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Welcome To Hoseheads!

This is a collection of some of the best writers and  photographers in the country all with one purpose in mind SPRINT CARS. We have every corner of the U.S. covered here so sit back and check out some of the great columns, race results, & photos. If you have any sprint car news, results, or photos please send them to me.  Thanks, Allan Holland

 Over 20 Years of Hoseheads

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KO's Indiana Bullring Scene Kevin Oldham 10/9 BillW's Knoxville News Bill Wright 7/5 Hoosier Race Report Danny Burton (IN) 7/4
Florida Open Wheel Richard Golardi 5/22 Tri-State Outlook Duane Hancock (OH/IN/MI) 6/12 The West Coast Sprint Car Scene Joseph Terrell 6/26
NARC News Line Jim Allen 4/9 From the Grandstand Ron Rodda (CA) 6/22

A Typical Weekend Pat & Bruce Eckel (IN/IL) 7/4

Cravin Racin Dana Kuyawa 12/19   Three Generations Leo Dougherty 12/28

Brad Sweet sweeps Independence Day World of Outlaws Spectacular at Cedar Lake Speedway WI. The reigning champion wins big on CBS Sports Network, earning his seventh win of 2020 and pocketing $40,000 for the weekend

Knoxville Raceway, IA Friday July 3 2020 Brian Brown won the 360 and 410 features Rob Kocak Photos

Steve Drevicki won the USAC East Coast feature at Middletown NY Thursday and won again at Big Diamond Raceway PA Friday.   Steve Koletar Photo

Cap Henry wins night 1 of All Stars Ohio Speedweek at Attica OH   Paul Arch Photo

Justin Henderson won the 410 feature at Knoxville Raceway IA    Rob Kocak Photos


Kyle Larson won his 1st career Williams Grove Speedway feature during the Mitch Smith Memorial Friday on night 8 of PA Speedweek  Dave Giles Photo.

Say What!

“Its nice to come back here and be really competitive with Paul (Silva),It’s cool to get both of our first wins here at Williams Grove. This is one of the most historic race tracks in the world. To put my name on the winners list is pretty special.” Kyle Larson winning night 8 of PA Speedweek at Williams Grove Speedway PA

“I was really nervous leading on that restart (on lap 20). Wasn’t really sure what I was doing before hand was right. I knew them guys were real good. Buddy (Kofoid) got by and kind of pulled me a little bit and we kind of kept creeping in and creeping in. Traffic was so hard to pass…you couldn’t find any where to get around them. I had to wait with Buddy and when I got next to him I had to go. I couldn’t give him the opportunity to take my line away,” Cap Henry winning night 1 of All Stars Ohio Speedweek at Attica OH

“First I want to thank all the activity and military that has served,I was going to stay up top in three and four, and all of a sudden, there was Lynton. When I moved to the bottom, my car was pretty good. I’m just the type that would rather run (the top) than (the bottom). Running the bottom as much as we did tonight is good for my confidence and my rhythm. I didn’t know what to do on the restart. I heard Lynton hounding me the whole time. I knew I had to get going   Brian Brown winning both 410 & 30 mains at Knoxville Raceway IA

Gene's Corner
National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee Gene Marderness has been shooting at Dirt Tracks across America since the 60's. He has tons of great classic shots and we are going to post some here in Gene's Corner.

Lealand McSpadden feature winner of the 1992 Belleville Nationals       Click image for larger view

Blake Robertson and Team BR in victory lane Thursday night at US 30 Raceway in Columbus Nebraska.

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What's Coming Up?

Maribel WI IRA/WI wingLESS
Bridgeport NJ  URC
Mesquite TX  305
Fremont OH  All Star Speedweek
Lincoln IL  POWRi WAR
Quincy IL  Sprint Invaders
Franklin PA
Haubstadt IN MSCS

Orrville OH All Stars Speedweek

Dirt Station

2020 Central PA Sprint Car Point Series

Williams Grove 7/10
Lincoln 7/11
Port Royal 7/11

After 7/4/20 Listing position, car number, driver, points, series wins
1. 51 Freddie Rahmer 5563
2. 48 Danny Dietrich 4463
3. 69K Lance Dewease 4233
4. 57 Kyle Larson 3784
5. 39M Anthony Macri 3454
6. 5 Brent Marks 311
7. 72 Ryan Smith 289
8. 21 Brian Montieth 2091
9. 1 Logan Wagner 206
10. 5 Dylan Cisney 1992





Kyle Larson received the 2020 Pa. Speedweek Champion trophy from Alan Kreitzer and Brian Householder at Port Royal Speedway after winning the feature. Dave Giles Photos.

Buddy Kofoid wins All Stars Ohio Speedweek Night 2 at Fremont OH  Wayne Riegle Photos


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Saturday July 4th 

                              See the New “Salute to Champion Greg Hodnett” exhibit

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  • Photos)Wayne Riegle, Paul Arch, Julia Johnson & Mike Campbell shots from Fremont OH All Stars Speedweek, Rob Kocak & Chuck Stowe shots from Knoxville Raceway IA are in SpeedShotz 7/5

  • West Texas Raceway)305 A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 18-Lorne Wofford[2]; 2. 74B-Kyle McCutcheon[1]; 3. 19-Wes Wofford[3]; 4. 99B-John Ricketts[5]; 5. 99-Caleb Saiz[16]; 6. 11X-John Carney II[11]; 7. 56-Chris Douglas[6]; 8. 6C-Jett Carney[9]; 9. 0C-Charlie Graham[7]; 10. 13-David Luckie[8]; 11. 116-Vance Wofford[13]; 12. 22-Justin Lasiter[17]; 13. 65-Richard Wilbee[19]; 14. 30-Brandon Hickman[22]; 15. 87C-Cody Hill[14]; 16. 19D-Ryan Dalrymple[18]; 17. 78-Tyler Beiter[20]; 18. 52NM-David Burns[24]; 19. 9-Robert Herrera[4]; 20. 83-Jett Hays[10]; 21. 2B-Brett Becker[12]; 22. 24-Robert Pace[15]; 23. 15-Richard Holden[21]; 24. 33W-Drew Wakefield[23] 7/5

  • Devils Bowl Speedway TX)305 Sprints A Feature 1 (50 Laps): 1. 99X-Dalton Stevens[6]; 2. 4-Austin Mundie[7]; 3. 45-Martin Edwards[2]; 4. V8-Robert Vetter[13]; 5. 49-Justin Fifield[11]; 6. 3-Raven Culp[20]; 7. 2-Colby Stubblefield[12]; 8. 10-Bryan Debrick[24]; 9. 14B-Robert Byrom[19]; 10. 22M-Taylor Courtney[5]; 11. 71W-Weston Gorham[8]; 12. 21S-Russell Shoulders[16]; 13. 15-Michael Colaluca[17]; 14. 44C-Cody Price[23]; 15. 24-Joseph Kasper[10]; 16. 5$-Shane Thompson[22]; 17. 17-Matt Etzelmiller[15]; 18. 00-Jaden Brown[9]; 19. 2X-Tucker Doughty[1]; 20. 80-Joshua Hawkins[18]; 21. 7M-Kevin Ramey[4]; 22. 41M-Steve McMackin[21]; 23. 33C-Casey Carter[25]; 24. 6-David Burke[3]; 25. (DQ) 10G-Marcus Thomas[14] 7/5

  • Placerville Speedway CA)360...1 #2X Chase Majdic 2 #23R Tony Gualda 3 #3 Kaleb Montgomery 4 #5C Colby Copeland 5 #17W Shane Golobic 6 #5H Michael Faccinto 7 #37 Mitchell Faccinto 8 #5V Sean Becker 9 #38B Blake Carrick 10 #X1 Andy Forsberg 11 #15 Michael Sellers 12 #83T Tanner Carrick 13 #34 Jodie Robinson 14 #7Z Zane Blanchard 15 #21 Shane Hopkins 16 #45 Jake Morgan 17 #21M Michael Ing 18 #5T Trent Canales 19 #33T Jimmy Trulli 20 #94 Greg Decaires 21 #80N Justin Bradway 22 #7B Brent Bjork 23 #14W Ryan Robinson 24 #33H Eric Humphries 7/5

  • All Stars)Forced to settle for second after getting overtaken with five laps remaining one night prior at Attica Raceway Park, Penngrove, California’s Buddy Kofoid redeemed himself in a big way during night two of Cometic Gasket Ohio Sprint Speedweek presented by Hercules Tires, eventually leading all 35 circuits to score a second-ever Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 victory in front of a packed house at Fremont Speedway.All Stars 7/5

  • Ohio Speedweek)2020 Cometic Gasket Ohio Sprint Speedweek presented by Hercules Tires Standings: (As of July 4, 2020): 1. Buddy Kofoid - 296 2. Aaron Reutzel - 290 3. Greg Wilson - 278 4. Cap Henry - 276 5. Cale Conley - 274 6. Paul McMahan - 270 7. Jac Haudenschild - 268 8. Josh Baughman - 262 9. Skylar Gee - 258 10. Lee Jacobs - 238 7/5

  • New Egypt Speedway NJ)NEWS...1 #3 Jeremy Quick 2 #02 Rich Mellor 3 #62 Brian Spencer 4 #3H Heidi Hedin 5 #8B Mark Bitner 6 #91 Mick D'Agastino 7 #8 Larry Drake 8 #13J Brad Schaale 7/5

  • Knoxville Raceway IA)It was the Fourth of July and Town Crier Night at Knoxville Raceway, and the racing definitely brought the fireworks here Saturday night! Justin Henderson held off Brian Brown at the line to win his tenth career 410 feature here, and first since Season Championship Night in 2015 aboard the Sandvig Motorsports #7. Aussie Scott Bogucki lost a lead late in the 360 main event, but made a last lap pass to reclaim it. Russ Hall won for the second time this year, and for the fourth time in his career in the Pro Sprints presented by Pace Performance. BillW's Knoxville News 7/5

  • URSS)Fairbury NE ...1 #5 Stuart Snyder 2 #45x Kyler Johnson 3 #11 Zach Blurton 4 #11b Jake Bubak 5 #98 J D Johnson 6 #17s Chad Salem 7 #93 Jeremy Huish 8 #45 Monty Ferriera 9 #17x Taylor Velasquez 10 #21 Jody Reeves 11 #74v Howard Van Dyke 12 #57b Boyd Peterson 7/5

  • Atomic Speedway OH)Ricky Peterson won the BOSS feature. 7/5

  • Eagle Raceway NE)IMCA...1 #95 Trevor Grossenbacher 2 #4x Jason Danley 3 #12 Tyler Drueke 4 #15 Blake Robertson 5 #91 Adam Gullion 6 #14 Joey Danley 7 #12k Troy Sanford 8 #30 Jordan Grabouski 9 #100 Clint Benson 10 #51 Mike Boston 11 #93 Ryan King 12 #14J Josh Riggins 13 #40x Toby Chapman 14 #1B Brandon Horton 15 #0 Chase Weiler 16 #14g Gene Ackland 17 #20 Tim Hilfiker 18 #15v Mark Vanderheiden 19 #12N Neil Nickolite 20 #25 Gunnar Pike 7/5

  • USAC/MSCS)Bill Gardner Sprint Classic Putnamville IN 1 #69 Brady Bacon 2 #30 C.J. Leary 3 #4 Justin Grant 4 #5s Chase Stockon 5 #19AZ Tanner Thorson 6 #34 Brent Beauchamp 7 #36D Dave Darland 8 #9K Kevin Thomas Jr. 9 #28 Brandon Mattox 10 #71P Carson Short 11 #19 Chris Windom 12 #3R Kyle Cummins 13 #70 Jordan Kinser 14 #54 Jonathan Vennard 15 #6 Mario Clouser 16 #14 Jadon Rogers 17 #17 Dakota Jackson 18 #77s Travis Berryhill 19 #32 Garrett Aitken 20 #34AZ Jake Swanson 21 #37 Max Adams 22 #10 Aric Gentry 23 #61M Stephen Schnapf 24 #OO Thomas Meseraull 7/5

  • BAPS Motor Speedway PA)Super Sportsman A Feature 1 (40 Laps): 1. 77-Russ Mitten[4]; 2. 3B-Mike Enders[13]; 3. 70D-Frankie Herr[2]; 4. 2M-Matt Ondek[10]; 5. 7-Timmie Barrick[5]; 6. 00-Troy Rhome[14]; 7. 5D-Luke Deatrick[8]; 8. 360-Jay Fannasy[9]; 9. 383-Steve Fannasy[21]; 10. 25-Bobby Hockenberry[20]; 11. 35-John Edkin[7]; 12. 8-Rich Eichelberger[16]; 13. 71K-Tyler Wolford[11]; 14. 19R-Eric Rutz[17]; 15. 318-Todd Leonard[19]; 16. 29-Adam Wray[15]; 17. 38-Allan Hallman[24]; 18. 22-Daniel John[18]; 19. (DNF) 18-Dave Conrad[22]; 20. (DNF) 14-Nate Young[23]; 21. (DNF) 10H-Dave Hollar[12]; 22. (DNF) 1A-Chase Gutshall[6]; 23. (DNF) 30-Scott Dellinger[3]; 24. (DNF) 75-Kenny Edkin[1] 7/5

  • Stuart Raceway NE)305 Sprints A Feature 1 (16 Laps): 1. 17D-Bob Dvorak[4]; 2. 15F-Danial Frickel[1]; 3. 02-Mitchell Dvorak[3]; 4. 9-Neil Dvorak[5]; 5. 25-Kale Krysl[2] 7/5

  • I-90 Speedway SD)360 Sprints Property Solutions of America A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 51A-Elliot Amdahl[1]; 2. 17B-Ryan Bickett[4]; 3. 5-Eric Lutz[3]; 4. 10J-Justin Jacobsma[2]; 5. 14-Jody Rosenboom[7]; 6. 11X-Gregg Bakker[9]; 7. 20-Brant O'Banion[11]; 8. 11M-Brendan Mullen[5]; 9. 12-Troy Schreurs[6]; 10. 101-Chuck McGillivray[12]; 11. 88-Travis Reber[14]; 12. (DNF) 23-Brandon Bosma[8]; 13. (DNF) 13X-Tim Martens[13]; 14. (DNF) 13JM-Jordan Martens[10] 305 Sprints A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 51A-Elliot Amdahl[10]; 2. 8-Micah Slendy[2]; 3. 2D-Dusty Ballenger[11]; 4. 1S-Ryan Voss[8]; 5. 17V-Casey Abbas[7]; 6. 24T-Chris Thram[16]; 7. 32T-Trefer Waller[13]; 8. 0H-Sam Henderson[12]; 9. 98-Nate Barger[9]; 10. 24J-Jeff Reiman[14]; 11. 7-Johnny Sullivan[15]; 12. 14-Nick Barger[18]; 13. 20B-Bryan Park[5]; 14. 32-Darin Spielman[3]; 15. 27CC-Chayden Carpenter[20]; 16. (BF) 43MB-Jesse Lindberg[4]; 17. (DNF) 81-Jared Jansen[6]; 18. (DNF) 10-Lincoln Drewis[1]; 19. (DNF) 20H-Logan Hershey[19]; 20. (DNF) 22W-Aaron Werner[17] 7/5

  • Beaver Dam Raceway WI)Non Wing Crate Sprints AutoMeter A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 14AJ-Davey Ray[5]; 2. 21-Ryan Zielski[8]; 3. 4-Jordan Paulsen[7]; 4. 19K-Derek Crane[10]; 5. 38-Allen Hafford[1]; 6. 1HD-Zach Hansen[14]; 7. 6-Jake Kouba[3]; 8. 23Z-Zach Raidart[21]; 9. 1N8-Nathan Crane[12]; 10. 40-Tim Cox[13]; 11. 51-Charles Spoonmore[16]; 12. 9-Greg Olsen[15]; 13. 69-TJ Smith[20]; 14. 7X-Ryan Marshall[9]; 15. 70-Chris Klemko[18]; 16. 2K-Jimmy Kouba[11]; 17. 20-Natalie Klemko[17]; 18. 52-Craig Lager[22]; 19. 41-Dennis Spitz[19]; 20. 91-Jimmy Sivia[2]; 21. 22S-Brian Strane[23]; 22. 22-Greg Alt[24]; 23. 50-Rusty Egan[4]; 24. 6B-Vince Bartolotta[6] Badger Midgets A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 40-Chase McDermand[9]; 2. 11-Tyler Baran[10]; 3. 57-Jack Routson[2]; 4. 11B-Nick Baran[12]; 5. 15Z-Jeff Zelinski[8]; 6. 9S-Mike Stroik[5]; 7. 9K-Kevin Olson[15]; 8. 21K-Kurt Mayhew[6]; 9. 5K-Kevin Douglas[17]; 10. 5-Kyle Brinkmann[4]; 11. 2-Ryan Zielski[7]; 12. 28-Jim Fuerst[1]; 13. 71-Kyle Koch[3]; 14. 20D-Derek Doerr[21]; 15. 20-Denny Smith[22]; 16. 29-Harrison Kleven[19]; 17. 4-Pat Hensen[20]; 18. 66T-Tristan Koenings[18]; 19. 53-Aaron Schuck[13]; 20. 14-Lamont Crichett[16]; 21. 3A-Chris Adrien[14]; 22. 15C-RJ Corson[11]7/5

  • POWRi)Midgets Garden City KS...Airport Raceway Midgets Lucas Oil Products A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 00-Trey Gropp[3]; 2. 08-Cannon McIntosh[5]; 3. 4-Robert Dalby[1]; 4. 44S-Andrew Felker[17]; 5. 43T-Adam Trimble[9]; 6. 27-Keith Rauch[4]; 7. 15-Carson Garrett[7]; 8. 26-Tristin Thomas[6]; 9. 2-Bob Harr[13]; 10. 7-Shannon McQueen[2]; 11. 11-Mike Woodruff[10]; 12. 88-Dustin Weland[12]; 13. 07-Kyle Wilson[16]; 14. 6-Collin Rinehart[18]; 15. 70-Cade Cowles[20]; 16. 4T-AJ Valim[19]; 17. 43C-Lonnie Cox[21]; 18. (DNF) 91-Chris Sheil[14]; 19. (DNF) 7T-Troy Simpson[15]; 20. (DNF) 7D-Michelle Decker[11]; 21. (DNF) 71-Zac Taylor[8] 7/5

  • PA Speedweek)Final 2020 RED ROBIN SPEEDWEEK POINTS 1. 57 Kyle Larson 1439* 2. 48 Danny Dietrich 1116* 3. 72 Ryan Smith 1101* 4. 51 Freddie Rahmer 1073* 5. 5 Brent Marks 1059* 6. 24 Rico Abreu 1056* 7. 3z Brock Zearfoss 928* 8. 69K Lance Dewease 879 9. 39M Anthony Macri 864* 10. 39 Sammy Swindell 831* 11. 24 Lucas Wolfe 699* 12. 91 Kyle Reinhardt 626* 13. 1 Logan Wagner 584* 14. 99M Kyle Moody 568* 15. 55 Mike Wagner 519* 16. 11 T J Stutts 469* 17. 87 Aaron Reutzel 416 18. 1x Chad Trout 409 19. 21 Brian Montieth 348 20. 75 Chase Dietz 346* 21. 5 Dylan Cisney 304* 22. 87 Alan Krimes 286 23. 55K Robbie Kendall 264 24. 21 Christopher Bell 254 25. 26 Cory Eliason 200 26. 12 Robert Ballou 198 27. 45 Jeff Halligan 183 28. 25 Tyler Bear 179 29. 5E Tim Wagaman 170 30. 2 A J Flick 152 30. 14T Tyler Walton 152 32. 33 Jared Esh 151 33. 12 Blane Heimbach 147 34. 0 Rick Lafferty 143 35. 17B Steve Buckwalter 138 36. 88 Brandon Rahmer 123 37. 19 Troy Wagaman Jr 122 38. 15 Adam Wilt 115 39. 1W Matt Campbell 111 40. 69 Tim Glatfelter 100 40. 47K Kody Lehman 100 42. 59 Jim Siegel 96 43. 91 Tony Fiore 93 44. 67 Justin Whittall 92 45. 20 Ryan Taylor 86 46. 35 Tyler Reeser 83 47. 37 J J Grasso 77 48. 19M Landon Myers 74 49. 39 Cale Thomas 54 49. 2w Glenndon Forsythe 54 51. 44 Dylan Norris 53 52. 73B Brett Michalski 51 53. 19 Curt Stroup 49 54. 8 Billy Dietrich 47 55. 75 Nicole Bower 38 56. 4R Jason Shultz 35 57. 38 Mark Smith 33 57. 33W Michael Walter II 33 59. 880 Drew Ritchey 30 60. 9 Dalton Dietrich 25 61. 5 Tyler Ross 22 61. 59s Steve Wilbur 22 61. 35 Chad Layton 22 64. 27G Jay Galloway 21 65. 27s Adrain Shaffer 20 66.. 7 Trey Hivner 19 67. 85 Ricky Dieva 18 68. 29 Dan Shetler 17 69. 17 Kyle Smith 15 70. 49H Bradley Howard 14 70. 57J Jeff Miller 14 70. 24B Dustin Baney 14 73. 97 Brie Hershey 13 73. 66 Doug Hammaker 13 73. 14c Dave Carlberg 13 76. 16a Aaron Bollinger 10 76. 21T Scott Fisher 10 78. 15c Kurt Conklin 8 79. 12 Brent Shearer 7 80. 12W Troy Fraker 2 81 12D Steven Downs 1 7/5

Saturday July 4th 


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  • World of Outlaws)Brad Sweet took a quick glance at his right rear and shouted, “Woo! That’s all you need.” With little tread left to spare, the reigning World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series champion’s tires propelled him to his third consecutive win at Cedar Lake Speedway Saturday night – sweeping the two $20,000-to-win Independence Day Spectacular Features. World of Outlaws 7/4

  • Port Royal Speedway PA)Final night PA Speedweek...1 #57 Kyle Larson 2 #5M Brent Marks 3 #24R Rico Abreu 4 #3Z Brock Zearfoss 5 #69K Lance Dewease 6 #1 Logan Wagner 7 #55 Mike Wagner 8 #27 Ryan Smith 9 #91R Kyle Reinhardt 10 #2 AJ Flick 11 #5 Dylan Cisney 12 #39 Sammy Swindell 13 #17B Steve Buckwalter 14 #11 TJ Stutts 15 #35 Tyler Reeser 16 #14T Tyler Walton 17 #91 Anthony Fiore 18 #39M Anthony Macri 19 #0 Rick Lafferty 20 #48 Danny Dietrich 21 #51 Freddie Rahmer 22 #24 Lucas Wolfe 23 #99M Kyle Moody 24 #4R Jason Shultz 7/4

  • Fremont Speedway OH)For the second straight night of Cometic Gasket Ohio Sprint Speedweek Presented by Hercules Tires, a driver defended his “home turf” from the invading Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions Presented by Mobil 1. Penngrove, California’s Buddy Kofoid, the 2019 track champion at Fremont Speedway, led all 35 laps of the Baumann Auto Group A-main at “The Track That Action Built” Saturday, July 4, to score his second career All Star win. Race Results7/4



  • Photos)Jim Collum Jr shots from Attica OH All Stars Speedweek, Kris Keath shots from Williams Grove PA Speedweek, Steve Koletar shots from Big Diamond Raceway USAC EC Sprints & more Paul Arch shots are in SpeedShotz 7/4

  • Column)Danny Burton has notes from Putnamville IN and the Bill Gardner Classic Hoosier Race Report 7/4

  • Column)Pat & Bruce Eckel have their column from last night at Lincoln Park Speedway which is hosting the two night Bill Gardner Sprintacular where the co-sanctioned MSCS/USAC sprints ran night one with Shane Cottle surprising the 51 car field by winning over Justin Grant and Chris Windom. A Typical Weekend 7/4

  • US 36 Raceway MO)It took three tries, but the Bud Shootout at US 36 Raceway proved worth the wait. A full-field of USAC Midwest Wingless Racing Association Driver’s took to the high banks to fight for the prestigious Bud Shootout win. Pole-sitter Wesley Smith paced the field through the first half of the race. Chris Parkinson followed in second, while Wyatt Burks began working through the field from his ninth place starting position. Race Results 7/4

  • Lincoln Park Speedway IN)Night 1 of the Bill Gardner Sprintacular, co-sanctioned MSCS/USAC! Some 51 combined Hoosier Midwest Sprint Car Series and the USAC entries. Schafer Oil quick time: Jadon Rogers 13.523 Race Results 7/4

  • USAC)It all started with a late-night phone call on Thursday night for Shane Cottle from Hodges Motorsports asking if his plans were open for Friday night. Just about 24 hours later, Cottle was celebrating in victory lane following Friday's opening night of the sixth annual Bill Gardner Sprintacular at Lincoln Park Speedway featuring the USAC AMSOIL National and Midwest Sprint Car Series. USAC 7/4


  • Creek County Speedway OK)Rained out Saturday night. 7/4

  • USCS)The United Sprint Car Series Firecracker 150 at Magnolia Motor Speedway on Saturday night, July 4th has been rained out by heavy rains at the facility that came at 3:45pm. A possible reschedule date is being reviewed at this time. For USCS Schedules and updates go to www.uscsracing com 7/4

  • ASCS)Heavy Rain over the course of the morning at Lake Ozark Speedway has won the day as track officials made the call to postpone events slated for Saturday night with the ASCS Warrior Region presented by Impact Signs, Awnings, and Wraps to Saturday, July 11. Pits opens at 3:00 P.M. with Grandstands following at 5:00 P.M. Hot Laps get underway at 6:30 P.M. (CT). Admission is $20 for adults, $17 for Senior and Military, $9 for youth 6-12, and free for kids five and under. Pit Passes are $35. Family Passes are also available for the Grandstands for $50.7/4

  • Herald Mail)The Hagerstown Speedway has voluntarily shut down following a complaint regarding an excessive crowd at Thursday night's race that featured a suspended NASCAR driver, its general manager said Friday. The speedway has canceled its next race.

  • IRA)The Bumper To Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprints Series finally get back to action, this Sunday, July 5th at the popular 141 Speedway with Round 1 of the Hopf Farms Bullring Showdown. It’s a 3 division Sprint Car Spectacular as the AutoMeter WI wingLESS Sprints and IRA Lightning Sprints join in on the holiday fun. Next up, the series moves to the Dodge County Fairgrounds Friday July 10th for the annual Harry Neitzel Tribute before heading to Plymouth on July 18. Keep us with us and our ever changing schedule during the season of Covid, 7/4

  • CRASH PAD)Over the next several messages, let’s look at some reasons why we believe the Crash Pad is a great product and a great value. #1) Original partner, Dave, recognized that back injuries were on the increase with the introduction of containment seats. With some study of the situation, the lightbulb came on brightly! While this style of seat is a terrific safety enhancement, it pushed the forces to the next weakest link. That turned out to be the spine being constrained in a vertical position . . . . particularly in frame bottom down crashes. The only goal was to design a seat insert that would reduce the risk of spinal injury. Three years of research led to 812SAM (shock absorbing material) – tested as best by the U.S. Military. If you’re in a hurry to learn more and don’t want to wait for subsequent messages, visit 812 Solutions/Crash Pad LLC at or call 717-235-7250. 7/4



  • Photos)Wayne Riegle, Paul Arch & Mike Campbell shots from Attica OH All Stars Speedweek, Rob Kocak & Chuck Stowe shots from Knoxville Raceway IA are in SpeedShotz 7/4

  • Ohio Speedweek)2020 Cometic Gasket Ohio Sprint Speedweek presented by Hercules Tires Standings: (As of July 3, 2020): 1. Cap Henry - 150 2. Buddy Kofoid - 146 3. Aaron Reutzel - 144 4. Cale Thomas - 142 5. Cale Conley - 140 6. Paul McMahan - 138 7. Greg Wilson - 136 8. Stuart Brubaker - 134 9. Jac Haudenschild - 132 10. Lee Jacobs - 130 7/4

  • PA Speedweek)2020 RED ROBIN SPEEDWEEK POINTS 1. 57 Kyle Larson 1264* 2. 48 Danny Dietrich 1078* 3. 51 Freddie Rahmer 1023* 4. 72 Ryan Smith 980* 5. 24 Rico Abreu 912* 6. 5 Brent Marks 912* 7. 3z Brock Zearfoss 791* 8. 39M Anthony Macri 786* 9. 69K Lance Dewease 748 10. 39 Sammy Swindell 737* 11. 24 Lucas Wolfe 656* 12. 99M Kyle Moody 529* 13. 91 Kyle Reinhardt 511* 14. 1 Logan Wagner 448* 15. 87 Aaron Reutzel 416 16. 11 T J Stutts 396* 17. 55 Mike Wagner 393* 18. 1x Chad Trout 383 19. 21 Brian Montieth 348 21. 75 Chase Dietz 325* 22. 87 Alan Krimes 286 23. 55K Robbie Kendall 264 24. 21 Christopher Bell 254 25. 5 Dylan Cisney 221* 26. 26 Cory Eliason 200 27. 45 Jeff Halligan 183 28. 12 Robert Ballou 181* 29. 25 Tyler Bear 155 30. 33 Jared Esh 151* 31. 5E Tim Wagaman 145 32. 12 Blane Heimbach 127 33. 88 Brandon Rahmer 123 34. 19 Troy Wagaman Jr 122 35. 15 Adam Wilt 115 36. 1W Matt Campbell 111 37. 0 Rick Lafferty 105 38. 69 Tim Glatfelter 100 39. 59 Jim Siegel 96 40. 14T Tyler Walton 90 41. 47K Kody Lehman 86 41. 20 Ryan Taylor 86 43. 37 J J Grasso 77 44. 67 Justin Whittall 76 45. 19M Landon Myers 74 46. 2 A J Flick 57 47. 17B Steve Buckwalter 54 47. 39 Cale Thomas 54 47. 2w Glenndon Forsythe 54 50. 44 Dylan Norris 53 51. 73B Brett Michalski 51 52. 8 Billy Dietrich 47 53. 19 Curt Stroup 33 53. 38 Mark Smith 33 53. 33W Michael Walter II 33 56. 91 Tony Fiore 30 57. 9 Dalton Dietrich 25 58. 5 Tyler Ross 22 58. 59s Steve Wilbur 22 58. 35 Chad Layton 22 61. 27G Jay Galloway 21 62. 27s Adrain Shaffer 20 63.. 7 Trey Hivner 19 63. 75 Nicole Bower 19 65. 35 Tyler Reeser 15 65. 880 Drew Ritchey 15 67. 49H Bradley Howard 14 68. 66 Doug Hammaker 13 68. 14c Dave Carlberg 13 70. 16a Aaron Bollinger 10 70. 21T Scott Fisher 10 72. 15c Kurt Conklin 8 73. 12 Brent Shearer 7 74. 85 Ricky Dieva 6 75. 12W Troy Fraker 2 76. 24B Dustin Baney 1 76 12D Steven Downs 1 78. 97 Brie Hershey 0 7/4

  • POWRi)Cannon McIntosh, hops back in his family owned #08 for the weekend with POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget League, and finds himself in victory lane. At the fastest 1/6- mile dirt oval in Kansas, all eyes were glued on the front-runners battling for the top positions. After losing the lead to Trey Gropp, McIntosh regrouped and found himself back in victory lane for the third time this season with the POWRi Midget Leagues.Race Results7/4

  • Must See Racing)Veteran Charlie Schultz proved that experience was the key to victory lane during Friday’s inaugural event for the Must See Racing Midwest Lights Series at Shady Bowl Speedway. Driving the No. 92 for his 410 car owner, John Reiser, Schultz inherited the top spot after polesitter and early leader Brenden Torok crashed working lap seven and led the rest of the way at the three-tenths-mile oval. Race Results7/4

  • All Stars)For the second time in his career, and for the first time at Attica Raceway Park, Republic, Ohio’s Cap Henry is an Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 main event winner, doing so over a stout contingent of 46 entries during night one of Cometic Gasket Ohio Sprint Speedweek presented by Hercules Tires. All Stars 7/4

  • Electric City Speedway MT)Sportsman Sprints A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 2-James Setters[2]; 2. 8-Tim McCune[4]; 3. 31W-Kory Wermling[8]; 4. 07T-Greg Tacke[1]; 5. 51-Rich Bailey[3]; 6. 4P-Cliff Nelson Jr[5]; 7. 24-Leroy Brush[7]; 8. 4N-John Nelson[6]; 9. (DNF) X34-Perry Maddox Jr[9]; 10. (DNS) 818-Cody Ryan 7/4

  • West Texas Raceway)305...A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 18-Lorne Wofford[2]; 2. 19-Wes Wofford[6]; 3. 74B-Kyle McCutcheon[8]; 4. 9-Robert Herrera[3]; 5. 99-Caleb Saiz[7]; 6. 11X-John Carney II[23]; 7. 99B-John Ricketts[9]; 8. 6C-Jett Carney[15]; 9. 83-Jett Hays[20]; 10. 56-Chris Douglas[22]; 11. 65-Richard Wilbee[5]; 12. 2B-Brett Becker[4]; 13. 30-Brandon Hickman[13]; 14. 24-Robert Pace[10]; 15. 78-Tyler Beiter[19]; 16. 33W-Drew Wakefield[12]; 17. 0C-Charlie Graham[21]; 18. 52NM-David Burns[14]; 19. 19D-Ryan Dalrymple[18]; 20. 22-Justin Lasiter[1]; 21. 16-Will Gonzalez[11]; 22. 22X-Jason Dennis[17]; 23. 116-Vance Wofford[16] 7/4

  • Knoxville Raceway IA)For the third time in his career, Brian Brown swept both the 360 and 410 classes at Knoxville Raceway Friday on Vermeer/“Salute the Troops” Night. The Grain Valley, Missouri driver earned $4,000 for his 410 win, and $2,000 for his 360 triumph. Another 360 win Saturday night would give Brown a $2,000 bonus. It was the 51st 410 win in his career here, and the 17th in a 360. Chase Young won his first career feature at the famous half-mile in the Pro Sprints presented by Pace Performance. BillW's Knoxville News 7/4

  • Attica Raceway Park OH)Cap Henry defended home turf Friday at Attica Raceway Park. The Republic, Ohio driver regained the lead on lap 35 and drove to his third win of the season at “Ohio’s Finest Racing” speed plant, defeating the invading Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions to open the Cometic Gasket Ohio Sprint Speedweek Presented by Hercules Tires. Race Results 7/4

Friday July 3rd 


Everybody wants to laugh - you know that. They need to laugh... people need to laugh. Carl Reiner



  • USCS)Lexington TN...Feature (25 Laps): 1. 3-Howard Moore[4]; 2. 17JR-Ricky Stenhouse Jr[5]; 3. M1-Mark Smith[6]; 4. 22-Connor Leoffler[2]; 5. 10M-Morgan Turpen[8]; 6. 10L-Landon Britt[1]; 7. 4D-Danny Smith[10]; 8. 10-Terry Gray[9]; 9. 4-Eddie Gallagher[3]; 10. 26-Marshall Skinner[11]; 11. 76-Mallie Shuster[14]; 12. 21B-Brandon McLain[7]; 13. 28-Jeff Willingham[12]; 14. 20-Jim Shuster[17]; 15. 2H-Tommy Hall[18]; 16. 12M-Greg Merritt[16]; 17. (DNF) 11B-Tyler Horn[15]; 18. (DNF) 8X-Tony Higgins[19]; 19. (DNF) 21-Spencer Meredith[20]; 20. (DNF) 10K-Dewayne White[21]; 21. (DNF) 72K-Rick Kahler[13]; 22. (DNS) 47-Dale Howard USCS7/3

  • Wagner Speedway SD)305 Sprints A Feature 1: 1. 43MB-Jesse Lindberg[3]; 2. 9ER7-John Otte[1]; 3. 17D-Bob Dvorak[4]; 4. 24J-Jeff Reiman[7]; 5. 99-Tony Drueke[2]; 6. 20-Logan Hershey[6]; 7. (DNF) 15F-Danial Frickel[9]; 8. (DNF) 10D-Daniel Nekolite[5]; 9. (DNF) 9-Neil Dvorak[8]7/3

  • USAC EC)Big Diamond Raceway PA...Weekend sweep for Steven Drevicki as he wins at Big Diamond. Biasi, Unglert, Quackenbush, and Perigo are your top 5, 7/3

  • Trail Way Speedway PA)358 Sprints A Feature 1: 1. 77-David Holbrook[1]; 2. 35-Steve Owings[12]; 3. 44-Dylan Norris[7]; 4. 00-Jeff Rohrbaugh[3]; 5. 99-Joe Trone Jr[2]; 6. 6-Tim McClelland[4]; 7. 77K-Steven Kisamore[11]; 8. 12K-Kyle Rohrbaugh[8]; 9. 1-Cody Phillips[15]; 10. 56-Jake Miller[13]; 11. 66A-Cody Fletcher[9]; 12. 17G-Devin Gundrum[10]; 13. 45R-Brett Rose[16]; 14. 12-George (Chip) Rupp II[14]; 15. (DNF) 48-Nat Tuckey[6]; 16. (DNF) 93-Mike Bittinger[5]; 17. (DNF) U2-Billy Heltzel Jr[17] 7/3

  • US 36 Raceway MO)305 Sprints A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 14-Joey Danley[2]; 2. 12-Tyler Drueke[5]; 3. 5-Stuart Snyder[9]; 4. 45-Monty Ferriera[15]; 5. 55-Kenny Potter[4]; 6. 7-Toby Chapman[10]; 7. 45X-Kyler Johnson[3]; 8. 11S-Shad Sporaa[11]; 9. 51-Alan Cunningham[12]; 10. 38-Austin Couch[1]; 11. (DNF) 73-Vince Franks[14]; 12. (DNF) 33-Monty Cook[8]; 13. (DNF) 92J-JR Topper[6]; 14. (DNF) 12P-Ryan Navratil[7]; 15. (DNS) 25-Gunnar Pike 7/3

  • US 36 Raceway MO)Non-Winged Sprints A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 11W-Wyatt Burks[9]; 2. 65-Chris Parkinson[3]; 3. 12-Wesley Smith[1]; 4. 22-Koby Barksdale[12]; 5. 28-Kory Schudy[4]; 6. 77-Jack Wagner[6]; 7. 37-Brian Beebe[14]; 8. 89-Todd McVay[15]; 9. 2-Kyle Lewis[8]; 10. 88-Chad Tye[11]; 11. 21C-Chris Desselle[21]; 12. 82-Christie Thomason[17]; 13. 52-Dean Bowers[19]; 14. 33L-Mark Lane[20]; 15. (DNF) 15E-Dakota Earls[18]; 16. (DNF) 1M-Don Droud Jr[13]; 17. (DNF) 2C-Zach Clark[10]; 18. (DNF) 9-Chad Goff[5]; 19. (DNF) 4-Braydon Cromwell[2]; 20. (DNF) 5BB-Robert Talley[16]; 21. (DNF) 41-Brad Wyatt[7]; 22. (DNS) 51-Mitchell Moore; 23. (DNS) 69-Zach Sanders7/3

  • Lincoln Speedway IL)Midgets...1 Sam Johnson St Peters, MO 72 2 Emerson Axsom Franklin, IN 15 3 Jake Neuman New Berlin, IL 3N 4 Mitchell Davis Auburn, IL 56D 5 Kyle Simon Covington, OH 23S 6 Landon Simon Indianapolis, IN 2 7 Austin O'Dell Rochester, IL 97 8 Jeff Beasley Urbana, IL 83 9 John Heitzman San Jose, IL 00 7/3

  • Caney Valley Speedway KS)Champ 360 Sprints - Winged AmeriFlex Hose Acesssories A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 8-Alex Sewell[1]; 2. 15D-Andrew Deal[8]; 3. 88-Terry Easum[2]; 4. 6-Cameron Hagin[3]; 5. 50Z-Zach Chappell[6]; 6. 9-Casey Buechler[15]; 7. 62-James Shoun[12]; 8. 22T-Frank Taft[17]; 9. 39-Kimberly Tyre[13]; 10. 30J-Larry Bratti[14]; 11. 5-Joe Bob Lee[7]; 12. 11-Avery Goodman[4]; 13. 9E-Kinzer Edwards[10]; 14. 31-Casey Wills[9]; 15. 2L-Brandon Leland[11]; 16. 32G-Kolton Gariss[5]; 17. 14-Matt Cash[16] 7/3

  • POWRi)West Midgets...Garden City KS...1 Cannon McIntosh Bixby, OK 08 2 Trey Gropp Lincoln, NE 00 3 Robert Dalby Anaheim, CA 4 4 Tristin Thomas Burlington, WA 26 5 Zac Taylor 71 6 Troy Simpson Fort Collins, CO 7T 7 Keith Rauch Denver, CO 27 8 Mike Woodruff Satanta, KS 11 9 Michelle Decker Guthrie, OK 7D 10 Chris Sheil Aurora, CO 91 11 Shannon McQueen Tehachapi, CA 7 12 Andrew Felker Carl Junction, MO 44S 13 Dustin Weland Parker, CO 88 14 Carson Garrett Littleton, CO 15 15 AJ Valim Monument, CO 4T 16 Adam Trimble Pueblo, CO 43T 17 Kyle Wilson Coweta, OK 07 18 Randy Oerter 48 19 Cade Cowles Bixby, OK 70 20 Bob Harr7/3

  • 34 Raceway IA)305 Sprints A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 27-Cody Wehrle[3]; 2. 71-Nathan Murders[1]; 3. 29K-Dan Keltner[2]; 4. 7B-Nick Guernsey[5]; 5. 78-Dugan Thye[6]; 6. 41-Noah Samuel[7]; 7. 9-Daniel Bergquist[8]; 8. 29W-Wyatt Wilkerson[12]; 9. 11C-Mason Campbell[4]; 10. 01-Travis Pence[15]; 11. 83M-Kurt Mueller[13]; 12. 83-Dave Getchell[17]; 13. 17J-Joey Laue[14]; 14. 16U-Bob Uppinghouse[16]; 15. 16-Devon Rouse[11]; 16. 56-Matt Krieger[10]; 17. 51J-Blaine Jamison[18]; 18. 40-Andy Huston[9]; 19. (DNS) 4J-Justin Parrish 7/3

  • World of Outlaws)Confidence can be a superpower. Reigning World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series Champion Brad Sweet proved that Friday night at Cedar Lake Speedway. Like Superman having to fight his way through a rolodex of foes to save Lois Lane, Sweet powered his way by six competitors in under 35 laps to claim his sixth win of 2020. He also pocketed the $20,000 top prize – the second biggest winner’s purse of the year. World of Outlaws7/3

  • NOSA)Grand Forks ND...1 #55 Nick Ranten 2 #8B Jack Croaker 3 #11M Brendan Mullen 4 #9N Wade Nygaard 5 #2A Austin Pierce 6 #31 Shane Roemeling 7 #8H Jade Hastings 8 #27 Chris Ranten 9 #0 Nick Omdahl 10 #20A Jordan Adams 11 #99 Jordan Graham 12 #26 Blake Egeland 13 #4 Colton Young 14 #17 Zach Omdahl 15 #41T Travis Strandell 16 #10TRB Bob Martin 17 #14T Tim Estenson 18 #14 Tom Egeland 7/3

  • Williams Grove Speedway PA)Kyle Larson grabbed the lead from Brent Marks and went on to win the Mitch Smith Memorial Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway -the crown jewel of Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek. Larson’s first career Williams Grove win was worth $15,000. It was his third win of Speedweek and nearly clinched the series championship for the Elk Grove, Calif., driver. Central PA 7/3

  • MSCS)Putnamville IN...1 #74 Shane Cottle 2 #4 Justin Grant 3 #19 Chris Windom 4 #30 CJ Leary 5 #5 S Chase Stockon 6 #04 AJ Hopkins 7 #34 Brent Beauchamp 8 #9 K Kevin Thomas Jr. 9 #17 Dakota Jackson 10 #36 D Dave Darland 11 #71 P Carson Short 12 #3 R Kyle Cummins 13 #19 AZ Tanner Thorson 14 #32 Garrett Aitken 15 #6 Mario Clouser 16 #14 Jadon Rogers 17 #53 Brayden Fox 18 #77 Dustin Smith 19 #28 Brandon Mattox 20 #20 B Jake Bland 21 #10 Aric Gentry 22 #5 Anton Hernandez 23 #69 Brady Bacon 24 #44 Dickie Gaines 7/3

  • All Stars)Ohio Speedweek Night 1 Attica OH...1 #4 Cap Henry 2 #11N Buddy Kofoid 3 #87 Aaron Reutzel 4 #91 Cale Thomas 5 #3C Cale Conley 6 #13 Paul McMahan 7 #W20 Greg Wilson 8 #35 Stuart Brubaker 9 #3 Jac Haudenschild 10 #81 Lee Jacobs 11 #O9 Craig Mintz 12 #11 Zeb Wise 13 #16 DJ Foos 14 #17 Josh Baughman 15 #99 Skylar Gee 16 #9J Dean Jacobs 17 #8M TJ Michael 18 #26 Cory Eliason 19 #68G Tyler Gunn 20 #7BC Tyler Courtney 21 #28 Tim Shaffer 22 #9Z Duane Zablocki 23 #1 Nate Dussel 24 #83M Broc Martin 7/3

  • Kokomo Speedway IN)1 #57 Clinton Boyles 2 #00 T. Meseraull 3 #57c Cole Bodine 4 #22 Scotty Weir 5 #41 Cole Ketcham 6 #18 Jarett Andretti 7 #33m Matt Westfall 8 #79bt Max Guilford 9 #775 Travie Berryhill 10 #1H Korbyn Haysleff 11 #24 Brian VanMeveren 12 #39 Matt Goodknight 13 #97 Austin Nigh 14 #34 Sterling Cling 15 #77 Hunter O'Neal 16 #11ag Chase Jones 17 #01 Anthony D'Alessio 18 #9Z Zack Pretorius 19 #07 Ricky Lewis 20 #24p Shane Cockrum 7/3

  • Lernerville Speedway PA)1 #46 Michael Bauer 2 #08 Dan Kuriger 3 #13 Brandon Matus 4 #22 Brandon Spithaler 5 #11 Carl Bowser 6 #33 Brent Matus 7 #12G Darin Gallagher 8 #23 Darren Pifer 9 #C1 Clay Riney 10 #18J R.J. Jacobs 11 #7K Dan Shetler 12 #12 Corbin Gurley 13 #250 Jared McFarland 14 #44 Pete Landrum 15 #76 Davey Jones 16 #38 Leyton Wagner 17 #23jr Jack Sodeman Jr 18 #2 A.J. Flick 19 #55 Gary Kreiss Jr 20 #J4 John Garvin 7/3



  • Column)Pat & Bruce Eckel have their column from a late night at Paragon Speedway where Dakota Jackson scored the win after executing a slider gone wrong on long time leader, Jadon Rogers, on lap 21.A Typical Weekend 7/3

  • URSS)The Independence Day weekend got off to an early start at Dodge City Raceway Park on Thursday night with Brett Becker picking up the $1,000 winner’s share in the Mel Hambelton Ford Racing POWRi United Rebel Sprint Series vs. DCRP “Sprint Car Clash” atop the 3/8-mile clay oval. Race Results 7/3

  • USCS)Howard Moore from Memphis, Tennessee made his first USCS Victory Lane stop of the 2020 season at Riverside International Speedway. Moore started outside the front row next to 12-time series Champion Terry Gray from Bartlett, Tennessee then led every lap of the caution free 30-lap contest to best the stellar 30-car field of competitors and earn his parking spot and photo op.. It was his first USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour win of the 2020 season. USCS 7/3

  • Photos)Steve Koletar shots from Orange County Fair Speedway NY USAC East Coast Sprints are in SpeedShotz 7/3


  • IRA)Tickets are now available and ON SALE NOW for Wisconsin’s richest ever sprint car race, The Rayce Rudeen Foundation Race. Scheduled for Thursday night, July 30th at the Plymouth Dirt Track in Plymouth, Wisconsin, featuring a $26,000 TO WIN, co-sanctioned show with the Ollie's Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions and the Bumper To Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Series. IRA 7/3

  • KWS NARC)The July 11th NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprint Car Series show scheduled at Petaluma Speedway has been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Without fans being allowed to attend in the main grandstands, it is financially impossible to stage this event. The next scheduled event is on July 18th at Ocean Speedway. This will be the 10th Annual Howard Kaeding Classic. More details to follow in the days to come.7/3

  • ASCS)Back at Lake Ozark Speedway on Saturday, July 4, the ASCS Warrior Region presented by Impact Signs, Awnings, and Wraps will headline the night's racing action along with a massive fireworks display following the races. ASCS 7/3

  • SpeedSport)The Unique Friendship Between Dewease & Larson 7/3

  • USAC)This weekend’s Bill Gardner Sprintacular two-night doubleheader co-sanctioned by the USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship and the Midwest Sprint Car Series at Lincoln Park Speedway will utilize both series’ formats on each night of the event, Friday and Saturday night, July 3-4. 7/3

  • USAC)Chase Stockon, the ultimate ironman of USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car competition with a record 301 consecutive feature starts dating back to 2012, will occupy a new ride for the remainder of the 2020 USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car season beginning with this weekend’s Bill Gardner Sprintacular, Friday and Saturday night, July 3-4 at Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville, Ind.

  • USAC)A slew of USAC National champions, standouts, stars and race winners have filed their entries thus far for the 2nd annual Brandt Corn Belt Nationals on July 10-11 at Iowa’s Knoxville Raceway featuring the USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship and the POWRi WAR Sprint Car League.

  • IMCA)IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National Point Standings through July 1 IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars – 1. Tyler Drueke, Eagle, Neb., 460; 2. Zach Blurton, Quinter, Kan., 308; 3. Trefer Waller, Oneill, Neb., 268; 4. Stuart Snyder, Lincoln, Neb., 266; 5. Garrett Bard, Wells Tannery, Pa., 253; 6. Ryan Voss, Spirit Lake, Iowa, 248; 7. Kyler Johnson, Quinter, Kan., 247; 8. Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg, S.D., 241; 9. Trey Burke, League City, Texas, 225; 10. Chad Wilson, North Richland Hills, Texas, Jay Russell, Wathena, Kan., and Christopher Thram, Sanborn, Minn., each 220; 13. Toby Chapman, Panama, Neb., 218; 14. Larry McVay, Bordentown, N.J., 214; 15. John Lambertz, Sioux Falls, S.D., 211; 16. Daniel Nekolite, Oneill, Neb., 209; 17. John Walp, Wapwallopen, Pa., 201; 18. Adam Gullion, Lincoln, Neb., 195; 19. Justin Clark, Hamersville, Ohio, 189; 20. Kyle Keen, Carlisle, Pa., 185.7/3

  • PA Speedweek)2020 RED ROBIN SPEEDWEEK POINTS 1. 57 Kyle Larson 1091* 2. 48 Danny Dietrich 979* 3. 51 Freddie Rahmer 899* 4. 72 Ryan Smith 873* 5. 24 Rico Abreu 777* 6. 5 Brent Marks 775* 7. 3z Brock Zearfoss 754* 8. 39M Anthony Macri 725* 9. 39 Sammy Swindell 640* 10. 69K Lance Dewease 588 11. 24 Lucas Wolfe 552* 12. 99M Kyle Moody 461* 13. 1 Logan Wagner 440* 14. 91 Kyle Reinhardt 416* 14. 87 Aaron Reutzel 416 16. 55 Mike Wagner 357* 17. 75 Chase Dietz 295* 18. 87 Alan Krimes 286 19. 11 T J Stutts 281* 20. 1x Chad Trout 276 21. 21 Brian Montieth 260 22. 21 Christopher Bell 254 23. 5 Dylan Cisney 219* 24. 26 Cory Eliason 200 25. 55K Robbie Kendall 198 26. 12 Robert Ballou 177* 27. 45 Jeff Halligan 158 28. 33 Jared Esh 146* 29. 12 Blane Heimbach 127 30. 88 Brandon Rahmer 123 31. 19 Troy Wagaman Jr 122 32. 15 Adam Wilt 115 33. 25 Tyler Bear 102 34. 69 Tim Glatfelter 100 35. 5E Tim Wagaman 99 36. 59 Jim Siegel 96 37. 14T Tyler Walton 90 38. 20 Ryan Taylor 86 39. 47K Kody Lehman 85 40. 1W/16 Matt Campbell 78 41. 37 J J Grasso 77 42. 67 Justin Whittall 75 43. 19M Landon Myers 74 44. 0 Rick Lafferty 63 45. 2 A J Flick 57 46. 39 Cale Thomas 54 46. 2w Glenndon Forsythe 54 48. 44 Dylan Norris 53 49. 73B Brett Michalski 50 50. 17B Steve Buckwalter 48 51. 8 Billy Dietrich 47 52. 19 Curt Stroup 33 52. 38 Mark Smith 33 52. 33W Michael Walter II 33 55. 91 Tony Fiore 30 56. 9 Dalton Dietrich 25 57. 59s Steve Wilbur 22 57. 35 Chad Layton 22 59. 5 Tyler Ross 21 59. 27G Jay Galloway 21 61. 27s Adrain Shaffer 19 61.. 7 Trey Hivner 19 63. 75 Nicole Bower 16 64. 35 Tyler Reeser 15 64. 880 Drew Ritchey 15 66. 49H Bradley Howard 14 67. 14c Dave Carlberg 13 68. 16a Aaron Bollinger 10 68. 21T Scott Fisher 10 70. 15c Kurt Conklin 8 71. 12 Brent Shearer 7 72. 85 Ricky Dieva 6 73. 66 Doug Hammaker 4 73. 12W Troy Fraker 1 73. 24B Dustin Baney 1 76. 97 Brie Hershey 0 7/3

  • PRI)The July 2020 issue of PRI Magazine offers insight into the world of vintage racing, provides retail strategies that work, and dives into cooling system components. Also, read the two-part Special Report on how the motorsports industry is adjusting to the pandemic. Plus, learn about opportunities in the drift market, and get the inside scoop on what racers should know about racing batteries, alternators, and starters. 7/3

  • Sprint Car Bandits)The 360C.I. NCRA Sprint Car Bandits (SCB) series 2020 tour continues at the 1/4 mile 'bullring' oval of Heart O' Texas Speedway (HOT) in Waco on Friday, July 10th with the running of the Muscular Dystrophy Association ‘Muscling in the Dirt’ night. This is the final event before the scheduled Summer Break for the Sprint Car Bandits series, so don’t miss it! This season has been filled with thrilling events and great turnouts, and we expect another night of fun on July 10th at HOT!Press Releases7/3

Thursday July 2nd 


I was planning on my future as a homeless person. I had a really good spot picked out. Larry David



  • Riverside International Speedway AR)USCS Sprints Feature (30 Laps): 1. 3-Howard Moore[2]; 2. 67-Hayden Martin[4]; 3. 17JR-Ricky Stenhouse Jr[13]; 4. 4G-Eddie Gallagher[6]; 5. 47-Dale Howard[8]; 6. 26-Marshall Skinner[3]; 7. M1-Mark Smith[5]; 8. 10-Terry Gray[1]; 9. 2-Brad Bowden[15]; 10. 91A-Ernie Ainsworth[14]; 11. 10M-Morgan Turpen[10]; 12. G6-Cody Gardner[16]; 13. 10K-Dewayne White[9]; 14. 22-Connor Leoffler[17]; 15. 61-Cody Howard[18]; 16. 10L-Landon Britt[7]; 17. 24-Jeffrey West Jr[21]; 18. 28-Jeff Willingham[22]; 19. (DNF) 20-Jim Shuster[23]; 20. (DNF) 27J-Joseph Poe Jr[20]; 21. (DNF) 72K-Rick Kahler[11]; 22. (DNF) 76-Mallie Shuster[19]; 23. (DNF) 4-Danny Smith[12] 7/2

  • Paragon Speedway IN)A Feature 1: 1. 3-Dakota Jackson[1]; 2. 6-Chris Phillips[10]; 3. 5*-Tye Mihocko[3]; 4. 04-AJ Hopkins[17]; 5. 53-Brayden Fox[7]; 6. 33-Jake Scott[8]; 7. 17-Josh Cunningham[13]; 8. 5-Jesse Vermillion[21]; 9. 57-Cole Bodine[12]; 10. 07-Ricky Lewis[18]; 11. 77S-Travis Berryhill[15]; 12. 79-Max Guilford[14]; 13. 77-Critter Malone[4]; 14. 14-Jadon Rogers[6]; 15. 00-Thomas Meseraull[9]; 16. 16-Joey Parker[2]; 17. 22-Brandon Spencer[5]; 18. 71B-Braxton Cummings[19]; 19. 34F-Parker Frederickson[20]; 20. 16B-Harley Burns[11]; 21. 16K-Ben Knight[16] 7/2

  • GLSS)Tri-City Motor Speedway MI...1 #17 Jared Horstman 2 #71H Ryan Ruhl 3 #49T Gregg Dalman 4 #97 Max Stambaugh 5 #2 Ricky Peterson 6 #7C Phil Gressman 7 #23 Devon Dobie 8 #16W Chase Ridenour 9 #85 Dustin Daggett 10 #27 Brad Lamberson 11 #22M Dan McCarron 12 #10S Jay Steinebach 13 #5M Trevor Berry 14 #19 Linden Jones 15 #77 Andrew Scheid 16 #28M Conner Morrell 17 #13 Nathan Barouch 18 #70 Eli Lakin 19 #09 Justin Adams 20 #3A Mike Astrauskas 21 #24 Eric Smith 22 #23S Brad Strunk 7/2

  • World of Outlaws)Daryn Pittman outlasted three rounds of elimination in a special Feature Thursday night at Cedar Lake Speedway to earn his first win at the Wisconsin track during the Independence Day Spectacular weekend. For the first time, the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series ran a special $3,000-to-win 23-lap Elimination Showdown at the 3/8-mile track, after running two qualifying sessions for Friday and Saturday’s programs.World of Outlaws  7/2

  • Dodge City Raceway Park KS)The Independence Day weekend got off to an early start at Dodge City Raceway Park on Thursday night with Brett Becker picking up the $1,000 winner’s share in the DCRP vs. United Rebel Sprint Series “Sprint Car Clash” atop the 3/8-mile clay oval. Race Results 7/2

  • USAC EC)Middletown NY...1 #19 Steven Drevicki 2 #56 Billy VanInwegen 3 #28 Davie Franek 4 #32 Eric Jennings 5 #00 Danny Varin 6 #5G Tim Buckwalter 7 #71 Chris Allen 8 #B1 Joey Biasi 9 #17J Jonathan Swanson 10 #33B Bill Unglert 11 #1Q Thomas Radivoy 12 #5Q Ryan Quackenbush 13 #7 Alex Yankowski 14 #17M Christian Bruno 15 #91 Bobby Flood 16 #117 David Swanson 17 #83 Bruce Buckwalter 18 #67 Jason Cherry 19 #H20 Dan Malley 20 #96 Lee Kauffman 7/2

  • Hagerstown Speedway MD)PA Speedweek Night 7   30 LAPS 32 CARS 1. 57 Kyle Larson 2. 5 Brent Marks 3. 39 Sammy Swindell 4. 24 Rico Abreu 5. 51 Freddie Rahmer 6. 39M Anthony Macri 7. 72 Ryan Smith 8. 48 Danny Dietrich 9. 75 Chase Dietz 10. 55 Mike Wagner 11. 3z Brock Zearfoss 12. 99M Kyle Moody 13. 91 Kyle Reinhardt 14. 1 Logan Wagner 15. 1x Chad Trout 16. 73B Brett Michalski 17. 12 Robert Ballou 18 11 T J Stutts 19. 33 Jared Esh 20. 67 Justin Whittall 21. 88 Brandon Rahmer 22. 24 Lucas Wolfe 23. 5 Dylan Cisney 24. 55K Robbie Kendall Lap Leaders; Larson 1-30 Fast Time; Larson 15.593 Heat Winners; Reinhardt, Marks, R. Smith, Swindell B-Main Winner; Kendall DNQ: 66 Doug Hammaker, 14T Tyler Walton, 12 Brent Shearer, 27s Adrian Shaffer, 59s Steve Wilbur, 880 Drew Ritchey, 69 Tim Glatfelter, 19 Troy Wagaman Jr  7/2

  • SCONE)#8 Adam Pierson won the SCONE feature at Devils Bowl VT Thursday. 7/2


  • Skagit Speedway WA)Due to the large amounts of rain the past 24 hours, the cool temperatures and the high probability of rain this evening we are forced to cancel tonight's program. We're going to reschedule the Independence Day Open to Thursday July 23rd. 7/2

  • Brad Doty Classic)There’s no doubt we are living in strange times. But one thing remains constant – the Brad Doty Classic. The 32nd Annual Ohio Logistics Brad Doty Classic Presented by Racing Optics will take place at Attica Raceway Park on Tuesday, July 14 featuring the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series. This will be the first Ohio appearance of the year for the World of Outlaws. And, the event – at least for 2020 – has a rain date – Wednesday, July 15. The BDC will pay the feature winner $10,000 and it will be a full World of Outlaws purse. Press Releases7/2

  • Column)Danny Burton has notes from Terre Haute IN USAC IN Hoosier Race Report 7/2


  • Photos)Kris Keath & Steve Koletar shots from Port Royal Speedway PA Speedweek are in SpeedShotz 7/2

  • ESS)Paulie Colagiovanni dominated the 2019 season with the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints en route to his first career title. On Wednesday night the series returned to action for the first time in 2020 with Colagiovanni not skipping a beat. Race Results 7/2

  • Port Royal Speedway PA)Located just outside the entrance to the front stretch grandstands, there are several reserved parking spots for the Port Royal Speedway. Whether they be for sponsors or fans, they are the best spots in the facility. Though, for the past four weekends Anthony Macri has found his own reserved parking spot- victory lane- and he is getting paid quite nicely to park there. Macri found himself sitting in the newly constructed victory lane for 2020 as a winner for the fourth consecutive race, besting Lance Dewease and Aaron Reutzel for the Round 6 of Pennsylvania Speedweek presented by Red Robin Gourmet Burgers triumph. The win was the first Speedweek triumph of Macri’s career and was worth $7000. Central PA 7/2


  • Placerville Speedway CA)Racing returns to Placerville Speedway on Independence Day with four divisions tackling the familiar red clay this Saturday including Winged 360 Sprint Cars, Ltd. Late Models, Pure Stocks and Mini Trucks. The Fourth of July show will unfortunately have no fireworks this year and the grandstands will be closed. An important change to the guidelines is the fact that the parking tiers WILL NOW BE CLOSED to all personal vehicles. To assist with needed room in the pit area, no personal vehicles will be allowed to park in the pits. Also, per the state of California mandate, face masks/coverings are mandatory for those attending the event. All other procedures remain in place and are listed at the bottom of this release. Press Releases7/2

  • All Stars)Originally scheduled to be headlined during Memorial Day weekend, Port Royal Speedway’s Bob Weikert Memorial found a new home on the 2020 Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 schedule and will now be featured on Saturday and Sunday, July 18-19. An unofficial precursor to the upcoming two-day Tuscarora 50 in mid-September, the 2020 Bob Weikert Memorial will award a pair of $10,000 top prizes.All Stars 7/2

  • Zane Lawrence)Zane Lawrence has been back in the saddle of both his own 360ci sprint car and Bob Odom's 305ci sprint car since racing resumed a few weeks ago. Lawrence has raced for Odom in several starts with the Texas Sprint Series at various tracks since late May, earning top 10s at Boyd Raceway in Boyd, Texas, on May 26; at Kennedale Speedway Park on June 6; at Grayson County Speedway in Bells, Texas, on June 13; and at 82 Speedway in Petty, Texas, on June 20. Press Releases7/2



  • Photos)Mark Funderburk shots from Terre Haute IN USAC Sprints are in SpeedShotz 7/2


  • Port Royal Speedway PA)PA Speedweek Night 6    30 LAPS 40 CARS 1. 39M Anthony Macri 2. 69K Lance Dewease 3. 87 Aaron Reutzel 4. 57 Kyle Larson 5. 1 Logan Wagner 6. 48 Danny Dietrich 7. 72 Ryan Smith 8. 5M Brent Marks 9. 51 Freddie Rahmer 10. 3z Brock Zearfoss 11. 24 Rico Abreu 12. 55 Mike Wagner 13. 24 Lucas Wolfe 14. 87 Alan Krimes 15. 47K Kody Lehman 16. 98 Kyle Reinhardt 17. 39 Sammy Swindell 18. 2 A J Flick 19. 14T Tyler Walton 20. 11 T J Stutts 21. 25 Tyler Bear 22. 26 Cory Eliason 23. 55K Robbie Kendall DNS 21 Christopher Bell Lap Leaders; L. Wagner 1-15, Macri 16-30 Fast Time; First Flight; Larson 16.246 ; Second Flight; Macri 16.495 Heat Winners; Dewease, L. Wagner, Zearfoss, Bell B-Main Winner; Krimes DNQ; 5 Dylan Cisney, 99M Kyle Moody, 8 Billy Dieterich, 12 Blane Heimbach, 75 Chase Dietz, 12 Robert Ballou, 17B Steve Buckwalter, 20 Ryan Taylor, 91 Tony Fiore, 1x Chad Trout, 67 Justin Whittall, 33 Jared Esh, 35 Tyler Reeser, 45 Jeff Halligan, 880 Drew Ritchey, 97 Brie Hershey 7/2

  • URC)Port Royal PA...A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 20-Anthony Macri[3]; 2. 55-Dallas Schott[4]; 3. 22P-Jonathan Preston[1]; 4. 77-Derek Locke[7]; 5. 63-Josh Weller[8]; 6. 7X-Steve Buckwalter[20]; 7. 66-Ryan Kissinger[9]; 8. 47-Adam Carberry[16]; 9. 35-Chad Layton[2]; 10. 5-Tyler Ross[12]; 11. 56V-Billy VanInwegen Jr[10]; 12. 23J-Jake Eldreth[6]; 13. 66A-Cody Fletcher[21]; 14. 21R-Tyler Brehm[19]; 15. 11A-Austin Bishop[5]; 16. 5G-Curt Michael[17]; 17. 7-Ed Aikin[11]; 18. 54-Joey Amantea[15]; 19. 42-Jesse Pruchnik[23]; 20. 2-Dave Axton[14]; 21. 11-Ryan Stillwaggon[13]; 22. (DNF) 5K-Jake Karklin[24]; 23. (DNF) 15-Tyler Templin[22]; 24. (DNF) 7T-Michael Thomas[18]; 25. (DNS) 23-Justin Foster; 26. (DNS) 11Z-Zach Newlin 7/2

  • USAC)Sprints...Terre Haute IN...1 #19 Chris Windom 2 #4 Justin Grant 3 #32 Chase Stockon 4 #34AZ Jake Swanson 5 #71P Carson Short 6 #19AZ Tanner Thorson 7 #9K Kevin Thomas Jr. 8 #5M Max Adams 9 #98 Brandon Morin 10 #5 Anton Hernandez 11 #33M Matt Westfall 12 #28 Brandon Mattox 13 #6P Chris Phillips 14 #17K Kendall Ruble 15 #24 Nate McMillin 16 #27 Steve Thomas 17 #77 Dustin Smith 18 #69 Brady Bacon 19 #30 C.J. Leary 20 #17 Nick Bilbee 21 #56 Mitchell Davis 22 #29 Mitch Wissmiller 7/2

  • Atomic Speedway OH)Hunter Schuerenberg #55 won the main Wednesday night. 7/2

  • PA Speedweek)2020 RED ROBIN SPEEDWEEK POINTS 1. 57 Kyle Larson 908* 2. 48 Danny Dietrich 861* 3. 51 Freddie Rahmer 771* 4. 72 Ryan Smith 752* 5. 3z Brock Zearfoss 654* 6. 24 Rico Abreu 636* 7. 5 Brent Marks 632* 8. 39M Anthony Macri 600* 9. 69K Lance Dewease 588 10. 24 Lucas Wolfe 514* 11. 1/39 Sammy Swindell 504* 12. 87 Aaron Reutzel 416 13. 99M Kyle Moody 375* 14. 1 Logan Wagner 369* 15. 91/98 Kyle Reinhardt 323* 16. 87 Alan Krimes 286 17. 21 Brian Montieth 260 19. 55 Mike Wagner 259* 20. 21 Christopher Bell 254 21. 11 T J Stutts 233* 22. 75 Chase Dietz 206* 23. 1x Chad Trout 203 24. 26 Cory Eliason 200 25. 5 Dylan Cisney 199* 26. 55K Robbie Kendall 171 27. 45 Jeff Halligan 158 28. 12 Robert Ballou 129* 29. 12 Blane Heimbach 127 30. 15 Adam Wilt 115 31. 19 Troy Wagaman Jr 107 32. 33 Jared Esh 106* 33. 25 Tyler Bear 102 34. 5E Tim Wagaman 99 35. 59 Jim Siegel 96 36. 69 Tim Glatfelter 95 37. 88 Brandon Rahmer 88 38. 20 Ryan Taylor 86 39. 47K Kody Lehman 85 40. 14T Tyler Walton 78 40. 1W/16 Matt Campbell 78 42. 37 J J Grasso 77 43. 19M Landon Myers 74 44. 0 Rick Lafferty 63 45. 2 A J Flick 57 46. 39 Cale Thomas 54 46. 2w Glenndon Forsythe 54 48. 44 Dylan Norris 53 49. 73B Brett Michalski 50 49. 67 Justin Whittall 50 51. 17B Steve Buckwalter 48 52. 8 Billy Dietrich 47 53. 19 Curt Stroup 33 53. 38 Mark Smith 33 53. 33W Michael Walter II 33 56. 91 Tony Fiore 30 57. 9 Dalton Dietrich 25 58. 35 Chad Layton 22 59. 5 Tyler Ross 21 59. 27G Jay Galloway 21 61. 59s Steve Wilbur 20 62.. 7 Trey Hivner 19 63. 75 Nicole Bower 16 64. 35 Tyler Reeser 15 65. 880 Drew Ritchey 14 65. 49H Bradley Howard 14 67. 14c Dave Carlberg 13 68. 27s Adrian Shaffer 12 69. 16a Aaron Bollinger 10 69. 21T Scott Fisher 10 72. 15c Kurt Conklin 8 73. 85 Ricky Dieva 6 74. 66 Doug Hammaker 1 74. 12W Troy Fraker 1 74. 24B Dustin Baney 1 74. 12 Brent Shearer 1 78. 97 Brie Hershey 0 7/2

Wednesday July 1st 


I want to walk into a room, be it a hospital for the dying or a hospital for the sick children, and feel that I am needed. I want to do, not just to be. Princess Diana



  • US 36 Raceway MO)Two big nights of racing are set for this weekend at US 36 Raceway. This Friday, July 3, is the Budweiser Shootout. After two postponements, US 36 has remained persistent in completing the Bud Shootout. The Sprint Series of Nebraska are once again prepared to make their first appearance at US 36 in 2020. Along with the SSN, the USAC Midwest Wingless Racing Association will also make their first appearance in 2020. Press Releases7/1

  • High Banks Hall of Fame)Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the High Banks Hall of Fame In Belleville, Kansas, has decided to postpone the 2020 Induction Ceremony scheduled for July 30, 2020. As of this time we are planning on combining the 2020 induction with the 2021 induction which will be held in late July or early August of 2021. As soon as we have the new date firmed up we will send out notices with details on the rescheduled ceremony. We regret any inconvenience this postponement has caused, but we want to make sure that when the induction does take place that everyone who wants to attend the ceremony will be able to do so without risking their health or the health of their loved ones.7/1

  • Siskiyou Golden Speedway CA)Siskiyou Golden Speedway was in action for the third in 2020 on Saturday, June 27th. Three classes were on the card including the Limited Sprints, IMCA Sport Mods, and Mini Stocks. It was the first time this year that the Mini Stocks and Limited Sprints visited the Siskiyou County Fairgrounds facility. Race Results 7/1

  • TSS)Next week the Texas Sprint Series (TSS) RaceSaver IMCA sanctioned sprint cars travel to West Texas with the running of the Sizzling Summer Sprint Classic being held at Abilene Speedway in Abilene Texas. TSS driver pre-entry to the event is now open. TSS drivers planning on competing in the TSS portion of the Abilene event must pre-enter at (on the ‘rules’ page) by Wednesday, July 8th. Press Releases7/1

  • World of Outlaws)Ten-time World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series champion Donny Schatz has been the standard of excellence in Sprint Car racing for almost two decades. Now, reigning champion Brad Sweet said he believes he and his Kasey Kahne Racing team have reached the high bar Schatz had set and have surpassed it. World of Outlaws 7/1

  • RUSH)After finally opening the 2020 season last weekend at Lernerville Speedway as part of the "Firecracker 100" with the World of Outlaws Late Models, the Pace Performance RUSH Dirt Late Model Touring Series together with Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC is set to resume action this Saturday night (July 4) at Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway for the annual "Herb Scott Memorial". Saturday will be the first of three appearances for the Tour at the "Monster Half-Mile" in 2020 and will be a RUSH tripleheader as Pace Performance Weekly Series events will be on tap for the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Sportsman Modifieds and the Equipment Rental Options Sprint Cars. Warm-ups begin at 6 p.m. with heat races at 7. Press Releases7/1

  • Port Royal Speedway PA)Please make note, for all ads that have been put together and for the website schedule- July 18th will no longer be the Open Wheel Madness show and it will be part of the Bob Weikert Memorial 2-day weekend now. There will likely be supporting series on each night, but for now make not that this should be the new schedule for those dates. Breaking News- The Bob Weikert Memorial at Port Royal Speedway has been rescheduled for Saturday, July 18 and Sunday, July 19 featuring the Ollie's Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions Pricing, Purse and more general information will be released in the near future! 7/1

  • DirtTrackr)'s weekly email newsletter! Each week, we'll share cool videos, stories, podcast episodes, and more! If you have suggestions or questions about this newsletter, the site, or the DIRTRACKR Daily podcast, email us at Speedweeks Pennsylvania Speedweek is ongoing right now, and Ohio Speedweek starts Friday night. Kyle Larson currently leads the PA Speedweek points over Danny Dietrich, while Dale Blaney was the Ohio Speedweek champion in 2019. If you'd like to keep up, make sure your following @PASpeedweek and @ASCoC on Twitter, and you can watch all the racing live on FloRacing. Press Releases7/1

  • Rich Bailey)Rich Bailey scored his second top five in a row during a Rocky Mountain Sprint Car Series show at Electric City Speedway last Friday. Bailey, who was driving for Mike Quigley, had to overcome a couple of problems during the night to secure a fourth-place finish for the second straight week. Press Releases7/1

  • Jack Dover)Mechanical woes kept Jack Dover from likely winning a pair of Carpet Land Nebraska 360 Sprints races last weekend. Dover was leading two features when he was stymied by the trouble, which dropped him to a runner-up result on Friday at I-80 Speedway in Greenwood, Neb., and a 10th-place outing on Saturday at Shelby County Speedway. Press Releases7/1

  • Gas City I-69 Speedway IN)Tickets are now on sale for the opening round of the 33rd annual NOS Energy Drink USAC Indiana Sprint Week, which will be held at Gas City I-69 Speedway on Friday, July 24. Advance ticket demand is expected to be at an all-time high for the biggest week of non-wing sprint car racing in the country, especially with crowd limitations due to COVID-19. Fans are urged to get their tickets as soon as possible online at There is no guarantee of ticket sales at the gate for this show, which will feature the USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car Series and non-wing 600cc micro-sprints. Press Releases7/1

  • Garet Williamson)Good finishes breed confidence and lead to more positive results. Since Garet Williamson recorded his first career sprint car win in early June, the Missouri driver has showcased speed and logged consistent runs. That continued last week when the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour continued its 2020 season after more than a three-month delay. Press Releases7/1

  • Brenham Crouch)Brenham Crouch will shift gears back to his micro sprint this weekend as a marquee event awaits. Crouch is slated to make his debut at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex in Sweet Springs, Mo., this Thursday through Saturday during the John Hinck Championship. The winged outlaw event pays a whopping $20,000 to win and will draw many of the top competitors from around the country. Press Releases7/1

  • Greg Wilson)Greg Wilson captured his fourth top-10 outing of the season during Ollie's Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions competition last Saturday at Volunteer Speedway. It marked the first since October 2010 that Wilson and his Hercules Tires, Ohio Logistics, DNC Hydraulics and Gear Off Road sponsored team visited the high-banked oval, where he qualified 11th quickest overall and placed second in a heat race to garner the 10th starting position for the main event. Press Releases7/1

  • Brian Brown)Brian Brown is invading Knoxville Raceway on Friday and Saturday in search of two strong runs after misfortune ended the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series' 42nd annual AGCO Jackson Nationals early last weekend. June 25 - Jackson Motorplex in Jackson, Minn. - Qualifying: 10; Heat race: 4 (4); Feature: 13 (14). Press Releases7/1

  • POWRi)Lincoln, Nebraska-native, Trey Gropp, is making a valiant effort to capture POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Rookie of the Year honors. The 16-year-old, driver of Jay Mounce's MSW #00, Trey Gropp and team have their goals set in hopes to capture the Rookie of the Year title for the 2020 race season. Gropp ran multiple races in a Non-Wing 410 sprint car in 2019 with the POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprint Car League, along with many micro races across the country. Gropp brings solid momentum with multiple top 10 finishes in both divisions and a win in Fairbury, Nebraska in the 600cc Non-winged micro division.Press Releases7/1



  • Wilmot Raceway WI)A pair of first time feature winners highlighted Wilmot Raceway's Tuesday, June 30 Fireworks Spectacular. Bristol's Chris Klemko ended a 6-year drought by scoring a hard fought win in the first of two features for the Autometer/Brewington Electric Wisconsin Wingless Sprints. Klemko's late dad, a Wilmot champion in the 1980s, would have been proud of the run his son had winning his first ever main event. Oconomowoc's Ryan Zielski was second with defending Wilmot Champion Jimmy Sivia of Winthrop Harbor, IL third.Race Results 7/1

  • Photos)Shots by Steve Koletar from PA Speedweek Night #4 at Lincoln Speedway & #5 from Grandview Speedway are in SpeedShotz 7/1


  • Port Royal Speedway PA)The Bob Weikert Memorial featuring the Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit Of Champions has been rescheduled for Saturday and Sunday July 18th and 19th. 7/1

  • USAC)The USAC Western States Midgets make their return to action on Saturday night, July 18, at California’s Petaluma Speedway. The co-sanctioned event with the Bay Cities Racing Association (BCRA) Midgets will be a non-point race for the USAC Western States Midgets and pay $600-to-win and $100 to start. USAC 7/1

  • USAC)Tickets for the 33rd annual Indiana Sprint Week series July 24 through August 1 will go on sale today at noon ET, Wednesday, July 1, online at ISW tickets will be sold exclusively online and there will be limited availability based on COVID-19 criteria that is in place at each venue on the schedule for the seven race in nine night series throughout the Hoosier state. There is no guarantee of onsite ticket sales at each track. USAC 7/1

  • Sprint Car Bandits)IT'S JUST 3 DAYS til the FLAGS & FIREWORKS 25 at 82 Speedway! $2,000/win & $300/start for Sprint Car Bandits! FORECAST: Dry/Warm at Race Time! Press Releases7/1

  • Sam Hafertepe Jr)Bringing his win total to four on the 2020 season, Sam Hafertepe, Jr. was the class of the field twice over this past weekend with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network with wins at Caney Valley Speedway and I-30 Speedway.Press Releases7/1

  • PA Speedweek)Red Robin PA Speedweek Points after Night 5...1. 57 Kyle Larson 762* 2. 48 Danny Dietrich 734* 3. 51 Freddie Rahmer 670* 4. 72 Ryan Smith 631* 5. 3z Brock Zearfoss 544* 6. 24 Rico Abreu 537* 7. 5 Brent Marks 530* 8. 1/39 Sammy Swindell 444* 9. 69K Lance Dewease 438 10. 24 Lucas Wolfe 426* 11. 39M Anthoony Macri 419* 12. 99M Kyle Moody 360* 13. 91 Kyle Reinhardt 273* 14. 87 Aaron Reutzel 270 15. 21 Brian Montieth 260 16. 1 Logan Wagner 237* 17. 87 Alan Krimes 210 18. 21 Christopher Bell 205 19. 11 T J Stutts 193* 20. 75 Chase Dietz 187* 21. 1x Chad Trout 184 22. 5 Dylan Cisney 174* 23. 55 Mike Wagner 173* 24. 26 Cory Eliason 142 25. 45 Jeff Halligan 137 26. 55K Robbie Kendall 133 27. 15 Adam Wilt 115 28. 12 Robert Ballou 111* 29. 19 Troy Wagaman Jr 107 30. 12 Blane Heimbach 105 31. 5E Tim Wagaman 99 32. 59 Jim Siegel 96 33. 69 Tim Glatfelter 95 34. 33 Jared Esh 90* 35. 88 Brandon Rahmer 88 36. 1W/16 Matt Campbell 78 37. 37 J J Grasso 77 38. 19M Landon Myers 74 39. 0 Rick Lafferty 63 40. 20 Ryan Taylor 62 40. 25 Tyler Bear 62 42. 39 Cale Thomas 54 42. 2w Glenndon Forsythe 54 44. 44 Dylan Norris 53 45. 73B Brett Michalski 50 46. 67 Justin Whittall 37 47. 14T Tyler Walton 34 48. 19 Curt Stroup 33 48. 38 Mark Smith 33 48. 33W Michael Walter II 33 51. 17B Steve Buckwalter 31 52. 9 Dalton Dietrich 25 53. 35 Chad Layton 22 54. 5 Tyler Ross 21 54. 27G Jay Galloway 21 56. 59s Steve Wilbur 20 57.. 7 Trey Hivner 19 58. 47K Kody Lehman 18 59. 75 Nicole Bower 16 60. 49H Bradley Howard 14 61. 14c Dave Carlberg 13 62. 27s Adrian Shaffer 12 63. 16a Aaron Bollinger 10 63. 21T Scott Fisher 10 63. 91 Tony Fiore 10 66. 15c Kurt Conklin 8 67. 85 Ricky Dieva 6 68. 66 Doug Hammaker 1 68. 12W Troy Fraker 1 68. 24B Dustin Baney 1 68. 12 Brent Shearer 1 7/1

Tuesday June 30th 


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein



  • Grandview Speedway PA)A late race slider led Elks Grove, California’s Kyle Larson to a $10,000 win in the Pennsylvania 410 Sprint Car Speed Week event presented by Red Robin. Ryan Watt of Boyertown, PA picked up the NASCAR 358 Modified victory and $3,000 at Grandview Speedway on Tuesday Night, as part of the NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series. With scattered showers over Grandview Speedway from noon to 7 PM the track crew and staff of Thunder on the Hill was determined to get this event in the books, and they did. The win also earned Kyle Larson his place on the Greg Hodnett Cup and perpetual trophy. Hodnett, a six time Thunder Champion and nine time Thunder on the Hill feature winner was remembered Tuesday night after losing his life in a racing accident in 2018. Central PA 6/30

  • Column)BillW got married and has racing notes in BillW's Knoxville News 6/30


  • World of Outlaws)A unique pair of special Elimination Showdowns will highlight Thursday night’s action during this week’s $274,000 three-day World of Outlaws mega-event at Cedar Lake Speedway, July 2-3-4. The Independence Day weekend showcase featuring the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars and World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Models serves as a reboot on the 2020 racing season, with full grandstands open and state-of-the-art coronavirus screening. This marks the first time in history the two Series are coming together in the middle of summer to race on the same days at the same track. World of Outlaws 6/30

  • Perris Auto Speedway CA)Perris Auto Speedway promoter Don Kazarian and the entire PAS staff is mourning the deaths of the “World’s #1 Sprint Car Fan,” Shawn McDonald, and past PASSCAR driver Bryan McWilliams. McDonald passed away early Monday morning and McWilliams passed away late last week. McDonald was a longtime fan who sat upfront in his wheelchair just to the turn four side of the start-finish line.Press Releases6/30

  • Lindsay Barney)After nearly nine months off of racing Lindsay Barney and the JAB Motorsports team headed to Grays Harbor Raceway on Saturday, June 20th. The team took on the Wingless Sprint Series at the Elma, Washington 3/8-mile clay oval. It marked the first non-wing Sprint Car race in the Pacific Northwest of 2020. Press Releases6/30

  • Mercer Raceway Park PA)After nearly 3 months of inactivity due to COVID-19 , Michaels Mercer Raceway roars into action on Saturday, July 18 with the first annual Ralph Quarterson Memorial Night featuring an unsanctioned 410 sprint show and big block modified show both running twin 33 lap feature for $3300 to win each. Both numbers represent Ralph’s most successful tenure in his career running the number 66 sprint car for many many years. Also on the card will be the Fastrak Modifieds, mod lites, mini stocks and the junior sprints. Press Releases6/30

  • URSS)The POWRi United Rebel Sprint Series Presented by Mel Hambelton Ford Racing has an action-packed holiday weekend ahead with events scheduled for July 2nd and 4th. On Thursday, July 2nd the United Rebel Sprint Series will head to Dodge City Raceway Park in Dodge City, Kansas for the URSS vs. DCRP Sprint Car Showdown paying $1000 to win and $200 to start. In attendance with the Sprint Cars will be IMCA Modifieds, Sport Mods, Stock Cars, and Hobby Stocks. Hot laps are slated to begin at 7PM with racing at 7:30PM. General admission is $12 with kids 11 and under free. Press Releases6/30

  • PASS)All John Walp wants is a little improvement – from his second-place finish in BAPS Motor Speedway’s standings for PA Sprint Series IMCA/RaceSaver sprints in 2019 to first in 2020. He’s off to a solid start toward that goal. Press Releases6/30

  • PASS)“Nitro Nick” Sweigart of Myerstown became a multiple 2020 PA Sprint Series winner Sunday when he captured the 20-lap feature run as part of PA Sprint Speedweek at Selinsgrove Speedway. Sweigart, who started fourth and took the lead from Ron Aurand on lap five, was never seriously challenged after that, working lapped traffic perfectly in his A.H. Moyer/Buckwalter Trucking/Gator Truck Sales #8. The win was his second of the year, coming after last weekend’s victory at Port Royal Speedway, and his seventh overall with PASS. Press Releases6/30

  • Wilmot WI/SLS Promotions)Changes have been made to the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series event at Wilmot Raceway in Wisconsin on Saturday, July 11. The race will now be a limited-seating, general admission event. The World of Outlaws/World Racing Group will be leasing the track on July 11 for the event and handling all of the ticketing and operations. Press Releases6/30

  • Sean Becker)Fresh off of his first win of the season with Monhoff Racing, Sean Becker wasted no time putting the No. 88n back in victory lane as he made it 14 consecutive years winning at Placerville Speedway as he won Friday night’s Nor*Cal Posse Shootout opener. “Overall it was a really great weekend,” Sean Becker said. “Dan Monhoff had the car on point every time we hit the track, and it was extremely exciting to get the win on Friday night.” Press Releases6/30

  • Justyn Cox)Getting back to Placerville Speedway over the weekend to take part in the Nor*Cal Posse Shootout, Justyn Cox and C&M Motorsports would finish fifth during Friday night’s opener, before contact very early in Saturday’s feature ended their night. Press Releases6/30

  • Paul Nienhiser)Flirting with that elusive win aboard Scott Bonar’s No. 50 machine, Paul Nienhiser finally broke through and scored a win for the team as he was victorious with the Sprint Invaders on Saturday night at 34 Raceway in Burlington, IA. Press Releases6/30

  • Ian Madsen)Aside form a tough go during the rain delayed Thursday night feature event, Ian Madsen and KCP Racing would have a nice showing at the Jackson Nationals that saw them finish sixth on Friday night and seventh during Saturday’s finale. Press Releases6/30

  • Tim Kaeding)Climbing back aboard the Lunstra Motorsports No. 3 machine for the Jackson Nationals, Tim Kaeding and team would have an up and down weekend that saw them battle through some adversity. “Our Jackson Nationals started off really well, then things started to go wrong,” Tim Kaeding said. “We were able to fight through most of it, but unfortunately we got snake bit again during Saturday’s ‘B’.” Press Releases6/30

  • Justin Sanders)Getting in another weekend of racing in the Midwest, Justin Sanders and Antaya Motorsports would go to battle with the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour. Friday night Sanders would charge to seventh before enduring a wild crash on Saturday night. Press Releases6/30

  • Knoxville Raceway IA)The Marion County Fair Board and Knoxville Raceway have postponed the 60th running of the NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey’s until August 11-14, 2021. In lieu of the Knoxville Nationals, Knoxville Raceway will partner with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series for three nights of racing, August 13-15, culminating with the Brownells Capitani Classic presented by Great Southern Bank, previously scheduled on Sunday, August 9. The 2020 Brownells Capitani Classic presented by Great Southern Bank will pay $50,000 to win and $3,000 to start. Due to COVID restrictions, only 7,000 spectators will be permitted to attend each night. Further information for this race will be announced at a later date. Press Releases6/30

  • TBJ Promotions)Approximately three dozen elite midget racers will converge upon Airport Raceway this weekend for the 5th annual Midget Round Up presented by Burtis Motor Company. The dirt oval in Garden City, Kan., hosts the marquee TBJ Promotions event on Friday and Saturday with two divisions of winged micro sprints also competing both nights. Press Releases6/30

  • James Setters)James Setters is undefeated on the young season after winning his second straight Rocky Mountain Sprint Car Series race last Friday at Electric City Speedway. Setters, who was driving for Mike Quigley, swept the night by winning both his heat race and the main event. Press Releases6/30

  • Joey Amantea)Joey Amantea piloted his wingless micro sprint at three different Pennsylvania tracks last week. His best result came Friday at Linda's Speedway in Jonestown, where he finished third. He followed that up with a fifth-place outing at Greenwood Valley Action Tracks on Saturday to bring his top-five count to six on the season. Press Releases6/30

  • Danny Sams III)Danny Sams III posted his second-best career result with the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour last Thursday during his debut at Caney Valley Speedway. The oval in Caney, Kan., hosted the first series event since early March and the Sams LaMountain Racing driver was eager for the challenge. He placed second in a heat race to lock into the 11th starting position for the main event. Press Releases6/30

  • Alex Hill)Alex Hill made her long-awaited return to racing last weekend with a pair of Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour races following a layoff from the track since March 8 due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. "It was really great to be back racing," she said. "I felt pretty good behind the wheel for being off for so long. I felt like I was still pretty aggressive, like I was the last time we raced in California. We had a fast car." Press Releases6/30

  • John Carney II)John Carney II set himself up to secure a season-best outing in his Xiphos saw blade and Mesilla Valley Transportation backed sprint car last Saturday at I-30 Speedway. Carney II won a Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour heat race after starting on the outside of the front row before he maneuvered from fifth to third place in a qualifier. That ranked him fourth in points out of the 40-plus competitors. Press Releases6/30

  • Austin McCarl)Taking part in the Jackson Nationals over the weekend, Austin McCarl would get his weekend started off with a bang as he went toe-to-toe with defending World of Outlaws champion, Brad Sweet, and recorded his career best finish with the series by way of a second-place finish. Press Releases6/30

  • Roger Crockett)Roger Crockett has climbed to second in the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour championship standings after a strong return to series competition last weekend. Crockett posted a pair of top-five runs, giving him a series-leading five top 10s in six races this season. Press Releases6/30

  • Pokorski Motorsports)Fresh off of a solid effort in his 360 Sprint Car debut at The Plymouth Dirt Track on Saturday, June 13, 21-year-old rookie Alex Pokorski of West Bend, Wis. made some strong gains in his learning progression behind the wheel of the Pokorski Motorsports machine in a Midwest Sprint Car Association event at Beaver Dam Raceway in Beaver Dam. Wis. on Saturday, June 27. With a huge field of 42 MSA Sprint Cars on hand, Pokorski qualified 29th out of 41 cars timing in during a group qualifying format. Despite his qualifying effort, Pokorski had to start in the rear of the heat race line up as a rookie, which put him in the ninth starting spot in the fourth 10-lap MSA heat race. Press Releases6/30

  • Dominic Scelzi)Dominic Scelzi rallied throughout the 42nd annual AGCO Jackson Nationals, where he overcame mechanical woes early in the weekend to tie for the most cars passed during the marquee event's finale at Jackson Motorplex. Press Releases6/30

  • Jordon Mallett)Following a week off from competition, Jordon Mallett picked up two top-five finishes with the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour in the series' first action since early March due to the effects of COVID-19. The results marked eight straight top-five finishes for the Greenbrier, Ark., native, continuing a positive trend of success since switching to a Triple X chassis for the 2020 season. Press Releases6/30

  • Justin Henderson)Justin Henderson led Mike Sandvig Racing to its best result during World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series competition last Friday when Jackson Motorplex hosted the 42nd annual AGCO Jackson Nationals. The team qualified for the feature during each of the three nights, highlighting the event with a seventh-place result during the opening preliminary race. Press Releases6/30

  • OCRS)The AmeriFlex / OCRS Sprint Cars are back in action this weekend with a two-night swing through Kansas and Missouri. It begins on Friday with a return visit to Caney Valley Speedway in Caney, Kansas. On Saturday the series returns to Monett Motor Speedway in Monett, Missouri. OCRS 6/30

  • ASCS)Officials with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network have confirmed with Knoxville Raceway officials that the My Place Hotels 360 Knoxville Nationals presented by Great Southern Bank is still happening August 6-8, 2020. The My Place Hotels 360 Knoxville Nationals presented by Great Southern Bank will have a maximum capacity of 7,000 per night. Tickets can be purchased at ASCS 6/30

Monday June 29th 


I learned at a very early age, the easiest thing in the world is to tell the truth, and then you don't have to remember what you said. It has nothing to do with morality, just remembering what you said. Robert Evans



  • Photos)Shots by Kris Keath from PA Speedweek Night #4 at Lincoln Speedway are in SpeedShotz 6/29

  • PA Speedweek)2020 RED ROBIN SPEEDWEEK POINTS 1. 48 Danny Dietrich 608* 2. 57 Kyle Larson 584* 3. 51 Freddie Rahmer 527* 4. 24 Rico Abreu 523* 5. 72 Ryan Smith 487* 6. 5 Brent Marks 462* 7. 3z Brock Zearfoss 423* 8. 24 Lucas Wolfe 360* 9. 69K Lance Dewease 325 10. 99M Kyle Moody 322* 11. 39M Anthony Macri 311* 12. 1/39 Sammy Swindell 302* 13. 21 Brian Montieth 260 14. 91 Kyle Reinhardt 236* 15. 1x Chad Trout 184* 16. 75 Chase Dietz 178* 17. 55 Mike Wagner 159* 18. 87 Aaron Reutzel 154 19. 21 Christopher Bell 142 20. 45 Jeff Halligan 137 20. 1 Logan Wagner 137* 22. 87 Alan Krimes 136 23. 55K Robbie Kendall 133 24. 11 T J Stutts 129* 25. 5 Dylan Cisney 116* 26. 15 Adam Wilt 115 27. 26 Cory Eliason 114 28. 19 Troy Wagaman Jr 107 29. 12 Blane Heimbach 105 30. 5E Tim Wagaman 99 31. 59 Jim Siegel 96 32. 69 Tim Glatfelter 95 33. 12 Robert Ballou 88* 34. 1W/16 Matt Campbell 78 35. 33 jared Esh 75* 36. 19M Landon Myers 74 37. 0 Rick Lafferty 63 38. 25 Tyler Bear 62 39. 39 Cale Thomas 54 39. 2w Glenndon Forsythe 54 41. 44 Dylan Norris 53 42. 88 Brandon Rahmer 40 43. 67 Justin Whittall 37 44. 19 Curt Stroup 33 44. 38 Mark Smith 33 44. 33W Michael Walter II 33 47. 17B Steve Buckwalter 31 47. 88 Brandon Rahmer 31 49. 14T Tyler Walton 28 49. 73B Brett Michalski 28 51. 9 Dalton Dietrich 25 52. 35 Chad Layton 22 53. 5 Tyler Ross 21 53. 27G Jay Galloway 21 55. 59s Steve Wilbur 20 56.. 7 Trey Hivner 19 57. 47K Kody Lehman 18 58. 75 Nicole Bower 16 59. 49H Bradley Howard 14 60. 27s Adrian Shaffer 12 61. 16a Aaron Bollinger 10 61. 21T Scott Fisher 10 61. 91 Tony Fiore 10 64. 14c Dave Carlberg 9 65. 15c Kurt Conklin 8 66. 85 Ricky Dieva 6 67. 66 Doug Hammaker 1 67. 12W Troy Fraker 1 67. 24B Dustin Baney 1 6/29

  • Lincoln Speedway PA)Monday night the PA Posse was invaded by the likes of Christopher Bell, Aaron Reutzel and Cory Eliason at Lincoln. With Kyle Larson, Sammy Swindell and Rico Abreu already on the Speedweek circuit the invaders were in full force. Abreu scored a win for the invaders leading the 30-lap feature wire-to-wire. Rico earned $7,000 for the second PA Speedweek win of his career. Central PA 6/29

  • Photos)Shots by Rick Rarer from Tri City Speedway PA are in SpeedShotz 6/29


  • Ohio Valley Speedway WV)After an ideal weather forecast all week leading up to the fans returning and the running of the OVSCA Sprint Cars, mother nature would quickly change those plans. A late afternoon thunderstorm would roll through Lubeck just about six o' clock washing out the nights action and rescheduling the OVSCA Sprint Cars. An early and eager fanbase would have to wait one more week to get their 'Valley' fix.Press Releases6/29

  • Eldora Speedway OH)Eldora Speedway has rescheduled the 37th annual Kings Royal Weekend to July 2021. The legendary half-mile dirt oval’s marquee sprint car event was originally slated for July 15-18, but the Ohio Department of Health’s orders restricting mass gatherings and spectator events at large venues remains in effect as a part of the state’s overall response to the COVID-19 health crisis. “Governor Mike DeWine text me to deliver the unfortunate news,” said Roger Slack, general manager of Eldora Speedway. “While acknowledging the importance of our events, especially for Darke County, he stated the orders in place continue to prohibit spectators from motorsports events. Press Releases6/29

  • Colby Copeland)The Nor*Cal Posse Shootout presented the most lucrative Winged 360 Sprint Car event since action returned in California and Canales Racing driver Colby Copeland did not disappoint, claiming back-to-back runner up finishes at the Placerville Speedway two-step. Press Releases6/29

  • Sprint Car Bandits)IT'S FLAGS & FIREWORKS RACE WEEK! $2,000/win & $300/start 2nd Annual “FLAGS & FIREWORKS 25” Up Next for Sprint Car Bandits at 82 Speedway! FORECAST: Dry/Upper 80's at Race Time! Press Releases6/29

  • Shane Hopkins)Getting in three races over the last week, Shane Hopkins would sandwich a tough Friday night in between a second place run at Marysville Raceway on Wednesday night and a seventh place run on Saturday night at the Nor*Cal Posse Shootout. Press Releases6/29

  • Blake Carrick)Blake Carrick continued his strong 2020 campaign as he picked up a trio of Top-5 finishes during a busy stretch of action in Northern California. “Big thanks to my guys for always working hard and continuing to give me a really good car each and every night,” Blake Carrick said. “It was good to have a stretch of good finishes, and hopefully we can keep them up and get another win soon.” Press Releases6/29

  • Andy Forsberg)After a tough Friday night at the Nor*Cal Posse Shootout, Andy Forsberg and the F&F Racing team came back strong on Saturday night and picked up a fourth place finish. “Friday night we kind of got stuck in no-man’s land in our qualifying group and ended up starting towards the back of the feature and got caught up in ‘the big one’,” Forsberg said. “Saturday night we came back, set fast time overall and had a really good night.” Press Releases6/29

  • Tanner Carrick)Fresh off of Indiana Midget Week, Tanner Carrick made his return to California with his family car this past weekend and picked up sixth and 12th place finishes during the two-night Nor*Cal Posse Shootout at Placerville Speedway. “We had good speed both nights, and Saturday I made a mistake in time trials that set us back, and Friday I made contact with another car and had to nurse it home for 11 laps,” Tanner Carrick said. Press Releases6/29

  • Andy Gregg)Returning to Placerville Speedway on Saturday night for the Nor*Cal Posse Shootout, Andy Gregg would make a costly mistake in his heat race and he would come up just short of racing his way out of the ‘B’. “Our results do not show it at all, but I felt like my car was as good as it has been in quite some time on Saturday night, and I just made a costly mistake in our heat,” Andy Gregg said. “Thanks to my guys for their hard work, and thanks to all of the great companies who back our race team and our racing efforts.” Press Releases6/29

  • Jesse Schlotfeldt)Hot off the heels of a triumph at Deming Speedway on June 19th the JRS Motorsports team ventured to Skagit Speedway, in Alger to take on the regulars of the Sportsman Sprints. Racing for the first time in 2020 young Jesse Schlotfeldt hopped back into the cockpit of a Sprint Car against some stiff competition. Press Releases6/29

  • Racin Boys)RacinBoys All Access members currently have four live broadcasts on the docket this weekend. It begins on Thursday with live audio of a United Rebel Sprint Series show at Dodge City Raceway Park in Dodge City, Kan. The lone video option is Saturday when the ASCS Warrior Region invades Lake Ozark Speedway in Eldon, Mo. A URSS event at Jefferson County Raceway in Fairbury, Neb., and a weekly program at Creek County Speedway in Sapulpa, Okla., will also be featured via live audio on Saturday. Press Releases6/29

  • Skagit Speedway WA)Skagit Speedway is offering its biggest payout of the season this Thursday when Budweiser 360 Sprint Cars will battle for a $2,000-to-win, $400-to-start event. The 360 Sprint Car Independence Open marks the fifth straight week that the division has invaded the oval as part of Thursday Night Thunder presented by the Rayce Rudeen Foundation. Skagit Aggregates Modifieds, racing for $1,000 to win thanks to support from Highline Performance, and Outlaw Tuners are also on this week's program promoted by Funtime Promotions. Press Releases6/29

  • USAC)Back-to-back nights of full USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car racing programs are on the horizon for a can't miss Independence Day weekend doubleheader, this Friday and Saturday night, July 3-4, as part of the Bill Gardner Sprintacular at Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville, Ind.  USAC 6/29

  • Trey Starks)Trey Starks returns to Knoxville Raceway this weekend with confidence that the Gobrecht Motorsports sprint car is getting closer to finding the proper balance. The team will compete at the half-mile oval in Knoxville, Iowa, on Friday and Saturday. Starks has posted a top-10 finish during two weekly races at the track in 2020. Press Releases6/29

  • Derek Hagar)Derek Hagar will nearly double his number of 360ci winged sprint car starts this season when he tackles four straight races this week. Hagar plans to compete on Wednesday at I-30 Speedway in Little Rock, Ark., before facing USCS Series races on Thursday at Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, Ark.; on Friday at Lexington 104 Speedway in Lexington, Tenn.; and on Saturday at Magnolia Motor Speedway in Columbus, Miss. Press Releases6/29

  • Scott Bogucki)Scott Bogucki recorded a season-best runner-up result last Thursday during the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour's return to racing. The sponsored driver charged from fifth to win a heat race at Caney Valley Speedway in Caney, Kan. - site of the first series event since early March. Bogucki made the feature redraw and pulled the No. 1 to line up on the pole. Press Releases6/29

  • Mason Daniel)Mason Daniel was only one position away from making the main event during one of winged sprint car racing's crown jewel events last weekend at Jackson Motorplex. Daniel placed fifth in the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series' Last Chance Showdown on Saturday to narrowly miss advancing into the 42nd annual AGCO Jackson Nationals feature. Press Releases6/29

  • Jason Sides)Jason Sides scored his best result of the season last Friday at Jackson Motorplex during the 42nd annual AGCO Jackson Nationals. Sides won his first dash of the season and ran in the top five throughout most of the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series feature before finishing eighth. He is the third different driver to post a top 10 for Sides Motorsports this season. Press Releases6/29

  • Kerry Madsen)Kerry Madsen earned his best result during the AGCO Jackson Nationals since 2017 last Saturday when Jackson Motorplex hosted the 42nd edition of the marquee World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series event. Press Releases6/29

  • All Stars)Although a slight shuffle in destinations from the original weekend agenda, the Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 will invade areas within Wisconsin and Iowa during the final days of July and the first weekend of August, setting aim on three tracks over a three-day time lapse, all of which kicking-off with the highly sought after Rayce Rudeen Foundation Race at the Plymouth Dirt Track in Plymouth, Wisconsin, on Thursday, July 30. Originally scheduled for late-May, the second-ever Rayce Rudeen Foundation event will award a $26,000 top prize; the second-largest paying program on the 2020 All Star schedule.All Stars 6/29

  • Tony Stewart)Despite kicking-off his week with a 16th-place finish during Keith Kauffman Classic action at Port Royal Speedway, Columbus, Indiana’s Tony Stewart redeemed his team well on Saturday night at Volunteer Speedway, concluding his visit to the Bulls Gap, Tennessee, highbanks with a top-five performance against the All Star Circuit of Champions. Lining up third on the evening’s Tennessee Sprint Car Nationals grid by way of dash result, the three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion powered home to a fourth-place outcome, forced to do battle with Paul McMahan, Sye Lynch and Aaron Reutzel along the way.Press Releases6/29

  • Donny Schatz)Although a tough start to his weekend at the Jackson Motorplex in Jackson, Minnesota, finishing 18th during Thursday’s preliminary main event after working his way through the evening’s Last Chance Showdown, ten-time World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series champion, Donny Schatz, earned back-to-back top-ten finishes to close-out his visit to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, first finishing fifth during Friday’s preliminary main event, then capping the entire weekend with an eighth-place finish during the $30,000-to-win Jackson Nationals finale.Press Releases6/29

  • TJ Michael)Finishing just one position shy of perfect, the ‘Texas Traveler’ T.J. Michael did everything he could to earn a second-ever FAST Series feature win on Saturday night at Wayne County Speedway, but Buckeye veteran and local favorite Dean Jacobs beat him to the stripe. Press Releases6/29

  • Matt Westfall)Matt Westfall and Ray Marshall Motorsports continued their 2020 campaign with another doubleheader in the Hoosier State, this time joining the USAC National Sprint Cars at Plymouth Speedway on Friday, June 26, followed by a weekly program on the highbanks of Lawrenceburg Speedway on Saturday, June 27. Press Releases6/29

  • Dodge City Raceway Park KS)The battle lines have been drawn. And it all goes down Thursday night atop the 3/8-mile Dodge City Raceway Park clay oval in southwest Kansas when the top Sprint Car drivers throughout the region face off to vie for a boosted winner’s share of $1,000. Press Releases6/29

  • POWRi)POWRi Lucas Oil West Midgets travel to Garden City, KS. Which will be co-sanctioned with RMMA for a two day show on tap for the 5th Annual Midget Roundup, July 3rd and 4th. Taking on what is said to be the fastest 1/6- mile dirt oval in Kansas, you won't want to miss this action-packed weekend. With very limited races having happened this season due to the devastating circumstances happening in our world today, the points battle is very crucial this late in the year. Press Releases6/29



  • Brent Marks)Pennsylvania Sprint Speedweek is in full swing and the CJB Motorsports team has strung together three consecutive seventh place finishes to open the event. Before speedweek began, the team and driver Brent Marks contested an Ollie's Bargain Outlets All Star Circuit of Champions event at Port Royal (Pa.) Speedway on Wednesday, June 24th. Marks timed in 7th, won his heat race and finished 3rd in the dash. A 5th place finish in the feature propelled them into the throws of Speedweek. Press Releases6/29

  • IRA)The season of schedule changes for the Bumper To Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Series continues. The July 3rd event, the Harry Neitzel Tribute at the Dodge County Fairgrounds has been moved back one week to July 10th. Also Saturday July 18th has been added at the Plymouth Dirt Track, with a location for Sunday July 19th forthcoming. IRA’s next event is slated for July 5th at the 141 Speedway and will kick off he 5 race Hopf Farms Bullring Showdown.6/29

  • Brad Doty Classic)The 32nd Annual Ohio Logistics Brad Doty Classic presented by Racing Optics is quickly approaching! General Admission tickets are now on sale at the WoO website! We can’t wait to see everyone on Tue, July 14 as the Greatest Show on Dirt returns to Attica Raceway Park!6/29

  • York Dispatch)The Red Robin Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek is well underway. The first three nights of Speedweek went off very well, with large car counts and tremendous racing action. A number of well-known outside visitors have already been on hand, and more are expected during the week. Their appearances certainly have sparked additional interest in Speedweek.

  • USAC)A busy week with three USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car races lie ahead on this Independence Day Week for the series with traditional Indiana stops at the Terre Haute Action Track on Wednesday, July 1 and a doubleheader weekend at Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville, Ind. on Friday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4, both of which are co-sanctioned by the Midwest Sprint Car Series. 6/29

  • Speed Sport)Harder Tire Helps Dietrich Topple Selinsgrove Foes 6/29

  • World of Outlaws)The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series returns to Cedar Lake Speedway for a ground-breaking three-day Independence Day weekend event July 2-4 with Saturday’s race being broadcast live on CBS Sports Network. And drivers can now register to enter. 6/29

  • TSS)The next event in the pipeline for the Texas Sprint Series (TSS) RaceSaver IMCA sanctioned sprint cars will be on *THIS FRIDAY* July 3rd, with the running of the Stars & Stripes Sprint Classic presented by Smiley's Racing Products being held at Boyd Raceway in Boyd Texas. TSS driver pre-entry to the event is now open. Press Releases6/29

  • MSCS)Midwest Sprint Car Series takes aim on a triple header this coming holiday weekend. Friday, July 3rd will be night one of two of the Bill Gardner Sprintacular taking place at the famed Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville, Indiana. This event is now co-sanctioned with USAC and will run the MSCS format for Friday night. Group qualifying, heat race action, and last chance races will be used to determine the A-main starting lineup. Night two, Saturday, July 4th both series will take shape again for yet another event, however this time the USAC format will be used. Single car qualifying, heat race action and last chance races will also be used to set the field for the main event, Both events running 30 laps and will pay $5000 to win $500 to start. To wrap up the holiday weekend, on Sunday night July 5th, MSCS returns home to Tri-State Speedway for the American Classic event. This event will be 25 laps of racing for a $2500 pay day. Thank you for supporting MSCS! Se you at the speedway.6/29


  • URSS)Zach Blurton topped a 22 car field as Thomas County Speedway in Colby, Kansas provided excellent racing for the Mel Hambelton Ford Racing POWRi United Rebel Sprint Series on Saturday night. Blurton would become the first repeat winner in the 2020 season with the URSS. Race Results 6/29

  • URSS)Zach Blurton was victorious for the second time over the weekend with the Mel Hambelton Ford Racing POWRi United Rebel Sprint Series at WaKeeney Speedway. A 28-car field attended the 3/8-mile dirt track in WaKeeney, Kansas. Race Results 6/29

  • UMSS)A warm and sticky day at CLS made it a good night for a perfect track. With the track starting off tacky early on, it eventually got worked in and became a perfect track for the rest of the evening. There were 15 total wingless traditional PIRTEK UMSS sprints signed into Saturday’s show at Cedar Lake speedway; however, only 14 of them participated in the program with unfortunate luck with Brad Cunningham’s #11 machine not able to get started. 13 cars were from Minnesota, one was a Wisconsin native, and one hailed all the way down South from Florida!Race Results 6/29

  • UMSS)With the sun shining high in the big blue sky over Gondik Law Speedway in Superior, Wi, the spectators and drivers were set for a great night of dirt track racing. 13-winged warriors were signed in the racing program along with a packed track of racing competition of 29 wingless tradionals. This event was sanctioned by 3 different sprint car series making it a tri-sanctioned event for the traditional wingless sprint cars. The series included were as follows: the Pirtek UMSS (Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series), the Northern Renegades, and the Shequamogon’s sprint cars. The event made up 2 heat races for the winged sprints and 3 heat races for the wingless.Race Results 6/29

  • Wayne County Speedway OH)When you think about Wayne County Speedway's history, some of the first names you think about is Jacobs, Gentry and Moore and the second or more generations of those names added to their families legacy last night with feature wins at the 3/8 mile dirt track. The FAST series presented by TI 22 for a $3,000 to win 30 lap feature that started with TJ Michael using his pole position starting spot to take the lead and hold it for the first 13 circuits. Race Results 6/29

Sunday June 28th 


Which one of the three candidates would you want your daughter to marry? Ross Perot



  • The Champion Racing Oil/ Central PA Sprint Cars were at Port Royal Speedway on Wednesday June 24th for the Keith Kauffman Classic with the Ollies All Stars. Anthony Macri won his 3rd feature race in a row at Port Royal with Kyle Larson 2nd. Friday June 26th the 30th season of Red Robin PA Speedweek began at Williams Grove Speedway and Lance Dewease took the win once again over Kyle Larson. Saturday Speedweek moved to Lincoln Speedway with Danny Dietrich in victory lane and Kyle Larson in 2nd for the 3rd time. Sunday June 28th Selinsgrove Speedway hosted their Speedweek show with Danny Dietrich winning his 2nd Speedweek feature and 3rd point series win of the year. Rico Abreu was 2nd and Kyle Larson was back to 3rd.Champion Racing Oil/ Central PA Sprints 6/28

  • PA Speedweek)2020 RED ROBIN SPEEDWEEK POINTS 1. 48 Danny Dietrich 608* 2. 57 Kyle Larson 584* 3. 51 Freddie Rahmer 527* 4. 24 Rico Abreu 523* 5. 72 Ryan Smith 487* 6. 5 Brent Marks 462* 7. 3z Brock Zearfoss 423* 8. 24 Lucas Wolfe 360* 9. 69K Lance Dewease 325 10. 99M Kyle Moody 322* 11. 39M Anthony Macri 311* 12. 1/39 Sammy Swindell 302* 13. 21 Brian Montieth 260 14. 91 Kyle Reinhardt 236* 15. 1x Chad Trout 184* 16. 75 Chase Dietz 178* 17. 55 Mike Wagner 159* 18. 87 Aaron Reutzel 154 19. 21 Christopher Bell 142 20. 45 Jeff Halligan 137 20. 1 Logan Wagner 137* 22. 87 Alan Krimes 136 23. 55K Robbie Kendall 133 24. 11 T J Stutts 129* 25. 5 Dylan Cisney 116* 26. 15 Adam Wilt 115 27. 26 Cory Eliason 114 28. 19 Troy Wagaman Jr 107 29. 12 Blane Heimbach 105 30. 5E Tim Wagaman 99 31. 59 Jim Siegel 96 32. 69 Tim Glatfelter 95 33. 12 Robert Ballou 88* 34. 1W/16 Matt Campbell 78 35. 33 jared Esh 75* 36. 19M Landon Myers 74 37. 0 Rick Lafferty 63 38. 25 Tyler Bear 62 39. 39 Cale Thomas 54 39. 2w Glenndon Forsythe 54 41. 44 Dylan Norris 53 42. 88 Brandon Rahmer 40 43. 67 Justin Whittall 37 44. 19 Curt Stroup 33 44. 38 Mark Smith 33 44. 33W Michael Walter II 33 47. 17B Steve Buckwalter 31 47. 88 Brandon Rahmer 31 49. 14T Tyler Walton 28 49. 73B Brett Michalski 28 51. 9 Dalton Dietrich 25 52. 35 Chad Layton 22 53. 5 Tyler Ross 21 53. 27G Jay Galloway 21 55. 59s Steve Wilbur 20 56.. 7 Trey Hivner 19 57. 47K Kody Lehman 18 58. 75 Nicole Bower 16 59. 49H Bradley Howard 14 60. 27s Adrian Shaffer 12 61. 16a Aaron Bollinger 10 61. 21T Scott Fisher 10 61. 91 Tony Fiore 10 64. 14c Dave Carlberg 9 65. 15c Kurt Conklin 8 66. 85 Ricky Dieva 6 67. 66 Doug Hammaker 1 67. 12W Troy Fraker 1 67. 24B Dustin Baney 1 6/28

  • URSS)Wakeeney KS...1 #11 Zach Blurton 2 #17 Todd Plemons 3 #15 Blake Robertson 4 #911 Ty Williams 5 #45x Kyler Johnson 6 #98 J D Johnson 7 #17x Taylor Velasquez 8 #49x Luke Cranston 9 #33 Koby Walters 10 #50 Jed Werner 11 #9 John Webster 12 #12 Darren Berry 13 #10 Jordan Knight 14 #20b Nate Berry 15 #33k Aaron Ploussard 16 #0 Steven Richardson 17 #45 Monty Ferriera 18 #71m Jesse Mack 19 #88j Jeremy Huish 6/28

  • Petaluma Speedway CA)Spec Sprints...1 #24 Shawn Jones 2 #11 Bradley Terrell 3 #73c Cody Fendley 5 #551 Angelique Bell 6 #57n Dennis Furia Jr 7 #6 Sparky Howard 8 #77s Ryon Siverling 9 #73 Keith Calvino 10 #21 Jessica Walker 11 #50 Tony Bernard 12 #32b Eden McCormick 13 #3f Blaine Cory 14 #6k Daniel Whitley 15 #33 DJ Johnson 16 #92a Jeff Scotto 17 #77 Matthew Haulot 18 #84 Randy Tiner 19 #9 Shayna Ensign 20 #3 Nick Robfogel 6/28

  • Selinsgrove Speedway PA)Selinsgrove Speeedway hosted the Jan Opperman/Dick Bogar Memorial for Red Robin Pennsylvania Speedweek 410 sprint cars on Sunday night and Danny Dietrich came out on top in what was a non-stop, dizzying event filled with astonishing exhibitions of high-speed skill at the hands of not only himself but by Rico Abreu, Kyle Larson, Anthony Macri and Brock Zearfoss as well. Central PA 6/28

  • WI wingLESS)Drivers representing four states traveled to the Jackson Motorplex to compete in the AutoMeter Wisconsin wingLESS Sprint Series portion of the Jackson Nationals. Twenty-six teams were on hand again for the finale, and Illinois driver and series regular Greg Olsen was the winner in front of the big crowd leading most of the 20 laps. while Olsen was basically unchallenged, the race behind him was very intense. Allen Hafford would win a hard fought battle for second over Chris Klemko, rim-riding and early leader Cam Schafer, and Johnnie Parsons III. Friday night winner and tonight’s fast qualifier Jake Kouba came home sixth with Chris Dodd, Bill Rose, Natalie Klemko, and Bryan Roach rounding out the top ten. Shawn Swim and Darren Ihrke both escaped serious injury in a nasty double flip down the frontchute as the field completed lap one. From there it was all green with Olsen utilizing the low line to perfection. JImmy Sivia, Dodd, and Schafer were the heat winners. The series is next event is this Tuesday night, June 30th as part of Wilmot Raceway’s Fireworks Spectacular. 6/28

  • Tri-City Speedway PA)Carl Bowser wires the field to win week three at Tri-City Raceway. 6/28

  • Bethany Speedway MO)After starting the season with record setting numbers, Bethany Speedway didn't set any new records, but still provided the fans with the most exciting door to door bumper to bumper racing action around on a nearly perfect track. 91 cars checked in for racing in six different classes as the IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars had the night off. They will return at our next race on July 18. In their place were the USAC Midwest Wingless Sprints.Race Results 6/28

  • Column)Danny Burton has notes from Lawrenceburg Speedway IN Hoosier Race Report 6/28

  • USAC)The USAC classics continue this week on FloRacing 24/7! From dirt and pavement to Silver Crown, Midget and Sprint Car racing from the 1960s through the 2010s, you're covered 24 hours a day, every day throughout the week. Check out what's in store on the USAC classic race video lineup on FloRacing 24/7 June 29-July 5!USAC 6/28

  • Photos)Shots by Steve Koletar from Lincoln Speedway, Rob Kocak from Jackson MN WoO, Wayne Riegle from Bulls Gap TN All Stars, Mark Miefert from Lawrenceburg IN & Jim Collum from Fremont OH are in SpeedShotz 6/28



  • Williams Grove Speedway PA)When Williams Grove Speedway opens its gates this Friday night for racing action, it will do so for the 32nd year in a row in honor of a famed sprint car great, the late Mitch Smith of Linglestown. The oval will host the H & N Landscaping 32nd annual Mitch Smith Memorial as part of Pennsylvania Speedweek on July 3 at 7:30 pm. Central PA 6/28

  • Williams Grove Speedway PA)Williams Grove Speedway will present the biggest race of the 2020 Red Robin Pennsylvania Speedweek Series this Friday night, July 3 at 7:30 pm when it hosts the H & N Landscaping 32nd annual Mitch Smith Memorial for 410 sprint cars. Known for decades as The Crown Jewel of Speedweek, the Mitch Smith Memorial will pay a hefty $15,000 to wiin out of a total purse worth nearly $40,000 thanks in part to contributions from the Smith family. Central PA 6/28

  • Selinsgrove Speedway PA)After a week off on July 4 to celebrate Independence Day, Selinsgrove Speedway will return to action next week, on July 11 with the biggest race of the year for 360 sprint cars at the Snyder County oval! Saturday, July 11 will find the track hosting the 20th annual Mach 1 Chassis 360 Sprint National Open, offering a total purse worth nearly $17,000 for the 360 sprints. Central PA 6/28



  • Photos)Shots by Jim DenHamer from Crystal MI GLSS are in SpeedShotz 6/28

  • Column)Pat & Bruce Eckel have their column from last night Deuces Wild POWRi program from Charleston Speedway where both races were decided in the last three laps. Buddy Kofoid won the midgets with Riley Kreisel winning the WAR sprints.A Typical Weekend 6/28

  • Kings of Thunder)Hanford CA...1 #88N D.J. Netto 2 #22 Ryan Bernal 3 #37 Mitchell Faccinto 4 #3 Craig Stidham 5 #33 Tucker Worth 6 #7Z Zane Blanchard 7 #88V Jace VanderWeerd 8 #67G Grant Duinkerken 9 #01W Ben Worth 10 #88K Koen Shaw 11 #5D Connor Danell 12 #3K Kaleb Montgomery 13 #6C Travis Coelho 14 #5 Cole Danell 15 #5S Mauro Simone 16 #12 Jacob Pacheco 17 #67X Britton Bock 18 #10F Jared Faria 19 #9S Landon Hurst 6/28

  • World of Outlaws)Crown jewels dangled in front of Logan Schuchart throughout 2019 but were never close enough for him to grab. He finished second in the Kings Royal at Eldora Speedway and then finished second at the Knoxville Nationals. On Saturday night at the Jackson Motorplex, Schuchart fended off an assault of slide jobs and dive bombs throughout the 35-lap Feature to finally grab a crown jewel. He claimed the 42nd Annual Jackson Nationals title and the $30,000 prize that came with it. “It’s awesome,” Schuchart said about winning the AGCO Jackson Nationals. World of Outlaws   6/28

  • Placerville Speedway CA)The fourth annual Nor*Cal Posse Shootout provided immense excitement once again on Saturday night and when all was said and done it was Fremont, California’s Shane Golobic who stood in victory lane at the Placerville Speedway. It marked Golobic’s eighth career Winged 360 Sprint Car triumph at the quarter-mile and came during an entertaining main event that saw several drivers battle their way towards the front. The companion Nor-Cal Dwarf Car Association feature also showcased some tremendous wheel-to-to-wheel racing that culminated in San Diego competitor Darren Brown picking up the win to sweep the shootout weekend for the division.Race Results 6/28

  • Sprint Invaders)Paul Nienhiser had been knocking on the door of his first Sprint Invaders win with car owner Scott Bonar, and Saturday, he busted it down at 34 Raceway in West Burlington, Iowa. The Chapin, Illinois driver had registered some podiums in the #50, but Saturday marked his first win with the team. It was his second career win at 34 Raceway, and his third overall with the series.Race Results 6/28

  • PA Speedweek)2020 RED ROBIN SPEEDWEEK POINTS 1. 69K Lance Dewease 325* 2. 48 Danny Dietrich 316* 3. 57 Kyle Larson 302* 4. 51 Freddie Rahmer 280* 5. 72 Ryan Smith 234* 6. 24 Lucas Wolfe 231* 7. 5 Brent Marks 220* 8. 3z Brock Zearfoss 208* 9. 24 Rico Abreu 201* 10. 21 Brian Montieth 167* 11. 99M Kyle Moody 149* 12. 39M Anthoony Macri 148* 13. 45 Jeff Halligan 129* 14. 1 Sammy Swindell 122* 15. 91 Kyle Reinhardt 120* 16. 75 Chase Dietz 106* 17. 87 Alan Krimes 105 18. 11 T J Stutts 97* 19. 15 Adam Wilt 94 20. 55K Robbie Kendall 92* 21. 59 Jim Siegel 78 22. 1x Chad Trout 77* 23. 55 Mike Wagner 75 24. 12 Robert Ballou 63* 25. 25 Tyler Bear 62* 26. 19M landon Myers 60* 27. 1w/16 Matt Campbell 58* 27. 0 Rick Lafferty 58 29. 39 Cale Thomas 54* 30. 19 Troy Wagaman Jr 42 31. 17B Steve Buckwalter 31* 32. 5 Dylan Cisney 24* 33. 88 Brandon Rahmer 23 34. 33 Jared Esh 22* 35. 1 Logan Wagner 21* 35. 5 Tyler Ross 21 37. 2W Glenndon Forsythe 19 37. 7 Trey Hivner 19 39. 73B Brett Michalski 15* 39. 44 Dylan Norris 15 41. 49H Bradley Howard 14 42. 69 Tim Glatfelter 13 42. 8 Billy Dietrich 13 42. 75 Nicole Bower 13 45. 67 Justin Whittall 12* 45. 27s Adrian Shaffer 12 45. 14T Tyler Walton 12 48. 9 Dalton Dietrich 11 49. 16a Aaron Bollinger 10 49. 21T Scott Fisher 10 51. 38 Mark Smith 9 51. 27G Jay Galloway 9 51. 14c Dave Carlberg 9 54. 59s Steve Wilbur 8 54. 15c Kurt Conklin 8 56. 66 Doug Hammaker 1 56. 47K Kody Lehman 1 56. 12W Troy Fraker 1 6/28

  • ASCS Lucas Oil)Even with a flat left front tire over the final four laps on Saturday's A-Feature, it was not enough to slow Sam Hafertepe, Jr. as the driver of the Hills Racing/Heidbreder Foundation No. 15h led start to finish with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network at I-30 Speedway. ASCS 6/28

  • Lawton Speedway OK)IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 39-Sterling Hoff[4]; 2. 13C-Brady Courtney[6]; 3. 7-Joe Bob Lee[8]; 4. 93-Zachary Patterson[14]; 5. 32K-Chris Kelly[11]; 6. 6-Alison Slaton[2]; 7. 33-JT Kelly[7]; 8. 29B-Duane Baker[3]; 9. 17-Jeremy Allen[5]; 10. 24H-Lightfoot Hawkins[12]; 11. 78-Tanner Conn[10]; 12. 9-Taylor Hanson[16]; 13. 6N-Emilee Lowry[9]; 14. 98K-Dane Fields[13]; 15. 94F-Morgan Fletcher[15]; 16. 91-Derrick Gentilly[1]6/28

  • POWRi West)Trey Marcham Sweeps the weekend at I-44, capturing his first POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget League Victory of the year. Marcham started the night off by winning heat race number three from the fourth position,which ultimately made him high point man for the night. Marcham started in the ninth position for the main event. By the end of the race Marcham had made his way to the top position to claim his first POWRi Victory of the 2020 season.Race Results 6/28

  • Lincoln Speedway PA)The 21st annual Kevin Gobrecht Memorial will go down in history as one of the most thrilling races in Lincoln, and Speedweek, history. Danny Dietrich held off Kyle Larson and Lance Dewease for the $9,200 win. Coming off back-to-back wins at the track Freddie Rahmer lined up on the pole for the 30-lap feature with Larson to his outside. Central PA 6/28

  • Devils Bowl Speedway TX)305 Sprints - Winged A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 10G-Marcus Thomas[10]; 2. 4-Austin Mundie[15]; 3. 2-Colby Stubblefield[18]; 4. 3-Raven Culp[7]; 5. 99X-Dalton Stevens[11]; 6. 45-Martin Edwards[6]; 7. 24-Joseph Kasper[1]; 8. 16P-Matthew Holt[2]; 9. 17-Matt Etzelmiller[19]; 10. 1O-Michael Oliver[20]; 11. 77-Gary Ray Spears Jr[16]; 12. 15-Michael Colaluca[17]; 13. 41M-Steve McMackin[14]; 14. 21S-Russell Shoulders[13]; 15. 2X-Tucker Doughty[8]; 16. 71W-Weston Gorham[9]; 17. 49-Justin Fifield[12]; 18. V8-Robert Vetter[4]; 19. 5-Chip Graham[5]; 20. 00-Jaden Brown[3] 6/28

  • NE 360)Shelby County Speedway IA A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 82-Jason Martin[6]; 2. 18-Ryan Roberts[4]; 3. 13V-Seth Brahmer[1]; 4. 4J-Lee Grosz[5]; 5. 24BH-Joey Danley[7]; 6. 28-Rich Cerveny[2]; 7. 1-Nick Haygood[8]; 8. 33-Alan Zoutte[10]; 9. 20-Casey Friedrichson[9]; 10. 53-Jack Dover[3] 6/28

  • Rt 66 Motor Speedway TX)305 Sprints A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 7-Rick Lovelady[2]; 2. 38-Bryson Oeschger[8]; 3. 6-Kaden Taylor[4]; 4. 87C-Cody Hill[7]; 5. 224-Aric Sooter[3]; 6. B7-Brad Lovelady[5]; 7. 56-Chris Douglas[1]; 8. 19-Ryan Dalrymple[9]; 9. 13-Alexander Ort[6] 6/28

  • Jackson Motorplex MN)Logan Schuchart embraced his family and crew with hugs and high fives along the frontstretch at Jackson Motorplex on Saturday night before he turned his attention to the spectators. Schuchart climbed onto the rear of his winged sprint car, offering a few fist pumps and a yell to celebrate his title as champion of the $30,000-to-win, 42nd annual AGCO Jackson Nationals. It was his second triumph of the weekend and fourth with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series this season. "This is the fastest we've ever been at Jackson," he said.  6/28

  • Jackson Motorplex MN)WI wingLESS...AutoMeter A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 9-Greg Olsen[1]; 2. 38-Allen Hafford[4]; 3. 70-Chris Klemko[3]; 4. 97-Cam Schafer[2]; 5. 12P-Johnny Parsons III[5]; 6. 6-Jake Kouba[6]; 7. 01-Chris Dodd[10]; 8. 38R-Bill Rose[12]; 9. 20-Natalie Klemko[9]; 10. 99-Bryan Roach[16]; 11. 22S-Brian Strane[7]; 12. 2K-Jimmy Kouba[19]; 13. 6B-Vince Bartolotta[18]; 14. 91-Jimmy Sivia[8]; 15. 22-Greg Alt[22]; 16. 69-TJ Smith[17]; 17. 41-Dennis Spitz[21]; 18. 7X-Ryan Marshall[14]; 19. 4-Jordan Paulsen[11]; 20. 39-William Huck[23]; 21. 22M-Mike Mueller[13]; 22. 12-Shawn Swim[15]; 23. 17-Darren Ihrke[24]; 24. 94-Jim Wehrman[20]; 25. 70B-Bill Balog[25]; 26. 29OG-Tom Eller[26] 6/28

  • I-90 Speedway SD)305 Sprints A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 51A-Elliot Amdahl[10]; 2. 2D-Dusty Ballenger[13]; 3. 20-Brant O'Banion[2]; 4. 17V-Casey Abbas[8]; 5. 24T-Chris Thram[11]; 6. 1S-Ryan Voss[9]; 7. 32T-Trefer Waller[12]; 8. 81-Jared Jansen[7]; 9. 14-Nick Barger[21]; 10. 7-Johnny Sullivan[5]; 11. 8-Micah Slendy[16]; 12. 20B-Bryan Park[19]; 13. 36-Chris Shoenrock[15]; 14. 32-Darin Spielman[17]; 15. 98-Nate Barger[18]; 16. 6B-Bayley Ballenger[22]; 17. 10D-Daniel Nekolite[6]; 18. 02-Mitchell Dvorak[14]; 19. 43MB-Jesse Lindberg[3]; 20. 10-Lincoln Drewis[1]; 21. 35-Mike Stegenga[4]; 22. 83S-Justin Smith[20]z 6/28

  • Bethany Fairgrounds Speedway MO)Non-Winged Sprints A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 12-Wesley Smith[5]; 2. 11W-Wyatt Burks[1]; 3. 31-Quinton Benson[3]; 4. 28-Kory Schudy[4]; 5. 1M-Don Droud Jr[6]; 6. 89-Todd McVay[2]; 7. 65-Chris Parkinson[8]; 8. 37-Brian Beebe[14]; 9. ST1-Lane Stone[12]; 10. 2K-Kyle Lewis[18]; 11. 69-Zach Sanders[13]; 12. 41-Brad Wyatt[15]; 13. 48-Neal Matuska[9]; 14. 2C-Zach Clark[11]; 15. 2-Jason Billups[16]; 16. 82-Christie Thomason[20]; 17. 33L-Mark Lane[21]; 18. 7X-Lance Silvers[10]; 19. (DNF) 15E-Dakota Earls[19]; 20. (DNF) 66M-Max Grogan[23]; 21. (DNF) 18-Terry Richards Jr[7]; 22. (DNF) 11X-Tom Curran[17]; 23. (DNS) 03-Tyler Burton 6/28

Saturday June 27th 


He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. Benjamin Franklin



  • MSA)It was a case of being in the right place at the right time for three-time Midwest Sprint Car Association champion Brandon McMullen of Oshkosh as he capitalized on Scotty Neitzel’s late-race misfortune to claim his first 25-lap MSA 360 Sprint Car victory of the 2020 season at Beaver Dam Raceway in Beaver Dam, Wis. on Saturday, June 27.

  • Thunder On The Hill)A star-filled night is planned for Tuesday, June 30 at the Grandview Speedway when the NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series presents the RED ROBIN 410 SPRINT SPEED WEEK $10,000 to win Hodnett Cup. Joining the 410 Sprints will be the 358 NASCAR Modifieds. Gates open at 5 PM with race time set for 7:30 PM Along with the rich payoff, this race is dedicated to one of the all-time great Sprint Car drivers, Greg Hodnett who lost his life in a racing accident in 2018. Hodnett is a six time Thunder Series champion and a nine time feature winner at Grandview.

  • All Stars)Due to high percentages of precipitation throughout much of the day on Sunday, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 and Volunteer Speedway officials have decided to cancel Sunday’s portion of the Tennessee Sprint Car Nationals at Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap, Tennessee. Advance ticket holders will be refunded automatically.

  • Creek County Speedway OK)Champ 360 Sprints Winged A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 11-Avery Goodman[3]; 2. 5$-Danny Smith[6]; 3. 54-Will Scribner[10]; 4. 15-Jase Randolph[13]; 5. 31-Casey Wills[1]; 6. 3G-Lane Goodman[8]; 7. 2-Mickey Walker[14]; 8. 777-Bailey Hughes[5]; 9. 23A-Travis Ashwood[15]; 10. 22C-Charlie Crumpton[4]; 11. 22-David Stephenson[17]; 12. 55-Corey McGehee[7]; 13. 9$-Kyle Clark[12]; 14. 32G-Kolton Gariss[9]; 15. 1-Dylan Postier[16]; 16. 91-Justin Fine[18]; 17. (DNF) 22Z-Zach Campbell[2]; 18. (DNF) 7F-Noah Harris[11] 6/27

  • All Stars)It took fifth-starting Aaron Reutzel 23 circuits to track down Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 championship rival Cory Eliason, but once the Clute, Texas-native secured the top spot on lap 24, the Texas Sprint Car Nationals main event on the highbanks of Volunteer Speedway was as good as complete. Although forced to endure a green-white-checkered finish, Reutzel’s dominance was clear, eventually escaping to a two-second advantage in just two trips around the speedway.All Stars 6/27

  • POWRi)Tonight's event at Haubstadt IN has been canceled due to heavy rainfall. 6/27

  • Eagle Raceway NE)IMCA 305...1 #40x Toby Chapman 2 #91 Adam Gullion 3 #93 Ryan King 4 #51 Mike Boston 5 #12N Neil Nickolite 6 #95 Trevor Grossenbacher 7 #12 Tyler Drueke 8 #5 Stuart Snyder 9 #25 Gunnar Pike 10 #100 Clint Benson 11 #14g Gene Ackland 12 #1 Doug Lovegrove 13 #14J Josh Riggins 14 #0 Chase Weiler 15 #12k Troy Sanford 16 #62 Tim Fricke 17 #1A Alex Salzman 18 #4w Nathan Weiler 19 #76 Jay Russell 20 #5a Andrew Jackson 21 #20 Tim Hilfiker 6/27

  • Riverside Int Speedway AR)305 Sprints - Winged 1 Eddie Gallagher Olive Branch, MS 1X 2 Jan Howard Marion, AR 46 3 Marshall Skinner Marion, AR 42 4 Rick Kahler Sladen, MS 43 5 Tyler Whatley Millington, TN 25 6 Tucker Boulton Brighton, TN 74 7 Tyler Newcom Jonesboro, AR 47 8 Dewayne White Byhalia, MS 10K2 9 Kenny Coke Olive Branch, MS 24C 10 Jim Kinney Memphis, TN 6 6/27

  • AST)Thorold ONT...1 Jacob Dykstra Port Colborne, ON 5D 2 Allan Downey Waterloo, ON 19 3 Mike Bowman St. Catherines, ON 26X 4 Darren Dryden Freelton, ON 12DD 5 Liam Martin Binbrook, ON 29 6 Paul Klager Beamsville, ON 1EH 7 Steven Beckett Fonthill, ON 08 8 Josh Hansen Beamsville, ON 88H 9 Dereck Lemyre Hamilton, ON 56 10 Johnny Miller Six Nations, ON 20 11 Nick Sheridan Mount Brydges, ON 45 12 D.J. Christie Beachville, ON 5 13 Jesse Costa St. Thomas, ON 4 14 Lucas Smith Brantford, ON 49L 15 Adrian Stahle Kitchener, ON 50 16 Eric Gledhill Thamesford, ON 7 17 Rob Neely Rockwood, ON 74 18 Ryan Hunsinger Caledonia, ON R52 19 Trevor Young Ancaster, ON 51 20 Steve Murdock Georgetown, ON 2M 21 Brian Nanticoke Ohsweken, ON 9C 22 Dave McKnight Jr Brampton, ON 70MM 23 Brett Stratford Wainfleet, ON BS39 24 Larry Gledhill Bancroft, ON 14 25 Tyler Ward Woodstock, ON 29W 26 Darrell Pellettier Port Perry, ON 77 27 Cody Smith Jerseyville, ON 49C 28 Noelle Teal 6/27

  • Badger)Chase McDermand opened defense of this Badger Midget Series Champion in dramatic fashion winning the the 11th annual "Salute to Harry Turner", Saturday Night at Wilmot Speedway. The event kicked off the 84th year of sanctioning midget auto racing for the organization, oldest in the country.Race Results6/27

  • ASCS Elite)Fresh off his first career victory with the ASCS Elite North Non-Wing Series, New Mexico’s Michael Fanelli added his second in as many races with his latest coming Saturday at El Paso County Raceway. Trailing Spencer Hill the first half of the A-Feature, traffic came into play for Fanelli to help propel the No. 2 into the lead with Coby Pearce in tow. Caution with two laps to run, the green, white, checkered restart saw Michael having to fend off the pair as Hill reclaimed the runner-up position, but was unable to get back around Fanelli. ASCS6/27

  • Cedar Lake Speedway WI)305 Sprints - Non-Winged A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 78-Rob Caho Jr[2]; 2. 93-Brad Peterson[4]; 3. 63B-Ryan Bowers[5]; 4. 69S-Jon Lewerer[7]; 5. 7-Harry Hanson[3]; 6. 7B-Scott Brandt[1]; 7. 95-Kevin Bradwell[8]; 8. 63-Todd Hansen[6]; 9. 19B-Jack Berger[15]; 10. 61-Jeff Kirchner[9]; 11. 65-DJ Vadnais[12]; 12. 2V-Chris Vogel[13]; 13. 45-David Mackey[10]; 14. 49-Eric Serabian[14]; 15. (DNF) 2C-Brad Cunningham[11] 6/27

  • Land of Legends Raceway NY)305... 1 #48a Alysha Bay 2 #48J Darryl Ruggles 3 #75 Brandyn Griffin 4 #53 Bobby Parrow 5 #38 Jason Whipple 6 #18c Dan Craun 7 #121 Steve Glover 8 #17e Ethan Gray 9 #13t Trevor Years 10 #9k Kyle Pierce 11 #410 Jerry Sehn Jr. 6/27

  • Wayne County Speedway OH) 1 #9 Dean Jacobs 2 #8M TJ Michael 3 #81 Lee Jacobs 4 #5 Jordan Harble 5 #18J RJ Jacobs 6 #1 Jamie Myers 7 #23 Nick Patterson 8 #9G Cody Gardner 9 #70 Henry Malcuit 10 #68G Tyler Gunn 11 #59 Bryan Nuckles 12 #D12 Jason Dolick 13 #14Z Wyatt Zimmerman 14 #22 Ray Miller 15 #38K Chris Myers 16 #7DK Dylan Kingan 6/27

  • Sharon Speedway OH)After losing two months of the season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sharon Speedway was finally able to swing open its gates with eager race fans on Saturday night for the 2020 season opener. Despite a high likelihood of thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and evening, all of the storms stayed south allowing the 91st anniversary season opener to go off without a hitch. Celebrating in the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply victory lane on Kams Electric Night were Dave Blaney-Hovis Auto & Truck Supply "410" Sprint Cars, Jeremy Weaver-RUSH Sprint Cars, Chas Wolbert-HTMA/Precise Racing Products RUSH Sportsman Modifieds, and Dustin DeMattia-Elite Econo Mods. The new infield fan zone debuted to rave reviews.Race Results 6/27

  • Selinsgrove Speedway PA)Mark Smith stormed to the fifth Kramer Kup win of his career at Selinsgrove Speedway on Saturday night, besting the URC Sprints for laurels in the 8th running of the Kramer Williamson Memorial event, run in honor of the track’s late champion and URC stalwart. Central PA 6/27

  • BAPS Motor Speedway PA) 305... 1 #5 John Walp 2 #67 Ken Duke 3 #20 Doug Dodson 4 #3D Dave Grube II 5 #69 Landon Price 6 #11 Dylan Smith 7 #17K Kyle Keen 8 #44 Dave Brown 9 #99 Devin Adams 10 #56 Jake Frye 11 #8A Andy Best 12 #61 Johnny Scarborough 13 #18 Ian Detweiler 14 #55 Domenic Melair 15 #51 Dave Graber 16 #8 Nick Sweigart 17 #2 Erin Statler 18 #25D Dustin Young 19 #83L Larry McVay 20 #83K Kristina Pratt 21 #92 Alex Potosky 22 #44K Kirsten Hess 23 #50 Jay Krout 24 #36 Jaremi Hanson 6/27

  • BAPS Motor Speedway PA)Super Sportsman... 1 #75 Kenny Edkin 2 #77 Russ Mitten 3 #30 Scott Dellinger 4 #8 Rich Eichelberger 5 #383 Steve Fannasy 6 #2M Matt Ondek 7 #360 Jay Fannasy 8 #35 John Edkin 9 #6 Chris Meleason 10 #3B Mike Enders 11 #1A Chase Gutshall 12 #22 Daniel John 13 #5D Luke Deatrick 14 #19R Eric Rutz 15 #71K Tyler Wolford 16 #10H Dave Hollar 17 #16R Ryan Rutz 18 #00 Troy Rhome 19 #70D Frankie Herr 20 #7 Timmie Barrick 21 #77W Tom Wyckoff 22 #14 Nate Young 6/27

  • URSS)Colby KS... 1 #11 Zach Blurton 2 #911 Ty Williams 3 #7 Shane Sundquist 4 #33 Koby Walters 5 #15 Blake Robertson 6 #17x Taylor Velasquez 7 #12 Darren Berry 8 #0 Steven Richardson 9 #88j Jeremy Huish 10 #50 Jed Werner 11 #45 Monty Ferriera 12 #27b Keith Rauch 13 #2b Brett Becker 14 #17 Todd Plemons 15 #45x Kyler Johnson 16 #17s Chad Salem 17 #27H Fred Holz 18 #33k Aaron Ploussard 19 #98 J D Johnson 20 #21 Jody Reeves 21 #9 John Webster 22 #74v Howard Van Dyke 6/27

  • RMMRA)Colby KS... 1 #27b Keith Rauch 2 #15 Broc Garrett 3 #6 Collin Rinehart 4 #2b Brett Becker 5 #14 Tony Rossi 6 #4T Anthony Valim 7 #4s Curtis Spicer 8 #34 Clay Willhite 9 #91 Chris Sheil 10 #117 Ray Seemann 11 #88w Dustin Weland 6/27

  • Fremont Speedway OH)Chad Kemenah was forced to adjust his line during the 410 sprint feature and he made it work to perfection, taking the lead with just two laps to go to claim the $4,000 top prize at Fremont Speedway Saturday on Willie’s Sales and Service Night.  Race Results6/27

  • GLSS)Crystal Motor Speedway MI... 1 #17 Jared Horstman 2 #97 Max Stambaugh 3 #49T Gregg Dalman 4 #71H Ryan Ruhl 5 #85 Dustin Daggett 6 #7C Phil Gressman 7 #28M Conner Morrell 8 #16W Chase Ridenour 9 #19 Linden Jones 10 #70 Eli Lakin 11 #3A Mike Astrauskas 12 #10S Jay Steinebach 13 #21T Troy Chehowski 14 #33 RJ Payne 15 #24 Eric Smith 16 #84 Kyle Poortenga 17 #8 Justin Ward 18 #16 Gary Fritts 19 #77 Andrew Scheid 6/27



  • Photos)Shots by Rick Rarer from Clinton County Speedway PA 305's & Steve Koletar from Williams Grove Speedway PA Speedweek are in SpeedShotz 6/27

  • WI wingLESS)The AutoMeter WIsconsin wingLESS Sprint Series made the long tow to the Jackson Motorplex in Minnesota to support the World of Outlaws sanctions Jackson Nationals. Twenty-six non-wing Sprint’s signed in and all did themselves proud with a ultra-competitive, all green, 20 lap A-main that featured three-wide racing for the lead and throughout the field. Jake Kouba took advantage of Jimmy Sivia’s only miscue as the two rode the high side around the awesome 4/10 black dirt oval. Kouba came from seventh to claim the win for his home state of MN. Fifth starting Sivia came home second, with early race leader Chris Klemko third, defending series champ Chris Dodd fourth, and Mike Mueller rounding out the top five. Fast qualifier Jordan Paulsen, Greg Olsen, Jimmy Kouba, Greg Alt, and Bryan Roach completed the top ten. Heats wins went to Jake Kouba, Dood, and Sivia. 6/27

  • BR Motorsports)... Engines require spark like a body needs a heart and BR Black Magic magnetos are what spark the engines in last nights Big winners. Congrats to Logan Schuhart and Lance Dewease on your victories and trusting BR Ignition system to keep your engines running at peak performance. To find out how u can get the same great products and service that these guys do visit 6/27

  • Speed Sport)Storylines From PA Speedweek’s Opening Night

  • Penn Live)Lance Dewease edges out Kyle Larson to kick off PA Speedweek at Williams Grovev

  • York Dispatch)With the uncertain times, it was an open question for quite a while if the world-renowned Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek would be held this year. 6/27

  • Ralph Quarterson)Ralph H. Quarterson Jr., 80, of Hermitage, died due to a brief illness at 11:45 p.m. June 23, 2020, in his residence surrounded by his family. Ralph began racing in 1959 and won over 500 feature races at many different race tracks. He won 149 features at Mercer Raceway in three different classes: 97 Sprint, 48 Modified and 4 late model. He accomplished the title of First Champion of All Star Circuit of Champions, and was a five-time winner of Western Pennsylvania Spring Championship in years 1966-69 and in 1979. 6/27

  • Sprint Car Bandits)The best 360C.I. powered Sprint Car teams of the region will be assembled to figuratively and literally shred the black dirt of the ¼ mile KENNEDALE SPEEDWAY PARK *TODAY* Saturday June 27th at 7pm, when the NCRA Sprint Car Bandits® (SCB) series presents the running of "Ridin' the Rail at K-dale". Press Releases6/27

  • CRASH PAD)Racers will spend outlandish amounts of money to gain slightly significant improvements in horsepower. The Crash Pad seat insert is a great value when you seek significant improvement in your risk reduction of spinal injury . . . . Superior Performance at a truly racer friendly price! Check out our Analysis tab at We help you have more money to spend at the engine builder’s shop; they like us too! 717-235-7250. 6/27

  • Brock Zearfoss)Effectively immediately, Jonestown, Pennsylvania’s Brock Zearfoss will no longer compete full-time with the All Star Circuit of Champions, switching focus to a ‘true outlaw’ schedule complete with all major programs within Pennsylvania, as well as a full slate of World of Outlaws and All Star Circuit of Champions events throughout the region. The ‘Jonestown Jet,’ who accumulated four All Star triumphs during full-time competition over the last 12 months, will resume his 2020 campaign with PA Sprint Speedweek action at the ‘Fabulous’ Lincoln Speedway on Saturday, June 27. Press Releases6/27


  • Clinton County Speedway PA)The Clinton County Speedway opened its 2020 racing season on Friday Night featuring the Laurel Highlands RaceSaver Sprint Cars, presented by Gary’s Motor Mart. Dale Schweikart of Linden claimed the victory in the 25-lap event in a contested battle with his son, Dakota Schweikart. Race Results 6/27

  • World of Outlaws)Aside from the medal around his neck and a few drops of sweat sliding down his face, you’d never be able to tell Logan Schuchart just endured a six-hour marathon. The Hanover, PA driver not only survived a double World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series Feature night at the 4/10-mile Jackson Motorplex on Friday, he ended the night as the top driver. World of Outlaws 6/27

  • ASCS)Putting on a slide job fueled thrill ride Friday night; the winning slide went the way of Keith Martin with the ASCS Elite Non-Wing Series presented by Abilene Powder Coating at Monarch Motor Speedway. ASCS 6/27



  • Photos)Shots by Rob Kocak from Jackson MN WoO, Mark Funderburk from Charleston IL POWRi Midgets/WAR & Lonnie Wheatley from Meeker OK SSO are in SpeedShotz 6/27

  • Column)Danny Burton has notes from Friday night at Paragon Speedway IN Hoosier Race Report 6/27

  • Jackson Motorplex MN)Brad Sweet and Logan Schuchart each captured a World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series preliminary night on Friday at Jackson Motorplex, which hosted the 42nd annual AGCO Jackson Nationals. Jake Kouba was also a feature winner as he made a late-race move to secure victory in the Auto Meter Wisconsin WingLESS Sprint Series main event. Race Results 6/27

  • PA Speedweek)2020 RED ROBIN SPEEDWEEK POINTS 1. 69K Lance Dewease 176 2. 57 Kyle Larson 147 3. 51 Freddie Rahmer 140 4. 48 Danny Dietrich 135 5. 72 Ryan Smith 124 5. 39M Anthony Macri 124 7. 24 Lucas Wolfe 111 8. 5 Brent Marks 109 9. 99M Kyle Moody 95 10. 45 Jeff Halligan 93 11. 3z Brock Zearfoss 83 12. 91 Kyle Reinhardt 80 13. 55K Robbie Kendall 72 14. 24 Rico Abreu 68 15. 21 Brian Montieth 64 16. 55 Mike Wagner 63 17. 0 Rick Lafferty 58 18. 11 T J Stutts 51 19. 75 Chase Dietz 48 20. 12 Robert Ballou 47 21. 25 Tyler Bear 46 22. 1 Sammy Swindell 30 23. 1w Matt Campbell 25 24. 19M Landon Myers 14 25. 75 Nicole Bower 13 26. 27s Adrian Shaffer 12 27. 17B Steve Buckwalter 10 28. 38 Mark Smith 9 29. 1x Chad Trout 8 30. 5 Dylan Cisney 7 31. 1 Logan Wagner 6 32. 39 Cale Thomas 5 33. 33 Jared Esh 4 34. 73B Brett Michalski 1 34. 66 Doug Hammaker 1 34. 67 Justin Whittall 1 34. 47K Kody Lehman 1 34. 12W Troy Fraker 1 6/27

  • World of Outlaws)Jackson Motorplex MN...1 #1S Logan Schuchart 2 #83 Daryn Pittman 3 #49 Brad Sweet 4 #14 Parker Price-Miller 5 #15 Donny Schatz 6 #18 Ian Madsen 7 #41 David Gravel 8 #7S Jason Sides 9 #1A Jacob Allen 10 #17 Sheldon Haudenschild 11 #9 Kasey Kahne 12 #21 Brian Brown 13 #3 Tim Kaeding 14 #49X Tim Shaffer 15 #O9 Matt Juhl 16 #44S Trey Starks 17 #2 Carson Macedo 18 #11K Kraig Kinser 19 #2M Kerry Madsen 20 #13 Mark Dobmeier 21 #17B Bill Balog 22 #16 Brooke Tatnell 23 #7 Justin Henderson 24 #14X Jody Rosenboom 6/27

  • WI wingLESS)Jackson MN...Non Wing Sprints A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 6-Jake Kouba[7]; 2. 91-Jimmy Sivia[5]; 3. 70-Chris Klemko[3]; 4. 01-Chris Dodd[2]; 5. 22M-Mike Mueller[8]; 6. 4-Jordan Paulsen[4]; 7. 9-Greg Olsen[6]; 8. 2K-Jimmy Kouba[12]; 9. 22-Greg Alt[9]; 10. 99-Bryan Roach[11]; 11. 20-Natalie Klemko[15]; 12. 69-TJ Smith[10]; 13. 6B-Vince Bartolotta[14]; 14. 38-Allen Hafford[13]; 15. 94-Jim Wehrman[19]; 16. 7X-Ryan Marshall[17]; 17. 22S-Brian Strane[18]; 18. 12-Shawn Swim[16]; 19. 41-Dennis Spitz[20]; 20. 39-William Huck[22]; 21. 17-Darren Ihrke[21]; 22. 29OG-Tom Eller[24]; 23. 38M-Matt Roebuck[23]; 24. 70B-Marc Paulsen; 25. 12P-Johnny Parsons III[1]; 26. 97-Cam Schafer[25] 6/27

  • Placerville Speedway CA)360...1 #88N Sean Becker 2 #5C Colby Copeland 3 #17W Shane Golobic 4 #38B Blake Carrick 5 #7C Justyn Cox 6 #83T Tanner Carrick 7 #56 Willie Croft 8 #93X Stephen Ingraham 9 #5H Michael Faccinto 10 #14W Ryan Robinson 11 #63 JJ Hickle 12 #34 Jodie Robinson 13 #14 Kyle Hirst 14 #15 Michael Sellers 15 #45 Jake Morgan 16 #X1 Andy Forsberg 17 #5T Trent Canales 18 #46JR Joel Myers Jr. 19 #25 Justin Johnson 20 #2X Chase Majdic 21 #94 Bubba DeCaires 22 #8 Colby Wiesz 23 #88 Kyle Offill 24 #93 Kalib Henry 6/27

  • Gas City I-69 Speedway IN)The Flying Fireman, Shane Cockrum of Benton, Ill., led all 25 laps of the non-wing sprint car feature to collect its $2,020 first prize during the Jerry Gappens Sr. Memorial, a huge, five-division show honoring the promoter’s late father Friday night at Gas City I-69 Speedway. Race Results 6/27

  • Paragon Speedway IN)410 Sprints - Non-Winged A Feature 1: 1. 14-Jadon Rogers[2]; 2. 33-Jake Scott[6]; 3. 04-AJ Hopkins[3]; 4. 70-Jordan Kinser[9]; 5. 77-Hunter O'Neal[5]; 6. 17C-Josh Cunningham[24]; 7. 5M-Matthew McDonald[1]; 8. 26-Pat Giddens[10]; 9. 77S-Travis Berryhill[22]; 10. 07-Ricky Lewis[4]; 11. 16B-Harley Burns[15]; 12. 16-Joey Parker[23]; 13. 23-Colin Parker[21]; 14. 22-Brandon Spencer[7]; 15. 71B-Braxton Cummings[13]; 16. 16S-Jackson Slone[16]; 17. 18C-Cindy Chambers[14]; 18. 51-Steve Hair[17]; 19. 14*-Nathan Carle[11]; 20. 34C-Robert Carrington[12]; 21. 8-Michael Clark[8]; 22. 25K-Kent Weed[20]; 23. 45-Adam Wilfong[25]; 24. 44-Tom Davies[19]; 25. (DNS) 19-Damon Cooley; 26. (DNS) 98-Billy Winsemann 6/27

  • Crawford County Speedway IA)305...1 Ryan Voss Okoboji, IA 1S 2 Matt Fredericksen Aurelia, IA 57 3 Toby Chapman Panama, NE 7 4 Brandon Stevenson Holstein, IA 0 5 Monty Ferriera Lincoln, NE 45 6 Trevor Grossenbacher Bennet, NE 95 7 Clayton Christensen Spencer, IA 1CC 8 Loren Reuter Allen, NE 84 9 10 Joe Miller Vail, IA 53 10 9 John Lambertz 6/27

  • SSO)Meeker OK...305 Sprints - Winged A Feature 1 (40 Laps): 1. 55X-Danny Wood[4]; 2. 2C-Whit Gastineau[2]; 3. 5$-Danny Smith[7]; 4. 18-Dillon Laden[10]; 5. 55-Johnny Kent[5]; 6. 03-Joe Wood Jr[17]; 7. 16S-Steven Shebester[9]; 8. 2-Michael Day[3]; 9. 9$-Kyle Clark[13]; 10. 15-Jase Randolph[6]; 11. 11-Avery Goodman[12]; 12. 83-Jett Hays[19]; 13. 71M-Jesse Mack[8]; 14. 50-Cody Whitworth[18]; 15. 78-Tanner Conn[15]; 16. 10-Darien Roberts[11]; 17. 33K-JT Kelly[20]; 18. 32G-Kolton Gariss[16]; 19. 27-Andy Shouse[1]; 20. 17-Jeremy Allen[14] 6/27

  • USAC)USAC MIDWEST WINGLESS RACING ASSOCIATION SPRINT CAR RACE RESULTS: June 26, 2020 – Lakeside Speedway – Kansas City, Kansas FEATURE: (25 laps, starting positions in brackets) 1. Don Droud Jr. [1]; 2. Wyatt Burks [6]; 3. Quinton Benson [3]; 4. Chris Parkinson [8]; 5. Todd McVay [4]; 6. Wesley Smith [20]; 7. Terry Richards Jr. [7]; 8. Kyle Lewis [2]; 9. Chad Goff [13]; 10. Zach Clark [15]; 11. Kory Schudy [5]; 12. Braydon Cromwell [17]; 13. Danny Billings [14]; 14. Tyler Burton [18]; 15. Robert Talley [24]; 16. Christie Thomason [9]; 17. Brian Beebe [12]; 18. Mark Lane [11]; 19. Dakota Earls [23]; 20. Chad Tye [16]; 21. Luke Howard [10]; 22. Max Grogan [22]; 23. Brad Wyatt [19]; 24. Dylan Kadous [21].6/27

  • Nebraska 360)Greenwood NE...1 Lee Grosz Watertown, SD 4J 2 Jack Dover Springfield, NE 53 3 Ryan Roberts Aurora, NE 18 4 Jamie Ball Knoxville, IA 5J 5 John Klabunde Ft. Calhoun, NE 77 6 Joey Danley Lincoln, NE 24BH 7 Seth Brahmer Wisner, NE 13V 8 Stuart Snyder Waverly, NE 23S 9 Nick Haygood Denver, CO 1 10 Rich Cerveny Omaha, NE 28 11 Alan Zoutte Knoxville, IA 33 12 Cody Ledger Omaha, NE 35 13 Jason Martin Lincoln, NE 82 6/27

  • UMSS)Superior WI...360 Sprints - Non-Winged Feature (25 Laps): 1. 7(B)-Scott Brandt[3]; 2. 69S-Jon Lewerer[2]; 3. 34-Denny Stordahl[5]; 4. 91-Ken Hron[1]; 5. 78-Rob Caho Jr[11]; 6. 19-Jori Hughes[13]; 7. 93-Brad Peterson[9]; 8. 63-Todd Hansen[10]; 9. 45-Lance Solem[7]; 10. 95-Kevin Bradwell[4]; 11. 17B-Eric Becker[15]; 12. 101-Paul Schultz[14]; 13. 2C-Brad Cunningham[12]; 14. 30M-Chris Lewis[18]; 15. 04-Brian Trembath[20]; 16. 33-Leah Steahl[26]; 17. 56-Josh Braford[17]; 18. 65-DJ Vadnais[16]; 19. (DNF) 49-Eric Serabian[24]; 20. (DNF) Z 15-Zach Olson[19]; 21. (DNF) 3-Ryan Johnson[8]; 22. (DNF) 47-Jake Barsness[21]; 23. (DNF) 7-Harry Hanson[22]; 24. (DNF) 92-Danny Wait Jr[25]; 25. (DNF) 19B-Jack Berger[6]; 26. (DNS) 15E-Caley Emerson; 27. (DNS) 70-Corey Olson Winged Feature (20 Laps): 1. 7-Harry Hanson[3]; 2. 13-Patrick Heikkinen[4]; 3. 1-Rick Kobs[12]; 4. 54-Rick Niemi[2]; 5. 3-Ryan Johnson[8]; 6. 34-Denny Stordahl[1]; 7. 61-Jeff Kirchner[5]; 8. 56-Josh Braford[6]; 9. 95-Kevin Bradwell[7]; 10. 7D-Dave Becker[11]; 11. 19B-Jack Berger[9]; 12. 33-Leah Steahl[13]; 13. (DNF) 17B-Eric Becker[10] 6/27

  • Electric City Speedway MT)Sportsman Sprints A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 2-James Setters[2]; 2. 3M-Shane Moore[1]; 3. 818-Cody Ryan[3]; 4. 51-Rich Bailey[6]; 5. 07T-Greg Tacke[7]; 6. 4PLAY-Cliff Nelson Jr[8]; 7. 4N-John Nelson[5]; 8. 24-Leroy Brush[4]; 9. 8-Tim McCune[9]6/27

Friday June 26th 


The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Albert Einstein



  • POWRi WAR)Competing for the first time in league history the POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprint League would hit the racing surface of the well-prepared Charleston Speedway on Friday night with thrilling side-by-side battles for nearly every position for the entire twenty-five lap feature event. With $2000 on the line and a stacked entry list of thirty cars, all eyes were glued to front-runners vying for positions. After multiple lead changes and slide-jobs being traded on both sides of the speedway, Riley Kreisel would emerge the winner and continue his hot-run of domination in 2020. Race Results  6/26

  • Column)Joseph Terrell's column looks at three exciting things that came out of Thursday Night's race at Skagit Speedway plus more.The West Coast Sprint Car Scene6/26

  • Attica Raceway Park OH)Cap Henry has picked right up where he left off the past two seasons – winning races in Ohio. The Republic, Ohio driver scored his second win of the season Friday, June 26 at Attica Raceway Park, leading all 30 laps of the 410 sprint feature on Burns Electric, Edward Jones of Clyde, Smith Paving Night presented by Integrity Auto and Truck Sales. Race Results 6/26

  • Trail Way Speedway PA)Wingless Super Sportsman...1 #16 Billy Brian Jr. 2 #B1 Joey Biasi 3 #4 Derek Sheaffer 4 #63 Kevin Gutshall 5 #23 John Stehman 6 #2J Jason Failor 7 #1A Craig Perigo 8 #59 Steve Wilbur 9 #38S Tom Savage 10 #76 Michael Smith 11 #38DD Luke Lenker 12 #10J Jay Fry 13 #38 Tony Hampton 14 #47 John Winsett 15 #21 Kadden Smith 16 #28 Cliff Brian Jr. 17 #88W Eric Walker 18 #2A Brett Perigo 19 #32 Gene Eppley 20 #14 Rohan Beasley 21 #41 Chris Henry 22 #44S Steve Whary 23 #2L Austin Lorah 6/26

  • POWRi)Michael "Buddy" Kofoid of Penngrove, California earned his third POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League career win at Charleston Speedway. Kofoid carries great momentum into Saturday night's show at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt Indiana, in hopes to sweep the weekend.Race Results  6/26

  • River Cities Speedway ND)1 #8H Jade Hastings 2 #27 Chris Ranten 3 #2A Austin Pierce 4 #55 Nick Ranten 5 #20A Jordan Adams 6 #0 Nick Omdahl 7 #11M Brendan Mullen 8 #31 Shane Roemeling 9 #99 Jordan Graham 10 #9N Wade Nygaard 11 #14T Tim Estenson 12 #14 Tom Egeland 13 #8B Jack Croaker 14 #26 Blake Egeland 15 #17 Zach Omdahl 16 #41T Travis Strandell 17 #4 Colton Young 18 #10S Josh Swangler 6/26

  • Williams Grove Speedway PA)Lance Dewease muscled past Brian Montieth and then outran Kyle Larson to win the opening night of the 30th annual Red Robin Pennsylvania Speedweek Series for sprint cars at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night. Dewease earned $5,000 for his 99th career victory at the oval aboard the Don Kreitz-owned No. 69K. Central PA 6/26

  • USAC)Following Friday night's USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car victory at Plymouth Speedway, we can just about officially classify Justin Grant as "red hot." No, we're not talking about the massive sunburn the Ione, Calif. driver was sporting following a recent five-hour kayaking adventure, but of his recent run in the sprint car that has witnessed him win three of last four series events in the month of June. USAC 6/26

  • World of Outlaws)After losing a win by inches last week, reigning champion Brad Sweet dominates the first of two Features Friday night for the 42 Annual AGCO Jackson Nationals. Sweet, the two-time and defending AGCO Jackson Nationals champion, won his fourth World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series Feature at the 4/10-mile Jackson Motorplex before having to turn around and run another Feature later in the night. World of Outlaws 6/26


  • Sprint Invaders)We got ‘em all signed in & then the skies let loose. We want to thank all of our teams who took the chance, our officials, push trucks & Davenport Speedway - K Promotions for their efforts. Unfortunately, Mother Nature won tonight. We will try again tomorrow 34Raceway. 6/27

  • Dodge City Raceway Park KS)It’s less than two months away. On August 20-22, Dodge City Raceway Park is the scene of the Fourth Annual Lubbock Wrecker Service DCRP 305 Sprint Car Nationals. Entry forms for the $3,000-to-win event are available at Press Releases6/26

  • IMCA)IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars – 1. Tyler Drueke, Eagle, Neb., 460; 2. Zach Blurton, Quinter, Kan., 308; 3. Trefer Waller, Oneill, Neb., 268; 4. Stuart Snyder, Lincoln, Neb., 266; 5. Garrett Bard, Wells Tannery, Pa., 253; 6. Ryan Voss, Spirit Lake, Iowa, 248; 7. Kyler Johnson, Quinter, Kan., 247; 8. Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg, S.D., 241; 9. Trey Burke, League City, Texas, 225; 10. Chad Wilson, North Richland Hills, Texas, Jay Russell, Wathena, Kan., and Christopher Thram, Sanborn, Minn., each 220; Press Releases6/26

  • Port Royal Speedway PA)Port Royal Speedway is set to return to racing Wednesday, July 1st and Saturday, July 4th as part of the 30th Annual Pennsylvania Speedweek presented by Red Robin. This year’s nine-race schedule will visit six different speedways in Pennsylvania and Maryland and features an increased point fund for drivers who support all nine events. Central PA 6/26

  • World of Outlaws)When fans attend next week’s World of Outlaws three-day mega-event July 2-3-4 on the high-banks of Cedar Lake Speedway, track and race series officials will not only be giving them a double dose of the Greatest Show on Dirt, but a preview into the future of sports and live events with state-of-the-art walk-through screeners and free at-track COVID-19 testing. World of Outlaws 6/26

  • Brady Bacon)After a fast-paced week of Midget racing action, Brady Bacon is back in the seat of the Hoffman Auto Racing Fatheadz Eyewear No. 69 Sprint Car for Friday night’s USAC National Sprint Car event at Indiana’s Plymouth Speedway. In his quest for a third USAC National Sprint Car championship, Bacon enters the night sitting a close third in points after the opening handful of events. Press Releases6/26

  • Ohsweken Speedway ONT)Ohsweken Speedway officials, along with the Super DIRTcar Series, have announced the 2020 Rev’s Full Throttle Triple Crown Showdown scheduled for July 6 has been postponed until 2021 due to the ongoing closure of the Canada-USA border.Press Releases6/26



  • Photos)Shots by Lonnie Wheatley & Dayton Sutterby from Caney KS ASCS Thursday night are in SpeedShotz 6/26

  • ASCS Lucas Oil)Getting back to Victory Lane in a hurry with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, Sam Hafertepe, Jr. rallied from seventh to lead the final six laps of Thursday's A-Feature at Caney Valley Speedway.ASCS  6/26

  • Ocean Speedway CA)360  6/25...1 #17W Shane Golobic 2 #3 Kaleb Montgomery 3 #72W Kurt Nelson 4 #69 Bud Kaeding 5 #7Z Zane Blanchard 6 #32 Caden Sarale 7 #88 Koen Shaw 8 #2 James Ringo 9 #25Z Jason Chisum 10 #7H Jake Haulot 11 #8 Jeremy Chisum 12 #72S Bradley Dillard 13 #35 Bryan Grier 14 #22 Ryan Bernal 15 #4 Burt Foland 16 #88N D.J. Netto 17 #6D Josh Chisum 18 #72JR Chris Nelson 19 #3M Adam Kaeding 20 #88A Joey Ancona 21 #33H Eric Humphries 6/26

  • Skagit Speedway WA)The fourth edition of Thursday Night Thunder at Skagit Speedway saw a fourth different winner in the Budweiser 360 Sprints as Devon Borden made a big move late race to score the win. Also on the all open wheel card, Jesse Schlotfeldt made huge last lap pass for the win in the Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprint feature and Evan Margeson wired the field for the win in the NW Focus Midgets. Race Results 6/26

  • World of Outlaws)Thursday night's race at Jackson Motorplex MN was postponed because of rain. It will resume Friday beginning with the World of Outlaws C Main at 6:30 p.m. The pits open at noon and the main gates at 4 p.m. Following the conclusion of that program we will roll into the full Friday night program.6/26

Thursday June 25th 


Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company. George Washington



  • USAC)Few events on the USAC calendar have a history as rich or has the longevity of the Tony Hulman Classic at western Indiana's legendary Terre Haute Action Track. The milestone 50th annual running of the Scott's Custom Colors Tony Hulman Classic arrives at the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds half-mile on Wednesday night, July 1 with the USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship. It's an event that boasts a venerable cast of characters who've held the coveted rifle in victory lane each year since 1971. USAC 6/25

  • Shawn McDonald)Shawn recently had an accident that had him in the hospital for two weeks with no relief from the pain and suffering. Shawn made the decision last Friday to let go. He has fought valiantly for the last 24 years and is a true hero to all. We currently have him home providing him comfort care, to prepare him for his next great adventure. Shawn sends his love to all of you and will cherish all the love, friendship and memories you provided him.6/25

  • Champion Racing Oil)Champion’s Classic & Muscle Motor Oils are “Purpose-Built” to address the potential of flat tappet camshaft failures found in older gasoline motors. The problem started years ago when oil companies began producing oils with a reduction in the anti-wear additive packages and noticed flat tappet camshaft and lifter failures. Press Releases6/25

  • AFCS)After much uncertainty earlier this season, the AFCS Sprint Series is proud to announce over $45,000 worth of cash and prizes will be up for grabs during the 2020 season. The All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads/ Kistler Racing Products Presented by Baumann Auto Group AFCS 410 Sprint Series will fight for a $24,000 points fund during its 10 race campaign with $7,500 going to the 2020 series champion.Press Releases6/25



  • Outlaw Speedway NY)With the month of June now all but a distant memory, Outlaw Speedway owner, Tyler Siri and his girlfriend, Jordan Lynch are now shifting their attention to the July 2020 schedule. Outlaw Speedway, along with virtually every other race venue in New York State completely lost the entire months of April and May due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. As the Finger Lakes Region of New York, where Outlaw Speedway is located moves thru Phases 1, 2 and 3 the track now is readying for Phase 4 which can happen at any time depending on how the scientific date and numbers shake out, but it appears as though everything is on point for most venues like Outlaw to re-open with race fans. Press Releases6/25

  • Placerville Speedway CA)With Placerville Speedway geared up to host two big nights of racing we are pleased to welcome legendary car owner Weldon Offill of Country Builders Construction on board as a partner of not only this weekend’s “Nor*Cal Posse Shootout,” but also for the annual Fourth of July showcase next week! Press Releases6/25

  • Oswego Speedway NY)After high optimism for the potential re-opening of the Oswego Speedway with a three division card slated for Saturday, July 4, track management has received word from state and local officials that the Speedway will not be permitted to open with fans next weekend. Press Releases6/25

  • Colorado Motorsports HoF)The Class of 2020 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony originally scheduled for Friday, October 16th, 2020, has been postponed until October of 2021. The Board of Directors of Colorado Motorsports Hall of Fame felt this postponement was necessary in the interest of the health and safety of our Inductees and their families and friends who would attend the event to support them. There also remains the uncertainty about large group gatherings being permitted again by the date of the event resulting in having to cancel the event on short notice. The new date will be October 15, 2021 at Infinity Park Event Center, Glendale (Denver) This was a difficult decision for the Board, but we intend to make the 2021 Induction Ceremony even more exciting and memorable for our Inductees who are waiting a year for their recognition. Watch our social media sites for information about the Inductees and their contributions to Colorado Motorsports. 6/25

  • TBJ Promotions)Another stellar field of midgets is expected to converge upon Airport Raceway next week during the 5th annual Midget Round Up presented by Burtis Motor Company. The POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget League and the Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association are co-sanctioning the midget portion of the TBJ Promotions' doubleheader at the oval in Garden City, Kan., on July 3-4. Press Releases6/25

  • Joe Trenca)Joe Trenca earned a fourth-place finish during his season opener a week ago Wednesday at Land of Legends Raceway. The Mucci Motorsports driver, whose season had been delayed approximately two months because of COVID-19, was efficient during the Patriot Sprint Tour event. He maneuvered from fourth to second place in a heat race to garner the outside front row starting position in the A Main. Press Releases6/25

  • Team ILP)John Carney II and James Setters guided Inside Line Promotions into the Winner's Circle last Friday. Carney II picked up a sprint car win at West Texas Raceway in Lubbock, Texas. It was his third straight weekend with a triumph. Press Releases6/25

  • USAC)The USAC NOS Energy Drink Midget National Championship will make its annual mid-summer, mid-America swing with four races in a five-night span beginning with a July 17-18 doubleheader at Nebraska's Jefferson County Speedway, for the first time ever on July 19 at Caney Valley Speedway in Kansas, and concluding with Tuesday Night Thunder July 21 at Oklahoma's Red Dirt Raceway. USAC 6/25



  • Port Royal Speedway PA)As part of the Port Royal Speedway’s offseason renovation plans, victory lane got a fresh look. Mike Wagner may have been the first one to visit it, however track officials may want to re-name it the Anthony Macri landing zone after last night’s race. For the third consecutive race, Macri visited victory lane as he bested a star-studded field of Weikert’s Livestock 410 Sprint car drivers and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions drivers to claim the $6000 prize during a rare Wednesday night showing of the 5th Annual Keith Kauffman Classic.

  • Photos)Shots by Paul Arch from tonight at Port Royal Speedway PA are in SpeedShotz 6/25

  • Marysville Raceway Park CA)360...6/24...1 #17W Shane Golobic 2 #21X Shane Hopkins 3 #92 Andy Forsberg 4 #38B Blake Carrick 5 #71L Korey Lovell 6 #01 Nick Larsen 7 #7B Brent Bjork 8 #81 Kevin Lovell 9 #44 Jesse Love 10 #5 Kenny Wanderstadt 11 #15 Pat Harvey Jr. 12 #71JR Alec Justeson 13 #88 Brad Bumgarner 14 #71W Michael Wasina 15 #49 Mike Monahan 16 #21 Michael Ing 17 #1M Colby Copeland 18 #95 Brandon Dozier 6/25

  • All Stars)For the first time in his young career, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania’s Anthony Macri is an Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 main event winner, doing so, in unbelievable form, during Port Royal Speedway’s annual Keith Kauffman Classic on Wednesday, June 24. The victory, earning Macri $6,000 in the process, was accomplished in flawless fashion, eventually outrunning the entire field, including a late-charging Kyle Larson, by just under four seconds. All Stars6/25

Wednesday June 24th 


There never was a time when, in my opinion, some way could not be found to prevent the drawing of the sword. Ulysses S. Grant



  • POWRi)In the first stand-alone event of the 2020 racing season, the POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget League will travel to I-44 Riverside Speedway on Saturday, June 27th, 2020. For the POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget League, seven edge-of-your-seat co-sanctioned events have been completed with the POWRi National Midgets. Having already competed at I-44 Riverside twice this season in the Seventh Annual Turnpike Challenge, where Logan Seavey and Michael “Buddy” Kofoid would both claim feature wins at the ultra-fast Oklahoma racetrack. Press Releases6/24

  • ASCS)Revising the 2020 lineup of events for the ASCS Elite North Non-Wing Series, the Colorado-based tour will be in action this Saturday, June 27 at El Paso County Raceway. ASCS 6/24

  • ASCS)Back in the “Lone Star State” this weekend, the ASCS Elite Non-Wing Series presented by Abilene Powder Coating will be in action at Monarch Motor Speedway on Friday, June 26. ASCS 6/24

  • Josh Baughman)Josh Baughman continues his pursuit of All Star Circuit of Champions Rookie of the Year honors aboard the Baughman-Reutzel Motorsports No. 17 with this week’s set of events. It begins in Central Pennsylvania on Wednesday before shifting far eastern Tennessee’s high-banked Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap on Saturday and Sunday. Press Releases6/24

  • Aaron Reutzel)A frenetic month of June continues for Aaron Reutzel and the Baughman-Reutzel Motorsports No. 87 Sprint Car team with a set of All Star Circuit of Champions events this week. Running his season win total to eight with three more triumphs in recent action, Reutzel and the Folkens Brothers Trucking/Dissolvalloy Downhole Revolution No. 87 Triple-X Sprint Car team take the series points lead into the Wednesday night’s card at central Pennsylvania’s Port Royal Speedway and then on to Bulls Gap, Tennessee’s Volunteer Speedway on Saturday and Sunday. Press Releases6/24

  • DirtStation)Social can fly right by at 1,000 mph! Don't let our DVD eBay sales, announcements and other items pass you by for Sports Plus Video/Dirtstation. Sign up now for email announcements (no more than 1 per week emailed) at: 6/24

  • PRI)Illinois To Welcome Race Fans This Week. Spectator sports facilities may reopen at 20% capacity under the new phase, which goes into effect on June 26.  6/24

  • Ian Madsen)Traveling to Haubstadt, IN over the weekend to battle with the World of Outlaws, Ian Madsen and KCP Racing would endure a Friday night mechanical failure, before rallying on Saturday night and finshing third with the CBS Sports Network cameras covering the event. Press Releases6/24

  • Greg Wilson)Greg Wilson has a trio of Ollie's Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions races on tap this week. The Hercules Tires, Ohio Logistics, DNC Hydraulics and Gear Off Road sponsored team is scheduled to race on Wednesday at Port Royal Speedway in Port Royal, Pa., and on Saturday and Sunday at Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap, Tenn. Press Releases6/24

  • Tarlton Motorsports)Slated to run the full King of the West schedule with Tarlton Motorsports in 2020, circumstances delayed the start of the season to Saturday night where Spencer Bayston made the most of his debut and clean swept the event. “It felt really good to get back in the 21 and build on our first weekend of running,” Spencer Bayston said. “We ran the 360 on Friday in Watsonville, CA and that led to a few more troubles throughout the night, but it gave Paul Baines and I the chance to narrow down where I felt we needed to be for my comfort inside the car.” Press Releases6/24

  • Terry McCarl)Two nights of action in the Midwest were on the docket for Terry McCarl and Destiny Motorsports over the weekend, and when it was all said and done TMAC would pick up two Top-10 finishes, though he would overcome some issues to accomplish these results. “We put a new Maxim together for the weekend, and on Friday night we had fuel issues that essentially didn’t allow us to time in,” Terry McCarl said. “We were in for quite the uphill battle, but the guys stayed the course and we really turned our night around.” Press Releases6/24

  • Rich Bailey)Rich Bailey achieved his goal last Friday during his first time racing a sprint car in more than a decade. Bailey and car owner Mike Quigley scored a heat race win and a fourth-place finish in the Rocky Mountain Sprint Car Series main event at Electric City Speedway. "It went pretty good," Bailey said. "It was a little hectic at the start. We were thrashing stuff for hot laps. By the heat race I felt pretty comfortable. I started on the pole and it's pretty easy when you don't have to pass anybody." Press Releases6/24

  • Trey Starks)Trey Starks captured a pair of top-10 finishes last week. Starks powered his family owned 360ci sprint car to a season-best runner-up result on Thursday at Skagit Speedway in Alger, Wash., before he pocketed a 10th-place finish on Saturday at Knoxville Raceway while driving the Gobrecht Motorsports 410ci sprint car.

  • Gio Scelzi)Giovanni Scelzi showcased speed in both a winged sprint car and a midget throughout four races in a six-day span. Scelzi made his debut behind the wheel of Guy Forbrook's sprint car on June 12 at Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa, which hosted the two-day Brownells Big Guns Bash featuring the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series. Press Releases6/24

  • Ohio Valley Speedway WV)After a tumultuous three months fighting the Corona Virus and wondering what the 2020 race season would look like, the new ownership group of the Ohio Valley Speedway is extremely excited to finally be able to welcome race fans back to the 'Valley' and kickstart the 2020 campaign.Press Releases6/24

  • USAC)Dirt or pavement? The argument has raged on for ages for those who prefer one surface for racing over the other. But there are a number of racing venues which have had the unique characteristic of hosting USAC National events both as a dirt track as well as a pavement track. Plymouth (Ind.) Speedway's surface has been both at one point, from its 1952 inauguration as an asphalt track to its 2013 reincarnation as a dirt track which will host the USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship this Friday night, June 26. USAC 6/24

  • Brent Marks)Mother Nature ruined a schedule night of racing for CJB Motorsports and driver Brent Marks. Racing action scheduled for Friday, June 19th at Williams Grove Speedway near Mechanicsburg, Pa. was washed away and the team competed the following night at Port Royal (Pa.) Speedway. The team won their heat race and finished the feature in 16th. Press Releases6/24

  • BAPS Motor Speedway PA)Saturday, June 27, BAPS Motor Speedway will host Tyson Fence & RE Fink & Sons Hometown Heroes Night. The BAPS Auto Paints & Supply Super Sportsman highlight the program which will also feature the Creekside Auto Sales Late Models, PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint Cars and the Mike's Towing & Recovery/Frankie's Used Auto Parts Street Stocks. Press Releases6/24

Tuesday June 23rd 


It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes. Andrew Jackson



  • Brad Doty Classic)Tickets for the 32nd Annual Ohio Logistics Brad Doty Classic Presented by Racing Optics are on sale. The race, scheduled for Tuesday, July 14 features the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series. This will be the first Ohio appearance of the year for the World of Outlaws. Press Releases6/23

  • Attica Raceway Park OH)Because of the support shown by the race teams and great marketing partners, Attica Raceway Park will pay out the full $47,000 point fund for the 2020 season to the top 10 in season-ending points in the Callie's Performance Products 410 Sprints, Nerds Podcast DIRTcar Late Models and the Fremont Fence 305 Sprints. The 410 sprint champion will take home $8,000, the late model champion $5,000 and the 305 champion $3,000. Press Releases6/23

  • Rene Hughes Tribute Race) In his own words, Jori Hughes explains what the second annual Rene Tribute Event will look like. Please support this event however you can. “Good and bad news with the 2nd annual Rene Hughes Tribute Race. Unfortunately, with the restrictions and the Hibbing Raceway schedule still up in the air we weren’t able to get the June 27th date at Hibbing Raceway locked inPress Releases6/23

  • Placerville Speedway CA)The Placerville Speedway is happy to welcome Bushey Financial Services Inc. on board as a sponsor of the “Nor*Cal Posse Shootout” this weekend! Bushey Financial has graciously offered up $100 to each of the 24 Winged Sprint Car main event starters on Saturday, which bumps the minimum starting money up to $300! The company, which is also a sponsor on the F&F Racing X1 of Andy Forsberg, will also be posting a $100 Hard Charger Award each night for the Winged 360 Sprinters. If anyone else would like to donate awards or prizes simply email 6/23

  • Placerville Speedway CA)The El Dorado County Fairgrounds based Placerville Speedway is set to host the fourth annual “Nor*Cal Posse Shootout” this Friday and Saturday for Winged 360 Sprint Cars and Dwarf Cars. The Winged 360 Sprint Car portion of the event will offer a standard weekly purse of $1,500 to win/ $200 to start on Friday, while Saturday’s finale will award $2,500 to win/ $200 to start the feature. The “Nor*Cal Posse Shootout” will be separate shows both nights with the format determined by car count. Press Releases6/23

  • World of Outlaws)Carson Macedo and his Kyle Larson team have found themselves on a hot streak just in time for the prestigious 42nd Annual AGCO Jackson Nationals at the Jackson Motorplex. World of Outlaws 6/23

  • Garet Williamson)Pulling into Knoxville Raceway for the first time can be intimidating for any competitor. Imagine being a 20-year-old driver in his first year of racing 360ci winged sprint cars like Garet Williamson. The task of trying to compete at a high level while gaining experience just got tougher. Press Releases6/23

  • USAC)Brady Bacon, Justin Grant and Kevin Thomas Jr. are three individuals who've found recent success in the seat of a USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car at Plymouth Speedway, and all are amped and vying to become the first two-time USAC winner at the track in this Friday night's event at the 3/8-mile dirt oval in Plymouth, Ind. USAC 6/23

  • PASS)"Nitro Nick” Sweigart made up for a couple of early season disappointments with a dominating wire-to-wire win in the 20-lap PA Sprint Series feature Saturday night at Port Royal Speedway. The Myerstown racer took advantage of drawing the pole starting position and put his A.H. Moyer/Buckwalter Trucking/Gator Truck Sales #8 in victory lane for the first time in the late-starting 2020 season. Sweigart had looked headed for victory in the season opener at Selinsgrove before engine troubles spoiled that outing, and an early race accident sidelined him last week at the Port. A third place at Selinsgrove in between was the year’s highlight before Saturday. Press Releases6/23

  • Lincoln Speedway PA)Lincoln Speedway and Drydene Performance Products announced today the Drydene 40, a $10,000-to-win 410 Winged Sprint Car race to be held on Wednesday, July 29 at the famed 3/8-mile dirt oval. The race is part of the new Drydene Triple Crown Series. The Triple Crown Series consists of Lincoln’s $7,000-to-win PA Speedweek show on Monday, June 29, the Drydene 40, and the $20,000-to-win Dirt Classic on September 19. If any single driver can win all three of the three main events, the team will collect an additional $5,000 bonus. Central PA 6/23

  • Sean Becker)Sean Becker put together quite the weekend in Northern California as he ran third with Van Lare Motorsports on Friday night at Ocean Speedway and picked up a win on Sunday night at Petaluma Speedway with Monhoff Racing. Press Releases6/23

  • Sharon Speedway OH)All systems are a go for Sharon Speedway to finally kickoff the 2020 season this Saturday night (June 27) with fans! The 91st anniversary season will get underway with the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply "410" Sprint Cars for $3,000 to-win, RUSH Sprint Cars, HTMA/Precise Racing Products RUSH Sportsman Modifieds, and the Elite Econo Mod Series on Kams Electric Night. Race time is 7 p.m. All general admission grandstand areas will be open including the front and backstretch grandstands as well as the new infield fan zone! Press Releases6/23

  • Austin Liggett)Unique circumstances in 2020 have delayed Austin Liggett’s 2020 racing plans, but the Tracy, CA driver was finally able to hit the dirt on Saturday night and picked up a third-place finish at Keller Auto Speedway in Hanford, CA. “It was good to get back in the car and shake the rust off a little bit,” Austin Liggett said. “To open your season up on a 104-degree day is pretty rough, and I owe it to all my guys for busting their butts on a pretty grueling day.” Press Releases6/23

  • KSE Racing Products)More and more racing continues to start taking place from coast to coast, but this past week the spotlight was on Indiana as the annual Indiana Midget Week took place, and it was a familiar name taking home a lot of hardware. Teaming up with Tucker-Boat Motorsports for Midget Week, Kyle Larson would shine bright as he used KSE Racing Products to win 4 of the six races, and run second in the other two. By way of his near flawless week, Larson scored his first ever Indiana Midget Week Championship. Press Releases6/23

  • James Setters)James Setters kicked off the 2020 season by visiting Victory Lane last Friday at Electric City Speedway. Setters guided the Mike Quigley owned sprint car to the rain-shortened Rocky Mountain Sprint Car Series feature victory, backing up a successful campaign that resulted in the series championship in 2019. Press Releases6/23

  • Joey Amantea)Joey Amantea competed in his first career winged 360ci sprint car event last Friday night at Big Diamond Speedway in Minersville, Pa., where he brought home a 14th-place finish with the United Racing Club. Amantea followed that up with a top-five result in wingless micro sprint competition at Greenwood Valley Action Tracks on Saturday night to finish out the two-race weekend. The top-five was his fourth of the 2020 season. Press Releases6/23

  • Danny Sams III)Danny Sams III earned his first top-five outing of the season last Saturday when he made his debut at Butler Motor Speedway. Even more impressive is that the Sams LaMountain Racing driver was competing in a 410ci winged sprint car event while driving his 360ci sprint car. Press Releases6/23

  • Justyn Cox)Climbing aboard the family owned Cox Racing No. 31c machine on Friday night, Justyn Cox would travel to Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, CA and pocket an eighth-place finish during the track’s season opening event. Press Releases6/23

  • Jack Dover)Jack Dover hustled to his eighth consecutive top-five finish to start the season last Friday at Jackson Motorplex. Dover, who drove for Rick and Chris Bowers for the first time this year, picked up a fourth-place result during the Midwest Sprint Touring Series and DeKalb/Asgrow Midwest Power Series presented by GRP Motorsports event. Press Releases6/23

  • Brenham Crouch)Brenham Crouch is ready to take another step forward in his progression behind the wheel of a midget this weekend. Crouch will drive for Keith Kunz Motorsports this Friday at Charleston Speedway in Charleston, Ill., and Saturday at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Ind., during a POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League doubleheader. It will mark his debut at both tracks. Press Releases6/23

  • John Carney II)John Carney II has momentum on his side heading into a return to Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour competition this week. The Xiphos saw blade and Danny Sander Construction backed sprint car driver has won a 305ci winged sprint car race while driving for Scott Brown each of the last three weekends, capped with a triumph last Friday at West Texas Raceway. Press Releases6/23

  • Mason Daniel)Mason Daniel earned his second-best result of the season last Saturday during the final night of a World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series doubleheader at Tri-State Speedway. The improvement was noticeable during his second trip to the tricky track. Daniel made his debut at the oval last year and he made big gains from the opener to the finale last weekend. Press Releases6/23

  • Justin Henderson)Justin Henderson led Mike Sandvig Racing to a ninth-place outing during weekly competition at Knoxville Raceway last Saturday night. It marked the second top 10 of the season for the team and moved Henderson into sixth place in the Knoxville Raceway championship standings after two events. Press Releases6/23

  • USAC)Brady Bacon, Justin Grant and Kevin Thomas Jr. are three individuals who've found recent success in the seat of a USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car at Plymouth Speedway, and all are amped and vying to become the first two-time USAC winner at the track in this Friday night's event at the 3/8-mile dirt oval in Plymouth, Ind. USAC 6/23

  • POWRi)Friday, June 26th, Charleston Speedway in Charleston, Illinois will host "Deuces are Wild" as the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League and the POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprint League rev-up the racing excitement. With $2000 to the winner and $200 to all feature starters. Also running that night for the spectator's enjoyment will be the always exciting "Charleston Limited Late Models" setting the stage for multiple classes of speed. Press Releases6/23

  • POWRi)One of the most physically demanding and technical tracks the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League and POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprint League attends and track that brings in the most fans with high flying racing, Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Indiana will host an open-wheel spectacle with "The Class Track Mania". Press Releases6/23

  • Blake Hahn)While Blake Hahn has been able to get behind the wheel several times as tracks begin to open across the United States, the driver of the No. 52 is ready to get back on tour with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network this week.Press Releases6/23

Monday June 22nd 


You don't paddle against the current, you paddle with it. And if you get good at it, you throw away the oars. Kris Kristofferson



  • Column)Pat & Bruce Eckel have their column from the last race of Indiana Midget Week where Tanner Thorson edged Kyle Larson by 0.065 seconds at the line to win over Larson and Windom.A Typical Weekend  6/22

  • Column)Danny Burton has Kokomo USAC notes Hoosier Race Report6/22

  • Column)Joseph Terrell has his next column looking at the importance of running a quality show in these PPV dominated times as well as other west coast sprint car news.The West Coast Sprint Car Scene  6/22

  • Brian Brown)Brian Brown garnered his third podium finish of the season last Saturday during a weekly show at Knoxville Raceway. June 20 - Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa - Qualifying: 1; Heat race: 1 (6); Feature: 2 (8). "It was a pretty good night," Brown said. "We did everything but win the feature, which was the one that paid the most money. We set quick time during qualifying and won our heat race sixth. We got going pretty decent in the feature. I got pinned behind some cars and (Aaron Reutzel) got too far out. The lanes were blocked for me a couple of times. A couple of laps my times were two seconds off the pace because there was no place to go. At one point I think he was six seconds ahead and we shortened it to three and a half seconds by the finish. I think we were as good toward the end. He just did a better job early of getting through there. Press Releases6/22

  • MSCS)Up next.... Saturday night June 27th the Class Track Mania will take shape at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN. This event will match up the MSCS regulars with the WAR series racers coming in from the west. Thirty laps of great high speed non wing sprint car racing, to see who will take home the top prize of $5000, Pit Gates 3:30 Hot laps 6:30 Racing 7:30 Will see you at the speedway.... Thanks for supporting MSCS! 6/22

  • World of Outlaws)Jackson Motorplex will host the first crown jewel event of 2020 for the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series June 25-27. The three-day 42nd Annual AGCO Jackson Nationals at the 4/10-mile track will pay $8,000-to-win on Thursday and Friday, and then $30,000-to-win for the Nationals championship finale on Saturday – the biggest Sprint Car purse of the year to this point. World of Outlaws 6/22

  • Kerry Madsen)Kerry Madsen is riding momentum and confidence entering the 42nd annual AGCO Jackson Nationals. The Killer Instinct Crossbows sponsored Big Game Motorsports driver has recorded six straight top-10 finishes with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series heading into the crown jewel event at Jackson Motorplex this Thursday through Saturday. Press Releases6/22

  • Blake Carrick)Flirting with his first career win last Sunday night at Marysville Raceway, Blake Carrick would not be denied on Friday night at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, CA as he parked in victory lane. “It feels great to finally get the job done, and get a win for this team,” Blake Carrick said. “My parents, and a lot of great partners do a ton for us, and I am happy to finally get this one out of the way.” Press Releases6/22

  • Shane Hopkins)Building off of a Top-5 at Marysville Raceway on June 14th, Shane Hopkins bettered himself on Sunday night at Petaluma Speedway and finished third behind Sean Becker and Andy Forsberg. “Petaluma has been one of those places that I have been pretty fast at early in the night, and ended up having pretty bad luck, so to lead laps, and run third to Becker and Forsberg is a pretty good night for our team,” Shane Hopkins said. Press Releases6/22

  • Tanner Carrick)Taking part in his first Indiana Midget Week with Petry Motorsports, Tanner Carrick would wind up sixth in the final standings despite suffering a mechanical failure at the start of Sunday night’s finale. “I was really happy with our week and felt like we got better and better each night,” Tanner Carrick said. “We were all kind of bummed to have a part failure at the start of the feature on Sunday, but that was really the only blemish of the week.” Press Releases6/22

  • Nolen Racing)It was sort of like David versus Goliath. Nolen Racing’s Kody Swanson drove the only V6-powered car in the field to victory Saturday night in the inaugural Indy Summer Nationals for the Must See Racing Sprint Car Series presented by Engine Pro on the 0.686-mile asphalt oval at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis. And it had a made-for-the-movies finish. Press Releases6/22

  • Howard Moore)Starting deep in the field, Howard Moore piloted the Rains Motorsports / CP Carrillo No. 3 High Performance Lubricants Sprint Car to a podium finish on Saturday night during the second annual Greg Hodnett Memorial at Clayton Allen’s Riverside International Speedway. Press Releases6/22

  • Robert Ballou)Continuing to reacclimate himself to a winged car in 2020 by competing with the PA Posse, Robert Ballou got one final pre Speedweek test session in on Saturday night as he visited Port Royal Speedway. “We continue to work at it, and I am continuing to get comfortable with Don Ott,” Robert Ballou said. “We struggled early in the night, got it really good for the ‘B’, then missed it in the ‘A’, but we were able to learn from it.” Press Releases6/22

  • Racin Boys)The Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour returns this week following a three-month hiatus because of COVID-19. The series ventures to Caney Valley Speedway in Caney, Kan., on Thursday for the first series race since March 8 before visiting I-30 Speedway in Little Rock, Ark., on Saturday. Press Releases6/22

  • Skagit Speedway WA)Round 4 of Thursday Night Thunder presented by the Rayce Rudeen Foundation is set for this Thursday at Skagit Speedway. The bullring has hosted a trio of epic nights thus far with the common theme being a stellar race in the Budweiser 360 Sprint Cars division. Funtime Promotions has added that class to the existing program of Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprint Cars and Northwest Focus Midgets for the race this Thursday evening thanks to additional support from the Rayce Rudeen Foundation as well as Jim and Therise Kirkham of K Pro Auto Inc. Press Releases6/22

  • Jackson Motorplex MN)The AGCO Jackson Nationals returns to Jackson Motorplex this weekend for the 42nd time. The marquee event will be held at the 4/10-mile, dirt oval from Thursday through Saturday with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series finale paying $30,000 to win and $1,000 to start. The Heartland Steel RaceSaver sprint cars presented by Wyffels Hybrids and GRP Motorsports will be the support class on Thursday for a $1,000-to-win feature and the Auto Meter Wisconsin WingLESS Sprint Series is the support class on Friday and Saturday. Press Releases6/22

  • USAC)Tickets are now on sale for the next four upcoming USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship events in the state of Indiana at The four races include the Friday, June 26 event at Plymouth Speedway; plus the 50th running of the Tony Hulman Classic at the Terre Haute Action Track on Wednesday, July 1; then two-straight nights of the Bill Gardner Sprintacular at Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville on Friday, July 3, and Saturday, July 4, both of which are co-sanctioned by the Midwest Sprint Car Series. USAC 6/22

  • Alex Hill)Alex Hill is more than ready to return to racing this week with the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour after a three-and-a-half month absence from the track due to COVID-19 restrictions. "I'm excited to go back racing," said Hill, whose last competition was on March 8 in California. "I don't think I've ever been away from the track for this long. It's been like another offseason in the middle of the racing season." Press Releases6/22

  • Kaleb Johnson)Kaleb Johnson continues to show improvement at Knoxville Raceway as he scored his first top-10 result in a 360ci sprint car at the track on Saturday night. "Our night went pretty well," said Johnson, who began the evening by qualifying seventh quickest out of 33 drivers. "It definitely helped that we stepped up our qualifying a bit. It also helped that we went out a littler earlier." Johnson's qualifying effort placed him in the fifth starting spot in his heat race. Press Releases6/22

  • Roger Crockett)Roger Crockett will pick back up with the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour this week when the series has its first race in more than 15 weeks. Crockett is slated to compete on Thursday at Caney Valley Speedway in Caney, Kan., and on Saturday at I-30 Speedway in Little Rock, Ark. Press Releases6/22

  • Dominic Scelzi)Dominic Scelzi recorded a top-10 result during a one-off race with Roth Motorsports last Saturday. Scelzi was efficient throughout the King of the West-NARC Fujitsu Series season opener at Keller Auto Speedway, where he climbed behind the wheel of the No. 83jr sprint car for the first time since last November. Press Releases6/22

  • Jason Sides)Jason Sides heads to a beloved track this weekend when Jackson Motorplex hosts the 42 nd annual AGCO Jackson Nationals. Sides earned a pair of top 10s during the marquee World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series event at the 4/10-mile oval in Jackson, Minn., in 2017 and in 2018. He also won an Ollie's Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions event at the track in 2012. Press Releases6/22

  • POWRi)Friday, June 26th, Charleston Speedway in Charleston, Illinois will host "Deuces are Wild" as the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League and the POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprint League rev-up the racing excitement. With $2000 to the winner and $200 to all feature starters. Also running that night for the spectator's enjoyment will be the always exciting "Charleston Limited Late Models" setting the stage for multiple classes of speed. To purchase tickets in advance for this one-of-a-kind show visit: Online ticket sales will stop at 8 am on race-day with remaining tickets available at the front gate. Press Releases6/22



  • Photos)Shots by Hein Brothers from Lernerville Speedway PA are in SpeedShotz 6/22

  • Column)SpeedShiftTV save NorCal Racing by Ron Rodda.From the Grandstand  6/22

  • The Champion Racing Oil/ Central PA Sprint Cars were rained out at Williams Grove Speedway Friday night. Saturday there were repeat winners from the week before at both Port Royal and Lincoln Speedway's. Anthony Macri was back in victory lane at Port Royal Speedway, with Freddie Rahmer in victory lane again at Lincoln Speedway.Champion Racing Oil/ Central PA Sprints 6/22

  • Brett Michalski)Despite an end result outside of the top-ten, finishing 18th after 30 laps of feature competition, the ‘Penndel Pistol’ Brett Michalski put together a sound performance at the ‘Fabulous’ Lincoln Speedway on Saturday evening and kicked-off the $4,000-to-win program with a heat race victory. Although a lackluster outcome on paper, Michalski’s trip to the Pigeon Hills served as a perfect test session for his upcoming Pennsylvania Sprint Speedweek agenda that activates, officially, on Friday, June 26, at Williams Grove Speedway. Press Releases6/22

  • Danny Dietrich)Despite being dealt a ninth-row starting position, ‘Double-D’ Danny Dietrich made the most of his Saturday night visit to the ‘Fabulous’ Lincoln Speedway and rallied 14 spots in 30 circuits, ultimately clinching his 11th top-five result of the 2020 season. Press Releases6/22

  • Brock Zearfoss)After spending nearly two months out on the road competing head-to-head with the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series and All Star Circuit of Champions, the ‘Jonestown Jet’ Brock Zearfoss returned home to Central Pennsylvania and made an appearance at familiar stomping grounds, joining the weekly field at Port Royal Speedway for Open Wheel Madness action on Saturday, June 20. Press Releases6/22

  • Justin Whittall)Ending the evening with their first podium result of the 2020 season, Justin Whittall and JW Motorsports put together an impressive performance on Saturday night at the Port Royal Speedway ‘Speed Palace’ and finished third during Open Wheel Madness feature competition, starting the $5,000-to-win program from the pole position. The Vincentown, New Jersey-native kicked-off his evening at the Juniata County Fairgrounds with a third-place finish during heat race action. There were just over 30 cars in attendance. Press Releases6/22

  • Bethany Speedway MO)Bethany Speedway has had the best start to any season in the history of the 3/8th mile dirt track. The first two races were record setting with car counts. Last race the Non Wing Sprint Cars made their first appearance of the 2020 season. It was such a success, we will have an encore appearance of the Non Wing Sprint Cars this Saturday, June 27. Along with the IMCA RaceSaver Wing Sprint Cars, IMCA Modified, IMCA Stock Car, IMCA Sportmod and our always exciting Pure Stocks and quickly growing Emod classes. Press Releases6/22

  • US 36 Raceway MO)This Friday, June 26, at US 36 Raceway the IMCA Stock Cars headline the night with the running of the Doyle Lance Remembrance Race. The IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sprint Cars, IMCA Sport Mods, E-Modifieds and Pure Stocks are also racing. The Doyle Lance Remembrance Race pays $700 to win and $100 to start and is using a draw and redraw format for competitors. The pit gates open at 4 p.m. The grandstands open at 6 p.m., with hot laps at 7:30 p.m. and racing at 8 p.m. Tickets for the event are $15 for general admission, $12 for senior and military and children 12 and younger are free. Online ticket purchases are available at 6/22

  • Wayne County Speedway OH)After a week off from racing, action picks back up this Saturday night, June 27th at Wayne County Speedway as the FAST series will headline the action with a $3,000 to win feature for the Pine Tree Towing and Recovery Sprint Cars. The Malcuit Tavern Super Late Models, the McKenzie Concrete Super Stocks, the JoyRide Transport Mini Stocks plus the Modifieds will fill out the rest of the racing card on Saturday with gates opening at 3 pm and racing starting at 7 pm. Press Releases6/22

  • USAC)Kyle Larson's 2020 Indiana Midget Week journey was one of historical proportions as he rewrote the record books in pursuit of his first career Indiana Midget Week championship. A part-time Indiana Midget Week participant in most years, mainly in the early week portion that didn't conflict with other racing commitments, Larson narrowly missed out on an Indiana Midget Week championship in his first try in 2011, finishing second, six points behind Bryan Clauson in the final tally. Larson was also 6th in the IMW standings in 2012-13 despite not competing in all the events.USAC 6/22

  • BP Products win 5 out of 6! MIDGET WEEK TITLE! Congratulations is in order for Chad Boat and the entire Tucker Boat team! They picked up 5 out of 6 wins along with the midget week title this week. Everyone at BP Fabrication is glad to see our products help them get to victory lane. BP Fabrication takes pride in every part that we send out the door and to see them win feels like we have won ourselves! 6/22

  • All Stars)The 2020 edition of Cometic Gasket Ohio Sprint Speedweek presented by Hercules Tires featuring the Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 is finally set in stone and will commence, officially, on Friday evening, July 3, at Attica Raceway Park in Attica, Ohio. Complete with nine events over a ten-day span, visiting seven tracks throughout the Buckeye State in the process, Ohio Sprint Speedweek will be as demanding as ever. The nine-race campaign not only boasts an action-packed agenda, but the annual spectacle will attract some of the nation’s finest open wheel competitors, all chasing a chunk of the $11,000 Ohio Sprint Speedweek points fund, $4,000 of which being awarded to the Speedweek champion. All Stars 6/22

  • Rico Abreu)Back-to-back starts with the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series resulted in one top-ten finish for Rico Abreu and Rico Abreu/Curb Agajanian Racing, highlighting the Tri-State Speedway doubleheader in Haubstadt, Indiana, with a tenth-place performance on Friday night, June 19. Abreu started seventh on the feature grid, earning his way into a fourth-row starting spot by way of dash result. The St. Helena, California-native kicked-off the evening by recording the seventh-fastest time during qualifying time trials, following that effort with a runner-up finish during heat race action. Press Releases6/22

  • Donny Schatz)Despite missing the top-ten during each of their weekend outings, Donny Schatz and Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing managed to put together a pair of feature starts during their recent trip to the Hoosier State, highlighting the Tri-State Speedway doubleheader in Haubstadt, Indiana, with an 11-place finish on Friday evening, June 19. The Fargo, North Dakota-native started 13th on the feature grid and climbed two spots in 30 circuits. Press Releases6/22

Sunday June 21st 

                   I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday. Abraham Lincoln



  • Photos)Shots by Mike Campbell from Kokomo IN USAC Midgets & Brian Rhoad from Port Royal Speedway PA are in SpeedShotz 6/21

  • Column)Pat & Bruce Eckel have their column from round five of IMS from Lawrenceburg Speedway where Kyle Larson did it again!!!A Typical Weekend6/21

  • Wilmot Raceway WI)Trevor's Chris Dodd held off the late charge from second place Brian Kristan of Zion, IL for the 20-lap Autometer Wisconsin WingLess Sprints feature. Bristol's Chris Klemko scored a career best third place.6/22

  • Petaluma Speedway CA)360...1 #88n Sean Becker 2 #92 Andy Forsberg 3 #21 Shane Hopkins 4 #7h Jake Haulot 5 #1f DJ Freitas 6 #63 JJ Hickle 7 #7b Brent Bjork 8 #46jr Joel Myers Jr. 9 #78 Bret Barney 10 #3 Bill Cornwell 11 #19 Art McCarthy 6/21

  • USAC)Two nights, two blown engines. Those were the cards Tanner Thorson and his Hayward Motorsports team were dealt in the two races leading up to Sunday's Indiana Midget Week finale at Kokomo Speedway. Out of powerplants and out of options, the team received a lifeline in the 11th hour from none other than a fellow competitor. A middle-of-the-night scramble ensued, and a borrowed Toyota engine was installed under the OilFire - FK - Walker Filtration - Smith Titanium/Spike 4-Coil car.USAC 6/21

  • Thunder On The Hill)Two premier divisions come together, on the same night, at the same track and it all takes place at the Grandview Speedway as the NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series presents the Pennsylvania 410 Sprints and NASCAR 358 Modifieds on Tuesday night, June 30 with a 7:30 PM starting time. Gates open at 5 PM. This event is part of the Pennsylvania 410 Sprint Speed Week Series and will showcase the 35 lap $10,000 to win Hodnett Cup. Along with the rich payoff, this race is dedicated to one of the all-time great Sprint Car drivers, Greg Hodnett who lost his life in a racing accident in 2018. Hodnett is a six time Thunder Series champion and a nine time feature winner at Grandview. Central PA 6/21

  • VSS)With threating weather in the skies the real thunder was on track as Dylan Shatzer speed to his second win of the year. Jerald Harris and Dylan Shatzer took heat win to show the field they had the fast line figured out. After a redraw Tom Humphries and Scott Lutz paced the field to green with Lutz going straight to the bottom and the front. Shatzer had shown he liked the top and went straight to it for the lead on lap one.Race Results  6/21



  • Column)Danny Burton has Lawrenceburg Indiana Midget Week notes Hoosier Race Report 6/21

  • ASCS Elite)Capturing his first career victory with the ASCS Elite North Non-Wing Series at I-76 Speedway, New Mexico’s Michael Fanelli became the series’ eighth different winner. ASCS6/21

  • ASCS Desert)Making his third career trip to Victory Lane with the San Tan Ford ASCS Desert Non-Wing Series, Arizona’s Stevie Sussex wheeled the ABC Body Shop No. 12 to the win in the series return to racing at Arizona Speedway on Saturday night. ASCS 6/21

  • Must See Racing)In perhaps one of the most thrilling battles in the history of the Must See Racing Sprint Car Series presented by Engine Pro, Kody Swanson outdueled Bobby Santos to win the inaugural Indy Summer Nationals on Saturday night at Lucas Oil Raceway. The event was the first to be broadcast on MustSeeRacing.TV, part of the SPEED SPORT Network, and the first single-day non-winged event in series history. It did not pay points toward the championship. Race Results  6/21


  • USAC)Kyle Larson’s fourth USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget win in the past five nights elevated his Indiana Midget Week point lead to 57 with one race remaining, Sunday at Kokomo Speedway. Larson captured the victory Saturday night at Lawrenceburg Speedway and upped his lead in the standings as he seeks a first career Indiana Midget Week championship. USAC6/21

  • Clinton County Speedway PA)Heavy rains forced speedway officials at the Clinton County Speedway to cancel their anticipated season opener on Friday, June 19. As a result, the focus will shift to this coming Friday, June 26th to open the speedway for the first time in 2020. The RaceSaver Sprint Cars will be the featured event for the evening. Several teams have expressed their intent to compete on the 3/8th mile oval. The race will be sanctioned by the Laurel Highlands RaceSaver Sprint Series, however several drivers from the PA Sprint Series and the Allegheny Sprint Series plan to attend. Central PA 6/21

  • Williams Grove Speedway PA)Williams Grove Speedway will present the opening race of the 30th annual Pennsylvania Speedweek Series for Lawrence Chevrolet 410 sprint cars coming up this Friday, June 26 at 7:30 pm. Sponsored by Leffler Energy, gates for the kickoff of the nine-night series open at 5:30 pm. Central PA 6/21

  • Selinsgrove Speedway PA)Selinsgrove Speedway will stage the third race of the 30th annual Pennsylvania Speedweek Series coming up Sunday night, June 28 at 7:30 pm when the Modern Heritage 410 sprint cars compete in the 30-lap Jan Opperman/Dick Bogar Memorial, paying $5,099 to win, presented by Middleswarth Potato Chips. The race is another Slivinski Law Offices Super 7 Series Event at Selinsgrove SpeedwayCentral PA 6/21

  • Selinsgrove Speedway PA)Two big nights of racing action at Selinsgrove Speedway this weekend get started on Saturday, June 27 at 7:30 pm when the Sunbury Eagles Club presents the invading URC Sprints to battle the Pennsylvania Posse 360 sprint stars in the 8th annual Kramer Kup, honoring late track champion Kramer Williamson of Palmyra. The 8th annual Kramer Kup will offer the winner $3,073 to score the 30-lap main event for the URC 360 sprints while also paying $273 just to start the affair.Central PA 6/21



  • Photos)Shots by Chuck Stowe from Knoxville Raceway IA,  Mark Miefert from Lawrenceburg IN USAC, Jim Collum from Attica OH & Mark Funderburk from Haubstadt IN WoO are in SpeedShotz 6/21

  • Dodge City Raceway Park KS)The lights shone upon the 3/8-mile Dodge City Raceway Park clay oval on Saturday night for the first time in 2020 with Taylor Velasquez victorious in the Hambelton Racing DCRP Sprint Cars. 6/21

  • NARC KWS)It was all about Spencer Bayston at Keller Auto Speedway on Saturday night. The Indiana driver made an impressive NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprint Car Series debut by completing a clean sweep of the racing program and leading all 30-laps of the "season opening" headliner. King of the West/NARC 6/21

  • Arizona Speedway)ASCS...1 #12 Stevie Sussex 2 #34AZ Dustin Burkhart 3 #9 John Shelton 4 #21 Daylin Perreira 5 #22G Aaron Jones 6 #7X Ryan Murphy 7 #76 Jesse Stonecipher 8 #88 Philip Deeney 9 #2 Joshua Shipley 10 #25AZ Rick Shuman 11 #0G Kyle Shipley 12 #7OH Bryan Ledbetter 13 #34 Eric Wilkins 14 #13 Dennis Gile 15 #0 Jonas Reynolds 16 #3 Pete Yerkovich 17 #17 Joe Scheopner 18 #7 Wayne Siddle 19 #10 Eugene Thomas 6/21

  • Coos Bay Speedway OR)Winged Sprints A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 66T-Tyrell Mead[8]; 2. 26F-Shane Forte[1]; 3. 18B-RJ Baker[4]; 4. 12-Steven Snawder[2]; 5. 99-Lawrence VanHoof[5]; 6. 76-Austin Sause[7]; 7. 4D-patrick desbiens[10]; 8. 3B-Ian Bandey[6]; 9. 4M-David Marble[3]; 10. 66-trent ding[12]; 11. 54-Ricky Hulsey[11]; 12. 6-Davina Jordy[9] 6/21

  • Riverside Int Speedway AR)360 Sprints A Feature 1: 1. 1X-Tim Crawley[1]; 2. 47-Dale Howard[16]; 3. 3-Howard Moore[14]; 4. 91A-Ernie Ainsworth[10]; 5. 99-Blake Jenkins[15]; 6. 17B-Shelby Brown[5]; 7. 24-Jeffrey West Jr[4]; 8. 8Z-Zach Pringle[2]; 9. 2-Brad Bowden[3]; 10. 61-Cody Howard[18]; 11. 26-Marshall Skinner[11]; 12. 4-Anthony Nicholson[20]; 13. 15J-Jeremy Middleton[7]; 14. 10-Landon Britt[9]; 15. 1-Luke Hall[8]; 16. 72K-Rick Kahler[12]; 17. 3B-Chris Banja[19]; 18. 44-Ronny Howard[6]; 19. 21B-Brandon Hinkle[17]; 20. 23P-Hunter Poe[13]...305 Sprints A Feature 1: 1. 46-Jan Howard[7]; 2. 1X-Eddie Gallagher[1]; 3. 3G-Paxton Gregory[3]; 4. 29-Chad Jones[6]; 5. 07-Justin Harriman[11]; 6. 10K2-Dewayne White[5]; 7. 88G-BJ Gatewood[2]; 8. 42-Andy McElhannon[15]; 9. 59-Corey Bailey[9]; 10. 74-Tucker Boulton[13]; 11. 44-Ronny Howard[20]; 12. 88-Trent Moss[12]; 13. 25-Tyler Whatley[21]; 14. 23C-Cody Gardner[19]; 15. 2T-Todd Bradford[22]; 16. 187-Landon Crawley[16]; 17. 27-Hayden Brinkley[8]; 18. 6-Jim Kinney[24]; 19. 55-Link Knauff[17]; 20. (DNF) 47-Dale Howard[4]; 21. (DNF) 47N-Tyler Newcom[18]; 22. (DNF) 24C-Kenny Coke[14]; 23. (DNF) 43-Rick Kahler[10]; 24. (DNF) 17B-Trapper Brown[25]; 25. (DNS) 2-Jason Shavers 6/21

  • USAC WSO)Wyatt Burks led the final 16 circuits of Saturday night’s combined USAC Wingless Sprints Oklahoma and USAC Midwest Wingless Racing Association Sprint Car feature to collect the victory at 81 Speedway in Park City, Kans. USAC6/21

Saturday June 20th 

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  • GLTS)Silver Bullet Speedway MI...1 #49 Brian Ruhlman 2 #0 Steve Irwin 3 #2 Mike Galajda 4 #3A Mike Astrauskas 5 #10S Jay Steinebach 6 #9H Gary Hayward 7 #56 Mark Irwin 8 #2T Ralph Brakenberry 9 #00 Joey Irwin 10 #10 Cody Howard 11 #33 RJ Payne 12 #25 Max Frank 13 #3T Tank Brakenberry 14 #10XS Robert Bulloch 15 #31 Jim Girard 6/20

  • SSSS)BG Southern Sprintcar Shootout Series, at 417 Southern Speedway in Punta Gorda, Fl. Winner Daniel Miller, 2nd John Inman, and 3rd Scotty Adema.6/20

  • Creek County Speedway OK)Champ 360 Sprints A Feature 1: 1. 9$-Kyle Clark[10]; 2. 11M-Michael Tyre II[2]; 3. 3G-Lane Goodman[6]; 4. 2-Mickey Walker[12]; 5. 32G-Kolton Gariss[8]; 6. 15D-Andrew Deal[16]; 7. 1-Dylan Postier[3]; 8. 54-Will Scribner[11]; 9. 44-Jared Sewell[15]; 10. 55-Corey McGehee[7]; 11. 6-Alison Slaton[19]; 12. (DNF) 7F-Noah Harris[14]; 13. (DNF) 11-Avery Goodman[1]; 14. (DNF) 22C-Charlie Crumpton[5]; 15. (DNF) 10-Kevin Brewer[18]; 16. (DNF) 5$-Danny Smith[9]; 17. (DNF) 6N-Cameron Hagin[17]; 18. (DNF) 65L-Nick Lucito[20]; 19. (DNF) 22-David Stephenson[4]; 20. (DNF) 55K-Johnny Kent[13] 6/20

  • Lake Ozark Speedway MO)360...A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 21-Miles Paulus[3]; 2. 6-Bryan Grimes[2]; 3. 33-Austin Alumbaugh[4]; 4. 4-Evan Martin[1]; 5. 22-Riley Goodno[8]; 6. 14-Randy Martin[6]; 7. 5-Kory Bales[7]; 8. 28-Luke Verardi[5]; 9. 11-Austin O'Neal[13]; 10. 1X-Brad Ryun[10]; 11. 0-Jake Griffin[14]; 12. 21R-Gunner Ramey[11]; 13. 12C-Faron Crank[9]; 14. 16-Tyler Shane[15]; 15. (DNF) 86-Timothy Smith[12]; 16. (DNF) 32D-David Langford[16]; 17. (DNS) 18X-Nathan Ryun 6/20

  • USCS)East Alabama Motor Speedway Feature (30 Laps): 1. 24-Danny Martin Jr[7]; 2. 10-Terry Gray[16]; 3. 83R-Mark Ruel Jr[9]; 4. 4-Danny Smith[12]; 5. 20C-Matt Kurtz[13]; 6. M1-Mark Smith[2]; 7. 43-Terry Witherspoon[21]; 8. 22-Connor Leoffler[1]; 9. 49-Mallie Shuster[4]; 10. 4M-Michael Miller[6]; 11. 29-Kyle Amerson[8]; 12. 43JR-Tanner Witherspoon[20]; 13. 20S-Jim Shuster[19]; 14. 28-Jeff Willingham[11]; 15. 0X-Clint Weiss[15]; 16. 83A-Bob Auld[22]; 17. 33-Joe Larkin[17]; 18. 7E-Eric Gunderson[18]; 19. (DNF) 5-Justin Barger[3]; 20. (DNF) 10M-Morgan Turpen[10]; 21. (DNF) 5K-Jake Karklin[5]; 22. (DNF) 15-Danny Burke[14] USCS6/20

  • UMSS)The Pirtek UMSS would come to Cedar Lake Speedway for kids night and double features making up the feature mother nature took on 6/6/20. There was a quick rain shower early in the afternoon that would make for a racy track all night long. The make up feature would have the 1 of Kobs and the 7 of Hanson weaving in and out of lapped traffic on a very heavy and fast track. A caution would come out for the 33s tumbling into turn one ending his night. Mr. Everything Kobs would hang on for the checkers and find himself in Rock Auto Victory Lane. Race Results 6/20

  • Knoxville Raceway IA)Two-time and defending All Star Circuit of Champions titlist Aaron Reutzel picked up his first career win at the Knoxville Raceway Saturday night in dominating fashion. The native of Texas who now calls Knoxville his home, used a week off from the All Star schedule to hone his skills on the famous half-mile and it paid off to the tune of $4,000 aboard the Baughman/Reutzel Motorsports #87. Jamie Ball sealed his sixth career win in the 360 class, while Devin Kline returned after a two-year absence to win in the Pace Performance Pro Sprints.BillW's Knoxville News 6/20

  • Iowa Sprint League)In the first ever league appearance at Adams County Speedway the POWRi Lucas Oil WAR and Iowa Leagues would not disappoint the capacity crowd in attendance. When the finals flags waived the defending champion, Riley Kreisel would stand atop his non-wing sprinter in victory lane as the winner. Race Results 6/20

  • USAC)A one-race "losing" streak was more than enough for Kyle Larson to endure as he got back on the winning track and returned to victory lane Saturday night in the penultimate round of Indiana Midget Week at Lawrenceburg Speedway. USAC 6/20

  • Column)Danny Burton has Putnamville Indiana Midget Week Night 2 notes Hoosier Race Report 6/20

  • URC)Unfortunately, our race at a Delaware has been canceled due to weather. We will be back in action next Saturday June 27th at Selinsgrove for the Kramer Cup honoring the late Kramer Williamson. 6/20

  • IRA)Tonight’s event at Beaver Dam Raceway WI has been canceled due to rain. 6/20

  • Eagle Raceway NE)305...1 #12 Tyler Drueke 2 #51 Mike Boston 3 #95 Trevor Grossenbacher 4 #14 Joey Danley 5 #91 Adam Gullion 6 #14J Josh Riggins 7 #20p Shon Pointer 8 #54 Trey Gropp 9 #40x Toby Chapman 10 #03 Shayle Helget 11 #76 Jay Russell 12 #14g Gene Ackland 13 #20 Tim Hilfiker 14 #4x Jason Danley 15 #100 Clint Benson 16 #12k Troy Sanford 17 #12N Neil Nickolite 18 #93 Ryan King 19 #1A Alex Salzman 20 #69 Mike Moore 6/20

  • Rt 66 Motor Speedway TX)305...305 Sprints A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 224-Aric Sooter[2]; 2. 12-Brandon Howle[4]; 3. 6C-Jett Carney[6]; 4. 56-Chris Douglas[7]; 5. 7-Rick Lovelady[1]; 6. 38-Bryson Oeschger[5]; 7. 6-Kaden Taylor[8]; 8. 19-Ryan Dalrymple[10]; 9. 84-Derek Drown[9]; 10. 16-William Gonzalez[3] 6/20

  • I-90 Speedway SD)305...A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 2D-Dusty Ballenger[9]; 2. 98-Nate Barger[14]; 3. 24T-Christopher (Chris) Thram[7]; 4. 20B-Bryan Park[4]; 5. 10D-Daniel Nekolite[13]; 6. 8-Micah Slendy[2]; 7. 32T-Trefer Waller[11]; 8. 43MB-Jesse Lindberg[5]; 9. 35-Mike Stegenga[19]; 10. 7-Johnny Sullivan[16]; 11. 99-Tony Drueke[3]; 12. 1S-Ryan Voss[8]; 13. 32-Darin Spielman[20]; 14. 17V-Casey Abbas[18]; 15. (DNF) 22W-Aaron Werner[1]; 16. (DNF) 51A-Elliot Amdahl[10]; 17. (DNF) 12L-John Lambertz[12]; 18. (DNF) 77-Taylor Ryan[15]; 19. (DNF) 20-Brant O'Banion[6]; 20. (DNF) 9ER7-John Otte[17] 6/20

  • Fremont Speedway OH)Cole Duncan exhibited maturity beyond his 28 hears Saturday at Fremont Speedway as he was patient on a slick surface and with lapped traffic to claim the 410 sprint feature win on Custom Metal Works of Norwalk Night to open the 2020 racing season. Duncan, who hails from Circleville, Ohio, took the lead on lap 2 and only had to survive one caution flag and heavy lapped traffic toward the end to score his fourth career Fremont win.Race Results  6/20

  • Port Royal Speedway PA)Entering the 2020 race season, Anthony Macri made it clear that he intended to be a regular at Port Royal Speedway. Coming off a breakout season that saw the young Dillsburg, Pa. native pick up his first career victory at 'The Speed Palace' to go along with a podium finish to close out 2019 against the World of Outlaws, Macri indeed looked ready to take the next step. Central PA6/20

  • Land of Legends Raceway NY)305...1 #75 Brandyn Griffin 2 #3a Jeff Trombley 3 #48a Alysha Bay 4 #53 Bobby Parrow 5 #18c Dan Craun 6 #48J Darryl Ruggles 7 #13t Trevor Years 8 #17e Ethan Gray 9 #410 Jerry Sehn Jr. 10 #121 Steve Glover 6/20

  • Lincoln Speedway PA)Freddie Rahmer drove from his 13th starting spot to edge out the race’s hard charger, Brian Montieth, for his second win in as many weeks.Central PA  6/20

  • World of Outlaws)Carson Macedo was prepared to leave Tri-State Speedway Saturday night with either a trophy or a wrecked car. “I wanted to win really bad,” Macedo said. Not only where he and his Kyle Larson Racing team eager for a return to Victory Lane, Saturday night’s World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series event awarded $10,000-to-win and was broadcasted live on CBS Sports Network – the first time since 2012 that the World of Outlaws have been live on national television. World of Outlaws 6/20

  • Hagerstown Speedway MD)305...Feature (20 Laps): 1. 75-Dylan Shatzer[4]; 2. J9-Jerald Harris[3]; 3. 33-Scott Lutz[2]; 4. 31-Donny Hendershot[6]; 5. 6X-Brad Mellott[8]; 6. 44V-Daren Bolac[5]; 7. R6-Reed Thompson[7]; 8. 5K-Michael Keeton Jr[10]; 9. 54M-Todd Lynn[15]; 10. 88VA-Bill Rice[12]; 11. 13-Kurt Knepper[9]; 12. 43-Chris Ware[11]; 13. 54-Matt Mullins[13]; 14. 39-Tom Humphries[1]; 15. (DNS) 77-Mike Leraas 6/20

  • BAPS Motor Speedway PA)Super Sportsman...1 d#70D Frankie Herr 2 #75 Kenny Edkin 3 #77 Russ Mitten 4 #3B Mike Enders 5 #35 John Edkin 6 #360 Jay Fannasy 7 #383 Steve Fannasy 8 #5D Luke Deatrick 9 #318 Garrett Williamson 10 #71K Tyler Wolford 11 #8 Rich Eichelberger 12 #22 Daniel John 13 #2M Matt Ondeck 14 #14 Nate Young 15 #19R Eric Rutz 16 #10H Dave Hollar 17 #38 Allan Hallman 18 #30 Scott Dellinger 19 #77W Tom Wyckoff 20 #00 Troy Rhome 21 #1A Chase Gutshall 22 #16R Ryan Rutz 6/20



  • Column)Pat & Bruce Eckel have their column from night two and round four at Lincoln Park Speedway where Chris Windom finally broke the win streak of Kyle Larson who still finished second giving the Tucker/Boat team a one/two sweep and their team four straight USAC IMW wins. A Typical Weekend  6/20

  • Devils Bowl Speedway TX)Rained out tonight. 6/20

  • 34 Raceway IA)Rained out tonight. 6/20

  • ASCS)Flooding rain Friday evening and an increasing chance of damaging storms going into Saturday night as forced Lawton Speedway officials to call off action with the American Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Sooner Region presented by Smiley's Racing Products on Saturday, June 20. Up next is for the series is the co-sanctioned event with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network at Caney Valley Speedway on Thursday, June 25.6/20

  • CRASH PAD)Recent racing technology development has shown that the proper shock absorber package is a significant key to winning races. The same is true for reducing your risk of spinal injury. The Crash Pad seat insert performs as a shock absorber for your spine in those situations when making that “winning pass” didn’t quite work out as you intended. Learn more and buy at or call 717-235-7250. 6/20



  • Photos)Shots by Rob Kocak from Jackson Motorplex MN MPS/MSTS & Mark Funderburk from Haubstadt IN WoO are inSpeedShotz 6/20

  • Column)Pat & Bruce Eckel have their column from night three of Indiana Midget Week where Kyle Larson scored his third straight victory beating Tanner Thorson and Cannon McIntosh to the finish.A Typical Weekend  6/20

  • Ocean Speedway CA)Ocean Sprints..A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 38B-Blake Carrick[2]; 2. 69-Bud Kaeding[6]; 3. 5V-Sean Becker[5]; 4. 3-Kaleb Montgomery[1]; 5. 93-Kalib Henry[10]; 6. 63-JJ Hickle[3]; 7. 37-Mitchell Faccinto[9]; 8. 31C-Justyn Cox[16]; 9. 88-Kyle Offill[14]; 10. 88A-Joey Ancona[12]; 11. 88K-Koen Shaw[17]; 12. 2-James Ringo[15]; 13. 8-Jeremy Chisum[20]; 14. 25Z-Jason Chisum[19]; 15. 7Z-Zane Blanchard[11]; 16. 22-Keith Day Jr[18]; 17. 83V-Jodie Robinson[7]; 18. 72W-Kurt Nelson[4]; 19. 21-Spencer Bayston[8]; 20. 68-Jayson Bright[21]; 21. 12J-John Clark[22]; 22. 46JR-Joel Myers[13] 6/20

  • Jackson Motorplex MN)Matt Juhl and Stu Snyder had a big reason to smile on Friday evening when they both captured a feature victory at Jackson Motorplex. Juhl powered to his first career Midwest Sprint Touring Series triumph and second career DeKalb/Asgrow Midwest Power Series presented by GRP Motorsports win by besting 33 other competitors while Snyder topped 22 racers to claim the Heartland Steel RaceSaver sprint cars presented by Wyffels Hybrids victory. Race Results 6/20

  • WestTexas Raceway)305...A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 11X-John Carney II[4]; 2. 16-Will Gonzalez[7]; 3. 6C-Jett Carney[8]; 4. 24-Robert Pace[2]; 5. 30-Brandon Hickman[3]; 6. 25-Mike Marquez[5]; 7. 12-Brandon Howle[1] 6/20

  • Lincoln Park Speedway IN)Brady Bacon won the sprint car feature Friday. 6/20

  • CST)Carolina Speedway...1 #70 Nick Tucker 2 #B4 Bronzie Lawson 3 #21B Brandon McLain 4 #86 Sean Vardell 5 #67B Jake McLain 6 #7 Ben McCall 7 #9 Daniel Oliver 8 #19J Mike Jackson 9 #82AA George Blaney 10 #23 Lance Moss 11 #31 Rick Houser 12 #11T Gareth Palmer 13 #51 Chaz Woodward 6/20

  • URC)Big Diamond Speedway A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 89-Robbie Stillwaggon[2]; 2. 5G-Curt Michael[1]; 3. 63-Josh Weller[7]; 4. 55-Dallas Schott[3]; 5. 22-Troy Betts[4]; 6. 5-Tyler Ross[5]; 7. 35-Chad Layton[13]; 8. 39M-Anthony Macri[11]; 9. 47-Adam Carberry[15]; 10. 8C-Brian Carber[6]; 11. 10-Joe Kata[19]; 12. 11H-Hayden Miller[8]; 13. 669-Brandon McGough[17]; 14. 54-Joey Amantea[10]; 15. (DNF) 39-Ryan Watt[9]; 16. (DNF) 17G-Devin Gundrum[20]; 17. (DNF) 22B-Jacob Balliet[18]; 18. (DNF) 7T-Michael Thomas[22]; 19. (DNF) 11-Ryan Stillwaggon[16]; 20. (DNF) 74JR-JR Berry[12]; 21. (DNF) 66-Ryan Kissinger[14]; 22. (DNF) 73JR-Keith Wetzel[21]; 23. (DNS) 1-Jake Hummel; 24. (DNS) 1S-Mike Schuckers; 25. (DNS) 32-Kyle Smith; 26. (DNS) 7X-Austin Bishop 6/20

  • NOSA)Grand Forks ND...A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 2A-Austin Pierce[1]; 2. 13JT-Mark Dobmeier[9]; 3. 9N-Wade Nygaard[2]; 4. 27-Chris Ranten[10]; 5. 13-Ty Hanten[5]; 6. 11M-Brendan Mullen[12]; 7. 26-Blake Egeland[6]; 8. 99-Jordan Graham[11]; 9. 8C-Jack Croaker[14]; 10. 14-Tom Egeland[17]; 11. 31-Shane Roemeling[16]; 12. 20A-Jordan Adams[15]; 13. 10TRB-Bob Martin[3]; 14. 14T-Tim Estenson[8]; 15. 41T-Travis Strandell[20]; 16. 17-Zach Omdahl[21]; 17. 10S-Josh Swangler[22]; 18. 4-Colton Young[19]; 19. (DNF) 0-Nick Omdahl[4]; 20. (DNF) 55-Nick Ranten[13]; 21. (DNF) 8H-Jade Hastings[7]; 22. (DNF) 2-Tee Young[18] 6/20



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