby Scherb[4]; 19. 18-Logan Scherb[11]; 20. 0-Mike Scott[19] Race Results 4/29
  • PASS)Williams Grove Speedway PA...305 Sprints (20 laps): 1. Tyler Reeser, 2. Zach Newlin, 3. Ken Duke Jr., 4. Jay Krout, 5. Rick Stief, 6. Colby Dice, 7. Cale Reigle, 8. Kyle Ganoe, 9. Mark Watkins, 10. John Haegle, 11. Dave Grube, 12. Darren Miller, 13. Scott Ellerman, 14. Jaremi Hanson, 15. Greg Debrosky, 16. Stephanie Dodson, 17. Andrew Hake, 18. Mike Alleman, 19. Kyle Craker, 20. Alex Petosky, 21. Drew Ritchey, 22. John Walp, 23. Erin Statler, 24. Ian Detweiler 4/29
  • All Stars)The Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions launched their first Central Pennsylvania swing of the 2017 season in fantastic fashion on Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway, putting on a show for “Pennsylvania Posse” fans in the form of a Lance Dewease and Freddie Rahmer duel for the 2017 Tommy Hinnershitz Memorial worth $5,000. All Stars 4/29
  • Williams Grove Speedway PA)It’s win number 87 and counting for Lance Dewease in the sprint car record books at Williams Grove Speedway after his defeat of Freddie Rahmer and the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions Sprints in the annual Tommy Hinnershitz Classic on Friday night. Now at 87 wins on his career at the oval, Dewease of Fayetteville needs just three more victories to tie Fred Rahmer Sr. on the all-time Williams Grove win list and four more to become the all-time win leader. Central PA 4/29
  • ASCS SOS)Some attrition and a few well-placed cautions, along with an impressive last lap pass, resulted in Timmy Thrash parking his Best Western No. 09 in Victory Lane for the first time against the Lucas Oil ASCS Southern Outlaw Sprints at Alabama’s Deep South Speedway this past Friday night. ASCS 4/29
  • Silver Dollar Speedway CA)410 Sprints...1 #92 Andy Forsberg 2 #21 Michael Ing 3 #75 Sean Becker 4 #83 Kyle Hirst 5 #41 Dominic Scelzi 6 #93 Kalib Henry 7 #19 Chase Majdic 8 #88 Brad Bumgarner 9 #4S Michael Kofoid 10 #00 Braedon Enos 11 #3C D.J. Netto 12 #28B Adam Brenton 13 #15 Brandon Powell 14 #83T Tanner Carrick 15 #1K Logan Seavey 16 #21W Jake Wheeler 17 #15X Ryan Souza Wingless Sprints...1 #1 Terry Schank Jr. 2 #94 Tony Richards 3 #38 Casey McClain 4 #4 Michael Kofoid 5 #46 Jeremy Wilson 6 #9S Craig Swim 7 #50 Don Emery 8 #5B Angelique Bell 9 #16 David Johnson4/29
  • URC)Mr. Twister Mark Bitner used a lap 2 slide job to propel his Bitner Automotive #15 to the $2,000 victory on Friday night’s Capitol Renegade Wingless United Racing Club event. This was the first wingless event for the United Racing Club since 1996 when the 360 club ran at Grandview Speedway. A field of 15 cars entered the pits on Friday night for the 25-lap event paying $2,000 to win and two heat races were needed to set the stage for the nightly feature. Heat race wins went to Jimmy Stitzel Third Rail Bar and Restaurant #4 and the #21 of New York native Carmen Perigo. URC 4/29
  • USCS)Morgan Turpen won her 3rd USCS main in a row Friday night at I-75 Speedway TN.  Derek Hagar, Terry Gray, Zach Daum and Matt Covington completed the top 5 drivers4/29
  • CNY Motorsports)‘The Cobra’ Chuck Hebing was not to be stopped on Friday night with the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints for night 1 of the third annual ‘Highbank Holdup’ weekend at Fulton Speedway. 4/29
  • Ocean Speedway CA)360 sprints...1 #20 Cory Eliason 2 #44 Geoff Ensign 3 #17 Justin Sanders 4 #22 Shane Golobic 5 #72W Kurt Nelson 6 #10 Mathew Moles 7 #21X Cole Macedo 8 #58 Jerry Bonnema 9 #57 Dustin Golobic 10 #8 Jeremy Chisum 11 #3 Kalib Montgomery 12 #2 Brad Furr 13 #12 Jarrett Soares 14 #25Z Jason Chisum 15 #55 Danny Malafatti 16 #64 Bryan Grier 17 #6D Josh Chisum 18 #99 Wayne Katen 19 #34 Darrell Taylor 20 #88 Keon Shaw 21 #F4 Kyler Shaw4/29
  • ESS)Fulton NY...1 45 Chuck Hebing 2 00 Danny Varin 3 97 Cory Turner 4 51 Bryan Howland 5 87 Jason Barney 6 90 Matt Tanner 7 98 Joe Trenca 8 17 Sammy Reakes IV 9 47x Dylan Westbrook 10 10 Jeff Cook 11 48j Darryl Ruggles 12 123 Yan Bilodeau 13 c10 Paulie Colagiovanni 14 14 Colman Gulick 15 36 Matt Billings 16 33 Brandon Kidd 17 514 James Hanson 18 10 Kelly Hebing 19 56 Billy VanInwegen 20 21 Alex Vigneault 21 88c Chad Miller 22 0 Glenn Styres 23 22 Jonathan Preston 24 19K Paul Kinney 25 53 Shawn Donath 26 99L Larry Wight 4/29

Friday  April 28th 2017

If you see the President, tell him from me that whatever happens there will be no turning back. Ulysses S. Grant



  • Photos)Shots by Mark Funderburk from Plymouth IN WoO are in SpeedShotz4/28
  • Williams Grove Speedway PA)All Stars...Lance Dewease, Freddie Rahmer, Tim Shaffer, Aaron Ott, Danny Dietrich, Trey Starks, Brian montieth, Lucas Wolfe, TJ Stutts, Tony Stewart, Cory Haas, Ryan Smith, Dale Blaney, Doug Esh, Brandon Rahmer, Caleb Armstrong, Chad Kemenah, Mark Smith, Alan Krimes, Greg Hodnett, Brock Zearfoss, Anthony Macri, Matt Campbell, TJ Michael, Caleb Helms, Steve Buckwalter, Hunter Mackison. 4/28
  • Big Diamond Speedway PA)First time URC went wingless in 21 years and Mark Bitner picked up the victory! 4/28
  • Lernerville Speedway PA)1 #7K Dan Shetler 2 #29J Jason Shultz 3 #2 A.J. Flick 4 #23J Jack Sodeman 5 #55 Gary Kriess 6 #08 Dan Kuriger 7 #40 George Hobaugh 8 #22 Ralph Engel 9 #4X Rod George 10 #40x Cory Good 11 #46 Michael Bauer 12 #42 Sye Lynch 13 #27 Zach Morrow 14 #29 Darin Gallagher 15 #44 Pete Landram 16 #27X Vinny Dougherty 17 #56 Ralph Spithaler 18 #76 Davey Jones 19 #58 Jimmy Seger 20 #23 Darren Pifer 4/28
  • World of Outlaws)After starting seventh on the field at the beginning of the 35-lap feature at Plymouth Speedway, David Gravel worked his way up to third-place just shy of the halfway mark. It was with three laps to go Gravel took advantage of a bobble by the No. 87 of Aaron Reutzel to put him in the runner-up spot; but he wasn't done just yet. Setting his sights on the leader of No. 7 of Jason Sides, Gravel squeezed his way under Sides as the two entered Turn 3. Gravel completed the move en route his fifth World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series win of the 2017 season.DIRT/World of Outlaws4/28
  • USAC)USAC SILVER CROWN CHAMPIONSHIP (presented by TRAXXAS) RACE RESULTS: April 28-29, 2017 - Phoenix, Arizona - Phoenix Raceway - "Phoenix Copper Cup" PROSOURCE QUALIFYING: (April 28) 1. Bobby Santos, 22, DJ Racing-25.362; 2. Kody Swanson, 63, DePalma-25.499; 3. Davey Hamilton, 99, RPM/Gormly-25.607; 4. Justin Grant, 91, Hemelgarn/Carli-25.609; 5. Aaron Pierce, 26, Pierce-25.666; 6. Tanner Swanson, 201, Nolen-25.682; 7. David Byrne, 40, Byrne-25.768; 8. Damion Gardner, 6, Klatt-26.078; 9. Henry Clarke, 75, Rose-26.342; 10. Davey Hamilton Jr., 98, RPM/Gormly-26.656; 11. Joe Axsom, 120, Nolen-26.906; 12. A.J. Russell, 3, Finkenbinder-27,390; 13. Patrick Lawson, 2, Lawson-27.416; 14. Toni Breidinger, 80, Breidinger-28.067; 15. Shane Butler, 15, Thompson-30.978; 16. Jerry Coons Jr., 20, Nolen-NT; 17. Chris Windom, 92, Kazmark-NT.USAC4/28


  • Jason Martin)BM Motorsports has now had 3 consecutive Top 4 finishes. Racing at the Sprint Series of Nebraska at the US 30 Speedway in Columbus, NE, Martin started 3rd and then passed the leaders around the top against the fence but then a caution come out. A few laps later and got to 2nd and Martin had a chance as he got to lap traffic but another caution came out. Follow BM Motorsports at: Press Releases4/28
  • Team ILP)Inside Line Promotions drivers Ray Allen Kulhanek and Zach Blurton each scored their first triumph of the season during the last week. Kulhanek was victorious last Saturday at Battleground Speedway in Highlands, Texas. Blurton drove into Victory Lane on Thursday at U.S. 30 Speedway in Columbus, Neb., with the Sprint Series of Nebraska. Press Releases4/28
  • IRA Sprints)The Bumper To Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Series "Harry Neitzel Tribute" event scheduled for this Sunday, April 30th, at the Dodge County Fairgrounds is being postponed due to continued cold & wet conditions in the Beaver Dam area. Our next scheduled Dodge County event is gonna a BIG one as we're combining the Harry Neitzel Tribute & Scag Shootout for Friday night July 7th which will feature the IRA 410's, MSA 360's, and Dirt King Late Models in a tripleheader spectacular, which will have a Sunday July 9 raindate attached. We are looking at replacing our lost April date with an additional Dodge Co date for the annual Rick Schmidt Memorial, though that exact date is yet to be determined and will be announced soon. 4/28



  • IMCA)IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars – 1. Marcus Thomas, Corsicana, Texas, 430; 2. John Ricketts, Burleson, Texas, 380; 3. Robert Vetter, Wolfe City, Texas, 325; 4. Jeb Sessums, Burleson, Texas, 301; 5. Justin Fifield, Mesquite, Texas, 287; 6. Tyler Russell, Abbott, Texas, 254; 7. Blake Baccus, Crandall, Texas, 250; 8. Kyle Jones, Kennedale, Texas, 241; 9. Logan Scherb, Decatur, Texas, 226; 10. Chip Graham, Lewisville, Texas, 225; 11. Andy Shouse, Mustang, Okla., 215; 12. Britney Bry­ant, Granbury, Texas, 209; 13. Austin Mundie, Dallas, Texas, 204; 14. Zach Newlin, Miller­stown, Pa., 192; 15. Dale Wester, Ovilla, Texas, 189; 16. George White, Fort Worth, Texas, and Weston Gorham, Colleyville, Texas, both 187; 18. Jacob Harris, Vidor, Texas, 179; 19. Corby Scherb, Decatur, Texas, 178; 20. Tyler Reeser, Orwigsburg, Pa., 177. Press Releases4/28
  • Kyle Bellm)Kyle Bellm and the Resource Asset Management Solutions (RAMS) No. 14k Sprint Car team were oh so close to the first victory of season, landing solid runner-up honors in last Saturday’s ASCS Warrior event at Randolph County Raceway in Moberly, Missouri. “I feel like we left one on the table,” Bellm says. “We have things working well, it feels good knowing that.” Press Releases4/28
  • Aaron Reutzel)With Mother Nature flexing early-season muscle, Aaron Reutzel and the Dissolvalloy Downhole Revolution/BC Fundz No. 87 Triple-X Sprint Car team found themselves at Iowa’s Knoxville Raceway for last weekend’s 410-ci Sprint Car season-opener atop the storied ½-mile clay oval. Press Releases4/28
  • DIRTVision)Tonight is the Bob Newton Classic at Plymouth Speedway, and DIRTVision is broadcasting the event LIVE with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Cars! Being only the second trip to Plymouth Speedway in series history, the podium could be snagged by any contender, making for an exciting show. Purchase your DIRTVision pass at now!  4/28
  • Antioch Speedway CA)The All Star Series Wingless Spec Sprint division begins their 2017 season at Antioch Speedway this Saturday night. This will be their 19th season at the track that started the division. It began when Promoter John M. Soares consulted with Don O'Keefe Jr. to get the ball rolling. O'Keefe drafted the rules in late August of 1998 and even gave the division its SPEC name. SPEC, by the way, stands for Spec Parts Economy Class, which was the concept behind this division. It's Sprint Cars for the working class. O'Keefe was pretty much the guiding hand behind the scenes who kept this class on the right path in the beginning. Press Releases4/28


  • Limaland Motorsports Park OH)Due to the rain that is moving through the area and the forecast for this evening, we have canceled tonight's event. 4/28
  • Bloomington Speedway IN)Racing tonight canceled 4/28
  • OSCS)Racing tonight canceled at Moler Raceway OH 4/28
  • IRA Sprints)Due to wet grounds, tonights race at Luxembourg WI has been canceled. 4/28
  • ASCS Warrior)With heavy rain already soaking the grounds of the Callaway Raceway in Fulton, Mo. and little to no relief in sight, officials with the facility have made the call to cancel Friday's event with the Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior Region presented by Impact Signs, Awnings, and Wraps. The event will not be rescheduled. Attention now turns to the Impact Signs Open Wheel Showdown at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Mo. on Saturday, May 6. The race is a regional double-header with the American Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Red River Region presented by Smiley's Racing Products. For continued updates on the American Sprint Car Series, and the over 150 races that make up the 2017 lineup of events across the National Tour and seven regional series, logo onto
  • Dodge City Raceway Park KS)Inclement weather has forced the cancellation of Saturday night’s scheduled Lewis Automotive Night of championship chase action at Dodge City Raceway Park. A forecast high of just 40 degrees on Saturday along with excessive rain throughout the entire day and evening before turning to snow negates any possibility of racing activity atop the 3/8-mile clay oval. Racing action will continue at Dodge City Raceway Park next Saturday night, May 6, with the Fifth Annual Modified Stampede featuring a $1,200-to-win main event for the IMCA Modifieds with other action including Precise Racing Products DCRP Sprint Cars, IMCA Sport Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars and IMCA Hobby Stocks. Dodge City Raceway Park is located on the south edge of Dodge City, KS, on US 283, then 0.9 miles west on US 56, then 0.1 miles south. For more information, contact the track at 620-225-3277 or check
  • River Cities Speedway ND)April 28th Season Opener Postponed to May 5th 4/28


  • SSN)Columbus NE...4/27...1. Zach Blurton (2J) 2. Jason Martin (36) 3. Joey Danley (14) 4. Tyler Drueke (12) 5. Adam Gullion (91) 6. Stuart Snyder (23S) 7. Ryan King (93) 8. Matt Richards (1R) 9. Nick Bryan (52) 10. Terry Richards (18) 11. Chase Weiler (0) 12. Nathan Weiler (4W) 13. Toby Chapman (7KX) 14. Austin McLean (83) 15. Kayla Stoops (18K) 16. Shayle Bade (03) 17. Rick Hansen (36K) 18. Trevor Grossenbacher (35) 19. Jason Danley (4X) 20. Cody Ledger (47) 4/28

Thursday  April 27th 2017

It was my fortune, or misfortune, to be called to the office of Chief Executive without any previous political training. Ulysses S. Grant



  • Donny Schatz)The World of Outlaws (WoO) Craftsman Sprint Car Series is giving Indiana an early start to its annual right of spring by kicking off the month of May a few days early with a pair of races in the Hoosier State this weekend. Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing’s (TSR) Donny Schatz and the Arctic Cat/Ford Performance-backed team will make their initial appearance in the Midwest Friday night at Plymouth (Ind.) Speedway and at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt Saturday. Press Releases4/27
  • Park City KS/SLS Promotions)The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series is back at 81 Speedway in Park City Kansas, just outside of Wichita, on Saturday, May 6 for the first time since 2006. The series has visited the track 12 different times, dating back to 1980. There have been seven drivers who have been victorious with the series over the years at 81 Speedway, including five different winners in each of the last five events the series has held at the three-eighths-mile. This edition of The Breakdown sets the stage for the Kansas Outlaw Klassic presented by Great Clips, Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. and the City of Park City, Kansas at 81 Speedway. Press Releases4/27
  • USAC)In Major League baseball, a player who steps up to the plate and gets a base hit one out of every three at-bats year-after-year is celebrated as one of the top players in the game and a potential hall-of-famer. What would you say, then, about a driver who straps himself into a USAC Silver Crown car maybe three or four times per year and wins more than half of those starts, on average? USAC4/27



  • POWRi WAR)Tonight’s Throwback Thursday – Open Wheel Style event at the Dirt Oval at Route 66 in Joliet, Illinois has been postponed. Overnight rain has caused the track to be less than desirable for race conditions. Originally scheduled to feature a trifecta of action with the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League, POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprint Car League, and POWRi Lucas Oil D-II Midget League, officials have rescheduled the event for next week, Wednesday, May 3rd featuring the POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprint Car League and the POWRi Lucas Oil D-II Midget League. The POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League will not run the Wednesday show as they are already scheduled for the Missouri Mid-State Midget Nationals weekend at Valley Speedway and Lucas Oil Speedway on Friday, May 5th and Saturday, May 6th. For further information, visit, “Like” POWRi on Facebook and follow @POWRi_Racing on Twitter. 4/27
  • OCRS)The Ameri-Flex / OCRS sprint car event set for this Saturday night at the Caney Valley Speedway has been rescheduled to Saturday July 15th. From the recent rains that have fallen on the speedway and the forecast for more rain to get Noah's Ark moving, the decision was easily made to pull the plug on Saturday's program. The July 15th date makes for a doubleheader weekend in Kansas for the Ameri-Flex / OCRS series as the sprint cars will take to the Humboldt Speedway on Friday July 14th. The next event for the traveling wanderers will be Saturday May 6th, for the 9th Annual Harold Leep Jr. Memorial at the Oklahoma Sports Park in Ada Oklahoma. 4/27


  • Waynesfield Raceway Park OH)Waynesfield Raceway Park in Waynesfield, Ohio will join forces with Limaland Motorsports Park in Lima, Ohio for the Non-Wing Double Down weekend. The Quest Federal Credit Union Non-Wings will run for a $1200 payday at Limaland on Friday and Waynesfield on Saturday. The Satellite Connections UMP Modifieds, Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints, Block Insurance Tough Trucks, and Indian Lake Outfitter Compacts will also join Waynesfield’s Saturday program. Pit side gates swing open at 4PM; grandstands at 5PM. Competitors hit the racing surface at 6PM for hot laps with the first green flag of the night flying at 7PM. Adult general admission is just $12. Kids aged 11-15 years are admitted for just $6. All young race fans under the age 10 are admitted for free. Pit admission is just $25. Get the latest Waynesfield Raceway Park news and information online at, on Facebook by liking Waynesfield Raceway Park or by following @OfficialWRP on Twitter. 4/27
  • Shane Stewart)The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series travel to the Hoosier state this weekend for back-to-back nights of competition. Avon, Ind. resident, Shane Stewart, and the Larson Marks team will be in action at Plymouth (Ind.) Speedway on Friday, followed up with Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Ind. on Saturday. Press Releases4/27
  • Column)Pat & Bruce Eckel have notes from Putnamville IN & Danville IL in A Typical Weekend4/27
  • Paul Pokorski Motorsports)After a long winter of preparation, the Paul Pokorski Motorsports team will open its 25th anniversary season in full throttle with an action-packed, three-race weekend. The team will fire up the 2017 season by entering the Interstate Racing Association (IRA) 410 Sprint Car Series Battle on the Bay event at the Luxemburg Speedway Friday, April 28. Pokorski and his crew will then head south to kick off the Midwest Sprint Car Association (MSA) season at the Plymouth Dirt Track Racing opener Saturday, April 29. The team will then round out its three-race weekend excursion by competing in the MSA portion of the Harry Neitzel Memorial event at Dodge County Fairgrounds in Beaver Dam on Sunday, April 30. Press Releases4/27
  • USAC SW)This Saturday, April 29th, the Sands Chevrolet USAC SouthWest Sprint Cars are back in action at San Tan Valley’s Arizona Speedway. Promoted by Jonah Trussel and located within ET Motopark, the seventh point race will also showcase Dwarf Cars, Pure Stocks, and the Robert Horne Ford Bombers. The Front Gates will open at 5:00pm and Racing at the fast 3/8-mile oval will start at 7:00pm. For more event and ticket information, visit or call 480.926.6688.USAC4/27
  • Mercer Raceway Park PA)This Saturday, April 29, the Precise Racing Products 410 Sprint Cars will get their final tune-up before the invasion of the touring professionals of the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions. The All Stars will make their only appearance the following week, May 5. Press Releases4/27

Wednesday  April 26th 2017


Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn't mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar. Edward R. Murrow



  • J&J Auto Racing)J&J Auto Racing saw its band of drivers score five Sprint Car victories over the weekend for the McKenzie, Tenn., based manufacturer as the brand saw the tally marks in the win column jump to over forty on the season. Picking up victories in the 410ci, 360ci and 305ci divisions in four states, J&J teams look to keep their winning ways up as the 2017 season heats up. Press Releases4/26
  • Derek Hagar Racing)DHR Suspension and Inside Line Promotions are partnering during the 2017 season to provide mutual clients with a sliding discount. For every $50 spent on a shock rebuild by DHR Suspension within the next month or during any one order throughout the remainder of the year will net a one-percent discount on a public relations package by Inside Line Promotions. For example, if a DHR Suspension client spends $500 he or she will receive a 10-percent discount on professional PR by ILP. A $1,000 order will garner a 20-percent discount. Press Releases4/26
  • Eldora Speedway OH)Eldora Speedway will evaluate a number of pyrotechnics, fireworks and special effects during a private test from approximately 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. on Thursday night. Area residents are advised to expect varying bursts and eruptions throughout the two-hour window. The grandstands will not be open to the public. The selected displays will be a part of Eldora’s 2017 special events, debuting with the #LetsRaceTwo Doubleheader Weekend featuring the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series and USAC National Sprint Cars on Friday and Saturday, May 12th and 13th.4/26
  • Parker Price-Miller)Getting back home after opening his 2017 campaign up with the World of Outlaws, Parker Price-Miller had his best run of the season thus far on Saturday night in Beaver Dam, WI where he picked up a third place finish with the IRA. Press Releases4/26
  • Sprint Car Unlimited)Jeremy chats with Kevin Swindell...Join and read it at 4/26
  • Alex Hill)Alex Hill is having a huge year. The 17-year-old high school senior recently announced that she was accepted to California State University Los Angeles. She will enroll next fall and will study criminal justice. However, she insisted that won't derail her racing dreams. Press Releases4/26
  • KSE Racing)The wins came in bunches over the last week for drivers using KSE Racing Products, and the staff would like to extend congratulations to all of the teams who parked in victory lane. One of the biggest race weekends of the year in California came and went, as Peter Murphy again put on a fantastic Peter Murphy Classic. Friday night’s 360ci race saw Rico Abreu live life on the ragged edge as he rode the wall to victory, before Bud Kaeding captured the KWS event on Saturday night with a flag-to-flag victory. Press Releases4/26
  • Andy Gregg)Andy Gregg and the GUTS Racing team made the trip to Tulare, CA to take part in the Peter Murphy Classic with both the Sprint Car Challenge Tour and the King of the West Series. When the two-day program wrapped up Saturday night, Gregg could best describe the trip as eventful. Press Releases4/26
  • Jarrett Soares)A tough start to the season hasn’t quite deterred Jarrett Soares. Getting off to a great start on Saturday night, Soares would race his way into the Peter Murphy Classic feature at Tulare’s Thunderbowl Raceway. “It has been a rough start to the season for me, but it felt really good to put it in the show Saturday night and stay out of the semi,” Soares said. “Brian Sperry and my dad give me a good car nightly, and I was glad I held up my end of the bargain and got the night started off well.” Press Releases4/26
  • Richard Vander Weerd)Despite being involved in a lap five incident, Richard Vander Weerd would get all he could from the back of the pack as he would get back to seventh before the rubber went down in Tulare, CA on Saturday night. “We were pretty good all night, but just got taken out from the back on a lap five restart,” Richard Vander Weerd said. “We got moving forward, but once the rubber came in everyone was pretty event and we ended up seventh.” Press Releases4/26
  • Jace Vander Weerd)Jace Vander Weerd has become a favorite at the Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, CA over the last few seasons. Saturday night, Vander Weerd was in the battle up front again as he would pick up a fourth place finish during the USAC West Coast 360’s portion of the popular Peter Murphy Classic. Press Releases4/26
  • SCCT)Check out the newest Sprint Car Challenge Tour promo produced by Dirt Co. Media House! The piece gives an intimate view on the series with interviews and much more 4/26
  • World of Outlaws)When the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series makes its annual stop at Lincoln Speedway next month, Brent Marks will be hitting the Abbottstown, PA track for the first time as an Outlaw. The sixth-annual Gettysburg Clash at Lincoln Speedway on May 17 will be the first battleground for the Pennsylvania Posse versus the Outlaws in 2017. Pennsylvania Posse drivers - the endearing name local fans have given the group of drivers who compete regularly in the Keystone State - have won four of six Outlaw races since the series returned to the challenging 3/8-mile oval in 2012 following a 14-year absence. Posse fans, who are arguably the most passionate fanatics in all of Sprint Car racing, will be cheering for local success to continue. DIRT/World of Outlaws 4/26
  • Allegheny Sprint Tour)The Western Pennsylvania-based Allegheny Sprint Tour will launch its inaugural season on Friday evening, May 5, at Lernerville Speedway in Sarver, Pennsylvania. Utilizing 305 cubic inch engines, the Racesaver/IMCA governed sprint car series will bring a new element of open wheel competition to Western Pennsylvania in 2017, headlining 29 events at six different facilities stretching from Allegheny County to Erie County. Press Releases4/26
  • Jack Dover)Jack Dover posted his third top-10 finish of the season last Saturday at Park Jefferson International Speedway during a Carpet Land Nebraska 360 Sprints and Midwest Sprint Touring Series co-sanctioned event. "Our goal was to go in there and win the race, but it wasn't in the cards," he said. "We drew a really good pill, but that didn't help on Saturday." Press Releases4/26
  • FAST)The All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads FAST Championship Series presented by Ohio Logistics is set to hit the road this coming weekend. It begins Friday, April 28 at Attica Raceway Park and continues Saturday, April 29 with the first installment of the “North vs. South” battle at Atomic Speedway in Chillicothe, Ohio. Saturday is co-sanctioned with the Ohio Sprint Car Series (OSCS). The 21 teams vying for the JLH General Contractor FAST 305 Championship Series presented by Engine Pro title will be in action for their second event of 2017 on Friday, April 28 at Attica Raceway Park. Press Releases4/26
  • USAC)An eight-year gap since the most recent appearance for the USAC Silver Crown Champ Car Series at Phoenix Raceway provides an intriguing array of experience differential between each of the competitors. Among the varying degrees of experience for each of the 18 competitors at the one-mile tri-oval, a past Phoenix Silver Crown winner is not among the lineup. On one end, there are National champions and Phoenix race winners. On the other end of the spectrum, there are drivers making their first ever Phoenix start and even a few making their debut in a Silver Crown car for the event this Friday and Saturday, April 28-29 USAC4/26
  • Josh Baughman)Josh Baughman is heading east to tackle some 410ci winged sprint car racing this weekend. "We're excited to get back in a 410 after a few weeks of racing with the 360," he said. "There probably isn't a tougher region of the country for 410 racing than Ohio and Pennsylvania so we want to learn as much as we can to continue building our 410 program." Press Releases4/26
  • Matt Campbell)After dominating heat race competition Friday at Williams Grove, 19-year-old Campbell lined up on the front row for the feature. After going wheel to wheel for the lead on lap three, Campbell filed back in line in the runner up spot. While running the cushion, Lucas Wolfe snuck underneath for the runner-up spot dropping Campbell back to third. Campbell adjusted lines and began hitting his marks on the bottom eventually working back by Wolfe and challenging for the lead once again. In thrilling fashion, Campbell crossed the line third in front of some of the top talents in the area. The entire team was pleased with the evening calling it a great night overall. Press Releases4/26
  • Cory Haas)Haas and John Trone’s Trone Outdoor Motorsports scored a season-best runner-up finish at Williams Grove. Haas fended off furious challenges from Matt Campbell and Lucas Wolfe to maintain the lead before succumbing to race winner Freddie Rahmer on lap 24. Haas led 23 laps and crossed the line .334 seconds behind Rahmer. Press Releases4/26



  • USAC WC)Slipping past “Hollywood” Danny Faria Jr. on the sixth lap, Kyle Hirst (Paradise, California) led the rest of the way to win last Saturday’s “4th Annual Peter Murphy Classic.” By claiming the shortened $3,000 USAC West Coast Sprint Car victory at Tulare’s Merle Stone Chevrolet Thunderbowl Raceway, Hirst became the 45th driver to earn a series win. Ryan Bernal, Faria, Jace Vander Weerd, and fast qualifier Austin Liggett rounded out the top-five drivers.USAC4/26
  • IRA Sprints)With beautiful weather, 29 Bumper to Bumper Interstate Racing Association winged 410 sprint cars converged upon the Beaver Dam Raceway for the Jim Wipperfurth memorial. A stacked field of IRA regulars would face a challenging field of invading drivers including Parker Price-Miller, Craig Dollansky, Ryan Robinson and Joe B Miller. In Osborn and Sons qualifying the Duffy Fleet Service 79 driven by Blake Nimee was fastest over Robinson and Price-Miller who were 2nd and 3rd respectively. IRA 4/26


  • PA Sprint Car Live)Attention racing fans! We know that 100% that we wouldn't be where we are without your assistance! It's because of you fans that we do what we do! With that, we've made the show available to view via YouTube! All of your favorite interviews and shows will be available for your viewing pleasure! But we need your help again! We need at least 100 subscribers to verify the page as official and get our own domain name! So please follow the link and click subscribe! Thanks!! 4/26
  • Racin Boys)LIVE on RBN this weekend - ASCS Southern Outlaw Sprints, ASCS Warrior, NOW600Series, United Rebel Sprint Series and NW Focus midget Series 4/26
  • Colby Copeland)A two race weekend for Colby Copeland and F&F Racing saw the Roseville, CA driver record an 11th place finish on Friday night with the Sprint Car Challenge Tour in Tulare, CA before picking up a fourth place finish on Saturday night in Placerville, CA aboard the Econo Lube-n-Tune & Brakes No. x1jr. Press Releases4/26
  • C&M Motorsports)Both Tony Gualda and Andy Forsberg climbed aboard the potent C&M Motorsports No. 7c over the weekend, and both drivers would have success as Gualda finished 10th on Friday night with the SCCT, and Forsberg would podium on Saturday night at Petaluma Speedway. Press Releases4/26
  • All Stars)For the first time in 2017, the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions will invade Central Pennsylvania, ready to challenge the notorious “Pennsylvania Posse” on their home dirt for a shot at three consecutive four-figure paydays. Arctic Cat All Star competitors, comprised of a roster nearing 20 in total, will visit three different facilities during their upcoming tour of The Keystone State, beginning with competition at the world-famous Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg on Friday, April 28. All Stars 4/26
  • Sedalia MO/SLS Promotions)The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series hits the track at Missouri State Fair Speedway in Sedalia on Friday, May 5 for the Sedalia Show-Me State Showdown. It has been five years since the series last took to the historic half-mile, with three-time series champion Sammy Swindell picking up the victory in that event. A very strong group of full-time drivers will lead the series back to Sedalia as the 40th season for the Outlaws continues. Donny Schatz, Paul McMahan and Jason Sides are all previous winners at Sedalia with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series. This edition of The Breakdown sets the stage for the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series visit to Missouri State Fair Speedway. Press Releases4/26
  • DIRTVision)Watch LIVE as the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series race at Plymouth Speedway in Plymouth, Indiana for only the second time in their history! The Bob Newton Classic is slated for Friday, April 28th, 2017, and the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Cars will be joined by the UMP Modifieds. DIRT/World of Outlaws 4/26
  • Justin Miller)The Arbor Green Contractors, KenJay Fiedler Excavating, Hopf Farms, In Motion Dance Studio, Meyer Motors, BMG Designs, Glacier Transit and Storage, Richard Wirtz Attorney at Law, CJ Salon, MC’s Pub & Grill, Bane Nelson, L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL-Camisha Miller and R&H Enterprises, Maxim Chassis powered by Tiry Engines 360, HRP Wings, Afco Shocks and American Racer Tires, Miller Family Motorsports (MFM) #15M will kick-off its Midwest Sprint Car Association (MSA) schedule at the Plymouth Dirt Track on Saturday evening and on Sunday at the Horsepower Half-mile located at the Dodge County Fairgrounds in Beaver Dam! Press Releases4/26
  • Bailey Goldesberry)Bailey Goldesberry and the Bailey Goldesberry Racing #4 team notched another top ten at the 34 Raceway near West Burlington, Iowa last Saturday night. The sixteen-year-old driver from Springfield, Illinois plans on two events this weekend. Friday, she’ll head to Jacksonville Speedway in Illinois before returning to West Burlington on Saturday. Press Releases4/26
  • Park Jefferson Speedway SD)The Park Jefferson Speedway will close out the month of April with Lieber Construction night. The night will feature 6 great classes of cars including five IMCA classes along with the Keizer Wheels Championship 360 Sprint Cars. The Keizer Wheels Sprints will see their 2nd week of point racing action this weekend. With last weekend’s race sanctioned by the Nebraska 360 Sprints and MSTS sprints, this weekend will be the first of open competition for the sprint cars. “We are excited to see who returns this week to Park Jefferson to contend for the weekly sprint car title” stated Adam Adamson.Press Releases4/26
  • IRA Sprints)The May 20th and 21st races at Wilmot Raceway and Angell Park Speedway just got a lot more exciting. As the Bumper to Bumper Interstate Racing Association (IRA) and The Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions roll into two of southern Wisconsin's finest dirt tracks, they will be joined by a very special guest. Tony Stewart, known to many as Smoke, owner of the All Stars will be bringing his Rush Truck Centers 14 car with him. IRA 4/26

Tuesday  April 25th 2017


The speed of communications is wondrous to behold. It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue. Edward R. Murrow



  • Column)KO's Indiana Bullring Scene updated to include commentary on USAC action at Bloomington and Haubstadt along with local action at Putnamville.KO's Indiana Bullring Scene4/25
  • Column)Duane Hancock has notes from Plymouth IN and Atomic OH in Tri-State Outlook4/25
  • Column)Danny Burton has more Must See Racing Carolina notes in Hoosier Race Report4/25
  • Wade Nygaard)Entering the weekend the Nygaard Motorsports crew had a few options of where they could race. They choose to head east to Wisconsin to compete with the UMSS Sprints at Cedar Lake. That was the right decision. Wade picked up his first victory of the season in dramatic fashion with a last corner, last lap pass for the win. Press Releases4/25
  • Lee Grosz)Last Saturday night Lee Grosz and the Beds by Design crew were back in action for their only race of the weekend at Park Jefferson Speedway. The Nebraska 360s/MSTS 360s co-sanctioned event brought in a stout 38 car field to the semi-banked 4/10th mile dirt oval. Press Releases4/25
  • Austin McCarl)The TKS Motorsports #2KS team and driver Austin McCarl had a successful debut in Knoxville Raceway’s opener last Saturday night. Despite coming out late, the Altoona, Iowa driver registered the third quick time of the night. He battled in the top five in the feature before finishing sixth. The team returns to Knoxville this Saturday night. Press Releases4/25
  • Caleb Helms)Caleb Helms was wicked fast last weekend as he recorded a runner-up result at Lernerville Speedway in Sarver, Pa., on Friday before capturing a top-10 finish at Wayne County Speedway with the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions on Saturday. Press Releases4/25
  • Shawn Dancer)Shawn Dancer had another good car last Friday at Limaland Motorsports Park. "In the heat race, we started fourth and finished fourth," he said. "That started us 11th in the A Main and we had a really good car. Ken Karhoff has been helping and had it set up really well." Press Releases4/25
  • Joshua Shipley)Joshua Shipley had high hopes entering the ASCS Southwest Region event last Saturday, but luck wasn't in the cards at Arizona Speedway. "I was looking forward to getting back to our home track," he said. "I felt like we learned a lot from our two-day show in Las Cruces (earlier this month) so I thought we were going to do really well." Press Releases4/25
  • CH Motorsports/Rob Chaney)Rob Chaney had a strong debut with CH Motorsports last weekend when the team opened the 2017 campaign at a pair of races in Ohio. The action began on Friday at Limaland Motorsports Park in Lima, where Chaney advanced from seventh to fifth place in an NRA Sprint Invaders heat race. That lined him up on the inside of the seventh row for the main event. Press Releases4/25
  • EMMR)The annual Gary Wolford Fish Fry and Silver Spring Speedway Reunion will occur on Sunday, May 7. The event will take place at the Latimore Valley Fairground, located off Route 15 near York Springs, Pennsylvania. The fish fry began in 2001 at Wolford’s shop located in Brogue, Pa. The day of fun quickly outgrew the shop and Wolford sought a new location. The Latimore Valley Fairground became the fish fry's new home. Press Releases4/25
  • Ray Allen Kulhanek)Ray Allen Kulhanek captured his first feature victory of the season last Saturday at Battleground Speedway, where he drove Randy Allen's 305ci winged sprint car into Victory Lane. "We definitely went out and had a good time," Kulhanek said. "It's always a laid back deal to go and run a 305 just for fun and to go play, but I'm been chomping at the bit to get a win this season." Press Releases4/25
  • Jason Martin)BM Motorsports raced Saturday, April 22, 2017 at Park Jefferson International Speedway in Jefferson, SD. Their intentions were to go to Wichita, Kansas, for the rain make-up race in the Air Capitol Shootout but was cancelled due to the upcoming rain for the weekend. The team decided to travel up north to South Dakota to race in the Nebraska 360 Sprint Series. Press Releases4/25
  • Knoxville Raceway IA)Starting on the pole of the 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Stores is an accomplishment for any winged sprint car driver. The chances of winning the $150,000 prize have increased, and now, before the green flag waves, the pole sitter will earn a $2,000 prize thanks to Jeremy Elliott's Press Releases4/25
  • Harli White)Harli White will compete in Alabama this weekend for the first time in her career. White is slated to race with the ASCS Southern Outlaw Sprints on Friday and Saturday at Deep South Speedway in Loxley. Press Releases4/25
  • Derek Hagar)Derek Hagar is venturing to Tennessee this weekend to tackle the USCS Thunder in the Smokies doubleheader with the USCS Series. Hagar will compete on Friday at I-75 Raceway in Sweetwater and on Saturday at Smokey Mountain Speedway in Maryville. Press Releases4/25
  • Team Turner)Team Turner Racing officially began its 2017 season at Merrittville Speedway’s Spring Sizzler featuring the Patriot Sprint Tour on Saturday night. Cory Turner turned in the first podium finish of the season for the Turner team, while Ryan and Jamie Turner were both strong throughout the night. Press Releases4/25
  • Justin Adams)Justin Adams continues to learn and make huge strides throughout his rookie season of 305ci winged sprint car racing. In back-to-back weeks, Adams, who celebrated his birthday last week, nearly raced his way into the A Main at Attica Raceway Park in Attica, Ohio. He placed sixth in the B Main to miss a transfer by only one position last Saturday for the second straight week. Press Releases4/25
  • Dick Wilskey) It is with a heavy heart I pen the words that Dick Wilskey, a true friend and great racer has passed away. I remember watching Dick race when I sat in the stands wishing I was old enough to go into the pits. I remember his big smile. When he wore his weathered cowboy hat with his racing suit he looked like a real racer. Through the years when I started racing I remember how Dick ran his team with professionalism and class, that continued on when he stepped out of the seat and became a successful car owner. Dick ran his race teams like a business, budgets, projections and a plan. When Dick retired from racing he was a Super Fan and he and Jan attended the races on a regular basis and always sat in the same seats. When Dick was in town visiting Shawna he would always call for a breakfast chat that routinely lasted a few hours. Not only was Dick a good friend to me he was also a great mentor. We would spend a lot of time talking about life and family and then always talk about racing and what's happening and where it was going. I enjoyed bouncing ideas of him and he would critique them to be sure I had my game plan in place. Dick was a big help to me with negotiating the Grays Harbor Raceway contract. You could tell he enjoyed the challenge. Dick liked racing plain and simple, he liked the challenges it presented and the strategies it took to win. He especially liked the Dirt Cup, an event he was hand picked to run when the late Jim Raper had fallen ill. When the 'Jimmy Collier Outstanding Contribution to the Sport Award' was started, Dick was it's first recipient with Lloyd Armey. It was an honor to induct Dick into the Skagit Speedway Hall of Fame last February, the same time he was inducted into the Elma Auto Racing Hall of Fame. It is never easy saying goodby to a friend, and it is always harder when he was a special person in your life. To honor his contributions to the sport; the Car Owners award that is given out each year at the Night of Champions Awards Banquet will be renamed 'The Dick Wilskey Car Owner of the Year Award'. In addition the driver that starts on the pole of the Dirt Cup A Main will receive 'The Dick Wilskey Pole Award'. Rest in peace my friend, Steve Beitler 4/25
  • Dodge City Raceway Park KS)Battles down to the wire were the norm in the April 15 season opener atop the 3/8-mile Dodge City Raceway Park in southwest Kansas. More of the same is expected with this Saturday’s Lewis Automotive Night of championship action at the state-of-the-art dirt track facility featuring the Precise Racing Products DCRP Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars and IMCA Hobby Stocks. Press Releases4/25
  • World of Outlaws DLM)The World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series is excited to announce the return of Chris Dolack to the World of Outlaws family as the new Late Model Series Director, effective May 1. Dolack will succeed Tim Christman, who has served as series director for the past 10 years and has chosen to take a step back to spend more time with his family. Dolack brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Having served as Vice President of Media and Public Relations for the World of Outlaws and DIRTcar from 2005 through 2015, he has earned the respect of drivers, teams, promoters and fans alike, and is familiar with the inner workings of the Series and dirt track racing in general. DIRT/World of Outlaws 4/25
  • Joe Trenca)Joe Trenca opened his chase for the Patriot Sprint Tour American championship with a solid performance last Friday at Outlaw Speedway. The Mucci Motorsports competitor kicked off the event by maneuvering from fourth to second place in a heat race, which earned a spot in the feature redraw. Press Releases4/25
  • David Gravel)Mother Nature was a not a race fan as persistent rain washed away a scheduled weekend of action at Riverside International Speedway and Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 on Friday, April 21st and Saturday, April 22nd respectively. The event at Riverside will be rescheduled for Wednesday, May 3rd while the event at I-55 will not. Press Releases4/25 
  • ASCS Warrior)A Friday night under the lights awaits the Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior Region presented by Impact Signs, Awnings, and Wraps as the Missouri based series makes its way to Callaway Raceway in Fulton, Mo. for the first time in 2017 on Friday, April 28.ASCS 4/25
  • ASCS SOS)The Lucas Oil ASCS Southern Outlaw Sprints will get a double shot of action this weekend as the series makes its way to Deep South Speedway in Loxley, Ala. on Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29.ASCS 4/25



  • Wisconsin Wingless)20 drivers for the Wisconsin wingLESS series presented by the IRA showed up to do battle on the high banks of the Beaver Dam Raceway. The field was a mix of experienced series regulars like Doug Schenck and the Koubas as well as drivers who were brand new to not only the series but racing cars in general. Qualifying was dominated by returning regulars, as Jake Kouba would collect fast time followed by Jordan Mattson. 3rd quick would be claimed by series newcomer Rod Colburn, nephew of 1975 and 76 IRA champion Dick Colburn. Race Results 4/25
  • PASS)In the 25-lap make-up 2016 RaceSaver Challenge for IMCA 305 sprint cars, Jeff Miller of Huntingdon became the first driver to repeat in the history of the event, dating back to its inception in 2012. Polesitter Ken Duke Jr. would lead the first 11 laps of the 25-lap Keystone RaceSaver Challenge for 305 sprints before surrendering to Jeff Miller. Miller started sixth in the main and followed Duke, Zach Newlin and Scott Ellerman for the first nine laps before beginning his march through the top three. Race Results 4/25


  • Chase Johnson)Chase Johnson is excited to head home this weekend for a Sprint Car Challenge Tour event on his home turf. Johnson will drive his family owned sprint car on Saturday at Petaluma Speedway in Petaluma, Calif., which is a short drive from his hometown of Penngrove. Press Releases4/25
  • Sean Becker)Following the King of the West Series and the Sprint Car Challenge Tour to Tulare, CA on Friday and Saturday night to take part in the Peter Murphy Classic, Becker would flirt with victory with the Challenge tour before mechanical issues prevented him from starting Saturday’s KWS event. Press Releases4/25
  • Ryan Smith)Steering problems kept the Leidig/Warko/Smith racing team busy throughout last weekend. Despite the problems, Ryan Smith was able to produce a solid night with the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions on Saturday at Wayne County Speedway, where he posted an 11th-place finish to remain fourth in the championship standings. Press Releases4/25
  • Matt Peterson)Continuing to get back in the swing of things behind the wheel of his Miller Lite No. p37 sprinter, Matt Peterson saw some improvement with the SCCT in Tulare, CA of Friday night before contact in Placerville, CA would get him upside down in the feature event on Saturday. Press Releases4/25
  • Kyle Hirst)This past weekend, Roth Motorsports and driver Kyle Hirst attended the 4th Annual Peter Murphy Classic hosted by the Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, CA. The Elk Grove Ford Sprint Car Challenge Tour (SCCT) presented by Abreu Vineyards and the KWS-NARC Fujitsu Racing Series were both on tap for the picture perfect weekend.
  • Kevin Mingus)For the first time in his dirt racing career Kevin Mingus scored a pair of top-10 finishes in the same weekend against arguably the toughest 305ci winged sprint car competition in the country. Mingus started with a seventh-place showing last Friday at Attica Raceway Park in Attica, Ohio, before he followed with a ninth-place run at Fremont Speedway the next night. Press Releases4/25
  • Kerry Madsen)Kerry Madsen guided Big Game Motorsports to a runner-up result last Saturday at Knoxville Raceway during its 64th annual season opener. "Absolutely a confidence builder," he said. "We know how much better we can get the car. To be that quick and know we don't have the balance 100 percent is pretty exciting because there's a lot of potential there." Press Releases4/25
  • Park City KS/SLS Promotions)The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series returns to 81 Speedway in Park City, Kansas for the first time since 2006 on Saturday, May 6, 2017 for the Kansas Outlaw Klassic presented by Great Clips, Murphy Tractor & Equipment and the City of Park City, Kansas. The event will mark the 13thth A-Feature event contested by the series at the semi-banked, three-eighths-mile, dating back to 1980. Seven drivers have picked up A-Feature wins with the Outlaws at the track during that span. Press Releases4/25
  • OCRS)The teams of the Ameri-Flex / OCRS Sprint Car Series have their GPS systems dialed in for the Caney Valley Speedway in Caney Kansas where round number two will take place in the chase for the 2017 Harold Leep Championship Trophy. Broken Arrow Oklahoma's Alex Sewell was victorious at the season opener on April 15th at the Lawton Speedway and the winged crusaders are quite anxious to get to the next tour stop on the schedule. OCRS 4/25
  • Cory Eliason)Overcoming a tough qualifying effort, Cory Eliason turned in a gritty performance at the Peter Murphy Classic that saw him score an 11th place finish. “The track was pretty slick in time trials, and we were just a tick too free,” Cory Eliason said. “The guys went to work, and we were able to fight back all night and come away with an 11th place finish.” Press Releases4/25
  • Lucas Ashe)Lucas Ashe spent his weekend in Tulare, CA battling with the Sprint Car Challenge Tour on Friday night before making his first ever 410ci start with the King of the West Series on Saturday night during the Peter Murphy Classic. “Friday night didn’t quite go as planned, but had some fun with the amount of cars that showed up,” Lucas Ashe said. “Saturday night was really cool making my first start in a 410 and I was really happy with the speed we had and how our night went for the most part.” Press Releases4/25
  • Paul McMahan)Despite Mother Nature raining out the two scheduled World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series events scheduled for last weekend, Paul McMahan and Destiny Motorsports made the tow to Knoxville Raceway where the team recorded a seventh place finish during the track’s first event of the season. Press Releases4/25
  • Kyle Offil)Making just his fourth winged sprint car start ever on Saturday night, Kyle Offill and Team KO Racing broke through and scored the youngster’s first victory. “Running the first three SCCT races really helped my confidence going into the local level on Saturday night,” Kyle Offill said. “We went from running Tulare on Friday, which was the fastest track I have been on yet, to Antioch on Saturday and I think that helped us a lot.” Press Releases4/25
  • Robbie Price)As the curtain raised on the 2017 season at Skagit Speedway, Robbie Price made sure the spotlight was on him as the Cobble Hill, BC driver parked his machine in victory lane to score his first win of the 2017 season. “It was a pretty good night for our race team,” Robbie Price said. “We timed in quick time, and were able to get into second in the feature event before capitalizing on the leaders misfortune and racing to the win.” Press Releases4/25
  • Mason Moore)Following the Sprint Car Challenge Tour to Tulare, CA on Friday night, Mason Moore and the F&F Racing team would have a long night that ultimately saw Moore earn Hard Charger honors as he finished in the eighth spot. “We didn’t get out of our heat race, and with this series that makes for a pretty long night,” Mason Moore said. “Luckily, my guys really gave me a good car and we were able to move forward in both the ‘B’ and the ‘A’.” Press Releases4/25
  • Ian Madsen)Saturday night in Knoxville, IA, Mother Nature would allow the 2017 season to go green, and Ian Madsen would take full advantage as he parked the KCP Racing No. 18 machine in victory lane after the 360ci feature event. “It was nice to finally get racing at Knoxville, and it was even better to get a win,” Ian Madsen said. “We were really good with both cars and to win with the 360 and run fifth with the 410 is a really good night.” Press Releases4/25
  • Tim Kaeding)Taking part in the delayed Knoxville Raceway season opener, Tim Kaeding would come back from a mid race spin and finish in the 16th spot on Saturday night. “It wasn’t our best night,” Tim Kaeding said. “We didn’t qualify very well and then I made a mistake a spun out running in the Top-10 before the track took rubber and we ended up finishing 16th.” Press Releases4/25
  • Josh Schneiderman)Josh Schneiderman and the Deuce Motorsports #49 team brought home Knoxville Raceway’s Lyle Boyd “Hard-Charger Award” in 2016. No offense, but the West Burlington, Iowa driver would like to put that award behind him, qualify a little better, and start towards the front of the feature. Nonetheless, the season opener at Knoxville last Saturday night went much like last year. Josh would climb from the tail of the field to finish 15th and hopes to improve on that this Saturday night. Press Releases4/25
  • Brian Brown)Brian Brown and the Casey’s General Stores/FVP #21 team started their Knoxville Raceway season on a winning note in last Saturday night’s season opener at the “Sprint Car Capital of the World”. It was his second career win at a Knoxville season opener. It’s always a challenge to win at Knoxville, but the Grain Valley, Missouri driver had his work really cut out for him after spending much of last week in the hospital with a blockage/kink in his small intestine. Brian will be back at Knoxville this Saturday night. Press Releases4/25
  • SCCT)An action-packed early season of competition continues for the Elk Grove Ford Sprint Car Challenge Tour presented by Abreu Vineyards with the first of two season visits at the Petaluma Speedway this Saturday night April 29. The evening of racing marks the fourth round of the year with the Elk Grove Ford Sprint Car Challenge Tour presented by Abreu Vineyards and puts an exciting close to a busy month of April. Following this Saturday the tour will then have three weekends off, before resuming things on Memorial Day weekend. Press Releases4/25
  • Max Stambaugh)Max Stambaugh will continue his 2017 Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions Rookie of the Year campaign this Friday through Sunday with a Central Pennsylvania triple-header. Set to compete head-to-head with the notorious “Pennsylvania Posse,” Stambaugh will visit three different facilities during his weekend tour of The Keystone State, each classified as half-mile ovals, with all three awarding $5,000 top prizes. Press Releases4/25
  • TJ Michael)The “Texas Traveler” T.J. Michael will enter the upcoming weekend with a few new additions to the Michael Motorsports/No. 8M program, welcoming Brady Shull and Josh Reece just in time for the first Central Pennsylvania invasion of the 2017 Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions season. Press Releases4/25
  • The Bumper To Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprints take to the Dodge County Fairgrounds, (just east of Beaver Dam, WI) this Sunday, April 30th, for the first annual Harry Neitzel Tribute event. The IRA 410 headlined event will include the MSA 360 Sprints and Modifieds on the card too. In addition to the $3000 IRA winner's share, numerous other goodies are in play as there are bonuses and contingencies added to benefit many, and some of these will be directed for all divisions. Harry loved racing, he loved the sport and especially the people and his smiling face will be missed for years to come. Warm ups at 4pm, with racing at 5:30. 4/25
  • Placerville Speedway CA)After getting the Red Hawk Casino championship point season underway last weekend the Placerville Speedway will be right back in action this Saturday April 29 with a four division program on deck. Classes set to hit the speedway on Saturday night will include Wingless Spec Sprints, Ltd. Late Models, Pure Stocks and the Nor-Cal Dwarf Car Association Dwarf Cars. Press Releases4/25
  • World of Outlaws)The World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series will make the first of three trips to Eldora Speedway in early May as part of the series' annual #LetsRaceTwo spring event on May 12-13. The Outlaws are scheduled to race the Rossburg half-mile six times, but the pair of May races are the Outlaws' only tune-up at Eldora before July's $50,000-to-win King's Royal. DIRT/World of Outlaws 4/25
  • Cory Turner)Cory Turner jump-started his 2017 season with a third-place podium finish in his first race of the year during Merrittville Speedway’s Spring Sizzler for the Patriot Sprint Tour on Saturday. Turner had a strong KT Tobacco No.97 throughout the night against a tough field of Patriot Sprint Tour invaders and local challengers. He raced from fourth to second in his heat race, which qualified him for the top-eight redraw. Press Releases4/25
  • URSS)The 2017 URSS Kansas Region Championship will kick this Saturday at Rolling Plains Motor Speedway in Hays, Kansas. So far this season Mother Nature has been the only one taking the checkered flag as the first two races of the 2017 Season were washed out. The lightning fast 3/8’s high banks have seen some of the best battles for wins in the twelve year history of the series. Last year Luke Cranston took the first race win en-route to the Kansas Regional Crown. Brian Herbert swept the “Wheatshocker Nationals” and the Rocky Mountain Grill to mark off the race from his bucket list of career accomplishments. The Kansas Region is one of the most contested championships in the series. Press Releases4/25
  • SOD)The 2017 Engine Pro Sprints On Dirt presented by ARP season kicks off this Saturday, April 29, at SOD’s traditional opening show host, Crystal Motor Speedway. The long partnership goes all the way back to SOD’s first season 38 years ago. Crystal owner Ron Flinn has been promoting dirt track races for 40 years now. Press Releases4/25

Monday  April 24th 2017

The world is divided into two classes, those who believe the incredible, and those who do the improbable. Oscar Wilde



  • Mason Moore)Taking on the King of the West Fujitsu Series on Saturday night in Tulare, CA, Mason Moore would have a good run during the Peter Murphy Classic that saw him come away with an eighth place finish. “I was really pleased with how we ran on Saturday night,” Moore said. “We don’t get to run there very often, and we had some things we wanted to try out and they seemed to work well for us.” Press Releases4/24
  • Greg DeCaires)Making a return trip to the Placerville Speedway to open up the track’s weekly point series, Greg DeCaires and Dale Miller Motorsports would tally a third place finish during a hard fought feature event. “Overall really happy to run up front to open the point season up,” DeCaires said. “We are still working to see what this engine likes, and in two races the surface has been extremely different but we like our direction.” Press Releases4/24
  • Willie Croft)Willie Croft looked to be in prime position to battle up front during both night’s of the Peter Murphy Classic, but two frustrating feature events have him looking forward to Petaluma Speedway on Saturday night. “Both nights we were good leading up to the feature event, but on Friday night I think we sealed up a tire under an early yellow, and Saturday night they re worked the track just before we pushed out, and we ended up being too tight and popping wheelies all night.” Press Releases4/24
  • Sprint Car Unlimited)Free Podcast posted: Freddie Rahmer, Brian Brown, format discussion, All Stars, and more. 4/24
  • Steven Tiner)One week removed from a frustrating night at Placerville Speedway, Steven Tiner would return to the high banked, red dirt facility where he would earn a second place finish. “We were pretty good all night long on Saturday night, just quite weren’t good enough to pick up the win,” Tiner said. Press Releases4/24
  • Justyn Cox)Saturday night in Placerville, CA Justyn Cox got out his broom as he clean swept the program at Placerville Speedway to grab his first feature event win of the season. “It sounds a little repetitive, but we have been really fast this season, and it’s nice to finally have something to show for it,” Cox said. “We figured something out last week at the SCCT show here, and it worked out well for us again.” Press Releases4/24
  • DJ Netto)Racing close to home over the weekend, DJ Netto would pick up a fifth place finish with the KWS Fujitsu Racing Series on Saturday night during the Peter Murphy Classic in Tulare, CA. “We struggled a little bit in the 360 race on Friday night, but we really came to life and had a good night on Saturday night with the 410ci engine in,” DJ Netto said. “We hit a little rough patch, and hopefully this run can help get some good momentum going our way.” Press Releases4/24
  • Thomas Kennedy)Thomas Kennedy returned to victory lane Saturday night with a clean sweep of the Nebraska 360s/MSTS 360s event at Park Jefferson Speedway. The win marked Kennedy’s third win of the season; all in Nebraska 360 competition. After taking the lead on lap three of the final heat race, Kennedy endured a late caution to take the win over T.J. Artz, Kevin Flowers. Press Releases4/24
  • Seth Bergman)Seth Bergman produced his career-best performance at Knoxville Raceway last Saturday during the track's 64th annual season opener. "Everything rained out so we had Knoxville as our back-up plan and we decided to head up there," he said. "I've been getting better there over the years with more track time. For me, I feel like I have no excuses but to perform well there. A big thing is that we're on Triple X chassis and I had a different feel for the track than I've had before. I credit a lot of that to the chassis and to Scott Baylor Racing Engines. He put a big powerplant under the hood and that showed as well." Press Releases4/24
  • Austen Wheatley)Austen Wheatley was on pace to record at least a top-10 finish last Saturday at Cottage Grove Speedway before a broken part sent him on a wild ride. Wheatley, who was making his third start of the season for Doug Rutz, qualified seventh quickest at the quarter-mile oval before he won a heat race after starting on the outside of the front row. Press Releases4/24
  • Giovanni Scelzi)Giovanni Scelzi earned a pair of strong results last weekend during the Peter Murphy Classic at Thunderbowl Raceway, where he guided his Roth Motorsports entry to a sixth-place finish on Friday with the Sprint Car Challenge Tour and a third-place result on Saturday with the King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series. Press Releases4/24
  • TBJ Promotions)There's only one month remaining before TBJ Promotions showcases its lone event this season. Airport Raceway in Garden City, Kan., will host the 2nd annual Midget Round Up on May 27-28, when the POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget Series and the Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association will face off in a $2,000-to-win main event. Non-wing micro sprints will battle for a $1,000 top prize and the Colorado Lightning Sprints will race each night as well. Press Releases4/24
  • Trey Starks)Trey Starks powered to a runner-up result last Saturday at Cottage Grove Speedway, where he made his season debut driving for Doug Rutz. "The Gobrecht Motorsports team had the weekend off and I flew home so I want to thank Doug for giving me an opportunity to race in the Northwest," Starks said. "I was happy with how everything went." Press Releases4/24
  • Carson Macedo)Returning home for the weekend after kicking his Midwest season off last week, Carson Macedo would have a nice showing in Tulare, CA that saw him run second for the second consecutive race with the King of the West Series as he took runner up honors at the Peter Murphy Classic. Press Releases4/24
  • Dominic Scelzi)Dominic Scelzi captured his first top-10 finish of the season last Saturday during the King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series portion of the Peter Murphy Classic at Thunderbowl Raceway. "We've had fast cars all year long, but have fought to catch some luck," he said. "I want to thank my guys and sponsors for their support and never-give-up attitude. It felt great to have a strong result to end the weekend." Press Releases4/24
  • Kevin Thomas Jr)Kevin Thomas Jr. scores a thrilling win at Putnamville’s Lincoln Park Speedway, as he put the Pace Performance Coatings/ J&D Performance/ DRC No. 44 into victory lane for the first time since 2009. “I’m happy to get Dan (Pace) back in victory lane again,” said Thomas. “I’m glad to be back there too, especially in a non-wing car. This only like our 6th or 7th race together, so we’re still getting it figured out. We’ve had some really good finishes, several top five’s, so it’s good to get a win this early.”Press Releases4/24
  • Jason Sides)Jason Sides is fresh following a weekend at home thanks to Mother Nature wreaking havoc on the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series last weekend. Sides took advantage of the free time after the Bull Ring Outlaw Blitz was postponed at Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, Ark., and the Spring Classic was cancelled at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 in Pevely, Mo. Press Releases4/24
  • Kokomo Speedway IN)SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY Sprint Cars, Modifieds and Hornets all in action! For more info visit 4/24
  • Kody Swanson)For the third year in a row, Kody Swanson would win the season opener at Waynesfield Raceway Park (Waynesfield, Ohio) in the K&L Racing No.21k. Swanson scored his first win for the K&L Racing team three years prior setting a trend that has yet to be broken. Press Releases4/24
  • USAC)The journey to Phoenix Raceway is a trail that has been journeyed numerous times throughout USAC's illustrious history. A.J. Foyt christened the new mile track back in 1964 and, from there on, visits by USAC's premier series to Phoenix became an annual can't-miss-event in which fans and teams from all over annually migrated to the southwest for a weekend of speed. USAC4/24
  • Plymouth Speedway IN)Justin Grant is still atop the United States Auto Club standings after winning at Plymouth Speedway Friday night. Grant, who came in to Plymouth with just a two-point season lead, left with only one point separating him and Chad Boespflug. The duo wound up 1-2 at the Playground of Power Friday night. Press Releases4/24
  • Brock Zearfoss)The “Jonestown Jet” Brock Zearfoss continued his consistent ways during the recent weekend, racking up top-ten finishes yet again at the Williams Grove Speedway and Port Royal Speedway on Friday and Saturday, April 21-22, respectively. The pilot of the Brock Zearfoss Racing/Moose's LZ Bar & Grill/Meckley’s Limestone/Central Builders Supply Co./Berkebile Oil Company/BAPS Auto Paint & Supply/Invisible Glass/Walker Performance Filtration/No. 3Z finished seventh and sixth during his routine visits in Central Pennsylvania, highlighting his weekend with a charge from 14th to finish sixth at the Port Royal Speedway “Speed Palace.” Press Releases4/24
  • Danny Dietrich)With two additional top-ten finishes to his credit, earning a sixth place performance at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday, April 21, followed by an eighth place performance at the Port Royal Speedway “Speed Palace” on Saturday, April 22, “Double-D” Danny Dietrich will now attempt to cash in on his consistency and fend off the invading Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions during their first Central Pennsylvania swing of 2017. Press Releases4/24
  • Lucas Oil Chili Bowl)The deadline for fans to renew their reserved seat tickets, or place a new order, for the 32nd annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire is this Friday, April 28, 2017 and again, the Chili Bowl ticket office has seen orders coming in at a record pace. ASCS 4/24



  • York Dispatch)Another local racing star of the past has died. Neil Haight died last week after a long illness. He was 80. 4/24
  • York Dispatch)Brent Marks shatters Port Royal record 4/24
  • Sedalia MO/SLS Promotions)The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series visits Missouri State Fair Speedway in Sedalia for the first time since 2012 on Friday, May 5 for the Sedalia Show-Me State Showdown. The series has visited the historic half-mile a total of 23 times, dating back to the Outlaws inaugural 1978 season. There have been 13 drivers who have recorded A-Feature wins with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series at the track during that span. Press Releases4/24
  • Longdale Speedway OK)Longdale Speedway is proud to announce a joint venture with the nearby town of Fairview for the Race FANatics Days event on June 17. Fairview, Okla., which is located approximately 13 miles from Longdale Speedway, will host the unique event featuring live music, a race car show, race car parade and more from 11 a.m. until it gets dark at Main Street and Broadway Street. Press Releases4/24
  • Sauk Rapids MN/SLS Promotions)Tickets are now on sale as Marthaler Chevrolet of Glenwood presents the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series at Granite City Speedway in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota on Tuesday, June 20. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling SLS Promotions at 815-344-2023. Press Releases4/24
  • Midwest Thunder Sprint Cars Presented by Brian Brown became the third different winner with the Midwest Thunder Sprint Cars Presented by Brown’s win came last Saturday night at the Knoxville Raceway. He had been hospitalized during the week for digestive issues, but made his trip to the “Sprint Car Capital of the World” count! Kerry Madsen and Aaron Reutzel followed him to the stripe. BillW's Knoxville News 4/24
  • Scotty Thiel)Round two of the 2017 season for the Scott Thiel Motorsports team lead way at the Beaver Dam Raceway in Beaver Dam, WI. After struggling early in the night, Scotty fought his way back up through the field and would capture a solid top ten finish on the night. Press Releases4/24
  • Brent Marks)Despite Mother Nature washing away all potential for World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series competition in Arkansas and Missouri during the recent weekend, the “Myerstown Missile” Brent Marks still managed to find himself at a race track, this time entering unsanctioned, weekly action at the Port Royal Speedway in Port Royal, Pennsylvania, on Saturday evening, April 22. The decision to travel home to Central Pennsylvania proved to be more than beneficial, as it resulted in Marks’ first victory of the 2017 season, charging forward from the outside of row four. The non-stop, 25-lap main event worth $3,200 was completed in less than eight minutes, ultimately setting a new 25-lap track record at the “Speed Palace” of 7:32.949. Including his recent victory, Marks has been victorious at the Juniata County Fairgrounds on six separate occasions during the last three seasons. Press Releases4/24
  • MSCS)The Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series drivers will return to action after a weekend off by racing at the Terre Haute Action Track on Sunday April 30th. This event, which is once again billed as the “Spring Fling,” will be the only appearance for the series at a half mile track this season. The historic facility which is located at the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds will also be hosting the Midwest Old Timers Race Cars as well as presenting a full program of UMP Open Wheel Modifieds. The entire program that evening is designed to appeal to open wheel race fans! Press Releases4/24
  • USAC)Since Justin Grant and Sam McGhee Motorsports joined up in August of 2016, the pair has seen their level of success soar to a new stratosphere. When the two knocked down a non-sanctioned win in their first race together at Bloomington Speedway eight months ago, then followed it up with two-straight top-three finishes at the Badlands, you just had the feeling this was a dream pairing in the making. USAC4/24
  • Jackson Motorplex MN)The 2017 season will get underway this weekend at Jackson Motorplex, which hosts the IMCA Frostbuster this Friday and Saturday. The marquee event showcases the Minnesota West - Jackson Campus IMCA a mods, Bohl's Small Engine IMCA sport mods, IMCA stock cars, Fairmont Awards IMCA hobby stocks and IMCA sport compacts each night. Press Releases4/24
  • DIRTVision)You can now watch the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series on iRacing LIVE and FREE every Monday night at 8:15PM Eastern Time! As the tracks rotate between Volusia Speedway Park, Williams Grove Speedway, Eldora Speedway, and USA International Speedway, you will be able to watch the best dirt sim racers compete in the top series on iRacing. April 24th, 2017 at 8:15PM Eastern Time DIRT/World of Outlaws 4/24
  • Indy Race Parts would like to congratulate their customers wins over the weekend, #winningIRPcustomer, Eric Gentry, Justin Grant, Sheldon Haudenschild, JT Imperial, Justin Owen and Kevin Thomas Jr. If you need any New or Used Sprint Car, Midget, 600 or QRC Outlaw Kart parts we are your one stop with the lowest prices around. For more info visit our website, (still updating) or find us on Twitter, @indyraceparts. 4/24



  • Kickapoo Speedway IL)Justin Grant won at Kickapoo Danville IL Sunday night...1 3 Justin Grant 2 10 Max McGhee 3 8 Thomas Meseraull 4 7 Jarett Andretti 5 5 Shane Cottle 6 4 Stevie Sussex III 7 1 Landon Simon 8 6 Kevin Thomas Jr 9 16 Isaac Chapple 10 19 Bret Tripplett 11 12 Brandon Morin 12 11 Nick Bilbee 13 15 Colten Cottle 14 18 Korey Weyant 15 9 Travis Berryhill 16 17 Nate McMillin 17 13 Drew Abel 18 20 Matthew McDonald 19 14 Mitch Wissmiller 20 2 Terry Babb 4/24
  • ESS)Utica-Rome NY...Feature 2...1 #5w Lucas Wolfe 2 #45 Chuck Hebing 3 #14 Coleman Gulick 4 #47x Dylan Westbrook 5 #28f Davie Franek 6 #99L Larry Wight 7 #19k Paul Kinney 8 #10h Kelly Hebing 9 #10 Jeff Cook 10 #36 Matt Billings 11 #514 James Hanson 12 #121 Steve Glover 13 #14b Brett Wright 14 #00 Danny Varin 15 #66 Erik Karlsen 16 #5x Bob Gray 17 #1z Jessica Zemken 18 #88c Chad Miller 19 #17 Sammy Reakes IV 20 #33 Mike Mahaney 21 #87 Jason Barney    Feature 1...1 #00 Danny Varin 2 #28f Davie Franek 3 #5w Lucas Wolfe 4 #47x Dylan Westbrook 5 #45 Chuck Hebing 6 #99L Larry Wight 7 #10 Jeff Cook 8 #19k Paul Kinney 9 #1z Jessica Zemken 10 #14 Coleman Gulick 11 #m33 Mike Mahaney 12 #36 Matt Billings 13 #17 Sammy Reakes IV 14 #10h Kelly Hebing 15 #514 James Hanson 16 #88c Chad Miller 17 #121 Steve Glover 18 #5x Bob Gray 19 #14b Brett Wright 20 #66 Erik Karlsen 21 #87 Jason Barney4/24
  • The Champion Racing Oil/BR Motorsports Central PA Sprint Cars weekend started off at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night with Freddie Rahmer coming from 9th spot to win his first series feature of the year. Cory Haas finished 2nd. Wet weather plagued the southern part of Pennsylvania Saturday night cancelling Lincoln Speedway. Port Royal Speedway had no rain, and Brent Marks took advantage of a rained out outlaw weekend to take the win over Dale Blaney. In winning Brent set a new 25 lap track record by shaving 7 seconds off of the old record.Champion Racing Oil/BR Motorsports Central PA Sprints 4/24

Sunday  April 23rd 2017

I've really learned a lot, really learned a lot, love is like a stove, burns you when it's hot. Roy Orbison



  • Chad Kemenah)Chad Kemenah and the Hunter Racing Team turned in another solid performance on Saturday night at the Wayne County Speedway. Kemenah started the feature in the fourth position and was able stay clear of any trouble and take home a well-deserved second place finish. “We had a really good car tonight, I have to thank my brother Brian (Kemenah) and everyone that works on this car,” said Kemenah. “The past few times we have raced here we have struggled but tonight was a different story and the car felt great all night long and it definitely feels good to come away with a second place finish.” Press Releases4/23
  • Column)Danny Burton has notes from Must See Racing in the Carolina's Hoosier Race Report4/23
  • Photos)Photos from around the country by the best photographers shooting the best drivers are in SpeedShotz 4/23
  • 81 Speedway KS)With the hopes that Mother Nature has decided she has had enough of dropping liquid precipitation across the Kansas area, 81 Speedway in Park City, Kansas is ready to kick off the 2017 race season this coming Saturday afternoon and evening with a full-slate of dirt track auto racing. The all-day “dirtacular” will also see the season-opener for the National Championship Racing Association 360-ci sprint car division. Press Releases4/23
  • Josh Weller)Josh Weller and the Schearer’s VW & Audi Specialists, Eldreth Construction #63 headed to Selinsgrove Speedway on Saturday night for the annual Jack Gunn Memorial Race. This was the second race on the 2017 Capitol Renegade United Racing Club’s schedule. Press Releases4/23
  • NCRA)With Mother Nature not willing to cooperate with the season opening “Park City Cup/Air Capital Shootout” for the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products 360-ci sprint car division, twice as a matter of fact, the tour will try once again to get their 28th consecutive season underway this coming Saturday night, April 29, at 81 Speedway in Park City. Press Releases4/23


  • Waynesfield Raceway Park OH)Waynesfield Raceway Park in Waynesfield, Ohio celebrated 15 years of racing Saturday night as the green flag opened a new season. The track, which sits in the cornfields of Waynesfield, Ohio, welcomed fans with an impressive car count and some of the best dirt racing in the Midwest. The Quest Federal Credit Union Non Wing sprint cars started a field of 20 for 25 laps of racing. Ty Tilton and Kody Swanson led the field to the opening green flag. Swanson took no time taking the lead and led the opening lap. Luke Hall muscled his way into second from his outside row two starting spot. Race Results 4/23
  • NARC KoW)Bud Kaeding scored a lucrative $11,000 victory Saturday night at the Thunderbowl Raceway with a convincing green-to-checkered 30-lap run in the King of the West/NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series Peter Murphy Classic. Driving Morrie William’s Alviso Rock/Kaeding Performance Center sponsored Maxim, Kaeding won a drag race down the front straightaway against quick qualifier Giovanni Scelzi and never looked over his shoulder the rest of the way. Kaeding dedicated his victory to longtime family friend and race supporter Bob Miller who passed away just two days earlier. Race Results 4/23
  • Park Jefferson Speedway SD)In the Keizer Wheels championship sprint division, it was Winnipeg, Canada's Thomas Kennedy taking the top honors. Kennedy was able to put a beating on the stout field of cars which featured perenial winner Jack Dover of Eagle, Nebraska along with Oklahoma gasser Blake Hahn taking a night off from the ASCS National Tour. Kennedy was able to have his way during the 25 lap sprint feature and dominated to take home the top prize. Race Results 4/23
  • SCCT)When it pertains to exciting sprint car drivers around the country they don’t come much more show stopping than Rutherford’s Rico Abreu and that was certainly proven once again this past Friday at Tulare’s Thunderbowl Raceway. The two-time Chili Bowl champion charged around the high-line, shooting past Roseville’s Sean Becker with just four-laps remaining in the feature, en route to claiming the $3,500 top prize on opening night of the fourth annual Peter Murphy Classic. The victory made Abreu the third different winner in the first three races with the Elk Grove Ford Sprint Car Challenge Tour presented by Abreu Vineyards. Race Results 4/23
  • 34 Raceway IA)The final feature to take to the track was the 20 lap WT Gabeline & Sons Trucking 305 Sprints, with Nick Guernsey and Andy Krieger drawing the front row. Krieger would take advantage of his starting spot to grab the lead on lap 1 over Guernsey and Shane Quam. Just after lap 1 was scored complete the first and only caution of the race appeared, as Travis Porter stopped in turn 2 to bring out the yellow.Race Results 4/23
  • Lincoln Park Speedway IN)Hearty fans braved chilly temperatures at Lincoln Park Speedway on Saturday night as racing action trumped Mother Nature. Alabama’s Kevin Thomas Jr. got the jump on a late restart in a return to victory lane in the sprint car division. Race Results 4/23
  • NCRA Sprint Bandits)A late Saturday afternoon rain shower forced officials to postpone the schedule National Championship Racing Association Sprint Car Bandits presented by Blaine’s Motor Supply appearance at Lone Star Speedway in Kilgore, Texas on Saturday night. Both track and series officials are working on a rescheduled date for this event. Race Results 4/23



  • Cottage Grove Speedway OR)1 6A Kyle Miller 2 8R Trey Starks 3 9R Reece Goetz 4 91 Chase Goetz 5 12P JJ Hickle 6 12 Orion Redmond 7 5D Patrick Dills 8 7 Tyler Thompson 9 33S Lance Sargent 10 70 Raquel Ivie 11 57 Dusty Redmond 12 22L Garen Linder 13 8RW Austen Wheatley 14 10K Don Waddell 15 85 Ricky Ashley 16 63F Shane Forte 17 1K Kinzer Cox 18 38 Eric Bowers 19 84K Wayne Kniffen 4/23
  • Selinsgrove Speedway PA)Davie Franek of Sussex, N.J., scored the $2,500 win over a talented 360 sprint car field in the 30-lap 37th annual Jack Gunn Memorial Saturday night at Selinsgrove Speedway. The victory was Franek’s second in a row at the track this season, 13th career, and first in the Gunn race. Central PA 4/23
  • Placerville Speedway CA)The Red Hawk Casino championship season fired-off on Saturday at the Placerville Speedway and ultimately ended with Clarksburg’s Justyn Cox headlining the night’s winners, following a clean sweep of the action with the Thompson’s Auto Group Winged 360 Sprint Cars. Race Results 4/23
  • Patriot Sprints)Jason Barney proved his dominance at Merrittville by starting in the 12th position and picking up his third consecutive Patriot Sprint Tour Merrittville Speedway A-Main win over Chris Steele and Cory Turner. Teenage driver Jake Brown and Matt Tanner would bring the competitive 24 car field to the green flag. Brown would take the lead using the inside lane but a caution caused by a spinning Dylan Westbrook would slow the field. Race Results 4/23
  • Wayne County Speedway OH)With his World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series weekend commitments in Arkansas and Missouri washed away by Mother Nature, Wooster's Sheldon Haudenschild decided to make the long trek home and his decision proved to be worth $5,000. He would charge forward from his 6th starting position to win the 30 lap non stop feature by more than 6 seconds. The current World of Outlaw Craftsman Sprint Car Series Rookie of the year points leader took command for the first time on lap 12, driving under his father, Jac Haudenschild, between the first and second corner. It was the 16th Arctic Cat All Star victory of Sheldon's career and his fifth at NAPA Wayne County Speedway. Race Results 4/23
  • UMSS TS)Following a rain out the previous Saturday night, the UMSS Traditional sprints were back in action on a pleasant spring evening at the Cedar Lake Speedway on April 22. Jeremy Kerzman was making his 2017 season debut, and it proved to be a successful one. Kerzman dominated the 25 lap feature race for his fifth career Traditional Sprint Car Series win. Kerzman celebrated with his crew in Rock Auto Victory Lane for the fourth time in a sprint car at Cedar Lake.Race Results 4/23
  • UMSS)Under sunny skies and pleasant spring temperatures, the 2017 season in the Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series (UMSS) winged division got underway at the Cedar Lake Speedway on Saturday night April 22. 2013 UMSS Champion Chris Graf of Glencoe looked like a for-sure winner, as he opened up a commanding lead in the 20 lap main event right from the start over Grand Forks, North Dakota driver Wade Nygaard.Race Results 4/23
  • ESS)Jared Zimbardi has a knack to find victory lane at the Outlaw Speedway in Dundee, NY and on Friday night at the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints (ESS) opener it was no different. Battling tricky track conditions, lapped traffic ad several challengers, the Bradford, Pa pilot took home $3,000 with the a wire to wire run. Race Results 4/23
  • Must See Racing)For the second season running, Must See Racing Sprint Car Series kingpin Jimmy McCune completed a sweep of the Southern Shootout, winning Saturday night’s 50-lap finale at Hickory Motor Speedway in dominating fashion. After qualifying fourth, the two-time series champion was shuffled to the pole position thanks to a four invert, and he used the prime starting position to jump out to the lead immediately after the green flag. Race Results 4/23


  • Robbie Stillwaggon)Robbie Stillwaggon brought home a solid 4th place finish on Saturday night at the annual Jack Gunn Memorial Race. Stillwaggon who was fresh off a top 10 finish the night before at the Outlaw Speedway in Dundee NY, headed south on Saturday morning and arrived in time to service and prepare the #89 Quality Auto Body sprint car for the nights upcoming action. Press Releases4/23
  • Ed Aikin)Ed Aikin and the Tan Racing Collectibles, Chips Auto Center #7a headed to Selinsgrove Speedway on Saturday night for the Annual Jack Gunn Memorial Race. Aikin was one of 32 Capitol Renegade United Racing Club Sprint Cars to sign into the pit gates for the evenings $2,500 to win event. Press Releases4/23
  • Justin Whittall)Justin Whittall and the World-Wide Bearings, Pioneer Auto Body #67w team headed to Selinsgrove Speedway on Saturday night for the Capitol Renegade United Racing Club’s annual Jack Gunn Memorial race paying $2,500 to win. Press Releases4/23
  • Troy Betts)Troy Betts and the B&G Auto, B&G Glass #22 headed back to Selinsgrove Speedway on Saturday night for the Capitol Renegade United Racing Club’s annual Jack Gunn Memorial event paying $2,500 to win. Press Releases4/23
  • Brett Michalski)Just a season ago Brett Michalski was a rookie on the Capitol Renegade United Racing Club’s 360 sprint car series. It was a year filled with learning, gathering data and experiencing new race tracks, some in which the young driver had never even seen before. Press Releases4/23
  • Davie Franek)Davie “No Panic” Franek and the #28f Franek Auto Sales, Escape RV team was on a rail Saturday night for the annual Jack Gunn Memorial Race. Franek, just the night before was a victim to a rough track surface at Outlaw Speedway eventually flipping during the feature event, had the same car in the pit area and was ready for the night’s action. Press Releases4/23
  • Ernie Saxton Communications)“I have tried to stress time and time again how and why it is important to have a written sponsorship agreement and to communicate effectively with your marketing partners,” said Attorney Michael K. Spotts in the latest edition of Ernie Saxton’s Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing News. “Many in the industry have gotten away from the term ‘marketing partners’ with an underlying reason oftentimes being due to liability concerns.” Press Releases4/23
  • Port Royal Speedway PA)Tony Stewart’s Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars will invade Port Royal Speedway on Saturday, April 29 to compete in the Keith Kauffman Classic at 6 pm, presented by Locust Grove Retirement Community. The Kauffman Classic, honoring the oval’s all time winningest driver in both victories and track titles, will go 30 laps in distance, paying $5,000 to win. Central PA 4/23
  • Port Royal Speedway PA)The first of several events at Port Royal Speedway to be broadcast live on is coming up this Saturday night, April 29 when streams the second running of the Keith Kauffman Classic, sanctioned by Tony Stewart’s Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars. Racing action is slated to begin at 6 pm. The live broadcast will begin with warm-ups for the sprint cars, at approximately 5:30 pm. Central PA 4/23
  • Williams Grove Speedway PA)Sanctioned by Tony Stewart’s Arctic Cat All Star Circuit Of Champions Sprint Cars, the 410 sprints will compete in the annual Tommy Hinnershitz Memorial this Friday, April 28 at Williams Grove Speedway when the 2017 Hoosier Diamond Series kicks off at 7:30 pm. The 2017 version of the Tommy will pay $5,000 to win out of a total purse worth over $25,000 for the 30-lap feature with time trials setting the heat and feature starting grids as the sprints compete in the program that is part of the Lawrence Chevrolet-sponsored season title chase. Central PA 4/23
  • Susquehanna Speedway PA)The memory of the late Kevin Gobrecht will be alive and well at Susquehanna Speedway on Sunday night May 7 as the Select Collision Kevin Gobrecht Classic presented by will be up next on the BAPS Auto Paints and Supplies 410 Sprint Series. The high flying BAPS 410 Sprints will be featured on the big night honoring the life of the up coming driver, whose life was taken way too soon in a sprint car crash in Nebraska. The event will also signify the 48th birthday of the late New Oxford star as the Gobrecht Classic will pay $4,800 to win the 30-lap event with $480 just to start the main event. Central PA 4/23



  • All Stars)With his World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series weekend commitments in Arkansas and Missouri washed away by Mother Nature, Wooster, Ohio’s Sheldon Haudenschild decided to make the long trek home. The decision proved to be worth $5,000. Sheldon Haudenschild dominated Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions competition on Saturday evening at Wayne County Speedway, charging forward from sixth on the main event grid to win the non-stop, 30-lap A-main by a margin equaling six seconds.All Stars 4/23
  • Nebraska 360)Park Jefferson SD...1 8 Thomas Kennedy 2 7 Blake Hahn 3 6 Lee Grosz 4 2 Jason Martin 5 3 Ryan Bickett 6 4 Ryan Roberts 7 5 Seth Brahmer 8 9 Jordan Boston 9 11 Jack Dover 10 10 Cody Ledger 11 15 Jody Rosenboom 12 17 Stuart Snyder 13 13 Carson McCarl 14 12 John Lambertz 15 16 Tommy Barber 16 14 Dylan Peterson 17 20 T.J. Artz 18 19 John Klabunde 19 18 Renn Weber 20 1 Dusty Ballenger 4/23
  • Lincoln Park Speedway IN)1 12 Kevin Thomas Jr 2 9 Justin Grant 3 5 Brady Short 4 1 Brent Beauchamp 5 2 Shane Cockrum 6 15 Max McGhee 7 4 Jarett Andretti 8 7 Koby Barksdale 9 16 Tim Creech II 10 6 Tyler Thomas 11 18 Nate McMillin 12 8 Cole Smith 13 11 Shelby VanGilder 14 3 Ben Knight 15 13 Billy Cribbs 16 17 Brady Ottinger 17 14 Eddie Lake 18 19 Charlie Belden Jr. 19 10 Nevil Algie 4/23
  • BCRA Midgets)Merced CA...1 #11E Cory Elliott 2 #63 Frank Guerini 3 #4D Robert Dalby 4 #9C Samantha Prince 5 #19W Michael Faccinto 6 #28 Alex Schutte 7 #1P Terry Nichols 8 #18 Tyler Dolacki 9 #7 Shannon McQueen 10 #38 Dan Parker 11 #74 JR Williams 12 #22Q David Prickett 13 #11 Nick Foster 14 #57 Maria Cover 15 #00 Rick Hollbrook 16 #87 Bobby Wilson 17 #1 Floyd Alves 4/23
  • NARC KoW)Tulare CA...Peter Murphy Classic...1 #0 Bud Kaeding 2 #21X Carson Macedo 3 #83JR Giovanni Scelzi 4 #4S Buddy Kofoid 5 #3C DJ Netto 6 #83 kyle hirst 7 #37 Mitchell Facinto 8 #22M Mason Moore 9 #41 Dominic Scelzi 10 #29 Willie Croft 11 #20 Cory Eliason 12 #68 Chase Johnson 13 #88N Tanner Thorsen 14 #22 shane golobic 15 #3 Craig Stidham 16 #69 Brent Kaeding 17 #12 Jarrett Soares 18 #33 Lucas Ashe 19 #00 Jason Statler 20 #25 Bobby McMahon 21 #75 Sean Becker 4/23
  • Placerville Speedway CA)Justyn Cox wins over Tiner, DeCaries, Copeland, and Trulli.4/23
  • Petaluma Speedway CA)360 sprints..Geoff Ensign  Bradley Terrell  Andy Forsberg 4/23
  • Antioch CA)360 sprints...Kyle Offill  Burt Foland Jr  Bryan Grier 4/23
  • Marysville Raceway CA)360 sprints..1 #49 Mike Monahan 2 #21X Michael Ing 3 #21H Jeremy Hawes 4 #9 Peter Paulson 5 #21 Colby Wiesz 6 #14H Heath Hall 7 #88 Brad Bumgarner 8 #18 Tyler Seavey 9 #28B Adam Brenton 10 #4X Raquel Hall 11 #15 Pat Harvey Jr. 12 #15X Ryan Souza 13 #7N Dyllan Ogden 14 #6E Emily Williams 15 #28G Gary Deemer 16 #57B Bobby Butler 17 #18B Kevin Pendergrass 18 #71L Korey Lovell 19 #16 Jimmy Steward 4/23
  • URC)Davie “No Panic” Franek used a lap 8 pass of race leader Chris Coyle to put the 28f in the lead position and went on his way to his first Capitol Renegade United Racing Club sprint car win of 2017 at the annual Jack Gunn Memorial race paying $2,500 to win. URC 4/23
  • ASCS SW)Having been close several times, Arizona's J.T. Imperial finally broke into Victory Lane with the Carlyle Tools ASCS Southwest Region with his first victory coming this past Saturday at Arizona Speedway Queen Creek, Ariz. ASCS 4/23
  • Knoxville Raceway IA)Brian Brown didn’t feel well when he climbed out of his Casey’s General Stores/FVP #21 Saturday night at Knoxville Raceway, but when his feet hit the ground, they were in Victory Lane! The Grain Valley, Missouri driver had digestive issues which hospitalized him most of the week, but he was ready when it counted, leading all 20 laps to take the $4,000 410 feature here on Kraig Ford/Pella Motors Opening Night at the “Sprint Car Capital of the World”. BillW's Knoxville News 4/23
  • POWRi WAR)After showing solid speed early on in 2017 and being plagued with some bad luck, Quinton Benson picked up his first career POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprints win Saturday at Valley Speedway. Wyatt Burks led the first two laps from the pole. On lap three, Burks slipped high in turn two allowing Benson to get a run down the backstretch to take over the top spot. Benson would hold off a consistent challenge from Dylan Kadous over the last part of the race as drivers swapped positions behind the lead pair.
  • Skagit Speedway WA)Despite Mother Nature’s best attempts, Skagit Speedway’s 2017 season opened with a bang on Saturday night as Cobble Hill, BC teen Robbie Price collected his first win of the year in the Budweiser 360 sprints.Outlaw Energy Drink sponsored the season opening action and joining Price in victory lane were Lawrence O’Conner, Kelsey Carpenter and Clint Meins. Race Results 4/23
  • USAC WC)USAC WEST COAST SPRINT CAR SERIES RACE RESULTS: April 22, 2017 – Tulare, California – Merle Stone Chevrolet Thunderbowl Raceway – “4th Annual Peter Murphy Classic” FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. Kyle Hirst, 2. Ryan Bernal, 3. Danny Faria Jr., 4. Jace Vander Weerd, 5. Austin Liggett, 6. Brandon Wiley, 7. Richard Vander Weerd, 8. Billy Butler, 9. Max Adams, 10. Jeff SibleyUSAC4/23
  • FAST)Byron Reed once again proved the road to the title of the All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads FAST Championship presented by Ohio Logistics must go through him. The Monclova, Ohio driver, who has won the last three straight FAST 410 sprint titles and four total over the past eight seasons, used lapped cars to his advantage to pass race-long leader Rob Chaney with six laps to claim the win to open the season at Fremont Speedway Saturday, April 22. Race Results 4/23
  • Fremont Speedway OH)Byron Reed has often said he would rather be running second in lapped traffic than leading. The scenario played out Saturday as he trailed Rob Chaney at Fremont Speedway with six laps remaining in the 410 sprint feature. Reed, from Monclova, Ohio, used lapped cars to take the lead and drove to his 33rd career feature to open The Track That Action Built’s 67th season of racing on Level Performance/Gressman Powersports Night. Race Results 4/23
  • Port Royal Speedway PA)Brent Marks of Myerstown took advantage of an unexpected break in his World of Outlaws sprint car schedule to invade Port Royal Speedway on Saturday night and ended up pealing some seven seconds off of the 25-lap track record on his way to a $3,200 payday. In the 25-lap make-up 2016 RaceSaver Challenge for IMCA 305 sprint cars, Jeff Miller of Huntingdon became the first driver to repeat in the history of the event, dating back to its inception in 2012. Central PA 4/23
  • USAC)USAC SPEED2 IMRA MIDGET SERIES RACE RESULTS: April 22, 2017 - Burlington, Iowa - 34 Raceway - "Mountain Dew Kick Start the Season Night"  FEATURE: (15 laps) 1. Chase McDermand, 2. Adam Taylor, 3. Gedd Ross, 4. Brent Burrows, 5. Jeff Mallonee, 6. Mitchell Davis, 7. Jeremy Hull, 8. Dillon Morley, 9. Broc Hunnell, 10. Tyson Hart,USAC4/23
  • USAC)USAC SPEED2 EASTERN MIDGET RACE RESULTS: April 22, 2017 - Hickory, North .Carolina - Hickory Motor Speedway  FEATURE: (35 laps) 1. Jessica Bean, 2. Chris Lamb, 3. Nolan Allison, 4. Jagger Parker, 5. George Kurtz, 6. Jake Trainor, 7. Bradley Riethmeyer, 8. Jake Smith, 9. Eric Lewis, 10. Neal Allison. NTUSAC4/23

Saturday  April 22nd 2017

The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears it is true. J. Robert Oppenheimer



  • ASCS Warrior)Having to get towed to the track after his rig left him on the side of the road didn't seem to slow down California, Missouri's Randy Martin as the wily veteran netted his 47th career victory with the Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior Region presented by Impact Signs, Awnings, and Wraps; parking his familiar No. 14 machine in Victory Lane at the Randolph County Raceway in Moberly, Mo. on Saturday night.ASCS 4/22
  • BOSS)Justin Owen WINS at Atomic Speedway OH. 4/22
  • POWRi WAR)Grain Valley MO...15B Quinton Benson 31 Kadous 24H Hulsey 65 Parkinson 51 Moore 99 Weyant 77H Hockett 42 Johnson 24C Carroll 7JR Black 93 Mahannah 82 Ward 9L Lane 22S Helt 88 Tye 65M Muths 5 Hagin 38 Baker 11W Burks 77 Boyles 21 Kitchen 77K Leer 95 Forbes.4/22
  • Must See Racing)Newton NC...Jimmy McCune, Jacob Wilson, Johnny Bridges, Bobby Santos, Jeff Bloom, Johnny Petrozelle, Charlie Schultz, Anthony McCune, Tom Jewell, Anthony Linkenboker 4/22
  • Selinsgrove Speedway PA)URC 1 #28F Davie Franek 2 #27 Greg Hodnett 3 #5G Curt Michael 4 #89 Robbie Stillwagon 5 #47 Adam Carberry 6 #45 Kevin Nagy 7 #56c Chris Coyle 8 #63 Josh Weller 9 #77 Derek Locke 10 #76 Larry Kelleher 11 #56 Nate Snyder 12 #29 Jason Shultz 13 #99K Cody Keller 14 #3z Colby Womer 15 #66 Ryan Kissinger 16 #22 Troy Betts 17 #49s Mallie Shuster 18 #7a Ed Aikin 19 #73b Brett Michaski 20 #1 Mark Smith 21 #35 Chad Layton 22 #10 Joe Kata 23 #67w Justin Whittall 24 #33 Michael Walter II 25 #08 Jason Clauss 26 #706 Mark Sasso 4/22
  • Knoxville Raceway IA)360 1. 18 Ian Madsen 2. 40 Clint Garner 3. 23 Seth Bergman 4. 5J Jamie Ball 5. 2M Matt Moro 6. 9 Ryan Giles 7. 70 Calvin Landis 8. 44 Chris Martin 9. 95 Matt Covington 10. 53 Joe Beaver 11. 14 Josh Riggins 12. 71C Stacey Alexander 13. 81A Chris Morgan 14. 11B Ben Woods 15. 3P Sawyer Phillips 16. 5MRP Devin Kline 17. 55 McKenna Haase 18. 15 Christian Bowman 19. 3 Nate Van Haaften 20. 19 Rob Weuve 21. 5M Troy Manteufel 22. 8L Tom Lenz 23. 4 Jon Agan 24. 17 Tyler Groenendyk 4/22
  • Knoxville Raceway IA)410 1. 21 Brian Brown 2. 2 Kerry Madsen 3. 87 Aaron Reutzel 4. 24 Terry McCarl 5. 18 Ian Madsen 6. 2KS Austin McCarl 7. 4P Paul McMahan 8. 12 Lynton Jeffrey 9. 17 Joey Saldana 10. 55 Brooke Tatnell 11. 09 Matt Juhl 12. 56N Davey Heskin 13. 82 Cap Henry 14. 7W Tasker Phillips 15. 49 Josh Schneiderman 16. 3 Tim Kaeding 17. 1B Dustin Selvage 18. 71A RJ Johnson 19. 19 Bob Weuve 20. 4 Dakota Hendrickson 21. 20 AJ Moeller 22. 22 Rager Phillips 4/22
  • FAST)Fremont Speedway OH...1 #5 Byron Reed 2 #83 Rob Chaney 3 #9Z Duane Zablocki 4 #68G Tyler Gunn 5 #7C Phil Gressman 6 #35 Stuart Brubaker 7 #17 Jared Horstman 8 #16 Chris Andrews 9 #5K Adam Kekich 10 #4 Brian Smith 11 #45L Brian Lay 12 #9X Thomas Meseraull 13 #27 Cody Gallogly 14 #7 Shawn Valenti 15 #5X Justin Peck 16 #22M Dan McCarron 17 #33K Kyle Patrick 18 #7J Joe Swanson 19 #23 DJ Foos 20 #8J Jess Stiger 4/22
  • IRA Sprints)Beaver Dam WI...1 #17B Bill Balog 2 #2W Scotty Neitzel 3 #2 Parker Price Miller 4 #67 Ryan Robinson 5 #51B Joe Miller 6 #02 Mike Reinke 7 #10V Matt Vandervere 8 #64 Scotty Thiel 9 #14AJ Craig Dollansky 10 #79 Blake Nimee 11 #85M Steve Meyer 12 #21H Tim Haddy 13 #7 Scott Uttech 14 #25 Jake Blackhurst 15 #5J Jeremy Schultz 16 #99 Kyle Marten 17 #23D Trey Datweiler 18 #23 Russel Borland 19 #4K Kris Spitz 20 #73 Ryan Bowers 21 #01 Chris Dodd 22 #59 Ben Schmidt 23 #50 Rusty Eagan 24 #12W Josh Walter 25 #41 Dennis Spitz 4/22
  • All Stars)Wayne County Speedway OH...1 #93 Sheldon Haudenschild 2 #10H Chad Kemenah 3 #6M Jac Haudenschild 4 #7C Caleb Armstrong 5 #5T Travis Philo 6 #11N Chritopher Bell 7 #17 Caleb Helms 8 #20N Hunter Schuerenberg 9 #22 Brandon Spithaler 10 #38K Brad Haudenschild 11 #59 Ryan Smith 12 #49x Tim Shaffer 13 #22B Ryan Broughton 14 #16 Danny Mumaw 15 #57X Andrew Palker 16 #8 Dean Jacobs 17 #9M Jordan Ryan 18 #4 Danny Smith 19 #81 Lee Jacobs 20 #7K Cale Conley 21 #8M TJ Michael 22 #33M Max Stambaugh 23 #35 Tyler Esh 24 #49H Bradley Howard 25 #95 Hunter Mackison 26 #22C Cole Duncan 4/22
  • CRSA)Fonda NY...1 07 Brett Jaycox 2 98t Tyler Jashembowski 3 1q Thomas Radivoy 4 25w Dana Wagner 5 9 Josh Pieniazek 6 29 Dalton Herrick 7 3a Jeff Trombley 8 56d Peter Dance 9 56 Dustin Purdy 10 19em Emily VanInwegen 11 410 Jerry Sehn 12 14p Sydney Prince 13 1 Eddie Strada 14 1r Christian Rumsey Cory Sparks Chuck Alessi 4/22
  • UMSS)Cedar Lake WI...1 9N Wade Nygaard 2 20G Chris Graf 3 50 Chase Viebrock 4 75 Brandon Geldner 5 22 Jeff Pellersels 6 14K Tori Knutson 7 9 Jared Goerges 8 91A Reed Allex 9 77 Kevin Bradwell 10 7M Bob McVitty 10 Trevor Serbus 4/22
  • Port Royal Speedway PA)1 19M Brent Marks 2 1 Dale Blaney 3 33 Curt Stroup 4 11 TJ Stutts 5 20 Ryan Taylor 6 3Z Brock Zearfoss 7 07 Doug Esh 8 48 Danny Deitrich 9 5 Dylan Cisney 10 24 Lucas Wolfe 11 75 Nicole Bower 12 7W Logan Wagner 13 98 Carl Bowser 14 16 Matt Campbell 15 55 Mike Wagner 16 0 Rick Lafferty 17 47K Kody Lehman 18 12 Blane Heimbach 19 3 Kevin Nouse 20 10 Tyler Bear 21 13 Danny Massey 22 47 Eric Riggins Jr. 23 35 Daryl Stimeling 24 29 James Pryde 91 Anthony Fiore 86 George Streaker 2 AJ Flick 17 George Streaker, Jr 24B Dustin Baney 4/22
  • Patriot Sprints)Merrittville Speedway Canadian Spring Sizzler Quick Results April 22, 2017 A Main: 1) 87*-JASON BARNEY (1) 2) 80- Chris Steele 3) 97-Cory Turner 4) 1-10-Jake Brown 5) 9-Bobby Breen 6) 35-Jared Zimbardi 7) 14H-Jim Huppenen 8) 47x-Dylan Westbrook 9) 0-Glenn Styres 10) 79 Jordan Thomas 11) 10-Mitch Brown 12) 22P- Jim Porter 13) 20F- Jordan Poirier 14) 49-Todd Hoddick 15) 2w- Lee Winger 16) 27z- Stan Zanchin 17) 22-Shaun Sliter 18) 71s-Josh Sliter DNF: 11-Jamie Turner, 90-Matt Tanner, 91- Ryan Turner, 28fm- Steve Poirier, 01k- Mikey Kruchka, 90TC- Travis Cunningham Race Results 4/22
  • Mercer Raceway Park PA)Jack Sodeman, Jr. began the defense of his track championship successfully, as he led wire to wire in the Precise Racing Products 410 Sprint Cars. Jimmy Holden chalked up his third triumph in the Turn 4 Toilets 358 Modifieds. Andy Priest won the non-stop feature for the Bonnell's Rod Shop 305 Sprint Cars. Tyler Fulton held off a fast-closing Pat Hanlon in the Mini Stocks presented by Ray's Racing Collectibles and Eperthener's Auto Wrecking. Kurt Eckstrom tallied his first career victory at Mercer Raceway Park in the Rock Concrete Modified Lites. Race Results 4/22
  • Silver Dollar Speedway CA)While the car counts dipped a bit during last night’s opening round of point racing at Silver Dollar Speedway, the racing was fast and furious that produced two first time main event winners. In fact, it was fun to watch the fans reactions to all five main event winners. There seemed to be a good vibe as the fans left after the last checkered was waived.Race Results 4/22


  • Susquehanna Speedway PA)Persistent showers and drizzle forced Susquehanna Speedway officials to cancel Saturday night’s racing program. It was the first rainout of the 2017 season. The R.E. Fink & Sons Night will be rescheduled for Saturday, May 6 when the Credit Connection Auto Sales Super Sportsman, Bernheisel Race Cars 358 Late Models Morgan Paving/Aqua Fun Pools Street Stocks will once again return to action. Susquehanna Speedway returns to action this Saturday night, April 29 with the Jim Strausbaugh Bald Hill Shootout for the Freedmont® Mortgage Lending PASS/IMCA 305 Sprints. The race will pay $1,000 to win and $300 to start. There will also be a random drawing by the feature winner. Two drivers that finish in the top ten will have a chance to take home an extra $500 courtesy of Wintermyer’s Auto Salvage.. Joining the 305 Sprints will be the ARDC Midgets, Street Stocks and Extreme Stocks. Race time is 7PM. Ray Heller will have two legendary cars that will be on displayed for race fans to view Saturday night. The cars account for many wins at Susquehanna and surrounding tracks in the area. Fans can keep up with the latest news and results by visiting and by following Susquehanna Speedway on Twitter and Facebook. 4/22
  • Lincoln Speedway PA)Rain showers throughout the day, and continuing into the late afternoon, has forced Lincoln Speedway promoters to cancel tonight's April 22nd racing program of 410 Sprints, 358 Sprints, and Legends. Next Saturday, April 29th, Lincoln Speedway will be holding the 14TH ANNUAL WELDON STERNER MEMORIAL for 410 Sprints, plus 358 Sprints and Super Sportsman. Time trials begin for the 410 Sprints at 7 PM. Gates open at 5 PM. To get all the latest news, results, schedule changes and rule changes, visit Lincoln Speedway's website at to stay up-to-date on all the action or pending weather conditions at Central Pennsylvania's "Premier" Saturday night race track - The Fabulous Lincoln Speedway. 4/22



  • Lawrenceburg Speedway IN)Races for Saturday have been canceled 4/22
  • New Egypt Speedway NJ)Races for Saturday have been canceled 4/22
  • OVSCA)Rained out tonight at Ohio Valley Speedway WV 4/22


  • OVSCA)Legendary Hilltop Speedway OH...Nathan Skaggs wins Fridasy nights OVSCA Sprint Car Feature. Danny Smith, Ryan Broughton (from 17th), Myers1, Myers25 your top 5.4/22
  • ESS)Jared Zimbardi held off a charging Bobby Breen and Jordan Thomas to score the second annual Outlaw Spring Nationals in front one of the toughest 360 sprint car fields he will see all season long. Zimbardi drew the pole after transferring to the redraw from finishing third in his qualifying heat as he ignited the 27 car field alongside ESS competitor Jason Barney. Zimbardi and Barney were able to pull away from the field as they began to exchange leads in the opening laps until lap four when Steve Collins brushed the outside wall coming to a stop to bring out the first yellow. Race Results 4/22
  • USAC)Early on in Justin Grant's sprint car racing career, a fellow competitor told him that he wouldn't last more than eight laps without consciously remembering to breathe while he was racing. Justin heeded that advice, and a handful of years later, the Ione, California native is finding the greatest success of his driving career. He could breathe easy after all was said and done Friday night after holding off a late-race charge from Chad Boespflug while mired in lapped traffic to collect his second series victory of the season in the first ever visit by the USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship to Indiana's Plymouth Speedway. USAC4/22


  • Robbie Stillwaggon)Robbie Stillwaggon and the #89 Quality Auto Body team headed north to Outlaw Speedway for Friday night’s Don Loucks Memorial Spring Nationals. This was the first of two stops on the weekend for the Burlington NJ team. With 38 360 Sprint cars signed into the pits, Stillwaggon started 5th in heat race #3. With top 3 going to the redraw and the 4th place finisher going to the dash, Stillwaggon brought home a 4th place finish, advancing 1 position. Stillwaggon then qualified for the dash which was won by Coleman Gullick. With 26 cars starting the 25 lap feature event and a rough racetrack to deal with, Stillwaggon’s objective was to stay out of trouble and finish the feature event. Stillwaggon brought home the #89 car in the 9th position from 15th. Stillwaggon and team will have a quick turnaround as they head south for Selinsgrove Speedway’s annual Jack Gunn Memorial on Saturday night. Stillwaggon who has won at Selinsgrove before will be looking to add the Gunn Memorial to his resume this Saturday night. 4/22
  • Paulie Colagiovanni)Paulie Colagiovanni and the Donath Motowerx, All Star Performance #10c headed to Outlaw Speedway and the Don Loucks Memorial Spring Nationals paying $3,000 to win. The 16-year-old hot shoe was looking for his first win of 2017. Colagiovanni started on the pole for heat race #2, but unfortunately an excessively rough racetrack relegated Colagiovanni to a 6th place finish, failing to advance to the feature event. Colagiovanni then went out and won the B-Main securing his spot in the 25-lap feature event. Colagiovanni’s goal for the night was then to bring home the 10c car in 1 piece. Colagiovanni did that while finishing in the 16th position. The team will now have time to prep the car before heading to Utica Rome Speedway on Sunday night. Look for a new Paulie Colagiovanni website to be released in the upcoming days. The newly designed site with be complete with 2017 schedule, sponsors, videos and racing history to name a few. 4/22
  • Penn Live)Freddie Rahmer Wins Thriller at the Grove From 9th 4/22
  • Parker Evans)Parker Evans and the Track Side Products #61 team headed to Outlaw Speedway on Friday night for their first race on the 2017 season in the northeast. In February, Evans and the crew headed south to the East Bay Park raceway and their annual Winter Nationals event. Friday night’s event at Outlaw Speedway was the annual Don Loucks Memorial Spring Nationals paying $3,000 to win. Evans started in the 3rd position in heat race #4 and was in prime position to head to the redraw. Unfortunately, Evans got caught up in a wreck and ended up on hit lid. The extensive damage ended the 61 team’s efforts for the night. Evans will now head to Utica-Rome Speedway for Sunday nights Empire Super Sprints 2nd race of the 2017 season. 4/22
  • Davie Franek)Davie Franek and the Franek Auto Sales #28f team headed north to Outlaw Speedway and the Don Loucks Memorial Spring Nationals. The 25 lap event paying $3,000 to win is a race that everyone looks forward to since he acts for many as the opening event for the 2017 racing season. With 38 360 sprint cars signed into the pit area, Franek started 4th in the 2nd heat race on the night. At the drop of the green, Franek made an outside move advancing to the 2nd position where he settled in for the remaining 9 laps of the heat race and heading to the redraw for the feature event. The 25 lap feature event, Franek’s luck ran out as he was sidelined just 9 laps into the event and finishing in the 24th position. Franek and the team will now head south to Selinsgrove Speedway where Franek already has a win in 2017. Saturday night Franek will be looking to add a Jack Gunn Memorial feature win to his long list of racing accomplishments. 4/22
  • SSO)Due to inclement and the chance of severe weather, Friday night’s Sprint Series of Oklahoma IMCA Racesaver Sprint Car presented by Smiley’s Racing Products event at Southern Oklahoma Speedway in Ardmore has been cancelled. Press Releases4/22
  • CRASH PAD)Racing on your bare bottom is asking for trouble. Put The CRASH PAD between you and a hard landing. Reduce your Risk of Spinal Injury with this simple seat insert. Stuff Happens !! Race Ready. Dealers, Info, Ordering 4/22



  • Thunderbowl Raceway CA)SCCT...1 #24 Rico Abreu 2 #75 Sean Becker 3 #83 Kyle Hirst 4 #83SA Cory Eliason 5 #56 Ryan Bernal 6 #83JR Giovanni Scelzi 7 #22 Shane Golobic 8 #X1 Mason Moore 9 #21X Carson Macedo 10 #7C Tony Gualda 11 #X1JR Colby Copeland 12 #72W Kurt Nelson 13 #37 Mitchell Faccinto 14 #16 Andy Gregg 15 #4S Buddy Kofoid 16 #29 Willie Croft 17 #94 Steven Tiner 18 #3C DJ Netto 19 #26 Taylor Malsam 20 #17W Justin Sanders 21 #14 Jason Meyers 22 #3 Kaleb Montgomery 4/22
  • Thunderbowl Raceway CA)Racesaver Sprints...1 #7Z Zane Blanchard 2 #71M Jesse Mack 3 #23T George Tristao 4 #22 mike schott 5 #28X Nathan Rolfe 6 #35 Albert Pombo 7 #87P Jacob Tuttle 8 #72K Scott Meisner 9 #17 Doug Gandy 10 #10F Jared Faria 11 #43 Steven Wenzel 12 #99T Tanner Boul 13 #5S Mauro Simone 14 #1 Mike Faria 15 #83M Mike Stallings 16 #67D Landon Davis 17 #67G Grant Duinkerken 18 #6 Matt Demartini 19 #15 Blake Robertson 20 #28 Eric Correia 21 #45 Monty Ferriera 22 #29 Tony Pombo 23 #86 Chris Ennis 4/22
  • ESS)Jared Zimbardi wins Outlaw Speedway NY over Bobby Breen and Jordan Thomas 4/22
  • Silver Dollar Speedway CA)1 92 Andy Forsberg 2 19 Chase Majdic 3 21 Michael Ing 4 88 Brad Bumgarner 5 83T Tanner Carrick 6 28B Adam Brenton 7 8 Jim Richardson 8 00 Braedon Enos 9 15 Brandon Powell 10 15X Ryan Souza 4/22
  • Must See Racing)Jimmy McCune kicked off his quest for a third-straight Must See Racing Sprint Car Series championship the same way he did one year ago, by winning the season-opening Southern Shootout at Anderson Motor Speedway in dominating fashion on Friday night. McCune wheeled his No. 88 B&B Machinery Movers mount around the outside of former NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Bobby Santos at lap 19 and never looked back, pulling out to a lead of as much as six seconds over the second half of the race en route to victory. Race Results 4/22
  • Trailway Speedway PA)Dwight Leppo was in the right place at the right time to win the 358 sprint car feature at Trail-Way Speedway Friday night. Leppo, who finished second to Steve Owings on opening night, started fourth and was running second when third-starting J.B. Cunningham pulled up lame while leading in turn four of lap 16. He assumed the lead for the restart and led the rest of the way, crossing 1.25 seconds ahead of fifth-starting and defending track champ David Holbrook at the finish. Central PA 4/22
  • USAC)USAC SPEED2 EASTERN MIDGET RACE RESULTS: April 21, 2017 - Williamston, South .Carolina - Anderson Motor Speedway  FEATURE: (35 laps) 1. George Kurtz, 2. Jessica Bean, 3. Anthony McCune, 4. Jagger Parker, 5. Nolan Allison, 6. Eric Lewis, 7. Jake Trainor, 8. Jake Garcia, 9. Mike Ward, 10. Neal Allison.USAC4/22
  • Attica Raceway Park OH)Paul Weaver, who failed to start the feature last Saturday due to engine problems, took the lead in the Fremont Fence 305 Sprint feature on lap seven and pulled away until a red flag on lap 11. But that didn’t slow down Attica’s defending track champion as he drove away when the green reappeared to record his third win out of four events. For Weaver, who leads all drivers in career 305 sprint wins, it was his 38th victory at “Ohio’s Finest Racing” speedplant. Race Results 4/22


  • Kyle Bellm)Kyle Bellm and the Resource Asset Management Solutions (RAMS) No. 14k Sprint Car team picked up some strong momentum by racing to a solid fifth-place Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour finish atop Sedalia’s ½-mile Missouri State Fairgrounds clay oval last Saturday afternoon. Press Releases4/22
  • USAC)Saturated grounds have forced postponement of Saturday night, April 22nd's USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship event at Indiana's Montpelier Motor Speedway. USAC officials and Montpelier Motor Speedway are discussing a reschedule date. The series returns to action on Friday and Saturday, May 12-13 for #LetsRaceTwo in a twin-bill with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio.4/22

Friday  April 21st 2017

Stages are getting higher and higher, and I'm getting older and older. Iggy Pop



  • Limaland Motorsports Park OH)Limaland Motorsports Park opened the gates to a great field of cars on a cool spring evening that left the 1/4 mile clay oval fast and challenging for the "Spring Fling", presented by S&S Volvo. Norman Oklahoma's Christopher Bell took advantage of his week off from the NASCAR Camping World Truck series by picking up the win against the K&L Ready Mix NRA Sprint Invaders in the Ed Neumeister owned No 11N. Race Results 4/21
  • USAC Sprints)USAC AMSOIL SPRINT CAR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RACE RESULTS: April 21, 2017 - Plymouth, Indiana - Plymouth Speedway PROSOURCE  FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Justin Grant, 2. Tyler Courtney, 3. Chad Boespflug, 4. Thomas Meseraull, 5. Stevie Sussex, 6. Chase Stockon, 7. Shane Cottle, 8. Chris Windom, 9. Jon Stanbrough, 10. Kevin Thomas Jr.USAC4/21
  • Williams Grove Speedway PA)Freddie Rahmer stole the show late on Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway, coming forward from the ninth starting spot to record the 410 sprint car win over Cory Haas, who led all but the final two laps. And in the 358 sprint car main, Kevin Nouse pulled off the same feat, leading only the last two laps, to pick up the feature event. Central PA 4/21
  • Attica Raceway Park OH)305 sprints...1 #1W Paul Weaver 2 #1 Nate Dussel 3 #66 Jamie Miller 4 #25 Jason Keckler 5 #12 Kyle Capodice 6 #36 Seth Schneider 7 #94K Kevin Mingus 8 #8 Bobby Clark 9 #77I John Ivy 10 #9R Dustin Rall 11 #2L Landon LaLonde 12 #1X Tyler Street 13 #23 Chase Baker 14 #14 Luke Daugherty 15 #20I Kelsey Ivy 16 #3X Brad Keckler 17 #66D Chase Dunham 18 #2 Ricky Peterson 19 #19R Steve Rando 20 #11X Jordan Ryan 4/21
  • Lernerville Speedway PA)1 #7W Logan Wagner 2 #17 Caleb Helms 3 #98 Carl Bowser 4 #23J Jack Sodeman 5 #13 Brandon Matus 6 #55 Gary Kriess 7 #7K Dan Shetler 8 #2 A.J. Flick 9 #22s Brandon Spithaler 10 #58 Jimmy Seger 11 #40 George Hobaugh 12 #40x Cory Good 13 #4X Rod George 14 #22 Ralph Engel 15 #33 Brent Matus 16 #9 Ryan Linder 17 #42 Sye Lynch 18 #27X Vinny Dougherty 19 #59 Ryan Smith 20 #08 Dan Kuriger 4/21



  • Team Turner)After a long off-season, Team Turner Racing is excited to kick off their 2017 racing season with all three TTR Sprint Cars in action at Merrittville Speedway’s Spring Sizzler this Saturday night.Jamie, Ryan and Cory Turner will all be in attendance on Saturday to challenge for a victory in the season opening race for the Patriot Sprint Tour Canada series. The team had the opportunity to test last weekend at Merrittville and all three drivers are confident entering the first race of the year following their winter work. Press Releases4/21
  • NCRA Sprint Bandits)IT'S RACE WEEK at "SLIDE JOB CITY," LONESTAR SPEEDWAY, SATURDAY APRIL 22nd 7pm: NCRA SPRINT CAR BANDITS presented by Blaine's Motor Supply RETURNS to BLISTER the HIGH BANKS with 700HP WINGED SPRINT CAR RACING - Paying $2,250/win, $1,200 for 2nd, and solid payback all the way through 20th ($350)! Press Releases4/21
  • Cory Turner Motorsports)After a long winter, race season is finally here for Cory Turner and his No.97 KT Tobacco Sprint Car team who will begin their 2017 season on Saturday, April 22 with the Patriot Sprint Tour at Merrittville Speedway’s Spring Sizzler. Turner got a night of practice under his belt at Merrittville’s open practice last weekend. After a successful test session, Turner is excited to start a new season at the 3/8-mile track he knows well. Press Releases4/21
  • SOD)Always an innovator and leader, Engine Pro Sprints On Dirt presented by ARP will provide its infield and pit officials with LED armbands for 2017 races. Visibility of the officials should be greatly enhanced with the use of the armbands. The armbands will be in use beginning with the SOD opener at Crystal Motor Speedway on Saturday, April 29, and their effectiveness will be continuously monitored throughout the season. Other than the obvious safety aspect of their use, officials will also be easier to locate in the pit area. The orange LEDs can be set to be continuously on or flashing. Press Releases4/21
  • Corey McCullagh)The 2016-17 season was an impressive one for Corey McCullagh and it recently concluded with a third-place finish in the overall Easter Sprintcar Trail point standings. McCullagh wrapped up his third place in the final Easter Trail point standings with a third-place finish on the podium for the third and final round at his home track: Warrnambool’s Premier Speedway. Press Releases4/21
  • Tim Van Ginneken)Tim Van Ginneken wrapped up his 2016-17 season with a mixed bag of results throughout the three nights of the Easter Sprintcar Trail. Van Ginneken showed a lot of pace aboard his Harry Droste-owned Vic # 36 Lowes Auto Repairs / South West Conveyancing supported XXX during the three nights but he was unable to convert that into podium results. Press Releases4/21
  • Shaun Dobson)Despite narrowly missing out on the overall point standings victory in the Easter Sprintcar Trail, Shaun Dobson’s weekend was highlighted by an impressive opening round victory at Geelong’s Avalon Raceway. In what was his second 2016-17 season feature-race win, Dobson, who had started from position nine, came away with a dominant victory that kicked off his Easter Trail campaign in the best possible fashion. Press Releases4/21
  • Rusty Hickman)After an impressive and consistent performance throughout last weekend’s 2017 Easter Sprintcar Trail, youngster Rusty Hickman’s Easter campaign ended on a high, with a pleasing runner-up finish in the third and final round at Warrnambool’s Premier Speedway. Press Releases4/21
  • Knoxville Raceway IA) announced today that it plans to add Knoxville Raceway to its catalogue of precisely-modeled race tracks. Known as the "Sprint Car Capital of the World," the 1/2 mile dirt track hosts the famed Knoxville Nationals as well as weekly races throughout the racing season. Widely considered the premier sprint car event of the year, the four-day Knoxville Nationals features a million dollar purse and attracts nearly 100 of the world's top sprint car competitors and more than 21,000 fans to Iowa every August. Press Releases4/21
  • Antioch Speedway CA)Oval Motorsports will present the first race of the 11 race All Star Series Winged 360 Sprint Car season this Saturday night. Promoter John M. Soares remains committed to building up an injected, Winged 360 Sprint Car class alongside the Wingless Spec Sprint class that he started back in 1999. There are an additional three winged races as the King Of The West/NARC Sprint Cars have dates on June 3rd and August 5th. Antioch also hosted the first Elk Grove Ford Sprint Car Challenge Series event on April 1st. Cory Eliason won that race as a track record 58 cars competed. The Sprint Car Challenge returns on June 17th. Press Releases4/21


  • World of Outlaws)Due to morning thunderstorms today, the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series is postponing the Bull Ring Outlaw Blitz at Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, AR. The Bull Ring Outlaw Blitz has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 3. DIRT/World of Outlaws 4/21
  • USCS)LEXINGTON 104 EVENT FOR SAT. 4/22 is CANCELLED..Regretfully, just got a pretty good thunderstorm at Lexington 104 and considering high probability of more storms today and on raceday the USCS and Track mgmt. have decided to cancel this Saturday's event. The next USCS Sprint Car and USCS Mini Sprint event is next weekend FRI 4/28 I-75 Raceway and SAT 4/29 Smoky Mtn. Speedway 4/21
  • Bloomington Speedway IN)Rained out tonight 4/21
  • POWRi Midgets)Canceled tonight at Belleville IL 4/21
  • SSO/SST)Canceled tonight at Ardmore OK 4/21

Thursday  April 20th 2017

You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over. Richard Branson



  • Photos)Mark Coffman photos from St Francois County Raceway MO are in SpeedShotz4/21
  • USCS)LADIE'S NITE OUT!!!! Okay Ladies, Bring your guy out to LEXINGTON 104 Speedway THIS SATURDAY NITE, April 22nd to watch the top ranked female sprint car river in the Nation, Morgan Turpen from Cordova, TN. Morgan is a 2-time (2015 and 2916) USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour National Champion and the current USCS Mid-South Thunder regional series points leader. She is also a 3-time 2017 USCS feature winner....Bring those guys out with you don't want to miss this.! For more info visit or 4/20
  • The Cushion)Following a memorable night at Attica Raceway Park with the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions last Saturday night, TheCushion.Com and T2 Digital are pleased to announce the cameras will again be rolling LIVE when ‘America’s Series’ invades Wayne County Speedway. Press Releases4/20
  • NCRA)Due to the wet weather that has occurred during the month of April that has created havoc to the start of the 2017 race season, officials with the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products and 81 Speedway has made some schedule adjustments to their 360-ci sprint car and crate late model divisions. The series sprint car division is now scheduled to open their 34th year on Saturday night, April 29, with race time slated for 7:00 PM. What had been moved to this night, the series crate late model season will now kick off on Saturday night, May 13. Any further questions regarding the rescheduling of events can be addressed by calling the NCRA series office (316) 755-1781. Don’t forget to check out the series newly revamped website 4/20
  • Column)Duane Hancock has been covering Ohio/Indiana racing here for 15 years and his next edition covering the Attica Spring Nationals is in Tri-State Outlook4/20
  • Column)"Troy Thompson Inc. Team Ready to Enter Silver Crown Competition" by Richard Golardi Florida Open Wheel4/20
  • POWRi WAR)The POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprint Cars are set to return to Valley Speedway in Grain Valley, Missouri for the second time this season on Saturday April 22. The third race of the 2017 WAR season will prove to be thrilling with an already fierce point battle taking shape. Currently Korey Weyant leads the POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprints point standings. Trailing close behind with only a fifteen-point gap is Wyatt Burks. Dylan Kadous, Chris Parkinson, and Slater Helt round out the top five in points. Press Releases4/20
  • Plymouth Speedway IN)Friday night, the Playground of Power Plymouth Speedway will host the United States Auto Club sprints for the very first time, and some big names will be taking to the track. “We're excited,” said USAC director Levi Jones. “Friday's weather looks good and we're looking forward to bringing our premier sprint cars to a great track.” Press Releases4/20
  • Team ILP)Inside Line Promotions client Kevin Swindell earned his first career triumph as a sprint car team owner last Saturday at Attica Raceway Park in Attica, Ohio, where Spencer Bayston piloted the car to the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions win. Press Releases4/20



  • USAC)The buzz around the racing world with the recent introduction of dirt tracks to has now arrived at the United States Auto Club as the two announced an agreement Thursday to create an online racing series that features the cars of the USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship. . It all begins Monday, April 24 when the USAC Sprint Cars first hit the tracks on the premier online racing simulation. A computer, controller and a broadband internet connection is all you need to join the community of racing enthusiasts that number in the tens-of-thousands. USAC4/20
  • PA Sprint Car Live)PA Sprint Car Live- AJ Flick and Lance Dewease 4/20
  • The Cushion)Though Mother Nature was not quite ready to drop the green flag last Saturday night in Knoxville, IA, the forecast looks much more favorable this weekend as action resumed to ‘The Mecca of Mud’ and TheCushion.Com will once again have LIVE flag-to-flag coverage. Press Releases4/20
  • MyRacePass)MyRacePass has created a new MRP Pro Platinum driver package for sprint car driver Shayle Bade. The website - - has pages showcasing her schedule and results, news, biography, photos, videos, merchandise and more. Bade, who hails from Lincoln, Neb., drives a 305ci winged sprint car primarily in her home state of Nebraska. She finished seventh in the championship standings at Eagle Raceway in Eagle, Neb., and 11th in the Sprint Series of Nebraska standings after battling some tough luck last season. Bade also won the best finishing female Slick Chick Award and the sprint car Crowd Favorite Award. Press Releases4/20
  • The Dirt Network)TDN Top 25 410 Winged Sprint Car Poll for 4/19. 4/20
  • SprintCarUnlimited)Spencer Bayston’s desire and work ethic has his racing career on the fast track to a bright future. Join and read Jeremy's interview with Spencer at
  • Jarrett Soares)Battling with the Sprint Car Challenge Tour on Saturday night in Placerville, CA, Jarrett Soares would have a tough go and is quickly looking to put the night behind him. “It was just a tough night all around that started with a mechanical issue in time trials,” Soares said. “We were able to get a lap at the end but it would ultimately make for a pretty long night.” Press Releases4/20
  • Shane Stewart)After returning to their home shop in Mooresville, N.C. for the week, Larson Marks Racing heads back out on the road for two races this weekend with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series. Driver Shane Stewart and team will be at Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, Ark., on Friday night, followed up by Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 in Pevely, Mo., on Saturday. Press Releases4/20
  • Oswego Speedway NY)The 2017 season is nearly upon us and with that comes a bit of a change of course for Oswego Speedway’s Novelis Supermodified and Pathfinder Bank SBS divisions. For the first time, officials will adapt a new timed warmup system on regular race nights for both of the track’s weekly divisions. These ‘timed warmups’ will now set heat lineups each week for Supermodified and SBS competitors as well as play a big role in the outcome of the Road to the Championship point standings at the end of the season. Press Releases4/20
  • Accord Speedway NY)The Palmer Family is coming off an excellent 2016 racing season and is looking forward to another successful season at Accord. Six divisions of racing will greet the fans on Friday evening with the United Pump & Tank sponsored Modifieds, Arkel Motors Sportsman, Upstate Auto Pure Stocks, Want Ad Digest Junior Slingshots, WRWD Radio Rookie Sportsman and the WRWD Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars. Much interest has centered around the fledgling sprint car series as the division was introduced two seasons ago and has gained considerable attention for drivers who are seeking their entry into open wheel competition but doing so in an affordable fashion. Press Releases4/20
  • Donny Schatz)It’s a double dose of World of Outlaws (WoO) Craftsman Sprint Car Series action this weekend on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River for Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing’s (TSR) Donny Schatz and the Arctic Cat/Ford Performance-backed team. The eight-time and reigning WoO champion leads the Sprint-car stars to Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, Arkansas Friday and to Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 in Pevely, Missouri, Saturday. Press Releases4/20
  • J&J Auto Racing)The holiday weekend was a big one for J&J Auto Racing teams, as records were touched, streaks were established and checkered flags were claimed for the first time by four drivers in as many states and racing series. To the victors go the spoils, as with little more than four months into the racing season, the McKenzie, Tenn., based manufacturer has nearly forty wins to its credit.Press Releases4/20
  • Waynesfield Raceway Park OH)A new season at Waynesfield Raceway Park in Waynesfield, Ohio gets underway this Saturday night, April 22nd. A full program of racing is on the agenda including the Quest Federal Credit Union Non Wing Sprint Cars, Satellite Connections UMP Modifieds, Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints, Block Insurance Tough Trucks, and the Indian Lake Outfitter Compacts. The Performance Powder Coating AMSA Mini Sprints will start the season running for a $600 payday. Pit side gates open at 4PM; grandstands at 5PM. Hotlaps get underway at 6PM with the first green flag of 2017 flying at 7PM. Adult general admission is just $12. Kids aged 11-15 years are $6 with all young fans under the age of 10 admitted for FREE. Pit passes are available for $25. Get the latest Waynesfield Raceway Park news and information online at, on Facebook by liking Waynesfield Raceway Park or by following @OfficialWRP on Twitter. 4/20
  • USAC SW)After multiple lead changes, seventh starting “Chargin” Charles Davis Jr. (Buckeye, Arizona) emerged victorious last Saturday night at Casa Grande’s Central Arizona Speedway. The veteran driver earned his first Sands Chevrolet USAC SouthWest Sprint Car victory of the campaign over top qualifier R.J. Johnson, Landon Cling, Shon Deskins, and hard charger Matt Lundy. USAC4/20
  • Mercer Raceway Park PA)Saturday night, April 22, Mercer Raceway Park will hold the first full points event for all five of its racing divisions. "We got a sneak preview of the championship battles last week, when the Turn 4 Toilets 358 Modifieds and the Bonnell's Rod Shop 305 Sprints got their first points races in as support for the ULMS Late Models," said track owner Bill Altman. "Jimmy Holden and Darin Gallagher staked themselves out to an early advantage, with their respective victories, and I can't wait to see who will jump out ahead in the Precise Racing Products 410 Sprints, Rock Concrete Supply Modified Lites, and Ray's Racing Collectibles and Eperthener's Auto Wrecking Mini Stocks," he added. Press Releases4/20
  • Brody Roa)If anyone had doubts about Brody Roa’s championship aspirations, the 26-year-old racing star erased all of them last Saturday night when he came from the back to finish second in the 30-lap main event at the Bakersfield Speedway. It was his fourth top five finish in six starts in 2017 and it propelled him from fourth to second in the USAC/CRA championship standings. Press Releases4/20

Wednesday  April 19th 2017

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. Warren Buffett

  • SCCT)On July 20, 2013 the West Coast sprint car community had one of its toughest nights in recent memory when popular driver Peter Murphy suffered injuries during a main event crash at the Antioch Speedway. The result of the accident ultimately forced Murphy to retire from Sprint Car racing as a driver, having suffered a traumatic brain injury, ligament damage in his neck, shoulder and knees, along with a compressed T-3 vertebra. Press Releases4/19
  • Park Jefferson Speedway SD)Park Jefferson Speedway presents the first of 17 nights of sprint car racing at the Sioux City oval and the first of 13 point nights for the championship 360 sprint cars. Opening night will feature the first round of the North vs. South Sprint Car Shootout, sanctioned by the Nebraska 360 Sprint Car Series and the Midwest Sprint Touring Series. Top drivers from across the Dakotas, Nebraska and drivers from as far away as Canada are expected to compete this weekend at Park Jefferson. “We are really excited to get the winged warriors on the track here at Park. We had a great opening night 2 weeks ago, and I know the local fans are hungry for some 700+ horsepower sprint cars” stated owner Adam Adamson. Press Releases4/19
  • Chelsea Blevins)Returning to action in Placerville Speedway, Chelsea Blevins would check in at Placerville Speedway in Placerville, CA for the second Sprint Car Challenge Tour event and take on an overflowing pit area with 62 other cars checked in. “Saturday was crazy with over 60 cars checked into the pit area,” Chelsea Blevins said. “It was a really good experience for me, and even though we didn’t transfer like we hoped, I had a lot of fun.” Press Releases4/19
  • CRASH PAD)Give your Back a Brake. Slow your downward motion in a crash with the material that TESTED BEST for the US Military to reduce spinal compression forces in seat bottom impacts. Stuff Happens !!! Race Ready. Dealers, More Info, Ordering at 4/19
  • Wayne Johnson)Wayne Johnson and the Two-C Racing #2c were on the move last weekend. After competing with the World of Outlaws at Gator Motorplex near Willis, Texas Thursday, they followed the series to Devil’s Bowl Speedway in Mesquite, Texas Friday before heading all the way up to the Missouri State Fair Speedway in Sedalia to compete with the Lucas Oil ASCS National Series Saturday. Press Releases4/19
  • Jack Dover)Jack Dover recorded a top-10 finish during his 305ci winged sprint car season debut last Saturday at Eagle Raceway, where he drove for Chris Roseland during the Ice Breaker Challenge with the IMCA Sprint Series of Nebraska. "We moved forward and made progress so that's always a good night," Dover said. "The track was really slick in the heat race. Everything was around the bottom. When someone would slide up too far I'd get by them. We got up to fourth and that put us in the feature." Press Releases4/19
  • ASCS RR/NCRA)Officials at 81-Speedway have made the decision to call off this weekend's rescheduled Park City Cup/Air Capital Shootout as this weekend's forecast has not come below a 90 percent chance of rain on during Friday's, April 21 opener, only to give way to a 50 percent chance on Saturday, April 22. ASCS 4/19
  • Champion Oil)Champion Oil announced today that for qualified wholesalers there are numerous North American locations available on the West Coast for distribution. Inquiries should be from established aftermarket warehouse distributors interested in acquiring this technologically advanced, extremely popular, and highly profitable line of racing motor oils. Press Releases4/19
  • Caleb Helms)Caleb Helms and more than 40 other top sprint car teams in the region made the trip to Attica Raceway Park last Saturday for an Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions event. Helms, who won his first career feature at Attica Raceway Park last month, timed in 12th quickest overall in qualifying. His qualifying result, which was seventh quickest in his group, lined him up on the inside of the fourth row for a heat race. Press Releases4/19
  • Andee Beierle)Andee Beierle took a break from her college studies to get back behind the wheel of her 360ci winged sprint car last Saturday at Missouri State Fair Speedway during a Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour event. "It was hard mentally knowing everyone else has been racing since February and it was my first time ever at Sedalia," she said. "But everyone with ASCS is professional and very helpful." Press Releases4/19
  • Hoosier Hundred)Five times since 1953 the Hoosier Hundred has been contested in a year ending in the number seven. In four of those events a first-time winner crossed the finish line, while in the other a repeat victor had to battle a rookie fast qualifier and a unique engine in order to secure the victory. What will happen in 2017 is yet to be determined as the largest entry list in over a decade, with a large number of first year teams, invades the Indiana State Fairgrounds for the traditional Hoosier Hundred May 25 as part of USAC’s “Week of Indy” for the Silver Crown Series. Press Releases4/19
  • Kerry Madsen)With fingers crossed for positive weather, Big Game Motorsports and Kerry Madsen are venturing back to Knoxville Raceway this Saturday for its 64th annual season opener. The scheduled opener last Saturday at the half-mile oval in Knoxville, Iowa, rained out and left the Muddy sponsored team without an opportunity to compete. Press Releases4/19



  • SCCT)Pit Area Safety Bulletin Update for Sprint Car Challenge Tour events- Dear teams, To make things as safe as possible in the pit area, the Sprint Car Challenge Tour is implementing what is considered a “cold pit” starting in Tulare and will be in use from here on out. Drivers will be required to shut their engines off while exiting the track and then be pushed by their quads back to their pit stall. As we've seen with the large car counts it has created major congestion in the pit area and keeping safety in mind for crew members, family members and those in the pits, this safety rule is being added in. Along with that, the minimum age to ride a pit bike or drive a quad in the pits is 14. Thank you for your cooperation in regards to the new rules. We consider all of our teams as family, so safety is our number one priority. We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday at Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare. 4/19
  • Ben Gregg)Returning to action with the Sprint Car Challenge Tour on Saturday night in Placerville, CA, Andy Gregg would get collected in a tangle during the night’s ‘B’ Main event and his night would get cut short. “Our night got off to a really slow start and we found ourselves in an early hole,” Gregg said. “We got going okay in the ‘C’, and moved on to the ‘B’, but we got collected in someone else’s mess and it ended our night early.” Press Releases4/19
  • King Racing Products)The off season is over and it’s now time to unload those new cars and hit the race track. As many tracks across the country are celebrating their opening weekends, King Racing Products wants to wish everyone good luck on their 2017 season. King Racing Products is proud to support many local race tracks & traveling circuits with contingency rewards throughout the year. “Sprint car racing is in our blood and to be able to give back to the sport that we love is a great feeling” stated Blake Robertson from King headquarters in Visalia California. King Racing Products…..Racer Designed……Outlaw Proven…. To find out more information about King Racing Products please visit 4/19
  • USAC WC)After a break in the schedule, the USAC West Coast Sprint Cars are back in action this Saturday, April 22nd, at Tulare, California’s Merle Stone Chevrolet Thunderbowl Raceway. Promoted by Steve Faria, the “4th Annual Peter Murphy Classic” will also feature the winged King of the West / NARC Sprints and the Legends of Kearney Bowl Vintage Cars. The front gates will open at 4:00pm, time trials at 6:00pm, with racing scheduled for 7:00pm. For more information, visit the track’s website at or call 559.688.0909. USAC4/19
  • All Stars)Tony Stewart’s Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions will continue their April march through The Buckeye State with a visit to the NAPA Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway in Orrville, Ohio; the final Ohio program on the April calendar for the Arctic Cat All Stars, as well as the final Ohio appearance until the Series returns to Attica Raceway Park on Friday, May 26. As an added bonus to Arctic Cat All Star fans who can not attend Wayne County Speedway, the event will be broadcast via live stream pay-per-view that will be available for purchase online at All Stars 4/19
  • Oswego Speedway NY)Just weeks after announcing primary sponsor TJ Toyota, Chris Osetek of Osetek Racing Technologies has officially submitted a registration for his homebuilt No. 55 Supermodified, and driver Keith Shampine, into this year’s inaugural running of the Shea Concrete Triple Crown Championship Series presented by ASI Racewear. After a redesign of their No. 55 roadster prior to 2016, which included the implementation of independent front suspension, Osetek and Shampine made a lasting mark one year ago. Press Releases4/19
  • Montpelier Motor Speedway IN)The United States Auto Club (USAC) will make a pair of noteworthy stops during the 2017 season to the historic Montpelier Motor Speedway on April 22nd and June 6th The first USAC event will bring the always popular and ultra competitive Amsoil USAC National Sprint Cars series to the east central Indiana bull ring on Saturday, April 22nd. The stop will serve as the second USAC national sprint car appearance at the 114 year old racing facility. Press Releases4/19
  • Montpelier Motor Speedway IN)4/15...Midgets (presented by Leaders Edge) 34 Entries 1. 33 Davey Ray 2. 71 Tanner Carrick 3. 71 Jodie Robinson 4. 39BC Zeb Wise 5. 22 Chase Jones 6. 43 Logan Arnold 7. 39 Kyle May 8. 21 Justin Dickerson 9. 6B Brad Kraus 10. 3 Alex Watson 11. 8JR Bear Woods 12. 38 Nick Corea 13. 11 Corey Bedwell 14. 11 Aaron Leffel 15. 32 Nick Hamilton 16. 7K Justin Peck 17. 88 Tyler Nelson 18. 1 Korbyn Hayslett 19. 7 Gage Walker 20. 35 Chris Baue Note: Margin of Victory .0844/19
  • USAC)Both of this upcoming weekend's USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car stops take place on a pair of Hoosierland tracks that have been a witness to over a century and a half of auto racing history. However, Plymouth Speedway and Montpelier Motor Speedway have only played host to a combined one lone USAC Sprint Car event. A new opportunity arises and a there's new land to claim. It all lies ahead this Friday and Saturday when a new generation of USAC stars including Justin Grant, Chad Boespflug and Chris Windom vie to take their piece of the pie.  USAC4/19
  • World of Outlaws)The World of Outlaws welcomes Extended Stay America® hotels (ESA) - the largest owner operated hotel chain in the U.S. - as the official hotel of the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series and the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series. DIRT/World of Outlaws 4/19

Tuesday  April 18th 2017

Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen. Conan O'Brien



  • Column)Pat & Bruce Eckel have notes from Bloomington & Haubstadt IN USAC Sprints inA Typical Weekend4/18
  • Roth Motorsports)Roth Motorsports and driver Kyle Hirst “hopped” into the Easter weekend with the anticipation of a full weekend of racing. After rained forced the cancellation of the 410 portion at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA, the Roth team made the 4 hour journey North to Placerville Speedway on Saturday night to compete with the Elk Grove Ford Sprint Car Challenge Tour (SCCT). Press Releases4/18
  • Joe Trenca)Joe Trenca is ready for points racing, which begins this Friday during the Patriot Sprint Tour season opener. The Mucci Motorsports competitor will venture to Outlaw Speedway in Dundee, N.Y., for his first 360ci winged sprint car start of the year after opening the season with four 410ci sprint car races. Press Releases4/18
  • Plymouth Speedway IN)This Friday night April 21st. For the first time ever the USAC national sprint tour will be at Plymouth Speedway IN. Along with UMP Mods and Mod Lites. Gates open 4pm Hot Laps 6pm racing at 7pm. EST. Come see the new stadium seating and Musco lighting. Also the following Friday April 28th the WoO sprints and UMP Mods. 4/18
  • Fremont Speedway OH)Fremont Speedway will swing open the gates for the 67th season of racing Saturday, April 22 on Level Performance/Gressman Powersports Night. The opener will include the All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads FAST Championship Series Presented by Ohio Logistics for the Fort Ball Pizza Palace 410 Sprints and the JLH General Contractor FAST 305 Championship Series Presented by Engine Pro for the Fremont Federal Credit Union 305 Sprints. Press Releases4/18
  • Johnny Herrera)Johnny Herrera earned his sixth podium finish of the season last Saturday at Missouri State Fair Speedway, where he ended second during the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour event. The action began with Herrera finishing where he started - second - in a heat race. That was good enough to make the feature redraw, in which Herrera pulled the No. 2 to start the main event on the outside of the front row. Press Releases4/18
  • Ray Allen Kulhanek)Ray Allen Kulhanek showcased mixed results during a tripleheader weekend. The action began last Thursday at Gator Motorplex in Willis, Texas, where Kulhanek drove a 305ci winged sprint car for Randy Allen. He advanced from fifth to third place in a heat race before maneuvering from 11th to fifth place in the main event. Press Releases4/18
  • Derek Hagar)Derek Hagar captured a pair of fourth-place finishes last weekend during the King of the Wings event at Jackson Motor Speedway, where he has at least one top-five result during each of the last five years. Hagar opened the ASCS Gulf South Region and ASCS Southern Outlaw Sprints doubleheader on Friday by winning a heat race after starting third. That earned enough points to lock into the feature redraw, in which he pulled the second-highest number - seven - to start the main event seventh. Press Releases4/18
  • Shawn Dancer)Shawn Dancer is pleased with his results from last weekend, when the action began on Friday at Limaland Motorsports Park in Lima, Ohio, with the NRA Sprint Invaders. "We finally had a good night," Dancer said. "We drew a bad pill, which made us start in the back of our heat race, but we ended up fifth." Press Releases4/18
  • DHR Suspension)DHR Suspension clients have been busy visiting Victory Lane during the last two weeks. Alan Brown garnered his first career win with DHR Suspension last Saturday, when five different drivers scored a triumph. Brown picked up the modifieds triumph at Little River Speedway in Nashoba, Okla. Press Releases4/18
  • Kevin Swindell)It was only a few months ago when Kevin Swindell was scrambling to piece together his winged sprint car program. A partnership with Spencer Bayston at the end of the 2016 season yielded strong results and the team entered this year with lofty expectations. However, not many people predicted the Swindell Speed Lab backed team would reach Victory Lane in only its 11th race. Press Releases4/18
  • Kevin Mingus)Kevin Mingus put together the best showing of his young dirt sprint car racing career during the HD Supply Spring Nationals last weekend at Attica Raceway Park. Mingus raced his way into the 305ci winged sprint car A Main both nights and even led a lap in Saturday's feature. Press Releases4/18
  • Brandon Hanks)Brandon Hanks will make his World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series season debut this weekend. Hanks is slated to compete on Friday at Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, Ark., for the Bull Ring Outlaw Blitz and on Saturday at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 in Pevely, Mo., for the Spring Classic with the series. Press Releases4/18
  • Harli White)Harli White garnered her best Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour finish of the season last Saturday at Missouri State Fair Speedway. "We got the motor running so that was our No. 1 concern," she said. "It ran well all day long." White finished where she started - fourth - in a heat race to open the event at the half-mile oval. Press Releases4/18
  • Josh Baughman)Josh Baughman's night ended early last Saturday at Missouri State Fair Speedway, where he ran into bad luck during the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour event. Baughman began the event by drawing a high pill, which lined him up near the rear of his heat race on the half-mile oval. Press Releases4/18
  • URSS)The 2017 United Rebel Sprint Series Colorado Region will kick of this Saturday at Colorado Motorsports Park in Byers Colorado. The challenging 3/8’s mile oval will bring out the best of the URSS drivers to battle for points, bragging rights and the trophy. Last season saw a spirited battle between three drivers with the top three by a mere twenty six points. Press Releases4/18
  • Dominic Scelzi)Dominic Scelzi is excited to return to one of his favorite tracks this weekend. Scelzi will invade Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, Calif., on Friday and Saturday for the Peter Murphy Classic. On Friday night he will compete in a 360ci winged sprint car during the Sprint Car Challenge Tour portion of the event before piloting a 410ci winged sprint car in Saturday's King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series race. Press Releases4/18
  • Perris Auto Speedway CA)There is no racing at Perris Auto Speedway this Saturday night, April 22nd. Racing will return on April 29th when LKQ Pick Your Part Presents Night of Destruction #2. The PASSCAR Stock Car Series and IMCA Modifieds will be back on May 13th. LKQ Pick Your Part Night of Destruction #3 will be on May 20th and the Amsoil USAC/CRA Sprint Cars will round out the month of May with the annual “Salute to Indy” on May 27th. Press Releases4/18

  • Paul McMahan)Though he was extremely pleased to finish second on Thursday night in Willis, TX, Paul McMahan still doesn’t like how second place feels. Battling up front all night long, McMahan earned a hard fought second place finish at Gator Motorplex after leading laps late in the race. Press Releases4/18
  • Travis Rilat)Travis Rilat worked hard to get his race car dialed in during his World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series season debut last Friday at the Texas Outlaw Nationals. "It was our first 410 race of the season so there were some things we needed to work through," he said. "We were having some trouble early with the bleeders. Every time we went on the track they were good for a few laps and then we'd back up once the car freed up." Press Releases4/18
  • Austin Liggett)Checking into Placerville Speedway for the fourth C&H Veteran Enterprises Joe Hunt Magnetos Wingless Sprints Series event of the 2017 season, Austin Liggett and the Brian Sperry Racing team would pick up a very hard fought third place finish. Press Releases4/18
  • Seth Bergman)Seth Bergman is eyeing a big prize this weekend when he heads to Kansas for the Park City Cup/Air Capital Shootout. The two-day event, which runs Friday and Saturday at 81 Speedway in Park City, pays $15,000 to the winner of the NCRA and ASCS Red River Region co-sanctioned main event. Press Releases4/18
  • Chase Johnson)Chase Johnson produced a top-10 result during his non-wing sprint car season debut last Saturday at Bakersfield Speedway. Johnson, who was driving for Shawn and Cyndi Thomas, kicked off the USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series event by qualifying 12th quickest. Press Releases4/18
  • SOD)For the first time ever, Michigan’s two premier racing series, the American Ethanol Late Model Tour and the Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt presented by ARP, will join forces to present MIchigan race fans with a spectacular dual race program. The NUVUfuels Dual on Dirt will be run at I-96 Speedway on Friday, May 26. For the full Dual on Dirt story, go to Press Releases4/18
  • David Gravel)The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series descended on the Gator Motorplex for the first time in series history on Thursday, April 13th. Fans in the stands for the inaugural event were certainly treated to an amazing show as CJB Motorsports driver David Gravel charged from 10th to 1st by lap 30 of the 40-lap feature event. Driver #5 held on and claimed his fourth Outlaw win of the season after timing in 13th. Press Releases4/18



  • Greg DeCaires)Mother Nature delayed Greg DeCaries and the Dale Miller Motorsports team’s 2017 season opener. Rather than kicking their campaign off during the scheduled weekly points opener at Placerville Speedway one week ago, the team kicked their season off with 62 other cars during the Sprint Car Challenge Tour event at the speedway on Saturday night. Press Releases4/18
  • KSE Racing Products)Mother Nature is slowly allowing more tracks to get their seasons kicked off, and more racing has led to more winning for KSE Racing Products. The World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series made their way back to the Midwest after an extended trip out West. In three races in the Lonestar state, the series produced three different winners. Press Releases4/18
  • Ian Madsen)Ian Madsen and the KCP Racing team recently completed a very successful trip to the West Coast with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series. When their trip came to and end in Arizona, they sat 4th overall in the World of Outlaw standings. Check out this video edit the summarizes the teams trip!You can  view the video here- 4/18
  • Thunder On The Hill)The twenty-eighth season of the NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series will open on Sunday night, May 28 at the Grandview Speedway. The popular series that is sponsored by NAPA Auto Parts and presented by Pioneer Pole Buildings will open with the Big Block Modified/358 Modified Showdown competing in a series of qualifying events leading up to the 40 lap feature paying $5,000 to the winner, $1,000 for tenth and $500 just to start the main event for pre-entered drivers. Also on the card will be the Sportsman and MASS Sprint Cars, competing in qualifying events leading up to a 25 lap Sportsman feature and a 20 lap sprint car feature. Central PA 4/18
  • Waynesfield Raceway Park OH)Opening Night Fan Guide ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER: 15811 Waynesfield Road, Waynesfield, Ohio 45896, (419) 568-3201 CAMPING: Camping is free in the opening parking lot area. No registration or prior notification is needed. There are no hookups available. CONNCESSION STAND: The main concession stand is located off turn 4 between the parking lot and the pit area. Press Releases4/18
  • Bailey Goldesberry)Bailey Goldesberry racked up heat wins and a pair of top ten finishes last weekend. On Friday, she checkered sixth at Jacksonville Speedway, and followed that up with a tenth place finish at 34 Raceway in West Burlington, Iowa Saturday. This Saturday, the sixteen-year-old driver from Springfield, Illinois will again compete at 34 Raceway. Press Releases4/18
  • Giovanni Scelzi)Giovanni Scelzi continues to impress in a sprint car. Scelzi tied his career-best result of second place last Saturday during his debut at Placerville Speedway, which hosted more than 60 competitors during a Sprint Car Challenge Tour event at the bullring. Press Releases4/18


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